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Intricately Simple.

only the last turn of a bolt tightens it

You’ve heard it before—A penny saved is a penny earned. The subject of saving costs by reducing waste seems simple enough. Anyone can talk about it, and in fact—most everyone does. And while some may mistake immensity for complexity and subtlety for simplicity—we don’t.

— the rest is just movement.

–Shigeo Shingo

Distinguished expert on manufacturing practices, Shigeo Shingo observed the value of adding simplicity to the complex. Like Shingo, we’ve spent a great deal of time reviewing our operation, isolating where and how waste occurs and adjusting our process accordingly.

We’re constantly seeking out where simple waste occurs—especially beyond it’s obvious context—such as that energy wasted on the way to that final, distinctive twist which tightens the bolt.

This perpetual pursuit of sleek manufacturing is how we’re saving time, labor and cost. This affords us the opportunity to seek out and invest in more ways of improving quality. What’s come out of it is a beautiful fusion of the simple and the complex.


continuity with complex. At VisTech, we understand that an ever finer clarification of waste is key to establishing the difference between buzz and impact. And we make an impact every day. By continually improving standardized activities and processes, we aim to simplify overall operations and eliminate waste at every turn. Even up to the last turn.

This innovative thinking combined with equally innovative execution is at the heart of Simplexity—it defines our approach, our philosophy and distinguishes us from our competition.

improving the overall flow of complex systems begins with a simple shift in HOW WE SEE THINGS.

A houseplant, with its microhydraulics, fine-tuned

With Simplexity, we are equipped to look at the

metabolism and dense schematic of nucleic acids,

complex whole as a series of simple parts. This

may be more complex than a manufacturing plant.

means we can focus on improving quality and

So when we look at our manufacturing process for

reducing cost. It’s pretty simple—not at all like that

ways to improve, we try to keep things in perspective.

bewildering houseplant.

THE CORNERSTONE OF VISTECH begins with the fluid combination of vision and technology

Simplexity carries over into all areas

However, we see the purpose of

enables our employees to engage

of our business efforts, including

technology going beyond simple

their work in new and interesting

how we invest in technology. In

productivity improvement. We’ve

ways. This balance leads to a

order to be as productive and

learned that when solutions are

creative work environment where

effective as possible, we are

implemented with vision, it

new ideas are free to take shape

constantly upgrading and adding

humanizes the workplace,

resulting in fresh solutions and a

to our production capabilities.

eliminates overly hard labor, and

smooth flowing delivery of value.

relationships built upon mutual trust with an unparalleled level of dedication and attentiveness.

At VisTech, we take pride partnering with our customers. We

Whether it be a simple matter of

strive to maintain a collaborative environment where we work

savings in freight costs or

together to effectively problem solve and reach innovative

adjusting a complicated

solutions that meet their production requirements.

component design to eliminate waste, our customers continually enjoy the positive benefits of partnering with VisTech.

By successfully applying our experience and the simplexity philosophy to our process‌ VisTech Owners John Jacinto and Lane Simpson continue to deliver customer satisfaction that exceeds expectations.

Vistech leadership has over 30 combined years of success in the automotive manufacturing industry. Our roots are in this business. When business colleagues Lane Simpson and John Jacinto came together and spotted opportunities for cost advantage—VisTech was created.

‌Vistech is gaining a reputation of being a high quality, low cost producer. Since then we’ve continued to develop a steady stream of innovative solutions, and to grow as a low cost producer. But we’ve never lost sight of our roots. As we continue to serve our customers, we always keep the simple fundamentals of good business clearly in mind. We passionately strive to deliver manufacturing solutions at the most competitive price in the industry.

Your customers trust you with their business. You need to partner with organizations that you know will be there to support you and serve as a reliable supplier of high quality products and components. VisTech is honored to have earned the trust of our growing list of clients and we want to work with you in the same way.

vistech—intricately simple

Waste not, want not. We’re about saving. Saving on labor, saving on time and saving on energy. The continual pursuit of a leaner process is something we will never surrender. This fundamental and core belief has lead to some remarkable ideas. Simplexity defines our unique process. What can it do for you? It continues to elevate our client’s savings while delivering to them the highest quality products available.

When you look at all the ways that VisTech exceeds expectations, it’s simple to see you can’t afford not to investigate how we help and what we can do for you and your operation. Call John Jacinto today to arrange a visit. We’re looking forward to showing you how well Simplexity can work.

209.544.9333 x102

3501 Coffee Road Suite #1 Modesto, CA 95355 209.544.9333

VisTech Brand Brocure--Siimplexity  

mfg brochure introducing Simplexity

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