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2010 Canandaigua YMCA Swim Camps Swim camps for children of all levels! Come have fun in the pool while learning and improving on swimming skills. Each day, camp participants can win prizes by improving their “camp personal best time”! High instructor to swimmer ratio provides camp participants with personal attention each day. Swimmers will be divided into groups primarily by skill level as necessary. Parents receive daily e-mail updates. Swim Camp head coach Ingrid Lagoe brings 15 years of coaching experience and a passion for sharing her knowledge with children. She coaches Canandaigua modified boys’ swimming and diving and works at the YMCA teaching swim lessons and water exercise classes. Call 585-394-6866 and ask for Kaitlyn for more information. Pre-competitive Swim Camp- August 23-August 27: 5-6pm Children ages 5 and up interested in joining a swim team. Pre-requisites: Children must be able to swim 25 yards of front stroke with no floatation device. Children will be introduced to all four competitive strokes, starts, streamlines, and have fun together for an hour in the pool! Cost: $50 members/$75 non-members Beginner Competitive Swim Camp- July 19-23: 12-3 pm Children who recently joined a swim team (1-2 years on a team) Pre-requisites: Basic knowledge of all four competitive strokes Children will build on their existing knowledge of the strokes as well as work on starts and turns, IM and relays in a fun setting. Outside of the pool, we will discuss technique and nutrition, play games, and introduce dry-land training without weights. Cost: $75 members/ $100 non-members Intermediate Competitive Swim Camp- July 12-16 and August 23-27: 12:30-4:30 pm Sign up for one week, or both weeks at a discounted rate Swimmers who have been on a swim team for three years or more Pre-requisites: Can swim all four strokes legally Swimmers will continue to develop their strokes through drills, demonstrations, and learning to apply the core concept in the water, while also working on starts and turns. Out of the pool, we will discuss nutrition and technique, play games and learn a full dryland program that the swimmers will take home after completing the camp. Swimmers participating in both camps will continue to build on their skills when they return for their second week. Cost: $90 members/$115 non-members $165 members/$215 non-members for both weeks Boys’ Competitive Swim Camp- July 19-23: 4-6 pm Boys in Middle School or High School either already on modified/varsity swim teams or interested in joining. Depending on level, the boys will be learning new skills or refreshing skills from previous seasons while also enjoying some fun together in the pool. Most of the time will be spent in the water, but each practice begins with dry-land training and the swimmers will receive a dry-land program to take home and use at the completion of the camp. Cost: $90 members/$115 non-members

2010 Canandaigua YMCA Swim Camp Registration Form

Child’s Name:_______________________________

DOB: __________________


Phone Number:______________________

E-mail Address:______________________________________

Parent/Guardian:_______________________ Phone Number: ____________________

Emergency Contact: ____________________ Phone Number: ____________________

Brief description of swim abilities/ areas looking to improve: ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Please select the camp you are registering for. Pre-Competitive Swim Camp ($50/$75)


Beginner Competitive ($75/$100)


Intermediate Competitive: Week A ($90/$115)


Intermediate Competitive: Week B ($90/$115)


Both Competitive Weeks A & B ($165/$215)


Boys’ Competitive Swim Camp ($90/$115)

__________ Total Amount Due


As the parent/guardian of the above child, I attest that he/she is physically and mentally fit to participate in the YMCA swim camp. I understand the skills that are necessary for undertaking this class. I understand too that there inherent risks involved, and by signing this release of my own free will, I hereby indemnify and hold harmless the YMCA, its employees and volunteers from any and all claims, demands, cost or expenses arising out of any injuries or damages incurred while the above child is participating in this program.



Canandaigua YMCA Summer Swim Camps  

2010 Summer Swim Camps

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