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Apprenticeships: a how to guide Taking on an apprentice is easier than you think!

What is YMCAfit’s Apprenticeship programme? It is a work-based learning programme designed to enable students to work whilst they learn and pick up a recognised health and fitness qualification along the way. We have worked with employers to develop our qualifications ensuring they provide the necessary knowledge, skills and training to produce a competent member of staff.

How much does the Apprenticeship programme cost? It’s FREE - there is no cost. Providing that the eligibility criteria for the students are met, the qualification is entirely funded by the Skills Funding Agency. Wages are to be agreed between the employer and the apprentice, but must meet minimum wage requirements.

What is the benefit to my business? • • • • • • •

increased skills and knowledge of staff increased staff retention motivated and engaged staff enhanced profitability greater staff flexibility training tailored to your needs reduced training and recruitment cost.

Are there any financial incentives to businesses? The Government has issued the AGE grant, worth up to £1,500 (or £3,000 enhanced grant for London employers), as an incentive for small to medium sized businesses to take on an apprentice. However, this offer excludes any company that has already taken on an apprentice within the previous 12 months.

Who is eligible? To be eligible to undertake an apprenticeship, individuals must: • be aged 16 and over* • be working at least 30 hours a week in a fitness or leisure environment • be working in a YMCAfit Apprenticeship delivery area - call us to find out if we are in your area • not have a degree or HND qualification • not currently be in education.

How long does it take to train an apprentice? A YMCAfit Apprenticeship takes 12 months to complete.

*Apprenticeships for 24 years and over are available but require a £500 employer/learner contribution.

What Apprenticeships do YMCAfit offer? The following fitness and leisure Apprenticeship schemes are available across England: Level 2 Gym Instructor Exercise to Music Instructor Leisure Operations Kids’ Fitness Level 3 Personal Trainer Leisure Management

What additional support do YMCAfit offer? We offer complete support and guidance throughout the duration of the Apprenticeship. In addition, we offer a recruitment day prior to the start of the Apprenticeship which offers businesses a number of benefits, including: • pre-screened candidates • candidate role play and team working activity workshops • industry taster sessions • lower recruitment costs.

Why should I choose YMCAfit? Established in 1984, YMCAfit is the UK’s most experienced training provider. We have developed the largest portfolio of fitness training products available and work with numerous employers and businesses, helping them maximise the potential of their staff. By teaming up with us, you will also benefit from: • support and advice from highly experienced Guidance Assessors • training tailored to your specific requirements • courses which reflect the latest industry trends such as Powerplate and Suspension Fitness.

‘The service we received from YMCAfit has been first class throughout. I would recommend them to everyone in the industry’ James Colbourne Operations Manager - Heart and Soul Fitness

‘We’ve benefited hugely as a business and we know that our staff have received the very highest standards of training’ Stuart Rosenberg Franchise Owner - Fitness4Less

world class training To find out more information about the qualifications visit e. t. 020 7343 1870 Working in partnership with YMCA Training

Not for profit. Registered Charity No. 1001043. Registered in England and Wales no. 2551972

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