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Dear Members, Volunteers, Donors and Friends: Every day, the YMCA of Metro North gives our community the support it needs to learn, grow and thrive. From lifesaving swim lessons to healthy food choices, diabetes prevention to athletics, preschool to dance classes, everything we do helps strengthen our neighborhoods and the people who live here. Everything the Y does is in service of making us – as individuals and a community – better. We are proud to provide everyone the opportunity to be healthy and thrive, to connect with others, and contribute to a better community. Thanks to our donors, members and supporters, the Y is able to make an impact on those that need it most. Your generosity of the YMCA of Metro North Annual Fund made it possible to provide $1,300,000 in scholarships, financial assistance and free services to thousands of children, adults, families and seniors this past year. 2015 was a big year for the YMCA of Metro North. It saw the creation of a new Partnership Program designed for people with disabilities and the expansion of the LIVESTRONG wellness program for cancer survivors. A new preschool opened at the Torigian Family YMCA, a lobby renovation was generously donated in Melrose, the Lynn YMCA youth groups spoke out against big tobacco and the Saugus Family YMCA welcomed a new executive director. And in-between it all, our seven locations were open daily providing our communities with the best youth development, healthy living and social responsibility programming. Every day, our community faces new challenges that create a greater need for the work we do. YMCA donors, volunteers, members, and partners like you make the difference. Together, we will do everything in our power to build a better you and a better community, all so we can build a better us! Thank you for your continued support of the Y and our cause. With gratitude,

Bruce Macdonald

John J. Smolinsky


People Served: 63,000 Youth in YMCA Child Care:


Full and Part Time Employees:


Communities Served: Peabody, Lynn, Saugus, Melrose, Stoneham, Lynnfield, Wakefield, Revere, Nahant Volunteers: With a focus on youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility, Y volunteers give men, women, and children of all ages and from all walks of life the resources and support they need to be healthy, confident, connected and secure. Our volunteers are a big part of what makes the Y such an impactful organization. Without the hard work and dedication of our hundreds of volunteers, the success of our special events and other programs throughout the year would not be possible. A special thank you to all of our amazing volunteers! Number of Volunteers:


Total Volunteer Time:

2720 hours

Total Value of Volunteer Time:


Opportunities for all at the YMCA of Metro North Giving everyone the opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive! Children and Teens (1-17): The YMCA of Metro North serves over 20,000 kids and teens, providing a wide range of activities to nurture potential, including teen clubs, sports leagues, family nights, and community service projects. Low-Income Families: Our YMCA provides quality, affordable child care and opens all our programs to working families regardless of their income level. Seniors (65+): Programs including aquatics, senior fitness, and walking clubs ensure that older adults have every opportunity to connect with one another and engage in meaningful activites. Everyone is Welcome: We provide activities open to everyone in our community including free health fairs/ screenings, physicial activity programs, nutrition advice and more – valued at $28,000 in benefit to the community each year. Other Nonprofit Organizations: YMCA of Metro North provided $203,500 worth of space at little to no charge for outside clubs, nonprofits and community.


Revenue and Support: Membership:

Expenses: $6,080,888

Youth Development:


Child Care: $7,388,562

Healthy Living:


Program Fees:


Social Responsibility:


Contributed Revenue:


Total Programs:






Investment Income:




Total Revenue & Support:


Total Expenses:


Contributed Revenue:   4%  

Other: 4%  

Program Fees:   19%  

Investment Income   0%  

Management Fundraising   2%   10%  

Membership: 33%  

Social Responsibility   8%  

Youth Development   38%  

Healthly Living   42%  

Child Care   40%  

Torigian Family YMCA

Melrose Family YMCA


YMCA of Metro North Gymnastics Center

Melrose Family YMCA Child Care Center

Stoneham YMCA Child Care and Program Center

Saugus Family YMCA


Fiscal Year Ending December 31, 2015


TAIMA WALKER Age 15 | Lynn YMCA Twelve year old Taima Walker had just moved to Lynn when a friend suggested she try the Y to meet people in her new hometown. Taima wasn’t sure what to expect when she walked in the door of the Lynn YMCA Music Studio Clubhouse, which provides free music education and production to youth ages 8-18. She came to listen to music and hang out with her new friends, but never imagined that the Y and the Music Studio would end up being so much more to her. Taima was from a musical family and had grown up loving music, but the Y Music Studio Clubhouse opened her up to a world of possibility. Initially she was overwhelmed by the instruments and the talent of those around her, not realizing the potential that was already within her. “I didn’t know that I was going to learn piano. I didn’t know that I would like the guitar and the noises that it makes.” Taima says with a smile. “It turned out to be a lot more than I expected and I’m glad that I didn’t stay home. It’s probably one of the best decisions I’ve made so far.” As she started to volunteer in the Music Studio, Taima found her passion for helping others while developing responsibility and leadership skills. She learned how to interact with people, allowing her to gain confidence in herself and her abilities. “I wanted to work with children and teach them what I knew, because to me music is the best thing ever and why wouldn’t everyone want to feel this way about music,” Taima says about her motivation to take on a leadership role. Now a 15 year old sophomore at Lynn Classical High School, you can find Taima in the Music Studio every day after school, nurturing the young Lynn musicians of tomorrow. As soon as Taima walks in the door, there are 5 or 6 kids trailing behind her asking when she is opening the studio. She designs new plans for each day to teach the children varying aspects of music, from playing the piano, to drum circle, to song writing. At the same time, she teaches them to believe in themselves, guides them to try new things and explore their creativity, while discovering their own passion for music. Taima describes the Y as a safe haven for her, bringing her a sense of camaraderie she had not experienced before in an organization. “Nothing is more welcoming than when you come here and you see familiar faces. It’s like one big family, and I feel like maybe I needed that.” Taima vividly remembers how impressed she was watching other youth perform onstage. She had never thought she could do something like that, until she was performing in front of a crowd of 1,500 people. Now when she imagines that it could be one of her students on stage playing a song that she taught them on the piano, she is inspired to help them even more. “I have to go teach them something new tomorrow, and I have to do a better job than I did today.”

“The Y nurtures the potential of every child and teen by supporting their unique youth development journey through specialized programming. From cradle to career, the Y provides all youth with the tools and resources they need to succeed in life.” The Y.™ For a better us.™

Age 29 | Torigian Family YMCA Sebastian Youngman stumbled across the LIVESTRONG program at the Torigian Family YMCA by chance, and describes it as the best accident that ever happened to him. In the winter of 2014, Sebastian had just finished 6 cycles of chemotherapy and 6 weeks of radiation to treat a brain tumor (the size of a tomato) at the base of his skull that had metastasized into tumors down his spine. “After all that treatment, I had been in bed for 4 months,” Sebastian said. “Not walking, not standing up, not moving around on my own and my muscles became atrophied.” An athlete his entire life, Sebastian was used to playing football as a defensive lineman and throwing shotput and discus in track & field. But the treatment had wreaked havoc on his body and left him with the inability to do even the everyday activity of walking. The task of learning to walk again was extremely frustrating for this elite athlete. “It was very difficult coming out of the hospital so I’m really grateful that I found LIVESTRONG,” Sebastian says. “It was a life changing moment for me.” LIVESTRONG is a wellness program designed to help adult cancer survivors reclaim their health and wellbeing following a cancer diagnosis. Throughout the 12 weeks of the program, participants meet twice a week to improve their strength and physical fitness to diminish the severity of therapy side effects through specially designed exercises. One aspect of LIVESTRONG is the pre and post testing allowing participants to see the progress that they make throughout the 12 weeks. During his pre-test, Sebastian could only balance on 1 foot for 5 seconds, by the end of the program, he was able to balance for over a minute and felt he could have kept going. “The whole balancing issue and being able to stabilize myself was what really improved over the course of the program” Sebastian says. “It definitely pushed me to get back to as close to where I was pre-treatment and pre-cancer.” Another hallmark of LIVESTRONG is the sense of camaraderie that is created amongst the survivors in the group. Sebastian explained that everyone enjoyed coming to class each week and getting to know one another. “We were there for different reasons but experiencing a lot of the same issues with what we had to recoup from the treatment,” Sebastian said. According to Sebastian, what makes the Y stand out is the sense of community and the personal experience tailored to helping everyone who walks in the door. “It’s hard to put into words,” Sebastian says about the impact of the Y, “because it really did change a lot of my life after cancer.”

“The Y aims to improve the health and well-being of our communities by providing programs and activities that promote wellness, reduce risk for disease and help others reclaim their health. These programs and everything else the Y does are in service of making us—our Ys and our communities— better. “ The Y.™ For a better us.™




ERNIE DUPUIS Age 53 | Melrose Family YMCA In the fall of 2014, Ernie Dupuis found himself at a point in his life where it was time to make a big change. Having been a cook for many years, a sudden accident left him with a dropped foot and unable to continue working because he couldn’t spend the hours on his feet that the job required. “I was sitting at home, because I’m not working, and I was just eating and gaining weight,” Ernie said, “so I needed to do something.” Ernie joined the Melrose Family YMCA in an attempt to become healthier and transform his lifestyle habits. Starting slow, he spent a few months in the pool enjoying aqua jogging to gain strength and flexibility. From there he worked with the fitness staff on how to effectively use the equipment and develop a routine that worked for him. Today his regular workout routine utilizes almost every aspect that the Melrose Y has to offer, from the Stairmaster, to the pool, to the sauna. Ernie takes his health and commitment to the Y very seriously. “I’m not working so this is my job,” he said. He takes the bus to the Y to arrive at 7am three mornings a week and stays until noon. That dedication has paid off as Ernie has lost almost 70 pounds! Ernie credits his weight loss to his level of commitment to the Y and the staff’s level of commitment to him. “It’s motivated me to be active,” he says of his time at the Y. “Before I was kind of lackadaisical. Now I just want to do things”. With the inability to work, Ernie was limited with what he could afford, but that did not stop him from joining the Y. Ernie needed the Y to get healthy, to save his life. And the Y was there for him. He is able to come to the Y as part of the ACCESS program, which is money raised through the YMCA of Metro North Annual Campaign. Donations to the Annual Campaign ensure that no one is turned away for inability to pay and that everyone has access to the life altering benefits of a YMCA membership. Ernie is thankful for the assistance the Y provides and pays it forward by volunteering at Melrose Y events, such as the road race. “I can’t run but I offer to work it and do what I can,” Ernie said. “The Y gives me a break, so I pay it back how I can.” Not only has the Melrose Y had a direct impact on Ernie’s life, but Ernie has also made a substantial impact within the Melrose Y community. His desire to give back has created a spark amongst some of the friends he has made as they volunteer together at various Y events. For a better us, the Y works to ensure all individuals have the support they need to achieve their full potential. Ernie is an inspiration for a better us as he transformed his life through his involvement with the YMCA. “I can tie my shoes now,” he says with pride. “Before, (the Y) I couldn’t bend over.” He has a goal of losing another 50 pounds as he continues his journey to a healthier lifestyle through the Y.

“We know that when we work together, we move individuals, families and communities forward. We are committed to inspiring a spirit of service by uniting individuals from all walks of life to participate in and work for positive social change.” The Y.™ For a better us.™

United Way of Mass Bay

$10,000 - $24,999 Alfred Chase Charity Foundation City of Salem Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation Gerondelis Foundation People’s United Bank Sarah G. McCarthy Memorial Foundation United Way YMCA of the USA Massachusetts Department of Public Health

$5,000 - $9,999 East Boston Savings Bank Hallmark Health Systems Harmeling Physical Therapy Charles and Martha Holden Bernard and Lorraine Horn Lahey Clinic Hospital, Inc. Melrose Cooperative Bank North Shore Bank Pepsi Bottling Group, LLC Stop & Shop

$2,500 - $4,999 Children’s Hospital Boston Deborah Thomas Scholarship Fund Doctors Express Essex County Community Foundation Kappa Delta Psi Richard Larkin Ethel Leonard Bruce and Diane Macdonald Massachusetts Service Alliance Metro Clean Morgan, Brown & Joy, LLP Music and Youth Initiative, Inc. O’Brien/Romano Family Rousselot, Inc. Salem Five Charitable Corporation St Vincent Depaul Society Tocci Building Companies Tonneson+Co Richard and Kim Whitworth

$1,000 - $2,499 Ambient Temperature Control Atlantic Charter Insurance Co. Edward Ball Crystal Bates Michael Brown Calendar Press, Inc. Comcast Business E Card Transactions Nicole DeVita Dunkin Donuts Gregg Ellenberg Andrew Freed David and Cathy Gravel Hanover Insurance Group Audrey Jimenez Kohl’s Liberty Mutual Insurance Marsh & McLennan Agency

Meninno Construction Carl Pappo Partners HealthCare Trisha Peters Precor Corporate Headquaters John Smolinsky Stoneham Charitable Foundation Jacqueline Torigian Truist W.B. Mason Company, Inc. Walmart Kathleen Walsh Mary West Charles Whipple WJJ Planning & Construction, LLC

$500 - $999 Katherine Brenna Citizens Bank Charitable Foundation Jennifer Conway ERC Wiping Products Robert Fleming Tyler Fleming Give with Liberty Groom Energy Solutions Robert Hughes Hunt’s Photo & Video Diana Kerry Jaclyn Kugell-Yezerski Lisabeth LaFontaine Maureen McGurl Lauren Olsen Richard Pignone John Richards Sonia Rollins Rotary Club of Lynnfield Rotary Club Of Melrose Staywell Adult Day Care Beth Tilley United Way of Coastal Fairfield County

$250 - $499 Advance Physical Therapy Agility Orthopedics Sunita Ahooja Olga Arnold Aspen Capital John Baldi Blue Bell Cleaners Brad Hutchinson Real Estate David Burckhard Cabot Wealth Management Inc. Kaitlyn Coffey Amy Croce Carrie Cross Paul Crowley D & R General Contracting Tom D’Arcangelo David Dervartanian Katelyn Doherty Claude Dwan Rich Eagleston EDIC Emma’s Orchard Eugene Mickey, DMD Peter Fenn Lisa Ferraro Sandra Flanagan Ralph Fleuristil Catherine Flynn

Ramsay Fretz Gately Funeral Service Elyse Gaynor Charles Gill Jr. Alexander Green Greenwood & Sons, Inc Highland Shredding, LLC Huntress Insurance Vincent Inglese Kathleen Kelleher Kelly Greens At Nahant, Inc. Branden Lamarre Jill Lauterwasser Long’s Jewelers Bonnie Lucas Rachel Lucas Lynn Housing Authority Melrose Glass Co. Linda Meyer Robert Miles Benjamin Mongeau Stacey Murray Jim Nentwig Philip Oesterlin Oostman Aquatic Safety Consulting, Inc. Josette Patterson Cynthia Peach Perfect Dental William Petryszyn R.C. Griffin, Inc. Real Resources Foundation Saugus Business Partnership Schumacher Dental PC Susan Shea Alex Sepulveda Paul Steinberg Stilian Electric, Inc. Stoneham Bank Tides at Nahant, Inc. Guiseppe Toppi University of Massachusetts Eric Vanderploeg Ray Vega Webster First Credit Union

$100 - $249 Ogunkoya Adewale Miryam Allison Laura Ankstitus Alison Annese Margaret Bahnson Joseph Bates Heather Beatty Norman Bendroth Judith Benson Cynthia Berger Marisa Bertini Emily Blatchford Carrie Bochnak Tina Bohondoney Laura Brooks Building Impact Heather Bunnell Nelson Burbank Zachary Burl Bill Butler Hailey Buxton Cal’s News Store Lawrence Capuano Paul Caruccio Maureen Carter

Ellen Casey Kathleen Casey Ursula Casey Cataldo Ambulance Svc Patricia Catanzaro Laura Cavicchi Tara Champigny Ed Charest Davina Chiodi Stacey Comito Douglas Currier Nancy Danieli Jamie Day Carlos De La Cruz Deanna De Leon Rowena D’Eon Laureen DeThomas Deanna Dioguardo Discount School Supply Jeffrey Dodds Jennifer Doherty Peter Doliber Mario Dongo Laurence Donoghue Maria Duggan Daniel Elias Nancy Ellis Bernadette Farrell Shay Fennell George Fitzhenry Brenda Flynn Hanna Forrest Tammy Fournier Frederick Solomon DMD Daniel Gaudet General Electric John Gentleman Jack Good Goodrich Corporation Joanne Guevin H&R Block Kelly Harrington Eric Hebert Michael Hedetniemi David Hitchman Danielle Howington Irvine & Sons Inc. Peter Jackson Yarismar Jiminian Sandra Jones Thomas Jones Kabongo Kabongo Megan Kaciqi Kristine Karklins Thomas Kelly Meng Kim Katherine LaFontaine Patricia Leary Michael Lyle Gilbert Macdonald Julia MacDonald Macy’s East Carol Mahoney Bonnie Maitland Richard Manley Kerin Martin Andrew Maylor Bryan McAskill Lisa McCormack Robert McElhinney Lisa McGough Linda Milward


$50,000 and Above


Stacy Milward Alysha Monfette Joan Mongeau Angela Montalto Donna Moore Kyle Morander Carol Morillo David Morrill Brandon Moulton Michael Murphy Vanessa Musanda Silas Nary Toyuawa Newton Lindsey Nicholson Andrew Notini Kevin Noyes Joseph O’Connor Ashley O’Donnell David Ouellette Stanley Paine Jermaine Patterson Pablo Pena Ryan Perkins Phil Richard Insurance Rett’s Home Baked Goodies Julianna Rice Robinson Funeral Home Christopher Rollins Sara Schumaker Scrubs Laundry Charles Sheeran Joyce Silva Wanntha Sim Chanhdymany Juliette Slack Sheri Smith Timothy Smith Timothy C Smith Ruthanne Smith-Datalo Social Capital Inc. Beverly Sorrentino Jannelyn Spratt Jessica Staples Stearns & Hill Bistro Paula Steinberg Sally Surette Dawn Terrill The Baupost Group, LLC The Cellar Fine Wines William Thompson Kevin Tierney Karen Tringale Andrea Twomey Joseph Twomey Unic Pro Inc United Way of Greater Plymouth County Patrick Urban Diane Velez Lisa Viliott Nelaine Vinciarelli Kawa Wargo Jeffrey Weeden Wegmans Amanda Wiley Donald Willard Anthony Wilson Francesca Zakharia Michael Zuppio

$99 and Below Mia Abboud Wendy Adamovich

Jeff Ahrens Qahtan Alhasani Kristin Allan Jeremy Amaral AmazonSmile JoAnne Amirauelt Kelly Ankiewicz Malcolm Ankiewicz Christina Antico John Arredondo Jessica Arsenault Rosalba Aylwin Alexia Baeringer Amy Bailot Donna Ballou Susan Baranyi Katie Barnes Joshua Becker Paul Bedard Wallace Bell Elizabeth Benbow Michael Bennett Katie Bentley Cheryl Bettencourt Samantha Bibbo Rosaria Bisconti Josephine Bizari Mary Blais Robert Blaisdell Lillian Blatchford Linda Bleau Zoe Blumenthal Eugene Boguslavskiy Nicole Bolduc Lilli Bonacorsi Julia Bourque Gabriella Braley Nehemiah Brent Paula Breslow Traverse Briana Vicky Brienza Lily Bromberger Zachary Brooks Josh Brown Jamie Bruno Michael Bruzzese Nicole Buccheri Tania Buck Yesenia Bueno Johnson Builou Grace Burke Jean Burke Meredith Burns Manuel Cabral Renee Cabral Cam Callan Cheryl Cammarata Tynia Campanale Matthew Cannata Brianna Carney Katherine Carney Gloria Carolan Marcos Castellano Rosemary Catterson Giuseppe Cefalo Paula Censabella Lisa Chalmers Lukas Chang William Charette Charity Partners Foundation Rithy Chhay Alejandra Chinchilla

Maria Chisholm Michelle Ciriello Ariana Collier Lee Anne Connick Cheryl Cormier Christopher Coroniti Lauren Cossette Taylor Cossette Amanda Courtright Thomas Cox Brendan Crighton Genesta Croce Molly Cronin Paige Crovo Elizabeth Cunningham Love Dalis Christine Danieli Kevin Davila Tara D’Avolio Rachel Day Katia De Mello Rindeiko Donna Dechellis Maddie DeFeo Terrence Deignan Alexandria Dela Cruz Dori-Ann Delatizky Brianna DeLorbe Eileen Delory Mariano Delossantos Sarah Denning Leanne Dennison Richard Desir Lucas Devine Ingeborg Dewling Heidy Diaz Sharon Dobbyn Adrianna Dockery Alison Doherty Megan Dolan Ruth Donnelly Angelis Dossett Diaz Nicole Dufresne Bedasky Dulorier David Dumond Sharon Dunbar-Link Ava Duncan Daniel Durant Felix Espinosa Maegan Etesse Emilka Evangelista Miranda Faller Alison Federici Shaunta Ferguson Loretta Fermano Christina Ferrante Alexandra Ferri Caitlin Finn Nicole Fioravanti Kathryn FitzGerald Nick Fitzgerald Sherri Flickinger Conor Fogarty Megan Folino Paul Forte Lisa Fortuna Leah Fowke Jesse Fowler Ashley Frawley Noelle Fries Elisabeth Fuller Maritza Garcia Kathryn Garland

Kelly Gates Luigui Genao Lisa Gentile Samantha Gerrior Elizabeth Giacchino Frank Giakoumis Peter Giangrande Ruby Gibson Peter Gilardi Frank Gill John Gill Elizabeth Giordano Kristin Goglia Carlos Gonzalez Jessiree Gonzalez Jeffrey Gosselin Marshall Gosselin Laura Grady Christine Gray Barbara Green Cynthia Grigg Vladislav Grigorov Raessler Guthrie Priscilla Gutierrez Maria Gutierrez Pichardo Denyse Hairston Cassie Hall Mark Hank Nicole Hanlon Lucy Hannon Dorie Hardiman Jane Harrington Dee Hasselbrack Stephen Headley Addison Healy Rachel Heard Amanda Heath Kevin Heaton Brooke Heidebrecht Diana Herbert Carlos Hernandez Lisa Hodge Kaiya Howard Katherine Howard Mia Howard Michael Hurton Amanda Idusuy Ann-Marie Idusuyi Tracy Ingemi Diane Ingersoll Alicia S Iraheta Troy Irizarry Noemi V Izzo Changlais Jeanmary Danielle Jefferson Ian Jefferson Angel Jehng Grace Jenkins Coraima Jimenez Debra Jimenez Jasmine Jobity Alec Johnson Erin Johnson Domenic Jonah Isabel Judware Jennifer Juliano Cristina Jurado Melissa Kaplan Anna Karklins Linda Kass Cate Kavanaugh Lesley Keegan

Brianna Melendez Zachary Melville Tashana Merchant Candice Miller Lauren Miller Nicole Miller Beatrice Mills Luis Minaya Ann Marie Mirageas Linda Mirasolo Lindsey Moran Matthew Moran Candice Morgan Imogen Moro Peter Mortimer Nicholas Moschella Rebecca Mullen Pamela Nascimento Tyamoriah Nash Lori Navarro Amber Newhall Brian Nguyen Desmaray Nickerson Kaylee Noonan Peter Norris Nicole Nzui Jennifer O’Hara Yvonne Onumajuru Kristiana Ormond Edgar Ortega Aneysha Ortiz Kendra Owens Allison Pagliuca Jennifer Palladino Meghan Palmer Dawnn Paragios Felicia Parker McKenzie Parks Melanie Parks Michael Parrott Benjamin Patrick Nykeva Patterson Tyrone Patterson Lquvia Patty Isla Paulson Kerry Pegoraro Courtney Pellon Javier Pereyra Rosa Perez de Diaz Eric Perkins Ronald Pesaturo Haley Pezzarossi Katy Pierce Nicole Piercy Amanda Pike Alice Pinto Sofia Pitcher Allison Proto Carolyn Provenzano Connie Pustorino Robin Quirk Meghan Radzik Luka Ralic Christina Rapsomanikis Erik Rasku Victoria Reardon Kaylee Redard Ajhanel Rhoden Katia Risola Jose Rivera Louis Rivera Rosa Robles

Julie Rockwell Kurt Rodrigues Jessie Roh Andrey Romanov Davis Ross Amy Rowe Christopher Rowe David Roy Hudson Rubbins Colin Rudy Gabriel Ruiz James Runner Martha Rush O’Mara Jennifer Ryan Ashlyn Sacco Roberto Sanchez Brian Sanphy Jhonattan Santelises Anthony Santoriello Brianna Santos Veronica Sargsyan Karyn Saulnier Michael Scenna Sr Amy Schmitt Jonathan Schwartz Antone Seaforth Kirk Sencion Alice Senior Julia Sessa Patricia Sevier Barbara Sharib Alyssa Shea Elizabeth Sheridan Benjamin Shmase Julie Shulman Marilyn Sigsbury Pamella Silva Sabrina Silveira Elana Simard Samantha Singh Ciara Smith Kevin Smith Nils Sorensen Lissette Soriano Melody Souza Amy Spates Laurie Spencer Sarah Spiers Ieshia Spillane Jessica Spinali St Marys Jack Steinberg Kristen Steriti Michael Stornaiuolo Kenneth Stover Seif Suliman Amanda Sullivan Elana Sullivan Peter Sullivan Cody Sutherland Jacob Swain Pamela Szostakowski John Tavernese Nathaniel Taylor Jordan Tobin Lisa Tobin Madison Tomaszczuk Gary Torres Sarjo Trawalley Edmund Tremblay Peter Triantafel Rafael Trinidad

Helder Tsinine Matilda Turck Uno Restaurant LLC Alexandria Valdez Peter Vale Yvonne Vanderhorst Chris Vangordon Raziel Vargas Virginia Vaught Cathy Ventura Pierre Victor Jamie Viola Leah Vlahakis Robin Vlahakis Matthew Wallace Tasha Waller Cynthia J Walsh Erin Walsh Johanna Walsh Krystal Walsh Louisa Walsh Kathryn Walton Jesse Warren Mitchell Warren Richie Warren Jr Katharine Weiner Liza Weinstein Maya Weissman Amelia Welle Bonnie Welsh Charles Whelan Erik Whitcomb Courtney Whyte Deborah Wilkins Nicholas Wilkinson Kalisha Williams Lejean Williams Tammy Williams-Gillis Kelly Willwerth Justin Winschel Carlotta Woodruff Marissa Wray William Wright Elisabeta Xheblati Brenna Yandle Sydney Yee Michelle Zelikman Kyla Ziobro


Thomas Kehoe Rachel Kelly Kara Kennard Samantha Kennedy-Rodrigues JessicaKent Kaitlyn Kidney Debra Kizis Nia Kovacev William Kreamer Michelle Kurkul James LaFontaine Arianna Lagambina Amanda Lanciani Stephanie Lane Laureen Lashmit Kendra Lauria Juliana Lawler Danielle LeBlanc Kelly LeBlanc Stephen LeBlanc Jonathan Lee Jill Leeman Katherine Leeman Elisa Lemack Alison Lemaitre Angelina Lightbody Robin Lippay Julie L’Italien Alexandra Lloyd Rebecca Logiudice Charlie Loizides Amy Looney Kimberly LoRusso Maria Luiza Pinto Meghan Lurvey Elise Lussier Janice MacDonald Taylor MacDonald Michelle MacKenzie Amanda Magee Elizabeth Maguire Leanne Maguire Hannah Mahoney Shane Mahoney Coralie Malfroy-Camine Dominic Marcello Steve Martin Jimy Martinez Patti Maruzzi Steven Maruzzi Lyn Mason Rita Mauro Don McAllister Jim McAvoy Rachel McCarthy Steven McCarthy David McCauley Laura McCormack Deirdre McDonnell Michael McDonough Michael McHale Rachel McHugh Yanda McKinney Marika McKnight Matthew McManus Kate McNeilly Westin McNeilly Maureen McNulty Sidharth McQuaid Joan Meader Deborah Medur Ricardy Mehu


Melrose Highlights: • Melrose Cooperative Bank made lobby renovations possible with a generous donation to the YMCA • The LiveStrong program for cancer survivors debuted and had a successful pilot program • The 31st Annual YMCA Golf Tournament raised over $19,000 for the Y’s scholarship program • The annual Spooky Sprint 5K welcomed a record breaking 700 participants • New events, programs and clubs began at the Y catering to the changing needs of the community

TORIGIAN FAMILY YMCA - 2015 Torigian Highlights: • Camp Eastman was awarded ACA accreditation for its excellent summer programming • The Partnership Program for persons with disabilities opened with a well-attended ribbon cutting • Torigian Family YMCA opened its new Early Learning Program for preschoolers • Mayor Ted Bettencourt participated in the 2nd Annual Mayor’s Basketball Game raising over $2,500 for the YMCA • Studio Y debuted with a renovated Cycle Studio, bikes and group exercise classes


Saugus Highlights: • Bill Petryszyn joined the Saugus Family YMCA as the new Executive Director • The very popular YMCA outdoor pool center received a new look and expanded facilities to serve the growing membership • The Saugus Family YMCA hosted their 5th Annual Stride for the Saugus Y 5K in DCR’s Breakheart Reservation bringing participants together to run for the YMCA mission • Summer Camp Sachem welcomed over 300 local youth to its beautiful woods for a season of fun, friendships and social responsibility • The Early Learning Program for preschoolers and Out-of-School Time Program for school aged kids focused on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathmatics education) activities

LYNN YMCA - 2015

Lynn Highlights: • Youth participating in the Y’s Healthy Kids Kitchen volunteered their time at My Brother’s Table • Kaya and the Lynn Youth Council spoke out against Big Tobacco at a city wide anti-smoking event • YMCA youth groups participated in World Aids Day at City Hall bringing awareness and remembrance to the community • The 2nd annual Shining Stars Music Event honoring local musicians and featuring Amanda Mena was a huge success • The 2015 Stride Along the Tide 5K had a record breaking 200 participants all running for the YMCA cause • Hundreds of local children filled the Y’s summer programs and enjoyed daily swimming, games, arts and crafts and more • Kaya (a Cambodian word meaning “body” and “character”) is a youth/teen group who generate positive change by volunteering and hosting multiple events in the community. This year, Kaya participated in various events such as Khmer New Year in the Lynn Commons, Summer Kick Off, Ring-in-Spring Program at Ames St. Playground and much more


Gymnastics Highlights: • The gymnastics team competed and placed in various local competitions • YMCA of Metro North members challenged themselves in the Great Pit Conquest obstacle race in support of the YMCA’s scholarship fund • YMCA gymnasts participated in the Handstands Across America media campaign • Gymnastics summer campers hosted a backpack drive donating school supplies and backpacks to the Saugus Housing Authority for local families in need


Stoneham Highlights: • Many family events including Parents Night Out, Potluck Dinners and theme parties were hosted for center families • The Stoneham Y participated in Stoneham Town Day and Chamber “pop-up” events on the common • The Center obtained another floor within their building to expand both youth and adult fitness programming


Melrose Child Care Highlights: • A generous member donation allowed the Melrose Family YMCA Child Care Center to build a new Science Lab • The Annual Scholastic Pajama Drive was hosted, collecting 205 pairs of pajamas and donated to families in need • The exterior of the building got a fresh new look to better welcome new families and friends • Children took advantage of local Pine Banks field for outdoor activities and field trips



The YMCA of Metro North builds strong kids, strong families, and strong communities by enriching the lives of all the people in spirit, mind, and body.


The YMCA of Metro North was established in 2012 when the Greater Lynn YMCA including the Saugus Family YMCA and Peabody/Lynnfield YMCA merged with the Melrose Family YMCA to combine resources and better serve our communities. Our association now stands seven locations strong, serving the cities and towns of Lynn, Peabody, Saugus, Melrose, Stoneham, Revere, Nahant, Lynnfield and neighboring communities.

OUR BOARD: Chairman of the Board: John Smolinsky Webster First Federal Credit Union

Vice Chair: Charles Holden Holden Oil

Vice Chair: Charles Whipple Hallmark Health

Clerk: Jaclyn Kugell-Yezerski Morgan, Brown & Joy, LLP

Treasurer: Michael Brown

YMCA EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP: President and CEO Bruce Macdonald Chief Operating Officer Kathleen Walsh Vice President of Finance Betsy LaFontaine

North Shore Bank

Financial Development Chair: Richard Larkin People’s United Bank

Member-at-large: Elizabeth O’Hara Eastern Bank

Ex Officio Chairman: Edward Ball Rite Aid Pharmacy

BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Nicole DeVita, Lahey Clinic Medical Center David Gravel, GraVoc Associates, Inc. Peter Harmeling, Harmeling Physical Therapy & Fitness, Inc.

Ethel Leonard, Retired Gil Macdonald, Retired Retail Executive Maria McGee, The Mentor Network Peter Mortimer, Attorney/City Alderman Hong Net, Massachusetts Department of Revenue Jacqueline Torigian, Retired

BRANCH EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP: Torigian Family YMCA Tyler Fleming Lynn YMCA Audrey Jimenez Melrose Family YMCA Katelyn Doherty Saugus Family YMCA Bill Petryszyn YMCA of Metro North Gymnastics Center Jen Conway Melrose Family YMCA Child Care Center Karen Tringale Stoneham YMCA Child Care and Program Center Maureen McGurl

OUR LOCATIONS: LYNN FAMILY YMCA 20 Neptune Blvd. Lynn, MA 01902 781-581-3105

SAUGUS FAMILY YMCA 298 Main Street Saugus, MA 01906 781-233-9622

MELROSE FAMILY YMCA 497 Main Street Melrose, MA 02176 781-665-4360

TORIGIAN FAMILY YMCA 259 Lynnfield Street Peabody, MA 01960 978-977-9622

MELROSE FAMILY YMCA CHILD CARE CENTER 106 Main Street Melrose, MA 02176 781-665-8522

YMCA OF METRO NORTH GYMNASTICS CENTER 298B Main Street Saugus, MA 01906 781-218-7263

STONEHAM YMCA CHILD CARE AND PROGRAM CENTER 39 Pleasant Street Stoneham, MA 02180 781-279-2002 781-279-4359

YMCA OF METRO NORTH ASSOCIATION OFFICE 2 Centennial Drive, Suite 4A, Peabody, MA 01960 978-775-3701

2015 Annual Report