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Dear Parents, As a father of two teenage sons, I fully appreciate the challenges faced in trying to provide positive experiences that will help prepare our children for the future. Over the years I have witnessed first hand how a resident camp experience can be a powerful tool for personal growth. Camp gives children a safe place that is fun and challenging, where they can unplug from technology and be surrounded by role models who demonstrate respect and integrity in daily living. A place where we can help them to grow to be confident, caring, responsible, honest young people of strong character and faith. For almost 25 years, I have been blessed to be part of an organization that helps create such a positive environment. I say this with confidence, as I reflect directly on the words of the incoming junior staff for this summer. Unsolicited and without exception, they all articulated in their own way, the significant influence the camp staff and camp experience has had in their lives. These young people average 8 years of attendance as campers,, LITs and CITs, and are excited to now be able to give back and be that role model for others. YMCA Camp Carson has been in continuous operation since 1940 and is a camp that feels like family. The mixture of our dynamic staff, our mission of character development and our spectacular outdoor setting translates to a powerful experience. Our summer staff is made up of young men and women who come in from around the USA and around the world, bonded with the single vision of making a difference in the life of your child or teenager. We have a smaller, more personal camper capacity allowing us to give each child the personal attention they need. We offer a unique program design with an enormous variety of activities and strive to create incredible experiences that are filled with memories and friendships that last a lifetime! To top it off we are given the opportunity to make all this happen in a fun, safe, Christian atmosphere where children of all faiths and backgrounds are welcome. Every year I have the great joy of hearing back from parents as they share with excitement the stories and memories that their children have relayed to them. They watch their children grow in confidence and become successful in more ways than we could possibly imagine. I would value the opportunity to invite your family to be a part of our camp family. To find out more about our programs, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone, e-mail or by a visit to our web-site at www. I hope to see you this summer! In service to youth, Mark Scoular, Executive Director

For over 70 years campers from across the country have called Camp Carson their second home. It is impossible to put into words why children and families alike love our camp, but hopefully by exploring our Brochure/Website/Alumni Site/Facebook Site you will get you a little glimpse of all that we have to offer, a place of lifechanging adventure, friendships, and memories. If you have the time, we encourage you to watch our videos online. There are three. The first focuses on our programs and all that camp has to offer and the second shares the value of camp from the perspective of some of our camp parents. The final video showcases our beautiful facility. Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email with questions you may have. We consider it a pleasure to provide our families with all the information they need to make a comfortable decision about joining the Camp Carson family! The YMCA of Southwestern Indiana, Inc., following the example of Jesus Christ, responds to community needs by serving all people, especially youth, through relationships and activities that promote healthy spirit, mind, and body.

Excellence in safety

and standards

Accreditation a mark of distinction

Our Staff caring, qualified, role models

Camp Carson adheres to the very highest in health and safety standards and is proud to be accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA).

The most important aspect to a successful summer experience is a caring and nurturing staff. After all, the connection with people and the strong family feeling at camp is why campers return every summer. At Camp Carson, excellence is a standard! Our staff is made up of an incredible group of young men and women that we personally hire from around the country and around the world. We intentionally hire about twenty-five percent of our staff from outside the USA to help expose our campers to the global community, learn more about the world they live in and be part of an international camping experience.

Developed exclusively for the camp profession, this nationally recognized program has been formulated to promote safe and professional practices in all aspects of camp operation including site, health and safety, food service, and staff and program quality. YMCA Camp Carson has voluntarily submitted to this independent appraisal done by camping experts and has earned this mark of distinction.

Why would 98% of our families recommend us to a friend? We think the scores are telling. Each year we voluntarily participate in a national camper/parent evaluation of YMCA summer camp programs. Throughout this brochure there’s just a sample of how we did in the Best rated category in various aspects of camp. Look for “THE SURVEY SAYS”

We want you to know our counselors – • • • • •

Are positive role models and mentors. Are focused on the needs of campers both in the cabins and the activity areas. Must clear an extensive annual background check – this includes all new and returning counselors. Complete staff training week which concentrates on effective cabin leadership and includes heavy emphasis on safety, relationship building, problem solving, and teaching skills. Ensure each camper receives positive, personal interaction with their counselors each day. Can be viewed on our “THE SURVEY SAYS” website as summer Staff – When asked how the approaches.

Staff to Camper ratio 1:4

campers would rate our staff. Responses - 96% in the Best Ratings (5% above the national average)


are everywhere

A Tradition of Building Friendships

Unique Program Structure and Diverse Activities

Sharing living quarters and responsibilities with a group of similar-age campers from different cities, states, and occasionally countries, is the place where the incredible relationships that develop at camp begin! It’s a tremendous amount of fun and provides opportunities for growth, long lasting friendships and character building that gives substance to the spiritual aim of Camp Carson.

We offer a unique program structure that encourages campers to get involved in the decision making process and build their own schedule. This free choice, and individualized programming, allows them the opportunity to design their own morning activities schedule each day.

Things you should know about cabin life and character development: •

• • • •

Offers opportunities to think and make decisions fostering personal responsibility and healthy independence from home. Allows campers to work as a team towards common goals and learn to overcome personal preferences for a majority decision. Nightly cabin devotions allow campers to reflect on their day and explore their faith with their counselors and cabin-mates. Cabin assignments are made according to age and grade level. Mutual cabin mate requests are honored for children within one year of age. Note special concerns on the Camper Information Form. There are two counselors living in each cabin with maximum of nine campers. “THE SURVEY SAYS”

Self - When asked if the people at camp helped them feel good about themselves. Responses - 95% in the Best Ratings (7% above the national average) New Friends - When asked if Camp helped them get to know kids that were “different from me.” Responses - 95% in the Best Ratings (17% above the national average) When asked if Camp helped them make new friends. Responses - 92% in the Best Ratings (6% above the national average)

ACTIVITIES & SKILL DEVELOPMENT There’s something for everyone at Camp Carson! We are known for our extensive selection of quality and diverse activities taught in an enthusiastic, fun-filled environment. • Experienced staff are trained to teach campers of all ability levels so every camper feels like a pro! • Wide variety of activities provides endless opportunities for campers to develop new skills and increase self-confidence. • Our graduated skill development programs encourage campers to evaluate their choices and build on skill levels from summer to summer. • Recognition of individual achievements is a cornerstone to further building self-esteem, pride and confidence and is an integral component of all activities for all campers. “THE SURVEY SAYS”

Programs – When asked if there enough choice in the activities. Responses - 92% in the Best Ratings (8% above the national average) When asked if they felt they were able to make decisions about their daily schedule. Responses - 94% in the Best Ratings (21% above the national average)

A Program

for Everyone



On a daily basis our staff re-invent the magic of camp to create an action packed, fun-filled day. Spirited silliness, structured activities, crazy skits, costumes, laughter, camp-songs, and opportunities to hang out with friends both old and new, all lead to a lively atmosphere with opportunities for personal growth woven throughout. FOX Camp (ages 7-8 / co-ed) Three Day Mini Camp - A perfect introduction to overnight camp for our younger campers who are not quite ready to stay away from home for a week. SHOSHONE Camp (ages 7-16 / co-ed) One Week Camp    Sun. – Fri. Shoshone camp is all a traditional summer camp should be with activities like swimming, archery, crafts and canoeing all the way through to water-zip-lines, mountain boarding, giant swing, mud-hikes, The Blob and much more. Each morning, Shoshone campers attend the activities of their choice and can progress in the skill development program. Other morning activity options include horseback trail riding and dirt bike riding – see options on next page. For campers ages 11 and up, mountain biking and the Alpine Climbing Tower are also available. Afternoons and evenings are devoted to cabin group and camp-wide activities, free swim, team building, skit nights, campfires and more.

Horseback Trail Riding (ages 8 and up) Daily trail riding with two, three and five day options. Check the registration form for the additional fee per option. Space is limited so please register early. Please see “Specialty Camps” for advanced, more intensive horseback programs. Dirt Bike Riding Program (ages 11-15) Option 1: First Year Dirt Biker at YMCA Camp Carson – See Specialty Camps Option 2: Returning Dirt Biker at YMCA Camp Carson For those who have previously completed our 21 lesson dirt-bike training course, daily trail riding can be added for an additional fee. For those attending our program for the first time, please see Specialty Camps as referred to in Option 1 above. Weekend Stayover Program Add a second week of camp to the summer schedule and join us for some off-site adventures at Holiday World and Splashin Safari! This weekend program is only available to those campers staying over two consecutive weeks.

“THE SURVEY SAYS” Facilities - When asked how they found our facilities in terms of being clean and in good repair. Responses – 93% in the Best Ratings (19% above the national average)

Specialty, teen and SPECIALTY CAMPS – (ages 11-15)

Space is limited so register early.

For experienced campers with special interests, Camp Carson’s Specialty Camps offer enough variety, excitement and fun to please the most adventurous campers while still allowing them to capture some time back in the main camp activities. Wrangler Camp - intensive horseback program (ages 11 - 15 / co-ed) One Week Camp    Sun. – Fri.   From the beginning rider to the advanced, Wrangler Camp is a dream come true for the riding enthusiast! Wake up in your “covered wagon” to hear the horses just a short distance from your bunk. Help with the morning stampede and everything else that goes into maintaining our herd. Wranglers live, dine and ride together with access to over 165 acres of riding trails. Each camper is assigned a horse and not only receives instruction in our progressive horsemanship program but also about the amount of responsibility that horse-care brings. Wrangler camp promotes maturity and growth and provides the perfect opportunity for those who want “lots of time with horses!” (Interested in eventually joining our horseback staff? Check out our Wrangler in Training Program under Leadership Camps) Dirt Bike Camp (ages 11 - 15 / co-ed) One Week Camp     Sun. - Fri.   Visit our website for more detail on the dirt-bike program and 21 lessons Sign up for Shoshone Camp and add the Dirt Bike option to create your own Dirt Bike Camp. With over five miles of trails on our 165 acre property, there are opportunities for all levels of riders. For those attending for the first time, the riding component of the program starts with a 21-step training course designed by NYPUM (National Youth Program Using Mini-bikes) and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation®. After completing the course, campers will spend the remainder of the time participating in trail riding sessions and other camp activities. We offer daily trails rides for riders who have previously attended one of the dirt bike camps. Both new and returning Dirt Bike campers will have the opportunity to participate in additional camp activities of their choosing.  (NOTE: Returning dirt-bike campers do not have to repeat 21 lessons.) Certified staff will instruct every aspect of riding and basic bike maintenance. This program will also include a trail maintenance service project. Bikes, helmets, and goggles are provided by Camp Carson.

leaderslip camps Teen Camp One Week Camp   Sun. - Fri.  (ages 14-16 / co-ed ) Campers will enjoy a little separation from the main camp while staying in our recently renovated Leadership Village - Grand View Cabins. Separated from the main camp, these comfortable but rustic style accommodations offer large covered porches and meeting space as well as indoor meeting space and airconditioned sleeping quarters. Along with the opportunity to participate in many of the traditional camp activities, we have designed a new program with plenty of opportunities for teens to spend time with their own peer group, hang out with friends, make new friends, discuss issues faced by teens, and stretch comfort zones with a variety of fun, team/leadership challenges such as the Amazing Race, Alpine Tower Challenge, Night Ziplines, Raft Building Challenge, and Wolf Hunt or Underground Railroad Living History Experience. PROGRESSION FROM CAMPERS TO COUNSELORS Leader in Training (LIT) Two-Week Camp (rising 10th graders / coed) This special program is designed to give teens an opportunity to explore their potential through specialized teambuilding and leadership activities. The remainder of the day is spent enjoying traditional camp activities. One of the highlights of this program is the off-site weekend canoe and caving trip.   NEW for 2011 Wrangler in Training (WIT) Two-Week Camp (rising 10th graders / coed) Campers continuing their experience with horses and exploring our leadership programs will find the “WIT” to be a great choice. The bonds formed between horse, rider, and instructor and the “Wrangler” way of life make this a memorable experience. Similar in fashion to our LIT program, campers will develop their potential through specialized teambuilding and leadership activities with the addition of skills needed for our specialized horseback program. Counselor in Training (CIT) Two-Week Camp (rising 11th graders / coed) The best camp counselors are those who can combine a high degree of comfort in the outdoors with the ability to teach and lead others. The CIT program is designed for those who want to train as counselors and further develop their leadership skills. Young men and women who are interested in a challenging and rewarding summer experience are encouraged to consider the CIT program.

Adventure Camp Carson Adventure Trips have a long history and provide great challenging group experiences that are fun and a significant change from the traditional on-site camp experience! While there are still daily devotions and an emphasis on leadership and service, these trips require our adventurers to work together, accepting personal responsibility for their role in the team and building mutual respect. These trips take place in Tennessee, North Carolina, Pennsylvania. We camp out along the way and the group works together preparing the campsite, cooking and cleaning up after meals, and keeping up with other camping responsibilities. All trips are led by experienced camp staff and camp alumni who are experienced in working with teen campers. White Water Rafting Adventures (ages 13 - 16 / co-ed) One Week Camp     Sun. - Fri.   Better than any video or computer game, if you are looking for a non-stop, action-packed, thrilling adventure unlike anything you have ever experienced before at camp, then the week-long White Water Rafting trip is the adventure for you. Under the watchful eye of staff and professional guides, you will be rafting rivers that flow through North and South Carolina, and Tennessee. You will start out with light hearted fun on the Nantahala in Ducks—these are fun, one/ two person inflatable kayaks, also known as funyaks! Next you’re on full size rafts and the bigger rapids of the Chatooga and Ocoee. You are going to get wet! And laugh a lot! You spend your afternoons swimming and exploring the southern states. In the evening, along with working on your camping skills, you’ll share other fun teambuilding activities and challenges with your campmates.

Travel Camps Horse Camp Adventures (ages 13 - 16 / co-ed) 8 Day Camp     Sat. - Sat.  The Horse Camp Adventure trip is for those who love the outdoors and want to experience nature from a pioneers perspective: the back of a horse!  We will leave Camp Carson and head to Wellsboro, Pennsylvania for our adventure trip to Pennsylvania’s Grand Canyon. The Mountain Trail Horse Center (MTHC) in MTHC is located in north central Pennsylvania, in the middle of the Allegheny Mountains.  During your trip, you will venture out for three days on the trail, taking advantage of the beauty of the creeks, rivers, valleys, and the overlooks of the Grand Canyon on Pennsylvania – Pine Creek Gorge!  Our well trained and experienced camp equestrian staff and alumni team up with riding staff from MHTC to provide an opportunity that few experience!  (Please be aware that this trip runs from Saturday Saturday.) You don’t have to have been a Camp Carson Wrangler camper here to go on this trip!  There is a short questionnaire and test to access your riding ability that will let us know if you are ready for this great adventure! 

just for military families

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Camp Especially for Our Military Families We are privileged to be a host site for the National Military Family Association’s “Operation Purple® Camps” These free weeks of camp are offered exclusively to children of military families. The mission of the Operation Purple program is to empower military children and their families to develop and maintain healthy and connected relationships, in spite of the current military environment. The camps are open to all Service branches, including the National Guard and Reserves. To find out more about the programs check out our web-site or go to The camp programs include all the fun of the traditional camp programs and activities in addition to activities specific to coping with deployment and military life.


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We are proud of all of the programs we offer at camp and we would love to answer all of your questions. Please don’t hesitate to call or check our website.

Open House & Volunteer Work Weekends Interested in touring camp or volunteering to help prepare camp for the summer season? We are always available to give tours or answer questions. In addition, the first Sunday in May from 1-4 pm is our Open House. Families enjoy walking and hayride tours, trying out the “Black-Hole” and being able to see what’s new for the upcoming summer. Call us for information on our spring and fall work weekend dates. It’s a great way to spend time at camp making an impact that others will be able to enjoy in the upcoming season.

A Branch of the YMCA of Southwestern Indiana, Inc. 222 NW 6th Street Evansville, IN 47708

Phone: 812-385-3597 Fax: 812-386-1654 E-mail:

YMCA Camp Carson 2034 Outer Lake Road Princeton, IN 47670 40 minutes North of Evansville, IN 1 3/4 hours West of Louisville, KY 2 1/2 hours East of St. Louis, MO 3 hours Northwest of Nashville, TN 3 hours Southwest of Indianapolis, IN 3 1/2 hours West of Cincinnati, OH 3 hours West of Lexington, KY 5 hours Southeast of Chicago, IL

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Permit No.1363 Evansville, IN

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YMCA Camp Carson Summer Brochure  

YMCA Camp Carson Summer Camp Brochure

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