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IMPACT 2010 Annual Report


2010 WAS A brand new year

There are approximately 360,000 pre-diabetics residing in central Ohio alone. In an unprecedented national effort to combat this health crisis, the YMCA of Central Ohio, along with 20 Ys across the country, partnered with UnitedHealthcare to launch the YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program, which is based on the landmark Diabetes Prevention Program funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Studies from this program show that by eating healthier, increasing physical activity and losing a small amount of weight, a person with pre-diabetes can prevent or delay the onset of Type 2 diabetes by 58%.

A brand is commonly referred to as the heart and soul of an organization. It is the manifestation of the values and qualities that make an organization different and special. It is the sum of people’s experiences with and feelings about an organization. The YMCA has long been recognized for its programs and services however, understanding of its unparalleled cause was fragmented. In July of 2010, and after two years of extensive research, the YMCA of the USA launched a complete revitalization of the Y brand. New voice and messaging guidelines, a redesign of the YMCA logo that had been in place for 43 years and the formalization of “The Y” as our collective voice, this change aims to close the gap between how people perceive us and the impact we actually deliver.

In a unique partnership with the City of Delaware and the Ohio National Guard, we will expand our service area with the opening of the Delaware Community Center YMCA in fall 2011.

Our promise is our cause

Strengthening the foundations of community. The Y is a powerful association of men, women and children of all ages and from all walks of life joined together by this shared passion. Our core values unite us as a movement with a common cause. They are the shared beliefs and essential principles that guide our behavior, interactions with each other and decision making: Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility. A cohesive architecture frames our impacts and demonstrates how we deliver our promise in three defined focus areas: Youth Development, Healthy Living and Social Responsibility. Staff training on the brand revitalization is ongoing and critical to our successful transition. On October 24, we hosted an all staff rally, which gathered over 600 staff anxious to learn about the new changes. Complete transition, including facility signage is expected to be completed within the next 24-36 months. Ys across America have up to 5 years to complete the process.


The Y’s new brand reflects our true identit­y—­­a vibrant, innovative and diverse movement that is devoted to our cause of strengthening community. The Y works every day to solve many of the issues about which central Ohioans are most concerned. In the midst of funding cuts that affected child care, housing and supportive services, ECRN+ and other social service programs, the YMCA remained committed to broadening its circle of connections, advancing its work and offering itself more fully to the community to help those most in need. In 2010, we continued to fight childhood obesity and diabetes, seeking to affect the health crisis among children due to poor nutrition and inactivity. Through our partnership with Nationwide Children’s Hospital and Cardinal Health, we provided Strong-Well-Fit, a program designed to assist overweight youth and teens and their parents in making lifestyle changes to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight. With funding from the Ohio Department of Health and the support of Abbott Laboratories, area adults struggling with diabetes found education and support at the YMCA on their journey to better health through the Activate Ohio Diabetes program. United Way of Central Ohio continued to fund both of these programs in 2010, allowing us to more than double the number of people we served.

Funding sources including the United Way of Central Ohio, The Columbus Foundation, State of Ohio, the City of Columbus and Franklin County, ODE/ODJFS, Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing, the Community Shelter Board, United Way of Pickaway County, Cardinal Health Foundation, Osteopathic Heritage Foundation, Limitedbrands Foundation, and Family and Children First Council and numerous corporate and individual donors, continue to assist the Y’s commitment to ensuring YMCA programs and services are available to those who need us.

However, while slight improvements in the economic conditions are being measured nationally, central Ohioans continue to turn to the Y for financial assistance in record numbers. Deliberate growth of our People Helping People Annual Giving Campaign, the identification of new funding sources and the expansion of key community partnerships are essential to our ability to impact critical community needs. Our cause is to strengthen community, with each of our Ys working tirelessly to nurture the potential of kids, improve our community’s health and well-being, and give back and support our neighbors. We are grateful to the tremendous dedication of our staff, volunteers, and donors who take an active role in bringing about meaningful, enduring change right here in central Ohio.

John E. Bickley President/CEO YMCA of Central Ohio

Msgr. Joseph M. Hendricks Chairperson YMCA Metropolitan General Board


YOUTH DEVELOPMENT We believe the values and skills learned early on are vital building blocks for life. Because of the Y, more children and teens in neighborhoods around central Ohio are taking a greater interest in learning and making smarter life choices. At the Y, kids learn their ABC’s, learn to share, develop leadership skills and good sportsmanship and, most importantly, learn how to be themselves. That makes for confident kids today and contributing and engaged adults tomorrow.


The Y is committed to the quality care and education of children. We offer affordable child care to low- and middle-income families, provide State-Licensed School-Age care and Early Education that is star-rated through Ohio’s Step Up To Quality Initiative and NAEYC accredited, and teach the physical activity curriculum of Y-Kids are Fit. Over 3,500 area families from all walks of life who turned to the Y last year, did so because they know we’re here for them. That’s why we’re the largest child care provider in central Ohio.


During the summer months, parents need the comfort of knowing that their children are in a safe, fun and nurturing environment. Camping, like many Y programs, is about learning skills, developing character and making friends. But few environments are as special as Summer Camp. For the over 3,700 kids, ages 6-17 who were part of the 2010 program, it was a community that taught them both how to be more independent and how to contribute to a group while engaging in physical, social and educational activities.


The Y works to nurture the potential of children and teens. Our Teen Leaders Club promotes the building blocks teens need to develop healthy, trusting relationships, develop self-reliance and take an active role in strengthening his or her community. Hundreds of teens from 8 local school districts realized new opportunities through their support of: Martin Luther King Jr. Rally and March, Meals on Wheels for Life Care Alliance, Mid Ohio Food Bank, Special Olympics, Ronald McDonald House, Franklin County Animal Shelter and Faith Mission.


Our focus on youth development includes the critical skills needed to be safe in and around the water. Swim lessons teach the importance of water safety while helping children discover who they are and what they can achieve. In 2010, over 6,250 children learned how to swim at the Y. The Y is the starting point for many youth to learn about becoming and staying active, and developing the healthy habits they’ll carry with them throughout their lives. YMCA youth sports programs help build the positive relationships that lead to good sportsmanship and teamwork. Participating in sports at the Y is about building the whole child, from the inside out. 11,589 central Ohio youth, some as young as 3 years old, grew in their physical, emotional and social skills through Y sports programs such as basketball, soccer, martial arts, gymnastics, and dance.

Brittney still remembers the songs and activities her favorite counselor, Danielle, taught her at the Jerry L. Garver YMCA Summer Day Camp. As a youth, she spent every summer from age 6-13 years attending the day camp. Now, Brittney attends Bowling Green University, and as her job this past summer, she was the counselor who the Garver YMCA Day Campers looked up to. Inspired by her own years as a camper, she used her experiences to infuse energy into camp. Being a counselor, Brittney discovered, wasn’t all songs and games. She found it challenging to keep the campers engaged all day, and in the heat of summer, sometimes the campers would get cranky. She learned how to help kids get along with each other, too. “If I had to come up with three words to describe my counselor experience, they would be Water, for the water activities that everyone loves; Fire, for all of the cookouts, and Spirit for Spirit Day, when all the camps come together at Hoover Y Park for a day of activities, songs and costumes,” she summarized.

“As their counselor, I feel the campers should be comfortable with me and able to approach me for anything. I am here for them.”

“My new path at the Y has led me to tremendous physical improvements and the best friendships of my life. Sometimes the silver lining we find is not the riches or fame we expect, but the unrestrained laughter of new best friends.”


HEALTHY LIVING In communities throughout central Ohio, the Y is a leading voice on health and well-being. But being healthy means more than simply being physically active. It’s about maintaining a balanced spirit, mind and body. The Y is a place where you can work toward that balance by challenging yourself to learn a new skill or hobby, foster connections through a lifestyle program, or bring your family together for some quality time. At the Y, it’s not about the activity you choose as much as it is about the benefits of living healthy on the inside as well as the outside.


Serving families has always been at the heart of the Y. From monthly Family Nights to seasonal Family Camps, we bring together parents and kids like no other organization can. Through a specially funded national initiative, military families find respite at the Y while a spouse is deployed. Our Strong, Well, Fit program provides obese children and their families with the educational tools and support needed to achieve a healthier lifestyle. We have a fundamental desire to provide opportunities throughout our Association that allow families to build stronger bonds, achieve greater work/life balance, and become more engaged with their communities.


IMPACT ON OUR MEMBERS - We served over 112,368 unique members through our 11 branches in 2010. Because we know that healthy lifestyles are achieved through nurturing the spirit, mind and body,

well-being at the Y includes more than just exercise. In addition to our physical fitness classes and facility amenities, we provide educational programs to promote healthier decisions, and offer a variety of programs that support physical, intellectual and spiritual strength. Through an unprecedented partnership with the Centers for Disease Control, United Health Group and Y-USA, the YMCA of Central Ohio and 20 other Y’s across America launched the YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program to support pre-diabetics. Currently, over 360,000 prediabetics reside in central Ohio.

IMPACT ON OUR COMMUNITY - The Y is deeply rooted in our community. Through integrated efforts with key partners, the Y works every day to make sure we support the health and well- being of the community to promote positive change. In March of 2010, we partnered with WBNS-10TV to launch the first ever 10TV Commit to Be Fit Weight Loss Challenge. The Weight Loss Challenge was open to everyone in central Ohio. Over 4,000 adults participated in the Challenge and lost a total of 6,693 lbs. IMPACT ON CORPORATIONS - If you can’t come to the Y, the Y will come to you. In 2010, the Downtown YMCA partnered with 4 local corporations to support unique health and wellness programs and to provide management of on-site fitness facilities. Of the 3,600 employees who were served, 1,002 or 28% of the employees, actively participated in an organized program and use their on-site facilities an average of 3.5 times a week. At the downtown Grange facility, individual consultations with Y staff have improved participant Fit Scores, an internal measurement tool to gauge the overall wellness of an individual.

The diagnosis of sudden-onset multiple sclerosis was a pivotal moment in Jennifer’s life. Within days, she lost her vision and was becoming unable to walk. She struggled to find the “silver lining” in her new reality. Then she found the YMCA. At the Y, Jennifer began physical therapy in the pool and soon joined the waterbased arthritis class and saw great improvements. Within a year, she was ready to “graduate” to the aquaaerobics class. A few years later she added cycling and an land-based strength class. Now, after years of determination and hard work, she is healthy, happy and has regained most of her strength. Jennifer’s story is not only about the exercise classes. Her connection to the Y is with the people. She continues to be inspired by the wonderful friends and caring instructors she has grown to love.


SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY We know that when we work as one, we move people and communities forward. That’s why we are committed to providing support to our neighbors and opportunities for kids, adults and families to give, join in or advocate in the name of stronger communities.


To bring about meaningful change, individuals need ongoing encouragement and tools. We are here to provide these resources to our community. Quality of Life We maintained our unwavering support to the homeless population by providing innovative social service assistance and shelter to help individuals feel confident when turning to the Y for help. 1,402 adults found shelter, healthcare, employment assistance and essential social services through the Downtown YMCA and Sunshine Terrace, & Mount Carmel Medical Services. As poor economic conditions continued to impact central Ohio in 2010, resident turnover in YMCA housing decreased, with an average length of stay of 26 months.

Family Services & Skills Development The Y is a powerful ally and advocate to children with special needs. The Early Childhood Resource Network Plus (ECRN+) provided 1,626 developmental screenings, home visitations and service coordination assistance to central Ohio children and families. Speech therapy and adaptive equipment service 558 children, teens and young adults, helping to remove barriers.

Child Welfare

Jack H. came to the YMCA Supportive Housing Program after more than a year of homelessness in Columbus. Jack achieved a stable income, housing and recovery during the two years he participated in the Living the Rebuilding Lives Dream. With assistance from the Community Shelter Board’s Move Up program, he was able to move from YMCA’s Housing program and acquire independent housing. He was honored at the YMCA’s Annual Rebuilding Lives Recognition Dinner for Living the Rebuilding Life Dream. Jack’s personal strength has helped him overcome the cycle of homelessness.

On average, thousands of youth are truant or suspended from school each day. Our experience, strong relationships and presence in central Ohio communities means that we can organize efforts that provide support for social change. Working side-by-side with Columbus and Southwestern City Schools, as well as community leaders, the Positive Alternative Learning for Students (PALS) program provides a structured and supervised environment for students who have been suspended from school. PALS staff work to instill a positive change in attitude and a better outlook on the future for student participants. 5,084 youth, grades 6-12, were referred to the PALS program during the 2010 school year.


The generosity of others is at the core of our existence. It is only through the support of our volunteers and public and private donors that we are able to give back to the communities we serve. Volunteers We are uniquely able to serve the needs our communities. In 2010 central Ohio kids, adults, families and communities realized better health, stronger connections, greater selfconfidence and a sense of security through the commitment of 5,243 YMCA volunteers who generously gave 95,774 hours of service as coaches, mentors, fundraisers, health & wellness coaches, friends, and goodwill ambassadors.

Financial Support The Y is in our community to give everyone an opportunity to learn, grow and thrive. We work every day to make sure that everyone, regardless of age, income or background has a YMCA opportunity. In 2010, $645,020 was pledged to our People Helping People Annual Giving Campaign. These donations, combined with funding from other community partners and sources, helped 39,939 children, adults, and families experience the meaningful impact of YMCA programs and services through free or reduced price programs. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Money donated to the YMCA of Central Ohio is professionally managed and carefully allocated. Ninety-two cents of every dollar goes back to the community.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE AND PROGRAM SUPPORT PROVIDED Membership $2,453,437 ECRN+ 1,161,181 Juvenile Justice 623,216 After School Programs 552,093 Residential Services 511,971 Camp 481,095 Child Care 189,511 Youth & Teen Programs 178,130 Special Populations 100,223 Aquatics 31,763 Active Older Adults 21,837 Total Assistance/Support Total Unique Individuals Receiving Assistance

$6,304,457 39,939



REVENUE Membership Program

(Unaudited) $11,950,577 8,500,937

(Audited) $12,284,759 8,563,685



4,653,474 444,413 1,938,564 697,260

4,058,794 5,108,520 1,934,888 640,426



$19,521,866 425,332 1,047,820

$19,220,655 4,812,970 946,441

7,662,792 1,922,022

7,618,028 1,577,602

$30,579,832 $341,445

$34,175,696 $1,207,062

Donations/Contributions** Government: Federal, State & Local for Child Care, Housing, ECRN+ & Diabetes Early Learning Initiative (ELI) / HeadStart Plus Resident and Rental Other

Total Public Support and Revenue


EXPENSES Personnel Costs ELI / HeadStart Plus Partner Fees Supplies Facility and Occupancy (includes depreciation*) Other

Total Expenses Change in Net Assets 5



4 5

4 1 2 3







Msgr. Joseph M. Hendricks Vicar General/Chancellor St. Brigid of Kildare

Sue Zazon President/CEO, Columbus Region First Merit Bank


1. Membership 38.6% 2. Program 27.5% 3. Government 16.5% 4. Donations/Contributions 8.8% 5. Resident & Rental 6.3% 6. Other 2.3%

1. Personnel Costs 63.8% 2. Facility & Occupancy 25.1% 3. Other 6.3% 4. Supplies 3.4% 5. ELI/Headstart Plus Partner Fee 1.4%

* Depreciation equal to 1,802,480 and 1,906,553 for 2010 and 2009, respectively ** Donations/Contributions include United Way Agencies from Franklin and Pickaway Counties.


John E. Bickley President & CEO YMCA of Central Ohio

Hal Keller President Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing

METROPOLITAN GENERAL BOARD Steve Allen, MD Chief Executive Officer Nationwide Children’s Hospital Pamela Biesecker, CPA, MST Vice President-Taxation Office of Taxation Nationwide Insurance Patricia P. Cash Senior Vice President Client and Community Relations Dir. PNC Corey V. Crognale Partner Schottenstein, Zox & Dunn

Hon. Cheryl L. Grossman Ohio House of Representatives James R. Hess Senior Vice President Messer Construction Co. Charles D. Hillman President/CEO Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority Tom Katzenmeyer Senior Vice President University Communications The Ohio State University

Michael F. Curtin Associate Publisher Emeritus The Columbus Dispatch

Thomas F. Nolan Vice President Operations/Business Services Goodwill Columbus

Karen S. Days President Columbus Coalition Against Family Violence

Julia Sutphen Phelps President Sutphen Towers, Inc.

Eric D. Fenner Executive Director Franklin County Children Services J. Miles Gibson, Esq. Wiles, Boyle, Burkholder & Bringardner Co.


Roger P. Sugarman Partner Kegler, Brown, Hill & Ritter

James E. Grote John P. McConnell Robert H. McNaghten Curtis J. Moody, FAIA Benjamin L. Zox, Esq.


Marshall H. Barnes, II C.A.M. Raymond Cunningham Arthur G. Green Alice L. Ingram Robert H. Ourant

Guy L. Reece, II Franklin County Court of Common Pleas Jamie T. Richardson Vice President Government & Shareholder Relations White Castle Management Company

Charles A. Schneider Franklin County Court of Common Pleas Mark S. Slayman Senior Vice President JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. Gene Smith Director of Athletics The Ohio State University John W. Tolbert, M.A. Director, Community Health Division Columbus Public Health Todd Tuney Manager, Philanthropy Limitedbrands Stanley A. Uchida Vice President Park National Bank Claus von Zychlin President & CEO Mount Carmel Health System Robert J. Weiler Chairman The Robert Weiler Company Norman L. Wilson Senior Vice President Huntington National Bank

BRANCH CONSULTING BOARD REPRESENTATIVES Downtown YMCA Eldon & Elsie Ward Family YMCA Gahanna YMCA Grove City YMCA Hilliard/Ray Patch Family YMCA Hilltop YMCA Jerry L. Garver YMCA Liberty Township/Powell YMCA North YMCA Pickaway County Family YMCA

Timothy O. Gusler Fred Points Johnetta Carey Tina Ballard Michelle Weadock Tracy Moebius Kristin Shuman Greg Georgic Jim Durham Debby Wright

YMCA OF CENTRAL OHIO METROPOLITAN OFFICES 40 West Long Street Columbus, OH 43215 614-224-1142


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Our Mission: To serve the whole community through programs expressing Judeo-Christian principles that build a healthy spirit, mind and body.

2010 Annual Report  
2010 Annual Report  

The YMCA of Central Ohio's 2010 Annual Report