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WELCOME TO THE YMCA! We strengthen communities. We support families. We help children and teens realize their full potential. As one of the nation’s leading nonprofits, our programs — from swim lessons and personal training to violence prevention and academic readiness — are designed to encourage critical thinking, communication, creativity, and collaboration. The classes listed in this guide are a snapshot of our planned offerings in 2019, which may change over the course of the year. For our most up-to-date program and event schedules — including days and times — visit our website at











Looking for quality time with your family? Look no further. The Y has you covered. Each month, we offer families fun and healthy ways to spend quality time together through our Family Night programs. Family Night activities are open to members and the public and are usually free. Be on the lookout for events on our Facebook page, in our monthly newsletter and on our online events calendar. YEAR ROUND

Kids’ Night Out

Looking to have a special night out with your special someone or friends without the guilt? The Y offers Kids’ Night Out each month to help you get the special time you need while your child has a great time playing and meeting new friends. SCHOOL YEAR

Holidays at the Y!

Join us for fun-filled holiday events with the whole family. Most events are open to the community, so bring your friends and neighbors too! Learn more at the Members Service Desk or


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50% OFF

most paid programs and enjoy advance registration privileges!




At the Y, we regard each child as a unique individual who needs to be understood, guided, encouraged and appreciated. Our programs provide activities where children learn, explore, build a positive self-image and develop strong social and emotional relationships. Children are exposed to art, music, math and science as they develop expressive and receptive language and gross motor skills.

Discovering Fun

An introduction to preschool where your toddler will develop their social skills through singing, stories, playtime, crafts and more! FALL, WINTER, SPRING

Kiddie College

Our play-based curriculum focuses on language, literacy, math, science, social studies, and the arts to develop the whole child based on their individual developmental needs. Our part day program option gives children an opportunity to fully engage and explore in a child centered environment that supports the unique needs of each child. All students must be potty trained. Children must be at least 3 years old to participate. Our FULL DAY (7a.m. - 6 p.m.) and HALF DAY (7 a.m.-noon) options begin June 1, 2019. YEAR ROUND


Before School, K-8

Are you ready for the new school year? We’re still enrolling children in our before and after school programs. Our School Age Child Care programs require participants to attend a minimum of 3 days a week. The selected days must be consistent within a given month. Parents may change the selected days if Leaning Tower YMCA is notified by the 10th of the prior month and space is available. (Example: Leaning Tower YMCA needs to be notified by September 10 if a parent would like to change their child’s program days for October). Child care rates will be drafted from your credit card each month beginning on September 1, 2018 and ending on May 1, 2019. A $30 deposit as well as the September payment are due at the time of registration for each program. Contact the Membership Desk at 847.410.5108 for details. SCHOOL YEAR

The Leaning Tower YMCA Before School Program partners with Edgebrook Elementary and is held at the school. Children are supervised and engaged in activities beginning at 7 a.m. Program participants engage in homework help, visual arts, science and math activities, and play games and sports at the Edgebrook playground when weather permits. We offer before school programming at local elementary schools. For a complete list, contact the program director.

After School, K-8

The Leaning Tower YMCA After School Program partners with the schools listed above and is held at the Leaning Tower YMCA. Children are supervised and engaged in activities until 6 p.m. for the After School Program. Program participants engage in homework help, visual arts, science and math activities, play games and sports in our gym and play in our outdoor playground, field and track when weather permits. Staff are available to transport children from the After School Program to other YMCA programs for which the child is registered.


Looking for a child care option when your kids are out of school due to a school holiday, weather closing or winter or spring break? When school’s out, the Y is there to keep kids safe and engaged in fun, healthy activities. Our School Days Out options are designed to engage children in healthy physical activity and foster positive social interactions. Our programs offer the highest-quality instruction and supervision, provided by trained and qualified staff members. Be sure to check our website and Facebook page, or call us for details. To register for a School Day Out, visit our website or call 847.410.5108. SCHOOL YEAR Questions? Call us today at 847.410.5108.




Are you looking to get healthy? Stay fit? Learn a new skill? Meet new friends? Improve how you feel about yourself? The Y is the place for you. We have a wide range of fitness programs and services for all levels of experience, including • Free wellness consultations • Variety of cardio, strength, endurance, flexibility and water fitness classes (and most are free for members!) • Personal and small group training • Online, real-time group fitness schedules • Friendly and knowledgeable fitness instructors • Specialty classes for active older adults (62+) We offer more than 50 FREE group fitness classes for members! For best results, mix up your workout schedule and keep it interesting with a variety of training styles. • STRENGTH training building lean muscle, and helps with long term weight-loss • CARDIO exercise is great for burning calories, and important for heart health • CORE strength is critical for building a strong body to create the best foundation of all other exercise, and activities • FLEXIBILITY reduces the chances of injury, increase mobility and improves posture • MIND AND BODY classes can help you improve balance, memory, circulation, vitality, and lower stress.

All Fitness classes/services offered year round unless noted. Contact membership services for information on age restrictions.


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SPECIALTY FITNESS CLASSES Foundational Weight Training

Let one of our Certified Personal Trainers provide you a self-sustainable program to be successful using dumbbells, barbells, and cable machines. Weight training has been shown to assist in losing weight, increase strength, improve posture, decrease joint pain, and decrease health risks such as Osteoporosis and high blood pressure.

Conditioning Ropes and Core Training

Sculpt and redefine your body with our Conditioning Ropes and Core class! Conditioning rope training will give you a combined cardio and strength workout while challenging coordination and balance.

Pre-Season Triathlon Training & Athletic Conditioning

Whether you’re preparing for your spring and summer races, or looking for that extra edge for your cross training this fall and winter, this is the class for you! This unique and challenging training program is taught by experienced personal trainers who will guide you through weekly workouts, help with form and technique, and get you ready for your next race. WINTER, SPRING

Active8 is YMCA’s 2019 Fitness and Weight Loss Challenge!

Start off your New Year with a new and improved you! This high energy fitness program will help you gain muscle, increase strength, develop endurance, learn and apply healthy nutritional habits, and lose unwanted weight.

Fit Kids (ages 4-8)

This high adrenaline class allows kids to have a good time while exercising in a safe environment. Lessons are designed to improve coordination, cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength as kids have fun and make friends. Ages 4-8

Burn-the-Bird Bootcamp

Join us for an awesome post Thanksgiving workout and burn off those calories. $5 fee members, $10 fee non-members.


A Y Wellness Consultation is a one-hour session where a trained YMCA professional will meet with you to identify your health, fitness and wellness goals. During this session your consultant will identify YMCA programs, classes, resources and services available that can help you meet your goals. • Receive guidance specific to your goals, exercise experience, nutritional habits and personal predispositions • Learn about the most common wellness myths and discover positive health habits • Learn about programs offered at our Y that could help you in reaching your wellness goals • Activities for the whole family



Partner Personal Training




Achieve and exceed your health and fitness goals with the support and guidance of one of our nationally certified personal trainers. Our trainers will create a safe and effective exercise program that’s customized for your personal health and fitness goals. At the YMCA, we believe being healthy and fit is a lifestyle and a journey, and we’re here to help you every step of the way. Whether your goal is to lose weight, build core strength, run a marathon or simply live healthier, our trainers will help you get there.

Meet your goals together with same benefits of our Personal Training sessions. The combined accountability to your trainer and partner will give you that extra measure of success!

This unique personal training methodology was designed with results in mind. The Y MaxTraining System® goes beyond personal training. It is a complete exercise and nutrition system customized to your goals, nutritional habits, health and fitness experience and predispositions. This system has a very high rate of success, especially with individuals whose main goal is weight loss. Key Features: • Weekly exercise plan for days without your trainer • Nutritional assignments specific to your eating habits and preferences • Progress monitoring and accountability • Monthly weight goals • Functional components to improve lower back and joint strength


Starting to exercise for the first time — or picking it back up after a break — can be a real challenge. It’s easy to get overwhelmed during your first week as your body adjusts to new activity. Luckily, the Leaning Tower YMCA now offers SMART START, a free, personalized fitness plan to help ease yourself into shape instead of overloading your body on day one and getting burned out. We’ll help you create a customized, incremental fitness plan that starts slow and easy, then builds steadily over the course of a few weeks. Evidence-based Fitness: Research shows that the key to long-term success with exercise is to start slow. In fact, a study conducted by Pennsylvania State University introduced 25 inactive adults to group fitness slowly, allowing them to “dip their toes” into exercise. The result? 80% of the group never missed a workout in the following 30 weeks. They lost body fat, gained lean muscle and prevented the chances of developing cardiovascular disease. That incremental approach to getting in shape is at the heart of SMART START, where the Y helps you choose from our group exercise classes to create a unique plan that’s right for you.

The Leaning Tower YMCA is the perfect place to host your next birthday party with a variety of options for children of all ages! Parties include: • 1 hour of activity with our staff • 1 hour in one of our private party rooms (Party room may be used by guests not participating in activity) • Tables and Chairs • Invitations upon request


Need space for a meeting or special occasion party? We have the space for you! Our 9th floor rooms overlook the Chicago skyline. • Bar/Bat Mitzvah Party • Sweet Sixteen • Baptism Party • Meeting Space • Family Reunion • Any Celebration

Schedule a free Y Wellness Consultation and learn more about fitness classes, services, and programs by visiting the Member Services Desk or by calling 847.410.5108. Questions? Call us today at 847.410.5108.



Swimming is more than just a hobby — it’s a life-saving skill that could prevent thousands of deaths each year. That’s why our swim lessons help focus on water safety, building character and increasing self-confidence. We’ll teach your child to swim confidently at his or her own pace, and enlist you as an active participant in the learning process.


Stage 1: Water Acclimation

Students will become comfortable independently going underwater and learn how to exit the water safely. Safety is reinforced when students learn about the importance of lifeguard/adult supervision, asking permission before going into any body of water, and life jackets. Goggles are not recommended for this stage. YEAR ROUND

Stage 2: Water Movement

Students will learn independent front and back glides, and swim sequences to reach safety. Safety will be reinforced when students learn about finding help, reach or throw, don’t go, and backyard pool safety. Goggles are not recommended for this stage. YEAR ROUND

Stage 3: Water Stamina

Students will build endurance to perform the safety sequence of swim-floatswim up to a length of the pool. Treading water up to one minute and getting to safety in deep water will be reinforced through jump-push-turn-grab sequence. Safety will be reinforced when students learn about sun safety and calling 9-1-1. Goggles are not recommended for this stage. YEAR ROUND

INFANT/TODDLER (ages 6 months-3 years) Stage A: Water Discovery

The infant/toddler program requires a parent/guardian to be present in the pool with the participant at all times. We will introduce basic aquatic safety to parents and set healthy expectations for your child. Several safety skills will be introduced including asking permission to enter the water, and safe entry into and exit from water. YEAR ROUND

Stage B: Water Exploration

The infant/toddler program requires a parent/guardian to be present in the pool with the participant at all times. In Water Exploration, you will help your child explore the water and introduce basic water skills like kicking, blowing bubbles, and assisted floating on the front and back. Safety skills will be reinforced including asking permission to enter the water, and exiting the water independently. YEAR ROUND


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Stage 4: Stroke Introduction

Students will be introduced to basic front and back crawl, as well as butterfly and breaststroke kicks. Students will also work on treading water endurance and be introduced to elementary backstroke. Safety will be reinforced when students learn about beach and boating safety and basic first aid practices. Goggles are recommended for this stage. YEAR ROUND

Stage 5: Stroke Development

(Recommended for school age participants.) Students will master the front and back crawl, learn butterfly, breaststroke, and sidestroke, all while building endurance. Safety will be reinforced when students learn open water safety strategies, how to help someone who is choking, and the importance of rest. Goggles are recommended for this stage. YEAR ROUND

Stage 6: Stroke Mechanics

(Recommended for school age participants.) Students will master all four competitive strokes and both resting strokes while working on endurance. Competitive shallow dives and turns will be introduced. Safety will be reinforced when students learn basic CPR skills, releasing cramps, and the importance of continued physical activity. Goggles are recommended for this stage. YEAR ROUND

TEEN & ADULT (ages 11+)


Water Movement and Stamina

The teen/adult beginner swim lessons are designed for those with little or no swimming experience. Skills will include water acclimation and comfort, proper floating, breathing techniques, and basic swim strokes including front crawl, back crawl and elementary backstroke. YEAR ROUND

Stroke Introduction

The teen/adult intermediate swim lessons are designed to build stroke introduction and endurance. Participants should be able to swim 25 yards continuously and be comfortable in deep water. Skills will include proper lap swimming etiquette, endurance, stroke refinement of front and back crawl, and introduce breaststroke, sidestroke, and treading water. YEAR ROUND

Stroke Development and Mechanics

The teen/adult advanced swim lessons are designed to strengthen skills for those interested in building swimming into their fitness routine, train for a triathlon, or participating in Masters Swimming. Participants should be able to comfortably swim 50 yards and tread water for one minute. Skills will include endurance swimming, reading a pace clock, isolating and working different parts of each stroke, and swimming drills. BEGINS IN SPRING


Need swim lessons that work better with your own schedule? Need more individualized training? Our private lessons are a perfect solution. We’ll focus on exactly what you want to learn, at a day and time that’s convenient for you. Please note that the aquatics department will not pair semi-private lesson participants. It is recommended the participants be of similar swimming ability to get the most out of the lesson time. Please contact the aquatics department regarding specific availability. YEAR ROUND


Whether you are looking for a summer job, or pursuing a career as a professional lifeguard, the YMCA offers classes in Lifeguard Certification and water safety.

In YMCA sports, athletes are guaranteed to play during at least 50 percent of game time, along with positive competition, fair play and fun family involvement.

PRESCHOOL SPORTS (ages 3-5) Basketball Level 1

This class is designed to work on the basic fundamentals of basketball such as passing, dribbling and movement. These classes will focus on hand-eye coordination and introduce the ideas of sportsmanship and team play. Gym shoes and sports attire required, equipment provided. FALL, WINTER, SPRING

Preschool Soccer

A developmental program for all skill levels. Our trained and knowledgeable coaches will develop the physical skills and techniques your child needs to enjoy the game of soccer for life. All of our classes promote competing in a fun and friendly environment. We focus on the whole child. SPRING, SUMMER

YOUTH SPORTS SKILLS (ages 5-12) Youth Basketball Skills

We continue to be committed to teaching your child the fundamentals of basketball, while competing in a fun and friendly environment! The Y Youth Basketball League is the perfect fit for you and your family. Our leagues are focused on developing your child’s skills and overall enjoyment for the sport of basketball. Teams will have experienced and trained coaches for all age levels. All teams will have one practice a week and one game a week with a playoff tournament at the end of the year (8 games, plus playoffs). Grades 2 & 3 are coed, with Grades 4-12 having separate leagues for boys and girls. SPRING

Youth Volleyball Skills

Participants will have the opportunity to explore interests through recreational and competitive play. All teams will have one set practice night per week and one game a week with a playoff tournament at the end of the year (8 games, plus playoffs). Practice schedules will be announced. All teams will be guaranteed one practice the week prior to the league start date. Youth and teens will concentrate on developing fundamentals and passion. SPRING, SUMMER

Offerings include: American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification American Red Cross CPR Courses Contact Aquatic Department for upcoming classes. Questions? Call us today at 847.410.5108.



YMCA gymnastics classes are designed to give a full workout while improving flexibility, coordination, balance and strength. We also work on listening skills, following directions and social skills. Children use all of the gymnastics equipment at every level and receive exceptional instruction from well-trained instructors. Leaning Tower YMCA also trains a competitive gymnastics team. See team coaches for more information on the competitive gymnastics pre team and team.


Beginner Gymnastics (ages 3-10)

Youth Beginner Karate

This class builds a solid foundation of core karate techniques through which participants will improve kinesthetic awareness, fitness, mental focus and unity of the mind, body and spirit. YEAR ROUND

Novice Karate

Little or no experience in gymnastics needed for this introductory girls class. Participants will learn body positions, handstands, cartwheels, forward and backwards rolls and other basics on the apparatuses.

Intermediate/Advanced Gymnastics (ages 6-10)

This class is for the continuing karate student with some experience under their belt. Students will further their mastery of Shotokan Karate kihon and katas. YEAR ROUND

Participants in this class should have had some instruction in gymnastics and be able to pass a Level 1 evaluation. Participants will start learning backbends, kickovers, pullovers on bars and beam skills.

We know how difficult it can be to find balance in life. That’s why the Y helps individuals, families and communities learn, grow and thrive. With a focus on developing youth, supporting our neighbors, and improving health and well-being, your participation won’t just bring meaningful change into your own life, but into your community as well. The Leaning Tower YMCA is conveniently located to serve the Chicagoland community. LEANING TOWER YMCA 6300 W Touhy Ave. Niles, IL 60714 FACILITY HOURS Monday-Friday: 5 a.m.-10 p.m. Saturday: 5 a.m.-7 p.m. Sunday: 6 a.m.-5 p.m. Holiday Hours Visit for details.

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2019 Program Guide - Leaning Tower YMCA  

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2019 Program Guide - Leaning Tower YMCA  

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