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RIDGEWOOD YMCA 69-02 64th Street , Ridgewood, NY 11385 August 2012


IMPROV HILARITY! On June 18th, Instructor Erin and her Youth Drama Class gave their first improvisation performance for parents, family, friends, and Ridgewood Y staff. Suggested scenarios came from the audience, and students acted them out on the spot, to hilarious results. One audience member's single complaint was that he missed half the improvised dialogue because he was laughing so hard at what he did hear! The Youth Drama Program is welcoming new participants for the Fall Session, and Instructor Erin will be creating an Adult Improv Class too! So come join in all the improvised outrageousness.

REGISTRATION IS OPEN – AND ONLINE! Yes, Fall Session registration at the Ridgewood Y is starting this month. Registration opens on August 18th for members and August 25th for nonmembers. The Fall Session runs from Tuesday, September 4th to Sunday, October 28th (Monday classes will be prorated for the Labor Day Holiday). And, new this session, registration will be open online, too! Just go to: to sign up for your favorite programs, all from the comfort of your home, your favorite coffee shop, or wherever you have access!

In This Issue: Improv Hilarity! Registration is Open – and Online! Y Core Values Meet the Staff Row, Row, Row for Health! And the Fittest Family Wins! Fabulous Final Bows at P.S. 305 Toddler Tidbits Humor – the Best Medicine!

Upcoming Events: August 7 – National Night Out," sponsored by the Ridgewood Y and N.Y.P.D. Precinct 104: Food, games, information; Mafera Park, 5.30 to 9:30 p.m. Bring the whole family!

Did You Know? Ridgewood is now wired, with complimentary Wi-Fi for all members! Ask for the password at the front desk, and stay connected!

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Y CORE VALUES: It’s great to see the Y’s four core values in action: CARING, HONESTY, RESPECT, and RESPONSIBILITY. Here are some examples we recently noted. Tell us about some you’ve seen! •

Our Summer Youth Employment staffers, Counselors-In-Training, and student interns are all showing their sense of RESPONSIBILITY. Summer jobs teach our youth skills that will last a lifetime.

Summer camp staff are CARING for over 100 young campers between the ages of 3 to 16 this summer. Our campers have a blast in our caring, supportive, and fun day camp! 1

MEET THE STAFF DAVID HERNANDEZ Q. Please share your current position and a little bit about what you do for Ridgewood Y? A. I'm a Member Service Representative and Manager on Duty. I'm responsible for the initial engagement of a prospective member, as well as making myself available to assist current members, providing courteous customer service and striving to reach membership goals. I also monitor and distribute the financial assist we provide to families. Q. Can you tell us more about the MOD role in Ridgewood Y? A. The Manager on Duty is a fun and vital role. It's an opportunity to interact with members in a family-like atmosphere. But as MOD, you are also responsible for all that occurs during that shift. I find that being fair and consistent makes it easy to manage and help others. I'm only as good as the staff I manage. I have some pretty good shifts. Q. And your first job with the Y? A. My first job was, and still is, as a Member Service Rep. I remember the rush of new memberships we had that first month – and how many mistakes I made trying to learn the AS400 computer system! It was overwhelming, fun and exciting all at the same time. It felt good to be a part of bringing a new experience to the community. Q. Best advice you received or would give someone who was considering moving with the Y? A. Best advice I received: learn as much as you can; if you don't know, ask; if you make a mistake, take responsibility. Q. Tell us something about David that we might not know? A. I think a few people know, but if you don't, I hate cheese in every way possible. The look, the smell, everything. I only eat cheese on a pizza, and if ever the YMCA made grilled cheese I'd have to leave the building. Q. Your favorite superheroes, and why? A. Always and forever – Batman! All the others have some kind of power that makes them super. Batman just has conviction and a work ethic to be the best.



Hopefully by now you have noticed our fantastic new rowing machine! If you haven't tried it yet, come on and get rowing! It's a great cardiovascular workout. And here are a few tips to get you started: 1. To get the best workout, use a damper setting of between 3 and 5. This may feel too easy at first, but once you get used to the rowing motion and become able to get the wheel spinning faster, you will feel more resistance. The faster you get the wheel spinning, the more resistance is generated. 2. Stretch before and after your workouts. 3. Warm up for 5 minutes by rowing easily, with a few 10-15 stroke spurts of harder rowing. 4. Check out for some great videos to make sure your form is correct. 5. Try out the different programs and games on the rower to keep your workout motivating and interesting.

Our "Toddling Around" and "Three Steps Times Two" classes have been going strong, keeping the summer fun – and educational, too! Since most of our three-year-olds are preparing for UPK in the fall, we're working on learning our letters, as well as the numbers up to 10 – molding letters and numbers in dough, practicing the letters of our names and sounding letters out, as well. The "Indoor Playground" program offer our preschoolers a super time climbing, sliding, bouncing, and running, all while keeping cool. All these Y programs provide a safe, indoor recreational space, with both structured and unstructured play, helping young ones burn off some of that boundless energy, while developing socializing skills at the same time. If you are a parent looking for ways to enhance your child's physical activity and peer socializing skills, The Y's toddler programs are the perfect answer!

AND THE FITTEST FAMILY WINS! The Ridgewood Y invites all its member families to join our "Fit Family of the Month" Contest. Submit a short description of how your family gets involved together at the Ridgewood Y and in the community, and what you do as a family to stay fit and healthy. Email us at by the last Monday of the month (that's August 27 this month), along with a family photo. Winning submissions will be posted at the branch – and your family wins a cool prize, too!

FABULOUS FINAL BOWS AT P.S. 305 On June 8th, the afterschool staff and kids at P.S. 305 presented their end-ofyear show to parents, friends, and school staff members. Each grade created a unique presentation that included dancing, singing, acting, and demonstrations of what had been learned throughout the year. Class K-1 presented a slideshow of photos taken throughout the year as well. Special thanks go out to all the P.S. 305 Program staff and coordinators, including Simone Spencer, John Rodriguez, and Sharmaine Jones for a fantastic year!

HUMOR – THE BEST MEDICINE! Our monthly YMCA grab-bag of gags, goofs and giggles. Feel free to laugh heartily (and submit your own for next month’s issue!): Girl: I'd like a triple vanilla ice cream sundae with chocolate syrup, nuts, whipped cream, all topped off with a slice of cucumber. Waiter: Did I hear you correctly? Did you say "cucumber"? Girl: Good heavens, you're right! Forget the cucumber – I'm on a diet!


Ridgewood YMCA August Newsletter  
Ridgewood YMCA August Newsletter  

Ridgewood YMCA August Newsletter