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720 youth

1,300 PEOPLE

developed a passion for the legislative process in YMCA Youth & Government.

2,700 backpacks donated to help children in need get ready to go back to school.

600 kids learned healthy

9,334 children learned how to swim and be safe around the water.

lifestyle habits in Healthy, Fit and Strong.

143,949 people

lost weight and transformed their lives in Transformation Nation Triad.

were served through membership and programs in our YMCAs.

214 people

were served through the Y’s Literacy programs.

127 cancer survivors

rebuilt strength and spirit after treatment in LIVESTRONGÂŽ at the YMCA at 11 branches.

4 full time employees and thousands of volunteers serve 21 communities through YMCA Ukraine, which the YMCA of Northwest North Carolina supports with financial and operational resources.

HELLO, FRIENDS Our goal is to build a healthier, stronger community. These efforts led to a successful financial year in 2012. Not only was it the best fiscal year for our Y since 2006, but we experienced substantial financial growth of more than 4.3% as an organization. We also experienced growth in our Annual Giving Campaign, reaching 105% of last year’s goal. We are approaching a $2 million fundraising goal – a 350% growth over the past 10 years. While those numbers represent the strength of our organization, the true impact is seen when a child learns to swim or love a sport. When a senior meets new friends and stays active as he or she ages. Or when a family is able to take control of their health and well-being. Nearly $2 million in Open Doors Scholarships were awarded last year, making those experiences possible for people who could not afford the full cost to participate. This year, our Y developed a new Strategic Plan, “Moving Our Mission Forward.” It was the product of many months of work, with input of community leaders, Y board members, volunteers, and staff. During the planning process, our Y underwent a governance review to evaluate organizational efficiency and effectiveness. The resulting board group will be able to engage in high-level issues that our Y has the opportunity to address. We learned that the Y has the ability to convene community leadership and leverage that strength to help solve or facilitate solutions to our community needs. “Moving Our Mission Forward” is a living, vibrant document that makes our work much more focused.


We have already made great strides in implementing elements of the Strategic Plan. LIVESTRONG® at the YMCA, a program to help cancer survivors rebuild strength and spirit, is now available at all of our branches. We launched a new summer reading program to fight summer learning loss and are in the process of launching more intensive Summer Learning Academies at several sites to close the education achievement gap. As we look toward the future, it is bright. Our mission, “Helping people reach their God-given potential in spirit, mind and body” remains at the core of all that we do.


We appreciate our many volunteers, board members, donors and staff for their tireless work and energy to ensure that the Y is available to everyone in our community. Thank you for your continued support.


David Fain, Chief Volunteer Officer

Curt Hazelbaker, President and CEO

This year we developed our new Strategic Plan, “Moving Our Mission Forward” over many months and with the input of community leaders, Y board members, volunteers, and staff. Our mission, “Helping people reach their God-given potential in spirit, mind and body” remains at the core of all that we do.

A LEADER IN THE MAKING The last day of the YMCA Youth and Government Conference held in Raleigh, NC, is always a bittersweet moment for Jesus Barreto. This year, it represented not only the finale of several days filled with fun and learning with fellow participants from across the state, but also his final act as the Youth and Government State Governor for 2012-13. During his final speech, to an audience of more than a thousand of his peers, he shared the personal impact of his experience. “Youth and Government has been the highlight of my high school career, and for that I am thankful. There is one thing that the majority of my closest friends do not know about me. To be able to participate in YMCA Youth and Government, attend the YMCA Youth Conference on National Affairs, become best friends with so many people from across North Carolina and the United States, be elected as your governor, give speeches to more than 1,000 people, develop a passion for politics, and experience one of the most amazing periods of my life - I first had to apply for financial assistance.” Delivering that speech as a graduating senior felt like a long time from his first conference, where he was “terrified to speak in front of 100 peers because all the attention in the room is on you.” He credits his experience in the program with helping him overcome that fear. Today, he not only feels more comfortable speaking publically, but he has also found a passion for debate and the legislative process. The Youth and Government program serves more than 700 high school students from YMCA of Northwest North Carolina branches in a “hands-on” experience in state government. The program increases awareness of the legislative process and develops skills in the areas of personal development, self-esteem, and leadership. Jesus felt it was important to share his story because he recognized that none of these experiences would have been possible without donations from Y members and the community. “People in the audience thanked me for sharing my story, but I’m the one who is grateful. It’s the student delegates whose hard work makes the program what it is. I also learned how grateful I am for the democracy and freedom that I’m granted in this nation.”

ACTIVE AT ANY AGE Every evening when one of Sandra Anderson’s adult children calls, the first question they ask is, “How was the Y today?” Sandra, age 76, visits the Wilkes YMCAs five days a week. She spends her time in Water Aerobics and SilverSneakers® classes, and on Fridays gathers with friends to play dominoes in the Y lobby. It was during one of her regular dominoes games that she saw the true impact the Y can have for a senior. “A woman walked up to our group and said it was her first day at the Y, and that her husband had just died and she really needed a friend. We told her to sit on down! Now she has a ton of friends and plays dominoes with us every week,” Sandra recounts. Her welcoming nature is just one of the qualities that has made Sandra such a huge part of the YMCA since she joined after retirement 16 years ago. In addition to welcoming newcomers, she helps send birthday cards to every senior member and spreads the word about all the Active Older Adult activities - from potluck lunches to group outings. She also volunteers for the YMCA Annual Giving Campaign and sends a handwritten thank you note to every person she asks who donates. “I just tell them to look at all the children coming through the doors of the Y. Their donation goes toward things like giving those kids the opportunity to learn to swim and love the water.” For Sandra, that’s more than enough reason to give. Those she asks tend to agree. “I rarely get a no,” she says. When Sandra suffered a recent stroke, the first question she asked her doctors was, “When can I go back to the Y?” She credits her exercise and good health with helping her to recover quickly. She was back at the Y three weeks later. Anne Groce, one of her instructors and the Active Older Adults Coordinator for the Wilkes YMCAs, says, “Sandra is the perfect example of a senior who wants to make the most of her life. She is very encouraging to others.” “I stay very busy; the Y is my livelihood,” said Sandra. “I just don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t get up each day and come to the Y.”

Sandra Anderson (right) with Wilkes YMCA Active Older Adults Coordinator Anne Groce (left).


Wevell Valentine (left) with YMCA Literacy Coordinator Bridgett Williams.

The moment when Wevell Valentine passed his United States Citizenship Test “felt like I was on top of the world,” the Jamaican native says. It was the culmination of three trips to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services office in Charlotte, NC, months of studying to prepare for the test, and years spent improving his reading and math skills in the YMCA Literacy Initiative program. “It gives you so much confidence. I felt if I can do this, I can do anything else,” he says. The first thing he did when he passed the test was call his tutors from the Y. Those are the same tutors who not only helped him study for the stringent exam, but also “knew he was going to pass because he is so dedicated and determined,” said Bridgett Williams, Literacy Coordinator at the Winston Lake Family YMCA. “If you want to be successful in life you have to put yourself to the test,” Wevell remarked. “Nothing comes easy, but hard work does pay off.” That work ethic is what brought Wevell to the U.S. in 2001 on a work visa and motivated him to continue his education. He is grateful for the opportunities that education and his citizenship bring, but was most excited to vote in the 2012 election. Wevell, like many of the students in the Basic Education track of the YMCA Literacy Initiative, first came to the Y to improve his reading comprehension, writing, and math skills to better himself through continued education or improved employment. Learners are first taken through basic phonics, where a previously undiagnosed learning disability is often uncovered. In small group and one-on-one sessions, participants work toward goals for weeks or months, or sometimes, years at a time. “It takes a big person to come to our classes as an adult student,” Bridgett says. “These students are here because they really want to be here. Sometimes I feel like they are the ones teaching me.”

RECOGNIZING VOLUNTEERS The Y couldn’t exist without the support of volunteers. These members of the community give their time, talent and treasure to make the Y’s work possible. From coaching a youth sports team to gathering community support for a Y program, the people recognized on the following pages truly believe in our mission of “Helping people reach their God-given potential in spirit, mind and body.”


Marissa Cooper Alexander County Family YMCA

Larry Colbourne Davie Family YMCA

Peter Grzan Fulton Family YMCA

Doug Spainhour Jerry Long Family YMCA

Becky Carter Kernersville Family YMCA

Chris Ritchie Robinhood Road Family YMCA

Dee Ham Statesville/Barium Springs Family YMCAs

Bonnie Crouch and Sally Ervin Stokes Family YMCA

Jim Smoak Wilkes Family YMCA

Julie Townsend William G. White, Jr. Family YMCA

Wayne Hosch Winston Lake Family YMCA

George Reavis Yadkin Family YMCA


Jennifer Needham YMCA Camp Hanes

Chiquita Guglielmi YMCA Child Care Services

Davie Family YMCA Joey Davis

Kernersville Family YMCA Chase Logan

Winston Lake Family YMCA Rayona Johnson

Fulton Family YMCA Onny Marks-McThomas

Stokes Family YMCA Christian Whitbred

YMCA Camp Hanes

Jerry Long Family YMCA Sydney Stimmel

William G. White, Jr. Family YMCA Chris Healy

Caroline Hall

COMMITTED TO SERVICE Red Triangle Society Inductee: David Hinton David Hinton has a philosophy about giving. “When you give back you have returned something to someone who gave you something – you have satisfied your obligation,” he says. “When you give, you give because you want to. Because it’s the right thing to do. You never really stop giving.” That may explain why David has given so much to the YMCA over the past three decades. As a youth, he saw his dad involved in the Y and remembers enjoying swimming year-round in the pool with his Boy Scout Troop. “It was a great place to go.” As an adult beginning his accounting career in Winston-Salem and becoming a dad for the first time, he was able to get involved with the Y again when the Winston Lake Family YMCA opened in 1986. His first service role, of many to come, was as treasurer on the Board of Management. Through the years and his many roles (see timeline of service below), “David is someone who is always willing to step in when needed,” says YMCA of Northwest North Carolina President & CEO Curt Hazelbaker. “He is a level headed thinker who understands the big picture and gives good counsel. He is a respected leader at our Y.” “The Y is one organization that tries to improve the lives of individuals and the community as a whole. From a safe place to go after school to organized youth sports in a safe environment to ESL classes to programs that fight obesity – the Y does so much,” David says. “When you look at all that; I just want to be part of changing lives.” His commitment extends to future generations. His wife Natalie and he are members of the YMCA Heritage Club. From his various roles, he most enjoys ensuring the Y is fiscally responsible. “I am proud of the fact I am able to be involved with the Y and I have watched this organization grow from four branches when I first got involved to what it is today. I look forward to continuing to see this Y grow,” David reflects. The Red Triangle Society was established in 2002 and induction into the Society is the highest honor a Y volunteer can receive. Recipients demonstrate long-term and significant commitment, enthusiasm and dedication to the YMCA mission. The YMCA of Northwest North Carolina is pleased to induct David Hinton into the Red Triangle Society.



YMCA Northern Piedmont Cluster Hall of Fame


Winston Lake Family YMCA Board of Management Treasurer


Y-NWNC - Treasurer

1991-1992 Winston Lake Family YMCA Sustaining Campaign Chairman


Y-NWNC - Chief Volunteer Officer


Y-USA South Field Distinguished Leadership Award


Y-USA South Field Cluster Chair Council

1997;1999 Y-NWNC Treasurer


Y-NWNC Board of Trustees

2004 2002

Y-NWNC Board of Directors

Y-USA National Assembly Delegate


Y-NWNC - Vice Chair of Financial Development & Diversity Committees

2006-13 Y-NWNC Board of Directors


Y-USA Mission Standards Review Task Group


Chairman of Y-NWNC Audit Committee

2007-current Y-NWNC Annual Giving Campaign Team and Y-NWNC Audit Committee


Inducted into the Red Triangle Society.


Serves on Y-USA Committee on Membership Standards – Region III Chairman; Y-USA National Assembly Steering Committee


David Fain, Chief Volunteer Officer/Chair Linda Wood, Chief Volunteer Officer Elect/Vice Chair Joan Healy, Secretary Chad Nolan, Treasurer Curt Hazelbaker, President and CEO David Fain, Board Development Committee/Executive Committee Chair Paul Hammes, Human Resources Committee Chair David Hinton, Audit Committee Chair Molly Kremidas, Marketing Committee Chair Chad Nolan, Finance Committee Chair Paul Norby, Property & Risk Management Committee Chair Fred Trivette, Financial Development Committee Chair Alexander County Family YMCA: Rick French, Chair Davie Family YMCA: Cynthia Charles, Chair; Judy Sweger, Vice Chair Fulton Family YMCA: Brad Underdal, Chair; Brian McMillan, Vice Chair Kernersville Family YMCA: Helen Jennett, Chair; Tom McDaniel, Vice Chair Jerry Long Family YMCA: Lisa Featherngill, Chair; Megan Berlinger, Vice Chair Robinhood Road Family YMCA: Shannon Hurley, Chair Statesville/Barium Springs Family YMCA: Gary Duncan, Chair; Josh Dailey, Vice Chair Stokes Family YMCA: Bob Sullivan, Chair; Robert Jones, Vice Chair Wilkes Family YMCA: Matt Daye, Chair William G. White, Jr. Family YMCA: Julie Townsend, Chair; Kevin Williams, Vice Chair Winston Lake Family YMCA: Wayne Hosch, Chair; Robin Richards, Vice Chair Yadkin Family YMCA: R.J. Speaks, Chair; Evelyn Moxley, Vice Chair YMCA Camp Hanes: Jennifer Needham, Chair; Jerry Jones, Jr., Vice Chair

AT LARGE BOARD MEMBERS The Reverend Darryl Aaron Dr. Debbie Best Scott Carpenter Ed Crowder The Honorable Chester Davis Paul (Bo) Fulton

Bill Hayes Leslie Hayes Sue Henderson Brian Herndon Keith Kiser Mark Land

Curtis Leonard Dr. Michael Lischke Sylvia Oberle Robert (Bob) Parker Bill Phipps Dave Plyler

Norm Potter Drew Veach Brent Waddell J. Dudley Watts, Jr. Tim Whitener

GENEROUS SUPPORT 2012 Annual Giving Campaign Chairman’s Roundtable Donors BENEFACTOR LEVEL

Anonymous Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated I.L. Long Contruction Co., Ed Welch Margaret C. Woodson Foundation Mebane Charitable Foundation Blanche Mock The Pepsi Beverages Company Precor Primerica Financial Services Reynolds American Larry and Diane Stone Scott and Nikki Vogler Yadkin Physical Therapy, Debbie Snyder


Anonymous BB&T Joan Marie Belnap Best Services Group Thad and Mary Bingham BP Oil The Budd Group, Joe Budd Camel City Classic Carolina Tide Basketball Thomas and Frances Fanjoy First Community Bank Food Lion Hatteras Financial Corporation Curt and Melody Hazelbaker Curt and Pat Hege Hispanic League Kulynych Family Foundation, Petro Kulynych Lawrence Pope Foundation Liberty East Redevelopment Piedmont Research Park Pura Vida Promotions, Linda Turlington Rotary Club of Clemmons Bucky and Debbie Sizemore Andy and Karen Stuckey David and Katie Twomley


Anonymous - 2 donors Angels Foundation Eddie and Melissa Branscomb C.W. Electric Company Kevin and Kelley Carroll Cassidy Turley Paul and Margaret Chisholm

Clemmons Family Dental Doug and Jennifer Constable Cook Medical Countryside RV, Mark and Angela Casstevens Yyron Croslin Jon and Lisa Fox Pat Gattis Goodbodies Barry and Anna Gordon John and Chiquita Guglielmi Leonard G. Herring Family Foundation Mark and Melanie Holton JDL Castle Corporation, David Shannon Jerry Neal Watkins Foundation Kernersville Chamber of Commerce Kernersville Foundation Chris and Mercy Reavis Jimmy and Katie Lippard Mama J’s Cool Smoothies, Wayne and Janice McMahon Jon and Kimberly Marzano Dan and Sheila McLean MedCost Benefit Services Miss Jenny’s Pickles North Wilkesboro Rotary Club Piedmont Kiwanis Club Reynolda Rotary Club Jack and Chris Ritchie Tom and Kathy Rucker Peter and Barbara Schneider Jim and Luci Smoak William and Cynthia Tessien Thatcher and Julia Townsend Triad Commercial Properties Fred and Rena Trivette Truliant Credit Union Village of Clemmons Werner Ladder Winston Lake Senior Golf Association


Anonymous - 2 donors 1st RX Pharmacies Heather Adams AdColor Bob and Stephany Alphin AVGOL Nonwoven Industries Mark and Lori Bachman Bahnson Family Foundation Angela “Blake” Blakley

Larry and Cathy Blevins Carl and Helen Boon David and Bettie Braswell Camel City Pawn Shop, Ron Clein Andy and Sheila Carmen Cynthia Charles Neal and Sharon Cheek David and Susan Clark Mark and Sherry Close Larry and Beverly Colbourne Thomas and Chris Comer Robert Compton Anna Bland Costello John and Tammy Coulter Davie County Jeff and Leann Day Diamondback Grill, Murphy and Kimberly Gregg Matt and Erin Dice Kevin and Anna Dollhopf Douthit Funeral Services, Thomie Douthit Nelson and Kasey Elliott Stephen and Charlene Ewing Caleb Fackrell, Fackrell-Trivette Cam and Tammy Finley Jim and Susan Fradenburg Sam and Deanna Franklin Paul Fulton, Jr. Games 2 U Mobile Entertainment Doug and Amy Gardner Hanes Mall Management Harper Eye Care Vaughn and Frances Hayes Phil and Pam Hazel Pat and Joan Healy Brian and Tina Heelan Terry Hemiller Hola of Wilkes County Walter and Edie Holland Indera Mills, John and Donna Willingham and James Olson Larry and Theresa Johnson Kernersville Medical Center William and Leigh Kesler Chuck and Sue Kraft Jim and Lynn Lawton Logan Heating and Air, Scott Boyles Macedonia Baptist Church Thomas and Suzette McLain Wayne and Janice McMahon Brian and Nisa McMillan

Joe and Cece Middleton John “Monty” Montgomery and Joan Reid Dr. Raymond Morrison and Dr. Jenifer Geisler Larry Mull Darin and Jennifer Needham Anita Oliver George and Laura Patterson Eric and Carla Pence Pfefferkorn Foundation Bill and Julia Phipps Plumbing Services Company Scott Pope Porsche Owners Association Phil and Susan Rash Brad and Donna Rodgers Rotary Club of Winston-Salem Joe and Marge Schehr John and Kelly Sealey Bradley and Katie Sellers Sheetz Craig and Dorie Shore Stimmel Associates, Doug Stimmel Triad Hot Yoga, John Budd Triad Therapy, Dr. Quincy Smiling The Chronicle The Redwoods Group Foundation, Inc. Vernon and Mozelle Thompson “B” and Martha Townes TYDE Swim Team US Food Service Robert and Jillian Van Camp Walmart #2793 Walmart #8228 Walmart #161785 Eric and Leslie Watt Tim and Penny Whitener Ron Willard Kevin and Aimee Williams Wilkes Family YMCA After School Program Julie Wolfe Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice Y Men’s Club of Winston-Salem

CHAIRMAN’S ROUNDTABLE Anonymous - 9 donors A Child’s World Learning Center, Andy and Carol Hewitt ADP National Account Services Tony and Chris Alford Dr. Susan Albert

Allstate, Eric Tang All Year Cooling & Heating AmeriClean Supply Paul Anderson Animal Ark Veterinary Hospital Brent and Jennie Anthony Aquatic Resource Group James and Ellen Archibald Jim and Tobie Arnold Ted and Paulette Ashley, 21 Motors Beamer and Liz Aston David Bamford Heather Barnes Paul and Denise Barnes Barnette Heating and Air Conditioning BB&T of Kernersville BB&T Insurance Services Antoine and Korie Beck Bell Davis and Pitt, PA Beltone Hearing Care Center Dr. Kenneth Berenhaut Richard and Lynn Beuter Biscuitville Will and Laura Blackwell Michael Blankenship, B & A Litigation Leslie Blixt Boone Regional Ear Nose & Throat Associates, Dr. Barry Ellis Donald and Shirley Bowen Bruce and Kathy Boyer Mike and Kelly Brady Sherrill and Jenny Braswell Susie Braswell Michael Brenner Greg and Jackie Brewer Paul and Judy Briggs Ervin and Donna Brown Andy Brown Brushy Mountain Smokehouse & Creamery, Jeff and Todd Swofford Brynn’s Frozen Yogurt Bruce Bullings James and Elizabeth Burch Dr. Bruce and Judith Burns Belinda A. Butcher Randy and Cynthia Cain Ashley Cannon Bedford and Elizabeth Cannon Capital Bank Carolina Finishing Carolina Pharmacy Services, David Schomberg Carolina Shutter and Blinds, Jim and Karen Blaylock Carolina Spine Systems Barbara Carter Ody and Irene Chamis, Edward Jones Investments Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat Associates Chick-fil-A of Kernersville Chick-fil-A of Stanleyville Cici’s Pizza

John and Shannon Clarkin L.B. and Gail Clayton Jay and Stephanie Clement Michael and Gwenn Clements Charles and Sherrie Cleveland Helen Clifton Woody and Helen Clinard Bill and Becky Clingman Tom and Maggie Clingman Allen Coleman Greg and Carrie Collins George and Ida Maude Collins Mike and Janice Combest James and Beverly Cook Brian Cormier Howard Coston Peter Crawford and Linda Shieh Kent and Bonnie Crouch Ed and Karen Crowder Pat and Leah Crowley CUBIC, Frank and Christina Taracido Bill and Misty Cummings Dairi-O of King Bob and Patty Dalton Richard and Anissa Daniels Davie Dermatology Lola Davis Bill and Marie Davis Robert and Cindi Davis Brandt Deal Dick’s Sporting Goods Dixon Hughes Goodman Doctor Lock Locksmiths Document Imaging Solutions Luke and Taylor Dooley Mark and Susan Doughton Frank and Annette Dray Jordan DuBois Joseph and Mary Dudley Steve and Nancy Duggins Eastridge Technology Eaton Funeral Services Matt and Angie Edwards Derek and Robin Edwards Dr. Joel Edwards Val and Elizabeth Elliott Emmanuel Baptist Church Paul Escott and Candelas Gala Sally Ervin Etc. Consignment Kathleen Fairall Lance and Lisa Featherngill FedEx Ground Henri and Valentine Fitzgerald Alan and Anne Fleischer Don and Robbin Flow Tres and Dawn Fordham Forsyth Medical Center Forsyth Pediatrics, Kernersville & Oak Ridge Forsyth Pediatrics, Westgate Forsyth Woman/ Forsyth Family Magazine

Frank L. Blum Construction Co. Scot and Heather Freeman Kirk and Mary Walker Fry Robbie and Jennifer Fulford Bo and Jenny Fulton Ted and Joan Fyock G & B Energy Shawan and Keisha Gabriel Harry and Mary Frances Galifianakis Caroline Gamble Garber Eye Center Steve and Tracey Gardner Rusty and Christy Garner Sharon Giddens Lloyd and Patsy Ginns Jason and Megan Glover Jeff and Kelli Gordon Sandie Grant Rick Graves Great Clips, Robinhood Kimberly Green Charles and Andrea Grimes Odell and Susan Grose Tom and Susan Grote Peter and Linda Grzan Tim and Susan Gupton Habitat for Humanity Avery and Kristi Hall Robert and Kathy Hall Tim and Carla Hall Joyce Hamby Paul and Dana Hammes Hanesbrands Harold and Virginia Copeland Memorial Hartgrove Landscaping Hawthorne OB/GYN Associates Bill and Carolyn Hayes Thomas and Leslie Hayes Hayworth-Miller Funeral Home Allan and Patti Head Darryl and Karin Head Heavenly Reflections Spa Heidi’s Uniforms Joe and Sharon Helsabeck Doug and Sue Henderson Jack and Ruth Henderson Gordon Hendrix Joe and Annette Hennings Jerry and Brenda Herman Lee and Pam Herring Dr. John Hettiarachchi, Piedmont Urology Martin and Andrea Hicks High Performance Pizza High Point Bank Hillcrest Vision Matt and Wendy Hiller Hillsdale Dental, Dr. Adam Dorsett and Dr. Jason Moore Hip Chics Boutique Hogan Law Associates, Thomas Hogan Holiday Inn Express Clemmons

Holiday Inn Express Wilkesboro Henry and Diane Holleman Holt House Builders, John Holthouser Ralph Holthouser Hopkins Road Animal Hospital Jerry and Melisse Hopping Wayne and Glenda Hosch Michael and Amy Hough Julius C. Hubbard, Jr. Alison Huskey Gay Nell Hutchens Bill Hutchins Irvin Roberts Salon and Day Spa Janpak, North Carolina Helen Jennett Johnson Controls John and Jessica Jonczak David Jones and Dana Caudill-Jones Jerry and Patti Jones Jones and Jones Jewelers, Robert and Leigh Ann Jones Angie Jordan Erin Kennedy Kerner Ridge Assisted Living Kernersville Eye Surgeons Chris and Lindsey Kimble Wayne and Marty King King Christian Center King Lions Club Keith Kiser L. Gordon Iron & Metal Arnold and Becky Lakey Lantal Textiles Michael and Polly Lauffenburger Bill Lawler Amy Leander Mitch and Sherry Lee Curtis Leonard Lions Club of Kernersville Little Richards BBQ, Nick Karagiorgis Kent Loehrke Ken and Rita Long Long Electric, Tanner Long Blake and Julia Lovette Lena Lovette Jim and Ann Lowe Lure Promotions, Janson Sexton Jeff and Layla Manning Doug and Sheila Mansfield Maplewood Baptist Church Mario’s Pizza, Brian Ricciardi Marriott Fairfield Inn, Jon Daly Dana Marske George and Brook Martin Art and Betty Marzano Marzano Asset Management Keith and Pam Mason Massage Envy, Jeff Holmes Matrix Fitness Systems Henry and Bobbie May Jerry McAfee and Judy Lambeth

Bill and Joanette McClain David and Kim McClure McDaniel & Company, Thomas R. McDaniel, Jr. Richard and Daphne McHone Shannon McKeen and Karen Bartoletti Renhard and Amy McLaurin Dennis and Kathy McNeil Liz Meadows Medical Associates of Davie Jeff and Kelly Melang Membership Committee of Winston Lake The Honorable Lisa Menefee Frank Meyers, Frank Myers Auto Maxx Chester and Maxine Middlesworth Joe and Doris Millard John and Lisa Millican Mitchell’s Nursery & Greenhouse David and Lisa Motley Evelyn Moxley Barbara Myers Myers Tire Service Inc, John and Linda Myers My, David and Sherrie Fain Willette Nash New Church New Horizons Home Care and Adult Day Services Bryce and Jonsi Newman Lawson and Lisa Newton Marty and Julie Nichols Scotty and April Nichols Tip Nicholson and Nancy Davis Jim and Liz Nieland Northern Foothills Tennis Academy, Beckie Mathis Novant Health Nvizion Incorporated David and Karen O’Brien Jim Ogburn Old Dominion Freight Line Old Town Baptist Church Mark Oliver Dave and Vivian Orrell Harry and Sue Padgett Dwight and Anne Pardue Bill and Carolyn Park Chris and Heather Parker Bob and Mary Beth Parker Dr. Barry and Dr. Ashley Parks Parks Chevrolet Parlier Mechanical Joe and Britt Parrish Nathan and Lisa Parrish Bonita Patton Eric and Teresa Paul Sean and Julie Peache Dean and Kittie Pearson Joe Peele Piedmont Facilities Services Pierce-Jefferson Funeral Services Pilot Floor Coverings, Jerry Millsaps

Michael and Evelyn Pollak Robert Poole Norman and Patricia Potter John and Cathy Potts David and Sherita Powers Powerscreen Mid-Atlantic Hayley and Kathryn Premo Pressure Dog Pressure Washing, Jimmy Beasley Clinton and Valerie Prim Quality Mobile X-Ray & Ultrasound Peter and Carol Quinn Ray’s Body Shop & Wrecker Service Harry and Willie Reavis Bob and Marie Reed Steve Reinemund Riazzi, Rhyne & Swaim Investment Group Rick and Penny Rice Joe and Jenny Richardson River Oaks Community Church Jolyn Roberts Marty and Angel Roberts Mike Robinson and Wynn Tanner Rotary Club of King Rotary Club of Mocksville Jesse and Teresa Royall Roger and Jane Ruminski Henry and Teri Russ Hernan and Lesha Sabio Dr. Eric Sadler Salem Glen Golf and Country Club Salem Gymnastics Sports Center Justin Sawyer and Eleni Floropoulos Security Forces Jeff and Amy Sessoms David and Jessica Sheedy Steve Shelton Holton and Bonnie Shepherd Larry Shifflett Taylor and Alston Shipley Todd Shoaf and Dr. Rosa Otero Darle and Marylou Shouse Smiles by Design, Amy-Jo Fischer Smitty’s Grille James Smith David and Leigh Smith Sociale Gourmet SOI Online Southeastern Title Agency, Inc. Doug Spainhour Paul and Kathryn Spanos Scott and Nicole Spillman Specialized Fitness Dick and Jeannie St. Clair St. Paul United Methodist Church Stay Alert Safety Services Bill and Marie Steed Phil Stevens Chris Stewart John Stewart

John and Cindy Stewart Selester Stewart Gary and Lee Anne Stiffler John and Donna Stoddard Stokes Tire and Automotive Subway, Clemmons and Advance Subway, Wilkes Bob and Susan Sullivan Judith Sweger Swim Gear of North Carolina Ryan Taylor and Scott Taylor Technical Services Company Stuart and Kimberly Teeter The Stump Corporation Thor-Lo TJ’s Deli Town of Yadkinville Trailers of the East Coast Treasures Decor Consignment Carolyn Treglia Treofan America, Grant Gustafson Trinity United Methodist Church Truth Broadcasting Corporation Truth Enterprises Mary Tucker Torrey Tucker Tufco Carolinas Alex and Elliott Turner Twin City Pediatrics Union Baptist Church United Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church University Dental Associates Kim Venable VF Jeanswear Jay and Julie Vidovich Volvo of the Triad, Rob Satter Sr. Vulcan Materials Company W.N. Ireland Insurance Agency Wake Forest Baptist Health, Brenner Children’s Hospital Wake Forest Baptist Health, Davie Hospital, Kevin Walsh Ben and Borgia Walker Wayne and Tonia Walker Walmart #4798 Walter Robbs Callahan & Pierce Architects Letha Ward William Rodman Warren, DDS Julie Weber Law Offices of Timothy Welborn Win and Meredith Welch Randy and Terri Welfare Wells Fargo Bank Weston & Associates, Claudette Weston Weston Promotional Products, David Weston WFF Facilities Services Lance and Lindsey White Will and Currin White Trevor and Caroline Whitson

Tammy Whitworth Jim and Minnie Wilcox Wilcox Marketing Wilkes Anesthesia Associates Wilkes Regional Medical Center Wilkes Telecommunications Willardson, Lipscomb & Miller, LLP John Willardson Jim and Marty Williams Lexie Williamson Kent and Sharon Wilmoth Liz Winberg Winston Salem Pediatrics Bill and Erna Womble Lupton and Charlot Wood Lorin and Karen Wood Tonya Woods xpedx Yadkin Civitan Club Sam Zachary Joel Zendel *Contributions in this report were received prior to 12/31/12. Great care was taken to ensure the accuracy of this list. If you discover any errors or omissions, please call 336 777 6225.

6,714 individuals made a charitable contribution to the YMCA’s Annual Giving Campaign. The campaign raised $1,764,896 in support of the Y’s financial assistance program. The total dollars raised includes some special events held specifically for the purpose of the Campaign.

FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS THE HERITAGE CLUB The Heritage Club recognizes and appreciates those who have shown their long-term interest, commitment and support of the YMCA of Northwest North Carolina by either a direct contribution to the endowment fund or by including the Y in their estate planning. We are honored to list their names: John P. Adams Dr. and Mrs. Harvey Allen, Jr. Bob and Stephany Alphin Arthur and Kerri Askew Arnold and Ruth Aspden Ed Barron Joan Marie Belnap Angela “Blake” Blakley C. P. and Margaret* Booker Bruce and Kathy Boyer Bill and Betty Lou Brackney Susie Braswell Roy E. Brewer* Anna Brown Trust* Hal and Pat Brown Macie Brown and Clark* Brown, Sr. Richard and Sylvia Budd Bill and Betty Campbell Michael and Gwenn Clements Bill and Becky Clingman Tom and Maggie Clingman Sara Cooley Thomas and Chris Comer Brian Cormier John and Tammy Coulter Richard and Anissa Daniels John and Terrie Davis

Patti Davis Wayne and Judith Duncan Noel Lee (Skip) Dunn Doris East and Whit* East Val and Elizabeth Elliott Jon Engel David and Sherrie Fain Tres and Dawn Fordham Wayne Foushee Sam and Deanna Franklin Laura Fuller Jamie and Shirley Grant Sandie Grant Howard Gray* Rupert T. Hall* Tim and Carla Hall F. Borden Hanes, Jr. Coral Harris Curt and Melody Hazelbaker Curt and Pat Hege Joe and Sharon Helsabeck Doug and Sue Henderson Joe and Lisa Hennigan David and Natalie Hinton Sam and Pam Hooker Craig and Betsy Hoyt Gay Nell Hutchens

Bill Hutchins J. Berkley Ingram, Jr.* Jerry and Patti Jones Norm and Pat Joyner Bob and Tina Kahle Chuck and Sue Kraft Mitch and Sherry Lee Angie Loflin Tom and Kim Looby William and Brenda Maready Dana Marske Keith and Pam Mason Spencer McCall, Jr. William M. McDonald Amy J. McNeil Carl J. Miller Larry Mull Dr. Bob Nolan Albert Oettinger and Sophia Rothberger Sam and Jane Ogburn Carl C. Pace Harry and Sue Padgett Walter and Elizabeth Pitt David and Nancy Plyler Michael and Evelyn Pollak Robert* and Betty Quick Jennifer Rackley

Jane Royle* Harry and Willie Reavis Henry Russ Harvey* and Ida Ruth* Staplefoote Bob Simms Dennis and Kathy McNeil John Stewart Judy Sweger W. McNair Tornow Fred and Rena Trivette Mary L. Turner and Dr. James* Turner Robert and Jillian Van Camp Robert (Rip) and Julie VanCamp Claudette B. Weston Will and Currin White William G. White, Jr.* Ron Willard Ben and Julia Wilson Don and Sarah Wood Linda and Keith Wood Joe Zammit* *Deceased

GOLF AND GIVE BACK: 2012 Partnership Golf Tournament Title Sponsor Central Carolina Air Conditioning Vanir Energy, LLC Eagle Sponsors BB&T Insurance Services BB&T

Champion Sponsors The Budd Group Major Sponsors ACS Benefit Services AdColor, Inc. Bahnson, Inc. Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated

Custom Ad First Citizens Bank Frank Myers Auto Maxx High Point Bank Jules and Associates, Inc. Leonard Ryden Burr Real Estate Matrix Fitness Systems Med-Fit Systems/Nautilus Octane Fitness

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FUNDING OUR CAUSE 2012 Financial Data for the year ended December 31, 2012 2012 2011* OPERATING (unaudited, 000's) (000's) PUBLIC SUPPORT AND REVENUE United Way $ 1,426 1,567 Contributions and Grants 2,812 2,614 Membership ** 17,369 15,010 Program Fees *** 6,635 5,985 Other 433 391 TOTAL PUBLIC SUPPORT AND REVENUE $ 28,675 25,567

OPERATING EXPENSES Personnel $ Occupancy Supplies & Equipment Marketing Vehicles & Transportation National/World Service Support Capital Debt Retirement Capital, Maintenance, & Operating Reserves Other TOTAL OPERATING EXPENSES NET INCREASE

17,259 4,600 2,993 558 320 372 1,335 1,181 57

15,442 4,211 2,807 592 294 332 960 855 74

United Way United Way Contributions and Grants Contributions and Grants Membership **

Membership **

Program Fees ***

Program Fees ***





Occupancy Occupancy Supplies & Equipment

Supplies & Equipment



Vehicles & Transportation

Vehicles &

National/World Service Transportation Support

National/World Service Capital Debt Retirement Support Capital, Maintenance, & CapitalReserves Debt Retirement Operating





*Excludes YMCA of Iredell County **Net of Financial Assistance of $1.2M and $950K, respectively ***Net of Financial Assistance of $792K and $602K, respectively

25,567 ---


Capital, Maintenance, & Operating Reserves Other

7,262 kids built lifelong memories and friendships in Before and After School, Summer Day Camp, and Resident Camp programs, while 284 dads and 401 kids spent one-on-one time together in Adventure Guides.


health fairs, screenings, and information sessions conducted with community partners.


provided in Open Doors Scholarship financial assistance to 17,717 people.


More than 6,960 youth learned what it means to be a part of a team, how to have fun with healthy activity, and to play with character and confidence.

explored higher education and career opportunities in the Black and Latino Achievers Programs, while learning the tools they need to succeed.

11 Race Events

10,000 SilverSneakersÂŽ and Active Older Adult members met new friends and maintained their health at Y branches.

including 5Ks, 10Ks, Half Marathons, and Triathlons.

3,781 volunteers gave their time and talent to advance the Y’s mission.

6,162 kids

experienced enrichment in the outdoors at the YMCA Camp Hanes Outdoor Education Program


Serving Alexander, Ashe, Davie, Forsyth, Iredell, Stokes, Surry, Wilkes and Yadkin Counties

Alexander County Family YMCA Barium Springs Family YMCA Davie Family YMCA Fulton Family YMCA Jerry Long Family YMCA Kernersville Family YMCA Robinhood Road Family YMCA Statesville Family YMCA Stokes Family YMCA Wells Fargo Express YMCA Wilkes Express YMCA Wilkes Family YMCA William G. White, Jr. Family YMCA Winston Lake Family YMCA Yadkin Family YMCA YMCA Camp Hanes YMCA Childcare Services YMCA OF NORTHWEST NORTH CAROLINA ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICES 301 North Main Street, Suite 1900, Winston-Salem NC 27101 336 777 8055 A United Way Agency Our mission: “Helping people reach their God-given potential in spirit, mind and body.”

2012 YMCA of Northwest North Carolina Annual Report  
2012 YMCA of Northwest North Carolina Annual Report