Yellowstone Forever Annual Report 2016

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2016 Annual Report March 1, 2016–February 28, 2017

Our bold new vision is already being realized as we partner with the park to create opportunities for all people to experience, enhance, and preserve Yellowstone forever. 1

LETTER FROM THE CHAIRMAN AND PRESIDENT & CEO As we look back on what we’ve accomplished this past year, we’re humbled by the achievements of our legacy organizations, the Yellowstone Association and the Yellowstone Park Foundation. Thanks to their steadfast leadership, the strong foundation they built has been instrumental in getting us where we are today—a single nonprofit that stands ready to ensure Yellowstone remains forever.

We’re excited to build upon the success of our inaugural year: a year in which we launched our new website, ended ahead of budget, and partnered with our Young Patrons Advisory Council to engage with the next generation of park stewards. Most importantly, we look forward to providing even more support for priority park projects. Yellowstone National Park is our number one priority, and the park’s needs are our needs.

This past year marks our first as a joined force for Yellowstone National Park. Our bold new vision is already being realized as we partner with the park to create opportunities for all people to experience, enhance, and preserve Yellowstone forever. In 2016, Yellowstone Forever raised more money at year-end than both legacy organizations combined raised the previous year. We’ve also strengthened the ways in which we connect people to Yellowstone, through significant growth in our social media audience and participation in our Institute programming— including a 50% increase in youth programs.

We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished for the park this past year—and we couldn’t do any of this good work without you. Thank you for continuing to support our organization and Yellowstone National Park. We look forward to celebrating Yellowstone’s 150th anniversary alongside our supporters in 2022!

Kay Yeager, Chairman Yellowstone Forever

Heather White, President & CEO Yellowstone Forever

LETTER FROM THE SUPERINTENDENT From the celebration of the National Park Service Centennial to the merger of the Yellowstone Association and the Yellowstone Park Foundation, it’s been an eventful year for Yellowstone National Park. We’re proud to work with Yellowstone Forever, our official nonprofit partner. The benefit of working with just one organization isn’t just about simplification—it’s about magnification. Yellowstone Forever is a singular nonprofit whose mission of engagement and support for the park will ensure Yellowstone is protected and continues to inspire for generations to come.

respond to park needs. Last year, we received a total of $6,876,504 in cash and $8,096,661 of in-kind support that will benefit park visitor enjoyment, education, and preservation, including a new sustainable pathway at Old Faithful and an expanded youth campus for Yellowstone’s future stewards. I’m excited about what we’ve accomplished together this past year—and for what we will accomplish in the future. On behalf of all of Yellowstone National Park’s employees, we thank you for your support of the world’s first national park.

Yellowstone National Park is already benefiting from this important partnership, thanks to Yellowstone Forever’s increased capacity to fund priority projects and more quickly Dan Wenk, Superintendent Yellowstone National Park 2

wildlife, wonders & wilderness Wildlife • Geology • Science • Geothermal

Native Fish Restoration More than 40 animal species in Yellowstone National Park depend on very special partners to survive: native fish. Cutthroat trout and Arctic grayling sustain countless animals year-round, including bears, osprey, river otters, mink, and 20 types of birds. But Yellowstone is losing these native fish quickly. Centuries ago, some four million cutthroat trout swam the crystal waters of Yellowstone Lake. Today, a dangerous combination of predatory lake trout, whirling disease, and drought are decimating

Yellowstone’s only native trout. Less than 10% of that historical population survives. Our native fish programs have helped reverse this staggering decline. In 2016, gill-netting efforts removed more than 350,000 non-native lake trout from Yellowstone Lake, bringing the total number of lake trout that have been removed from Yellowstone Lake to more than 2.3 million.

Yellowstone Wolf Program The majestic gray wolf roamed freely in Yellowstone when the park was designated in 1872. Just a few decades later, this great predator had all but disappeared. Today, some 100 wolves reside within the park’s boundaries, thanks to a massive restoration project that began in 1995. But that work is far from over. Yellowstone’s nationally acclaimed wolf program monitors the park’s wolves and safely manages the visitors who flock to see them. Last year, Yellowstone Forever provided $489,149 in support of this effort that includes ongoing monitoring of wolf packs and the effects of returning this top-level carnivore to the park’s vast ecosystem. Yellowstone Forever has contributed almost $6.7 million since the Yellowstone Wolf Program launched in 1996.


WILDLIFE, wonders, & wilderness CASH SUPPORT Native Fish Restoration


Wolf Research and Interpretation


Wildlife Health Research


Grizzly Bear Research


Black Bear Research


Slough Creek Fish Barrier


Yellowstone Science


Cougar Research


Raptor Research


Restoring Long-Distance Migrations of Yellowstone Bison


T O TA L C A S H S U P P OR T $2,208,928

Today, some 100 wolves reside within the park’s boundaries, thanks to a massive restoration project that began in 1995.



Wildlife and Visitor Safety Program Many bear jams take place in a summer season, causing traffic accidents, potential harm to visitors, and potential distress to wildlife. With over 4.25 million visits through the entrance stations of Yellowstone last year, the need for visitor and wildlife safety education is more important than ever. The Visitor and Wildlife Safety Education project provides resource education, protects people and animals in the park, and preserves visitor opportunities to view wildlife in natural conditions.

Thanks to the funding Yellowstone Forever contributed to this program—a total of $123,572—Yellowstone National Park was able to hire seasonal resource education rangers to help manage wildlife jams and provide wildlife safety demonstrations, talks, and programs to visitors from all over the world.

Roosevelt Arch Restoration Project Just in time for the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service in 2016, Yellowstone’s North Entrance and the adjacent community of Gardiner, Montana, received a much-needed makeover. Known as the Gardiner Gateway Project, the project’s goal was to mitigate traffic congestion at the Roosevelt Arch and make improvements to the surrounding environment. Over 16 partners—including Yellowstone Forever, gateway businesses, government agencies, and tourism bureaus—joined


together to make this dream a reality. Since work began, improvements have included a new Yellowstone Entrance Plaza, the Arch Park stage, expanded parking, new public facilities, and the opening of the Roosevelt Arch pedestrian portals. In 2016, Yellowstone Forever contributed $304,747; this was the final contribution for the project, bringing the grand total of support to $2,326,584. The project was unveiled at the National Park Service Centennial celebration on August 16, 2016.

Canyon Trails and Overlooks Project The 1,000-foot-deep Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone offers visitors spectacular views, the opportunity to learn about the park’s fascinating geology, and walking trails for hikers of all abilities. In the 1930s, a series of 10 overlooks, including the staircases and five miles of pathways, were constructed along the precipice of the canyon. For nearly 80 years, the infrastructure in this area has remained strong, but sadly, many of those trails have fallen into disrepair. Substantial foot traffic, severe weather, and debilitating soil erosion have all taken their toll. The Canyon Trails and Overlooks Project provides significant rehabilitation improvements for these overlooks, including safety and accessibility upgrades, enhanced infrastructure and signage, and the construction of new walkways to connect the historic overlooks. In 2016, work on this multi-year project began at Inspiration Point, with $1.6 million in funding provided by ConocoPhillips. The project was also awarded $250,000 from the Partners in Preservation campaign, sponsored by the National Trust for Historic Preservation and American Express.

VISITOR EXPERIENCE CASH SUPPORT 100th Anniversary NPS Centennial Celebration Canyon Overlook Trails Restoration Roosevelt Arch Restoration

$395,071 $381,212 $304,747

Visitor and Wildlife Safety Programs


Michelin Mobility Study


Total Cash Support




Visitor and Community Engagement


Total In-Kind Support


T O TA L S U P P OR T $3,924,842

With over 4.25 million visits to Yellowstone last year, the need for visitor and wildlife safety education is more important than ever. 6


The Yellowstone Heritage and Research Center The Yellowstone Heritage and Research Center (HRC) is the park’s historic museum and research library dedicated to preserving irreplaceable cultural artifacts and rare memorabilia. This state-ofthe-art facility houses more than 720,000 museum items, millions of historic documents, and a research library with more than 20,000 books and periodicals. Last year, Yellowstone Forever contributed $139,663 to operations and projects at the HRC. This contribution provides the salary for a park archivist, two librarians, housing for research library and museum volunteers, maintains the HRC periodicals and catalog of Yellowstone books, and also sustains a curatorial internship with Stanford University. A portion of the contribution helps HRC staff rehouse the park’s natural history specimens, which were treated with arsenic and other heavy metals by past taxidermists. Staff have almost completed rehousing and labeling several hundred specimens from this collection—creating a safer environment for staff and researchers.


CULTURAL TREASURES CASH SUPPORT Heritage Research Center Operations


Historic Postcard Preservation


Aquatic Flora and Fauna Documentation


Archive Fund Initiative Partners in Preservation

$1,502 $373

T O TA L C A S H S U P P OR T $ 1 3 9,6 6 3

This state-of-the-art facility houses more than 720,000 museum items, millions of historic documents, and a research library with more than 20,000 books and periodicals.



Stephens Creek Fence Update In the summer of 2016, Phase I of the Stephens Creek Fence project was completed, thanks to the dedicated support of ARCH Ventures and Warfighter Outfitters. The ARCH Ventures volunteer program—an annual tradition of hands-on service—is a model effort that brings dedicated volunteers from the Warfighters group to do tangible service work that helps rangers fulfill their duties more safely and effectively.

ranger heritage CASH SUPPORT

This project is focused on replacing existing fencing at Stephens Creek that is beyond repair. The fence is used to corral the Yellowstone horse herd used for National Park Service staff, as well as assist with the needs of the Yellowstone bison operation. Phase I of the project focused on replacing fencing on the West and East horse pastures.

Ranger Equipment

Led by a fundraising call from ARCH Venture Partners, volunteers completely self-funded this project and put in hours of work at Stephens Creek. Through monetary and in-kind donations, ARCH Venture Partners and the Warfighters group contributed $87,918 to complete Phase I of this important project.


Trails Restoration ARCH Volunteer Program/Stephen's Creek Phase 1 Out of Park Snowmobiles

$158,973 $87,918 $49,510

Thales Radios


Bertram Boat Restoration


Rigging and Rescue Seminar Three Rivers Cabin Roof Wall Tent for Gallatin Backcountry Union Falls Cabin Solar Panels Ranger Training

$17,291 $12,378 $10,500 $3,850 $1,785 $401

T O TA L C A S H S U P P OR T $416,231

This annual tradition of hands-on service is a model effort that brings dedicated volunteers to do tangible service work that helps rangers fulfill their duties more effectively and safely.



BeRnzomatic Propane Recycler Every season, thousands of campers discard propane cylinders. This past year, Yellowstone Forever partnered with Bernzomatic—maker of handheld torches and fuel cylinders—to dedicate a new propane-cylinder reclaim machine in Yellowstone National Park. The new machine removes residual propane from fuel cylinders to power its own operation before crushing the steel for safe recycling.

left behind by park guests at an event at Old Faithful. This past summer, the mobile machine traveled between Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks to crush canisters, avoiding the annual transport of hazardous, pressurized materials. To date, Yellowstone Forever has contributed $220,000 on behalf of this project.

On June 4, 2016, officials unveiled this state-of-the-art machine and demonstrated how it recycles non-refillable fuel cylinders

Michelin Old Faithful Trail Project Phase II Sustainable solutions come full circle in this partner project with Michelin North America. The circle begins when Michelin donates tires to Yellowstone’s fleet of vehicles. When the tires reach their end of life, they are recycled into a new material called “Flexi-Pave,” which is then used to resurface an environmentally friendly pathway at Old Faithful. Ten Michelin North America employees won a contest to travel to Yellowstone to help install the trail, along with the corporation’s famous mascot, the Michelin Man. Crews brought an additional 4,610 square feet of Flexi-Pave pathway to this heavily trafficked trail system with the help of over 1,500 end-of-life tires. The new pathway allows moisture from rain and snow to permeate naturally into the sensitive geyser basin rather than causing damaging runoff—which helps ensure Old Faithful’s eruptions will remain faithful for years to come.


GREENEST PARK CASH SUPPORT Bernzomatic Propane Recycler


Old Faithful Visitor Education Center LEED Recertification


Michelin Old Faithful Blacktop Phase 2


Mammoth Lighting


YES! Intern Program


Lamar Sustainability Project


Fleet Water Management


T O TA L C A S H S U P P OR T $ 4 7 7, 8 7 5

The new pathway allows moisture from rain and snow to permeate naturally into the sensitive geyser basin rather than causing damaging runoff.



Yellowstone Youth Campus A visit to Yellowstone National Park is something special. Moments here touch the heart, open the mind, and enliven the spirit. For the young, they are life-changing. The new Yellowstone Youth Campus will equip the park with the proper setting for such transformational experiences to take place. This campus of ten buildings, constructed to meet the Living Building Challenge—the first of their kind in a national park—will welcome young people from around the world for immersive educational programs.

youth programs. Planning and fundraising is underway, with significant support already demonstrated through multiple individual gifts over $10,000, a $500,000 pledge from the Andersen Corporation, and a $1 million gift from Toyota. The new Yellowstone Youth Campus will be a sustainable facility built for and dedicated to teaching tomorrow’s stewards about the wonders of Yellowstone, in one of the world’s finest outdoor classrooms.

Housing will accommodate 140 students, meeting the increasing demand to expand Yellowstone’s award-winning

Yellowstone Forever Institute Yellowstone National Park is one of the world’s best classrooms—a natural laboratory brimming with life and an ecosystem unlike any other. Visitors young and old can expand their knowledge of Yellowstone and this remarkable planet by participating in any of Yellowstone Forever’s numerous education programs. Programs range in length from one day to three weeks and help visitors deepen their connection to Yellowstone and our natural world. Through in-depth Field Seminars, Lodging & Learning


programs (offered in partnership with Yellowstone National Park Lodges), and Private Tours, the Yellowstone Forever Institute offers exciting ways to discover the park. Youth, college, and teacher programs engage the next generation by providing life-changing experiences in the park. Yellowstone Forever supporters provide financial aid for teachers taking Field Seminars, and for educators bringing youth to the park.

Visitors young and old can expand their knowledge of Yellowstone and this remarkable planet by participating in any of Yellowstone Forever’s numerous education programs. 14

T O M ORROW ’ S S T EWA RDS , c o n t i n u e d EDUCATION • NEXT GENERATION Young Scientist Exhibit Hall—Old Faithful Providing high quality, state-of-the-art exhibits for millions of visitors is a high priority for Yellowstone National Park. The Young Scientist exhibit hall at the Old Faithful Visitor Education Center is an engaging and interactive space that helps connect young people and families to the magic of Yellowstone. Exhibits feature interactive models and hands-on learning activities.


TOMORROW’S STEWARDS CASH SUPPORT Yellowstone Youth Campus Old Faithful Visitor Education Center Young Scientist Room Restoration


Educational Program Support


Native American Programs

After years of extensive use by the public, much-needed renovations were made by the NPS in 2016, in conjunction with the NPS centennial celebration, including:

Total Cash Support

• • • •

Volunteer Programming

Increased wildlife safety messaging Translating exhibit content into foreign languages, including Mandarin A new interactive geyser model Improved spaces for kids and families to work on their Junior Ranger activity books


$17,340 $1,899,857

TOMORROW’S STEWARDS IN-KIND SUPPORT Yellowstone Forever Institute Programming

$1,995,627 $192,468

Supporter Education


Total In-Kind Support


T O TA L S U P P OR T $5,163,353

thank you to our VOLUNTEERS! Gary Adams Mikayla Bell Chuck Bickes Karen Boich Dixie Brackman Nan Brandenbergerpayne Harold Brown Steve Burch Joy Carlough Leonard Carolan Mary and Pete Carparelli Susan Contreras Shirley and Glen Cope John Costello Suzanne Cotner Pat and Mike Cotter Kathleen Cotter Sally DeVore Nan Dudek Karen Ehlert Fred Engel* Ann Fields Darice Ford Barbara Geller Glen Gleaves Jenny Golding Diane and Ed Gresham Deb Griffiths Susan Gunter Kathy Haines MaryAnne and Skip Harmer Jane and Rick Hays* Jan Hill* Caroline Himes

Laurie Hinman Jeff Howard Rosie Johnson Lisa Keelean Patti Kelly Susan and Chuck Kendrick Jan Kerfoot* Ruth Kopec Jennifer Kurtz Carla Kutzuba* Rick Lamplugh Barbara Lee Nancy Lewis* Patricia and Angelo Lombardi Chad MacDonald Stephanie and Alex Markovich Phyllis and Donald Mayfield Taylor McCracken Meredith Moran Jerene Mortenson Ruth Odom Jim Olp Donna and Jim Onstott* Mary Orr Ernie O’Toole Brenda Papera* Robert Parker Mark Payne Sarah Pearson Kathy Powell Fran Ragsdale* Ken Reed

Tom Reed Marcia and Bob Rider Janice Robertson Nancy Rutkowski* Marie Sar John Scarlett Terence Schmitz Bonnie Scott Rebecca Serkoian-Willis Debbie Shepherd* Vicki and Wayne Sielaff* Teri Sinopoli Emily Smith David Smith Chuck Snover Louis Spencer* Robert Stackhouse Patricia and Thomas Stokes Mary Strickroth Linda and Steven Swartley Kay Townsend Erica Tucker Barbara Tylka Barbara and Bob Washburn Richard Wiarda Holly Williams Brad Willis Karen Withrow Terry Withrow Elizabeth Wright

T O TA L V OL U N T EER S U P P OR T 25,055


3,052 127


*served in more than one volunteer position


INDIVIDUAL DONORS | Gifts Received March 1, 2016–February 28, 2017 The Yellowstone Society is a distinguished group of donors who support Yellowstone Forever with annual gifts of $1,000 or more.


Frances and Francis Abbott Muriel and Don Ableson Ilene and Pat Adams Delores and John Adams Richard Adkerson Cookie and Agnus Agnew Mary and John Alda Marilyn Alkire and Alan Shaw Anne and John Allen Candace Allen and Robert Woodward Jocelyn Allen Karen and Richard Allen Linda and Barry Allen Diana Allison Ginny and Paul Allshouse Michele and Craig Amacker Edward Amrhein Kay and Keith Anderson O. Steven Anderson William Andrews* Margaret and Melvin Andrews Sue and Mike Arneson Jane and Anthony Arnold Tracy Arthur* Laurel and Clifford Asness JB and Brown Atkins Fred Auch Catherine Aves Eric Bagelmann Susan and Donald Baldwin* Genevieve Bancroft Lora Barke and Eric Berns Cathy and Stuart Barnes Robert Barnett Julie and Bruce Barrick Marcia Bartlett* Joellyn and James Barton Teresa and Jeffrey Bastin Robin Bateman Joan Baxter Mildred and William Beatty Mary and Len Beavis

Colleen Begley and Slim Seamus Virginia and C.R. Belknap Stella Bentley Carolyn and John Berg Natalie and Warren Bergholz* Michelle Bergeron and Patrick Gaunt Susan and Steven Bergin Shelly and Clay Bermont Nancy and Theodore Berndt Alexander Bernhardt Leslie and Phil Bernstein Paul Bertelli Kathleen and Robert Betters Janis Stroud-Bickes and Charles Bickes Brock Binford* Judy Biscan Sherry Black Diana Blank Paul Boehner Joseph Bondy Victoria and Iain Bonner* Nancy and Stephen Borghi Nina and John Bottomley Tucker Bounds Dorothy and James Bowers Betty Bowler Ken Bowling Linda Bozung Barbara and Philip Brandhuber Noreen and Roger Breeding Susan and Douglas Brengle Cheri Brennan and Thomas Horsley Cindy and James Briggs Melissa and Jeffrey Brodsky Lori Brown Marilyn Brown Steve Brown Wendy and Jeff Brown Debra and William Brownlie

Patrick Brunetti Harlan Bryant Karen and Kenneth Buchi Eileen Buckley Cheryl Budzinski William Buente Nancy Bull David Burday* Kerry and Keith Burkhardt Christie and Clint Bybee Connie and Jeff Cadwell Toby and Denis Calabrese Rhonda and Steven Caldwell Claire Campbell and Brian Makare Ginny and Mike Campbell Kathy and Jim Cargill Jill and William Carlberg* Debbie and Raymond Carlin* Joy Carlough* Jennifer and Chad Carlson Sandra Carrell Tremblay and Dale Tremblay Debra Caruso and J.D. Davis* Patricia and John Case Katherine Cattanach and David Charles* Chris and John Cavanaugh* George Cero* Dora and Wilkie Chaffin Janet and Bruno Chapple Meryl Charles Gilbert Cheatham Aliza and Louis Chertkow Trudy Chester Mary Chisholm and John Schuldt Sandy and Lee Choate Amy and John Cholnoky Yvon Chouinard Susan and James Clay Dale Clift Jan and Richard Clotfelter Karen and Kent Cochran Grace and John Cogan* Linda and Tim Cohane

Susan and Arnold Cohen Dave and Jeanne Collins* Mary Collins Ruth and T. Patrick Connery David Conway Judy and Mark Cook Shirley Cooper Barbara Corlett Linda and William Cornell Xiomara Corral and Michael Dominy Janet and John Costello Christine and James Cowden Leslie and Thomas Croyle* Marlene and David Culberson Jim and Lisa Cummings* James and Janyth Cummings* Kristin and Jeff Dahl* Jack Daniels* Kathryn and Danny Dansby Catherine and Brooks Darby Joseph Davenport Chris and Timothy Davis Elzie and Martha Davis Gale and Shelby Davis Susan Davis and Keith Crandell Robert Dawkins Chad Dayton Betsy De Leiris* Kathleen and Dominic DeMarco Stanley Dempsey Marguerite and Tom Detmer Kathleen Devine and Richard Reeves Judith Dewitt Stella and Alphonso Dipasqua Theresa and Richard Dixon Penny and Sandy Dodge Nancy and David Donovan Joseph Dopilka Constance and Tom Dotzenrod Catherine and Richard Dowdell Bari and Peter Dreissigacker

Muriel Drewitz Ken Duell Janet and Jim Dulin Anne and Charles Duncan Sandra and Jeffrey Dunning Patty and Tom Durham Michal Dusza* Melissa and Lindel Eakman Mary Kay Eberle Charlene and Jim Eckman Debbie Eddlemon Carol and Chris Edelen Jo Ann and Bert Eder Debbie and John Edgcomb Elizabeth Edgeworth Jennifer and Tim Edwards* Lee-Ann and Andrew Edwards Gloria and Ross Edwards Lisa and Harold Eisenacher Margaret and Randall Ellenz* Michael Engel John Engelbart R. Entz Debbie Erdman Nancy and Pete Etheridge* Betty Jean and Thomas Eubanks Lynn Evans* Sharlene and Michael Evans Hannelore and Karl Falkenberg Charlotte and William Fecht Cynthia and Joel Fedder Brooke Feister and Richard O’Brien Linda and Robert Fenner Greg Ferguson Julia and T. Ritson Ferguson Cheryl and Roger Fiery Julie and Robert Flaschenriem* Victoria Fleischer Kim and Kent Fletcher Marlene and Patrick Foard Linda Forshee

Frances and Robert Fosnaugh Sarah and Tom Foster* Reba and Bob Fournier Frederick Fox Jim Frank Janet and Churchill Franklin Helen Frazer Lucy and Harold Fredrickson Amy and William Freund Bradley Fricke Kathy and Ed Fronheiser Helga Gaffron Taras Galitsin and Lucy Fedotova John Gardner Beverly and Richard Garnet Kathy and Gene Gates Tanya and Jerry Gee* Dareth Gerlach Cleo and Michael Gewirz Donald Gibe* Jo Giese and Ed Warren Susan and William Gillilan Sharon and Edward Gillum Margaret and William Gleghorn* Linda and Marshall Glenn Liberty Godshall Brian Goeckel Susan Goldenberg Margaret Good and Thomas Von Lehman Eugene Gordon Annie and Bob Graham Maurie and William Gray* Katherine and Connie Green Judith and Daniel Gresham Julia Groom* Kathleen and William Grubbs* John and Patti Grundhofer Christopher Guay Janet and Charles Haas Julie Haight-Curran* Madeline Hall* Ellen Halter Helen and James Hamilton

Jamie and Rick Hamm Kathryn Harrison Griffith Harsh Dabney Hart Laura Hastings Karla and Michael Hayes Janne and William Hayward Debbie and Albon Head Jean and Joseph Hedrick* Kathleen and Alan Heibein Gail and Marc Helfer JoAnne and Donald Heltner Debby and Joel Hendrickson Carolyn and Scott Heppel Kelly and James Herman* James Herr Richard Herriford Scarlett and Don Hibner Dianne and Cline Hickok Tamara and Martin Hicks Ellen and Bruce Hill Lyda Hill Tommy and Kemp Hill Michelle Hillery* Anna Kate and Hayne Hipp Maureen Heald and Jeffrey Satterlee Laura and Robert Hockett Elizabeth and Kevin Hofstra Marcia and Edward Hogan Nora and Christian Hohenlohe Marjorie and Earl Holland Judy Holmes Nancy and John Hoppe* Christopher Hopper* Penney and A.C. Hubbard Bannus Hudson Audrey Huffman and Chris Reser Joan Hughes Betty and Barry Hunlock Linda and Jeffrey Huttenburg

Gail and Robert Jacobs Betty and John Jarman Jane and Jay Jennings Joan and Robert Jensen Sterling Jensen Carol Johnson Christopher Johnson Judy Johnson and Hubert Lattan Katrina Johnson Kay and Matt Johnson Leslie Johnson Martha and Scott Johnson Rebecca and Alan Johnson Sandy and Scott Johnson Amy and David Johnston Elizabeth Jones* Jeanne and David Jones Virginia and Bill Jones DeeAnn and Barry Judd Jill and Steven Kadish Patty and Charles Kaufmann Norma and Steven Kearsley Julie and Roger Keaton* Abbie Kennedy Harriett Kesler Alan Ketterman Joyce King Suzanne King Ellen Kirch Susan and Peter Klock* Erica and Matt Knecht Pamela and Charles Koob Katherine Korba and Ray Laible* Elizabeth and Dale Kostelny Cynthia and Gregory Kozmetsky Franklyn Kraus Zona Kreidle Karen and Ken Kress Shelley Kuehneman Karen Kuehneman Deborah and John Lahey Karrie and Christopher Lang* Sue and Roger Lang Kathryn and Rob Lansing

Barbara and Lou Lanwermeyer Joan and Louis Lauch Jacqueline and Jay Lauderdale Connie and Sam Lawrence Maureen Lawson Carlene Lebous and Harris Haston Carol Lee-Roark Theodora Lengowski Barbara and Jim Lentz Elizabeth and John Leonard Elizabeth and Leon LeVan Jason Levin Carolyn and Mark Lillehaugen Nanci and Paul Limbach* Sarah and William Lindsey* Pamela Little and Howard Anderson* Julia and Richard Llewellyn Catherine and David Loevner Sally and David Long Frederick Longan Katherine Loo and Jim Raughton Helen Lord and Raymond Taylor Nathan Lord Gigi and Mike Louden June and Thomas Lowery Randy Luing Wanda and William Lukens Ben Lunsky* Judy and Michael Lynch Sarah Maca and Alex Alimanestianu Tom and Amanda Macejko Marilyn and Alexander Macgregor Andy and Charles MacKenzie Denise and Gary MacLean Nancy and Erwin Maddrey Jerome Mage* Shirley and Robert Mahoney* Gail and James Mahoney Susan and B. Lee Mallory Elizabeth Mann Forrest Mars Marcia Marshall Barbara Martin Dana and David Martin

Dana Martin Margie and Jon Masterson Susan and George Matelich Craig and Jackie Mathews Randi Mattson Beth Maxwell Maryanne and Timothy Mayeda Ferrell and Chi McClean Laura and Robert McCoy Ronald McDaniel Elizabeth and James McDonald Carol and Jack McGuire Patricia and Charles McKernan Megan Meagher* Paul Mensch* Julia Merry* Robyn Meyer* Kathy and Roy Meyer Cara and Adam Mika Linda and Mathew Millenbach* David Miller* Geni Miller and Steve Parker Marjorie and Rodney Miller Polly and Nick Miller Therese and Scott Miller Kathy and Robert Millwee Alan Minnick John Miremont Mariko and Dennis Molodowitch Yvette Montiel and Richard Schafer* Cristina Moody* Barbara and Robert Mooney Dick Moore* Susan Sterchi and David Moore* Axson and Bryan Morgan Jean and Robert Morgan Judith and James Moroney Glenn Morris William Morris Sylvia Morrison Jane and Bill Mosakowski Anna Moscicki and Michael Kenney Rose Muldowney and Matthew McDowell Linda and Reid Murchison Jill and Ken Murray

Arlene and Brent Musburger Barbara Francis and Robert Musser Ken Mutell* Barbara and John Nau Jonathan and Jeanne Nauman* Jim Nelson Sandy and Terry Netzley* Caroline and James Neubauer Reena and Charles Newburn John Nichols Ronald and Maureen Nichols* Kaye and Mark Nickell Deborah and Dale Nickels Andrew Nicklawsky* Blair and Dennis Nickle K. E. Niedner* Josephine Nixon Elizabeth and Robert Noble The Nokes Family Natalie and Kevin Nolan Jeanette and Michael Norte* Elaine and William Obernesser Dianna Obrien Susan and Roy O’Connor Suzanne and Jerry Olson Donna and Jim Onstott Holly and Carlos Ortiz* Cathy and Bill Osborn David Ottolino Pat and James Overstreet Carolyn and David Oxenford Doreen and Lee Packila* Shery and Jan Packwood Jeanne and Edward Paling Paulette Pallazzolo and Robert Flora Robert Palmer Yvonne and Edwin Parish Kathleen Parrish and Doug Spencer Kim and John Patterson Mary and Phil Pattison Mary Pautz Chloe and Frank Pearson Anne Pendergast

Susan and David Perdue Jocelyn Perry and Daniel Samelson Sondra Perry David Pfeffer Jean Phelps Dana Phippen Leslie and Roger Piscitella Martha Pittard and Allan Krapfs Robert and Norma Placensia* Elizabeth Plevney Barbara and Michael Polemis Jane and Frederick Poole Deborah and Dale Pope* Daria and Tony Pori Shauna and Mike Poulsen Patty and William Powell Kathie Priebe Wendi and James Proffitt* Lori and Thomas Prokop Caren Prothro Matthew Puccetti Diane and Cory Pulfrey Anne and David Radke S.M. and Jeffrey Rarich Gregory Ratterman Diana and Bruce Rauner Peggy Ray* Samuel Reasoner Esperanza Rebollar* Chris and William Redmond Lyn and Bill Reed Judith and Thomas Reid Pamela and Rodney Rempt Joy and Jordan Renner Darren Rhinehart* Sara and Peter Ribbens Peggy and Chris Rice* Kurt and Katharine Rice Patricia and Tony Richards Lynn Richardson Elizabeth and Alfred Richter Kelli and William Ritter Sigridlinda Rivington* Lindsay Robb

Tia and Jim Roddy Lynne and Bennett Roginski John Romankiewicz Celeste and Mike Rooney Jackie Rooney Evelyn Rose and Sharon Nadeau* Carolyn Rosin* Dennis Rowe Richard Rowe Kim and Alan Roylance* Robert Sanders Elaine Santos Marilyn and Jay Sarles Anita and Julian Saul Jody Savage Annette Saxton Andrea Sayles Carol and Robert Scallan Paula Scariati Celia Kiela and Jay Schad Sharon and Richard Schaefer Brett and Mary Schat-Beimers* Roberta and William Scherer Patsy and Bob Schlieter* Brynn and Eric Schmidt Ellen Schmidt Monika and Eugene Schnell Janet and Walter Schuchmann Tom and Joan Scott Diane and Leland Selby* Michael Semmler Nancy and Richard Severance Susan Sewell* Barbara and Franklin Shekore Catherine and Robert Shopneck Ron Shorb Suzanne and John Simmons Sandra and Denny Simonson Harnek Singh and Ishinder Kaur* Trent Sizemore* Ann and Michael Skelton Julie Slocum Leslie and Roger Slusher Bridget and Scot Smith Christine and Brian Smith

Jerry Smith Judith and Richard Smith Judy and Jay Smith La Dean and Randy Smith Shelby and Jenny Smith Joann and Scott Snowden Max Soaper Lynette and Mark Sodja Tim Solso Cheri and William Sowter Jean Spears and William Kropp Karen and John Springthorpe Robert St. George* Ellen Stack Richelle and Eric Stafne Carol and Mark Stein Mary Steinberg Susan and Edward Steiner Colleen and Stephen Steinmetz Amy Stephan and Mike Mohan* Lillian Stephens Marie and Frank Stephens Hazel and Jay Stevens* Sally Stilwill J. Stirling Richard Stokes Janet and Daniel Stone* Nancy Stovall* Joan and Mark Strobel Leslie and Robert Struble Sidney Suggs Anne and Andrew Suk Ashley Sullivan Makoto Sumino Jane and Steve Sutton Mary Swanson and Peter Murray Susan and Richard Sweet Anne Symchych Nancy Tait Curtis Tamkin Christopher Tan* Robin Tawney-Nichols and William Nichols Jeanne and Alan Taylor Joan and Rufus Taylor Dawn and Bruce Tecklenburg

Martha Thompson* Cindy and James Thompson Patnawon Thung Betty Tichich and Fred Bunch Dottie and Mike Tillotson* Kathleen and John Timmons* Kathy and David Titley Gene Tomek Rita Tracy Ann Trammell Nancy Tronaas Edwina Trout* Kelly and Len Trout Elizabeth Trowbridge Barbara Trueman Catherine and Stan Uchiyama Pam and John Uzelac Emily and Jonas Van Aken* Nissa and Stephen Van Riper* Jennifer and Timothy Van Roekel Van Vanderwal Kathryn Vanderwende Marty Vaughan Mary Jo Veverka Jennifer and Ken Voorhis* Martha and John Walda Diana and Mallory Walker Erin Gibson and Matthew Wallace* Janet Walsh Naomi and Robert Warchol Rebecca Ward and Mark Shull Nancy and Dennis Warren Leann and John Washabaugh Annette and Kelley Waters Pamela and David Waud Todd Weaver Elizabeth and Carl Webb Denise and Timothy Weglicki Laura and Henry Weil Anne and John Weisman Dee and Jay Welch* Nancy and Richard Welch* S. Paul Welles Barbara and Dan Wenk Richard Wentz*

Larry Westbrook Norma and Kirk Westervelt* Heather White and David Diamond* Jonna and Doug Whitman Jane and Dale Wierman Sally and Jeff Wilklow Jill and Lewis Wilks* Joseph Willhelm Marc Williams Marsha and Ronald Williamson Vickie and Kendall Wilson Anita and Gerald Wiseman Jesslyn Witte Virginia Wolfe* Sherri and Kyle Wood Suzanne and David Worley* Janet Wrestler and Randall Eckhoff* Barbara Wunderlich Amy and Charlie Wunsch William Wynne Kay and Frank Yeager Anne Young and James Nielson John Youngblood Catherine and John Zammito Karin Zuckerman *Indicates Yellowstone Guardian Monthly Supporter

We are grateful for all of our donors. Every effort has been made to ensure that this list of gifts received March 1, 2016February 28, 2017 is accurate and complete. Please contact us at 406.848.2400 or supporters@support. if a name has been omitted or otherwise improperly reported so we can correct our records.


PLANNED GIVING AND TRIBUTE DONORS The Old Faithful Society These outstanding donors have made legacy commitments to Yellowstone Forever through planned gifts. Barbara Aaron and Robert Aaron Dolores Albers Alva Anderson, Jr. Bruce Anderson James Angresano Tracy Arthur Sandi and Bill Babcock Lynn Bart Natalie and Aaron Bissonette Debra and Brad Blome Michael Bocchinfuso Leslie Boff Dianne Bordas John and Nina Bottomley Kenneth Bowling Judy Bradley Claire Campbell and Brian Makare Chris and John Cavanaugh Linda Collins Lara and Stephen Compton Diana and Craig Connolly


Pat Crane Caroline Cullen Stella and Alphonso DiPasqua Mona and Richard Divine Theresa and Richard Dixon Kris and Jim Dorris Catherine and Richard Dowdell Lucinda and Thomas Downing Susan and Robert Duke Charlene and James Eckman David Edwards Linda Edwards Beverly Brooke England Eva Mariana Farova Linda Fidler Teresa Fischer Denise Fitzhenry Betsy and Tom Franz Matthew Frend Bill and Sue Friedlander Kathy and Ed Fronheiser Aaron Gaines, in memory of Prairie Liane Gaines Maureen and Larry Gamble Marie Gore Barbara and Christian Gunther Kathleen Haines Barbara Hanka and Daren Striegel John Harvey

Amy Haugerud Arvis Heling Frank Hensing Native American Fund Carolyn and Scott Heppel Jim Hersrud Debra Hopfer Dorothy Howard-Flynn Cecily and Bannus Hudson Gayle and Michael Hughes Florence Hybl Jeslyn and William Johnson Cynthia and Mark Jordan Sherry and Dave Kapes Stephanie Kiewlich and Lief Kiewlich Jana and Robert Knight Rea Labar Ron and Jane Lerner Cynthia and Doug Lewis Susan Light and Boyd Ratchye Sarah and William Lindsey Karen Litt Steve Lokker Susan and Mitchell Malone Jane and Walter Massey Terri Lynn McConnell Elva Jean and Wayne McNeely Linda and Robert McPhail

Scott and Shane Mills Judy Bradley and David Mitchell Mardell Moore Marshall Moss Donna Murphrey Mary Swanson and Peter Murray Nanci Navarro Jan Nethery Nancy Nicolai Natalie and Kevin Nolan Gerald O’Sullivan Heather and Andrew Olsen James Pape Wayne Parsons Susan Patrick and W. Lawrence Valeria Peyton Jean Phelps Jayne and Dennis Poydence Barbara Propst and Franklin Propst Susan and Boyd Ratchye Peggy and Chris Rice Jed Richardson John Reed Rodgers Hedy and William Ryerson Robert Sanders Ellen Schmidt Janet and Walter Schuchmann Monica Nesbit Schultz and Larry Schultz

Susan and Stanley Schumacher Allison Schumer Kevin Sheridan Catherine and Robert Shopneck Ann and Michael Skelton Jerry Smith Luetta Smithhisler Linda and Joseph Summers Valerie Anne and James Taylor Marguerite and Ron Thompson Nancy Tronaas Joseph Tulpinsky Neil Uranowski Rita Wetzel Randolph Willoby Pamela Wrench Barbara Wunderlich Linda and Howard Wynne Anne Young and James Nielson Anonymous (8)

Tribute Gifts In honor of Alan Fant Irene Fricke Bross Phelps Dan Wenk Kay Yeager

In memory of Ruby and William Bowler Robert Bryant Eleanor Clark Fred Donovan, USAF (Ret.) James Herr Vienna and Arthur Keskitalo Alna McRoberts Robert Mooney William Mulvaney Grace and Ed Null Helen and Bobbie Phippen Susan Kraft Robb Edward Stilwill Rose Marie and Bill Webb Jonathan Ryon Witte Betty Voorhis We are grateful for all of our donors. Every effort has been made to ensure that this list of gifts received March 1, 2016February 28, 2017 is accurate and complete. Please contact us at 406.848.2400 or supporters@ if a name has been omitted or otherwise improperly reported so we can correct our records.

Corporate & Gateway Community Partners Yellowstone Forever sincerely thanks the members of the corporate and gateway communities who have invested in the future of Yellowstone National Park. In fiscal year 2016, the following corporations and businesses provided major support to Yellowstone Forever.

$1,000,000 and up

Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A.


Andersen Corporation Foundation** Canon USA, Inc.** ConocoPhilips Michelin North America, Inc.** The Coca-Cola Company


Bernzomatic * Montana Office of Tourism and Business Development Yellowstone Country MT Inc. Xanterra Parks & Resorts


Google, Inc. * Living With Wolves, Ltd. National Geographic Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide * Thales Defense & Security, Inc. *


Bank of the West CW, Inc. *** D & R Coffee Services, Inc. Delaware North Greater Gardiner Community Council Lone Mountain Ranch* Park County Travel Counsel

REI Sysco Food Services of Montana* Tom Murphy Photography* Wild Republic/K & M International Wyoming Office of Tourism Yellowstone Park Service Stations


Bank of the West AnswerLinks* Blue Ribbon Flies Buckeye Creek Clark Construction Company Counter Assault Firehole Ranch

First Interstate Bank First Interstate Bank of Livingston Gallatin River Lodge GRG Enterprises LLC Kodiak Cakes, LLC Minearls Technologies Inc. National Parks Revealed Natural Habitat Adventures NorthWestern Corporation Off the Beaten Path Outlaw Partners PayneWest Insurance The Resort at Paws Up The Withers Winery U.S. Bank YourCause, LLC

Matching Gifts of $1,000+

Bank of America Foundation Boeing The Coca-Cola Company The Coca-Cola Foundation ChevronTexaco Matching Gift Program ExxonMobil Foundation GE Foundation Shell Oil Company Thrivent Financial for Lutherans *In-Kind Donation **In-Kind and Cash Donation

FOUNDATION DONORS $50,000–$249,999

Community Foundation of Jackson Hole The Community Foundation of Southern California George B. Storer Foundation George L. Ohrstrom, Jr. Foundation The Kendeda Fund National Park Foundation National Trust for Historic Preservation The G. Unger Vetlesen Foundation Wheeler Foundation Wyoming Council Trout Unlimited


Arthur L. and Elaine V. Johnson Foundation Johnson Charitable Gift Fund L.P. Brown Foundation Laura J. Niles Foundation, Inc. Solot and Karp Family Foundation


Benjamin Family Foundation Camp Fire Conservation Fund Inc. Cornelia Cogswell Rossi Foundation, Inc. Dr. Scholl Foundation Hope Christian Community Foundation

Hudson Foundation James and Barbara Cimino Foundation Jane Smith Turner Foundation Longhill Charitable Foundation, Inc. McGuire Family Foundation Nathan P. Jacobs Foundation RJM Foundation S. Livingston Mather Charitable Trust The Solso Family Foundation The Tow Foundation Towering Pines Foundation Wells Fargo Foundation Willard L. Eccles Foundation YOT Full Circle Foundation


Bates Family Foundation Clarks Fork Foundation Community Foundation of Northern Colorado The Fuller Foundation, Inc. The Greater Cincinnati Foundation Harold M. & Adeline S. Morrison Family Foundation Highfield Foundation John and Jacolyn Bucksbaum Family Foundation Lin&Ding Family Foundation Louis and Anne Abrons Foundation, Inc Lucille Ellis Simon Foundation The Joe and Darlene

Marushack Charitable Fund The Joseph and Catherine Johnson Family Foundation Margaret Mellon Hitchcock Foundation Mattone Family Charitable Foundation The Millmont Foundation Perkins-Prothro Foundation Ray Griffin Foundation Renaissance Charitable Foundation, Inc. The Sample Foundation Shifrin Family Foundation Stewart Education Foundation Stuart Family Foundation Tauck Ritzau Philanthropy Inc. Trout and Salmon Foundation 20

FIN A N C I A L O V ER V IEW balance sheet Assets Cash and Investments Accounts Receivable Pledges Receivable Inventory and Prepaid Expenses Due From Other Funds Capital Assets, Net of Accumulated Depreciation Total Assets

Operating Fund

Capital Fund

Endowment Fund










































Liabilities Accounts Payable and Current Liabilities Deferred Revenues Grants Payable Due to Other Funds









Unrestricted Net Assets





Temporarily Restricted Net Assets








Total Net Assets





Total Liabilities and Net Assets


$ 10,494,163



Total Liabilities Net Assets

Permanently Restricted Net Assets



Operating Fund

Capital Fund

Endowment Fund













Contributions and Gifts



Educational Tuition and Fees


Educational Product Sales Less: Cost of Goods Sold

Investment Earnings, Net Loss on Disposal of Property


$269,833 -

$2,883,333 $5,953,006

$1,233 ($34,066)

$271,066 ($34,066)

Other Revenues Total Revenues Before Releases


$80,568 ($10,375)




Net Assets Released from Restriction Total Unrestricted Revenues

$6,094,864 $16,920,371


$5,652 $6,885

$6,100,516 $16,916,881









Educational Product Sales





Educational Programming













EXPENSES National Park Service Grants US Forest Service Grants

Volunteer Programming Supporter Education Visitor and Community Engagement Total Program Service Expenses









Philanthropic Fund Development





Administration Total Supporting Service Expenses





$2,046,007 $16,481,044

$42,775 $620,920


$2,088,782 $17,102,313

Total Expenses Net Income Before Transfers Transfers Between Funds Change in Unrestricted Net Assets TEMPORARY RESTRICTED NET ASSET ACTIVITY Contributions and Gifts Investment Earnings, Net Contributions and Gifts Total Revenues





































Contributions and Gifts





Present Value Adjustment of Discounts on Pledges









Net Assets Released from Restriction Change in Temporarily Restricted Net Assets PERMANENTLY RESTRICTED NET ASSET ACTIVITY



Yellowstone Forever Cash Support to NPS Cultural Treasurers


Greenest Park


Rangers Tomorrow's Stewards Visitor Experience Wildlife General Park Support Total Cash Support

$416,231 $1,899,857 $1,252,671 $2,208,928 $481,279 $6,876,504

Yellowstone Forever In-Kind Support to NPS Educational Product Sales


Educational Programming


Volunteer Programming


Supporter Education


Visitor and Community Engagement


General Park Support


In-Kind Support


TOTA L S U P P ORT: $ 1 4 , 9 8 8, 1 1 0 23

programming efficiency: 88% cost to raise a dollar: $0.15


How You Can Help Ensure Yellowstone Lasts Forever… Yellowstone Society Join our community of like-minded philanthropic supporters who annually contribute a gift of $1,000 or more (or $84 per month as a Yellowstone Guardian). Yellowstone Guardians Become a Yellowstone Guardian with a monthly gift of $10 per month or more at

Gateway Business Partners Businesses located near the park can be stewards of Yellowstone through our Gateway Business program. Please call 406.848.2400 to learn more.

The Old Faithful Society Leave a legacy for Yellowstone and help ensure the continuation of our work for Yellowstone National Park by making a planned gift.

Tribute and Memorial Gifts To make a gift in someone’s honor or memory, please call 406.848.2400.

Gift of Securities Gifts of stock and other securities are an easy way to help Yellowstone, while receiving a number of tax benefits.

Donate Online Make a one-time or monthly donation at

Matching Gifts Double your gift! Please ask if your employer will match your gift.

Yellowstone Forever Board of Directors

Kay Yeager, Chairman Lou Lanwermeyer, Vice Chairman John Walda, Secretary Bob Shopneck, Treasurer Kevin Butt Claire Campbell Michael Campbell Patty Carocci Katie Cattanach John Costello Gale Davis Tom Detmer David Donovan Annie Graham Carolyn Heppel Penney Cox Hubbard Edna Johnson Charles Kaufman Dan Manning Joe Marushack Robert Mathias Mat Millenbach Bryan Morgan Jacqueline Rooney Richard Severance Alan Shaw Doug Spencer


Corporate Partnerships Please contact us at 406.848.2400 to learn about the benefits of becoming a Corporate Partner of Yellowstone Forever.

Donate by Check Yellowstone Forever 222 E. Main Street, Suite 301 Bozeman, MT 59715

Yellowstone Forever National Advisory Council Aida Araissi Laurel Asness Paul Bertelli John Bottomley Tucker Bounds Anne Brinkley Doug Brinkley Clint Bybee Kent Cochran Janet Costello David Coulter Susan Coulter David Culver Lauren Davis Anne Duncan Charles Duncan Jim Hanna

Griffith Harsh Scotty Heppel Whitney Hudak Garrett Jackson Clayton Jameson Patty Kaufmann Tom Kelly Darcy Kofol Pat LaPointe Erin Murray-Manning Theodore May Kristen Meek Tom Murphy Rob Morse Storm Nickerson Valerie Ohrstrom Wright Ohrstrom

Arielle Patrick David Phillips Kelli Harrison Ritter Susan Roeder Celeste Rooney Patti Rooney Bob Rowe Alice Ryan Andrew Sarda Andrea Saul Diane Selby Lee Selby Cappy Shopneck Michael Solot Laura Stubben Elizabeth Hughey Webb Denise Weglicki

Tim Weglicki Ryan Williams Kendrick Wilson Frank Yeager A special thank you to National Advisory Council member— and renowned wilderness photographer—Tom Murphy for donating images to Yellowstone Forever.

Yellowstone Forever Executive Team Heather White, President & CEO Ken Voorhis, Chief Operations & Education Officer Kelly Herman, Chief Development Officer Jeff Augustin, Senior Director of Park Projects Wendie Carr, Vice President of Marketing & Communications Thomas Cluderary, General Counsel

J.D. Davis, Senior Director of Campaign & Special Projects Terry “J.R.” Hunt, Vice President of Information Technology Roger Keaton, Vice President of Finance Kathy Nichols, Vice President of Employee & Volunteer Engagement

PHOTOS—Front Cover: Matt Ludin, Tom Murphy; p1: Steve Hinch, Maria Bisso; p2: Thomas Lee, Doug Loneman, NPS; p4: Tom Murphy, Neal Herbert, Jay Fleming, NPS; p5: Matt Ludin, Jacob Frank; p6 Neal Herbert, Jacob Frank, Matt Ludin; p7: Matt Ludin; p8: Matt Ludin, Neal Herbert; p10: Brett Miller, Shelly Siedlaczek; p12: Matt Ludin; p14: Hennebery Eddy Architects, Maria Bisso; p15: Hennebery Eddy Architect, Jess Haas, Maria Bisso; p16: Maria Bisso; p19: Jess Haas, Maria Bisso; p21: Maria Bisso, Steve Hinch; p24: Tom Murphy, Matt Ludin, Jess Haas, Maria Bisso; p26: David Thompson, Karen Withrow, Maria Bisso, Jim Futterer, Tom Murphy; Back Cover: Tom Murphy, Neal Herbert, Joy Carlough

Yellowstone National Park is our number one priority, and the park’s needs are our needs.


Yellowstone Forever partners with Yellowstone National Park to create opportunities for all people to experience, enhance, and preserve Yellowstone forever. O F F I C I A L NON P RO F I T P A R T N E R O F Y E L L O W S T ON E

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