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! e -t #8 Iulie 2011

Acest newsletter a fost creat

This newsletter was created

în cadrul proiectului

during the project

”Youth Voice: Implică-te!”, desfășurat în perioada

”Youth Voice: Get Involved!”, which took place between July 2009 - June 2010,

iulie 2009 - iunie 2010, finanțat prin Programul

funded by The Youth In Action Programme

Tineret în Acțiune

through the

al Comisiei Europene.

European Commission.

Asociația YMCA Baia Mare Str. Moldovei nr.2 tel: 0371.134.344


1 Iunie / 1st of June Lecturi Urbane Ziua YMCA in România / National Y Day Let’s Shine Together For Music MTB Marathon Baia Mare You(th) Can Be The Director

1 iunie voluntariat pentru o lume mai bun[a

1st of JUNE


Hello . It is Lusine, who wants to share with you about our activities done on 1 of June. I should remind that I am an EVS volunteer in YMCA. So , for 1 of June we tried to do some activities to make kids happy and I think we managed. Before starting the event we made a tent to work there and to be protected a bit, because it was so sunny (weather also wanted to make kids happy). There were candies, balloons for kids and also we did face painting. I don't know how many kids were front of our tent, but I can say we didn't have time for rest. There were all around face-painted kids. We had a lot of butterflies, spider men, clowns and other personages. There were also other organizations doing different staffs. For example, some of them made an opportunities for playing basketball, dancing, playing competition games‌ Our Italian EVS volunteer Marco made the event happier and colorful by juggling. I think many people will remember him also from the other day. I mean, Marco was juggling also the day of Papy Fest in Baia Mare. On 1 of July we also sang some songs which we are preparing for Festival in Kiev. I hope people enjoyed . It was important that all this services were free and available for all kids, even kids from the streets. I think this kind of days should be organized often. Because by so simple things we can make them happy. Children don't need so big and difficult things to feel themselves happy and loved. This kind of days are important also for kids who live in the streets, because everything is open for everyone and those children can also be involved and far from bad things. It makes them to feel and remember that they are kids and adults are taking care about them. So we should thanks to the associations and all people who are trying to organize and celebrate this kind of important days. I propose you also to be involved and to do something. Our kids are our future. By LUSINE Margaryan (EVS volunteer from Armenia)

LECTURI URBANE In data de 12 mai a avut loc cea de a III -a ediție a Lecturi Urbane. Asociația YMCA Baia Mare a fost implicată ca și partener. Lecturi Urbane este un proiect de implicare socială ce are drept obiectiv principal încurajarea lecturii în spaţiile publice şi crearea unui nou model de a contribui la binele comunităţii.


Baia Mare CITESTE ,

Baia Mare editia , a III-a Parteneri:

B a ia




Joi 12 mai, între orel e 17:00 si , 19:00 pe platoul din faa fata t, Bibliotecii Judetene , «Petre Dulfu» si , în parcul «Dacia»

On the 12th of May took place the 3rd edition of Urban Reading. YMCA Baia Mare was partner in this project. Urban Reading is a social involvement project that aims mainly to encourage reading in public places and creating a new model to help benefit the community.

Y NATIONAL DAY YMCA – celebrating peace and cultural diversity. In data de 6 iunie, tinerii voluntari din Armenia, Italia, Portugalia si Turcia au organizat o seara interculturala. Motivul acesteia a fost de a marca data de 6 iunie, deoarece pe acea data in anul 1844, in Anglia, Sir George Williams pune bazele primului YMCA. Astazi, YMCA numara peste 45 milioane de membri din intreaga lume. On the 6th of June, our EVS volunteers from Armenia, Italy, Portugal and Turkey organised an intercultural evening. The reason behind this was that on the 6th of June in 1844, in England, Sir George Williams founded the first YMCA. Today YMCA has over 45 million members worldwide.

“Peace has many dimensions. It is not only a state of relationships among nations. We cannot expect to live in a world of peace if we are unable to live in peace with those close to us – even those who differ from us.“ The responsibility for peace begins with each person, in relationship with family and friends, and extends to community life and national activities…” (World Alliance of YMCA’s 1981 Statement of Peace)

Let;s shine together for music Pe data de 6 iulie Federatia YMCA Romania si Asociatia YMCA Baia Mare au organizat evenimentul ”Let’s shine together for music!”. In cadrul evenimentului cultural anual, grupul TenSing al YMCA format din tineri voluntari baimareni si Corala Euroart din cadrul Fundatiei Culturale Euroart, au reliefat stralucirea muzicii, interpretand genuri muzicale diferite, de la piese traditionale romanesti la prelucrari internationale, dance, rock, gospel, etc. Acest moment cultural –artistic reprezinta o excelenta modalitate de a aduce impreuna, pentru al treilea an consecutiv, tinerii voluntari ai YMCA cu profesionistii Coralei Euroart, realizandu-se astfel legatura intre generatii, sursa de motivare si inspiratie in a realiza impreuna proiecte comunitare culturale, de a darui comunitatii baimarene, fiind un excelent model pentru anul 2011 – Anul European al Voluntariatului.

On the 6th of July YMCA Romania Federation and the YMCA Baia Mare presented the event "Let's shine together for music." In the annual cultural event, the YMCA Tensing group consisting of young volunteers from Baia Mare and thel EuroArt Chorus from the EuroArt Cultural Foundation, highlighted the brilliance of music, playing different musical genres, from traditional Romanian songs to international ones processing, dance, rock, gospel, etc.. This moment is an excellent cultural and artistic way to bring together for the third consecutive year, YMCA volunteers with young professionals from EuroArt Chorus, thus achieving the link between generations, source of motivation and inspiration in community projects. Also it is an excellent model for 2011 - European Year of Volunteering.

Photos by Andreea Achim

MTB MARATHON BAIA MARE Hi Everyone, Me and Lusine worked as volunteer in Bike Contest in Izvoare. For this contest all organisation members worked so hard and so long. Many weeks ago I also went with them to big race track in the forest and we cleaned the tracks for the competion. There were many fallen trees and garbage. We slept in montains and I don't know how many more times they went again to prepare the ways. Before contest we had a meeting with organisers and they explained details of our tasks. A days ago we took our camping staffs (sleeping bags, tents.) and left from Baia Mare, arrived to contest starting point. There was a hostel. It was so beautiful and natural place. First day rain didn't stop and it was a little bit cold. Until night we prepared banks tents (for visitors) and other necessary things for competition. We stayed in the restaurant of the hostel, everybody was really friendly and happy. We couldn't sleep in tents because of the rain and we stayed in rooms. Next day, morning, after breakfast we left to our task point. At the crossroad where we stayde, there were two different race tracks, ones was for family tour (15 km), second one was 30 km long for profesionals. We stayed departure point between two different racecourses and showed the right directions for each participants. Some riders asked about checkpoints or distance until finish. After all participants passed us we turned back to the finish point. There was crowded. Participants' families or friends, organisers, sponsores were waiting for them so excited. We enjoyed this day even if it was rainy. After contest we ate hungarian gulyas and turned back to Baia Mare. Thanks for reading. Erdost Alkan YMCA Baia Mare / EVS Volunteer from Turkey.

You(th) can be the director Vă intrebaţi ce este? A fost un first step basic synergy trainig, care a avut loc in Banska Bystrica, un orăşel foarte drăguţ din Slovacia. Totul a inceput pe 17 iunie, cand am luat autobusul spre Budapesta, apoi spre Bratislava, si din Bratislava spre Banska Bystrica. Ne-a luat vreo 10 minute sa găsim YMCA hostel-ul, unde trebuia să ne cazăm. Când am ajuns acolo ne aştepta Vlady, organizatorul, care ne-a condus in camere (super cool condiţiile), iar peste mai putin de 12 ore avea să înceapă toată distracţia. Primele zile au fost drăgălaşe, dar outdoorul a bătut tot! Temele primelor zile au fost: „judgment”, „patterns” şi „self-loyalty”; următoarele două zile au fost dedicate legăturii dintre noi şi media; următoarele trei au fost în outdoor, iar ultima „closing and evaluating”. Lucram în grupuri, fiecare grup cu naţionalităţi diferite, iar la sfârşitul zilei primeam „homework” care consta în relizarea unui video cu tema zilei. Mi-am dat seama cat de greu e să stai in faţa camerei şi să vorbeşti despre „nothings” sau „the story of my life” ,să faci pe actorul, incluzând în povestea ta oameni total necunoscuţi de pe stradă, sau să născoceşti ceva într-o oră pentru „Synergy got talents”. Acolo am dat de oameni în adevăratul sens al cuvântului, cu care m-am simţit extraordinar şi cu care am făcut nişte lucruri pe care nu credeam că sunt vreodată in stare să le fac. Outdoorul a fost bestial, având în vedere că ne-au lăsat 3 zile, organizaţi în grupuri de câte 4, din ţări diferite, rătăcind prin păduri şi sate uitate de lume, cu nopţi nedormite, cu 66 de taskuri pe cap,şi câte şi mai câte... În ultimele 2 zile ne-am povestit unii altora cum a fost, ne-am făcut cadouri, altă petrecere, am vizionat filmările din outdoor, iar in ultimele ore de training mi-au pregătit o petrecere surpriză, chiar de ziua mea. Drăguţ, nu? A fost de-a dreptul grozav! Deja mi s-a făcut dor...

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YMCA Baia Mare susține proiectul

Youth Voice: Implica-te  

Revista Youth Voice: Implica-te! este conceputa si realizata in totalitate de catre tinerii voluntari YMCA Baia Mare. Youth Voice: Get Invol...

Youth Voice: Implica-te  

Revista Youth Voice: Implica-te! este conceputa si realizata in totalitate de catre tinerii voluntari YMCA Baia Mare. Youth Voice: Get Invol...