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YMCA of Greater Richmond 2010 Annual Report

OUR MISSION To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy 1spirit, mind and body for all.

Barry M. Taylor (left), O. Reid Ashe, Jr. (right) at the Camp Thunderbird YMCA Outdoor Camp’s Three More Moves Alpine Tower


YMCA of Greater Richmond Dear Friends, Giving back and supporting our neighbors is our Social Responsibility. The Y has been listening and responding to our community’s most critical social needs for more than 156 years. We welcome and connect diverse demographic populations. We collaborate with policymakers and community leaders to build a healthier community, which will foster the kind of caring and respect that all people need and deserve.

Revitalization is a word we have used a lot around the Y throughout this past year. In 2010, the national YMCA movement launched an effort to rally every one of its 2,600 branches across the country around our common charitable cause. We affirmed that by delivering on our mission – to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all – we will strengthen the foundation of our community. Our national brand revitalization effort is not just a new look, it’s a new way of thinking about the Y and all that we do! Never before have we so clearly described our services in terms of Youth Development, Healthy Living and Social Responsibility endeavors.

As we emerge from the “great recession,” we continue our aggressive response to the community’s needs at our fifteen branches throughout the region while we construct facilities that will serve new areas in Chesterfield and Hanover Counties. Last year we touched the lives of 162,000 people in our community. Please turn the page and read about some of the people committed to serving their community and being engaged with their friends and neighbors at the Y!

We focus on Youth Development by nurturing the potential of every child and teen who becomes involved with the Y. We believe that all children deserve the opportunity to discover who they are and what they can accomplish. That’s why we help young people cultivate the values, skills and relationships that lead to positive behaviors, better health, and educational achievement. As an influential voice on health and well-being, we’re a natural leader in Healthy Living. We bring families closer together, encourage good health, and foster connections through fitness, sports, fun and shared interests. This area of service touches all ages – from infants to seniors. It is especially important as our nation grapples with an obesity crisis, families struggle with work/life balance, and individuals search for personal fulfillment.

O. Reide Ashe, Jr. Board Chairman

Barry M. Taylor President & CEO


Strengthening the Foundations of Our Community For over 156 years, the YMCA of Greater Richmond has provided support and opportunities to people and communities. This empowers them to learn, grow and thrive. We served 162,192 members in 2010 and plan to serve even more next year. Last year 2,489 staff members collaborated with our volunteers for one purpose: to strengthen our community through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience the Y; last year we provided $6,832,435 in financial assistance to 54,941 families and individuals.

Not only did we provide support to families, we also received support - 7,363 volunteer leaders, fundraisers and policy makers assisted the Y in 2010; we received $3,399,569 in charitable contributions to support our programs. 4


The Y is committed to improving the region’s health and well-being; we partnered with 96 local corporations last year to encourage a healthy work/life balance.

We provide social opportunities as well as exercise classes for adults over 65 years old. Last year 3,512 active older adults participated in SilverSneakersÂŽ, which is a fun, energizing program that helps older adults take greater control of their health by encouraging physical activity and offering social events. Over 7,600 seniors participated in YMCA activities in 2010.

We are committed to saving lives and reducing childhood obesity. We taught 8,431 children the joy of exercise through our youth sports program last year, and 1,995 second graders from local public schools were taught free basic swim lessons through the YMCA Learn to Swim program. The Y taught a total of 64,048 swim lessons in 2010.



Neighbors Helping Neighbors Just after Barb Alkire’s fortieth birthday, she said to herself, “I’d better get my act together. I don’t want to be old, fat and out of shape!” She then gave herself the birthday gift of a Y membership at the Patrick Henry Family YMCA in Ashland. While her first step was on the path to support a healthy lifestyle, she was quickly reminded that the Y was not a health club.

to her sister years earlier. Barb stopped right then and, as a small business owner in Hanover County, felt it was her responsibility to contribute to the community with a $1,000 gift that would benefit so many of her neighbors who are in need of the same kind of support that previously benefited her own family. Barb’s sister was a single mother, didn’t have a college degree, and lived in a subsidized apartment; she needed child care and summer camp for her two young sons. The Y was there for her and her children. Barb’s nephews learned to swim and engaged in a variety of athletic pursuits. Then, when her oldest nephew was completing high school, he earned a college swimming scholarship. College would not have been a reality for him without that scholarship

Shortly after joining and beginning her new wellness endeavor, Barb noticed posters for the annual giving campaign. This appeal supports those who turn to the Y and can’t pay fees associated with membership and programs in the three focus areas of youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. Seeing the campaign information was a reminder to Barb of the Y’s charitable outreach

Ryan, Erin, Barb and Jeff


school care and multi-purpose rooms that would allow seniors to meet and socialize each day. When the expansion opened in 2010, Barb was front and center welcoming her friends and neighbors to a new jewel in the community’s crown.

and, most likely, little thought was given years earlier to the lifelong opportunities the Y’s outreach and generosity would provide that young boy. He is now a 25-year-old man working as a Certified Public Accountant. Her other nephew graduates from college in the spring of 2011, and Barb’s sister now holds a college degree and owns her home. She does not think this would have happened without that initial support from the Y.

Today, Barb reflects upon how the Y has helped her reach the goal she set for herself when she joined. She was not a runner then, but now participates every year in the Y’s Monument Avenue 10k Training Team. As she runs toward a healthy lifestyle, she just completed her fifth half marathon and in 2011 will train for her first marathon. It’s become a family affair. Frequently keeping her company on her runs are fiancé Jeff, son Ryan and daughter Erin.

Barb’s passion for the Y was noticeable from the time she joined and that led to her being asked to serve on the Patrick Henry Family YMCA’s Board of Management the following year. Soon, the entire community benefitted from Barb’s leadership and contributions as she promoted the facility expansion and consolidation efforts. She spoke to many individuals about the need for a public gymnasium, classroom space for before- and after-

Barb’s commitment to the Y is still about health – the healthy hearts of its donors and a charitable spirit that benefits her neighbors in Hanover County.


From Shy To Standout A Leader’s Journey “I used to be a shy kid,” Hansen Li volunteers. “Jason Christiansen reached out to me during the Teen Extreme Camp at the Midlothian Family YMCA when I was a rising eighth grader and said he saw leadership characteristics in me.” “It was very intimidating joining the Midlothian YMCA’s Leaders’ Club at that time. I was one of the youngest among juniors and seniors in high school – I didn’t know how to react.” As time went on, they all volunteered together and participated in team-building experiences; Hansen became more comfortable with older members of the club. He admits he has always had trouble dealing with older members of his peer group. Being in YMCA Leaders’ Club helped him overcome this part of his fear. As an upperclassman now, he reminds himself of that experience and how he should treat younger students. “Making others feel like they belong – I’ve brought that into my life as a result of Leaders’ Club.”


A New Life Irish-born Agnes Maguire tells everyone that the Y has changed her life. She suffers from degenerative disc disease in her entire spine. Since 1995, she’s undergone ten spinal surgeries and a total hip replacement. For more than a decade, Agnes’ mobility was limited and she was forced to use a walking stick to get around while still suffering with aches and pains.

It’s been five years since he walked into that Leaders’ Club. In the spring of 2011, Hansen graduates from Midlothian High School. Following graduation he will attend Virginia Tech where many opportunities await him. This includes the opportunity to make others feel like they belong.

In 2010, she started taking water aerobics classes at the Tuckahoe Family YMCA and began to see a tremendous difference in her strength and endurance. “I have more muscle tone and range of motion. I am using muscles I haven’t worked in over 15 years. I look forward to getting in the water and pushing myself to my limits every day,” said Agnes.


She is finally able to travel back to Europe to visit family and has cut her daily morphine prescription in half. “I recently visited my sister in Spain and decided to leave my walking stick at home. My sister could hardly believe it. While I was there I walked almost two miles one day. It has been years since I could do that.” Agnes has lost 40 pounds since she began her wellness quest at the Y. She loves the support she has found at the Tuckahoe YMCA. “The people in the water aerobics classes are like family to me. We know each other and support each other,” she says. Taking pride in YMCA Blue Ridge Leaders School


A Kid with a Quest “Natasha motivates us every day to keep fit and stay active,” says Natasha’s mother, Suzanne. “Now we make our evenings at the Y a family affair,” she says. Suzanne explains that it was her husband, Joseph, who first introduced Natasha to working out at the Y because he wanted to have some father/daughter bonding time. The whole family started coming to the Y together to train for the Monument Avenue 10k and continues to make regular trips.

Childhood obesity is on the rise, with recent governmental surveys reporting that 37% of children in Virginia are overweight. Nine-yearold Natasha Bokenko is helping to reduce this statistic by setting an example for her peers. She was our 2011 YMCA Healthy Kids Day and Walk spokesperson and shared her love of exercise with the local media. “I tell my friends that it’s a good idea to get active,” she said to reporters from CBS 6, NBC 12 and ABC 8. “I think it’s fun.”

Natasha enjoys herself and gains more than physical benefits from the Y. She says, “Sometimes the Y is my happy place.”

She now exercises more often than many adults: playing youth soccer, training for and running in the Monument Avenue 10k, and working out at the Chester Family YMCA four evenings per week. “I like to do the treadmill, bike, elliptical, rock wall and a half circle thing I balance on,” she says.



Generations of Generosity The North Richmond YMCA Community Center has served its neighborhood from its current location for more than 40 years. Pete Washington and his family have been there for it all. “My sons were toddlers and the first executive director was my neighbor. He had a young son too,” Pete remarks. “My boys grew up in the Y.”

its focus areas – youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. With a successful Head Start preschool, before- and after-school programs that include tutoring and mentoring, the Y responds to the critical academic-readiness needs of the city’s students. A state-of-the-art wellness facility, gymnasium, indoor pool and multi-purpose space provide gathering space for families, teens and older adults. The recent addition of a community garden has led to educational programs and resources for all ages in the areas of nutrition and environmental awareness.

The North Richmond Y is a community center. Pete comments, “When it opened, child care was not available – it’s become much more involved in the developmental stages of our youth – getting to them early.” The scope of programs offered reflects

Jeff and Pete

10 10

As he became a more successful businessman, Pete’s Y involvement deepened as a donor with sports sponsorships and annual campaign contributions in addition to serving as a board member. Now Pete’s son, Jeff, follows in his father’s footsteps and carries on the family’s legacy of involvement at the North Richmond YMCA Community Center as a member of its board. Pete is proud to say, “Jeff sees the need to reach down and reach up to those who are not as fortunate in order to help them and offer some direction.”

“I’ve always emphasized with my sons the importance of giving back and getting involved with those less fortunate,” Pete says. When he shares his passion for the Y with others, he tells everyone they must be socially involved. “If you can contribute and help to perpetuate this, you have got to do it. If you look at the kids and teenagers involved, we’ve got to make this thing happen. I realize just how impactful the Y is on kids in the area. If it were not here, where else would they be?” Involvement at the Y has always been a family endeavor. An involved father, Pete coached his sons’ basketball, football and baseball teams. When his sons were young, he witnessed how meeting people from all walks of life and socioeconomic levels at the Y impacted his children.

When Pete looks toward the future, he sees the cycle of generosity continuing. “A lot of the kids mentored through the Y will be coming back and giving more because they will understand what it meant to them.”

11 11

Learning What I Didn’t Know “I went to the North Richmond YMCA Community Center looking for preschool and child care for my two sons and ended up as a better educated parent,” remarks Stephanie Baccus. A collaboration between the Y and Commonwealth Parenting offered classes for Stephanie. “I learned that while I may have a stressful or difficult day at work, Tyrell and Russell may have had a hard day too. In the evenings now I ask ‘How was your day?’ instead of ‘Did you get in trouble today?’” she says with a chuckle. “Without the Y, I would not be as involved a parent as I am now. I have learned to be an advocate for my children and recognize the need for early childhood development and education programs.” Stephanie not only advocates for her own children, she’s an ambassador to many parents who may be struggling with a work/life balance. As a member of the Y’s parent advisory council, she shares her first-hand knowledge of the programs offered for children and adults, which can build and improve family relationships.


Paying It Forward At 23 years old, James Babcock is involved in his community more than most people, regardless of age. “I do pretty much anything I can to stay busy and help others,” says James. He serves on the Powhatan Rotary; is president of the county’s Anti-Litter Council; helps plan county events like the Powhatan Wine Festival and Fourth Fridays; and volunteers for multiple nonprofits. James’ family did not have much when he was growing up. He understands living within his means and how it feels when a program like YMCA Bright Beginnings comes along and makes life just a little easier. “My little brother was in fifth grade and I was in sixth, so I was technically aged-out of Bright Beginnings. But when the Y asked the principal if there were any other children in need, she got me in. I was pretty shy and older than all of the other kids, so it helped that the principal was my shopping buddy,” said James. “When Mary Kay Gates, the Y’s executive director, came last year and spoke to our Rotary about Bright Beginnings, I thought, ‘How can I not help with something that helped me and my family?’” said James. Now, as a volunteer and donor, James sees the program through a different set of eyes. “I still have the picture of me and my shopping buddy from 1999,” says James. “It sits right next to my volunteer picture from last year. It just feels good giving back to something from which you’ve benefited.”

Stephanie & Sons


The Satterwhite Family Swimmers Petersburg Family YMCA. “Let me tell you – the kids, in the beginning, they were terrible; they were afraid. They would cry at every lesson, but I wasn’t one of those moms who gives in when they see their children crying,” says Tanya.

“Learning to swim isn’t anything that was pushed in my family, and I’ve always been pretty afraid of the water,” explains Petersburg mother of two, Tanya Satterwhite. Her swimming experience was limited to occasions where the water was shallow and she could stand up in it. Despite her family’s lack of emphasis on swimming and water safety, Tanya wanted to learn and wanted her children to feel and be safe in the water.

After many lessons, the kids are now capable swimmers and love to swim. Tanya is still working to overcome her lifelong fear of the water, but has gained peace of mind through these family swim lessons. “I feel more relieved when the kids are in the water because I know they possess skills that will help them stay safe; and I can do something to save them if I need to,” she says.

“I just knew that if I ever had kids I would make sure they knew how to swim,” she says. She enrolled her family: 9-year-old Kyndell, 7-year-old Noah, her husband and herself in swim lessons at the

Satterwhite Family


A Corporate Commitment to Community An early supporter of the Expanding Horizons, Changing Lives capital campaign launched in 1995, Capital One contributed to facility improvements and expansion at Downtown, Shady Grove, Chester and North Richmond branches. The Capital One Child Development Center at the North Richmond YMCA Community Center was a cornerstone of that campaign. The Center has six classrooms that ensure children living in a neighborhood permeated with poverty have a topflight preschool where they are prepared for success in kindergarten.

At Capital One, we have always believed that, as business leaders, we have a unique opportunity to create value in the communities where we live and work. Capital One exhibits exemplary corporate leadership, provides compassionate community service and partners in a powerful way to strengthen the foundations of community. It is committed to “… make communities dynamic places where families can live, work, grow and realize their dreams …” They have exemplified this with more than a decade of support for YMCA of Greater Richmond programs that primarily focus on efforts for youth development.

Supporting the further expansion and reach of the Y, The Capital One Youth and Family Room was completed when the Goochland Family YMCA

Capital One Executives: Ed Page, Julie Elberfeld, Rob Alexander and Joel Martinez


Capital One associates’ day of service at Tuckahoe Family YMCA

by the historic urban Ys. This is used to ensure that at-risk children can benefit from programs and services ranging from preschool education to afterschool programs for young children and teens.

opened its doors. Teens use it after school. The YMCA Teen Leaders’ Club meets there. It hosts birthday parties, board meetings, family reunions and has been used by the Goochland Chamber of Commerce and Goochland Community Partners.

Capital One is also a company where people roll up their sleeves and pitch in to get things done. Each spring, a corps of staff volunteers tackles a variety of projects in Y buildings and on the grounds to help get ready for the thousands of children who will pass through the summer camp program.

One of Capital One’s goals is to help strengthen communities by working with local partners to address the social needs of residents. Dynamic partnerships with local nonprofits that have implemented innovative programs help residents bridge the gap between their current circumstances and their dreams. This has lasting effects. The funds that Capital One has provided for the Y primarily support four branches serving families who live along the Route 1 corridor with services provided

From Capital One’s earliest days, they have worked to make a meaningful difference. Their goal is to help nurture the growth of the communities where they live and work.


Living Strong Breast cancer survivor Theodora Merry represents many who fought cancer through the recession: as an unemployed and uninsured caregiver. Fortunately, employment and insurance aren’t requirements to join LIVESTRONG at the YMCA, a program that helps cancer survivors come to terms with their illness and recover from treatments. Prior to joining the program, Theodora had a difficult path to recovery. She had a mammogram at a local free clinic, but her doctor stopped volunteering before informing her of her test results. She lived in a state of denial for thirteen months as the lump in her breast advanced from the size of a pecan to the size of a grapefruit by the time she could receive treatment. LIVESTRONG at the YMCA supported Theodora throughout her treatments. “I have been given an incredible gift: the opportunity to rebuild my crumbling body, recover my wits and lift my spirits,” she says. Theodora is one of eight cancer survivors, ranging in age from 42-79, who were a part of the first LIVESTRONG at the YMCA program at the Downtown YMCA. Each participant was battling different forms of the disease: breast cancer, prostate, colon, pancreatic, and other variations – but all were attempting to regain some semblance of the life they had before their diagnoses.

Open High School

A Y Education In 1972 when Richmond City Public Schools created Open High School the program’s structure and available resources were minimal. With small, rented classroom space on Franklin Street the school’s leaders looked around for resources to support a physical education program and saw the Downtown YMCA just one block away. Nearly 40 years later, students from Open High still use the Y to meet the state’s physical education requirements.

As the country recovers from the recession, so too does Theodora Merry, who recently re-entered the workforce. Her health is improving as well. A followup appointment with her doctor shows her cancer is in remission. “As my body grows stronger so does my resolve to make the most of the rest of my life,” says Theodora.

“Beyond meeting their P.E. requirement, students learn responsibility about being a Y member,” says Brigette Newberry, head of the P.E. Department for Open High. “It’s a part of their life. It’s so much more than a P.E. credit. Students learn about good nutrition and often lose weight.” Each September when Brigette arrives at the Y with a new class of students, she sees former students as well. When she inquires what they are doing at the Y she is pleasantly met with the reply that they “have to” be there – going to the Y has become part of their lives!



Sharing Resources To Share An Education Hit with 3.6 million dollars in budget cuts last spring, the Goochland County School System was forced to eliminate programs. The Tender Tots preschool program for three- and four-year-olds was vulnerable; enrollment had slipped over the years to just nine students. Once the county officially cut the program, Jan Kenney, program director at the Goochland Family YMCA, contacted the Goochland County Schools Superintendent and asked how the Y could help. “This definitely aligned with our mission and there was a clear need. If we didn’t step in, then the need would not have been met and a lot of children and parents would have suffered,” says Jan. The superintendent was eager to partner with the Y, and this fall a licensed, YMCA preschool program was born in Goochland County. “Providing a safe

and nurturing climate is our number one goal; if you provide that, everything else will fall into place,” Jan comments. The YMCA Tender Tots program enrollment has more than doubled since the County ran the program last spring. Support from community donors has also been promising. Tender Tot parents Shannon and Tommy Allen gave $8,000 at the inception of the program. “This goes to show you that the public and the private sectors can come together to solve a community need. We truly desired an academic preschool-age program right here in Goochland County, and it is a big success,” reports Jay Shively, executive director at the Goochland Family YMCA.

Preschool Graduates


Open To All

We know how important it is for children to arrive on the first day of school prepared to succeed. Each August we host the YMCA Bright Beginnings program, which provides children from low-income families with new clothes, shoes and a backpack filled with supplies. Community donors recognized the importance of this program and contributed $413, 635 in 2010. This allowed more than 2,100 students to be prepared to learn on the first day of school.


We offer opportunities for enriching father-child relationships in the great outdoors through our Y Guides program. Last year 3,403 fathers participated in this program with their sons and/or daughters.

The Y nurtures the potential of every child and teen through our youth development programs and services. We operate 42 child care sites, which serve a total of 3,414 children. During the summer, we provide activity and learning opportunities for 3,592 children at YMCA Day Camps. We hosted 352 youth in our Metro Teens and Leaders’ Club programs last year, giving them opportunities to gain leadership and employment skills.



YMCA Chairman’s Round Table Society We are grateful for the more than 4,500 individuals and corporations who generously gave $5,741,733, enabling the YMCA of Greater Richmond to fulfill its mission. These generous contributors gave to the Planting Seeds of Hope Annual Giving Campaign, YMCA Bright Beginnings, employer-based giving programs and other specific programs and activities. Philanthropist $100,000 and more Altria Group, Inc. The Community Foundation Serving Richmond & Central Virginia United Way of Greater Richmond & Petersburg George Williams Partner $50,000 to $99,999 Altria Companies Employee Community Fund The Cameron Foundation JCPenney Afterschool Robins Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Fred T. Tattersall $25,000 to $49,999 Bank of America Capital One Financial Corporation Roy R. Charles Charitable Trust Dominion Resources The Jane and Arthur Flippo Foundation The Garner Family Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Garner, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. William V. Garner Glen Roy Fund of The Community Foundation Tak Tent L.P. Genworth Financial, Inc. Massey Foundation PepsiCo, Inc. R.E.B. Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Hartwell H. Roper The Wachovia Wells Fargo Foundation $10,000 to $24,999 Allstate Foundation Reid Ashe and Lisa Frye Ashe Bob and Gloria Bailie Bon Secours Richmond Health System

The Brink's Company Chesterfield County Tom and Nancy Chewning Children, Incorporated City of Petersburg City of Richmond Mrs. Nancy E. Cole CVS Caremark Charitable Trust Harrison Foundation The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. James B. Hartough HCA Virginia Health System Emily S. and Coleman A. Hunter Trust John Randolph Foundation The Junior League of Richmond Dr. Mary S. Keiter Lipman Foundation Luck Stone Foundation Karen and Ray Moore Berkley and Barbara Pickels Powhatan County Philip Morris USA, an Altria Company H. Elizabeth Powell The Honorable Iva R. Purdy Robins Foundation Ralph & Leo Rosenthal Foundation Saxon Shoes, Inc. South Richmond Rotary Club Staples Foundation for Learning Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Stettinius Mike and Debbie Szymanczyk Target Stores Technical Foundations The Titmus Foundation, Inc. TSS Photography UPS Freight Virginia Department of Social Services Pete Washington / PNGJ Enterprises T/A McDonald's Betty and Hays Watkins Western Henrico Rotary Club Mr. and Mrs. Douglas D. Westmoreland Dianne and Ken Wright

John and Deborah Kemper Allen B. King Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Korman LIVESTRONG at the YMCA of Greater Richmond Charlie and Lisa Luck Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm P. McConnell III Media General, Inc. MWV Old Stage, Inc. Petersburg Methodist Home for Girls Foundation PIEtech, Inc. PNC Foundation Richard S. Reynolds Foundation Robert and Martha Rhodes Dr. and Mrs. Frank S. Royal, Sr. Share Our Strength Bob and Linda Simcoe Cindy and Earle Spencer, Jr. Barry M. Taylor Technology Leasing Concepts, Inc. Barbara J. Thalhimer & William B. Thalhimer, Jr. Family Fund of The Community Foundation Steve and Bobbie Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Walker Laura and Howard Willard James M. and B. Sue Zinn

We also thank one anonymous donor. Red Triangle Partner $5,000 to $9,999 Rob and Shannon Alexander Alfa Laval Inc. Tiff and Kelly Armstrong Jean Cauble Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Christian Columbia Gas of Virginia County of Henrico Dr. Michael Douglas Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Farrell II Mr. and Mrs. Jack A. Holmes Innsbrook Rotary Club International Management Council

Silver Circle Partner $2,500 to $4,999 Advanced Orthopedic Centers Rick and Elizabeth Albee Barb Alkire Mr. and Mrs. William Allcott Allen Tactical & Security Consultants Dr. and Mrs. Carl O. Atkins, Jr. Bill and Jeri Ball BB&T Capital Markets


BB&T Charitable Foundation BB&T Judy and Bill Boland The Rotary Club of Brandermill The Brandt Family Nancy Kennon and Frederick Ried Bruchbacher Ike and Karen Carter The Annie E. Casey Foundation Chick-fil-A at Chester CJW Medical Center CNA Foundation Mr. and Mrs. J. Harwood Cochrane Commonwealth Photography The Cooper Family Mr. and Mrs. Barry D. Crawford Cyane B. Crump Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cullen Clifford J. Culley Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Darrah Butch and Tammy Davis Mr. and Mrs. Jim P. Dowd DuPont - Richmond Chip and Nancy Ford Mr. and Mrs. Todd Forgette L.S. Gilbert Jill and Howard Goldfine Goochland Rotary Club Foundation Mr. and Mrs. William H. Goodwin, Jr. Haley Ford Hanover Rotary Henrico East Rotary Club HKS Architects Hunton & Williams ITAC Engineers & Constructors Mr. and Mrs. William Lester Jennette III Ron and Kathy Jentgen Karen Keegan KLMK Group, Inc. Martha Walker Konvicka

Silver Circle Partner $2,500 to $4,999 (continued) Dick and Nancy Krider Jane and Bill Liepis Life Fitness True and Charlie Luck Judy and Dick Lyons MBI Consulting, Inc. McGuireWoods LLP Midlothian Rotary Club, Inc. Meredith and Perry Miles J. T. Morriss & Son Funeral & Cremation Service Marc and Janie Moyers Lee and Tracy Muckey Fred and Marilyn Norman Megan and Kevin O'Neill Owens & Minor, Inc. Margaret Pence Paul C. Pollard Jay and Shelly Poole Powhatan Chamber of Commerce Richmond Multisports LLC Richmond Triathlon Club George and Jennifer Riegel Rotary Club of Huguenot Trail Rotary Club of Powhatan John and Shirley Rudin Denise and Randy Spears St. Mary's Episcopal Church Outreach Committee Ann and Scott Strickler Swedish Match North America SwimMetro Management, Inc. James and Eva Tashjian-Brown Kirk Tattersall Nancy ReMine Trego Mr. and Mrs. James E. Ukrop The Universal Leaf Foundation Varina Ruritan Club Virginia Commonwealth Bank

Karl and Alicia Wagner Renee and John Wagner Mr. and Mrs. John B. Wake, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Scott R. Warren Mark and Terry Watkins Thurman E. Williams Ron and Gayle Worley Bob and Bettylou Yevich Seeds of Hope Partner $1,000 to $2,499 Amanda and Farhad Aghdami Mr. and Mrs. James L. Agnew Apartment Stuffers Mr. and Mrs. Dan Apple Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Armstrong, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Michael Armstrong, Jr. Ian and Sandy Asplundh Tom and Liz Astin The Austin Family Dr. Charles E. Bagwell and Dr. Louise Bagwell-Robinson Dan and Leslie Baker Butch Ball and Marian Lumpkin Beverly Banks David and Katrina Banks Dr. and Mrs. Richard W. Bates Mr. and Mrs. John Baxter Beach Community Grange Marian H. Beam Thomas and Donna Beames Mr. William J. Belanich Edwen and Lori Belza Bermuda Hundred Animal Hospital Mr. and Mrs. Larry Berry Laura Bethune Michael and Maura Bisceglia Joey and Elizabeth Blanks Mr. Norbert M. Bliley

Ms. Allison Bloor Blossman Propane Gas & Appliance Frank and Carol Bradley Breakfast Rotary Club of Petersburg Brenco Incorporated Nancy B. Briggs Richard and Jane Brock C. Scott Brugh Dr. and Mrs. Victor Brugh J. Stewart Bryan III Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Burton Carol and Chris Butterworth Ms. Katherine Cabell Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Calhoun Capitol Pediatrics PC Dr. Ronald L. and Mrs. Elaine J. Carey Mr. and Mrs. Blake Carleton The CarMax Foundation Robert F. Carrel Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Carrington Mr. and Mrs. Barry J. Case CBS 6 WTVR Mr. Andrew C. Chambers and Mrs. Felicia L. Fox Mr. and Mrs. Brent P. Chambers Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Chasen Molly and Matt Cheek Chester Physical Therapy Chester Rotary Chubb Group of Insurance Companies Matt and Mary Ann Clarke Hank and Cynthia Coleman Kathy Mays Coleman Sharon J. and Larry P. Coleman Bill and Quita Collins Common Sense Strategies Bill Conley - State Farm Insurance


Marsha and Ralph Costen Neil Cowan CowanGates, P.C. Lizzie and Peyton Cox S. B. Cox Ready Mix, Inc. Cynthia B. Creasy Kim Cressy Bill Croxton Karen and Steve Dash Felix and Ernestine Davis Michael and Connie Davis Rex and Lori Davis Dr. and Mrs. Donald G. Dawe Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Dawson The Honorable Bevill M. Dean Lucy B. delCardayre Delta Dental Plan of Virginia Scott and Tammy DeRosier Mrs. Linda Derr The Design Shop LLC Mr. and Mrs. Michael Devlin Rick and Mary Jo Dodson Peggy DuVall and Bob Petres Jack and Carol Dyer Andrew and Kelly Dyson Robert and Teresa Eastep and Family Eastern Henrico Ruritan Club Thomas D. Eilerson Lauren Y. Effron Dr. and Mrs. Russ Ellenberg Helen Thompson Ellis Energy Systems Group Tracey Spain Estes Estes Express Lines Jane and John Fain Mr. Peter F. Farrell Lynn and Mark Fernandes Margaret and John Ferrell Fidelity Group LLC Fine Metals Corporation Buddy and Fraser Finney Mr. and Mrs. Dale R. Foley Bill Ford Mandy and Scott Ford Jack Forestell Gregory A. and Elizabeth S. Forman Dr. and Mrs. Randall C. Foy Franklin Federal Savings Bank Fraternal Order of Eagles Ladies Auxiliary Mr. and Mrs. Lennart R. Freeman Martha J. Frickert Jack and Nancy Fyock Leigh and Drew Gallalee Dr. Samuel W. Galstan, Dr. C. Sharone Ward, Bailey Kirkland Ward Galstan and Berkley Dale Ward Galstan Ms. Jaime Gambaccini Don and Betsy Garber David and Mary Kay Gates Mr. and Mrs. Dimitri Georgiadis Give More Media Good Shepherd Baptist Church Mike and Susan Gracik Mr. Alexander C. Graham, Jr. Barbara and Denys Grant

Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Grappone Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Grauer, Jr. The Hon. and Mrs.* Elmon T. Gray Mr. and Mrs. Eric Grow Mary and Glenn Habel Gerald and Gwen Hagen, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Haley Mr. and Mrs. Lewis O. Hall Jane U. Hamilton Hayes and Karen Hanley Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Hanville Rich and Missy Harden Ed and Ellen Hardy Roy and Mary Harrison David B. Harvey Robinette and Kenneth Hatch Ms. A. Loren Hatcher Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Hatcher, Jr. Rudy L. Hawkins Electric Contractors David and Lynn Heacock Kerthy Hearn Ann S. and Robert E. Henley, Jr. Wendy Henley Associates of Heritage Chevrolet Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Hilb Hilb, Rogal & Hobbs Company Historic Jackson Ward Association Mr. Richard G. Holder* H.O.P.E., Inc. Mr. Dennis L. Howard Tricia D. Hutnan IBM Corporation John and Doreene Iezzi Intercept Youth Services, Inc. Bruce* and Elizabeth Jamerson E. Carlton and Donna G. Jarratt Lisa D. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Roger Johnson Yancey and Jane Jones Junior Federated Woman's Club of Chester Lori and Tom Kaczmarek Paul Keeton Keith-Fabry Reproduction Kelleher Heating/Oil, Cooling, Plumbing, Electrical Mr. and Mrs. Glen L. Kelley Janice J. and Steven A. Kenney Mr. and Mrs. Donal H. Kent Jerry and Martha Kilgore Dennis and Kay L. King Dr. John S. Kittrell Kiwanis Club of Midlothian Kiwanis Club of Tuckahoe Drew Klammer The Klenke Family John and Barbara Kline Kohl's KPMG LLP Mr. and Mrs. Tony Lamb Craig and Beth Lane Mr. and Mrs. P. Owen Lanier II Joe and Denise Lawrence John LatanĂŠ Lewis III Libby and John Lewis

J. E. Liesfeld Contractor, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. David C. Lumsden Mr. and Mrs. Tito Luna Celia K. Luxmoore and David J. Baker Mr. and Mrs. Gerry L. Mabry Heinz and Claudia MacSwain The Magnano Family Dr. Richard M. Marcus Markel Corporation Mr. Anthony F. Markel Marsh Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Norville W. Marshall Mr. Robert R. Marshall, Jr. Bill and Linda Martin Mark Matthews / The Matthews Law Group, PLLC Mr. and Mrs. Eugene J. Maupai III Catherine Maxwell Cathy Halliwell and Russ Mayes S. Floyd Mays Mr. and Mrs. John M. McCaffrey Mr. and Mrs. Aaron L. McClung Elaine and Brendan McCormick Gilbert McCraw Deanna and Michael McCullough Mr. and Mrs. Jeff M. McFarland McGladrey Patty McKenney Art and Jerry McKinney McKinnon and Harris, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Leroy L. McLeod Ms. Suzanne McWilliams Dr. Margaret Meara James M. Mehfoud MERCER Midlothian Religious Society of Friends Marilyn Milio Bill and Sylvia Miller Darrylin Miner Jimmy and Shirley Minter


Mitchell, Wiggins, & Company LLP Gaye C. Montgomery Christopher L. Moore Gerald Morgan, Jr.* R. Glen and Sandra Morgan Angie and Tolleison Morriss Fred and Mary Morton Mr. and Mrs. Marshall N. Morton Mr. and Mrs. Greg Moyer Milton W. Munden Darlene H. Murphy Mutual Assurance Society of Virginia Fund National Client Services, Inc. / Matthew Marek NBC12/Lincoln Financial Media The New Y-Capp, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Noble Jennifer and Christopher Nolen Northwestern Mutual Northwestern Mutual Foundation Lawrence and Anne Nuckols Sandy and Rick Nunnally Dr. and Mrs. John M. O'Bannon III Dr. and Mrs. John S. Oehler Jack and Veronica O'Keefe Bob and Denise Oldfield Jesus A. Ortiz Page Auto Group William G. Pappas Terry and Laurie Paquette S. Lee Parker Rob and Jan Parker Mr. and Mrs. J. Dale Patton Ms. Amy B. Pearsall Steve and Joyce Pedersen Maria Pellew-Harvey W. Baxter Perkinson, Jr., D.D.S. and Associates, Ltd. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Pharr Phillips Solutions Group, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Piascik / Piascik & Associates, P.C. Kelly Pickerel P & J Properties, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Plack James M. Pollard, Jr. Brandon E. Powell Powhatan Lions Club PreCon, Inc. Cathy and Larry Price Mr. Guatam D. Puranik and Ms. Pratibha R. Damle Ronald G. and Karen R. Pusey / Communications Specialists, Inc. Dr. Val Puster Mr. William E. Quarles Mr. and Mrs. Duane H. Ragsdale Mrs. Ann Rainwater Raymond James Financial Services Reco Foundation, Inc. The Redwoods Group Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Reichel, III Mr. and Mrs. John L. Reifsnider Mr. and Mrs. Myron H. Reinhart J. Sargeant Reynolds Richmond Corrugated Box Company Richmond International Raceway Dr. and Mrs. Emmett L. Ridley Jonathan D. Ridout River City Comprehensive Counseling Service Mr. and Mrs. R. Douglas Robbins Genevieve and Chris Roberts Rev. Dr. Samuel K. Roberts Roxann L. Robinson Abby and Noah Rogers Newnie Rogers Mark Romers / ICS Liz and John Rupp Brutus and Nancy Russell

Seeds of Hope Partner $1,000 to $2,499 (continued) Robin Russo Mr. and Mrs. James E. Ryan, Jr. Salisbury Presbyterian Church Mr. and Mrs. W. Jerrold Samford Rotary Club of Sandston Barry and Betty Jean Saunders Anna and Steven Schemmel John and Beth Schmohl Dr. and Mrs. Robert K. Schneider Kathryn and W. Harry Schwarzschild Fund Reed and Gail Schweickert Mr. and Mrs. S. Buford Scott Mr. and Mrs. Frank Scott, Jr. George Scruggs Katherine and Ron Secrist Mr. and Mrs. John Seibert Setliff, Turner & Holland Jay Shively Ronald and Shelley Short Alice H. Siegel Ben and Vivian Sillmon Dr. Cora Slade Salzberg Mick and Allyson Sladic James and Kim Smith Brian and Anne Snivley

Tom and Donna Sokol Southeast Media Consultants, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. James R. Sowers, Jr. Leila and Kirk Spitzer Mr. and Mrs. Timothy A. W. Spivey St. Ann's Catholic Church Episcopal Church Women St. James's Lucinda and John Stanchina R. F. Burke Steele, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Steffen Mr. and Mrs. G.E.R. Stiles Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Stinson Stone's Office Equipment / Tina Berry Senator and Mrs. Walter Stosch Dr. and Mrs. Frank D. Straus SunTrust Bank Steve and Colleen Sylvester Christian S. Tabor DMD, PC Tara's Children Trust Taylor & Parrish, Inc. Technology Leasing Concepts, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. James W. Theobald Caroline Cutchins Thompson Ty and Stevie Toepke Catherine and Eric Tracy

Mr. and Mrs. Steve R. Tribble Truland Service Corporation Terry and Linda Tuskey Ukrop's Dress Express UnitedHealthcare Mr. and Mrs. E. Massie Valentine, Sr. Ned and Laura Valentine Varina Lions Club The Virginia Birdies Golf Club Virginia Correctional Center For Women Virginia Eye Institute Virginia Physicians for Women Wachovia Foundation Tom and Roszie Walker Steve and Donna Walls Wal-Mart Distribution Center Wal-Mart Foundation Wal-Mart Supercenter - Chester WellPoint Foundation Anne and Sam West Hance and Jane West Robert C. Wheatley Bill and Shelley White Mr. and Mrs. Hugh V. White, Jr. Whitley/Service Roofing & Sheet Metal Company Hobie Whitmore Roger and Sandra Wiley

Mr. and Mrs. Edsel A. Wilkinson Williams Mullen, A Professional Corporation Dan and Georga Williams Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Williams Scott and Marci Williams Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Williams Therese W. Willis Wills Financial Group Woolfolk Construction, Inc. Ernest and Brenda Wright Dot and Al Wright Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Wulf Deb and Bruce Yoder Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Zitzow We also thank twelve anonymous donors. *Deceased In addition to the Chairman’s Round Table contributors named here, we express our sincere gratitude to all others who generously supported the mission and programs of the YMCA of Greater Richmond.

Genworth Financial associates’ day of service at YMCA Camp Thunderbird

Bank of America’s Gary Gore as a shopping buddy for YMCA Bright Beginnings

Richmond Raiders’ shopping night for YMCA Bright Beginnings


Growing Stronger Together: YMCA’s Campaign for a Stronger Community We honor the vision and generosity of the following individuals, organizations and foundations who contributed for capital expansion and renovations to enhance YMCA programs for youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.

Midlothian Family YMCA Bon Secours Richmond Health System Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Korman Nelco Family Foundation Margaret Pence Windsor Foundation Woolfolk Construction, Inc.

Midlothian Family YMCA The Cabell Foundation Mr. and Mrs. William H. Goodwin, Jr. HHHunt Midlothian Rotary Club, Inc. Ukrop’s / First Market Bank

Patrick Henry Family YMCA The Jane and Arthur Flippo Foundation

Patrick Henry Family YMCA Bob and Gloria Bailie Frank and Carol Bradley Gwen L. and Dale R. Foley James River Air Conditioning Co. Jim and Marilyn Pollard Pam and William Washington

Shady Grove Family YMCA The Family of Tommy J. West

YMCA of Greater Richmond Reid Ashe and Lisa Frye Ashe

Champion $500,000 to $999,999

Community Leader $50,000 to $99,999

Downtown YMCA The Mary Morton Parsons Foundation

Downtown YMCA Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Farrell Barry M. Taylor

Visionary $1,000,000 and more

Manchester Family YMCA Dr. and Mrs. Russ Ellenberg Cynthia B. Creasy

Manchester Family YMCA Mrs. Nancy E. Cole Karen and Ray Moore The Honorable Iva R. Purdy Kimberly S. Swanson D.D.S.

Patrick Henry Family YMCA Barb, Ryan and Erin Alkire Liz* and Joe Stiles Robert and Jane Wait Shady Grove Family YMCA Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Brown Jim and Sharon Ellen Teri and Tommy Pruitt Doug Wetmore in memory of Julia Wetmore Tuckahoe Family YMCA Roy R. Charles Charitable Trust YMCA of Greater Richmond Robert M. and Shannon D. Alexander Barry M. Taylor (*) The Wachovia Foundation

Manchester Family YMCA Jeanne and Andy Anderson Midlothian Family YMCA The Garner Family Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Garner, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. William V. Garner Glen Roy Fund of The Community Foundation Tak Tent L.P. Advocate $250,000 to $499,999 Patrick Henry Family YMCA Arthur W. and Jerry S. McKinney YMCA of Greater Richmond Mr. and Mrs. Hartwell H. Roper (*) Jim and Jane Hartough (*)

Philanthropist $100,000 to $249,999 Downtown YMCA Tom and Nancy Chewning Jim and Jane Hartough Mr. and Mrs. Hartwell H. Roper

Campaign Leader $25,000 to $49,999 Downtown YMCA Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cullen Gwathmey Memorial Trust John and Deborah Kemper Manchester Family YMCA Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Laliberte Midlothian Family YMCA Bill and Jeri Ball H. Wesley Blankenship, Jr. C & F Mortgage Corporation/ Bryan and Lisa McKernon James and Margaret Carreras Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Barry J. Case Mr. and Mrs. Barry D. Crawford Mr. and Mrs. Stephen C. Darrah Mr. and Mrs. H. Larry Giancaterino / Chasen’s Business Interiors Gray Land and Development Company, LLC Rebkee Company Dr. and Mrs. James L. Riley William and Lesle Stinson Technology Leasing Concepts, Inc. We also thank one anonymous donor.

On November 19, 2010, the Swift Creek Family YMCA broke ground for a facility that will bring Y programs and services to the residents of southeastern Chesterfield County. This new 45,000 square foot Y will meet the community’s needs as a center where parents and children participate in a variety of programs throughout the day, seniors meet for fitness and fellowship and athletic fields are bustling in the evenings and on weekends with volunteer coaches and children of all ages.


Growing Stronger Together: YMCA’s Campaign for a Stronger Community (continued) Patrick Henry Family YMCA Jack and Carol Dyer Margo and Billy Doswell Jones Steve and Dody Tribble

Midlothian Family YMCA William T. Cantrell, Inc. Jean Cauble Frank N. Cowan / CowanGates, P.C. Rhyne Contractors, Inc.

Main Street Homes Mr. and Mrs. Hartwell H. Roper Style Craft Homes Barry M. Taylor Thurman E. Williams Worley Associates - Architects

We also thank one anonymous donor.

Shady Grove Family YMCA E. Trigg and Carrington Brown Mr. and Mrs. William B. Garrett Porter Realty Company, Inc. Suzanne and Glenn Youngkin

Patrick Henry Family YMCA Jay and Bill Small

YMCA of Greater Richmond Tiff and Kelly Armstrong John and Jane Fain Mr. Bruce C. Gottwald, Jr. McGuireWoods LLP (*) Mr. and Mrs. E. Massie Valentine, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas D. Westmoreland

YMCA of Greater Richmond James River Nurseries (*) Denise and Randy Spears (*) Leila and Kirk Spitzer

Patrick Henry Family YMCA Mr. and Mrs. Todd Attkisson Boschen Masonry, Inc. Sharon and Larry Coleman Mr. and Mrs. David Creasy Jenna and Mike Devlin Fine Metals Corporation Major James and Mrs. Jean Finney The Honorable and Mrs.* Frank D. Hargrove, Sr. James River Nurseries Milton W. Munden

Cornerstone $10,000 to $14,999

Shady Grove Family YMCA Rick and Elizabeth Albee Lucinda and John Stanchina

Builder $15,000 to $24,999 Downtown YMCA Judy and Dick Lyons Manchester Family YMCA Craig and Beth Lane

Shady Grove Family YMCA Renn and Steve Ash

Downtown YMCA Mr. and Mrs. Leroy L. McLeod Marc and Janie Moyers Abby and Noah Rogers Denise and Randy Spears

YMCA of Greater Richmond Karen Keegan (*) Nancy ReMine Trego (*) Mr. and Mrs. John B. Wake, Jr.

Midlothian Family YMCA Hugh A. and Deborah P. Cline The Kurt Cooper Family Martha J. Frickert Joan and Joe Girone Jim and Jane Hartough

Community Partner $5,000 to $9,999 Chester Family YMCA Val Puster

Growing with the community, the Midlothian Family YMCA celebrated the opening of a 26,000 square foot expansion on February 12, 2010 that provides space for families to play basketball together in a new gym, students to have enriching before- and after-school experiences in bright, cheery classrooms, seniors to congregate in the multi-generational space and individuals to support healthy lifestyles with state-of-the art wellness equipment and group exercise rooms.


Downtown YMCA Mr. and Mrs. William Allcott Wyatt and Tenley Beazley Cyane B. Crump Michael and Connie Davis McGuireWoods LLP Mr. and Mrs. Wm Kermit McKelvy Nancy ReMine Trego Mark and Terry Watkins Manchester Family YMCA Blake and Kristy Carleton Mandy and Scott Ford Karen Keegan Mr. and Mrs. Dan Pharr Midlothian Family YMCA Dr. and Mrs. William H. Angus Barfield Concrete, Inc. Blakemore Construction Corporation Boone Homes, Inc. Branders Bridge Landscaping The Brink’s Company Mr. Alexander C. Graham, Jr. and Ms. Karen Berkness Gregg & Bailey, P.C., CPAs Hirschler Fleischer - A Professional Corporation James River Nurseries Marie Cole Justis Karen Keegan W. M. Kirkpatrick Family Lakins Irrigation, Inc. LifeStyle Builders and Developers, Inc.

McDonald’s Gerald Morgan, Jr.* Kris and Mary Neal Orleans Homebuilders, Inc. Realty Ventures Group, Inc. Joan and Daniel Rexinger Ryan Homes Mr. and Mrs. Andrew F. Savage Mr. Bernard L. Savage* Mark and Debbie Sowers Denise and Randy Spears Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Strauss Mr. and Mrs. Scott H. Williams and Family Williamsburg Environmental Group, Inc. Kathryn and Kenneth Willoughby Don and Jan Wood Youngblood, Tyler & Associates, P.C. Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Zitzow Patrick Henry Family YMCA Tina and Mike Berry The Honorable and Mrs. John A. Cox Creative Office Environments Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Goodloe Hayes and Karen Hanley Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Hargrove, Jr. Jeff and Kathy Johnstone David and Renee Kunnen Sandy and Rick Nunnally Mr. and Mrs. Louis Oberski Mary Jo Ozment

Mr. and Mrs. Sumpter T. Priddy, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. G.E.R. Stiles

E. Carlton and Donna G. Jarratt Dave and Debbie Lumsden McMahon Homes, Inc. John and Nancy Melzer Tom, Joanne, Shannon and Eric Murphy Elizabeth Pattison Shirley and John Rudin Marlene C. Scott, Ed. D. Tennis Courts, Inc. Nancy ReMine Trego Keith and Meg Winn Chuck and Anne Wolff

We also thank one anonymous donor. YMCA of Greater Richmond J. Michael and Blair Grappone Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Stinson Dan and Georga Williams Campaign Partner $2,500 to $4,999

Patrick Henry Family YMCA Mr. and Mrs. Paul Burch Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Carter John and Sarah Dyer Carrie and Eric Hendrixson Tricia D. Hutnan Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hyland Jon and Sherrie Kain Rick Laird Sally Luck Talley Town of Ashland, Virginia The Family of Peter Edward Wilmeth Mr. Forrest Womble Anne Powers Woodward

Chester Family YMCA Family Physicians of Chester Downtown YMCA Dreama D. Martin Roger and Sandra Wiley Midlothian Family YMCA Austin-Davidson, Inc. Centex Homes Crean Family Draper Aden Associates - Civil Engineers Terrie and Jon Edwards Sherri Ellis and Family Becky England G. William Evans Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gerardo Beth and George Gordon G. L. Howard, Inc.

We also thank one anonymous donor. Shady Grove Family YMCA Capital Interior Contractors, Inc.

The Patrick Henry Family YMCA reached another milestone in its master plan on October 23, 2010 when it opened an expanded and consolidated facility. The “wet” Y and the “dry” Y are now a singular place where the residents of Ashland and Hanover community can come together under one roof for family activities, youth sports and programs and students of all ages can gather in a caring and nurturing environment.


YMCA of Greater Richmond Brad and Jan Booker Clifford J. Culley *Deceased (*) Recognizes a cumulative total of capital gifts. Vision 2010 Capital Campaign We are deeply grateful for the loyal support of these two donors who contributed during 2010 toward capital gifts of $2,500 and more for an earlier capital campaign. Contributions completed prior to 2010 are not listed below. Horizon Leader $50,000 to $99,999 HHHunt Campaign Partner $2,500 to $4,999 Nancy and Herbert Hargroves Thanks to Roslyn Farm Corporation for their generous supervision of the renovations to the Petersburg Family YMCA.

Matching Gift Contributors

Leaving a Legacy 1854 Society Members

National and local corporations encourage their employees’ philanthropic efforts through matching gifts. We gratefully acknowledge this generous support by listing their names here.

Since its inception in 1854, the YMCA of Greater Richmond has relied upon the foresight and investment of its strongest supporters. The 1854 Society recognizes these generous individuals who have shown their long-term interest and support by including the YMCA in their estate plans or making substantial gifts to our endowment.

Altria Matching Gifts Program Aon Corporation AXA Foundation Bank of America The Brink’s Company The Cameron Foundation Capital One Financial Corporation The CarMax Foundation Chubb & Son Colfax Corporation, Inc. Genworth Foundation Give With Liberty Hoffmann-La Roche, Inc. Kraft Foods Macy’s Foundation Markel Corporation Merck & Co., Inc. MWV Philip Morris USA Matching Gifts Program PNC Foundation Prudential Group Insurance Thompson, Siegel & Walmsley LLC Verizon Virginia, Inc. Wachovia Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. William Angus Alexander P. Armour+* Ruth S. Armour+* Reid Ashe and Lisa Frye Ashe Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Baril Ms. Sheila R. Barner Reverend and Mrs. Charles F. Baugham, Sr. Mr. Robert K. Beaser* Mr. William J. Belanich Mr. and Mrs. Earle Betts Ms. Allison Bloor Mr. and Mrs. J. William Boland Mrs. L. Julian Bowles* Carrie and David Boyd Mr. G. Kevin Bruce Mr. and Mrs. Barry J. Case Jean Cauble Mr. and Mrs. I. Lee Chapman

Tom and Nancy Chewning Miss Hannah Lide Coker* Mrs. Nancy E. Cole Sharon J. and Larry P. Coleman Sarah and Dick Collier Cheryl and Roger Comes George and Monica Craddock Bill and Janie Craig Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cullen Clifford J. Culley Mrs. Ann W. Cutchins Mr. Cecil V. Cutchins Mr. and Mrs. Clifford A. Cutchins, IV Elizabeth Cutchins William W. Cutchins* Mr. and Mrs. Steve Darrah Michael and Connie Davis The Honorable Bevill M. Dean Laurie Dever Francis M. DonLeavey* Steve and Ellen Edmonds Helen Thompson Ellis Aaron Ettinger*


John and Jane Fain Mr. Ernst W. Farley, Jr.+* Mr. and Mrs. James C. Farley, Jr.* S. Elizabeth Bunyan Farley+* Brian Farmer Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Farrell II Margaret and John Ferrell Mr. and Mrs. William J. Fields* Agnes Bull Frazier* Mr. and Mrs. Lennart R. Freeman Mr. and Mrs. William H. Goodwin, Jr. Freeman F. Gosden* Mary and Billy Graham* Barbara and Denys Grant Mr. D. Todd Gray Bruce and Sandy Hague Jane U. Hamilton Mandy Hamner-Ford Dr. and Mrs. Richard Harden Stuart E. Hargraves+* Frank and Elizabeth Hargrove Mr. and Mrs. James B. Hartough Jack B. Harvie*

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Philips Mr. and Mrs. James M. Pollard, Jr. Marty Poole H. Elizabeth Powell Charles R. Purdy+* The Honorable Iva R. Purdy Dr. George V. Puster Mr. and Mrs. Duane H. Ragsdale Wayland W. Rennie Ms. Beverly Rinde-Thorsen Robert F. Ritchie* Mrs. Robert F. Ritchie III Genevieve and Chris Roberts Samuel Roberts Newnie Rogers Drewes and Adele Rogge Mark and Priscilla Romers Mr. and Mrs. Hartwell H. Roper Dr. Eugene Rowe* Shirley and John Rudin Brutus and Nancy Russell Jane Schirmer Bob and Jeannie Schrum Mr. and Mrs. Jacob A. Schwalm* Mr. and Mrs. S. Buford Scott Dr. Benjamin L. Sheppard* Edith C. Sheridan* John and Thea Shoop Bruce A. Siebold

Sarah M. Harvie Ms. Kathy Headlee Kerthy Hearn Missie Hersey Mr. and Mrs. Odis B. Hinnant+* Mr. Dennis L. Howard Richard W. Jackson* Dr. and Mrs. Allix B. James Bill and Bev Jennette Journey and Sharon Johnson C. Hunter Jones* Don and Betty Jones William M. Jones, Sr.* Karen Keegan John and Deborah Kemper Mrs. Kay Lambert King William H. King, Jr. and Grace R. den Hartog Jody L. Korman Mr. John Kricorian, Sr.* Ms. Maria “Keech” LeGrand James A. and Roxana W. Leiby James A. Leiby, Jr.* Ernest C. Linder*

Charlie and Vicki Long MariLouise L. Lossing* Joe Mancuso* Bill and Linda Martin William C. Martin* Caroline Ball Mathews Mary U. Maupai Lynn McAteer Gilbert V. McCraw Mrs. Dulcie P. McDougall* Art and Jerry McKinney Clifton M. Miller, Jr.+* Mr. and Mrs. Lewis N. Miller, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Moe Raymond E. Moore Mr. Lester W. Morris, Jr.* Taylor Mundy Mr. and Mrs. John D. Munford II Megan and Kevin O’Neill Rita O’Sullivan Mr. Barton C. Pasco Charles A. Patton Ms. Amy B. Pearsall Arlene A. and Cecil J. Perry


Rosalie and Ralph Slater Denise and Randy Spears Ms. Grace Steinmetz* Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Stettinius Sandy Stoddart Ann and Scott Strickler Mr. and Mrs. Frank T. Sutton III* Dr. and Mrs. D. R. Suyes, Jr. Lee C. Tait* Mr. and Mrs. Will H. Tankersley Barry M. Taylor Steve and Bobbie Thomas Caroline Cutchins Thompson Michelle and Bill Thomson Nancy ReMine Trego Mr. and Mrs. E. Massie Valentine, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. William R. Via Mr. and Mrs. John B. Wake, Jr. Karl and Alicia Wagner Renee and John Wagner Cullen and Kathleen Walker Barry and Lois Watkins Hobie and Mollie Weaver Mr. and Mrs. Anthony R. Weiler Mr. and Mrs. Douglas D. Westmoreland Mr. and Mrs. Hugh V. White, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Williams

Leaving a Legacy 1854 Society Members (continued) Dot and Al Wright Bruce and Deborah Yoder Mr. and Mrs. James M. Zinn We also thank 6 anonymous members. + Founder or Charter Member * Deceased Gifts to Endowments Gifts to the YMCA’s endowment funds guarantee that future generations can be served. Our thanks to these generous donors for adding to our legacy during 2010 and through April of 2011.

Will Cutchins Endowment Reid Ashe and Lisa Frye Ashe Laura “Tee” and Terry Atherton Mr. Francis C. Bagbey and Ms. Anne Danly Cynthia V. Bailey Clay H. Barr Bay Spring Farm Mr. and Mrs. Earle Betts Dr. and Mrs. William Billingham Bill and Judy Boland Carrie and David Boyd Mr. and Mrs. Weldon A. Bradshaw Virginia Breeden Donna and Barry Case Tom and Nancy Chewning Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Church Jay and Connie Coffman Mac and Louisa Coker Lizzie and Peyton Cox CSC Leasing Company Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cullen

Mrs. Ann W. Cutchins Mr. Cecil V. Cutchins Mr. and Mrs. Clifford A. Cutchins, IV Elizabeth Cutchins Sarah Keith Cutchins DeMoss MaryAnne Dukas Steve and Ellen Edmonds Sarah and Wink Ewing Jane and John Fain Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Farrell Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Fay Ed and Pearcy Flippen Phil and Rae Frankfort Mr. and Mrs. Lennart R. Freeman Mr. and Mrs. William H. Goodwin, Jr. Jane U. Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. James B. Hartough Thomas J. Hill Mr. and Mrs. Clay R. Jacob Mr.* and Mrs. J. Michael Jarvis Journey and Sharon Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Jones IV


Bill and Lee Anne Judkins Mrs. Sally Old Kitchin Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Kreter John Latane’ Lewis III Crowell and Daphne Little Phyllis Blair Lowrie Caroline Ball Mathews Karen and Charlie McFall Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Meredith Janet G. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Lewis N. Miller, Jr. Cynthia and Lucy Moore Karen and Ray Moore Dr. and Mrs. W. Phillip Morrissette III Mr. and Mrs. John D. Munford II Mr. W. J. Parker Mrs. Kenneth I. Perlstein Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rabil Mr. and Mrs. James E. Rainey Peggy Ray Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Reams Mrs. Kathy Roberts Mr. and Mrs. Hartwell H. Roper

Brutus and Nancy Russell Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Schutt Mr. and Mrs. E. Lee Showalter Shudtz Family Mr. Thomas D. Simmons, Jr. Mary and Alex Slaughter Denise and Randy Spears Connie Spilman Tankersley Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Will H. Tankersley Barry M. Taylor Caroline Cutchins Thompson Nancy ReMine Trego Mr. and Mrs. John B. Wake, Jr. Douglas D. and Barbara S. Westmoreland Taffy, Greg, Mary Catherine and Matt Williams Mrs. Carrie C. Winn Woods-Cutchins Foundation

William J. Fields Endowment William J. Fields*

We also thank four anonymous donors.

Miss Hannah Lide Coker Endowment

Will Cutchins Endowment Fund Ernst Farley Fund William J. Fields Endowment Fund Mary and Billy Graham Fund HOPE Fund Journey Johnson Learn to Swim Endowment C. Hunter Jones Endowment Fund James A. Leiby Leadership Endowment Manchester Leadership Endowment Fund

James A. Leiby Leadership Endowment James A. and Roxana W. Leiby North Richmond Endowment Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Stettinius *Deceased Special Legacies Named endowment funds honor special friends of the YMCA and help to ensure that the YMCA can continue its mission and be strengthened for future generations.

Gift in Memory of O. Reid Ashe III We thank Reid Ashe and Lisa Frye Ashe for their generous memorial gift to the YMCA in memory of their son.


Memorial Gift We are deeply grateful for the many gifts received in 2010 in memory of: Mary Elizabeth Calvo William “Buck� Charlton Peg Hiler Thurman Jones Mary Thomas Joan Wilkinson

Board of Directors 2010 Chair O. Reid Ashe, Jr. Chair-Elect Marilyn G. Norman Secretary Nancy Newton Rogers Treasurer Wilford H. Ball, III Immediate Past Chairman Hartwell H. Roper

Barry Case (r) presents 2011 Healthy Living Award to Michael Robinson of Bon Secours

Kyle Woolfolk (r) presents 2011 Corporate Leadership Award to Tom Garner for Tak Tent, L.P.

Robert M. Alexander William Allcott Tiffany B. Armstrong Thomas E. Beames, Jr. Wyatt S. Beazley, IV Brad H. Booker Robert F. Carrel Marilyn E. Cole Cyane B. Crump Stephen C. Darrah Michael D. Davis Donald B. Garber Thomas F. Garner, Jr. Gary M. Gore J. Michael Grappone Kelly C. Harris-Braxton David A. Heacock Jack A. Holmes Derik E. Jones Marty H. Kilgore Joseph M. Lawrence Joseph Atkins Leming Claudia MacSwain Michael J. McCullough Cheryl J. Minor Raymond E. Moore Marc B. Moyers Bryan T. Norwood Roger E. Ortega Tracey A. Ragsdale Donald S. Richards Michael David Robinson Abigail Farris Rogers JosĂŠ M. Rubio Cora Slade Salzberg Thomas E. Shockley Kirk E. Spitzer Thomas M. Stinson John B. Wake, Jr. Mark T. Watkins Douglas D. Westmoreland Howard A. Willard, III Jamelle Smith Wilson


Hart Roper (l) presents 2011 Triangle Award to Jim Hartough

Executive Leadership

Branch Leadership

Barry Taylor - President & CEO Karen Keegan - Executive Vice President/Chief Operations Officer Dick Lyons - Executive Vice President/ Chief Operations Officer Randy Spears - Senior Vice President/ Chief Financial Officer Nancy Trego, CFRE - Senior Vice President for Philanthropy Carol Bennett - Vice President & Controller Blake Carleton – Vice President of Membership & Programs Laurie Dever - LPC, PHR, BCPC – Vice President of Human Resources & Leadership Development Todd Gray -Vice President of Marketing & Communications Bruce Yoder, CFRE - Vice President for Philanthropy

Mary Kay Gates - Group Vice President Executive Director, Elizabeth Randolph Lewis Powhatan Family YMCA Kathy Jentgen - Group Vice President Executive Director, Chester Family YMCA William Thornton – Operations Director, Chester Family YMCA Megan O’Neil - Group Vice President Executive Director, Shady Grove Family YMCA Andrew Dyson – Operations Director, Shady Grove Family YMCA Jaime Gambaccini - Executive Director, Chickahominy Family YMCA Tricia Hutnan – Executive Director, Downtown YMCA David Kunnen – Operations Director, Downtown YMCA Jay Shively – Executive Director, Goochland Family YMCA Lauren Reyes - Operations Director, James Center YMCA Patricia Green – Operations Director, John Rolfe Family YMCA Blake Carleton – Executive Director, Manchester Family YMCA Josh Green - Operations Director, Manchester Family YMCA Scott Williams – Executive Director, Midlothian Family YMCA Holly Austin – Operations Director, Midlothian Family YMCA Marilyn Milio – Executive Director, North Richmond YMCA Community Center James Smith – Executive Director, Patrick Henry Family YMCA Floyd Johnson – Executive Director, Southside Virginia Family YMCA Lee Muckey – Executive Director, Tuckahoe Family YMCA Hunter Schwartz – Operations Director, Tuckahoe Family YMCA Dave Hennessy – Camping Services Director, Camp Thunderbird Outdoor Center

Association Leadership Cindy Angus, RN - Association Wellness Director Kerry Blumberg – Director of Corporate & Foundation Giving Nan Brennan - Association Child Care Director Carol Butterworth - Association Teen Director Jane Hamilton - Director of Planned Giving Loren Hatcher - Branch Capital Campaign Director Tito Luna, MPA – Association Director of Community Development Jan Klenke - Association Director of Payroll & Benefits Administration Tami Powell - Association Director of Accounting Cami Raimo - Association Aquatics Director Brent Williams – Director of Information Systems Lisa Winn - Director of Association Annual Giving Jan Wood – Association Director of Business Systems Resources


2010 Statement of Activities

2010 %

Revenues and public support: Contributions $ 5,299,728 13.8% United Way 442,005 1.2% Total public support



$ 5,700,320








Membership 20,735,210 Programs 10,683,143 Investment gains/ (losses) and other 1,200,776







Total revenues and public support 38,360,862

3 .1% 1,661,855 100.0%

38 ,210,641

4.3% 100.0%

Expenses: Program services: Healthy Living 18,717,455 52.4% 18 ,157,555 Youth Development 8,760,461 24.5% 8,355,584 Social Responsibility 2,239,918 6.3% 2,251,958 Total program services 29,717,834 83.2% 28,765,097 General administration 3,390,780 9.5% 3,489,945 Fundraising 2,076,957 5.8% 1,949,187 Other 553,485 1.5% 257,321 Total expenses 35,739,056 100.0% 34,461,550 Reinvestment in mission $ 2,621,806 $ 3,749,091 Net assets: Beginning Ending

47,590,559 $ 50,212,365



24.2% 6.5% 83.5% 10.1% 5.7%



43,841,468 $ 47,590,559

2010 Lives Touched Age category

0 - 5

6 - 11

12 - 17

18 - 29

30 - 54 55 - 64


Male Female




















56,437 11,585


Facility Members








Community Members















Lives touched through YMCA programs & membership

Individuals by membership type


Financial Assistance In 2010, $6,758,718 in financial assistance was provided to families and individuals.

Membership - 69% Childcare - 11.9% Community Development - 11.9% Camp - 3.9% Aquatics - 2.8% Youth, Teen & Family - 0.3% Sports - 0.1%

YMCA of Greater Richmond audited financial statements and IRS Form 990 are available upon request, or by visiting our website at


2010 YMCA of Greater Richmond Annual Report Designed by Valerie Sessoms Callahan, Association Financial Development/Marketing Design Director Editorial contributions by Todd Gray, Shelby Little, Association Communications Director and Evelyn Zak Photography by Valerie Sessoms Callahan, Larissa Tyler, Cabay Fine Photography and Scott Elmquist


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Annual Report 2010  

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