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STRENGTHENING OUR IMPACT YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago 2012 Annual Report

In 2012, the YMCA of Metro Chicago deepened our commitment to Chicagoland families, adding new communal and family spaces to YMCA membership centers, strengthening bodies and minds through our fitness programs and camps, and giving every Chicagoland child —regardless of financial need—a chance to thrive. Strengthening Our Core Youth development is at the core of the Y’s mission. When you give to the Y, you help us reach 67,000 children across the greater Chicagoland area through summer camps, Head Start, sports teams and after-school programs. We recently received a five-year grant to extend our successful Community Schools initiative into 11 more Chicago Public Schools. As you’ll read in this report, we launched a Chicago-wide initiative in 2012 to give our dedicated staff the tools and knowledge to better engage youth in their own character development. These program improvements are driven by new data — data collected and analyzed by our own Office of Performance Improvement — about the specific teaching methods and activities that are most effective at improving a child’s health, school performance and emotional wellbeing.

More Than a Safe Haven Our members know that Y membership centers, camps and other youth programs are safe and supportive places to send their children. In 2012, we took our commitment to youth safety a step further by directly addressing the crisis of violence plaguing our nation and our city. In this report, you’ll hear from Ryan Lugalia-Hollon and Eddie Bocanegra, the co-directors of our Youth Safety and Violence Prevention strategy, a comprehensive effort to teach peacemaking and nonviolent conflict resolution in each and every Y program.

Serving Families & Communities Everything we do at the Y — from fitness classes to after-school programs to special needs summer camps — is designed to meet the changing needs of our Y member families and the communities where we live and work. Your financial support helped us complete extensive renovations to several membership centers in 2012, including new child enrichment classrooms and family locker rooms at the Fry Family Y, and the exciting Y Kid’s Zone center — a collaboration with the Chicago Children’s Museum — at the Lake View Y. We hope you’re proud to be a part of one of the oldest, largest and most innovative nonprofits serving greater Chicago. The stories in this annual report are powerful proof of the difference we can make when we work together as a Y family.

Richard Malone President and CEO

Peter McNitt Chairman of the Board

Deseiree Murillo gets encouragement from Rauner YMCA staff during her journaling exercise.

4 | YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago

QUALITY TIME Across Chicagoland, YMCA staff are being trained in effective methods of connecting with kids and empowering them to thrive. 11-year-old Deseiree Murillo was always one of the “troublemakers.” When teachers and other adults spoke to her, it was usually to inform her that what she was doing or saying was “wrong.” Danielle Palomares, Youth and Family Program Director at the Rauner Family Y in Little Village, remembers when Deseiree first started coming to Rauner’s after-school program. Danielle and her staff struggled to keep Deseiree focused, and they worried that outside influences were pushing Deseiree down a dangerous path.

Annual Report 2012 | 5

The Power of Reflection Then came an unusual activity. Danielle handed each child a brand new notebook and pencil, and explained that this was their journal. Three times a week, they would be presented with a question and asked to write down whatever came to their minds. No judgments. No right or wrong answers. Just their honest, unfiltered thoughts. The children were skeptical; it sounded like another homework assignment. So Danielle decided to start with a simple question: “How was your day?” With some prodding, the kids started scribbling away.

Deseiree Murillo

6 | YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago

“I’ve never in my life been asked by an adult how my day was going,” Deseiree said. “I’ve never been asked what my opinions were or what I felt.”

The moment proved transformative, for both Deseiree and the Y staff. This girl, who so many had labeled as a problem, started behaving, getting better grades in school, and even becoming a peacemaker to the “bullies” in class. It seemed incredible, that the simple act of asking a child to reflect on her feelings could result in such a positive change.

The Recipe for Success But Deseiree’s transformation wasn’t an anomaly. It was the direct result of a professional development workshop attended by the staff from Rauner and YMCA youth workers across the city. The workshop, which focuses on self-reflection as a key component of youth development, is part of an ambitious initiative called the Youth Program Quality Intervention (YPQI).

About the Youth Program Quality Intervention Program (YPQI) YPQI is a quality improvement process developed by the David P. Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality, a national organization dedicated to making youth organizations like the Y more effective. The journaling exercise worked so well because it was based on the Weikart Center’s research into how children meaningfully engage with a youth program. Several components must be in place for children to learn and grow, including:

1. Youth must feel that they’re in a safe and welcoming environment.

2. They need opportunities to be leaders and to make their own choices.

3. They need opportunities to reflect on their own experiences, their strengths and weaknesses, and to set goals for the future.

Annual Report 2012 | 7

It Starts With the Staff In order for Y staff members to continuously improve on their practices with youth, they must first measure where they currently stand. That’s why the YPQI process begins with a rigorous self-assessment. Program Directors and front-line staff are trained in the assessment tool and asked to score their program delivery. With the data in hand, YMCA staffers can pinpoint where their programs excel and where they have opportunities for improvement. By integrating this process, the Y is better equipped to bolster the impact of our youth programs by empowering staff to engage more meaningfully with their work.

Ashley Nazarak, Director of Program Quality, Office of Performance Improvement at the YMCA of Metro Chicago with Danielle Palomaras, Rauner YMCA Youth and Family Director.

8 | YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago

"Our staff work here because they love the Y and they love working with kids," says Ashley Nazarak, Director of Program Quality, Office of Performance Improvement at the YMCA of Metro Chicago. "By going through the YPQI process, we can all become more conscious of why we are part of the Y, what we're here to achieve and the best way to achieve it."

Better Methods, Better Results Six months later, Danielle says that the kids have taken ownership of journaling time. They propose their own questions, never shying away from difficult topics. After a neighborhood boy was injured in gang crossfire, a child in the after-school program wrote on the board: “What would you do if this happened to you?” The question sparked a discussion about violence, forgiveness, treating parents with more respect and the importance of honesty. Deseiree, the former troublemaker, was recently asked to write about what she wanted to be in the future. “At first, I had no idea,” Deseiree says, “but Danielle started talking to me about all the possibilities out there if I paid better attention in school and started preparing myself now. My dream is to work for the YMCA and help kids like me.” At the YMCA of Metro Chicago, we never want to stop improving. Very few nonprofits are able to engage in this level of research-based program quality and performance improvement. We see it as critical to our calling as the largest provider of youth programming in the greater Chicagoland area, and our commitment to transforming lives and strengthening communities.

Annual Report 2012 | 9

BIG DATA = BIG IMPACT The YMCA of Metro Chicago is a national nonprofit leader in using data collection and analysis to track program effectiveness. At the YMCA of Metro Chicago, we know from experience that youth programs like our Community Schools initiative and Head Start classes have wide-ranging positive impacts on the life of a child, from better health to better grades. Now, thanks to a new data collection initiative, we are proving it.

This ongoing data collection effort is being managed by Christina Krasov, Vice President of Performance Improvement. The Y's Performance Improvement department is one of Chicago’s leaders in the field of nonprofit program improvement through data collection and analysis.

In 2012, the YMCA of Metro Chicago launched two data collection pilot initiatives focused on measuring the ongoing impact of Y programming throughout a child’s critical developmental years. The question we wanted to answer through this research was, how does participation in Y programs impact grades, school attendance, weight management, even eating habits and nutrition?

One of the pilot programs launched at the Y in 2012 was the collection of fitness data. Research from this initiative will be used to assist the Y in further development of obesity awareness programs with the goal of positively impacting youth obesity across the Association.

10 | YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago

“Through regular fitness testing, we can measure things like aerobic capacity, strength and body mass index. Over time, we identify which fitness programs are the most effective and what kinds of activities directly help our youth become healthier.� The other pilot program is a collaboration with Chapin Hall, the family policy research center at the University of Chicago. Chapin Hall has access to student data from Chicago Public Schools. The Y is working with Chapin Hall researchers to compare the academic performance of kids who attend Y programming or receive Y services with classmates from the same demographic background. If a child is active in the Y, does that improve school attendance, grades and classroom behavior in a statistically meaningful way? This research assists us in measuring our impact and in identifying ways we can further enhance our academic offerings. Since the mission of the Y is to support youth development for all greater Chicagoland youth, we will be sharing the results of our data collection efforts with other nonprofits working with youth to compare best practices and raise the bar for youth programming Chicago-wide.

Annual Report 2012 | 11

YMCA of Metro Chicago Youth Safety and Violence Prevention Co-Directors Eddie Bocanegra (left) and Ryan Lugalia-Hollon (right) work together to develop programs promoting peace and conflict resolution across the Association.

THE PEACEMAKERS The goal is to teach the principles and strategies of violence prevention in each and every YMCA program. The South Side YMCA Youth Basketball Association (YBA) is a Chicago institution. Every fall for nearly 40 years, hundreds of kids ages four to 18 come to the Y to learn the fundamentals of the game and develop character-building skills like teamwork, dedication and sportsmanship. But Ryan Lugalia-Hollon of the YMCA of Metro Chicago sees an opportunity to teach an even more critical life skill: peacemaking. Ryan is the co-director of the Y’s new Youth Safety and Violence Prevention (YSVP) strategy, a comprehensive anti-violence initiative that launched in 2012. For years, the Y has run street violence intervention programs serving at-risk or incarcerated youth, but the peacemaking mission of YSVP is far more ambitious. The goal,

explains Ryan, is to teach the principles and strategies of violence prevention in each and every YMCA program.

“Peacemaking is not just an urban issue,” Ryan explains. “Bullying is just as big of a problem in suburban schools as it is in the South Side. The Y can help teach peacemaking principles at all 23 membership centers by capturing anti-violence teaching moments in every day camp, after-school program and sports league.”

"We Can’t Just Treat the Symptoms" Ryan’s co-director at the Youth Safety and Violence Prevention program is Eddie Bocanegra, a prominent Chicago anti-violence activist who was profiled in the award-winning 2012 documentary "The Interrupters." Eddie grew up in Little Village, was drawn into gang life and even served time in prison. Through his personal experience and his pioneering work with a number of Chicago anti-violence organizations, Eddie learned that it isn’t enough to treat the symptoms of violence. You have to cure the disease at its source, starting in the very communities that the YMCA serves. “Telling someone to put their gun down does not address the root causes of violence,” Eddie says. “The YMCA can make a difference because we are deeply invested and embedded in communities where violence is a major issue. We have the experience to understand the unique needs of each of our communities, and provide the healing, support and opportunities for growth that all young people need and deserve.”

A Crisis of Violence Childhood exposure to violence, or CEV, is one of the most widespread and damaging childhood traumas. Bullying, physical abuse or even witnessing violent acts causes cognitive impairment that leads to poor academic performance, self-regulation and stress tolerance. Children who experience violence are also much more likely to commit violent acts themselves. For the YMCA, the message is clear: if we are committed to positive youth development for all greater Chicagoland children, then it must be our highest priority to eradicate CEV and reverse its damaging effects on our kids.

14 | YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago

Annual Report 2012 | 15

“For the Chicago Metro Ys, we can’t be socially responsible and ignore this issue,” says YSVP co-director Ryan. “Safety is a foundational human need, and by making investments in the safety of our communities across the greater Chicagoland area, we are enabling people to reach their full potential.” Effective Peacemaking Strategies Violence prevention is a daunting task, but Ryan and Eddie are employing evidence-based methods that have been proven as effective antidotes to violent behavior. Sometimes all that people need is a viable nonviolent option for resolving conflict. Peacemaking Circles are a good example. In a Peacemaking Circle, five to 15 youth or adults sit in a circle. Only the person holding the “talking piece” can speak, while the rest listen. “A peacemaking circle is a restorative justice practice where people come together to process a difficult issue, resolve a conflict, grieve the loss of a friend, or navigate a difficult transition in their life,” Ryan explains. He recently used a peacemaking circle to train day camp staffers at the suburban Leaning Tower Y in ways to encourage nonviolent conflict resolution.

16 | YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago

“A peacemaking circle is a way for Y staff and members to put our core values into action: honesty, respect, caring and responsibility,” says Ryan. “When we teach this practice to the young people we work with, we’re giving them a tool to deal with problems that they didn’t have before. So when kids are confronted with an issue, now they have a powerful nonviolent option.” Back at the South Side Y, Ryan and Eddie can see a gym full of young basketball players learning how to be peacemakers on the court and out in their communities. Because the Y is so deeply rooted across Chicagoland, we have a real opportunity — and a responsibility — to help every child grow up safe and sound.

Annual Report 2012 | 17

THE "Y EFFECT" At the Sage Y, Beth found more than a gym. She found a place to alleviate her pain, a community and a better outlook on life. Beth suffers from spinal stenosis, a narrowing of the spinal canal that can cause extreme pain and numbness. Her doctor suggested that she spend some time in the pool to help manage her pain and discomfort, so Beth signed up for “H2O Flow” classes at her local Sage Y in Crystal Lake. To her amazement, the underwater movement and stretches relieved Beth’s symptoms almost immediately. Beth credits her recovery not only to her “H2O Flow” class, but to the entire Y experience. She came to Sage Y for help with a medical issue, but ended up forming relationships with everyone from classmates to front desk employees. Not only does Beth feel better physically, but her outlook on life has brightened. We call that the “Y effect.” “The contact I have with everyone here is so positive,” Beth says. “The information they give you, the support they provide you and their good attitude just means so much to me. I feel like I’m part of the family.”

About Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS) is a narrowing of the spinal canal in a person's vertebrae which causes back pain in 8-11 percent of the current American population. As the “baby boomer” generation ages, an estimated 2.4 million Americans will be affected by LSS by 2021.

18 | YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago

“I have more energy now, and my doctors have confirmed this is exactly what I should be doing,� Annual Report 2012 | 19


20 | YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago

When Tina’s husband lost his job, she had to go back to work, leaving little time or money to entertain their four kids all summer. With financial assistance from the Fry Family Y in Naperville, her children were able to attend the Y's Safari Club. “At a time when my life was in chaos and I was running out of hope, the Fry Family Y helped find a way for my four children to have a safe and fun summer while I went to work. The staff at Fry treated me with compassion and respect during a time when my financial situation had me feeling embarrassed and alone. I will always be grateful to Fry Family Y for their support, and hope one day to be able to give back.” “Safari Club was an awesome experience for my children. We have been involved in several summer programs, and this by far was the best. My kids came home every night talking not just about their new friends, but about their counselors. I haven't met a lot of young adults who will spend their summer being a positive influence in children’s lives. The impact they have made on my kids will last well beyond the few short weeks they spent together. I know this summer will stay with them for a long time.”

Annual Report 2012 | 21


2012 saw significant renovations to Y membership centers. Our 23 membership centers are physical spaces that embody and reflect our values. In 2012, your donations helped us fund facility upgrades that further our commitment to serving families and fostering community. Lake View YMCA • Through a partnership with the Chicago Children’s Museum, we added a fully interactive play world called the Y Kid’s Zone • New family locker rooms offer improved privacy, safety and convenience for young families

Fry Family YMCA • A 5,300-square-foot addition that includes family locker rooms with private showers • New “child enrichment classrooms” for preschoolers • A family lounge that overlooks the pool • An expanded lobby with couches, games and hangout areas designed to foster community interaction

West Communities YMCA • New KaBOOM! playground • Interior and exterior renovations, including new ceilings, light fixtures and roof • New cardio and strength equipment

Fry Family YMCA classroom

West Communities YMCA KaBOOM! playground

Lake View YMCA - Y Kid's Zone

Fry Family YMCA pool viewing lounge

Lake View YMCA Y Kid's Zone

Fry Family YMCA family locker room

In addition to these exciting changes, we will be breaking ground on major renovations for our Sage and South Side Ys in 2013.

ADDING IT With support from our community, FY2012 Statement of Activities (in thousands) Revenue Contributions, United Way, local chests

Temporarily Unrestricted Restricted

$ 5,022

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$ 2,572

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Total Revenue

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Expenses Program Services


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Total Expenses




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24 | YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago

$ 57

(3,054) 327


$ 327

$ 3,575


we are able to help our community. FY2012 Balance Sheet (in thousands) Assets Cash and cash equivalents

Commitment to Cause $ 9,834





Other Assets Benefit Interest in Charitable Trust Land, buildings and equipment

Debt Other liabilities

$ 3,538 1,050 $4,589

2,774 116,930

Liabilities & Net Assets Deferred revenue and advances

Program financial assistance



Accrued liabilities

Membership scholarships

$ 17,314 3,406 71,560 6,995

YMCA of Metro Chicago Statistics Full-time Staff


Part-time Staff


Board and Policy Volunteers Program and Service Volunteers

606 9,064

Program Registrants


Members (Membership Units)




Net Assets: Unrestricted Temporarily and permanently restricted

164,865 12,451 $276,591

Annual Report 2012 | 25

Transforming Lives and Communities. Since we first opened our doors to Chicago in 1867, the YMCA has always been defined by one prevailing characteristic: the power to improve, strengthen and even transform lives. It is a commitment that starts with physical wellness, but extends so much further. It is a commitment to educating our children, expanding their potential and giving them a safe place to grow and learn. It is a commitment to service and social responsibility. It is a commitment to helping others in order to help ourselves, and improving ourselves in order to impact others. It is a commitment to our future. From fitness, to wellness, to community service, everything we do at the YMCA is an exercise in possibility. Note: Statistics below reflect 2012 numbers.



individuals in 10 human services programs

children at 6 community schools

Beginning in 2013, the YMCA of Metro Chicago serves the city, suburbs and collar areas impacting communities for the greater good with: 23 Membership Centers 5 Resident Camps 13 Early Education and Care Programs 13 Community Schools 4 Regional Housing Centers 6 Senior Housing Centers

196,465 program participants

1,598 children in 13 early education and care programs

2012 was another stellar year of giving. Each gift and donation you give supports critical programs and services that positively impact and inspire the lives of others. Key: - Board Member - Employee - Deceased

28 | YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago



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Rush University Medical Center The School of Performing Arts, Inc. Mark and Karen Schultz Vance and Mary Beth Scott Michael and Kelly Scotti David W. Selby Alicia Smith Spina Bifida Association of Illinois Student Alliance for Homeless Youth John and Sharon Tolomei United Way Suncoast The University of Chicago USA Swimming Foundation Janet and Matthew Van Bergen VOA Associates, Inc. Vulcan Materials Company Warady & Davis LLP James and Carol Weaver


Deborah Brown

Brian and Sandy Carson Catholic Bishop of Chicago

Kenneth Cohen

Theodore and Sharon Flint

David and Lisa Hanneman


Follett Corporation

Richard Hanson

Eric Conley

Mr. and Mrs. Gil Fonger

Norman Wait Harris Memorial Fund

Thomas and Ruth Cross

Benno and Tippi Friedrich

Creighton Hartanov

David and Nancy Crouch

Robert E. Friedrich

Alan and Catherine Haskins

Maureen Culhane

Full Circle Family Foundation

Todd and Joan Headrick

Curtis and Sue Culver

Margaret Fuller

Healthy Choice Vending LLC

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Culver

Amy and Andrew Funk

Daniel and Pamela Hennebry

CVS Pharmacy, Inc.

G & L Contractors

Mr. Ronald L. Herring

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Dahlin

G.A. Blocker Grading Contractor Inc

Nicole Daniels

Abel Galvan

High Ridge YMCA Dolphin Swim Team

The David Agency Insurance, Inc.

Patti Eylar and Charlie Gardner

The Hillshire Brands Company

Lavergne and Jim Davis

The GE Foundation

Gerald and Lisa Holm

Mr. and Mrs. Kent D. Dean

Mr. Michael D. George

Terrance and Virginia Holt

Neil and Tina DeBrass

Joe and Julie Giacchino

Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Hostetler

Jeff and Heidi Deininger

Laura Giampino and Colleen Halloran

Hostmark Hospitality Group

The Giere Family

Christopher Hudetz

Aaron Gilbert

Daniel Hungerman and Laura Batt

Mr. and Mrs. Merle L. Gilmore

ID Graphics, Inc.

Give With Liberty Employee Donations

Imperial Woodworking Company

J. Wayne and Judith Denazarie Jack and Renee Devedjian Frank Di Maria Denise Diaz Dave Dick Direct Auction Galleries, Inc. Dodge Company Mr. James R. Donnelley Dorle Realty Corporation Ken and Stacy Drost John Dunn Mr. Steven E. Ealick and Ms. Judy Virgilio Dottie and Larry Earle Ed Uihlein Family Foundation Elite Heavy Equipment Service Elmhurst Garden Club Elmhurst Rotary Charitable Trust Fund Kenneth and Lori Engel English Rows Dental Stephen D. Erf Farr Associates P.C. Jenny Ferrer

Margaret Hoyt

Drs. Rita M. and Richard Glass

Italian American Civic Organization of Berwyn

Golub & Company

JC Turner, Inc.

Scott Goodwin

Jersey Mike's Subs

Grace United Methodist Church

Christine M. and Charles E. Joern

Graham and Robin Grady

JohnsByrne Company

Angelic Graves

David and Caroline Johnson

Gloria and Bill Gray

Jerry Jones

Graycor, Inc.

John Kachadurian

Great Lakes Lifting Solutions, LLC

William Kaplan

The Greater North Michigan Avenue Association

Karen and Charles Keenley

Tim and Jodi Greene

Lita and Craig Keller

Joe and Lindy Grossman

Maureen Kilgallon

James and Ardith Grover

Kim J. Kiser

Gymnastics Team Buehler YMCA

Kiwanis Club of Elmhurst

Ed and Mary Kay Haben

Dean and Kimberly Kleronomos

Hamill Family Foundation

Dr. Donald J. Klusendorf

Mrs. Betsy Hanisch

KM Plant Services

Gregory and Loreen Keller

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis B. Knecht

Vikkii Marshall


James and Barbara Kordick

Joe and Sandi McBride

Bryan and Jennifer Orton

Kovitz, Shifrin & Nesbit

Seema and Jeff Pajula

Monte and Susan Krol

Maureen McCarthy and Heath Newland

Kara Krueger Sichi

John and Jane McCarty

Russell J. Pass and Mindy Kalchman

Mr. Charles A. Krugel

Mr. and Mrs. William McClayton

Alison Pease

Norman Kwak

Dede McKnight

Per Se Group

Angel and Nilda La Luz

Freda and Kurt Meyer

Dr. and Mrs. Michael G. Peske

Dr. Lance and Martha Lambert

Midway Building Services

Peter Troost Monument Company

Lancaster Family Foundation

James Miller

Doug and Cindy Peterson

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence P. Lannan, Jr.

Kevin Miller

Pied Piper Wireless, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lannan

Mrs. Mary J. Miller

Dennis Pierini

Mr. Ken Pelletier and Ms. Amanda Lao

Dr. and Mrs. James W. Milne D.D.S.

Popular Community Bank

Eric and Cynthia Mogentale

Mr. and Ms. Julian G. Posada

Law Office of Kent Dean Ltd.

Bill and Alyce Moloney

Power Construction Company, LLC

Leading Edge Recovery Solutions

Montgomery WalMart

Anthony and Rose Mary Powers

Leaning Tower YMCA Swim Team

Motorola Corporation

Mark and Annette Purcell

Ron and Caroline LeBan


The Putbrese Family

Katy and Steve Leclair

Rapid Displays

Ervin and C. Louise LeCoque

National Service Systems of Illinois Inc.

Matt and Rose Lemke

NBC Universal Foundation

William G. Lerch

Vince Neri Power Rodding & Sewer

Mr. Gregg A. LeRoy

Repair Construction

Mrs. Melissa LeRoy

Network for Good

Edmund Lester

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Neuman

David and Cindy Lichtenheld

New Centers of Chicagoland

LifeTouch National School Studios

Michael and Sheila Newman

Lillig & Thorsness, LTD

Bernie Niersbach

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Lillis

Richard Niersbach

Loyola University Chicago

Niles Industrial Services, LLC

Katherine Luby

Brandon Norder

MacLean - Fogg Company

Northstar Lottery Group

Ken H. MacLeod

James Nuzzo

Roderick MacLeod

Ken and Brenda Odom

Ray and Diane Maida

Beatrice O'Donnell

The Renee and Edward Ross Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. John T. Mangan

William and Jody O'Leary

Rotary Club of Chicago O'Hare

Mr. Thomas R. March

Ms. Colleen Olsberg

Rotary Club of Oswego

Bob and Anna Bush

Richard and Kathleen Olson

Elsa Rubio

Marquette National Bank

One Candle Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Brian G. Ruddy

Laurie and David Marsh

Optimist Club of Oswegoland, Inc.

Heriberto Ruiz

Park Vending

Bruce and Karren Ray Raymond James & Associates Inc. Stephanie Fabbie-Reed and Family Tom and Fran Riek Todd and Yvette Riggin Michael and Linda Riordan Riverside Kachina Tribe Adventure Guide Program Dr. Nancy and Mr. John Robb Mr. and Mrs. Steve Roberts The Rodriguez Family Rona Roffey The Ron Buonauro Memorial Foundation, Inc.

Ryan Electrical Services, Inc.

Traverso's Restaurant

$500-$999 - ($500.00 +)

Hugh Ryan

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Tremmel

Adobe Systems, Inc.

Dr. Kevin P. Ryan, D.D.S.

Jay and Pam Turner

Joseph Allegretti

Steven and Sheri Ryan

Jeremy Tworek

Anchor Mechanical, Inc.

Ryder Carpet Inc.


Bill and Stephanie Annicella

Safeway Services, LLC

Judy Van Arsdale

Anonymous (3)

Sahara Enterprises, Inc.

Ariel Investments, LLC

Saint Anthony Hospital

Charlene B. and Randall G. Vickery

Phillip Salter

Village of Oswego

Samaritan Network

Vining Sparks

Rebecca Sampson

Visual Image Photography, Inc.

Schiff Gorman LLC

Heidi J. Voorhees and Ed Walchak

Burke Sennott

Nolan Wade

Jason and Janette Sfire

William and Susan Walker

The Shatrau Family

Waubonsee Community College

Charles F. and Lorraine L. Beck Foundation

James Sikich

Ken and Valerie Weigand

Thomas and Jamee Beggs

Mr. and Mrs. George J. Skaff

Robert C. Weisheit, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Benjamin

Gregory and Anne Smith

William Welch

Piper Bennet

Martha and Scott Smith

Kurt Wheeler

Eric and Jennifer Bereta

Solomon Cordwell Buenz &

Jim and Susan Wiemeyer

Joseph Betancourt


Williams Montgomery & John Ltd.

Biaggi's Ristorante Italiano, LLC

Robert Somers

Edward and Greta Wimp

Judith Bianchi

Steven and Geri Sorenson

Wolfson Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Biegert

SS. Peter And Paul Church

Women United for South Shore

Bill Kay Chevrolet

Joseph and Mary Starshak

Robert Woods

Gregory and Meaghan Bishop

Carolyn Stauner

Amanda and Joel Yeast

H. M. Bitner Charitable Trust

Gregg Straumann

YourCause, LLC

Joe Blachette

Mr. and Mrs. Verlyn Suderman

Michael and Barbara Zahorik

Gregory Bloden

Superior Chimney Services Corp.

Michael Zalewski

Mark and Leslie Boeckel

Mrs. Jean C. Sussman and

The Zinnecker Family

Mr. Gregory A. Boltz

Mr. Edward Lyons

Scot Zoellick

The Bon Ton Stores, Inc.

Arlington Heights Ford Catherine and Neal Ashdown David and Suzanne Augustyn Azteca Foods, Inc. Mr. Joakim Backstrom Mark Barbera

Margaret and Richard Sykes

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Borta


Lori Bowman

Barbara Taylor

BP Fabric of America Fund

The Estate of Emily Samel

David and Louise Brearton

Brid and Cathal Tierney

Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Briner

Nancy Timyan

Bruesewitz Inc.

Mr. Richard P. Toft

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin T. Buggy

Mr. and Mrs. Sean F. Toohey

Andrew and Laurie Bulson

Business Electronics Soldering Technologies

Edison International Employee

Kyle and Julie Hartje

Contributions Campaign

Berniece Buttinger

Joseph Hartman

Richard and Joy Elder

C.C.P., Inc. Financial Planning

Hawthorne Race Course

Elmhurst Chicago Stone Company


Elmhurst Jaycees

Mr. Neville T. Hayes and Ms. Julie Besaw

Dennis and Eva Callahan

Mark and Heidi Enright

Healthcare Alternative Systems, Inc.

Kenneth Chada

Brian and Gail Ensberg

Mrs. Mary Louise Hendrickson

Michael Chapman


Gretchen and Peter Hickman

Charles Schwab of Oak Brook

ExxonMobil Foundation

The Hildner Family Foundation

Chawla & Associates

Ms. Carol A. Ezell

Margaret and Richard Hoff

Roger and Ruby Chawla

F & R Decorating

Yetta and Al Hoffman

Benjamin and Cynthia Chereskin

Fair Oaks Ford

Mr. Michael C. Hourihane

Chicago Office Technology Group

Erin Fauber

Brad and Kathy Hunt

Chicago's Pizza, Inc.

Jim and Sheila Feldman

Illinois Currency Exchange Charitable

Matt and Chanda Codak

Donald and Maria Felton


Codilis & Associates, P.C.

Ferguson Freight, Inc.

Jenner & Block, LLP

Larry and Sharon Cohen

First National Bank of LaGrange

Kainz Family Foundation

Timothy Cohen

Angeline Flesch

Russ and Laura Karlins

The Compassion Foundation

Monique Floer

Karmin Family Charitable Foundation

Contractors Electric Service, Inc.

Ed and Judy Fojtik

Karr and Associates, Inc.

Cornerstone National Bank & Trust

Fox River Academy of Music & Art

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold F. Karr


Richard Franklin

Jeffrey Katz

Costco Wholesale #060

Gabriel Lopez & Associates

Dr. Bruce A. Kaufman

Michael Cowan

Keller Williams Realty Infinity

Marta and Phil Cullen

Ms. Neha Gandhi and Mr. John Hennelly

Ken and Francine Daemicke

Sally Garon

Thomas Kennedy

Michael Dahl

Roger and Susan Key

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Dahlin

Albert H. Glos and Iona D. Glos Foundation

Rick and Jill Davis

Mr. Leonard Goodman Deborah Gorman-Smith

Dale and Sheri Kluga

Denkar Schools, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Diamond

John and Pat Grady

John and Nancy Diekelmann

Ana Maria Grandfield

James and Sarah DiMaria

Suzanne and Robert Gray

Downers Grove Noon Lions Club

Jan Grillos and Chuck Scharenberg

Sherrie Drury

Angel Gutierrez

Dugan & Lopatka, CPAs

Mr. and Mrs. David Hachmeister

Richard and Karen Dziagwa

Charles and Mirja Haffner

The Earl and Bettie Fields

Philip and Kathleen Hajduk

Automotive Group Foundation, Inc.

Julia Hall

Law Offices of Pinderski & Pinderski, Ltd.

Jeffrey and Mary Eckdhal

Roy Handoko

Brian LeClercq

Kellogg Foundation

Mr. Kieran Kirby Marian and Michael Kneafsey The Kraft Foods Foundation Timothy and Betsy Kramer Thomas and Linda Lakars Lake Area United Way, Inc. Rose Lane Brown Ed and Mary Langbein Ms. Brianna K. Latko

Mark and Pat Levine

Paul Myers

James and Marilyn Radtke

Life Fitness

Naperville Jaycees

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin J. Randall

William Logel

National Association of Hispanic


Jim Arendt and Laura Lopez


Robert and Gail Robertson

M & M Orthopaedics

National Chimney Supply, Inc.

John Ross

Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Maassel

Julie Nelligan

Rotary Club of Westmont

Tony and Chris Mandarino

Walter Neuberger

Rotating Equipment Specialists

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Maplethorpe

Elizabeth Neupert

Jennifer Roths

Howard Marella

Deborah Newman Roe

Tom Roytek

Lola and Ray Markus

Northwest Community Hospital

Runge Auto and Tire Limited

Ms. Sam Martinez

Charles F. O'Connell

S & C Electric Company

Sue Ontiveros and Vincent Marzullo

Old Irving Park Association

Rene Sanchez

Mark Maskalunas

Christopher and Tanya Olson

Mary Beth and Dominic Saraceno

Thomas and Agnieszka Mastandrea

Order of AHEPA

Kathy Scharko

Dorothy Mathews

Jim and Michelle O'Sullivan

Dan Schirk

John J. Matsock & Associates, Inc.

Second Federal Savings

Dan and Barb Mazur

Ottosen Britz Kelly Copper Gilbert & Dinolfo, Ltd

Terry and Rose Marie McBride

Palatine FD Foreign Fire Tax Board

Mr. Timothy J. McCahill

Palatine Police & Fire Benevolent Association

Dr. Mary Margaret Sharp-Pucci

Dennis and Karen Palmer

Thomas and Rae Slaughter

Diana Palomar

Daniel and Mary Sloan

Donald and Michelle Panovich

Jill and Stephen Smart

Stacey and Brock Paradis

Smothers Realty Group

Pam Parrish

John and Sally Soltys

Karin Miller

Ms. Jeanette M. Pauli

Scott and Anne Springer

Matt Miller

Ms. Karen S. Pedersen

Robert and Susan Star

Robert Miller

Jennifer and Steven Peldiak

Peter Stein

Paul and Joy Monson

Pepper Construction Group

Marc Stiehr

Michael and Meg Moran

Pepsico Foundation

Jordan Stiles

Mr. Thomas F. Moran

Terri and Bill Perlstein

Michael Stojak

Ms. Gloria Morningstar

Kirby and Gail Petersen

Jane and Clark Stone

Moveo Integrated Branding

Frank and Pielsticker

Jon and Mollie Stromberg

Kim and Kim Moyers

Michael and Brianne Pietronicco

William and Nancy Sturgeon

Much Shelist Denenberg Ament & Rubenstein, P.C.

Laura Pleasants

Bonnie and David Sullivan

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Takash

The Mueller Family

Primary Resources

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Tangredi

David and Laura Murphy

James and Cassaundra Quick

Richard Tarsitano

Dennis and Joy Murphy

Donald Quinlan

Bradley Temkin

Michelle Murphy

R2 Financial Solutions

Mr. Gene L. Temkin

Thomas and Cheryl McRoberts Merrillville Rotary Club, Inc. The Miami Tribe Arthur and Gretchen Michaely Microsoft Giving Employee Campaign

Securus Investment Management, LLC Mrs. Caryn B. Simons

Frances Thomas

Abbott Laboratories Employee

Dale and Kathleen Anderson

Charles Tilson

Giving Campaign

Emily Anderson

Travelers Community Connections

Geoffrey and Pamela Abbott

Ms. Katerina Anderson

Kimberly Tunberg

Tara Abbott

Kay Anderson

United Service Companies, Inc.

Jonathan Abolins

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Anderson

United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey

Accurate Mechanical Control, Inc.

Roger Andrews

Accurate Painting & Remodeling

Patricia Andrews-Keenan

USA Triathlon

Ace Hardware Woodruff

Maria Andriola Paige

Walter and Judy Vanbenthuysen

Ace Metal Crafts Company

Janet Angus

Dorothy J. Vance

Eric Acevedo

Linda and Gary Anish

Graham and Amy Van Swearingen

Mathew Achettu

Anonymous (21)

Michael and Cindi Varon

Chad Adams

Joseph and Susan Vasselli

Jeanne Adams

Apex Management & Special Events, Inc.

Ramon Vazquez

Bennett and Cheryl Adlaf

Bill and Sue Aplington

Nicholas and Lois Vick

Advanced Chiropractic &

Paul Arabie

Victory Consulting Inc

Acupuncture Center

Los Arboles Management, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Viner

Advanced Data Technologies

Douglas and Karen Arenberg

Robert Viscomi

Christine Aguirre

Jason and Patricia Arends

Mr. and Mrs. Karl von Heimburg

Ahlgrim Funeral Home, Ltd.

William and Mary Ellen Wells Arendt

Earl and Joyce Vorpagel

AKA-LADE Foundation

Frederick and Jink Arkin

The Warranty Group

Matthew Akinrinade

Scott and Nancy Armstrong

Bruce Wells

Leslie Alappattu

David and Janet Arnold

Rani and Darren Wesley

Tord Alden

Colleen Arrigo

Mr. Dennis A. White

Neal E. Alexander and

Mrs. Joan Ashley

Whole Foods Market

Charon J. Van Tellingen

James and Mary Ashley

Lynn Wilson

Thomas Allen

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Aspan, Jr.

Judy and David Wolf

Todd and Marilyn Allen

Assurant Health Foundation

John and Erika Wood

Allied Services

Mr. Russell R. Attis

Wyndalco Enterprises, Inc.

Allstate Giving Campaign

Gwyneth Aubrey

Zeigler Chrysler Dodge Jeep of

Stuart Alpern and Lisa Ojeda

Bobby and Billy Auclair

Downers Grove

Thomas Alston

Aurelio's Pizza

Mr. and Mrs. Karl Zerfoss

Ralph and MariLou Alvarez

AutoSmart, Inc.

Norm and Liz Zienty

Julia Alvaro

Ms. Lynn C. Avery

John Zouras

Amazing Ventures, LLC

Bud and Claire Bach

Americraft, Inc.

James Bach

Ameriprise Financial

Susan Bach

($100.00 + )

Amanda Amert

Autumn Bailey

180 Medical

Ancel Glink

Dwight Baird

A. Scott Properties LLC

Thomas and Catherine Anderson

Jim and Karen Baird


Kathleen Abbate

Aaron Baker

Jess Baker

Patrick Benton


Richard Baker

Steve Beranek

Jon Books

Baker's Square

Terrence and Cindy Berger

Marc and Mary Borge

Norman Balliet

Mr. Robert J. Borta

Chris and Erin Ballman

Mr. Brian F. Bergheger and Ms. Carol Doyle

Mark Banakis

Lisa Berlin Christine and Garrett Berman

Mike and Jane Bowers

Miranda and Erik Barfuss Wendy Barker

Edward and Josephine Berthold

Deborah Barnes

Susan Bertocchi and Mark S. Warnaar

M.C. and D.C. Barnes Comell Baroody Dr. and Mrs. Alex J. Bart Lisa Bartakovics Gary and Margaret Bartlett Charles Bartmann Edward Bartmann Saul Basurto Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Batt Michael and Maria Bauer Michael Bauer Richard Baumgarten Gina Baumgartner Richard and Lynn Baylis Lance and Beverly Bayne Rebecca Beardsley David Beck Barbara Becker Gold Jenifer Becker Joe and Karen Behles Behr Iron & Steel Belgio's Catering Fran Bell Heather Bell Jennifer Bellis SunShine BenBelkacem Edward and Phyllis Bender Patricia and Daniel Bengston Joe A. and J. L. Benjamin Richard and Carol Bennett

Christopher and Nancy Bertschy John and Amy Best Leroy and Marian Betz Monika Bhuta Judy Bianco Mr. and Mrs. John F. Bibby, Jr. Bickus Plumbing Inc. Daniel Bien Bill Seaman Construction Dan and Natalie Bishop James and Laura Bittman Kevin Blatchford Blistex, Inc. Blue Island Medical Center Low Vision Service Edward and Patricia Blumen Sue Blumenfeld Bob Carter's Auto Body, Incorporated

Marty Bouschart Robert and Amy Boynton Jerry and Donna Brand James Brander Luke and Patti Brandonisio Diane Braun Mark Braun Carolyn and Andy Brecklin Michael Brenczewski Mr. Michael P. Brennan Giovanna Breu Chris Breuckman Benjamin Breuer Mr. Robert J. Breving Daniel and Jill Bridges Sondra Brigandi Jake Britos Clay Brock Rick and Beth Brodecki Phil Brodie Patrick and Christine Broenneke Jane Bronson Brooks, Tarulis & Tibble, LLC.

The Bobb Family

Brown County United Way

W. Brand and Mary Ann Bobosky

Deborah Brown

Debbie Bode

Freddie Ann Brown

Body And Soul Spa Retreat

William Brown

Read Boeckel

Christopher Bruce

Robert Boho

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Bruce

Ms. Katherine L. Boldt

Sarah Bruce

Jack and Jo Bolger

Erin Bryant

Nicky Bollweg

Anthony Buccina

Mary Bolton

Scott and Phyllis Buchta

Rosalita and Louis

Joseph and Paula Buckman

Audrey R. Bueche

William and Kelly Carlson

Jay Cipra

The Buffalo Tribe Adventure Guide Program

Carpets in the Park

Laura Cison

Thomas and Deirdre Carroll

Citizens for Elaine Zannis

The Bui Family

Mrs. M. Phyllis Carroll

Citizens For Tim Cullerton

David and Elizabeth Burghard

Carr's Honda

Citizens for Tom Allen

John Burjek

Martin Carway

Joseph Claffy

Burke Beverage, Inc.

Tom Cassidy

Patricia Clam

Charles Burke

Gloria Castellano

Ross and Becky Clark

John Burke

Joe Castillo

Clarke Mosquito Control

Bill Burke

Mr. Joseph A. Catrambone

Andy and Katey Clements

Jennifer Bushman

Kain and Patricia Cederberg

Ray and Melissa Cliff

Michael Busse

Centaur Construction Co., Inc.

James and Diana Clinton

Stacy Butindaro

Centegra Health System

Brandon and Valesta Cobbs

Brian Butkiewicz

Century 21 Universal

Coffee Unlimited

Bradley Butler

Jan and Angie Cerniglia

Coghill Family Foundation

Buttrey Rental Service Inc.

Anthony and Andrea Cervini

Georgia Cohen

Craig Butz

Cesario Homes, Inc.

Julie Cole

BW Naperville

Tony Cesario

John Coliton

Roy and Elaine Bynum

Nicholas and Maria Cetlaus

Lenette Collias

C & R Mortgage Corporation

William and Elizabeth Chalberg

Mr. Donald F. Collins and Dr. Enid

C. Capp's Jukebox Service

James Chambliss

W. Collins

Cabot Cheese

David and Kathy Chameli

Virginia Collins

Marvin and Marilyn Cagan

Se Fok Chan

The Comanche Tribe Adventure

Christina and Deniz Caglar

Soukie Chanhdara

Guide Program

Thomas Cahill

Susan Chansey

Cathleen Combs

Valerie and Hall Cahill

Chasers Sports Bar and Grill

Community Bank of Downers Grove

Mr. William J. Calderone

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony E. Chelmecki

Community Bank of Elmhurst

Martrice Caldwell

Robert and Susan Chennell

Community Bank of Western Springs

Michelle Calensini

Chicago Area Rehabilitation Experts,

Mark Camp


Community Nurse Health Association

Ms. Jeannette M. Campbell

Chicago Children's Wellness

Comtran Consulting, Incorporated

Candlelite Chicago


Concept Care Chiropractic and

William Cantalupo

The Chicagoland Church of God

Wellness Center

Cantore Enterprises

Chinook Indian Guides

Concord Express, Inc.

Mr. and Ms. Brian A. Capps

Mr. David J. Chorzempa

Kurt and Kelly Congdon

Paul and Barb Capps

Karl and Rosemary Christen

Christopher and Julie Conger

Bonnie Caputo

Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Christensen

Scott and Joette Conger

Paul Caputo

Shih-Lung and Wang Po Chu

David and Patricia Conley

Robert and Erin Carlson

Michael and Ardis Cicchella

Judith A. Connolly

Mr. Gustave W. Carlson

Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Connolly

Scott and Karen Connolly-Larson

Daniel and Dina Dahlin

Mr. and Mrs. Peter DiCianni

The Conrad Family

Joseph and Katie Dahlin

David and Marie Dickson

Robin Conrad

Timothy Dahlin

Construction Restoration Services

Dairy Queen

Gregory J. DiDomenico and Patrick O. Oberle

Judith Corbeille

Dakota Tribe

Bob and Susan Dillard

Robert and Mary Ellen Corbett

John Dalessandro

Timothy Dillon

Matthew and Susan Cordek

Steve and Leta Dallas

Anthony and Susan Dina

Gregory and Lynn Cornwell

Kimberly Daniel

David and Ann Dingman

Tom and Susan Cosentino

Jerrell and Vanessa Danner

DJ's Scuba Locker, Inc.

Anthony and Gloria Cossa

Joseph and Denise D'Asto

Ray and Jill Doerner

Patrick Coughlin

Ron, Lynn, Clara, and Grace Davidson

Michael and Susan Doerner

County Of Cook

Suzanne Stegeman

Robin Doerr

John Courtney

Dawn Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Micheal J. Dolesh

Karen Couture

Mr. and Mrs. Eric T. Davis

John Donnellan

J. Tyson and Doreen Covey

Davis Family

Ms. Shawn M. Donnelley

Ed and Cathy Crabbe

Mark R. Davis and Mary Sue

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Donnelly

Wild Monk Craft LaGrange LLC


Miss Clara's Mini Musicians

Robert Craig

Tim and Chris Davis

Arthur and Sally Dordek

James Crawford

John and Janice De Groot

Marilyn Doroshow

The Crayton Family

Anthony De Michael

Stephen Down

Creations Landscaping Ltd.

Matt and Kara de Nazarie

Downers Grove Choral Society

Karl and Sally Cremieux

De Vries Grocery & Market

Dream Capital Advisors, LLC

Mauro Crestani

M. L. De Vries and A. L. De Vries

Rick and Liz Drogosz

Virginia Cronnelly

Ms. Carolyn J. Dean

Sandra Du Brock

Randy and Yvonne Crow

Joshua Dean

Wendy DuBoe

Charles and Susan Crowder

Patti Deemer

Edward and Sandra DuBrock

Byron and Joy Crowe

Yolanda M. Deen

Claire Ducey-Bach

William and Mary Cullen

Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Del Bene

Michael Dudek

William and Sharon Cullen

Mary DeLaney

Steven and Kari Dueball

Vanessa Culver

Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel DelBene

Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Duenser

Will Cummins

Dell Employee Giving Program

Wilda Duncan

Erskine Cunningham

Mr. and Mrs. Paul DeMichele

Kevin and Bonnie Dunne

Edward Roa and Joan Cunningham

DeMichele Builders

Dawn Duquaine

Peter Curielli

Ruth DeMuro

Daniel and Wendy Duquette

Greg and Livia Cutler

Bob and Mary DeSalvo

Mark and Mary Duquette

Cutting Edge Flooring Group, LLC

Eric and Kimberly Desmet

Michael and Julie Duquette

Gary Cygan

Mr. Richard J. Devery

Les and Victoria Durov

D & K Real Estate Service Corporation

Devon Bank

Ms. Cynthia Dvorak

DiCianni Graphics

David Dyer

D. Nellie's Properties, LLC

Lee Eastman

Betty Eaton

Evergreen Farm

Ms. Janice R. Fountain

Tim and Jane Eaton

Cheryl and Michael Evers

Nancy Fox

Godwin Ebuziem

Exchange Club of Grayslake

Richard Fox

Mr. Herman Edmond

Exclusive Agency, Ltd

Fox River Foods

Educational Job Training, Incorporated

Pamela Fabian

Samuel Fox

Peter and Karen Fahey

Edward Hospital & Health Services

Fox Valley Fire & Safety

Mark and Diane Falanga

Scott A. Edwards and Lorraine A. Mitchell

Fox Valley Trophy & Promotions Inc.

Meara Fallon

Francesca's Amici

Kevin Farmar

Joseph Frazier

John and Diana Faulhaber

Fritz and Cathy Freidinger

Mr. and Mrs. Don Feeley

Robert and Jennifer Frentzel

Michael Feightner

Gerrilyn Frey

Felde Chiropractic LLC

Andrea Friedman and Abigail Sofian

David Feller

Maryanne Friedman

Stephen and Esther Fettinger

Friends for Peter DiCianni

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Fiedler

Friends of Luis Arroyo

Robert and Mary Kate Fiedler

Beverly Frier

Elizabeth and Michael Fieweger

Karen Friese

Elite Elevator Systems, Inc

Samuel and Lynne Figola

Mona Frisbie

Elite Sports Performance Training LLC

Alan and Kathy Fink

Matthew Friscia

Mr. William Finn

Jeff and Bonnie Fritz

David Ellis

First Financial Credit Union

Timothy and Tracy Fritz

Elmhurst College

Fitch Ratings

David and Jennifer Fritzsche

Elmhurst Dermatology

Russell and Pamela Fitton

Frontier Electric Supply, Inc.

Elmhurst Lions Club

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis FitzMaurice

James Fruin

Michael Elsenbroek

Kevin and Lisa Flanagan

Susan Furukawa

Rita Emge

Erin A. Fleming and

G2Design Studios LLC

Frederick and Marcia Emmett

Timothy McIlrath

Irene Gaiter

Jennifer Enciso

Mark Fleytlikh

Mr. Robert T. Gale

Donald and Kelly Enger

Anthony and Suzanne Florek

Denise and Thomas Gallagher

Erik Enger & Kelly James-Enger

Jack Flowers

Patrick and Anna Gallagher

William English

Mike and Janet Flynn

Raymond and Anne Ganey

Betzaida and Richard Erdelyi

Michael and Paula Fohrman

Mr. Robert E. Ganja

Steven and Norma Ericson

Daniel and Katherine Foley

Cynthia Garcia

Kendra Erven

Michael Foley

Garden Electric, Inc.

Eric and Leigh Ann Eshelman

Kathleen Forde

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gardner

Nick and Brenda Esposito

Michael and Theresa Forde

Arthur and Carolyn Gasey

Kirk Evans

Forest Partners Insurance Services LTD

Judith Gaston

Doug and Yvonne Foss

John Gaughan

Pam Eernisse Margaret Egan Mr. Irwin Ehrlich, C.P.A. Terence and Peggy Eiden Theodore T. Eidukas and Maria K. Thanasouras Eddy and Lisa Eisenberg Gerald and Eileen Eisenstein Eldon Hatch & Company Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Elfering

Robert and Susan Evans Kirk Edward and Roberta Evans

Christine Gates

Bill and Tania Gaul

Arny Gonzalez

Mr. and Mrs. Perry L. Gunn

David Gay

Elizabeth and Jose Gonzalez

Ms. Diane Gutenkauf

Elizabeth Gay

Robbie Gonzalez

Glenn Guth

Geneca, LLC

Ms. Louise Goodkin

Helen and Al Gutierrez

Jonathan and Sheila Genson

Jim and Annie Goodman

H.E.R.O. Fitness

GEO Mechanical Inc.

Goodman Family Foundation

Jeff Haas

Dale Georgandas

Robert and Lynn Goodsell

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Haas

Luci Georgeff

Scott Goodwin

Grant Haeussler

Gerald Subaru

Kandy Gore

Thomas and Alison Hafner

Robert Gerber

John and Nikki Gorski

Halogen Supply Company, Inc.

Scott and Colleen Germeraad

Jamie and Rick Gotlund

Sandra Haman

Nicholas Giampietro Joseph and Carol Giampino

Gennadi Goushchin and Olga Sleptsova

Malinda C. Hamann and William M. Lee

Angela Gibb

William Grabowski

Jim and Liza Arendt Hamilton

William and Nancy Gibbons

Howard and Peggy Graening

Robert and Lorie Angela Hamilton

Kristy Gibbs

Anna Graham

Samuel and Nancy Hamilton

Adam Giering

Mark and Kimberly Gralen

Bryan and Sandra Hamilton

Tanuj Gilja

Mr. Paul Gralen

The Hammar Family

Clifton and Hollis Gill

Ms. Patricia L. Grandle

Dianne and Charles Hanau-Strain

Daniel and Susan Gillespie

Carolyn Grant

Mr. Robert Hanisch

Terence Gillespie

Grant Community High Activity Fund

Timothy and Laura Hannan

Dr. Merry Gindorf, O.D.

Annette Graves-Denenberg

Ms. Janet G. Hansis

Peter Ginn

Tracy Gray

Kimberly Hanson

Jill Giorno

Gail and Robert Green

James Harisiades

Andrew E. Glassford and Elisa J. Tessier

Thomas and Catherine Green

Joseph and Gail Harowski

Laura Greifenkamp

Mr. and Mrs. Tony Harrington

David Glassman

Craig Griffith

Mr. Charles Harris

Sue and Michael Gleeson

Mark and Amy Grippando

Pamela Harrower

Steven and Cheryl Glenn

John and Linda Grissim

Susan Hart

Linda Glew

Gisela Grosse

Daniel and Sherry Anne Harter

Norbert Glod

Grossinger Autoplex

Calvin Hartman

Golden Country Oriental Food, LLC

James and Cle Grosskopf

The Hartman Family

Goldleaf Painting & Design, LLC

John and Elise Grosspietsch

Marilyn Hartmann

Goldstar Security Services, Inc.

Ian and Tina Grover

Gerard and Kathleen Haslwanter

Robert Goldstine

Tristan and Rosie Grover

Eldon Hatch

Goldstine, Skrodzki, Russian, Nemec and Hoff, Ltd.

Thomas and Edna Groves

Brianna Hathaway

Matthew and Kathy Golland

Steven Grzeszkiewicz

Jason Havens

Margaret Guerrero

Ms. Jacqueline C. Hayes

Carla Guest

Health Source of Wicker Park

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Goltermann Lynda Gonzaels

Elizabeth Heavener

Steven and Eliza Hollis

and Excavating

Chris and Laura Heavrin-Talko

Peter Holt

Marvin Iverson

James Hechtman

Jay and Sheri Holt

J & H, Inc.

The Hectman Group LTD

Nancy Hotchkiss

J. V. Discipio, D.D.S. & Associates, Ltd

Scott Hector

Houghtaling Insurance Agency Inc.

J.B. Alberto's

Dave Heffernan

Jason and Katrina Hovey

Thomas, Mary and Jack Heffernan

Sharon Howell and Jerry Finkelstein

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Jackson

Philip and Diane Heinz

Thomas and Rita Howley

Ms. Kristen R. Jackson

Emily Heitzman

Charles Hruska

Peter and Judith Jackson

Abbe Heller

Ann Hudson

Kyle Jacobs

Beryl Heller

Lucille Hudson

Randel and Sandra Jaeger

Andrea Helms

Scott and Barbara Hudson

Stephen and Cindy Jagielo

Dan Hemmer

Stacey and Sara Huels Family

Derek and Kaitlyn Jeanneret

Thomas and Tiffany Henning

Cathy Huffman

The Jel Sert Company

Mr. Luis Hernandez, Jr.

David and Kerry Hughes

Lydia Jenkins

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Herndon

Timothy Hurley

Phonstaylor Jenkins

Hetts Auto Sales LLC

Huron Nation Adventure Guides

Jim and Karen Jennings

Teresa Heyson

James and Kathleen Huss

Charles and Virginia Jesse

Thomas Hickey

John and Anne Huston

Joe's Barber Shop P.C.

Elizabeth Hicks

Nathan Huveldt

John Greene Realtor

Dr. Michael T. Higgins, D.D.S.

IBM Corporation

Bruce Johnson

Peter Higgins

Joseph and Louise Idaszak

Glenn Johnson

Andrew Hill

IFPC Worldwide, Inc.

Ms. Gloria J. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Hill

IG Sauk Fox

Ms. Phylis Johnson

Candice Hill Buchbinder

Kevin and Judith Illingworth

Ron and Sally Johnson

Jennifer and Mark Hill

Illini Tribe Adventure Guide Program

Scott Johnson

Mr. Mark Hilldebrant

Illinois American Water Company

William and Kerry Johnson

Amy Hillgamyer

Illinois AmericanWater

Julie Johnston-Ahlen

Don and Ky Hilliker

Illinois Tool Works, Inc.

Cynthia Jones

Linda Hillsman

Impact Dance Studio, Inc.

Ms. Leticia D. Jones

Hi-Tech Manufacturing, LLC

Edmund Impens

Dhananjay Joshi

Martin Hock

Vittoria Incandela

Jth Ventures

Charles and Shirley Hodge

Linda Inendino

Scott and Susan Juister

Marc and Tracy Hoffman

Insure One Independent Insurance Agency

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Jung

Cynthia Iovinelli

Justice Med Surg Center

Timothy and Lynn Irons

David and Elisabeth Kacena

Stuart and Diana Ironside

Alan Kaddatz

Irving Park Iguana Swim Team

Tedi Kahn

Island City Dray, Inc. Trucking

Mr. Kent Kalwitz

Steven and Tracey Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hogan Kevin Hogan Brian Holden Mr. Jeffrey M. Holden

Paul and Mary Ann Junkroski

John Kane

Bradley and Mary Kiscaden

David and Beverly Kozlowski

Ted Kanellakes

Moitreyee Kishore


Suzanne Kanter

Mike and Kristin Kiss

Ellie Krause

Mrs. Amy Kanzler

The Lakes Kiwanis Club Lindenhurst

Jason and Beverly Kravitt

Kaplan, Massamillo & Andrews, LLC

Kiwanis Club of Park Forest

Gary and Maureen Kreiner

James and Connie Karambelas

Kiwanis Club of Rogers Park

Fredric and Nancy Kreiter

Ms. Susan B. Kaszynski

Fred and Ellen Klage

Sherrin and Bryce Kristo

Kaufma Hall and Associates

Robert Klatt

Andreas Kronfeld

Richard Kean

Tom and Anne Klein

Richard Kroon

Jonathan and Geraldine Keasling

Florence and David Kleine

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Krouwer

Denise Keating

Mr. and Mrs. Brian K. Klimes

Larry Krueger

Kim Kedziora

Mrs. Lois D. Kline

Robert Krueger

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley J. Kee

Jeffrey and Mary Ann Klongland

Richard and Mira Krull

Ben and Kim Keefe

Molly and Larry Klowden

Dr. Marianne Krumdick D.V.M.

Scott Keegan

Seth Klug

Christin Kruse

Kathleen Keenan

Mark and Elizabeth Kluge

Richard and Michele Krzyminski

Jeanne Keifer

Bill and Shirley Klupchak

Mr. and Mrs. George F. Kubal

Thomas P. Kelleher and Karen Krider

Mary and Michael Knapick

Karen Kucharski

Mr. Daniel L. Kelley

Harvey and Linda Knapp

Jeff and Cindy Kuchman

Bill Kelley

Jim Knasel

Mr. John Kucia, Jr.

Erin Kelly

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry D. Knutson

Kevin Kuhlmann

Mr. and Mrs. James W. Kelly

Roger and Etsuko Kobira Rutz

Dawn and James Kulich

David and Dawn Kelsch

James and Pamela Koenig

Jennifer Kulkoski

Craig Kemnitz and Gail Dobeski

Karen and James Kohler

Jane and Robert Kuntz

Karen Kennard

Mr. Robert E. Kohnen

Rob Kunzler

Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Kennedy

Chris and Marie Kokenis

Carson Kern

Aaron D. Kolb and Ami N. Wynne

Joan E. Kurtenbach and Clifford D. Brady

Ketters Flooring

Deborah and John Kolb

Jim and Nancy Kuzma

Konrad Khayat

Anna Koperski

KZF Development, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Kielczynski

Janet Kopp

La Grange Business Association, Inc.

Morton and Louise Kier

David and Mary Jo Koppenhofer

La Villita Community Church

Greg Kieso

John and Sue Koranda

William and Mary Lacy

Amanda Kiessel

Ken and Sue Koranda

LaGrange Celtics Sports Foundation

David Killpack

Mrs. Margot Touris and Dr. Nicholas

Lakewest Custom Homes

Julie Kimmel and Philip Schluter

G. Kordos

Carol LaMar

Stephanie Kimmel and Mike Conroy

Korellis Systems Control

Jeff and Jeannie LaMarre

Phyllis Kosick

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lambert

Ms. Pam E. King

Matt and Joanne Koupal

Goldene Lane

Lynn and Russ Kirchhoff

Ms. Susan B. Kovac

Harriet Lane

Kevin and Jane Kirkley

Melna Langham

Claudia Langoni

Sharonda Lewis


Paul and Louise Lapping

Stanley Lewis

Mark Mach

Ms. Deborah N. Larsen

Tishuna Lewis

Luis Machado

Rick Larson

Mark and Katie LIe

Jeffrey and Mary Mack

Laszlo & Popp Attorneys at Law

Lighten-Gale Group

Mr. David O. MacKenzie

Jack and Cathy Lauer

Andrew Lind

Mario Maculan

Dominic LaVia

Lindgren Carpentry Inc.

William and Heather Madden

Steven and Jody LaVoie

Christopher and Melanie Lindgren

Beverly and James Maguire

The Law Offices of Paul P. Moreschi, P.C.

Roger and Sharon Lindsay

Ms. and Mr. Lorraine A. Maida

Marc and Maureen Linhardt

Brent Maier

Lawest, Inc.

Kenneth and Beverly Linhart

Mark and Shawn Majewski

Tom and Elaine Layden

Teresa and David Litman

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Maki

Laystrom Manufacturing Co.

Graham Little

Cindy and Dan Malin

Leaders Partners, Inc.

Chung-Zin Liu

Melissa Malm

Della R. Leavitt and Roy Bossen

Sergio and Erlinda Liwag

Kim and Ginny Maloney

Bryan Lederhouse

Peter and Gail Lobin

Sally Mandell

Cherese Ledet

Lincoln and Sandra Lockhart

Mark and Victoria Mandich


David and Teresa Locknane

The Manfred Group

Janet Lehman

Daniel Loftus

Eric Manges

Reverend Kenneth Lehman

William and Mary Lomas

Kathleen Manges

Richard Lehman

Lillian Longinow

Jerry Manne

Kelly Leibolt

Charles Jr. and Kris Lopez

Gilberto and Nancie Marchetti

John and Margie Leitch

Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Lopez, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Marcucci

Mr. Richard Lemke

Jose and Elizabeth Lopez

John Markay

Michael Lenehan and Mary Margaret

Robert and Lori Lorenz

Michael and Roberta Marken


Clifford and Dona Lothery

Mr. and Mrs. Alun B. Marsden

Regina Lenz

Joan Lovell

Kaysi Marshall

Doug and Sue Leo

Lowe and Steinmetz, Ltd.

Angela Martin

Scott Leon

Paul and Anne Luering

Alexander Martinez

Frances Leonard

Richard and Erin Lugowski

Ms. Danielle A. Martinez

Mr. and Mrs. Alexander R. Lerner

Matthew Lukas

Ana Martinez Estka

George and Joan Letavay

Mr. Dave R. Lulis

Ricardo Martinez

Andrea and Bridgette Letizia

Lawrence and Mary Lundin

Debra Marton

Tracy Leung

The Lust Family

Dominic and Debbie Mastronardi

Kevin Levi

Mary Lutes

Gabriela Mata

Howard and Bernice Levinson


Guillermo Mata

Mr. David A. Levinson and Ms. Kathleen M. Kirn

M. P. Caplice Insurance Group, LLC

Stanley and Nancy Matheny

M3 Contract Solutions, Inc

Skip Mather

Maas & Sons

Mather Tree Service, Inc.

Sophie Levinson Anne Marie Lewis

Mathew S. Burrows 1890 Inn

Laszlo Medgyesy

Kimberly Moody

Dan Mathews

Roberto Medina

Mrs. Frank J. Mooney

Dale and Sandra Mathews-Benham

Juan and Sherrie Medina

Molly Morelli

John Matsock

Yahaira Medina

Richard and Jane Morency

Dr. Richard Mattis

Michael Medrano

Alejandro Moreno

Matthew May

Hilary Meiring

Scott and Shelley Morgan

Ruth Mayer

Jessica and Jill Memmel

Wesley Morgan and Sherry Bryden

Mr. and Mrs. Ibukun Mayomi

Kevin and Toni Memmel

Morph & Thro

Barbara Mazur

Mary and Joseph Mengel

Ms. Ann Morris

Terry Mc Caffrey

Fritz and Elizabeth Merizon

Rahsaan and Alyce Morris

Daniel Mc Dougall

Mr. and Mrs. Drake D. Mertes

Richard Morrison

Gerald and Marjorie Mc Intosh

Mitchell Messer

Morse Fresh Market

John Mc Linn

Derrick and Carol Metcalf

Stephanie Mortimer

Mandy McAllister

Metro Amateur Radio Club

Jon, Ann & Katherine Moss

McCahill Painting Company

Paul and Natalja Meyer

Lawrence Moss

Adam and Stacy McCarty

Joel and Lois Michaels

Keshav and Melissa Mounce Mithal

George and Mary McCormick

Mid-City Vending Co.

Zachary Moyer

Matthew and Shellee McCullum

Midwest Fence Corporation

Ms. Clara's Mini Musicians

Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. McDaid

Kevin Miehlke

Jerald Much

Kevin and Jennifer McDevitt

The Miers Family

Kevin and Darlene Mueller

McDonald's Corporation

John and Jane Mihelich

Claire Schaul-Mulbrandon

Daniel McDonough

Mikoirac, Inc

Jim Mulbrandon

Kevin and Meg McEvilly

Ken and Lisa Miles

John and Sandra Mulholland

McGarel Air, Inc.

Jason and Erin Miller

Multimetal Products Corp

Robert and Laura McGonigle

Joshua and Pamela Miller

David Munar

Jason McGriff-Culver

Valerie Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. Mundinger, Jr.

T. W. McGuire International

Laura Mills

Ricardo and Betty Munoz

Michael and Ingrid McGuire

Murphy & Hourihane, L.L.C.

Patricia McGuire

Laurence Mills-Gahl and Karen E. Gahl-Mills

Terry McGuire

Marjorie Milton

Dennis Murphy

The McGury Family

Mrs. Jan B. Minoff

David and Lynn Musselman

Robert McKeever

Armaline Mirretti

Forest and Janet Musselman

Marcia McKenna

Joanna Mitchell

Kirk and Cynthia Musselman

Wendy McKinney

Mark and Annette Mitrovich

Mark and Margaret Musselman

Beth McLean

Robin Moe

Mark Muttilainen

Garrett McLinn

James L. Monk and Joyce A. Nieman

Enid Myers

Dennis McMahon

Jim Monroe


Michael and Caitlin Mcneily

Steve and Johanna Monteith

Brien and Carolyn Nagle

Mr. and Mrs. Guy A. Medaglia

Robert and Suzanne Montella

Rajfv Naidu

Scott Montpas

Colleen Murphy

Nania Energy, Inc.

Bank & Trust

Gary and Karen Ottaviano

Naperville Community Unit School District #203

Rodney and Marcia Norwell

Matthew and Beverly Ottaviano

Joan Novick

David Otto

Naperville Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 42

Gary Nussel and Mimi Banks NuToys Leisure Products

Our Lady of the Resurrection Medical Center

James and Julie Nykiel

P.M. Services, Inc.

Raymond O'Brien

Lara Pacelt

Dorothy Ockander

Louise Packard and

Tim O'Connor

Scott Brillhart

Steve Oelschlager

Ray and Melissa Page Eric Palmblad

Charles Nelson

Oglala Sioux Adventure Guides Program

Robert Nelson

Joseph and Gail O'Gorman

Frank and Valerie Palmer

Kenneth Nemec

Andrea Ohlson

Nicholas Panagakos

Thomas and Jill Netzel

Carol Panczyk

Neuqua Valley High School

Ms. Luna Okada and Mr. Wynn Sheade

Marlys Newcome

Daniel and Marla OKeefe

Benjamin and Jill Parisi

R. Jeffrey and Leslie Newcorn

Old Second National Bank of Aurora

Laura Parisi

Alex Newman

Oldtown Dental Care

Alex and Ida Paskhaver

Chuck and Jeanne Newman

Sean and Becca O'Leary

David Pasquinelli

The Niccolai Family

Gail and David Oliphant

Pasquale and Josephine Passaro

John and Lisa Nicholson

Olive Business, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Pasternock

Gary and Sally Nickele

David Olsen

Pat Muir Agency

Jane and Tom Nickele

Andrew Olson

Bhavin Patel

Nick's Metal Fabricating & Sons, Inc.

O'Malley & Madden, P.C.

C. Michael and Mary Patrick

Nicksons Corp.

O'Malley & Madden, P.C.

PATS Services, Inc.

Nicor Gas

Megan and John O'Malley

Jane M. Patterson

Rita and Walter Niefanger

Kimberly O'Neal

James and Marcia Patula

Kenneth Niemiec

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph O'Neil

Paul Young Fine Jewelers

Donna Nietzel

O'Neill Middle School

Steve and Jennifer Pauling

Wayne and Colleen Nigliaccio

Mr. Robert O'Neill

Tomas and Heidi Paulius

Stuart Nissenbaum

Mr. and Mrs. Shawn P. O'Neill

Steven and Patricia Paulson

Christine Nitti

Mary Onorad and William Wilkiel

William and Katherine Pauss

Bruce and Lori Nixon

Mr. and Mrs. Izzy Ordinario

Jon and Anita Pavlik

Rosa Nodal

O'Rourke Systems, Inc.

Bertrand Payson

Norma and Andrew Nodzenski

Mariana Osoria

Shannon Payton

Justin and Suzanne Nolan

Karl Ostroski

Gregory and Mary Pearlman

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Noll

Oswego Cyclery

John and Juliane Pearson

Bill and Sue Norris

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald O'Toole

Charles and Jessica Pecaro

North Shore Community

John and Maureen Ott

Patricia Pegoraro

Julia Nassib Neal Gallo State Farm Agency Pierre Nealon Near North Health Service Corp. Jim and Linda Neidlinger David and Linda Neisler

Palmer Place Restaurant

Daniel Pangborn

Thad Pellino

Pukall Lumber Foundation, Inc.

Reznick Group, P.C.

Jane Perlstein

Margaret Purnell

Scott and Polly Rhodes

Susan and John Perlstein

Steven Pyke

Kelley Rice


Dan and Maureen Pyne

Mr. and Mrs. Elwood E. Richard

Michael and Annie Peshut

Q-BBQ LaGrange LLC

Pearl Rieger

Jeff and Debbie Peterson

Matthew Quigley

Gloria Riley

Kenneth and Marianne Peterson

The Quinlan Family

Patrick and Lorraine Riley

James and Barb Petru

Jennifer Quinn

Stephen Ritten

Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program

R.F. Mau Co.

David Ritter

Evan Rabens

Michael and Louise Rizzo

Kenneth and Nancy Pfohl

Joseph and Randi Radogno

Brendan and Dori Roach

Kevin and Anne Phelan

Priya Rajagopalan

Philip Roberto

J C and Edward Piesens

Reverend and Mrs. Frederick Rajan

Judson Roberts

Allison Pietrusiewicz

Margaret Mary Ramirez

Craig Rodewald

Diane Pignato

Ramrod Distributors, Inc.

Sally Rodriguez

Mr. and Mrs. James Pinkerton

Ranch View Home & School Association

Gary Roediger Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Rogers

Robert and Claudia Pitts

Mr. Matthew D. Greenberger and Ms. Julie A. Rand

Mr. George Plackmann

Kari Rankins

Joseph and Maria Plata

Randall Rapp

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Platt

Shannon Rapp

Play It Again Sports

Craig and Lisa Rasin

Slawek and Laurie Polinski

John and Jennie Rasinski

Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Pollard

Gary Ravitz

George Popelka

Ellen Ray

Mr. and Mrs. James Potach

Jeffrey and Jeanette Ray

Potbelly Sandwich Shop

Mr. Richard B. Ray

Richard Potenza

Dave and Janey Reed

William and Jennifer Powell

Dennis and Anne Reed

Robert and Susan Powers

Mr. Kenneth F. Reeve

Herb and Linda Pozdro

Marysue Reeves


Michael and Lynda Reilly

Precision Decorating

Georgia Reithal

Robert and Donna Preucil

Related Midwest

Carl and Mary Price

Jonathan and Hilary Remijas

Ed and Ann Priest

Richard and Carole Remko

Stephane Probst

Paula Render

Progressive Builders, LLC

Barbara J. Rewey

Chuck and Susan Kirchner

Rex Electric & Techonologies, LLC

William Piper Gary Pirc

Cara and Armin Roeseler Rogers Park Florist, Inc. Ruth and Dick Rogers Dave and Teri Ellen Rogers Romanek & Romanek Daron and Abbey Romanek Richard and Karen Rondelli Mr. and Mrs. Jamie T. Root Ms. Ravanna Roper Reverend Jose A. Rosa Rosanova & Whitaker, Ltd. Ms. Emily Rosenberg Jerry and Terry Rosenthal Ian Ross Kathleen Ross Robin and Mark Ross-Henning Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Rossi Richard Rossi Donald and Barbara Rot Rotary Club of Wauconda Janet Rotner Harriet and Jeffrey Rotter

Jennie Roubal

Mr. Todd Saranecki

Jack Schwartz

Ms. Sarah J. Rous

Anthony and Jacquelyn Sartoris

Paul and Kimberly Scianna

Thomas and Tammie Rovetuso

John Sarwark

Lois Scott

Ms. Ashley L. Rowden

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Saunders

Sidney and Shirley Scott

Corie Rowland

SC Johnson Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Scotty

Royal Graphics Printers

John and Jo Ellen Scambler

Mr. Robert A. Seaborg

Danny Rubio

Kevin Scanlan

Bill and Linda Seaman

Doug and Debra Rudauskas

Thomas and Sally Scanlan

Anthony Sebastiano

Neil and Anne Rudd

Scott Schafer

Allen and Nancy Seidel

Daniel and Carrie Rudman

Alice Schaff

Ms. Annaliese G. Seidel

Brian and Lynette Rugg

Andrew Schaffner

Thomas and Stacey Seidl

Jose Ruiz

Jerome and Linda Schain

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Seip

The Runners Soul II LLC

Carol Schank

Matthew and Carla Sekula

Annie Fay Rupp

Nathan and Lauren Sels

Cindy and Gary Rust

Schaper Insurance & Financial Services

Grace Rutigliano

William and Joanne Schaper

David Sendre

Allan and Anne Ryan

Schaumburg Park District

Thomas and Ann Serafin

Christine and Sean Ryan

Mike and Kathy Schiller

Donald and Mary Jo Serpico

RYCO Landscaping

Meredith Schilsky

Len Servedio

James and Carla Rydberg

John and Dianne Schiltz

Sevilla's Auto Service Inc.

Mark Rzucidlo

John and Mary Schippel

SFP Commercial Real Estate, LLC

S.M.A.R.T Golf Fitness Instruction Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. John G. Schleder

Mark and Juli Shafer

Lou Schlifke

Nimish Shah

Sabatino's Restaurant

Walter and Heather Schmidt

Leila Shamsuddin

Diane and Scott Saber

The Schmitt Family

Melanie Shamsuddin

Mr. Dawan A. Sadrud-Din

Kenneth and Charmaine

Patrick Shanahan

Ms. Lisbeth Levine and Mr. Scott E. Saef


Tim and Meg Shanley

Carol Schneider

Ms. Donna Sagami

Bruce and Letitia Shannon

B. Schneider Electric, Incorporated

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis E. Saliny

Sharlen Electric Company

Angie Schradel

Gary and Stephanie Salter

Todd Sharp

John and Barbara Schrage

Tom and Tracy Salvino

Shawnee Tribe

Stephen and Nina Schroeder

Thomas and Bonnie Sampson

John Shay

Nancy Schuerr

Samuel Weinstein Family Foundation

Patrick T. Sheehan & Associates

David Schultz

David Michael Samuels

Shiner & Associates, Inc.

Kathleen Schultz

Mr. and Mrs. John Sances

Arnold and Carol Shkolnik

Andrew Schumacher

Santa Teresa de Avila Episcopal Church

Shoe Box Recycling

Vicki Schutz

Shoshone Princess Tribe Adventure Guide Program

Celia Santiago-Stennett Jean Sapp

John and Darlene Schwandke Debra D. Schwartz and Michael S. Brosilow

Emanuel and Janice Semerad

Kevin Shrout Sarah Sidell

Bernard Siegel

Jennifer Spear

Marie Straube

SIM Development, LLC

Kenneth and Paula Spengler

Elizabeth and Michael Strohmayer

Janece Simmons

Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Spiegel

Donald Stroot

Single Room Housing Assistance Corp.

Lin and Frank Spillone Jack and Patricia Spindler

Ms. Patty A. Strub and Mr. Curtis Nunnery

Sisul & Germanier, LLC

Harlan Spiroff

Deb Strus

Six Corners Association

Sandy Spitzer

Suburban Bank & Trust

Mike and Mary Ann Skarr

Michael and Jennifer Spotak

Suburban Landscaping

James and Rebecca Skinner

Kimberly Spraggins

Kenneth and Susan Suchomel

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Skladzien

Bruce Sprangers

Vern and Laura Suckerman

Patricia and Samuel Sklar

Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Spurr

Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Sullivan

Andrew Skoirchet

Noreen St. Lawrence

Colleen Sullivan Klein

Kevin and Carol Slattery

St. Vincent de Paul Center, Inc.

Miss Mickey's Dancers

Ms. Diana R. Cohen and Mr. Weselley Slaymaker

Jonathan and Brigitte Staley

Susan L. Surdenik

Gary and Susan Stamatkin

Bruce Svoboda Floor Design

Mark and Judith Standefer

Darce Swaggert

Laura Stange

Deanna Swanson and Robert Maguire

Braden and Elizabeth Slezak Frank and Kay Slocumb Roy Slovenko and Paula Wise Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence W. Slupianek Bill and Pat Smith Donald and Cheryl Smith Carol and Jim Smith Jim and Beth Smith Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Smith Susan and Gilman Smith Addie Smits Marc Smoler Jennifer Snavely Laurice Snyder Seth and Tess Snyder Bryon and Maria Sobczak Kathryn Socha Ted Sokolowski Judith Sol-Dyess Amy and Chris Solinsky Peter and Nancy Sorensen Darrin and Keeley Sorokti Mr. Lucino Sotelo Claudette Soto George and Sarah Sotos

Jenna Stanonik Howard and Laverna Stapleton Edward and Nyomi Stark John Starostka Michael Stashwick State Farm Insurance Companies James and Donna Stedman George Stefani Camilla Stefl Jennifer W. Stein Nicholas Stellato Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Stepenske Alexandra Stevenson Rolinda Stevenson Carol and R.T. Stibbe Kurt and Geraldine Stimpson Christopher and Wendy Stippich Jim and Wanda Stogsdill Dick and Marjorie Stolz Raymond and Grace Stone Jim and Nicole Stork Robert Storme

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YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago 801 North. Dearborn Chicago, IL 60610

YMCA Metropolitan Chicago 2012 Annual Report  

Strengthening Our Impact In 2012, the YMCA of Metro Chicago deepened our commitment to Chicagoland families, adding new communal and family...

YMCA Metropolitan Chicago 2012 Annual Report  

Strengthening Our Impact In 2012, the YMCA of Metro Chicago deepened our commitment to Chicagoland families, adding new communal and family...