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Welcome to the YMCA of Greater New Orleans! Please review this important information before completing the new hire packet. Direct Deposit: All employees must sign up for direct deposit of their pay checks. You may have your check deposited directly to your checking or savings account. Some banks also offer pre-paid debit cards, which can be used for direct deposit. Please complete the direct deposit form, which is included in your new hire packet. Your first pay check will be delivered as a regular check. However, once your direct deposit information has been entered and approved, all subsequent pay checks will be deposited directly to your account. Earnings Statements and Clocking In: The YMCA of Greater New Orleans uses an on-line system (Netchex) for tracking employee work time. Once your new hire packet has been completed and you have been enrolled in our payroll system, you will receive a Netchex Self Service Form. The form contains instructions for clocking in and out, as well as accessing your payroll information. Our association does not provide staff with a paper copy of your earnings statements (pay check stub). Your earnings statements are available on-line, but you must use the registration procedure detailed in the Netchex Self Service Form in order to gain access to them and be able to clock in and out . You will not be able to register until your payroll account has been created, which may take several days from your hire date. Until you begin to clock in and out using Netchex, please keep track of your time and submit it to your supervisor so that it can be entered manually. Required Training: Before you begin work, you are required to complete three on-line trainings (see attached instruction sheet). Once you finish the on-line trainings, you will print a completion certificate for each one, which must be included with your new hire packet. You will also have to attend new staff orientation within your first two months of employment. New staff orientation sessions are held once per month, in New Orleans or Covington -- your supervisor will have a schedule of dates, times and locations. Again, welcome to the YMCA of Greater New Orleans. You are now a part of an organization which has a rich history of service to our community. Our association, founded in 1852, is the sixth oldest YMCA in the country. We look forward to working with you in providing much needed services to families in and around New Orleans!

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