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General Secretary’s Message

YMCA of Singapore is an organisation that champions youth empowerment and strives to groom youth into socially responsible community champions, who actively support social causes to bring positive impact to designated communities. As part of YMCA’s commitment to this cause, University-YMCA (Uni-Y) clubs have been established in tertiary institutions, with the mission of developing and empowering youth to be servant leaders who will impact our local and international communities. 2015 will see Uni-Y Singapore reaching the 10th year milestone. The YMCA of Singapore will stay committed and continue to show its utmost support to the Uni-Y clubs so that the channel of blessings will be further broadened to touch even more lives and lift spirits both locally and internationally. In July 2014, Uni-Y Singapore was conferred the Singapore Youth Award, the nation’s highest youth accolade in honour of its exceptional humanitarian efforts and outstanding contribution in cultivating a spirit of volunteerism and leadership amongst the youth of Singapore. In addition, Uni-Y Singapore was conferred the Ten Accomplished Youth Organisations (TAYO) ASEAN Award, a regional-level award which recognises the achievements made by youth serving in organisations in ASEAN member countries that have implemented sustainable programmes, projects and activities for the community. We are thankful and humbled at the same time for these tremendous testimonials and endorsements of Uni-Y’s ongoing effort to inspire more youth to serve the community. I would like to take this opportunity to express my deep appreciation to the YMCA staff and Uni-Y members who have been marching forward tirelessly in impacting lives of the disadvantaged. I would also like to share the achievements with all our partners, such as the student office in the local universities which our Uni-Y clubs operate in, our club advisors, corporate partners and VWOs partners. Without your support, contributions and partnership, Uni-Y‘s success thus far would not have been possible. We must thank God for His great favour on Uni-Y Singapore, and we look forward to more innovative breakthroughs in the area of youth development in 2015.   In His Service, Lo Chee Wen

General Secretary YMCA of Singapore


Committee Chairman’s Message

In 2005, Uni-Y Singapore was established in Singapore Management University with a small Executive Committee of less than 10 members. Uni-Y Singapore has since grown to a club with presence in SMU, NUS and NTU, and a membership base of more than 350 active members. Just in 2014 alone, 2,800 volunteers were mobilised, impacting 2,400 beneficiaries. This translated to some 32,000 hours of volunteering work sowed by the Uni-Y volunteers.

2014 has been a particularly eventful year for the Uni-Y Family. One of the key highlights for the year was the inaugural UNIYte 2014 (Uni-Y Singapore’s Annual General Meeting), which saw 106 Uni-Y members, volunteers, ExCo members, staff and government representatives gathering on 18 January 2014 to witness the handing over of leadership to the new cohort of Uni-Y leaders. A challenging and inspiring call-to-action was given and Uni-Y members, volunteers and stakeholders came together to piece a giant 200-piece Uni-Y jigsaw puzzle as a symbolic gesture of their commitment to play a part in serving others. Uni-Y organised its first-ever YMCA photo gallery through The YMCA Conversation Series that featured the dreams, aspirations and stories of the elderly, underprivileged children, and persons with intellectual or physical disabilities. 50 attendees and 14 photojournalists gathered on 30th August 2014 to converse with our guest speakers from various VWOs. Each participant went away enriched by the Conversation, being more inspired to fulfill the dreams of others in the community. 2014 also saw the launch of the Uni-Y Community Champions (CCP) Programme. This is a year-long programme that sees participants embarking on a journey of advocating positive societal change while gaining personal development through local and overseas exposures. CCP participants will undergo various training elements, take part in leadership conferences and finally, initiate their own community project. We look forward to hear them share about their CCP journey in 2015. One of the key emphases of Uni-Y is to allow members to put values into action, and, in the case of Christian members, to put Christianity into action. To all members and volunteers of Uni-Y, it is my heart’s desire that through your stint at Uni-Y, you will learn to become more effective servant leaders and make a lasting impact on those around you. I also hope that this spirit of service and volunteerism will continue to endure even after you graduate from university and join the ranks of our Uni-Y Alumni. On behalf of YMCA of Singapore, I thank each and every Uni-Y member and volunteer for your commitment and dedication in touching lives and lifting spirits to those in the community. May the Lord continue to bless Uni-Y Singapore and use us as channels of His love and blessing to the community! In His Service, Teo Zi-Ming

YMCA Board of Directors Chairman, Youth & Volunteer Development Programmes Committee 2014


Our Mission


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Our Heartbeat

nurturing servant leaders

CONFIDENCE “ I Can Lead & Be The Positive Difference To Those Around Me ”

CHARACTER “ I Ought To Live Out The Values of C-Share (Compassion, Servant Leadership, Honesty, Accountability, Respect & Excellence) ”

COMPETENCE “ I Know How To Use The Skills & Knowledge That I Have Acquired For The Service of Those Around Me ”

COMMITMENT “ I Will Complete Whatever I Start ”


Our Focus creating

Social Impact.

making a positive difference in communities Community Service Programmes (CSPs) International Service Programmes (ISPs) Social Enterprise Programmes (SEPs) Uni-Y Step Up


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ry Grou 1. Elder ps: ly 2. Unde rprivile ged Ch 3. Intel ildren lectuall y Challe 4. Phys nged ically C halleng ed


r e S

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a h C m m Co n Co m Co


holistic enrichment. r e ad

developing well-rounded individuals


Alumni Relations (AR) Leadership Development (LD) Personal Development (PD)

r e t c ara ent m t i m e c n e d fi n e c n e t e mp


c n e i ud

e, c A a t e f R ion, o g r s s e lig Ta ardl r Re


y t i s r e v i n u youth


5 2 9 1 s e

Reg age o gu ire to nity, n a L es mu ant D m o o Wh the C ho W e W Serv ristians aith F h & C t their u to P ractice P into 6


serving the local communities & beneficiaries


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Our Achievements

Singapore youth award 2014 For its exceptional humanitarian efforts and outstanding contributions in cultivating a spirit of volunteerism and leadership amongst the youth of Singapore, University-YMCA Singapore (Uni-Y) was conferred the Singapore Youth Award 2014, the nation’s highest accolade to honour exceptional young people who enrich the hearts and souls of the community and bring distinction to the nation. Volunteers Mr Zhao Wen Wei, Member, Council of Uni-Y Singapore 2014 and Mr Terence Khoo, Director, Community Service Programmes, Uni-Y NTU received the Award from Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance at a presentation ceremony at the Istana on Sunday, 6 July 2014. Uni-Y would like to express its deepest appreciation to our partners, sponsors, volunteers, members and alumni. Our work to groom and nurture community champions who can make a positive difference to others would not be possible without your support. The award will spur Uni-Y to strive harder towards becoming a transformational movement that inspires youth and develops them holistically and engaging the People, Public and Private sector organisations to serve the community.


Ten Accomplished Youth Organisations (TAYO) ASEAN Award In recognition of its strong community service culture which aims to inspire and provide opportunities for youths to be actively involved in the community, Uni-Y Singapore was awarded the Ten Accomplished Youth Organisations (TAYO) ASEAN Award on 9 October 2014 in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei. The awards ceremony was graced by The Honourable Pehin Orang Kaya Pekerma Laila Diraja Seri Setia Awang Haji Hazair bin Haji Abdullah, Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports for Brunei who presented the awards. The TAYO ASEAN Award is a regional-level award which recognises the achievements made by youth and youth serving organisations in ASEAN member countries that have implemented sustainable programmes, projects and activities that may be replicated by other organisations. It aims to promote the spirit of volunteerism among the ASEAN youth and inculcate universal values for youth leaders in the programmes, projects and activities. Award winners are selected based on the impact of their projects to the community, innovativeness, sustainability and probability of the project duplication.

uni-y nus honoured at NUS 9th student Achievement awards Uni-Y NUS, which was launched in 2009, was awarded the Certificate of Achievement for outstanding achievements in Projects (New Initiatives) and Campus Vibrancy Award at the 9th Student Achievement Awards held on 24 January 2014. Uni-Y NUS received the awards for innovatively kickstarting Project Gratitude which impacted the NUS community, as well as making noteworthy contributions to the university as a student club. This is the second consecutive year that Uni-Y NUS has been recognised by the University for its outstanding contributions. Uni-Y NUS sincerely thanks its volunteers and members for their contribution in making a difference in the community, and enabling the club to receive this recognition.


Feature of uni-y Singapore in lianhe zaobao Our three Uni-Y Presidents, Mr Ivan Joshua Lim, Miss Delphine Phua and Mr Joel Fan shared their experiences serving both the local & international communities, and how their volunteering work has taught them to be more selfless and compassionate for the less privileged in society. Ivan added that through Uni-Y, youth will be provided with opportunities to take part in various community service programmes, while increasing their awareness about volunteerism. If you are from the National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), or Singapore Management University (SMU), join us in serving the local and international communities to make a positive difference in someone’s life!

Source: Lianhe Zaobao Š Singapore Press Holdings Limited Reproduced with permission Publication Date: 5 November 2014


YMCA - lim kim san volunteer awards 2014 YMCA of Singapore honored the achievements and selfless service of 42 individuals and corporations at the annual YMCA-Lim Kim San Volunteers Programme Volunteer Awards Night 2014. The awards ceremony was held on 10 January 2014 and Mr Stephen Loh, President, YMCA of Singapore, hosted the volunteers who had given their time and effort to touch lives and lift spirits of the less privileged. Amongst the 42 award recipients, there were 10 Uni-Y leaders and volunteers who were awarded the Special Mention Award, while Mr Zhao Wen Wei, Uni-Y NUS 2012/13 President, won the Outstanding Volunteer Award. We would like to congratulate all our Uni-Y leaders and volunteers for their outstanding contributions in impacting the communities!

The list of award recipients is as follows: Outstanding Volunteer Award Mr Zhao Wen Wei Volunteer Award (Special Mention) Miss Anna Chan Miss Delphine Phua Yee Min Mr Gareth Tan Miss Josephina Fung Ying Hui Miss Lau Lee Min Miss Livia Lim Yue Jia Miss Olivia Lautner Mr Timothy Ong Zhi Hao Miss Valerie Koh Hui Ling Mr You Weiren


New Initiatives Media & Communications Tri Uni-Y Media Team

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Workshops Uni-Y SMU and Uni-Y NUS conducted various workshops which focused on enhancing sub-committee members‘ and members’ conflict management skills, and emphasize the importance of effective communication and facilitation skills. Through these Holistic Enrichment Workshops, our volunteers are better equipped and able to serve and interact with the beneficiaries of our programmes.


Volunteer engagement Volunteers’ Bonding Day! As a BIG Uni-Y Family, we take time to know our volunteers, and appreciate them for their dedication and contribution through our fun volunteers’ bonding day! It was definitely a great time filled with laughter, good food and most importantly, great company!

Uni-Y Recce Trip On 27 June - 3 July 2014, three Uni-Y members, two YMCA of Singapore staff and one staff from Westside Anglican Church embarked on a Uni-Y Recce Trip to Sawang Daendin, Thailand to explore the feasibility of implementing a community service programme there. It was a fruitful trip where the team conducted English Lessons, organised a superhero themed neighbourhood party, and painted wall murals at a neighbourhood school. The team also did a hospital visitation to care for the sick and needy, to be a blessing to them in such times of need. Overall, the inaugural Uni-Y Recce trip was a memorable and fulfilling one, where the team was greatly blessed by the Thai locals, and the experience to serve the local community!

Through the trip, we learned how God is the same, no matter the time, place or culture. His presence was greatly felt as we worshiped as one body of Christ. We also learned the importance of resting in God's presence, to be refreshed to continue serving Him. Lim Rui Si, Uni-Y SMU, Vice-President (Holistic Enrichment)

Tri Uni-Y Worship Team

As part of the engagement and development of Christian volunteers and members within Uni-Y Singapore, the Uni-Y Worship Team was formed, with the objective of training and imparting knowledge to this passionate group of individuals in the area of leading worship. A total of five training sessions were conducted, and the last training concluded with a collaboration with Believer Music; a music school with training facilities at Singpost Centre and One Commonwealth. Through equipping and empowering these youth, they have been provided the various YMCA platforms such as God Renews Our Walk, Week, Work (GROW) and Y-LINC (Lunch In & Connect) to lead worship! The team hopes to continue equipping individuals in the area of leading worship, and to imbue in them a heart of worship.

















Uni-Y Community Champions Programme The Uni-Y Community Champions Programme (CCP) is a structured programme to nurture servant leaders to become community champions through various Uni-Y platforms. This year-long programme provides volunteers with an exciting journey to develop and apply themselves in volunteerism both locally and overseas, through these three compulsory components:

EXPOSURE : National & International

Youth Leadership Conference Overseas & Adventure Trip

training :

skills & leadership development

Uni-Y Imp(act) training uni-y singapore internships uni-y leadership & management programme

servicE :

community project initiation

social impact project holistic enrichment project media-related project

For our pioneer batch, we have six CCP Participants (from left to right) - Faith Thia (Uni-Y NUS), Tay Jie Pin (Uni-Y SMU), Clara Chong (Uni-Y SMU), Matthew Tang (Uni-Y SMU), Nicole Jo-anne Varella (Uni-Y SMU) and Wong Kang Li (Uni-Y NUS).

If you are interested to find out more about the programme, you can contact Ms Marianne Tan at!

Nurturing Community Champions


We believe that doing good goes a long way; not just in impacting communities, but also in enriching the perspectives of individual Uni-Y members and volunteers. Hence the Uni-Y Alumni network was established to encourage Uni-Y Alumni to continue volunteering even after their graduation. The Uni-Y clubs also hope to add value to the Uni-Y Alumni network by being the liaison for outdoor and adventure trips organised by YMCA of Singapore, and also to provide an avenue for alumni to participate in an annual International Service Programme (ISP). The Uni-Y Alumni network consists of past members from the 3 Uni-Y clubs.

Alumni relations Uni-Y Singapore Alumni Gathering A total of 30 attendees comprising Board of Directors, YMCA Staff, Uni-Y ExCo members 2014 and Uni-Y alumni gathered together on 7 February 2014 for the Uni-Y Singapore Alumni Reunion Dinner over a steamboat buffet. Mr Albert Ching, YMCA Board of Directors was at the start of the event to meet and greet our Uni-Y ExCo and alumni. The event started off with an introduction of the current Uni-Y Presidents and Director (Alumni Relations). A video highlighting the events and activities organised by the three Uni-Y clubs in 2013 was played to inform the alumni of what has happened over the past year. Before dinner, an ice breaker was played requiring attendees to write Chinese New Year greetings on a red piece of paper and then having representatives from each group to wish everyone with season’s greetings. Typical of a reunion dinner, “lou hei”, a traditional dish conceptualised in Singapore, was served first and everyone was excited to be able to “lou hei” with their friends. An hour into dinner, the alumni were gathered together for a “Pass the lantern” activity. Similar to musical chairs, participants are to pass the lanterns around while the music is being played. Those who had lanterns when the music stopped were asked to share about their Uni-Y experience and at the end of their sharing the two “winners” were given vouchers as a token of appreciation for their efforts.

If you are a Uni-Y Alumni, look out for our next alumni gathering, and come join us for a great night of fun, food & bonding! We look forward to seeing you! 17


Over 100 Uni-Y members and volunteers were encouraged to be transformational servant leaders with passion and purpose at UNIYte 2014, the Uni-Y Singapore Annual General Meeting held on 18 January 2014 at the YMCA of Singapore. Mr Stephen Loh, President, YMCA of Singapore, was the Guest-of-Honour and Mr Teo Zi-Ming, Chairman, YMCA Youth and Volunteer Development Committee, graced the event as well. Besides witnessing the ceremonial handover of duties from the outgoing ExCo to the incoming ExCo, the meeting also learnt about Uni-Y’s achievements and was encouraged to keep up the spirit of servant leadership through speeches by Mr Teo, as well as Mr Zhao Wen Wei and Mr Ivan Joshua Lim, the outgoing and incoming Council of Uni-Y Singapore Chairpersons respectively. Mr Teo, a former member of Uni-Y, shared his ideal of a Community Champion with passion and purpose, and spoke about “Values-in-Action”. He said, “I hope that the youth of Uni-Y can have a different spirit – and that we will be known for meeting the injustice and challenges of the world not with negativity, but with Action – using our hands to make the lives better for those around us.” In his speech, Mr Lim shared his vision for Uni-Y and made an impassioned call-to-action for Uni-Y members and volunteers to be transformational servant leaders who can have a positive impact on society. “I hope all of us – Uni-Y members and volunteers alike, will see ourselves representing Uni-Y Singapore as a united front that transforms the communities through servant leadership,” said Mr Lim. Besides sharing his volunteering journey, Mr Zhao also highlighted the community impact of Uni-Y for the past year. He said,“Through strengthening our regular programmes in Local Community Service, International Service, and Social Enterprise Programmes across the Uni-Y clubs, we have definitely made a positive difference in Singapore and beyond.” Tokens of appreciation were presented to the outgoing ExCo, and the incoming ExCo received their letters of appointment before going on to recite the Uni-Y pledge. UNIYte 2014 concluded with each participant going on stage to piece a jigsaw puzzle, as a symbol of their commitment to step out of their comfort zone to be a part of the Uni-Y movement and to transform lives in the community.


Executive Committee Members

Thank you 2014 Executive Committee Members for journeying together with us, & dedicating your time and effort in bringing Uni-Y from glory to glory, strength to strength!


Continue to be servant leaders who will impact our local and international communities!

uni -y SMU

Back Row (L-R) : Clarence Lee (Leadership Development Director), Rachel Tan (Personal Development Director), Sandra Tan (Vice-President, Social Impact), Megumi Soh (Social Enterprise Programmes Director), Teo Li Ting (Volunteer Management Director), Michelle Wong (Community Service Programmes Director), Tracy Ng (Community Service Programmes Director) Front Row (L-R) : Ng Bo Lin (International Service Programmes Director), Clarissa Cheng (Alumni Relations Director), Brenda Yung (Vice-President, Internal Affairs), Joel Fan (President), Lim Rui Si (Vice-President, Holistic Enrichment), Tracy Yong (Finance & Sponsorship Director), Sharlene Wong (Recruitment Director)

uni -y NTU

Back Row (L-R) : Timothy Ong (Personal Development Director), Yao Jiyi (Alumni Relations Director), Ivan Lim (President), Clarence Chng (Vice-President, Holistic Enrichment), Khoo Kang Ming (Community Service Programmes Director) Front Row (L-R) : Foong Yu Wen (Social Enterprise Programmes Director), Soh Xin Yuan (Vice-President, Social Impact), Clarice Ong (Marketing & Publicity Director), Olivia Ng (International Service Programmes Director), Tan Hui Ping (Recruitment Director), Silvia Setiawan (Vice-President, Internal Affairs), The Livia (Finance & Sponsorship Director), Lim Gui Hui (Volunteer Management Director), Lin Jia Ning (Leadership Development Director), Chen Zhi Xin (Community Service Programmes Director)

uni -y NUS

Back Row (L-R) : Kace Wang (Finance & Sponsorship Director), Alethea Teng (Recruitment Director), Yap Hui Lin (Volunteer Management Director), Tan Xin Hui (Social Enterprise Programmes Director), Efrata Puji Harsono (International Service Programmes Director), Han Yuh Ding (Leadership Development Director), Kim Won Jae (Alumni Relations Director) Front Row (L-R) : Kenson Tan (Vice-President, Internal Affairs), Esther Chew (Community Service Programmes Director), Tran Anh Phuong (Community Service Programmes Director), Ang Wen Min (Vice-President, Social Impact), Delphine Phua (President), Moo Lee Yin (Marketing & Publicity Director), Kenneth Goh (Vice-President, Holistic Enrichment), Pang Jun Xiang (Personal Development Director)

Social Impact

y t i un m Com

es m m a r g o Service P r Uni-Y Singapore champions social causes and creates positive social impact through either structured and sustainable or ad-hoc community service programmes. These initiatives aim to bring cheer to the intellectually or physically challenged, the elderly and underprivileged children.



You can choose to live a small life for yourself, or a big life for others.

lin yihan, uni-y smu president, 2008/09


Y Food of Love

Y Food of Love has been driven by Uni-Y SMU since 2005. Through this monthly programme, the elderly are blessed with groceries and handmade delicacies baked by our volunteers, while our volunteers also learn to care for the less fortunate in society. Y Food of Love serves as an excellent platform for volunteers to learn to prepare and distribute food to elderly’s homes or the activity centres where they gather. Objectives: 1. Volunteers learn a culinary skill 2. Foster ties between volunteers in a fun and meaningful setting 3. Encourage inter-generational bonding between the volunteers and the elderly through interactions over games


Y Food of Love is a meaningful and interesting community service programme which I enjoyed. Being a part of the group, I had fun every time, knowing new friends, learning new baking skills and most importantly being able to contribute back to society and help people despite a busy school schedule. Although what we do - baking for the elderly and preparing a bag of necessities for them - may be deemed as insignificant or not worth mentioning to most people, but what I think most importantly is the thought that counts. Every time, when we hand each bag to the elderly, just seeing the smile on their faces makes me happy! Angelin Tan, Uni-Y SMU Volunteer

� 22

Y Dance Outreach

Spearheaded by Uni-Y NTU, the Y Dance Outreach programme brings together like-minded volunteers who are passionate about dancing to bring cheer to the intellectually-challenged and enrich their lives through dance. Uni-Y NTU volunteers are paired one-to-one with their buddies during the activities, to perform and teach simple dance movements to them during their monthly programme conducted at Bishan Home for the Intellectually Disabled. Through this programme, beneficiaries get a fun and enjoyable full body workout through dancing and improve their self-confidence and interpersonal skills as they mingle with the volunteers.


You could see [the residents] beaming with joy every time they manage to clear the stations successfully. It was very encouraging to see them persevere through and get better with practice.


Terence Khoo, Uni-Y NTU CSP Director, 2014

Y Arts Challenge

Y Arts Challenge employs visual arts as a platform to encourage and develop talents of underprivileged children at Thye Hwa Kuan Family Service Centre @ Macpherson. This programme aims to develop and nurture literacy and visual skills in the children, and provide them with a platform to showcase their talents. In February 2014, Uni-Y NTU adopted this as its second community service programme. Believing that every child is an artist, Uni-Y NTU volunteers teach children how to express their creativity and personality through simple art and craft. It was indeed a fun time for the children, and a great platform for them to interact with the volunteers!


Y Guitar Undertaken by Uni-Y NTU and Uni-Y SMU, Y Guitar involves teaching 20 members of the Association for Persons with Special Needs Centre for Adults (APSN CFA) on how to play the basic chords of a song on the guitar. Through this monthly event, where volunteers are paired one-toone with our APSN CFA buddies, Uni-Y volunteers learn the importance of being patient teachers. One of the largest performance groups at YMCA Proms @ the Park 2013, our ensemble comprised beneficiaries from Association of People with Special Needs (APSN), as well as YMCA volunteers. Volunteers and beneficiaries practiced hard over three months to perform a total of three songs, “Qing Fei De Yi”,“Dui Mian De Nu Hai Kan Guo Lai” and “You are my Sunshine” The group performed at Botanic Gardens to a crowd of more than 800 people, and the support and cheers from the crowd truly made their practice worth while. For the months of October, November and December 2013, Uni-Y SMU has a whole new range of activities, which included open performances at Esplanade hall, street busking and performance, as well as Christmas carolling activities.

Organised by Uni-Y NUS, Y Outing provides the opportunity for beneficiaries to participate in a range of indoor and outdoor activities and go on excursions to places of interest on a monthly basis. This programme helps the beneficiaries to improve their self-confidence and interpersonal skills as they mingle with the volunteers and one other during the outings. It also allows the beneficiaries to learn and acquire important life skills such as travelling, being mindful of their own safety, appropriate behaviour in public places and being responsible for their own belongings. Currently, the outings are conducted regularly with the APSN-CFA, Handicaps Welfare Association, Blue Cross Thong Kheng Home and Y STARS (a direct beneficiary group of the YMCA of Singapore comprising youth with Down’s Syndrome).

Y Outing


Y Spring Clean

Y Spring Clean serves the less privileged elderly who are living alone, through the cleaning of their homes to provide them a clean and safe living environment. For the elderly, many of whom are physically and sensory challenged, a poorly maintained home poses severe health and safety hazards. Therefore, we have committed teams of volunteers from Uni-Y SMU and Uni-Y NUS to impact the elderly households under Central Singapore Community Development Council over a period of 10 months.

Y Spring Clean sessions are always meaningful and interesting. It serves as a platform to not only provide simple cleaning services to the elderly but also a great opportunity for volunteers to interact with the elderly. Through short but insightful conversations with the elderly, we understood more about their needs and took away some life lessons they shared with us. Charlene Loh, Uni-Y NUS Project Leader, 2014

In addition, recognising that strong social relationships are crucial for the elderly, especially for those who live alone or have poor health, our Uni-Y volunteers also support the emotional needs of the beneficiaries by befriending them to encourage them to be part of the community at large.

Y Reading Club

Y Reading Club aims to promote a love for reading among underprivileged children and individuals with special needs. Through the programme, the beneficiaries are given opportunities to broaden their general knowledge and improve their communication skills under the guidance of volunteers. Conducted on a monthly basis, Uni-Y NTU volunteers are paired one-to-one with their buddies from Metta School to give them guidance and encouragement while learning. With libraries set up within the school, Y Reading Club also aims to provide an avenue for beneficiaries to interact while adding to their general knowledge and literacy competence. A graduation ceremony was held to congratulate the Metta School students for their diligence and performance on 19 October 2013. The volunteers have been integral to the learning journey of these students, patiently guiding them through the process. Being present to witness their graduation was indeed heart-warming. * Statistics for Y Reading are not included in “Our Impact”


Y Nature Walk

It was my first time having to interact with the intellectually challenged, and I was afraid of interacting with them at first - for fear that they would not be able to understand what I was saying and would do unpredictable things. However, after spending half a day with them at the Botanic Gardens, bringing them around and playing games with them, I realised that they are very joyful people. They will always hold my hand, and would express their happiness verbally. To them, seeing the beautiful colours of the flowers, the lush greenery and the ability to go out were enough to make them happy. Seeing them happy makes me feel happy as well. I have really learn how to interact with them, and have also realised that my preconceived judgments about them were wrong. They are sweet, simple and joyful and I will never forget them. Ang Wen Min, Uni-Y NUS, Vice-President (Social Impact), 2014

Y Nature Walk is a monthly programme organised by Uni-Y NUS that seeks to enrich the lives of the beneficiaries including children, the elderly and the intellectually disabled, through visits to Singapore’s nature parks and reserves to appreciate its rich biodiversity. The beneficiaries are often deprived of this opportunity due to the challenges and circumstances which they and their caregivers face.

Outdoor games are also meticulously planned and organised, allowing volunteers and beneficiaries to bond, and have an enriching and enjoyable time together.

Everybody can be great... because anybody can serve. You don't have to have a college degree to serve. You don't have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.” Martin Luther King Jr.


Social Impact

al on i t a n Inter

es m m a r g o r P ce i v er S A highlight of Uni-Y clubs, International Service Programmes (ISPs) are always well-received by students. Each Uni-Y club organises at least two trips annually to serve the international community through teaching English and other subjects, building infrastructure, taking part in agricultural activities, and going on home visits and cultural exchange.

“ 27

It's not enough to have lived. We should be determined to live for something. May I suggest that it be creating joy for others, sharing what we have for the betterment of personkind, bringing hope to the lost and love to the lonely.” Leo Buscaglia

On 10 - 22 May 2014, 19 Uni-Y NUS volunteers went to Dalat City, to impact the community positively by teaching English at Xu창n Tho Primary School, and participating in the painting of the school walls and building of brick walls that surround the school. On top of that, the team had the opportunity to spend quality time with the children through fun and engaging activities like arts and crafts, Sports Day and even science experiments! The children enjoy themselves and showcased their creativity and talent for the arts and sports, and our volunteers also took away valuable lessons through their interactions with the children. Not only did the Uni-Y NUS team experience the warmth and hospitality of the Vietnam host community, they definitely learnt many invaluable lessons and gained friendships and memories that will last for a very long time!

Project Love Dalat


On 18 May 2014, a team of 21 excited individuals set off for a 14-day ISP trip to the Philippines. The team had the opportunity to visit a dumpsite to deliver food packs to the families and shoes to the children, and visited and interacted with the residents living in such harsh conditions. On top of that, the team was also involved in the construction of a water system at Anda National High School, taught science and played soccer with the village children and organised feeding and educational programmes! As Filipinos have a love for music, Uni-Y NTU volunteers taught the children The Cup Song and Waka Waka Dance which they thoroughly enjoyed! Over the weekend, the volunteers also experienced a homestay with the residents of the village. The homestay allowed them to experience the warm hospitality that Filipinos are known for. The host family offered them the best they had and readily accepted them into their families.

Project Pangasinan by Uni-Y NTU

“ 29

The trip ended with entertaining cultural performances at the Campfire and Closing Ceremony during the last night at Anda. The Uni-Y NTU team also took the opportunity to show their appreciation to the residents of Anda for their hospitality. It was certainly a night of much merriment! This trip provided many opportunities for experiential learning. Many of the volunteers took away valuable lessons on servant leadership, grew in self-awareness and developed a deeper understanding of the social conditions of the host community. This trip was a humbling experience for the volunteers who are definitely more inspired and motivated to serve.

Overall in this trip, I have learnt a lot of things that I would not have if I were to stay in Singapore during the holidays; learning the boundaries of myself and also, learning much more about the people in the team. I saw true humanity and love from the Filipino campers and the community in Anda. Life was so simple with no distractions from our electronic gadgets, and everyone was truly happy. Celine Chia, Project Pangasinan Programmes Committee Member, 2014

For Sparks V, it was their fifth and last time visiting the community over at Na’ang Village, Laos. The main objectives for the project were to improve the literacy level of the students in the village through education and improving the infrastructure of the schools. Volunteers were tasked to teach students studying from Primary 1 to Primary 5. Through education, the team hopes to empower these youths to break out of the poverty cycle. Volunteers were also tasked to help refurbish the school’s infrastructure. In particular, they had to construct a fence around the school’s compound and to complete a concrete pavement to the newly constructed multi-purpose hall. Through the efforts, the team believes that students in Na’ang Village will be able to enjoy a safer and more conducive studying environment which is imperative so that they will be able to focus better on their studies.

Project Sparks V


Project P tia V

In this instalment of Project PTIA, our Uni-Y SMU ISP team was tasked to complete the roof of the classroom block at UNACAS (Unaccompanied Association) for the students in Cambodia. The team also conducted English lessons for the children, helping them to build up a strong foundation in their communication and verbal skills. The project lasted for a total of 14 days, from 27 April - 10 May 2014. Throughout this period, Uni-Y volunteers and leaders interacted very well with the children and formed strong bonds with them. There were two main highlights for this ISP trip: the Singapore Day performance and the Finale Night performance. For the Singapore Day performance, participants were split up into groups that represented the main ethnicities in Singapore - Chinese, Malay and Indian. A dance performance was put up for the children so that they could better understand Singaporean culture. The Finale Night Performance was put up by UNACAS and the Uni-Y SMU ISP team, and it was a night of fun, laughter, heartfelt gratitude and appreciation. Altogether, it was a really wonderful experience for the team, and many gleaned a new perspective towards community service.


Project Cambodia

The Uni-Y NUS ISP team, with 19 volunteers, embarked on a 13-day ISP trip to Srok Village, Cambodia in May 2014. The team was involved in teaching English to the children, organising a carnival, building a well, painting the primary school in Srok Village, and doing a mural painting for the school. The team also had the opportunity to visit a Boy’s Home and take part in a rice soup programme at Kampong Cham, distributing food to bless the villagers living in the slums. Overall, it was a successful and fulfilling trip, with both leaders and members gaining valuable experience and knowledge.


IS P Chiangmai

In this sixth instalment of ISP Chiangmai, the Uni-Y SMU ISP team went to Ban Pa-Ngkiw Village from 6 - 21 December 2014. The team’s focus was teaching the children at Ban Pa-Ngkiw School basic English, and the construction of a school canteen. The space will serve both as a canteen and an activity area where the students and villagers can come to conduct various activities. One of the most memorable experiences during the trip was a homestay with the villagers, where participants were able to interact with the locals in an authentic and personal way in order to gain a better understanding of how the villagers lived. Through this experience, stronger bonds were forged, and participants gained a deeper appreciation of the local culture and community. In addition, the team held a school carnival for the children at Ban Pa-Ngkiw School, and both the children and volunteers had a great time of fun and laughter!


by Uni-Y SMU

Project Pangasinan

The Uni-Y SMU ISP team went to Pangasinan, Philippines from 7 - 21 December 2014, and was involved in the construction of a Community Water System to make clean water more accessible to the villagers of Sablig. This project was done in collaboration with members of YMCA Pangasinan. The team also took part in a local homestay experience with host families and gained a broader understanding of the culture and lifestyle in Philippines. In addition, participants had the opportunity to visit Salt Farms and Mangrove Plantings to learn more about the natural habitats in Pangasinan, and another highlight was the interaction the team had with the YMCA Pangasinan Board of Trustees over dinner! On top of that, a Singapore Food Festival was organised for the elementary school children, giving the locals a taste of our Singapore cuisine! In return, the school students held a Filipino Food Festival for the team, showcasing their own local cuisine!


Social Impact


e is pr Enter

es m m a r g o Pr

The Social Enterprise Programmes (SEPs), developed by Uni-Y Singapore, aim to create businesses with social objectives. They encourage volunteers to create positive change in society by seizing opportunities to address social issues using innovative and appropriate business models. The SEPs also serve as a platform for volunteers to learn more about social entrepreneurship and pick up the necessary skill sets required to be a social entrepreneur.


The Social Enterprise Programmes are anchored on three main pillars: Youth Development, Community Service and Sustainability.


The bottom line is down where it belongs -at the bottom. Paul hawken

A student-initiated social enterprise programme run by Uni-Y NUS, the Sidewalk Gallery Café provides the intellectually challenged with working experience in the service industry, allowing them to acquire and practise social skills through their interaction with customers. This platform will not only increase the beneficiaries’ chances of employment at a fulltime operating Food & Beverage outlet, it also brings about a change in the public perceptions of the limitations of these beneficiaries. In 2014, Sidewalk Gallery Café organised a special event called D’ Little Blue Dot Project in conjunction with World Autism Awareness Day. The team celebrated Singapore’s week-long campaign to raise awareness for autism and along with distributing pamphlets, sold blue cotton candy to fellow NUS students. The money raised from the sale was channelled to supporting Uni-Y Step Up 2014. August 2014 was a milestone month for the cafe as a second beneficiary joined the programme, proving that Sidewalk is increasing its social impact in the area of equipping people with special needs with life skills. Caleb was introduced to Sidewalk through his mother who used to frequent the café. Sidewalk Gallery Cafe also received news in November 2014 that Tai Yuan, our beneficiary working at the café is undergoing the process of being certified for open employment! Not only does this signify the fulfilment of the cafe’s mission, it has also encouraged the team to continue to make Sidewalk Gallery Cafe bigger and better! Opening Hours: Saturdays & Sundays, 11am – 3pm Uni-Y NUS Sidewalk Gallery Cafe Sidewalk Gallery Cafe

Sidewalk “

Dear Sirs, We are very impressed with your cafe which employs special needs individuals as the hired staff. This is really a place a where dreams are made!

Comment posted on Sidewalk Gallery Cafe’s Facebook page

Gallery Cafe


Formerly known as Jericho’s Rooftop Café, The Stage @ Jericho’s has rebranded itself with a new emphasis on bands and local talents! Situated at the rooftop of YMCA of Singapore, and wholly run by student volunteers from Uni-Y SMU, The Stage @ Jericho’s provides a platform for local bands to showcase their talents through their regular monthly openings. On top of their regular openings, The Stage @ Jericho’s team also took part in the Citi-YMCA Youth For Causes (YFC) 2014 Programme, where they initiated a Music Mentorship Programme, and organized a concert entitled Voyage. Voyage gave new musicians, bands and singers a platform to perform upon the completion of this mentorship programme, where they were paired with experienced local singers. Join us at The Stage @ Jericho’s every last Friday of each month for a great night of food and music!

“ 37

stageatjerichos I get to experience and enjoy a beautiful view of town and the surrounding skyline. Being a big fan of music and of many genres, including acoustic, going to The Stage @ Jericho’s has also allowed me to enjoy the lineup of bands and appreciate our local talents more, especially in today's growing local music scene. Adelyn Foo, Uni-Y SMU Volunteer

The Stage @ Jericho’s

Social Impact


p U p e t S

Uni-Y Step Up is a flagship programme under Uni-Y Singapore which began in 2012, and is a tri-Uni freshmen camp that provides freshmen a fun, purposeful and meaningful orientation experience. We want to enthuse and unite youth to initiate positive societal action and step up to serve the community during their life as a university student. Freshmen are exposed to the various social issues in Singapore and are given opportunities to build meaningful relationships with our beneficiary groups through the camps’ various community service programmes. All these are accompanied by Uni-Y’s exciting signature games and meaningful social awareness activities like Monster Night and Game of Life.

Go beyond fun. go beyond university. marianne tan, YMCA of SG staff 38

NUS & NTU Uni-Y NUS and NTU had a bi Uni-Y Step Up camp that was held at NSRCC from 22 - 25 July 2014. The camp’s major highlight was the tri Uni-Y Nature Walk at HortPark on 23 July when 118 freshmen and Uni-Y leaders from Uni-Y NTU, NUS and SMU bonded with 90 over beneficiaries from VWOs including BizLink Centre, MINDS Clementi, MINDS Napiri and MINDS Tampines, and Christian Outreach to the Handicapped. Meaningful activities that taught about nature and fun games were carried out. It was a fun time of inter Uni-Y bonding as well, as participants were able to see beyond their individual schools and catch a glimpse of the overarching Uni-Y Singapore identity. Bi Uni-Y Step Up 2014


A total of 115 freshmen took part in Uni-Y SMU Step Up Freshmen Orientation Camp from 14 - 17 August 2014. The fun and meaningful camp was organised by 49 committee members and group leaders. The participants were engaged in various community service programmes such as Y Outing to River Safari, and also visited several other VWOs to conduct fun station games, and art and craft activities. The VWOs engaged were BizLink Centre, MINDS Napiri, MINDS Tampines, SIA MINDs, Cheng San Family Centre, Thye Hua Kuan Moral Home (Eunos), Blue Cross Thong Kheng Home, Beyond Social Services and Christian Outreach to the Handicapped. Other activities included a night of good music from local upcoming bands, good company and good scenic views at The Stage @ Jericho’s, Uni-Y SMU’s social enterprise programme.

SMU Two Uni-Y SMU alumni returned as guests to deliver the opening and closing speeches of the Step Up Camp respectively; Mr. Lin Yi Han – who took on the presidency of Uni-Y SMU in 2008 and is a current Youth & Volunteer Development (YVD) committee member – gave the opening speech and challenged the freshmen to live a big dream for others by giving to the world, rather than live a small dream for themselves by taking from the world. The closing speech was delivered by Mr. Tan Wei En who strove to inspire freshmen to truly live a life that matters by continue serving even after the camp has ended. Wei En was the President of Uni-Y SMU ExCo in 2012, and is the current youth representative of YMCA of Singapore to the Asia and Pacific Alliance of YMCAs (APAY). The camp closed with the freshmen being challenged to live out the theme of the camp, which is to be a hero and be that change they wish to see in society.

Be a hero. be that change. 40

Social Impact

Y ou e il h W Are g in g g u M

During the season where university youth were busy preparing for their projects and final examinations, our Uni-Y SMU, NTU and NUS leaders, members and volunteers decided to be a blessing to their respective school communities. Not only were exam welfare packs distributed at Uni-Y booths, encouragement notes, along with the While You Are Mugging (WYAM) cards were given out to the school community! Students who received the WYAM card and encouragement note were also encouraged to join in the Uni-Y Transformational Movement, step out of their comfort zones and pass the blessing on to the friends around them. Through WYAM, we hope that more youth will be inspired to look beyond themselves and meet the needs of others, even through the simple gesture of writing a word of encouragement.

Few things in the world are more powerful than a positive push. A smile. A world of optimism and hope. A ‘you can do it’ when things are tough.


Richard M. DeVos

In November 2014, the three Uni-Y clubs decided to bring WYAM to greater heights through #shareyoursmile, a new initiative which seeks to put a smile on a friend or stranger’s face through taking the proactive step of writing them an encouragement note, and blessing them with a snack during the stressful school period. The blessings did not stop there, as many continued to #shareyoursmile with others as well! Uni-Y SMU was also featured on Singapore Management University’s official Instagram page for being a blessing to the SMU community despite the busy school period! Catch our #shareyoursmile video on Youtube and join us for the next #shareyoursmile movement in March! #shareyoursmile while you are mugging!



Leadership is not about titles, positions or flowcharts. It is about one life inFluencing another. John C. Maxwell

p i h ers ead t en pm o el v De t n e m h c i r n E c i t s i Hol

We believe in investing in our members’ lives and therefore, we offer a wide range of leadership development programmes to our Uni-Y leaders. From overseas internships and conferences to local trainings and attachments, our Uni-Y leaders are developed to be servant leaders in today’s society.


The second run of Uni-Y IMP(ACT) Training was held on 12 October 2013 and was catered specifically for the incoming Uni-Y ExCo for 2014. The Team Effectiveness Model, Feedback Framework, the TTI Model and Team Roles Circle were taught through interactive structured experiences, facilitation discussions and reflective activities. Participants learned different ways to apply these models into their future Uni-Y projects and ExCo meetings and had a fun time of bonding as it was also the first meeting that most of them had with each other. The training included a discussion within each Uni-Y club on how to impart the training content to the rest of the ExCo. To conclude the training, the song “Find Us Faithful� was played to remind the leaders of the motivation behind their actions and how they should strive to end their term of service with the conviction that they have been faithful to the responsibilities given to them and to the people under their leadership and care.

Uni-Y Imp(act Training (


A team of 12 Uni-Y ExCo leaders embarked on a Uni-Y Study Mission to Hong Kong from 28 February - 3 March 2014. The objective of this trip was to learn the best practices of our international YMCA counterparts, specifically in Uni-Y's three focus areas for 2014: 1) Alumni Engagement 2) Media and Communications 3) Christian Development Friendships were formed among like-minded youth from different countries, and ideas were exchanged about their different Uni-Y clubs. The team visited The Boys’ Brigade (Hong Kong), Hang Seng Management College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Taipo Civic Centre, Tin Shui Wai Tin Ching Centre, the Asia Pacific Alliance of YMCAs (APAY) office and YMCAHK Cheung Sha Wan Centre.

Uni-Y 45

Study Mission

Uni-Y Leadership & Management Programme

Uni-Y’s Leadership and Management Programme (LAMP) is held annually for potential ExCo members from all three Uni-Ys, and this year’s programme theme is Leading with Character in Times of Great Change!

Our Uni-Y volunteers benefited greatly through this 2-day-1-night programme held from 6 - 7 September 2014, as they were equipped with leadership competencies through learning leadership models, engaging in lively group discussions and taking part in creative experiential learning. We look forward to seeing our volunteers develop further as leaders in their Uni-Y journey ahead!


As part of Uni-Y’s intentional efforts to holistically enrich our volunteers, Uni-Y Singapore internships were implemented to broaden youth perspectives about the social service sector, as well as better understand the larger YMCA family. This year, we had a total of seven Uni-Y Singapore members that embarked on summer internships with YMCA of Singapore, Osaka YMCA and Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong (CYMCAHK) in fall.

Local Internships Joel Fan (Uni-Y SMU President, 2014), Lim Rui Si (Uni-Y SMU Vice-President, Holistic Enrichment, 2014) and Benjamin Loh (Uni-Y SMU Member) embarked on their internship programme under the Youth Development Programmes (YDP) department in summer 2014! Our interns were involved in spearheading various new initiatives including our Uni-Y Community Champions Programme, Tri Uni-Y brochures, e-newsletter and #shareyoursmile video!

Overseas Internships Two Uni-Y members, Pearleen Liu (Uni-Y NUS) and Gisela Tjahjadi (Uni-Y SMU) embarked on an internship programme at Osaka YMCA’s International School and English kindergarten. They assisted the teachers in teaching the K1 students, prepare their lesson materials, and interacted with the high school students during their English lessons! On top of that, they also participated in the Osaka YMCA Global Festa Camp held at Osaka YMCA’s campsite at Mount Rokko from 11 July - 13 July 2014! The theme for the camp was peace, and interns from US, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea gathered to share their opinions and ideas for promoting peace in the world. As part of YMCA of Singapore’s internship exchange programme with CYMCAHK, Uni-Y NTU members Dexter Koh and Goh Beng Koon embarked on a month-long internship in Hong Kong during July 2014. They were involved in CYMCAHK’s Global-Y Explorers programme, taking on the role of camp counsellors as part of the International Camp Councillor Programme (ICCP). In return, two representatives from CYMCAHK came to Singapore in June 2014 for their internship; Jessica Ng completed her internship with the Community Service Department, and Jackie Cheung with Project Bridge. To find out more about the Global Y Explorers programme, check out their Facebook page at


Uni-Y Internships

“ “

One take-away project I wish to implement is Y Camp Challenge. It is interesting and meaningful as volunteers are paired one-to-one with a beneficiary. The moment where the beneficiaries hugged their volunteers on the last day of Camp still lingers in my mind. Jessica Ng, Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong

This Programme has given me many opportunities to explore and learn more about myself. It has also boosted my confidence in public speaking, as well as stepping up to manage a huge crowd. I have also learnt to be adaptable to a new environment and be more responsive to others. I got the chance to meet many new and awesome friends from all over the world as well! Dexter Koh, Uni-Y NTU Member


International Youth Symposium The International Youth Symposium 2013/2014 was organised by YMCA of Hong Kong and was held in Chai Wan, Hong Kong from the 28 December 2013 - 2 January 2014. The Symposium attracted youth delegates from Hong Kong, Egypt, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, Mongolia, Malaysia, United Kingdom and Vietnam. Transformation – Youth’s Convergence and Determination to Transform the World was the theme of the Symposium, and five Uni-Y Singapore members participated in the Symposium. Through an international fair, plenaries, stimulation game and parallel workshops, youth participants from 40 cities came together to brainstorm and discuss about social and global issues, thereafter translating those ideas into practical actions. On top of that, the Symposium also provided our Uni-Y members the platform for cultural exchange, where they were given the opportunity to interact and learn from our YMCA counterparts, and introduce Uni-Y Singapore to them. Our Uni-Y members have benefitted greatly from the Symposium, bringing back invaluable lessons that can be applied not only to their lives, but also for society.

Tan Hui Ping, Uni-Y NTU Recruitment Director, 2014 Amidst all the fun, the Symposium was a memorable learning journey for me. Transformation was the theme, and the objective of the Symposium was to motivate youths to initiate actions to tackle the world’s problems. After all, youths are the ones who will become future leaders and will have to deal with these issues. The Symposium thus made use of various activities - plenaries, stimulation games and parallel workshops to convey their theme. Phang Kaizhen, Uni-Y NTU Member


One activity that left a deep impression in me was “Social Stimulation” – a game that emulates the real social situation of the world that is entrenched in a rich-poor gap. Through the game, we get to understand the problems of income disparity in the world and are motivated to take actions and alleviate such problems. Another activity which left a strong impression on me was the long table dinner, where we dined together with the underprivileged of Hong Kong. On a personal level, both of these activities are reminders for me to not forget the under-privileged groups in Singapore. Hence, I am more motivated to serve the community upon my return to Singapore.


Tainan SHINE Camp Tainan SHINE Camp is a collaborative effort between Tainan YMCA and more than 80 churches in Taiwan. This year, the camp was held at Far East University from 7 - 11 July 2014, with the theme of Amazing Grace. A total of four YMCA staff and two Uni-Y members participated in the camp which attracted 1,400 youth from various parts of Taiwan, as well as international delegates from Hong Kong and Korea. With a simple and structured programme, SHINE was able to crystalise the concept of grace for the youth. To facilitate non-believers and new believers into a better understanding of God, time was allocated for personal devotion every morning and small group sharing sessions after the end of every sermon. Furthermore, the participating youth were also challenged to live a pure and holy life through a demographically divided group discussion, where pastors and youth shared their personal testimonies and the importance of living right for God. Staff of YMCA of Singapore had the opportunity to hear from Mr Jimmy Lin, the General Secretary of Tainan YMCA on how SHINE started. With a vision for Tainan YMCA to live out its mission to relate to the Young Men and Christian Association, SHINE started out nine years ago from a 4 days 3 nights youth leadership camp, attracting 600 youths, to a camp attracting over 1,400 youths with the continued vision of creating a movement of young people who live passionately for Jesus and commit themselves to pursuing a holy and righteous life. The YMCA staff and Uni-Y members who participated in the camp benefited greatly from the experience, bringing back invaluable lessons that can be applied not only in their personal lives, but in their respective roles in YMCA and Uni-Y as well.




t en pm o el v e D t n e m h c i r n E c i t Holis

It is never too late to learn new skills and develop yourself to be the change-maker you always aspired to be. Uni-Y is the platform just for you to take your dreams of impacting the community further and higher. Join us for enriching workshops, interactive dialogues and exposure trips to be developed holistically as a volunteer.


The Ymca Conversation Series The YMCA Conversation Series

The YMCA Conversation Series is a platform to engage and connect youth and YMCA volunteers to share and exchange ideas in order to learn from one another. We hope to ENTHUSE youth to take ownership by being advocates of the positive changes they desire to see in society, ENRICH and EQUIP them with leadership skills, best practices, and well-rounded perspectives in handling social issues by learning from thought leaders and industry practitioners.

“ 1

Charlene Loh, Uni-Y NUS Volunteer

“More Than Ourselves: A Generation That Cares” Cultivating sustainable volunteerism in youth today

3 Past e ve

“Overseas Community Service – Boon or Bane?” Debate on doing overseas community service


The YMCA Conversation Series motivates us to continue volunteering. Start volunteering if you haven’t done so, and just persevere on!

2 4

“Let’s Talk Business: The Insider Heart” Insights on social entrepreneurship

“The Tales of Dreamers” Showcasing the dreams and aspirations of the less privileged in the community, to inspire others to contribute towards fulfilling their dreams


Overseas Community service : boon o r bane? 53

Students from NUS, NTU and SMU, and subject matter experts from various stakeholders explored the topic Overseas Community Service – Boon or Bane? at the Third Event of The YMCA Conversation Series held at YMCA of Singapore on Saturday, 22 February 2014. The dialogue session comprised a debate between teams from Uni-Y NTU and Uni-Y SMU, a sharing session by Ms Mabel Cheng (a Uni-Y NTU International Service Programme leader) and a panel discussion with Mr Andrew Leo, Assistant General Manager, Programmes, YMCA of Singapore; Dr Sin Harng Luh, Assistant Professor from the Department of Geography at NUS; Ms Clarice Song, Head of Youth Development of the National Youth Council (NYC); Mr Teo Ming Ern, Senior Consultant from the Hwa Chong Institution; Mr Lai Sze Chuan; former country coordinator of the Boys’ Brigade Learning Centre in Cambodia; Ms Ang Ke Qin, Former Uni-Y NTU International Service Trip Leader (Vietnam 2012) and Youth Expedition Project (YEP) Trainer Ms Farheen Mukri who moderated the discussion. The debate on the topic saw the team from Uni-Y NTU support overseas community service by highlighting its benefits. Some of the points raised included: overseas community service helps disadvantaged communities, develops volunteers’ characters and sparks passion for sustained community service. These were supported by Ms Ang Ke Qin, a volunteer in two YMCA-organised overseas community projects and Mr Leo. Ms Ang said that besides finding fulfillment in helping the less privileged, her overseas stints taught her “soft skills, such as team work and leadership skills.” Mr Leo elaborated that overseas community service not only benefits the hosts, but also the volunteers as well. “Through helping others in lessdeveloped areas, volunteers are brought out of their comfort zone and learn from the community even as they serve,” said Mr Leo. “It is a form of service learning. These overseas community service programmes are values-in-action (VIA) platforms that enable volunteers to demonstrate the positive values they have learnt.” Mr Leo further added that through overseas community service, YMCA hopes to inculcate the values of “compassion, servant leadership, honesty, accountability, respect and excellence” and develop youths into responsible community champions who bring cheer to the less privileged. However, the Uni-Y SMU team disputed that overseas community service was a panacea to the poverty and suffering of the beneficiaries. The students argued that not only were these projects unable to solve the problems faced by the overseas communities at times, they may also exacerbate matters. Dr Sin Harng Luh, an assistant professor from the Department of Geography at NUS, agreed on this point and added that organisers of overseas community service projects have to be wary of other pitfalls as well. She said, “Some volunteers may be culturally insensitive to the hosts and this can cause a huge problem on the ground.”

The competition culminated in a photo exhibition on 30 August 2014 which was held at the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre, in conjunction with the fourth installation of The YMCA Conversation Series. Titled The Tales of Dreamers, the event featured over 20 photo essays submitted by the participating photojournalists, a sharing session by three photojournalists to give an insight into their photos and stories, as well as a dialogue session with invited speakers from various voluntary welfare organisations; namely Mr Dennis Lim, CEO of Bishan Home for the Intellectually Disabled, Mr Steven Tan, CEO of Blue Cross Thong Kheng Home, Ms Eileen Su, social worker at Care Corner and Mr Roger Neo, manager of Tung Ling Community Services. Moderated by Mr Clarence Chng, a Uni-Y NTU volunteer, each speaker shared their experience and insights on various issues and challenges, allowing participants to gain well-rounded perspectives of volunteerism. The panel also shared advice on overcoming challenges that youth may face when deciding whether to volunteer, and the right heart and attitude to possess before, during and after volunteering. Through this event, many participants were inspired to make an effort towards fulfilling the dreams of the less privileged in the community!

The Tales of dreamers

Through submission of photographs and short stories, aspiring photojournalists took part in a competition from 25 June - 3 August 2014 to showcase stories of the dreams and aspirations of the elderly, underprivileged children, persons with intellectual or physical disabilities. They acted as agents for change, and provided an avenue to share the untold stories of these marginalised communities.

The Tale of Dreamers



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Uni-Y 2014 Annual Report  
Uni-Y 2014 Annual Report