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YNGAir Partners Founder, Doug Kibby




Warren Tribune Editorial ‘YNGAir a step in the right direction’ on 12/13/10

YNGAir Partners would like to thank the editors at the Warren Tribune Chronicle for its endorsement of the hard work our organization puts forth in providing a community voice and helping to secure daily passenger service at the Youngstown – Warren Regional Airport. YNGAir strongly supports the efforts of the Western Reserve Port Authority and the Youngstown – Warren Regional Chamber of Commerce in their efforts to make the airport a thriving contributor to the region’s economy. Their contributions in association with the Director of Aviation, Daniel Dickten, shouldn’t be overlooked. YNGAir supports and encourages a partnership with all parties to achieve the goal of making the airport a success. YNGAir is certain that local flight availability can spur growth potential for local businessesas well as attract more businessesand jobs to the region. With that in mind, YNGAir researched Travel (Flight) Banks and their effectivenessand successat other airports in generating funds for potential new airline service. Typically the function of running this type of program is handled by the local Chamber of Commerce becauseof their involvement with the business community. Currently, we are in discussion with the Chamber to see how we can work together to make this program a success. The YNGAir Partners was created to reestablish commercial air service by attracting community support of private sector individuals and businesseswho believe in a strong and vibrant airport. One of our main focusesis to assist in securing a small community air service grant as part of the Small Community Air Service Development Program (SCASDP).This grant minimizes the initial businessrisk to a new carrier who is entering the region’s market. The

revenue guarantee is a short-term program tailored to launch the new regional jet service by mitigating the airline’s initial risk. Two other functions of the YNGAir Partners is to assist in the raising of local matching funds to be used in marketing a new airline, and to create community awarenessand support for our local airport. We will work closely with other community entities in support of making the Youngstown – Warren Regional Airport the best in the country! The concept of a community-driven organization that supports the airport is not new. We are just taking it to another dimension and ask to be the community voice, working in partnership will all involved who wish to see YNGa successstory now and in the future for the next generation. Sincerely,

Douglas Kibby Founder YNGAir Partners

YNGAir: Tribune-Chronicle Editorial Response  

YNGAir Founder Doug Kibby gives the YNGAir Partners response to the Tribune-Chronicle editorial of support dated 12/12/2010.

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