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Three NEW camping adventures in 2014! 2014 SUMMER CAMP Registration Packet

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Spirit and Tradition

For over 100 years YMCA Camp Cormorant has offered spirit, tradition, leadership and exceptional facilities to campers. Cormorant provides a unique outdoor environment with cozy cabins, athletic fields, a sand volleyball court, horse trails, an extensive beach front, full meal service, and much more to enhance the camping experience. Camp Cormorant provides just the right setting to encourage a camper’s mental, physical and spiritual growth. Our camp mission is to provide a safe, enjoyable, creative and challenging camping opportunity that fosters individual growth in the areas of self-esteem, responsibility, communication, independence, leadership, environmental awareness and Christian values.

amp (Ages 7 –1 WildernessseC na s and maps for land

Learn to use compas an op d make dinner over huts, go on hikes an es tre t ou es learning ab 1 This camp also includ to d ite Lim in the woods. basic survival skills per session.

ll Ages) Family Camp (Awa y for families t

citing Family Camp is an ex ul se ty time in a beautif ali qu e and experienc craf , ing rid k ac eb , hors camp includes meals dw yaking, swimming an paddle-boating, ka ult ad pervised times so Staff will provide su li mi fa s. Limited to 10 to relax by themselve y ma u Yo eir own cabin. Each family gets th the have a friend bring to cabin if you want ly mi fa nd co for the se Regular rate applies

Fishing Camp (Ages 10 - 15)

Adventure Camp (Ages 7 – 15)

Learn about baiting, hooking, and other fishing techniques as campers pursue Pan Fish, Wa lleyes, Bass, and Northern Pik e on beautiful Big Cormorant Lak e! Camp will provide supplies and equipment or you can brin g your own. Limited to 12 campers per session.

This traditional camping pro gram provides age appropriat e activities geared to the interest, skills and physical achievements of each camper. Some of the activities camper s may choose include: horseb ack riding, ropes course, archery, tent cam ping, softball, arts and crafts , nature walks, drama, baseball, swimming, soc cer, camper video, canoeing and boating, cabin cookouts and campfires… just to name a few!

Ropes Course Camp (Ages 10 – 15)

Water Ski Camp

(Ages 10* – 15) Spend time on the lake each day learning basic water skii ng skills, such as getting up on two skis, tur ning, crossing the wake, rele asing the rope, keeping proper form, and eve n slaloming! Learn a skill alo ng side new friends that will be enjoyable for a lifetime. Being out on the water builds confidence and communicatio n. Limited to 8 campers per ses sion. *Campers under 10 years of age must have prior water ski experience and approval of the Camp Coordinator.

15) avigation, build pen camp fire. and plants and 12 campers

to get together etting. Cost of fts, canoeing, whole lot more! ts can take time lies per weekend. y add to your eir kids too! in the cabin.

Experience the newly update d YMCA ropes course! Partici pants will spend their mornings in gro ups to complete the ropes challenge courses, climb the wall, ride the zip line, and lea rn proper safety techniques. Thi s course builds confidence and teamwork among campers. Lim ited to 15 campers per sessio n.

Horsemanship Camp (Ages 10 – 15)

Take to the Camp Cormorant ranch trails for nearly two hou rs of riding each day! Learn a skil l that will be enjoyable for a lifetime. Horsemanship camper s will learn basic riding skills and techniques as well as proper care and grooming of animals. Limited to 10 campers per ses sion.

p (Ages 10 –15) Cooking Caming oor and out! and baking, both ind cook Learn the basics of mp, bake something epare a meal for ca pr lp Campers will he en fire, and make a dinner over an op for their cabin, cook mily. Limited to 8 ke home to their fa a special treat to ta . campers per session ) Mini Camp (Ageos 7an–d13 ion to a half day introduct

led tw Experience a fun-fil to the interests ograms are geared pr e Th . mp ca t en resid , horseback riding, children. Swimming g un yo of ies ilit ab and boating are some re walks and paddletu na s, me ga , ts af cr ni-camper will te activities every mi of the age appropria st time away from y be the camper’s fir e and caring enjoy. Since this ma provide a supportiv to n ke ta is re ca t your camper is home, grea n and excitement. If fu th wi d de loa re e entire week, atmosphe and wants to stay th e nc rie pe ex eir th enjoying k up and enjoy! the difference at pic y pa st Ju ! lem ob no pr

NEW in 2014!

Canoe Trips

(Ages 12-15) Your child will spend the first few day s at camp learning skills to go out on a trip canoeing and camping on the Crow Wing River, and they will return the last day to enjoy the dance and final award ceremony. Limi ted to 15 campers.

Ultimate Life Summit

(Ages 12-18) Youth will learn the 7 Mindsets nee ded to live their ultimate life, full of happiness and succ ess. This life-changing weekend is jam packed with life-planning, team building, and fun camp activitie s!

nt (Agesfo9-rm15er) rmoratru Hoops ateivCe o by basketball ins ction

Campers will rec each day avalin for four hours NDSU coach Steve Gr rk gym. Pa ke held at the La (Basketball time will be ve an ha ll wi ers ed). Camp Transportation is includ mental da fun eir th e and improv opportunity to learn d shooting ch as ball handling an skills of basketball su etitive an experience in comp skills as well as offer ludes a t-shirt. games. This camp inc

14’ Ice B Paddle Berg and oards!

Art Camp (Ages 7-15mp) . Campers will be

l art ca This is not your typica ch morning cher for two hours ea instructed by an art tea drawing, y, cla ing t projects includ ar do ll wi ey th ere wh home with ojects. They will come pr ft cra d an , ing int pa ojects. ll as other finished pr framed art work as we

Bonus Activit ies!

Not only do their own spec campers get to experience a multitude of ialty camps, but they get to other exciting activities, as wtry > horse/trail ell! rides > bana na boat rides > ropes cour se > > ar ca chery no eing, kaya > zipline crafts paddle boardi king, > > sports & ga ng mes > water tr > water rock amp > tie dye wall > swimming

l a c i p y AT ! p m a C Day at 7:50am

Polar Plunge (optional)




Breakfast 9:00am

Cabin Clean up








Activity 1* Break


Activity 2* 11:45am




Activity 3** 3:00pm


Activity 4** 7:30pm


Evening Program




Open Rec. Flag

*Camp Specific Activities **Bonus Activities of Choice



Lights Out

Why Camp Cormorant? Take Notes, Parents!

- Parker, 11

ne La




YMCA Camp Cormorant

2014 CAMP SESSIONS Session 1: June 8 - 13 Session 2: June 15 - 20 Session 3: July 6 - 11 Session 4: July 13 - 18


5 Hw y

County Hwy

Count y

I was too scared to try the ropes course, but after my counselor encouraged me to try it and my cabin mates cheered me on, I did it! It was amazing and I am ready to do it again.

r number one priority. • Safety for your child is ou ining period tra All staff attend an intensive First Aid and CPR. in n ctio tru ins es lud which inc by the American ited Camp Cormorant is accred goes through a and A) Camping Association (AC ain this distinguished rigorous review process to att p is approved by the cam designation. In addition, the alth annually. He of ard Bo Minnesota State tivate the values, • Our camp counselors help cul t lead to positive skills, and relationships tha d educational an behaviors, healthy habits efully screened and car is ff sta r Ou t. en achievem husiasm, maturity, ent ir selected on the basis of the h children. skills, and desire to work wit l experiences in fun • We provide developmenta thrive, build ways to help young people d others, and an confidence in themselves ponsible adults. res , ing car hy, become healt make friends and lasting • Camp is an exciting place to financial assistance memories, therefore we offer o cannot afford wh to individuals and families . ms progra morant is one of the • Founded in 1903, Camp Cor entire nation and the in oldest resident camps growing up experience continues to be a tremendous for children and teens. acres of wooded property • The camp is nestled on 80 d waterfront on Big with an extensive beach an d approximately 6 ate Cormorant Lake. We are loc the heart of the , in MN k, Par e Lak of miles south ntry. cou es lak ota nes Min beautiful

Session 5: July 20 - 25 Session 6: July 27 - August 1 Session 7: August 3 - 8 Session 8: August 10 - 15

ration 0 t s i g e R d r i B Early March 8, 2014, and receive a $25.0 re Register befo the camp fee! of discount off

rships Youth a l o h c S p m a YMCA CCA of Cass and Clay CountiestsP,arintncoerme-ofbased YM tions and gran re are also Through the n, special dona ig pa pers. The am C l ua Ann ailable to cam av is campers can ce an st ar designed so .4153 or ye financial assi e th ut ho throug 701.364 several events ds camp. For details, call ar w to s earn fund visit us online.


in Tra (Counselors -Training camps m a r g o in r rlo P C.I.T.morant is proud to host Counseing a counselor. C.I.T.s

Camp Cor eday becom ey attend. rested in som ch session th ea r fo rs for youth inte to tion counselor men a Camp Cormorant registra are assigned ut be ust uth must fill o ator. C.I.T.s m Interested yo Camp Coordin day training June 4-6, e th h it w k ns. form and spea and must attend a threeilable all sessio va d, A ol . s ed ar ir ye qu 7 re 15-1 ent is week commitm 2014. A two582 or , 2014 if at 701.367.6 e rd ga el B fore April 23 im be rg .o ay cl Contact K ss arde@ymcaca rtunity. (Cost is $90.00) kimberly.belg po op is th in sted you are intere

Camp is the best place and I love all the friends I have with my camp family! - Emily (CIT), 15

2014 YMCA Camp Cormorant Registration Form Sessions

Fishing Camp (Ages 10-15)

Adventure Camp (Ages 7-15)

Ropes Course Camp (Ages 10-15)

Mini Camp (Ages 7-13)

YMCA Member: $415 | Non-Member: $485 Available Sessions 1-8

YMCA Member: $230 | Non-Member: $300 Available Sessions 1-8

YMCA Member: $360 | Non-Member: $430 Available Sessions 1, 3, 5, 7

Water Ski Camp (Ages 10-15)



Art Camp (Ages 7-15)

YMCA Member: $360 | Non-Member: $430 Available Sessions 1-8

Cooking Camp (Ages 10-15)

YMCA Member: $360 | Non-Member: $430 Available Sessions 1-5

Family: $350 | Single-Parent Family: $255 Weekend: June 6-8 !


Ultimate Life Summit (12-19) YMCA Member & Non-Member: $99 Weekend: June 13-15

Wilderness Camp (Ages 7-15)

(Mini Camp includes the first 3 days of each session)

YMCA Member: $415 | Non-Member: $485 Available Sessions 3-8

Family Camp (All Ages)

YMCA Member: $360 | Non-Member: $430 Available Sessions 1-2

YMCA Member: $350 | Non-Member: $420 Available Sessions: 1-8

Each camper must fill out separate form.



Hoops at Cormorant (Ages 9-15) YMCA Member: $415 | Non-Member: $485 Available Session 1 (ages 9-12) Available Session 2 (ages 13-15)

Horsemanship Camp (Ages 10-15) YMCA Member: $415 | Non-Member: $485 Available Sessions 1-8



Canoe Trips (Ages 12-15)

Session 1: June 8 - 13 Session 2: June 15 - 20 Session 3: July 6 - 11 Session 4: July 13 - 18 Session 5: July 20 - 25 Session 6: July 27 - August 1 Session 7: August 3 - 8 Session 8: August 10 - 15

YMCA Member: $415 | Non-Member: $485 Available Sessions 2, 4, 6, 8

••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Camp Attending ______________________________________________ Session �1 �2 �3 �4 �5 �6 �7 �8 Interested in attending a 2nd session? Camp Attending ______________________________________________ Session �1 �2 �3 �4 �5 �6 �7 �8 Date of Registration: _________________________________ Camper’s Name: ____________________________________________ Age at Camp: ___________ _________ Camper’s Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________________City: ____________________________ State: ______ Zip:_______ Date of Birth: ________ Boy � Girl � Home Phone:_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Camper’s E-mail: ________________________________________________________ Parent’s E-mail: ________________________________________________________ We will try our best to place campers

together if similar age but is not a guarantee. Cabin Mate (Limit One): _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Mother’s Full Name: _____________________________________________________________________________ Home Phone: ______________________________________________________ Cell Phone: ______________________________________________________________________ Work Phone: ______________________________________________________________________ Father’s Full Name: _____________________________________________________________________________ Home Phone: ______________________________________________________ Cell Phone: ______________________________________________________________________ Work Phone: ______________________________________________________________________ Family Camp Participants

Number of Adults: ________ Number of Children: ________ Children’s ages: __________________________________________________

How did you hear about Camp Cormorant? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Deposit/Payment Information **Please Do Not Send Cash** Deposit ($100.00 per session | non-refundable): $_______________ Camp Store Account Money (optional): $___________________ Total: $_______________ Payment Type: � Money Order � Check Enclosed


THIS SECTION MUST BE SIGNED BY PARENT OR GUARDIAN BEFORE REGISTRATION IS ACCEPTED. I understand that rules for campers are the same for everyone without regard to race, color, national origin, gender or disability. All campers will be treated as individuals and respect will be shown for a range of abilities and behaviors. I am aware of the following policies regarding camp fees: Deposits are non-refundable and due at the time of registration. Remainder of camp fee is due two weeks before the starting date of the session my child is registered for. No refunds will be given for cancellations received within 14 days of my child’s camp session or after June 1, 2014. No refunds are given for campers dismissed from camp due to disciplinary action. No refunds are given if campers leave early due to homesickness or personal commitments.

We or I (Parents/Guardians) have read and agree to all the conditions of this registration. Signature of parent/guardian:__________________________________________________ Date:________________

Send Completed Registration and Deposit to: YMCA Camp Cormorant 400 1st Ave S. Fargo, ND 58103

YMCA Camp Cormorant

Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID Fargo, ND 58103 Permit No. 682

YMCA of Cass and Clay Counties 400 1st Avenue S Fargo, ND 58103

Your summer adventure is waiting!

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Parents and Campers! I am thrilled to be back for my second year at Camp Cormorant. I have many staff returning and new ones starting as well as several new programs available for your children. Come join us and experience the spirit and tradition of Camp Cormorant. It will stay with you forever!

Kim Belgarde YMCA Camp Cormorant Coordinator

YMCA Camp Cormorant Brochure 2014  

YMCA of Cass and Clay Counties Residential Camp on Big Cormorant Lake for 7-15 year olds.