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Our Mission We are a community of caring people helping to enrich lives.

Our Vision To be a leader and valued partner in developing a healthy, diverse and growing community.

Our Values Responsible Respectful Inclusive Honest Caring Belonging to the Y means being a part of a community. It's a place where all ages feel welcome and comfortable. At the Y, you are given experiences that allow you to become stronger and more confident, while contributing to the creation of a healthier community, now and for the future. 

BELONGING “Even when I first began with no experience or confidence in my physical abilities, I always felt like I belonged in the Y family.” -Sarah Bridges

Sarah Bridges joined the Y because it is affordable, but she explained that she stays at the Y because of the people. “Joining the Y was one of the best decisions I have made for my health, not only physically, but mentally.” As a busy student, completing her Masters in Applied Health Services Research, Sarah began researching fitness options that fit her lifestyle and allowed her to reach her personal health goals. She discovered the perfect fit at the Y. Throughout the past 16 months Sarah has exceeded the goals she set for herself, and is now helping others live a healthy life. “When I began at the gym I was not comfortable going alone,” she said. “Trying to motivate myself to lift weights or run on a treadmill was difficult. It was the variety of classes that were available that ended up being a big deciding factor in me choosing the Y.” Sarah explained how she joined with her mom, and the Aquafit classes were perfect for the mother and daughter duo to become physical active together. “From the first day I joined I have felt welcomed and included,” Sarah said. “Even when I first began with no experience or confidence in my physical abilities, I always felt like I belonged in the Y family.” Sarah went from being a member to volunteer at the Y and recently joined the staff team at Group Fitness Lead.

2,656 participants had the opportunity to attend Y programs and changed their lives thanks to financial assistance from the YMCA totalling


From early childhood to adolescence to young adulthood, generous donors have supported Theo through all of his stages of development.

CONNECTION “Camp is like home for me,” Dustin said. “You really do get to be yourself at camp.”   -Dustin Welshman

Dustin Welshman has been attending the YMCA’s Camp Glenburn for six summers, but his summer of 2017 experiences have been the best yet. Thanks to a Memorial Fund set up by the Walker family in memory of their son, David (Fyn), Dustin was able to take part in Glenburn’s Leader in Training (LIT) program, which included creating memories on the Fundy Footpath and canoeing the St.Croix River. “I was seven when I first came to camp and I still remember my first counsellors,” Dustin explained while sitting on Glenburn’s Bellisle Bay beach after 2 weeks of exploration. “I think that shows how much impact the people here have on you.” The 2017 LIT campers have a special bond. Their voices become louder and eyes brighter as they share memories that were created this summer. “This program has allowed us to develop skills and put them into action. We were able to run a camp wide program and it was really cool to watch that come together,” Dustin explained. In 2017, many youth capture their summer memories on Instagram and communicate through social media and text. But for this group of teenagers, there is something special about the way they connect and create memories. “At camp, you learn how you don’t really need material things in life,” Dustin said. “Last time I went home from camp I sat down to play video games and thought, ‘why am I inside right now’? Instead I went outside and explored, which was much more fun.”   And Dustin isn’t the only one leaving camp feeling a sense of growth this year. His mom, Rhoda Welshman explained how the David Walker Memorial Fund provided Dustin with more than she could ever imagine. “He had lots of stories from leadership but one of his fondest memories was meeting Fyn's Dad. He told me after learning about Fyn, he thinks he would have really liked him,” she said.   “The whole leadership experience has changed his life forever, guaranteed to make him stronger and more resilient.” 

YMCA PEACE BREAKFAST 100+ participants 2 Peace Medallion Recipients

STRUT FOR STRONG KIDS 200+ participants Over $5,000 Raised

YMCA HEALTHY KIDS DAY 500+ participants

RED TRIANGLE AWARD GALA 400 attendees Over $110,000 Raised

INCLUSION “Although your body is down and you are going through Chemotherapy, when you leave the Y you feel good and you want to do more.”

-Betty Lou Walsh

Betty Lou Walsh Brown was first diagnosed with breast cancer 15 years ago and in 2014 her sister Theresa Brewer discovered she too would undergo treatment for the same disease. During a time of what seemed like constant despair, Betty Lou had a conversation with Kathy Woodhouse, breast health nurse manager for Horizon Health Network. From that moment forward the sisters’ attitudes confidently changed. At that moment the sisters didn’t realize the benefits they would receive from the Stay Strong Program, but today they are encouraging other cancer patients to get involved. “After the program we joined the Y and keep coming because it really does make you feel good,” Theresa said. Stay Strong is a unique 12-week, free exercise program for all ages undergoing chemotherapy, radiation and hormonal therapy treatment for various cancers. The main objective of the program is to minimize the negative side effects that people tend to experience from cancer treatments. It also helps to improve quality of life and allows individuals to maintain their independence. And the sisters explain how it’s more than just being active; it’s about the relationships you build throughout the Stay Strong program as well. “There were two men in our program and they just wanted to talk to someone who was going through a similar situation,” Theresa said.  “You build relationships that also help you feel better about what you are going through.” Even though Betty Lou and Theresa are finished the program, they still feel as though they are reaping the benefits they received. Today you can find the sisters taking in an Aquafit class or walking the indoor track at the Saint John Regional Y. “The Stay Strong program didn’t only physically benefit us, but it helped us mentally as well,” Betty Lou said. “It gave us our confidence back.” 

DIVERSITY “I talk to students about my life experiences back in Africa and what I found different in Saint John. I shared about the feelings you have when you first arrive in a new place and you don’t speak any English”. -David Wakilongo Alongside his mother and siblings, David Wakilongo left the Congo and escaped to the neighbouring country of Burundi.  At the age of eight, David was fleeing the war that took his father, with hopes and dreams of a brighter future. In 2014, David and his family landed in Saint John on a crisp October day. “Saint John was our first city. When you walk the streets, you can see everyone smile. If you are trying to go places and you don’t know the directions, you can ask people and they will help you,” David explained. “It makes me feel like I belong.” It didn’t take long for David to embrace his new community. He joined a soccer team, started sharing his story in schools and began volunteering throughout greater Saint John. David had a dream of becoming a nurse, but this was put on hold while he studied English as a second language and caught up on course credits. He worked hard and studied Biology and Chemistry at Samuel De Champlain in the mornings and English at the Y’s Newcomer Connections Centre in the afternoons. And he didn’t stop there. Through volunteering at the Saint John Regional Hospital, David discovered his love for working with seniors. “I want to help people. I am going to reach that age myself and I will need support,” he said. “That is why I push myself to help people." Three countries, four languages and two years later, David is now studying to become a nurse. “Diversity means people accept different cultures, work together and live together,” he said. 


This summeraized financial information is extracted from the financial statements audited by Deloitte LLP. A copy of the complete audited financial statements are available on our website.

Board of Directors Shelley Rinehart, PhD. - Past Chair Craig Wilson, CPA, CA, LL.B, TEP - Chair Michael Chisholm, CPA, CA, CMC - Treasurer Darryl Ford, PEng., FEC - 1st Vice Chair Daniel Doiron - 2nd Vice Chair Alberta Stanton-Rousselle, RN, BN Julie Fitzpatrick, CPA, CA Anne McShane Marion Williams, BBAÂ

Senior Leadership Shilo Boucher, CPA, CA, ICD.D Julie Estabrooks, CPA, CA Adrienne Boudreau, BA, ECE Cindy Floyd, CFRE Angelique Simpson, MA, LL.B Cara Coes, BKin 693-YMCA

Annual Report 2017  
Annual Report 2017