YMCA of Greater Boston 2020 Annual Report

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Dear friends 2020 will forever be known as the year of the Double Pandemic: COVID-19 and racial injustice. The year was both uncertain and extraordinary, and we are grateful to our many partners whose support never wavered. Together, we were resilient, inspiring hope and providing love for those who needed it the most. During a challenging time, we remained stronger together. The year offered a prodigious opportunity to prove our mettle, as we pivoted our organizational focus to provide programs and services to meet emergent community needs such as food, emergency childcare, and community learning centers, while also supporting the on-going needs of our members and program participants. This work could not have been done without your support and sponsorship. In this Annual Report, you will learn how we swiftly stepped up, in real time, to provide meaningful services for the most vulnerable amongst us. With purpose and intentionality, we join with others to put people first. This would not have been possible but for the steadfast support and inspiration provided by members, donors, volunteers and partners. In 2020, the Double Pandemic lead us to re-imagine our service delivery model; in addition to providing traditional programs and services, it became clear that we can play an impactful role in hunger prevention, early education and care, teen employment and virtual wellness. We welcome this expanded role, and believe it is consistent with our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. We remain committed to fighting systemic racism and inter-generational poverty and will do so by filling the “opportunity gap” with programs and services fueled by our long-term commitment to equity and justice for ALL. We are proud to share our 2020 Annual Report. As you read it, please join us in celebrating our impact during one of the most challenging years in our 169-year history. We can never “thank you” enough. Your Humble Servants,

James O'S. Morton President & CEO, YMCA of Greater Boston

William Parent Board Chair 2020


OUR COMMITMENT TO DIVERSITY, EQUITY AND INCLUSION We will purposefully build bridges between diverse groups of people and demand equity for all, in order to create a community and nation free of racism, inequities and inequality. We will create programs, services and spaces where everyone is seen, heard and safe.

OUR MISSION The YMCA of Greater Boston is dedicated to improving the health of mind, body, and spirit of individuals and families in our communities. We welcome men and women, boys and girls of all incomes, faiths and cultures.

OUR CAUSE Founded in 1851 as America's first Y, the YMCA of Greater Boston strengthens the Greater Boston community through youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility.



Diversity, equity and inclusion Since 1851, the YMCA of Greater Boston, America’s first Y, has been committed to building a more inclusive society that is truly “for all.” Today, as Boston’s demographics continue to evolve and as opportunity gaps and social divides widen, the Y is playing a critical role in driving positive social change. We demand equity for all so that everyone can reach their fullest potential. With the state of the nation in turmoil, the YMCA of Greater Boston has doubled down on its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.  We did not deflect this responsibility, but embraced it. We have chosen to partner with others to address racial and social inequities. For example, we created REAL@YGB, a forum for our community to freely express their opinions and insights on most pressing issues of the day. We also sponsored a Courageous Conversation at the 2020 SPARK Party, led by Boston Celtics Coach Brad Stevens and Vice President of Player Development Allison Feaster, regarding issues pertaining to racial and social justice.


Enjoy our inspiring SPARK! event.

Kervich visiting The West Side YMCA in New York.

Kervich Rousseau, a YMCA Black Leader, reflects on the characteristics needed to live in a world where diversity and inclusion really mean something. 7

71,000 participation views in our virtual fitness, online and educational classes Within the first month of the Massachusetts state shut-down, we launched our virtual fitness studio — YMCA GO — and offered it free so members, and others in our community, could remain active and healthy. We did our part to keep all people healthy and strong, even while we remained apart. It was more than a place to find a workout. It was also a place for the community to connect with one another, provide support, avoid social isolation, and develop healthy habits.



The YMCA of Greater Boston and its members find creative ways to make health a habit and stay active during quarantine.



3.4 million grab & go and prepared meals and 175,863 bags of groceries delivered across 70 locations When the pandemic hit and all non-essential workers were required to quarantine, food insecurity increased by a staggering 59% throughout Massachusetts.   The YMCA immediately jumped into action; working with many our partners and supporters, we activated our Hunger Prevention program and operationalized a hunger-relief effort across Greater Boston. Our sites supplied nutritious, culturally appropriate meals for children, families, and seniors who were at risk of hunger and did not have enough food due to isolation and poverty.   From March 2020 to the end of the year, we delivered more than 3.4 million meals to help reduce hunger, a staggering increase from 2019, when we delivered 837,000 meals to children in Greater Boston.


Owner Chef Said of Tamaris Cuisine gives back by providing culturally appropriate Halal meals to the East Boston community.



135,500 hours of safe and nurturing emergency care to over 400 children of essential workers As essential workers heroically placed themselves on the front lines of COVID-19, the YMCA stepped up to make sure their children received the love and care they deserved. With immense gratitude, the Y provided free emergency care to 423 children of essential workers from 138 companies across 12 sites, totaling 135,500 hours of safe and nurturing care during the Commonwealth’s shutdown from early March through June 29, 2020, giving their parents, on the front-line, the peace of mind required to provide the essential services the rest of us relied upon to sustain ourselves and our families.

The YMCA of Greater Boston finds ways to express gratitude to all essential workers in Greater Boston. 13


311,866 hours of learning and care to 359 children in our Early Education programs Providing every child a nurturing and high-quality learning experience was made difficult by the pandemic. We worked tirelessly to reopen our Early Education programs to ensure the critical development of the early language and literacy skills of our youngest learners were not affected. In the face of the worst health crisis of our times, we strengthened our commitment to inspire a love of learning and achievement at every age, for every child in our care.


25 Community Learning Centers and Afterschool Programs opened, providing 317,583 hours of academic support & care The pandemic shined a light on the growing Achievement Gap in our community and country. While returning to school was not an option in the fall of 2020, the disparities experienced by lowincome students were always on our minds.  We partnered with others to open Community Learning Centers in safe spaces, that took a whole-child approach, providing high-quality academic and emotional social support, along with nutritious food. We fought, side by side, with our parents, educators, and caregivers to prevent the widening of the Achievement Gap. We filled that gap with opportunities for learning, which is exactly what our children did – they continued to learn and grow, despite the disruptions caused by the pandemic.


The Moonshot Project, a collaboration between the Y, Inquilinos Boricuas en Accion, the BASE, and Latinos for Education, created Community Learning Centers, providing high-quality academic support for Black and Latinx students and families in the City of Boston.


Provided 446 teens with more than 137,000 hours of meaningful summer work experiences Many teens were severely impacted by COVID-19, experiencing social isolation, anxiety and mental illness. With purposeful intent, we found impactful ways to engage and inspire our youth and teens and, thereby, mitigate the impact of the pandemic. We created programs to engage teens in meaningful summer employment in our Hunger Prevention Program, summer day camps, and YMCA Branches. We also engaged teens in our virtual teen clubs. By keeping them connected to both their community and their peers, we fostered a greater sense of belonging and kept them safe from the throes of social isolation.

Our teen employees meet our CEO James Morton as part their professional development during summer employment.


Teen employee Tatianna Vasquez helped deliver over 3.4 million meals.


Hope & Comfort delivered 250,000 bars of soap to children with the help of the YMCA of Greater Boston, eliminating hygiene insecurity during the pandemic.


Partners with purpose MBTA The Ride

Governor Baker delivers his press conference at the Huntington Ave YMCA in July.

Partnering with others has always been in our promise; we remain humbled by our many partners, donors, members, and volunteers who helped us love, care, and strengthen the minds, bodies and spirits of those we serve.   The Coronavirus pandemic challenged us to work together on behalf of the most vulnerable amongst us. We were called upon to innovate and respond to emergent community needs. We would not have been able to do this important work without the generous support of many. We united, and we were stronger together.

The YMCA of Greater Boston is proud to partner with Siena Farms to offer Community Sponsored Farm Shares to increase equitable access to fresh, healthy vegetables in the Greater Boston area. 21


We stayed strong, together. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to our sustaining members who remained with us, even when our facilities were closed for fitness and aquatics. We asked our members to partner with us in service to others, and many of you responded accordingly. On behalf of those we served, we thank you for your generous fellowship and partnership.

Even when the East Boston Y was closed, I still walked by every day. And every day when I walked by, I saw the food trucks giving away food to a long line of people who needed it. By sustaining my membership I felt like I was helping my 22 community in a time of need.

The YMCA is always there for me, and I wanted to be there for you when the unexpected time came. I knew it would help you take care of your staff, and help you to restart when the time came, if I kept up my monthly payment. I did not expect that you would all go to work so quickly to provide meals and childcare for families hit by the pandemic. But that’s what the YMCA is all about - being there for the community - which makes me love you all the more.

I continued my membership during the closure for one simple reason. The Y does good things for good people.

I continued to pay my membership fees during the COVID shutdown due to the great work of the YMCA. The Y provides meals and services to children of the community. I am very happy that I did my part to help during this pandemic. Shout out to the YMCA!

The Y is so much more than a gym and does so much for those in need that I felt we needed to continue to support the Y. SUE


I knew my money was being spent in the right place. Y'all went above & beyond helping our community!

The Y’s response to COVID-19 showed what the organization is all about. They did everything possible to stay open in a way that kept members safe, and at the same time provided huge amounts of food and support to those most affected.

I continued to pay our family’s membership during the COVID-19 pandemic because the Roxbury YMCA is extremely vital to me, my family, and the community that it serves.


We continued our membership because of the resources and services the Y provides to the local community. We were lucky to keep our jobs during the lockdown so could continue our membership. School lunches and daycare for first responders are essential services and we were happy to contribute to that in a small way. I 23 am looking forward to when I can get back into the pool!

We felt it was important to contribute to the welfare and nutrition of Brighton’s children.

I felt the YMCA provided opportunities to the less lucky, during the time of difficulties, to have a place to be employed and to have a place to come and spend quality time. GIORA

Thank you to the YMCA for helping me stay mentally and physically strong through this pandemic. Our family talked about whether to keep our membership active when things closed. We decided this was one small way we could give back to our community and support children and essential workers. I am grateful for the staff who keeps things sanitary, clean, and open. I look forward to my workouts that help me stay active, feel strong and push through this pandemic.

I continued to pay my membership because it’s important in our community to help others when we can. I love that the Oak Square YMCA jumped into action during Covid. That’s the spirit of the Y, they are a good neighbour to all. 24



It was a no-brainer for us to continue to support the Y even when our branch was closed - the food distributed to people and the childcare provided to frontline workers was absolutely essential. The world just can’t do without the Y!

The Y is the pillar of the community in West Roxbury- even when it was closed, it was helping people in need. There was never a question of suspending our membership! Plus, the aquatic program needs to recognized for the great job they have done for families, kids, and the dedicated swimmers. Thank you Y Staff - we appreciate all that you do.


I continued to pay my membership fee throughout the pandemic because I know the work the Y does for my community, especially families with fewer resources, is critical. VENETTE

I kept my Y membership because I knew the Y was working hard to support the community in any way they could even when facilities were closed to members.

I continued paying my membership to help feed people in need.

I was looking for a way to help my community and the YMCA made it super easy, it was a no-brainer. I loved that my membership fee was instantly being put to the best use, since I could no longer use it!

The Y’s dedicated outreach and many-faceted programs that supported the Boston community during the pandemic made me very proud to be a member. Thank you. JANE

I continued to pay my gym fee to simply to support my community. Hyde Park is my home since 1999 and I do care.



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2020 Community Benefit Everyone belongs at the Y. Thanks to the generous support of many people, we proudly delivered over $ 6.5 million in free or subsidized programs and services to thousands of children, individuals, and families across Greater Boston in 2020.










In Deep Appreciation to MacKenzie Scott PHOTO BY DIA DIPASUPIL/GETTY IMAGES

Our President & CEO, James Morton, thanks philanthropist MacKenzie Scott for her generous donation to the YMCA of Greater Boston, as well as the many partners, donors and individuals who make our work possible.

MacKenzie Scott is a novelist, philanthropist, a founder of Amazon and a significant partner of the YMCA of Greater Boston. As part of her commitment to giving at least half of her wealth to charity, in December of 2020, the YMCA of Greater Boston was the recipient of a generous gift of $18 million from her foundation. It was part of a series of gifts given by Ms. Scott recognizing 384 organizations across the country for their innovative leadership, commitment to hunger prevention, emergency childcare, and racial and social equity work during the challenging times of the pandemic. As a recipient of Ms. Scott’s generosity, our hearts are filled with the kind of hope that comes from the promise of transformational change. We humbly accept the great responsibility to ‘feeding hope’ by addressing the inequities impacting ‘marginalized and underserved’ communities across Greater Boston today and in the years to come.




James O’S. Morton, Esq. President & CEO


Neil Haynes Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Sun Life Financial U.S.


André Johnson Community Volunteer

Jarrett Royster Chief Operations Officer Paul Falvey Chief Financial Officer Todd Tuney Chief Development Officer Amy Gamache Turner Chief Programs Officer Wendy Zinn Chief Social Responsibility Officer Irene Collins Chief Communications Officer Adeline Campbell Senior Director of Information Systems Annalisa Tempesta Senior Director of HR Operations

William M. Parent President & CEO, Envision Bank Hope A. Aldrich Community Volunteer Elizabeth B. Burnett Member, Litigation, Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo P.C. Tara Murphy Marketing Consultant TREASURER

Evelyn Kaupp Tax Partner, Deliotte Tax LLP MEMBERS

Reza Aghamirzadeh Executive Vice President & Director of Community Development, Citizens Bank Dan Brownell Community Volunteer Jeffrey Carpenter Executive Vice President, Capital Markets & Special Banking, People’s United Bank Arielle Dawkins Real Estate Consultant, EVO Real Estate Joseph Ferra Chief Financial Officer, Syros Pharmaceuticals


David Marshall EFT Model Portfolio Strategist,State Street Global Advisors Matt McPherron Private Investor C. Ann Merrifield Community Volunteer Charlayne MurrellSmith Vice President, External & Corporate Development, Boston Children’s Museum Joan S. Parsons Executive Vice President, SVB and Risk Manager, Silicon Valley Bank Rachael Rollins District Attorney, Suffolk County, Massachusetts Trevor Samois Vice President, Connected Communities, WinnCompanies Rebekah Splaine Salwasser Executive Director, Red Sox Foundation

Jonathan Savoy Assistant Vice President, The TJX Companies Shanique Smith Director, Program Management, Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems Nancy Stuart Chief Operating Officer, Concert Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Alan Tuck Senior Advisor, Bridgespan Fred Wang Community Volunteer




David Fubini Harvard University School of Business

YMCA ACHIEVERS Kevin Foster, Co-Chair Lydia Greene, Co-Chair

Kate Walsh President/CEO, Boston Medical Center

BURBANK YMCA Kevin Barile, Chair



Rich Aldrich Co-Founder/Partner, Longwood Fund Fred Chicos Founder and CEO, Christie Student Health Tiffany Cooper-Gueye Community Volunteer Jack Connors Founding Partner, Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos, Inc. Joe Corcoran President, Corcoran Jennison Co., Inc.

CHARLES RIVER YMCA Charles Nelson, Chair CHARLESTOWN YMCA Alex Robinson, Chair DORCHESTER YMCA Leon Bethune, Co-Chair Natalia Urtubey, Co-Chair

John Donohue President/CEO, Arbella Insurance Company

EAST BOSTON YMCA Michael Kenton, Chair

Chris Gabrieli President/CEO, Empower Schools/Mass 2020

EDUCATION & TRAINING Jennifer Doran, Chair

John Hailer Chairman, New England Council

HUNTINGTON AVENUE YMCA Debra Taylor Blair, Chair

Margaret McKenna Educator


Quincy Miller President, Eastern Bank

OAK SQUARE YMCA Frank Hughes, Chair

Myechia Minter-Jordan EVP & Chief Impact Officer, DentaQuest Lee Pelton President, Emerson College Carmel Shields Senior Vice President, Shields Healthcare Group Ron Walker Chief Operating Officer, Rasky Partners

PARKWAY COMMUNITY YMCA Stephen Morris, Chair ROXBURY YMCA Wilton DeVonn Baker, Chair THOMAS M. MENINO YMCA Sam Smith, Chair WALTHAM YMCA Amy Cho, Chair WANG YMCA OF CHINATOWN Richard K. Chang, Esq., Chair


YMCA LOCATIONS BURBANK YMCA 36 Arthur B. Lord Drive Reading, MA 01867

ROXBURY YMCA 285 Martin Luther King Boulevard Roxbury, MA 02119

CHARLES RIVER YMCA 380 Chestnut Street Needham, MA 02492

THOMAS M. MENINO YMCA 1137 River Street Hyde Park, MA 02136

863 Great Plain Avenue Needham, MA 02492

WALTHAM YMCA 725 Lexington Street Waltham, MA 02452

CHARLESTOWN YMCA 150 Third Avenue Charlestown Navy Yard Boston, MA 02129

WANG YMCA OF CHINATOWN 8 Oak Street West Boston, MA 02116

DORCHESTER YMCA 776 Washington Street Dorchester, MA 02124

Signature Programs

EAST BOSTON YMCA 215 Bremen Street East Boston, MA 02128

YMCA ACHIEVERS 3134 Washington Street Roxbury, MA 02119

54 Ashley Street East Boston, MA 02128


HUNTINGTON AVENUE YMCA 316 Huntington Avenue Boston, MA 02115 NORTH SUBURBAN YMCA 137 Lexington Street Woburn, MA 01801 OAK SQUARE YMCA 615 Washington Street Brighton, MA 02135 PARKWAY COMMUNITY YMCA 1972 Centre Street West Roxbury, MA 02132

YMCA TRAINING, INC. 18 Tremont Street, Suite 400 Boston, MA 02108 YMCA INTERNATIONAL LEARNING CENTER 100 Franklin Street, Lower Level Boston, MA 02110


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