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WELCOME TO THE YMCA! We strengthen communities. We support families. We help children and teens realize their full potential. As one of the nation’s leading nonprofits, our programs — from swim lessons and personal training to violence prevention and academic readiness — are designed to encourage critical thinking, communication, creativity, and collaboration. The classes listed in this guide are a snapshot of our planned offerings in 2019, which may change over the course of the year. For our most up-to-date program and event schedules — including days and times — visit our website at











RENTALS Look no further than the McCormick YMCA to host your next party!

Family Fun Nights

Spending time together as a family is one of the best things you can do for your children’s mental and spiritual health. Just think of the Y as your “quality time provider” during our monthly Family Nights — full of fun, structured activities that are 100% free and open to the public. Our Family Fun Nights are the first Friday of the month from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Stop by the front desk for updates or call 773.235.2525. YEAR ROUND

Kids Zone (ages 6 months-10 years) Keep the kids active and having fun while you enjoy the Y with our Y Kids Zone, included with your family membership! Learn more at our Member Services Desk.


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BIRTHDAY PARTIES Create your dream birthday party in our party room. BOUNCE HOUSE Put the bounce in your next party! Bounce House can be added onto any party type. POOL PARTIES Includes the exclusive use of our Teaching Pool.

SHOWERS & GRADUATION PARTIES Celebrate your loved one’s milestone in our party room. SPORTS PARTIES Whether your child is into soccer, basketball, volleyball, football or dodgeball, we have you covered.

Party rentals are held Saturday and Sunday afternoons and are dependent on availability. Rates are based on membership status, length of party and number of guests. Please contact us at 773.235.2525 for more information. Weeknight meeting space is also available.


Y Wellness Consultations

At the Y, you’re never alone in your fitness journey. We’re here to help every step of the way, including a 100% free, one-hour session with a trained YMCA professional to identify the health, fitness, and wellness goals that matter to you. We won’t just provide you with YMCA resources and routines, we’ll help you separate fitness facts from myths and discover a positive health outlook together — for you and your family. YEAR ROUND

Personal Training

It’s scientifically proven that people who collaborate with a personal trainer are more likely to achieve their health and fitness goals. At the Y, we believe a safe, supportive, positive personal training relationship works best, so you’ll never have to fear an intimidating, “drill sergeant” atmosphere when you walk through our doors. Whether your goal is to lose weight, build strength, run a marathon, or simply live healthier, our trainers are here to help. YEAR ROUND

Y MaxTraining System®

One of the biggest keys to fitness success is how well you combine exercise with diet and other health initiatives. The Y’s signature training methodology, the Y MaxTraining System®, was designed with this in mind — a holistic exercise and nutrition system customized for your goals, habits, experience, and predispositions. YEAR ROUND We’ll provide: • A weekly exercise plan for days without your trainer • Progress monitoring and accountability • Monthly weight goals • Functional components to improve lower back and joint strength

Advanced Y MaxTraining System®

Take your training to the next level with the Advanced Y MaxTraining System®, a research-based system with a combination of multi-joint, compound and functional exercises that are reserved exclusively for individuals who take their training very seriously. YEAR ROUND Enhancements include: • Supervised portion extended to 45 minutes • Exercises in each portion focused on Full Body, Endurance/ Volume, and Power

Also includes: • A weekly exercise plan for days without your trainer • Progress monitoring and accountability • Monthly weight goals

To learn more about Personal Training options, the Y MaxTraining System® and the Advanced Y MaxTraining System®, schedule a free Y Wellness Consultation at the Member Services Desk or contact the Fitness Department at 773.235.2525.

Fitness Classes

At the Y, you’re never alone in your fitness journey — we’ll keep you accountable. Our classes are taught by trained, certified instructors who are friendly and ready to help. We cover all levels of experience, including active older adults (62+). YEAR ROUND

Small Group Training

Groups of 3-6. One of the hottest and fastest-growing trends in the fitness industry, Small Group Training is an effective, affordable and fun way to reach your fitness goals. YEAR ROUND Questions? Call us today at 773.235.2525.


SWIM LESSONS Swimming is more than just a hobby — it’s a life-saving skill that could prevent thousands of deaths each year. That’s why our swim lessons help focus on water safety, building character and increasing self-confidence. We’ll teach your child to swim confidently at his or her own pace, and enlist you as an active participant in the learning process.


We’ll teach your child to swim confidently and stay safe. You’ll receive resources and weekly feedback to help you become an active participant in your child’s learning process. Together, we’ll focus on water safety, having fun and building character. Why year-round? You’ll only have to register once, and have your time and day locked in for the stage your child is in. Children tend to move through stages together, but if your child progresses more quickly through the stage, we will work with you to find a time and day that works for your schedule. If your schedules changes, we are happy to find a different time and day that fits your needs. When can I register for lessons? You can register for lessons whenever you’re ready. We offer lessons yearround so children can learn to swim at their own pace, moving from stage to stage as they develop new skills. How do I know which stage my child should register for? We’re happy to help place your child into the correct stage to ensure they have a positive experience. Each stage of our program has benchmark skills that participants must complete in order to move to the next stage. Staff will ask a few questions to ensure we get your child into the correct class. Please visit our website or the center for the latest swim lesson schedule. Email mccormickaquatics@ymcacchicago. org if you need help placing your child in the correct stage. How much do lessons cost? We charge a flat monthly fee $47M / $93NM. When you register, you’ll pay a prorated fee for the remaining lessons in the month you start, plus the next month’s fee. After that, you’ll be set for monthly draft. Program draft takes place on the first of each month, or the first business day if the first lands on a weekend or holiday.


View and register for our programs at

What if I don’t want to pay my fees via monthly draft? That’s okay, we can set up a monthly installment instead. You’ll just need to visit the front desk to pay your monthly fee before the first lesson each month. If you fail to pay your monthly fee, you may lose your spot in lessons moving forward. How do I register for lessons? You can register in-person at the center where you’ll be participating in lessons or over the phone. If you register over the phone, you will need to stop by the front desk before your first lesson to complete the draft authorization form. This form will be emailed to you, so please complete it before arriving for your first lesson. Online registration is not currently available. Cancellation must take place by the 15th of each month. This will ensure no draft takes place on the 1st of the next month or an installment is placed on your account. Do you offer make-up lessons? We’ll do our best to find a time/ day with an opening in the stage your child is participating, but a make-up cannot be guaranteed. We limit one make-up class per month. Please contact McCormickAquatics@ for further details.

INFANT/TODDLER (ages 6 months-3 years)

Stage A: Water Discovery

The infant/toddler program requires a parent/guardian to be present in the pool with the participant at all times. We will introduce basic aquatic safety to parents and set healthy expectations for your child. Several safety skills will be introduced including asking permission to enter the water, and safe entry into and exit from water. YEAR ROUND

Stage B: Water Exploration

The infant/toddler program requires a parent/guardian to be present in the pool with the participant at all times. In Water Exploration, you will help your child explore the water and introduce basic water skills like kicking, blowing bubbles, and assisted floating on the front and back. Safety skills will be reinforced including asking permission to enter the water, and exiting the water independently. YEAR ROUND


Stage 1: Water Acclimation

Students will become comfortable independently going underwater and learn how to exit the water safely. Safety is reinforced when students learn about the importance of lifeguard/adult supervision, asking permission before going into any body of water, and life jackets. Goggles are not recommended for this stage. YEAR ROUND

Stage 4: Stroke Introduction

Students will be introduced to basic front and back crawl, as well as butterfly and breaststroke kicks. Students will also work on treading water endurance and be introduced to elementary backstroke. Safety will be reinforced when students learn about beach and boating safety and basic first aid practices. Goggles are recommended for this stage. YEAR ROUND

Stage 5: Stroke Development

Stage 2: Water Movement

Students will learn independent front and back glides, and swim sequences to reach safety. Safety will be reinforced when students learn about finding help, reach or throw, don’t go, and backyard pool safety. Goggles are not recommended for this stage. YEAR ROUND

(Recommended for school age participants.) Students will master the front and back crawl, learn butterfly, breaststroke, and sidestroke, all while building endurance. Safety will be reinforced when students learn open water safety strategies, how to help someone who is choking, and the importance of rest. Goggles are recommended for this stage. YEAR ROUND

Stage 3: Water Stamina

Stage 6: Stroke Mechanics

Students will build endurance to perform the safety sequence of swim-float-swim up to a length of the pool. Treading water up to one minute and getting to safety in deep water will be reinforced through jump-push-turn-grab sequence. Safety will be reinforced when students learn about sun safety and calling 9-11. Goggles are not recommended for this stage. YEAR ROUND

(Recommended for school age participants.) Students will master all four competitive strokes and both resting strokes while working on endurance. Competitive shallow dives and turns will be introduced. Safety will be reinforced when students learn basic CPR skills, releasing cramps, and the importance of continued physical activity. Goggles are recommended for this stage. YEAR ROUND

TEEN & ADULT (ages 13+)


Beginner Swim Lessons

YMCA adult beginner swim lessons are designed for those with little or no swimming experience. Skills will include water acclimation and comfort, proper floating, breathing techniques, and basic swim strokes including front crawl, back crawl and elementary backstroke. YEAR ROUND

Intermediate Swim Lessons

Want to improve on the skills you learned in Beginner Lessons? Our Intermediate Lessons will help build endurance and refine your strokes. YEAR ROUND

Need swim lessons that work better with your own schedule? Need more individualized training? Our private lessons are a perfect solution. We’ll focus on exactly what you want to learn, at a day and time that’s convenient for you. Please note that the aquatics department will not pair semi-private lesson participants. It is recommended the participants be of similar swimming ability to get the most out of the lesson time. Please contact the aquatics department regarding specific availability. YEAR ROUND Questions? Call us today at 773.235.2525.




In YMCA sports, athletes are guaranteed to play during at least 50 percent of game time, along with positive competition, fair play and fun family involvement.

Preschool Sports of All Sorts (ages 3-5)

A great way to improve hand-eye coordination and introduce the ideas of sportsmanship and team play. We’ll focus on a different sport each week with the guidance of our staff and a parent: soccer, basketball, football, and more! Gym shoes and sports attire required. Equipment provided. WINTER, SPRING, FALL

Preschool Tumbling (ages 3-5)

Open to boys and girls, tumbling helps children develop coordination, body awareness, and gross motor skills while working on listening skills, social skills, and following directions. Curriculum is progressive with a different body position and concentration each week. WINTER, SPRING, FALL

Youth Karate (ages 6-13)

Karate is a fun, low-impact way to develop discipline, concentration, confidence and leadership, all while improving your flexibility, speed, strength and stamina. This class welcomes beginner, intermediate and advanced participants, who will practice and train at their own skill levels. WINTER, SPRING, FALL

Dodgeball (ages 6-13)

Dodgeball is a great, low-impact way to cultivate the reflexes and reaction times need to excel at competitive sports. Plus, it’s fun! We’ll form different teams each day and play games like Dr. Dodgeball, Battleship Dodgeball, Paintball Dodgeball, and many more! WINTER, SPRING, FALL

Floor Hockey (ages 6-13)

Our instructors can’t wait to teach the fundamentals of stick handling, passing, shooting, and teamwork. Floor Hockey requires excellent hand-eye coordination, quick reflexes and good decision making. Developing these skills and more will give your child a great athletic foundation that will easily translate to other sports. WINTER, SPRING, FALL


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Research shows that team sports keep children healthy, active, socialized, and disciplined.

Youth Basketball League

The YMCA invented basketball 127 years ago, and it’s still the best place to learn the sport today. Teams will have experienced and trained coaches for all age levels. Practice and game schedules released prior to the start of the season. WINTER, SPRING, FALL

Youth Flag Football

All the fun of football, minus the tackles and impact. YMCA Flag Football is designed for coed players new to the sport of football as well as those not quite ready for tackle football. We focus on football education, participation, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Practice and game schedules released prior to the start of the season. Also includes an end-of-the-year tournament! FALL

Youth Soccer League

A developmental program for all skill levels, this league will develop the soccer techniques your child needs to succeed. Teams will have experienced and trained coaches for all age levels. Practice and game schedules released prior to the start of the season. WINTER, SPRING


Our adult sports are a great way to stay active and in shape while spending quality time with friends and neighbors. Leagues will run eight (8) weeks, including a single elimination tournament to end the season. Teams will play one hour each week between 6-10 p.m.. The team fee includes the price for uniforms. Get a team together before spots fill up! For more information please contact: Spencer Barclay,

Adult Men’s Basketball League

Join us on Mondays. WINTER, SPRING

Adult Coed Basketball League

Join us on Wednesdays. WINTER, SPRING , FALL

Adult Coed Volleyball League (6v6) Join us on Mondays. SPRING, FALL


50% OFF

most paid programs and enjoy advance registration privileges!

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After School Care (ages 5-12)

Ever wish your child’s school hours lined up better with your work hours? Our after school care lets you stay flexible. In our programs, parents have peace of mind, knowing their child is in a supportive environment focused on developing their true potential. Our after school program provides transportation from your child’s school to the Y. We provide pick-up service for McAuliffe, Mozart, Moos, Chase, and Funston Elementary. We also provide off-site programming for James Monroe and Frazier Elementary. Care includes healthy snacks, physical activity, nutrition and cooking education, and other school enrichment activities. Additional services include homework assistance, math and reading support, art, sports, trips, events, and a host of other resources students need to succeed. For enrollment and/or financial assistance, please contact Brandy Tobar at 872.315.2340 or WINTER, SPRING, FALL

School Days Out

Preschool, Head Start & Early Learning Programs

The first five years of a child’s life are crucial for lifelong success. At the Y, our DCFS-licensed preschool programs encourage children to discover their creativity while learning the problem-solving and social skills that will prepare them for the first day of Kindergarten and beyond. We’ll introduce your child to literacy, art, music, math, and science through hands-on activities. Our early childhood educators use the Creative Curriculum (based on the Illinois Early Learning Standards) and undergo continual professional development to ensure our classrooms are using the best possible practices. Our full-day preschool operates Monday-Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Nutritional breakfast, lunch and snack are provided. Contact Ms. Guadalupe Perez, Early Education Site Director, at 773.326.2823 for enrollment and registration. WINTER, SPRING, FALL

Like most parents, you’re probably already making plans for this year’s holidays. But what about all those days in between, when school is out, but adults have to go back to work? When schools are closed, working parents can turn to the YMCA of Metro Chicago’s School Days Out program to keep children ages 5-12 safe, engaged, and learning — including weather-related closings and Spring and Winter Breaks. You don’t even have to be a YMCA member to attend! From as early as 7 a.m. to as late as 6 p.m., we offer a full day of entertainment, including field trips, games, creative art experiences, and more. To register for a School Day Out, visit our website or call 773.235.2525. WINTER, SPRING, FALL

Youth Safety and Violence Prevention Program (ages 13-18)

Based on growing bodies of research, we know that chronic exposure to traumatic stress places thousands of Chicagoland youth at risk of PTSD, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, sleep disturbance, and somatization. Left untreated, these symptoms can lead to engagement in maladaptive coping mechanisms and behaviors such as drug use, academic failure, selfharm, bullying, gang involvement, incarceration, and early death. YSVP works with adolescent youth through school peace circles, one-on-one mentoring, or group programming such as Urban Warriors, Story Squad, and RISE. For more information on programming please contact Adrian Hernandez, Program Director, at YEAR ROUND

We know how difficult it can be to find balance in life. That’s why the Y helps individuals, families and communities learn, grow and thrive. With a focus on developing youth, supporting our neighbors, and improving health and well-being, your participation won’t just bring meaningful change into your own life, but into your community as well. The McCormick YMCA is conveniently located to serve the Logan Square, Humboldt Park and Hermosa communities.

McCORMICK YMCA 1834 N. Lawndale Ave. Chicago, IL 60647

STAY CONNECTED 773.235.2525 FACILITY HOURS: Mon.-Fri., 5 a.m.-10 p.m. | Sat., 7 a.m.-7 p.m. | Sun, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. HOLIDAY HOURS: Visit for details.

2019 Program Guide - McCormick YMCA  

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2019 Program Guide - McCormick YMCA  

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