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BioLit Brochure By: Madison Castle


Test tube


Eye Dropper


Beaker He made observations: Stowaway in the closet. that there isn’t enough fuel for a stowaway or extra weight. That the stowaway is a girl in her teens with little whit gypsy sandals, with the top of her brown curly head hardly higher then his shoulder, with a little sweet scent of perfume and a big smile. Ask a question: what will he do?..kill her or leave her on the ship for everyone to die.? Develop a Hypothesis: If he kills her this will safe more people because with a stowaway on board it will cause the fuel to run out and they will not make it with the medicine making the sick people die. Test your Hypothesis: It has been tested before because they wouldn’t know if the ship wont make it there.. Conclusion: He killed the girl because it is better for one person to die then six

1.Make Observations 2.Ask Question 3.Develop the hypothesis 4.Test the Hypothesis 5.Conclusion



“Music Group”

Erlenmeyer Flask Don’t forget your safety googles!

Make Observations: They were a music group, And they were having problems. Ask a Question: how can they find a way to make sure all the songs are on the album without any members quitting? Develop a Hypothesis: If they combine all the songs into remixes then that would make all the members happy because they would be using all the songs. Test your Hypothesis. Conclusion: See if that solves the problem.




Independent: Is the variable that can be changed by a scientist. Dependent: The dependent variable reacts to change. Variables are: any factor, trait or condition that can be exist in different types.

YNT variables Independent: We started out with only 9th grade classes here. Because this is a new school and for this year only freshmen will be here. So That it is a faster way to learn the PBL process. Dependent: That some kids might not enjoy this way of learning. Because it is different from normal high school.

Make Observations: There is two foam cups, two thermometers, a metal bar, caps for the cups. Hot water and Cold water. Ask a Question: How can we make cub B (cold water) raise to become hotter? Develop a Hypothesis: If we use a metal bar and cover both cups then that will help transfer heat from cup A to cup B. Because we are limiting the space of where the heat can move and we are directing it to cup B, causing that water to get hotter and cup a water to become colder. Test you Hypothesis: we tested it.. Conclusion: If you use a metal bar and cover both cups the water in cub B will become hotter and the thermometer will go down for cup A.

Make Observations:There are 6 beakers. One red one, one blue one, one yellow one, on green one, one with just water, and one empty one. There is a test tube and an eye dropper. Ask a Question: how can we make all these liquids stack on top of each other without mixing them? Develop a Hypothesis: If we can find out if some f the liquids are denser then the others those ones will go on the bottom because there particles are packed tightly together. Test your Hypothesis: We tested all the liquids until we found that the yellow and green liquids were the densest. Conclusion: That we were able to stack the liquids in the order: Green, Yellow, Blue, Red. Because of the salt content that was added.


Eye DropperTesttube REAL LIFE APPLICATION OF THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD THE COLD EQUATION 1.Make Observations 2.Ask Question 3.Develop the hypoth...

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