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YOUTH PROGRAMS Fall Session II: Oct 28 - Dec 22 YOUTH SPORTS Mini All Stars:

Ages 3-5 | 45 minutes Introduce your little athlete to a variety of sports including but not limited to basketball, soccer, and kickball! This is a great class to get your child active and interacting with other children. Tue: 11:00am Wed: 5:00pm

Basketball Skills & Drills:

Ages 7-12 | 45 minutes Participants will learn the rules and fundamentals of basketball as well as good sportsmanship and teamwork. Each class will include a warm-up followed by drills and scrimmages. Tue: 6:00pm

Nerf Blasters:

Ages 7-12 | 45 minutes Speed, accuracy, and teamwork will be taught to improve fitness. Goggles required. Bring your own nerf gun or use one of ours! Tue: 5:00pm

Baby Ballerinas:

Ages 3-5 | 45 minutes Your little dancers will participate in a structured class that will work on developing coordination, listening skills, and flexibility through ballet dance and movement. Tue: 3:30pm Sat: 11:45am

Ballet/Tap Combo:

Ages 4-6 | 45 minutes This class is a great way to expose your dancer to multiple modalities of dance. Through the ballet section, dancers will work on flexibility, listening skills, and gross motor movements. Halfway through the class we will switch to a louder, creative expression portion of the class with an introduction to basic tap movements, rhythm, and coordination skills. Tue: 4:30pm

Ballet/Modern Dance:

Registration Dates: Member Registration: October 7 Non-Member Registration: October 17

Youth Basketball League:

November 2- February 15 I Ages 4-12 F: $115 M:$145 NM:$195 In this 13-week season, players will learn skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship through both drills and games. A series of evaluative practices and scrimmages will kick-off the season to teach all players fundamentals and basic rules of play before teams are made and games begin in late November. Every player will receive a team jersey. Practices will be held one weeknight per week for the6-12 year olds. Practice schedules TBD with team coaching assignments. Sat: 8:00am-9:00am (ages 4 & 5) Sat: 9:15am-10:15am (ages 6 & 7) Sat: 10:30am-11:30am (ages 8 & 9) Sat: 10:30am-11:30am (ages 10-12)


Ages 6-12 | 45 minutes Join us in a program designed to allow young artists to show their creativity and imagination through paint while learning basic paint techniques and creating their own masterpieces. Wed: 6:00pm

Coding I & II:

Ages 7-12 | 45 minutes Coding I - Learn the basics of coding through this interactive class that will allow participants to design their own video games, complete puzzle, and design their own apps! Coding II - Participants will continue to build on their foundational coding skills while creating more complex programming. Mon: 6:30pm

Y Robotics:

Ages 9-14 | 45 minutes Through this class, participants will engage in planning, building, and coding robots by competing in instructor facilitated “missions�. Using engineering and physics concepts, participants will learn how to present and problem solve by using these learned fundamental skills, communication, and the scientific method. Tue: 6:00pm

Ages 6-10 | 45 minutes Dancers will learn basic ballet skills in a structured class setting through flexibility, coordination, and creative expression. This is a great way for children to Short Film Production: engage in a less traditional physical fitness activity. Ages 7-12 | 45 minutes Sat: 12:45pm Group members will work together to write, design, and create their own piece of work over the course of Musical Theater/Broadway: the session while learning about planning, giving and Ages 6-12 | 45 minutes receiving constructive feedback, and many more skills Dancers will learn fundamental dance and movement needed to successfully create a short film. through a high energy class that promotes creativity, Wed: 6:00pm inspires individual style, and encourages showcasing their personality. Energy Express: Sat: 1:45pm Ages 3-5 | 45 minutes Specially designed to allow your child to channel their CANCELLATION POLICY high level of energy into fun fitness activities while A request of cancellation form must be filled out also embracing essential learning concepts including at the Welcome Center before the start of the 2nd creativity, sharing, and functional learning. class to be eligible for a refund or credit. Mon: 10:30am

298 Main St. Saugus, MA 781-233-9622

Class Length

45 mins

F $50

M $65

N $100

Healthy Kids Kitchen:

Ages 4-12 | 45 minutes Children will be introduced to basic cooking skills such as measuring and mixing while creating and later enjoying healthy treats. Sat: 8:00am (ages 7-12) Sat: 10:45am (ages 4-6)

Messy Play:

Ages 2-5 | 45 minutes Introduce your child to the joys of messy hands through different mediums. Projects will be completed using pants, watercolors, chalk, goop, glitter, and glue in addition to other messy materials. Please bring an old shirt of smock to get dirty. Wed: 10:30am Sat: 9:00am

Mixed Media Magic:

Ages 6-12 | 45 minutes Explore the world of art and crafting with feathers, foam, tiles, glitter, and more! Each week you will create new projects that will foster creativity and artistic expression! Sat: 9:45am

FREE FOR MEMBERS - NEW! Free for Family Members of the Metro North YMCA

Little Scientists:

Ages 3-5 | 30 minutes Children will explore the world of science through interactive activities and experiments. Mon: 11:30am

Play Space Lunch Group:

Ages 2-5 | 60 minutes Enjoy a space to socialize with other families in the Y community! Children can engage in a number of activities from storytime, structured play, building, crafts, and healthy snack creation. Activities will be chosen on a weekly basis. Please feel free to bring a lunch to eat during this time! Wed: 11:30am


Ages 3-5 | 30 minutes Children will be immersed in music culture by listening and creating music as well as making their own instruments! Thu: 10:00am

Hop, Skip, Read:

Ages 3-5 | 30 minutes Each week the group will read a new story together. A fun, interactive, theme-related activity will follow where participants will hop, skip, run, and further develop gross motor skills. Thu: 10:45am

Homework Club:

Ages 6-14 | 60 minutes A quiet, relaxed space to work on academics with staff assistance as needed. This is a great opportunity for parents to work out and utilize our adult fitness and group exercise classes! Mon/Wed: 6:00pm



Registration Dates: Member Registration: October 7 Non-Member Registration: October 17

Junk Yard Gym:

298 Main St. Saugus, MA 781-233-9622

Cardio & Strength Circuit:

75 minutes M: $95 N: $170 Enjoy a total body workout, with the guidance of a Personal Trainer, in a class that combines 30 minutes of cardiovascular training and 45 minutes of strength training. Mon: 10:30am

60 minutes M: $70 N:$160 Get ready to blast fat away while increasing work capacity and strength with our Junk Yard Gym class. We will use high intensity circuits consisting of unconventional exercises such as flipping tires and swinging sledge hammers all while enjoying the fresh outdoor air! Sat: 9:00am, 10:00am

45 minutes FREE for members A time efficient, total body workout. This interval-style workout incorporates targeted muscle toning exercises and cardiovascular drills. Held in the gymnastics center. *Y Fit Kids runs simultaneously Tue: 8:45am

Introduction to the Weight Room:

30 Day Nutrition Reset:

45 minutes FREE for members Move between stations at timed intervals while building strength and cardiovascular fitness, in this high energy, easy to follow, “adult playground” class. Held in the gymnastics center. * Y Fit Kids runs simultaneously Thu: 8:45am

Tread & Shred:

45 minutes M: $75 N: $150 Work with a personal trainer in a small group and take the fear out of working out with weights in the weight room environment. You know that weight training is a must for optimal body composition and health, but you are not sure where to start? This class is ideal for those who would like to learn how to lift weights but are intimidated by the whole process. Learn how to target all of the major muscles and get passed the fear of working out in the weight room. Sat: 9:00am

Progressive Strength Training for Women:

60 minutes | 2x per week M: $170 N: $320 Amp your metabolism, build lean muscle, promote bone development, relieve stress and anxiety in this strength training, muscle building class. Target all of your major muscle groups while gradually and effectively challenging the body. Put down the dumbbells and pick up the barbells and watch your body transform. Wed/Fri 9:00am Mon/Wed 5:30pm

Small Group Training:

60 minutes | 2x per week M:$195 N:$285 Led by a certified personal trainer, each training session focuses on strength training, endurance and core with the use of ropes, kettlebells, bars, TRX and fitness center equipment for optimal results. Our trainers specialize in encouraging individual progression and skill development while your peers offer the camaraderie, competitive spirit and accountability. Please visit: for group days and times.

Cardio Boot Camp:

45 minutes M:$75 N:$150 A high-intensity, cardio focused class designed to improve your cardiovascular fitness, shed fat and burn maximum calories! Personal Trainer, Chris, will guide and motivate you and your teammates to reach your goals with the use of treadmills, rower, ellipticals and bikes. If you hit your cardiovascular plateau and like to workout in a group or be held accountable, this class is for you. Tue: 9:30am Thu: 9:30am

60 minutes M: $69 N:$159 Get your health and vitality back with the support of a Clinical Nutritionist and your peers. • Eliminate toxic foods that cause disease • Learn which foods are nourishing • Reduce inflammation • Improve digestion • Burn fat • Lose weight • Boost energy • Regulate blood sugar • Stabilize mood Commit to making nutritional changes for 30 days without cheating. By removing the foods that most commonly cause problems, you allow your body to rest and recover. Together, we will celebrate the successes together and guide you into a healthy eating plan for the future. Mon: 9:45am, 6:30pm

FREE FOR MEMBERS *Registration is Required for Free Classes*

Boot Camp with a Twist:

60 minutes FREE for members of the YMCA of Metro North. N: $99 Held in the state-of-the-art Gymnastics Center at the Saugus YMCA Campus. This resultsdriven, challenging yet achievable interval class is designed to : build strength, improve cardiovascular endurance, get in shape, change up your workout routine, and prepare for the next obstacle race. All levels of fitness and abilities are welcome, everyone will feel successful at the end of class. Wed: 5:30am

Mobility, Stability & Flexibility:

60 minutes FREE for members of the YMCA of Metro North. Taught by a Personal Trainer, this class is a perfect blend of stretching, balance work, corrective postural and movement exercises. With the use of TRX Straps, foam rollers as well as your own body weight, this program is perfect for athletes who are looking to reduce their aches and pains as well as for anyone who is beginning or returning to a regular exercise routine. Held in the Group Exercise Studio. Sun: 10:30am


A request of cancellation form must be filled out at the Welcome Center before the start of the 2nd class to be eligible for a refund or credit.

Fitness Circuit:

YOUTH FITNESS Teen Weight Lifting:

Ages 12-15 | 45 minutes F: $60 M: $75 N: $160 Work with a certified personal trainer to learn the foundations of weight lifting in a small group environment. Proper technique, good form and exercise progression will be emphasized. Mon: 4:00pm Sun: 11:30am

Healthy Kids Club:

Ages 8-11 | 45 minutes F: $60 M: $75 N: $160 A personal trainer will guide a small group of youth through age appropriate exercises using a combination of cardio, strength and free weight equipment located in our fitness center. Mon: 3:00pm Sun: 12:30pm

Small Group Training for Youth:

Ages 10-16 I 45 minutes M:$75 N:$160 Improve sports performance and pave your way to a healthy lifestyle! Participants will get stronger, fitter, more flexible and faster! These challenging, fun, kid-friendly 45-minute workouts incorporate activities that develop skills in all aspects of fitness: speed, power, agility, balance , coordination, strength and endurance and use kettlebells, medicine balls, ladders, TRX, dumbbells, plyo boxes, battle ropes and more. Mon: 3:30pm, 4:15pm Tue: 3:30pm

Family Fitness Center Hours: For youth 10-13 years old with direct adult supervision. Mon-Thu: 3:00pm-5:00pm Fri: 3:00pm-9:00pm Sat: 12:00pm-6:00pm Sun: 12:00pm-5:00pm

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