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YLW CONNECTION | WINTER 2011 CONTENT 4 YLW services 5 YLW scores high in international customer satisfaction survey 6 The convenience of code-sharing 8 Hope is in the air 10 Hot sun fiesta 12 Kelowna Ramp Service 25 years of service at YLW 15 Las Vegas not just for gambling 19 App technology to ease your travels 20 Tips for travellers 21 World Routes development 2010 22 Cool fun in the Thompson Okanagan 25 Taxed out of the sky 27 Improving safety in reduced visibility 28 YLW news 30 Games YLW Connection is a publication of Accelerate Communications Group Inc. (ACG) published in cooperation with Kelowna International Airport (YLW).


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Advertising Inquiries: Accelerate Communications Group Inc. Phone: 250 769-7790 Fax: 1 888-870-0995 For more information about the Kelowna International Airport, please visit

Best Western Wine Country 3460 Carrington Road West Kelowna, BC 250.707.1637

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Parking Dropping off and picking up passengers at the airport? Park in the short or long-term lot and parking is FREE for the first 15 minutes.

Short-term Lot: Rate is $1 for the first hour (includes first 15 minutes); $2 for each additional hour to a maximum of $13 per 24 hours. Overnight parking is permitted.

S E RV I C ES Hours of Operation Air Terminal Building – 24 hours Airport Administration Office, 2nd floor, Mon – Fri, 8 am – 4 pm Tel: 250 765-5125 Web: Food and Beverage MAIN TERMINAL – GROUNDSIDE: Tim Hortons: 4:30 am – 10 pm Skyway Atrium Lounge: 11:30 am – 7 pm - No minors. Vending Machines – Arrivals area DEPARTURES AREA – POST SECURITY: Skyway Café and Wine Bar: 5 am – 8 pm WhiteSpot Restaurant and Lounge: 5 am – 8 pm Vending Machine – US Departures area Retail MAIN TERMINAL – GROUNDSIDE: Skyway News, Skyway Gifts and Souvenirs: 5 am – 8 pm RBC ATM near Air Canada check-in Change Machine near Tourism Kelowna Information Booth DEPARTURES AREA – POST SECURITY: Gifts of the Okanagan: 5 am – 8 pm Happy and Grateful Shoe Shine Service Okanagan Style: 5 am – 8 pm Okanagan Estate Wine Cellar: 6 am – 8 pm Okanagan Duty Free: Opens 90 minutes prior to International/Transborder flights RBC ATM opposite boarding gates

Services Airport Duty Manager Office, main terminal opposite WestJet check-in: 5:30 am - 8:30 pm Airport Ambassadors, main terminal opposite WestJet: 7:30 am – 8 pm Canada Border Services Agency, Arrivals area: 24 hours Security, Arrivals area: 24 hours Tourism Kelowna Visitor Info Kiosk, Arrivals area: 8 am – 9 pm 4 | YLW CONNECTION

Long-term lot: Rate is $1 per hour (includes first 15 minutes) to a maximum $8.75 per 24 hours and a weekly rate of $45. A six-month Gold pass in the short-term lot can be purchased for $714, which equates to $119 per month and is set at 1/3 of the monthly maximum equivalent for the short-term lot. The prepaid Gold Pass is non-transferable and will be vehicle and driver specific. Purchase a Gold pass and receive 50 Air Miles®. Stop by the Royal Star booth in the short-term lot for details or visit Metered Parking: Meters are available for $1 for 30 minutes in front of the terminal building on the westside; additional meters are located at the South entrance doors and available for overnight parking, maximum $13 per 24 hours. Handicapped Drop-off/Pick-up: 2 curbside areas painted in blue with signage. Handicapped Parking: Marked spots located in the short-term lot across from the terminal and in the long-term lot near the south end of the terminal building. Drivers to the airport are reminded, due to security requirements, vehicles cannot be parked in the active passenger loading and unloading zone area and vehicles that do so will be ticketed and/or towed. No stopping in yellow painted areas.

Car Rentals At Kelowna International Airport there are four on-site agencies located near the Arrivals area of the terminal.

Avis Budget Enterprise National

Airport Shuttles (to-from hotels, resorts, residences) Enjoy the convenience of door to door service by contacting one of the airport’s licensed shuttle services. Catch a ride to the airport from Kelowna, Osoyoos, Salmon Arm, and everywhere in between.

Kelowna Airport Shuttle Vernon Airporter/Premier Pacific Coach Line Falcon Bus Charters Coast Capri Shuttle

1 888 434-8687

1 866 542-7574 250 448-9062 250 860-6060

Licensed Taxi and Limousine Services Taxis are located outside Arrivals to the left of the doors and Limousines are located outside Arrivals to the right of the doors.

Apple Cabs Checkmate Cabs Kelowna Cabs Lake Country Taxi Star Taxi Okanagan Limousine Sun Valley Limousine

250 491-9500 250 491-7368 250 491-9611 250 765-2800

250 451-9560 250 861-1111 250 762-2222 250 766-4440 250 878-9070 250 717-5466 250 863-8882

BC Regional Transit The airport bus shelter is now located in front of the terminal at the South end and offers routes to Lake Country and Vernon. For routes to UBCO, Kelowna and West Kelowna the bus pick up is on Airport Way, just west of the arrivals area. For 24-hour transit information please call the BusLine at 250 860-8121 or visit their website at

YLW Scores High in International Customer Satisfaction Survey | BY TRACE Y FRE D RICK S ON


or the past six years Kelowna International Airport (YLW) has consistently scored well in its customer satisfaction studies comparing airports across Canada; however, this year for the first time it participated in an international Airport Service Quality (ASQ) survey conducted by the Airport Council International (ACI). The survey compared YLW to 38 airports in its size category around the world including one in the Asia Pacific region, four in North America, 22 in Europe and 11 in Latin America and the Caribbean. With an overall satisfaction rating of 4.50 out of 5 (1 poor and 5 excellent), Kelowna proudly ranked second only to Boise International Airport in Idaho. “YLW is truly an international airport and it is vital that we benchmark our services and facilities against the world aviation marketplace,” says Airport Director Sam Samaddar. “The ACI survey not only provides an accurate picture of how we compete globally, it exposes us to best practices from airports around the world and areas to improve upon.” High ratings in several categories underscore how effective airport staff have been in creating a positive customer experience. For example, the facility received ratings of 4.58 for Courtesy and Helpfulness of Inspection Staff, 4.54 for Waiting Time at Security Inspection, and 4.58 for Feeling of Being Safe and Secure.

“We had consistently high ratings in areas related to getting around the airport, wait times at check-in and pre-board screening areas, and thoroughness of the security process,” says Samaddar. “These are all areas where it can be difficult for passengers to feel positive and shows they feel they are treated with fairness and courtesy.” Ratings for cleanliness and comfort of airport facilities including washrooms and waiting areas were also high, a credit to YLW’s janitorial staff. The survey showed areas for improvement relating to airport retail, concession and restaurant facilities. “When we compare how we have done in these areas in Canadian airport surveys, we have definitely improved, but we can still be better,” adds Samaddar. In order to gather more specific information on what customers want in these areas, a retail survey of 800 airport users including passengers, airport employees and wellwishers and greeters is being conducted this winter. The retail survey will provide a wide range of information from individual spending habits to food preferences, and form the basis for a strategic concession and retail plan. “As we continue to implement our Drive to 1.6 Million Passengers plan, we’re pleased to have an overall Number 2 rating internationally, but ultimately we want to be Number One!” says Samaddar.

YLW Passenger Profile (Based on results from the ASQ Survey conducted between April and August, 2010.) 57% of YLW passengers are female; 43% are male The majority of passengers are between the ages of 35 and 64 40% made return trips through YLW in the last one to two months Only 11% of YLW passengers arrive more than 2 hours prior to their departure time compared to the ASQ North American average of 23%. 52% arrive less than 75 minutes before departure 66% travel to the airport by car versus other forms of transportation – considerably higher than the ASQ North American average of 52% 47% check in at the check in counter; 21% use the self-serve kiosk and 15% check via the internet

WINTER 2011 | 5

The Convenience

of Code-sharing | B Y A L E X W E L C H , Senior Project Manager with the InterVISTAS Consulting Group


ith services to the largest hubs in Canada and the Northwestern United States, Kelowna travellers have access to destinations all over the world. Furthermore, through code-share agreements, Kelowna travellers have more airlines to choose from and are able to access even more destinations than ever before. A code-share agreement, as the name suggests, allows airlines to place their code on flights that are operated by partner airlines. Under a code-share agreement travellers have the benefit of full access to the partner airlines’ network and enjoy single check-in and seamless connections and baggage transfers. For example, Air Canada’s service to Vancouver carries the Lufthansa code (Air Canada and Lufthansa are both members of Star Alliance – the world’s largest airline alliance). As a result, a Kelowna traveller can purchase a Lufthansa ticket (either through a travel agent or Lufthansa’s website) for travel from Kelowna International Airport (YLW) to anywhere in the Lufthansa network in Germany and beyond. Code-sharing makes the travel experience seamless. Upon check-in at YLW, the passengers are issued all boarding passes and their bags are tagged all the way to the final destination (Note: In this example the traveller would check-in with Air Canada – the operating airline for the first segment of the trip). Upon arrival in Vancouver the passenger would not have to check-in with Lufthansa again nor would they have to claim their bags – they would simply go to the gate of their connecting flight. Currently YLW has nonstop service from three international airlines: Air Canada, 6 | YLW.KELOWNA.CA

WestJet and Alaska Airlines. However, through code-share agreements, Kelowna travellers have access to international services with an additional six airlines: United/Continental, Lufthansa, Delta, Qantas, Korean, and Cathay Pacific. Through the extensive code-share agreements at YLW and airline hubs, Kelowna travellers can enjoy access to over 600 destinations around the world, many of these being important business and tourism markets.1 Some key destinations that can be accessed through code-share itineraries include: Amsterdam, Seoul, Osaka, Abu Dhabi, Bangkok, Guangzhou, Melbourne and Berlin. With the recent merger between United and Continental and the transborder joint venture announced between Air Canada

and United (including Continental), there is likely to be a significant increase in the code-sharing activity between these two airlines (United is also a member of Star Alliance). This would result in even more available destinations for Kelowna travellers and a wider variety of itinerary options. Simply put, code-sharing means more destinations, more choices and more convenient travel options for Kelowna travellers. With service from some of the top global airlines and their code-share partners, Kelowna travellers can enjoy convenient service from YLW to almost anywhere in the world. Based on the Official Airline Guide (OAG) schedules for July 2010. 1

Code-share Agreements on YLW Services Operating Airline

Code-share Partner

Connecting Hub

Air Canada Alaska WestJet

United/Continental Lufthansa Delta Qantas Korean Cathay Pacific

Calgary/Vancouver Vancouver/Calgary Seattle Seattle Seattle Vancouver

Laser Beams: The Truth Behind Them and What Really Works, from Laser Hair Removal to Sun Damage Treatment.

Now, what do lasers mean to you? Most of us in the Okanagan have sun damaged skin, and this shows up as wrinkles, flat brown spots, raised brown spots, dilated blood vessels that appear to be a red blemish, and rough skin. Most of us also have body hair in places we can’t quite understand why and wish it would just go away. What is the answer to our problems? Laser treatment. When the word “laser” is mentioned, one thinks of advanced technology, high energy, danger, and maybe even Austin Powers. Laser is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. What this means is that for a device to be called a “laser” it must be able to generate energy (radiation) that creates a beam of light that is made up of only one wavelength. Visible light, like when you turn on a light switch, is made up of many different wavelengths of light versus lasers that generate light of only one wavelength. We can then use this to target specific things, like hair or sun damage on the skin. Specific skin colours and tissues absorb wavelengths differently. So a laser designed to target red spots, will not affect brown spots, and vice versa. Lasers, used safely, are powerful devices that we can use to remove unwanted body hair, brown sun spots, red blemishes, the redness from rosacea, and even to tighten aged skin. Almost every part of medicine has been able to use lasers in some manner to treat health concerns that in the past had to be resolved invasively. Each time, a specific laser (wavelength) is chosen because it specifically targets the area being treated and the hope is that the surrounding healthy tissues are left alone.

Brown Spots The laser of choice is a Q-switched ND:Yag laser. This laser stacks its power to target the brown pigment melanin that is causing the age, or liver spots as some call them. Interestingly this same laser can be used to remove tattoos with different settings. After-care is simple, including Polysporin and sun protection. The spot will have a crust and once the scab falls off 7-10 days later, the brown should go with it. Red Blemishes Moving on to red blemishes either from the sun or from the skin condition called “rosacea”, a pulsed dye laser or a KTP laser works well. These lasers target hemoglobin, which is the pigment that makes our blood red. They do not break the skin and create a crust like the Q-switched laser, but they can leave bruising that can take up to 14 days to fade. Again, after-care is simple and the same as above. Laser Hair Removal A different laser than the Q-switched one described earlier is used for laser hair removal. The best choices for light skin and dark hair are the Alexandrite, Ruby, or 810nm diode lasers. If your skin is olive-coloured, or you have a darker skin type, all is not lost. You need to find a laser targeting the wavelength 1064 and to be patient knowing that to safely remove your hair, care must be taken not to burn you and so more treatments at lower energy may be needed. Skin Texture For wrinkles and rough areas, a laser targeting water is best, typically a carbon dioxide laser or an erbium laser. Since skin is largely made up of water,

care must be taken with these lasers. You must be sure to be in the hands of an experienced physician to have a resurfacing treatment with these lasers. Results are amazing and years can be taken off of the age of your skin due to collagen stimulation and removal of the outer, damaged layers. The bottom-line is that lasers are an amazing part of medicine. They are powerful, but used competently can give beautiful results. Talk to your doctor if you are interested in any of these treatments and they can safely refer you on.

Author: Dr. Janna Bentley is a cosmetic medical doctor and co-founder, with Dr. Mandy Wong, of Lakeshore Vein & Aesthetics Clinic (

3293 Lakeshore Rd Kelowna, BC V1W 3S9 Main phone: 250-860-9919




magine if you will, being sick and unable to get to where your treatment awaits you. Now imagine that one phone call could help get you there.

Hope Air uses pilots and their private aircraft for some routes, extending their reach into smaller communities that may not have commercial airline flights.

That’s what happened to Louise and her husband Hans. They were enjoying retirement when Hans was diagnosed with metastatic carcinoids (cancer). The two had to drive to the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton every three months, as it was the only place to offer the treatment Hans needed. By January of 2010 Hans was too ill to spend any length of time in a car. They called the clinic to let them know they were unable to keep their appointment. That’s when they learned about Hope Air. “I made a phone call and gave them our information,” explains Louise. “A few days later they called and gave us a list of flight times.” Hans flew from Kelowna to Edmonton and received treatment. In April he returned again only to find he was too ill to continue treatment. He passed away in June of 2010. “I’m thankful that Hope Air was there for us when we needed it,” says Louise. “It’s an incredible organization and most people don’t know about it.” Hope Air is heading into their 25th year coast-to-coast in Canada. Kelowna is their busiest departure airport flying out, on average, one person per day. They operate with six paid staff members and approximately 120 volunteers. Dennis Kiffiak, Director of Development, explains how the process works. “People call in to 8 | YLW CONNECTION

our volunteers at Hope Air and let them know of their needs. Then the information is taken down and put into the system. Our volunteers phone the doctor’s office or treatment center to confirm the appointment. We also collect financial information to ensure the people we are assisting are at a certain income level. Once everything is confirmed, we arrange the flights.” Hope Air has recorded a record number of flights across Canada this year, with Kelowna to Vancouver being their busiest route. It’s all thanks to those who donate and the volunteers who spread the word about Hope Air. “The people we work with; our volunteers, social workers, health care professionals, community care givers, are our front line,” says Doug Keller-Hobson, Executive Director for Hope Air. “It is important for them to be applauded for what they are doing. They are the ones that get the information out to people who need it.”

Hope Air has three types of flights; purchased commercial flights, donated commercial flights, and volunteer pilots. In BC they work with WestJet, Air Canada, Hawkair, Central Mountain Air, Air Pacific Coastal Airlines, Swanberg Air, Harbour Air Seaplanes and HeliJet. The volunteer pilot program through Hope Air connects pilots and their planes to people with limited access to major airports. Braden Messenger is one of those pilots. They contacted him in 2007 while he was doing volunteer search and rescue work. “My uncle was a pilot and a bird dog for Conair. He was killed in 1992 outside a fire in Golden,” says Braden. “When he got killed my mom told me I was not going to be a pilot. A few years later I convinced her I’d be safe and I started taking flying lessons.” Braden runs his own company now, but he still loves to fly. He has his own plane, a Beach Sierra B24R four-seater which he

uses to shuttle people on several routes around BC. He mostly flies children with their escorts. “I end up all over BC and most of them are two person flights. About 30% of the time I fly with a single passenger; the patient.” When asked if he ever missed out on his family life he replied: “I missed my kids’ hockey practice, but my family understands. Schedules tend to get adjusted on short notice. You go where you are needed most.”

“I started using Hope Air this year,” he says. “I went to the Department of Social Services and they told me about them. They got me a flight for my six month check up. I’ll be heading back again soon. Hope Air makes my life so much easier,” he says with a smile. For more information or to donate to Hope Air, visit the website at

Before Hope Air got involved, they were paying for their own flights. Each visit was more of a financial drain on the retired couple. “We made our application, and got the okay from the doctors. Then they got back to us with flight times and told us when to be at the airport,” says Josh. They are hoping the word gets out about Hope Air. “Today we talked to a chiropractor and a GP and neither had heard of Hope Air. The more people that know about it the more people will donate and the more they will help.”

British Columbia There were 162 Hope Air flights from YLW in 2009. From January to end September 2010 there were 317 51% of all flights are for children

“Doing this for Hope Air is rewarding as you are making a big impact on peoples lives. I think they are doing an excellent job at filling a need that tends to get overlooked. I plan on doing this until I can’t fly anymore,” he smiles and adds, “so I’m good for another 40 or 50 years.” Josh and Jollean used Hope Air twice in 2010 to fly from Kelowna to Vancouver. Jollean has had Parkinson’s disease for 12 years and is now part of a research project at UBC. “We used to drive up to Vancouver frequently,” explains Josh, “but about three years ago Jollean’s disease deteriorated her to the point where she couldn’t sit in a car for any length of time.”


Top reasons for flying with Hope Air were assessment/diagnosis (39%), treatment/surgery (35%) and followup/re-assessment (26%) Top three medical conditions requiring travel were cancer, cardiovascular and neurological Jenae is quite the trooper: at age two, she needed extensive heart surgery in Edmonton, a 10-hour drive away from Kelowna. Hope Air got both Jenae and her mom to Edmonton. “How can I express the gratitude we feel for Hope Air at this terrible times? When you are blessed with a child whose life involves many outof-town and out-of-province hospital visits, even the smallest details such as travel arrangements are a big worry. You helped us get to our appointments, with little hassle or financial burden.” – Jenae’s Mom

22% of Hope Air Clients in BC would face a car or bus ride of up to 12 hours or more – each way – if they could not fly with Hope Air. This means days away from work and/or school and considerable discomfort and stress for people already in ill health or dealing with a sick child 25% of Clients would not get to their appointment or would postpone indefinitely if not for Hope Air flights Kelowna to Vancouver is the #1 volume route in Canada for Hope Air For more information and to donate please go to

Evert is another thankful user of the Hope Air service. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1990; then in 2001 he was told he had Dystonia. After many different types of therapies and a regime of 14 pills per day Evert went to Vancouver for Deep Brain Stimulation surgery and had a Neurostimulator with six electrodes installed in May 2006. Today he is down to 1/2 a pill per day. Evert must fly from Kelowna to Vancouver every six months to chart his progress. WINTER 2011 | 9



he annual Hot Suns Destinations event held at the YLW on Friday October 29 was a smashing success. While winter was just around the corner, shorts and flip flops were a common look at YLW terminal and atrium as it was transformed into a Mexican beach fiesta; complete with reggae jams, a beach wear fashion show, a charity raffle, and travellers bustling about. The event offered vacationer’s an opportunity to learn about tropical travel and vacation packages, beach weddings and fashion as the tropical winter destination flight schedule kicked off at YLW. With a minimum five dollar donation to Hope Air, travellers could enter their name into a draw to win one of five prizes; including an all inclusive trip for two to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, airfare for two to any Air Canada Mexico or Caribbean destination, or airfare for two to any WestJet destination. Hope Air was the charity of choice for the event because of the organizations unique 10 | YLW.KELOWNA.CA

“adopt a flight” commitment and service to Canadians in medical need. Hope Air is the only national charity that provides free flights to financially burdened Canadians that are required to fly for vital non-emergency medical treatment. Hope Air has arranged for 322 flights from Kelowna to medical facilities in Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Vancouver and Victoria in 2010 alone. The event collected a total of $3,380 in donations for support to Hope Air. “The funds contributed by people at the event is equivalent to 27 flights,” noted Director of Development for Hope Air, Dennis Kiffiak. “Hope Air very much appreciates the support of the Kelowna International Airport and everyone who attended. By being here, we were able to share more about Hope Air services.” Over 1,300 people attended the 2010 Hot Suns Destinations event at YLW. Visitors were able to speak with representatives from airline, vacation rental and travel agencies about sun


Over 1,300 people attended the 2010 Hot Suns Destinations event at YLW holidays in the Caribbean, Hawaii and Mexico. Music and entertainment spiced up the event with Cruzwear offering a fashion show, while vendors hosted brief public information workshops about their trips and vacation packages every twenty minutes. Vendors participating in this years’ Hot Suns Destinations event included Air Canada Vacations, WestJet/WestJet Vacations, Air Transat/Nolitours, Canto del Sol, the Wedding Café, Capri Travel, Maritime Travel, Sun Country Travel,

Marlin Travel, Tri Star Travel & Cruise, DaxAir, and Mexico Advice (a law firm). As an added feature, a fashion show by Cruzwear and wedding wear provided by Ten Fashions was a highlight to the event. Airport Director Sam Samaddar said, “This is the second year we have hosted this type of information event at YLW. Between the positive feedback we received from attendees and our participating partners and the sheer number of people who attended, we will definitely organize another event next year.” The Hot Suns Destination event has kicked off the winter tropical destination schedules with WestJet’s scheduled non-stop air service to Puerto Vallarta that began October 31 and flights to Cancun and Los Cabos taking off in early November. Seasonal charter services to Mexico will begin December 18 with Nolitours /Transat Holiday and Sunwing/ Signature Vacations. Sunquest packages also began October 31 on WestJet’s flights to Mexico.


Airfare for two anywhere WestJet flies Winner: Una Mack, Kelowna Presenter: Bryce Gibbs, WestJet Station Manager YLW

An all-inclusive trip for two to Royal Decameron Resort, Puerto Vallarta Mexico courtesy of Nolitours/Transat Holiday & free airport parking at the YLW Winner: Jack Pardue, Kelowna Presenter: Sam Samaddar, Airport Director

Airfare to any Mexican or Caribbean destination by Air Canada Vacations Winner: Carol Tatham, Kelowna Presenter: Jennifer Leach-Trask, Air Canada Station Manager YLW One of three $100 travel vouchers by Capri Travel Winners: Mike Tattersall, Peachland, Art Fester, Kelowna, Sylvia Dow, Kelowna (No Photo)

Alejandro Osorio Attorney at Law

Licensed to practice only in Mexico

Consulting services for Canadians intending to: O Invest in Mexican real estate O Living in Mexico seasonally or all year round We will help you to enjoy Mexico with peace of mind! Cell: 250-681-5368 Mexico Consulting Inc. 1665 Smithson Pl. Kelowna BC, V1Y 8N5

The airport terminal was alive and buzzing with tropical flavour in celebration of the winter non-stop travel service season to Mexico and other tropical destinations. Vendors including WestJet, Air Canada Vacations, Sunquest, Transat Holidays, and the Wedding Café set up shop in the terminal offering advice and traveller packages available for winter beach destinations. WINTER 2011 | 11

(L) Mark Halston, President and Paul Halston, Operations Manager on their new e-tugs.

Kelowna Ramp Services

25 YEARS of service at YLW | B Y WA R R E N B R O C K


elowna Ramp Services (KRS) is celebrating 25 years of business at YLW. Beginning operations on December 12, 1985, KRS was created to take advantage of Air BC‘s expansion of air services to Kelowna. “It was a Thursday,” says Mark Halston, President, remembering the exact day he started his ground handling contract with Air BC at YLW. Based in Vancouver, Halston was a cargo employee of Air BC and in a matter of days he relocated to Kelowna, rounded up the necessary equipment, and met the first Air BC plane at YLW on December 12th. At the time, Air BC began operating four flights per day to and from Kelowna with their Dash 8 aircraft. With only a small number of daily flights, Halston sought other opportunities to grow his business at YLW starting with the delivery of lost or late baggage to airline customers throughout the Okanagan. When Air BC began to overnight aircraft at YLW, he provided shuttle services for flight crews to and from local hotels. Over the next 15 years, they expanded their operations despite turbulent times in the airline industry and a downturn in air traffic with the completion of the Okanagan Connector in 1991. In 2001, Air Canada Jazz was created combining Air BC, Air Nova, Air Ontario, and Canadian Regional Airlines. With the introduction of Air Canada flights in 1999 and the increase of Jazz flights into 12 | YLW CONNECTION

YLW, Halston started procuring ground equipment to handle the increase in traffic and to be able to assist other YLW tenants and airlines. Today, they have amassed an impressive fleet of ground and cargo handling equipment combined with an experienced and dedicated workforce of over 40 employees including Halston’s wife Maureen and twin brother. Other than re-fuelling, KRS provides complete ground and cargo handling services for WestJet, Air Canada, Charter companies and the Department of National Defence. Additionally, they provide various services for Horizon Air and Central Mountain Air. “A key component to our success has been our ability to supply a level of service above and beyond our competitors,” says Halston. “Every one of our employees is very service and safety minded and committed to our customers’ satisfaction.” As part of their environmental initiatives at YLW, KRS has introduced two electricpowered baggage tugs, or “e-tugs”, to their operation. The first of its kind to incorporate the new technology for electric powered ground equipment, each e-tug provides up to 8 hours of operation and can help to effectively reduce the carbon footprint of baggage and cargo handling services at YLW. The e-tugs will be put to the test this winter before more are added to the KRS fleet. For the past 25 years, KRS have met each opportunity and challenge as a result of

YLW’s exponential growth in passenger and cargo traffic and the ongoing addition of new travel destinations. As the airport continues to grow, they are well situated to continue their superior customer service and celebrate many more milestone anniversaries. For more information about KRS, visit


Lightweight luggage with smart functionality. The pperfect sidekick for anyy escape. p




ORCHARD PARK MALL 250-763-6566 250-76 7 3-6566


There are two factors the human body requires to perform any sport at your highest level: BALANCE & FLEXIBILITY Body-Wize focuses on these two factors.



Sp ecializing in: Sustainable Office Furniture Space Planning Professional Installations Do you suffer from: Headaches, Back or Neck Pain, Emotional Stress and Tension, Anxiety, Poor Posture, Arthritis, Sports Injuries, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tendonitis, Sciatica, T.M.J. Syndrome?‌

Hellerwork and Pilates

exercise is a powerful system of structural body realignment which is based on the inseparability of Body, Mind and Spirit. The benefits include improved posture and alignment; enhanced athletic ability; increased range of movement and a decrease in repetitive strain injury.

93% of the clients

that complete the 11 session series experience less pain, or are

totally pain free. "I underwent a full series of Structural Integration which has led to considerable reduction in my overall pain from osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and plantarfascitis. Ross Short was thorough, compassionate, professional and very good at bodywork. I would not hesitate in recommending Ross" Dr. Denise Cantin, Kelowna

Ross Short 250-717-3553 14 | YLW.KELOWNA.CA

Systems Furniture Ergonomic Seating & Accessories

Vist Ou r Sh owr o o m To d a y !

420 Banks Road, Kelown a t: 250.717.1626 tf: 1 800.558.DESK (3375)

www.To ta lOf f ic e B C . c a

Mandalay Bay: “Lionesses Dance” in THE LION KING Las Vegas. ©2009, Disney. Joan Marcus

not just for gambling


as Vegas is renowned as the city that never sleeps. That fact was perfect for BC Interior travellers in the past since flights to the Nevada centre left Kelowna at 10 p.m. Flights landed in the early morning hours which meant there was always some adventure still to pursue. The days of having to be a night owl are now over though. As of November 2nd, 2010, scheduled non-stop flights to Las Vegas on WestJet leave Kelowna Tuesdays and Saturdays at 2:15 p.m. Flights back to Kelowna International Airport land at 1:25 p.m. those same days. Las Vegas service will run until April 30th and means you can take in the sights and sounds of glitter city while the sun is still up and continue gambling, partying or sightseeing until the wee hours. Another bonus of the afternoon flight schedule is that your plane lands at 4:42 p.m. Las Vegas is a major airline hub in the United States with hundreds of flights a day, giving Okanagan travellers another option for connecting flights to other U.S. and international destinations. Within one to two hours of landing, you can catch flights on key U.S. air carriers like Southwest, Delta, American and

Continental, to various major American locations like Phoenix, Houston, Reno, Dallas, San Diego, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, Tampa Bay, Orlando and New Orleans. This is particularly valuable to business travellers from the Okanagan looking for more options to and from those locations. Las Vegas also happens to be the number one trade show destination in North America with nearly 20,000 conferences and meetings held there each year attracting upwards of 4.5 million delegates. The Consumer Electronics Show in January is the largest of those conventions drawing a sizable delegation from the Okanagan’s high tech community. “We took a contingent of companies there last year and will do it again this January,” says Central Okanagan Economic Development Manager Robert Fine. “Metabridge is an initiative in BC with high tech companies that tries to link them with international partners for investment or partnership, and this show is perfect for that networking. A direct flight now will help us attract more local companies to get involved, and it also allows more U.S. based company executives to come here quickly and perhaps convince them to invest or even expand to the Okanagan.”


As of November 2nd, 2010, scheduled non-stop flights to Las Vegas on WestJet leave Kelowna Tuesdays & Saturdays at 2:15 p.m. There is no shortage of places to stay once in Las Vegas since it boasts 17 of the 20 biggest hotels in the United States with over 130,000 rooms available to over 38-million visitors who flock there each year. Its reputation as the “Entertainment Capital of the World” is a main reason why the city is also one of the top business incentive destinations in the U.S. for Canadian companies handing out prizes or incentive bonuses to their employees or clients. The travel packages available are incredibly reasonable and obviously there is no shortage of adventure in store for those visiting. Gambling is still the number one reason the majority of people venture to the city with Las Vegas Boulevard or > WINTER 2011 | 15



Las Vegas

17:20 to Dallas



Las Vegas

17:20 to Kansas City



Las Vegas

17:20 to Chicago



Las Vegas

17:25 to Oakland



Las Vegas

17:26 to Salt Lake City



Las Vegas

17:35 to Reno



Las Vegas

17:35 to Phoenix



Las Vegas

17:35 to San Jose



Las Vegas

17:40 to Sacramento



Las Vegas

17:50 to Denver



Las Vegas

17:50 to Houston

“The Strip” featuring some of the most spectacular and awe inspiring hotel and entertainment complexes anywhere on earth. The glass pyramid of Luxor; the replica skyline of New York, New Yor k ; the volcano of the Mirage; the giant lion of the MGM Grand; or the ancient Roman splendour of Caesar’s Palace are just a few of the magnificent hotels transporting you to other worldly destinations all on one street. Every hotel has a pool, some more exotic or unusual than others to take advantage of the 320 days of sunshine Vegas bathes in each year. The Wet Republic at the MGM Grand is 53-thousand square feet with two saltwater pools; Mandalay Bay trucked in over 1700 tons of California sand for its 11-acre tropical pool with a 1.6 million gallon wave pool with five foot waves. Entertainment offered at a myriad “show rooms” features many of the world’s foremost entertainers like Celine Dion (returning for a 3-year residency at Caesar’s Palace in March 2011), Garth Brooks, Santana and Barry Manilow to mention a few. Other top attractions include seven different Cirque du Soleil shows, Broadway type musicals like The Lion King at Mandalay Bay or Jersey Boys at The Palazzo and one of the world’s top 16 | YLW CONNECTION

ventriloquists Terry Fator the America’s Got Talent winner. You won’t find the luxuriant hotels of the strip in the old downtown, but you will find the Fremont Street Experience and the 30-metre high Viva Vision canopy with over 14 million LED lights, the world’s largest projection screen the length of five football fields. Different features, shows or concerts are shown on the hour nightly attracting up to 25,000 people daily. Las Vegas has much more to offer though for sports fans, families or people looking for educational or entertaining venues away from the casinos. Over 60 golf courses dot the landscape with six ranked in the top 50 in the U.S. by Golf World magazine, the Bali Hai Las Vegas 6th overall. The Las Vegas Motor Speedway features NASCAR racing and the Sprint Cup each February. The world’s foremost cowboys and cowgirls compete every December in the National Finals Rodeo, the world championship. Sky Zone Sports is the world’s first all-trampoline walled playing field with suspended rotating goals where activities on trampolines include open court jumping, dodgeball, SkyRobics and corporate team building activities.

Excited attendees fill the aisles of the Central Hall at the 2010 International CES


it’s where you are


Jeff Green

MGM Grand, Wet Republic adult pool

One of the world’s largest selections of antique, classic and muscle cars is located at the multimillion dollar Auto Collections at the Imperial Palace with 250 autos on display. Over 100 of the world’s most popular film, television, music and sports personalities are showcased at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in The Venetian. The Liberace museum features the costumes and personal effects of the “King of Glitz” one of the city’s most noted former entertainers. A unique exhibit in Las Vegas right now is Bodies at Luxor. It showcases 275 body specimens dissected and preserved and respectfully presented to give people a view of the complexities of our own body. Luxor also houses Titanic; The Artifact Exhibition, items all recovered from the Titanic’s grave two and a half miles under the Atlantic Ocean. Away from the neon and glitz of Las Vegas proper are some very unique, southwest, natural attractions. The most spectacular has to be the Grand Canyon considered one of the greatest natural wonders in the world. Much closer though is Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and its weird rock formations or the Valley of Fire State Park where volcanic rock and red sandstone have been the backdrop for countless Hollywood films from Westerns and prehistoric flicks to a location for Star Trek.

New York, New York

Hoover Dam, one of the largest in the world at 232 metres (726 feet) high and 379 metres (1244 feet) long is just 30 miles southeast of Vegas. A day at the beach can be had at Lake Mead Recreation Area just 67 miles south of the Dam. Fishing, boating, swimming and camping are available, but so too are dinner-dance cruises on an old-time paddle wheel steamboat. No trip to Las Vegas is complete without checking out the multitude of shopping opportunities. The Forum Shops in Caesar’s Palace and the Grand Canal Shops in the Venetian Hotel feature high end boutiques. The Fashion Show Mall on the strip presents the latest from Saks Fifth, Nordstrom, Macy’s and Bloomingdales and boasts its own 80-foot retractable runway for instant fashion shows. The Shops at Palazzo encompasses 450,000 square feet and over 60-stores anchored by Barneys New York. If bargains are more your style the Las Vegas Outlet Centre, just south of the strip, is for you. Over 150 factory outlet stores are featured there. The Fashion Outlets 30 minutes south on I-15 at Primm boast over 100 shops, many with exclusive designer labels and shuttle bus service from most major hotels.

you go to Las Vegas. You’ll need both to explore the countless adventures at your disposal in what is perhaps the wildest, craziest and most fun amusement park anywhere on earth!

Providing facility maintenance and HVAC services to the Okanagan Valley

Black and McDonald Ltd. #6-5533 Airport Way Kelowna, BC V1V 1S1 P: 250-491-0990 F: 250-491-0960

It’s said to take a bag full of money and an equal amount of energy with you when WINTER 2011 | 17

Japanese Fusion Tapas Tradition with a Twist


Every now and then you come across a gem of a restaurant that is destined to become a favourite. The Wasabi Izakaya is one of those gems located at 1623 Pandosy Street in downtown Kelowna. Owner and Chef Junya Nakamura comes from a long line of cooks and he obviously loves what he does. The restaurant serves delicious, affordably priced, Japanese style tapas and some innovative sushi dishes. When Nakamura opened Wasabi in January of 2008, he set out to educate people about typical Japanese food. “When I was growing up, we ate sushi maybe once a year; it’s just not that common. What I make at Wasabi is regular food, like what you would get if you were invited to a traditional Japanese home.” “Food should be a joy,” he says, as he presents his Teriyaki BBQ Pork. The moment I took a bite, the meat literally fell into my mouth. Subtle flavourings of rice wine vinegar, soya sauce, oyster sauce, and a hint of sesame oil wash over my tongue. I do believe I groaned a little as I explored the tastes and textures of this dish. “The trick is to use pork shoulder and braise it for three hours,” he explains. “My ingredients are as fresh as possible. I buy directly from a butcher who knows which cuts I like to use. In the warmer months I buy local produce as it has the most flavour.” Nakamura’s food is hard to describe; however, Japanese fusion seems to fit the bill. A mixture of Japanese, Asian, French and North American techniques and flavours combine in taste sensations sure to please the pickiest of palates. Next up was a snow crab salad. Although not on the menu, Nakamura often has it as a lunch special. Every bite is different as it contains a multitude of flavours from radish to carrot, lettuce to onion, and of course, the crab. To give it even more flavour, it is served with a dressing made with crab juice, lemon juice, mayo, chili, sugar, salt and pepper. Tobiko is scattered throughout this dish ensuring a salty crunchiness in every bite. Finally I tried the Ebi Chili Mayo. “Canadian people love tempura prawns,” says Nakamura, “and they love mayo and spicy foods; that is how I came up with this dish.” The prawns are huge and cooked in a batter that falls somewhere between tempura and gyoza. Nakamura says he uses a high quality batter as it holds the flavour inside and is crunchy longer. The sweet chili mayo sauce stays with you long after you’ve swallowed and leaves you wanting more. Although Nakamura says his food is ‘regular’ Japanese food, it is obvious that he adds his own interpretation to every dish. If they served food like this at home when I was growing up, I never would have left! The restaurant is open for lunch Monday to Friday from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm; Monday to Thursday from 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm, Friday to Saturday from 5:30 pm to 10:30 pm and is closed on Sunday. For a full menu and more information go to Restaurant Review

App technology to ease your travels

| BY M ARK ED STROM , President / Marketing & Operations DPI Media Inc.


ravelling during high seasons can almost always guarantee long delays and exorbitant prices. At a time where hanging with family and time off should mean relaxation and fun, this can ultimately be affected by the quality of your travels getting there! Now, with the help of iPhone’s and iPad’s, not only can you enjoy a quick movie or listen to the latest hit song, but now you can ease your travel in Canada and internationally with these handy apps. GateGuru Stuck on a long layover, waiting for your delayed flight or just need to find the gift shop in record time? This is the app for you! Very simple to use, this app uses the push notification feature, “Use your location”, to help find the airport you are located in. Once in, you can opt to see a map of the whole airport for navigation or search all lists of food vendors and locations, gift shops and locations “ie. Baggage claim 3” and all other services such as ATM’s and even a local spa for that longer layover. Rating: 4 stars Airport Maps While this app is supposed to be what the name says, “Airport Maps”, it lacks the push notification feature of “use your location” and in Canada only gives one option for Halifax. It seems to be effective for parts of Europe or major airports in the USA but even then, this is not the app for Canadian travellers. Rating: 1.5 stars Castanet is a local app for the BC interior, primarily the Okanagan, although if you travel to Kelowna or within the Thompson/Okanagan this app is great for news, departures, arrivals and more! The airport feature has all departures and arrivals to and from Kelowna and is generated from the airports system

for updated times and delays. The news section features local and national coverage and you can even report a news story from your iPhone or iPad with the “report feature”. They also have streaming local radio, movie show times and local weather. Rating: 4 stars Flight Status This app, again maybe good for larger airport travel, although major airlines in Canada such as West Jet are not found in the system. If you book with you can track your bags and travel arrivals and departures quite easily. Rating: 3 stars OnTheFly On the Fly is a great tool for last minute travels, searching the cheapest flight or just looking for options on air travel. This app uses the push notification feature, “use your location” for quick ease of use when selecting departures from smaller city airports. To quickly find the best rate and flight times, enter in the arrival city, amount of passengers and dates of travel. It is fast and convenient and even though you cannot book your travel through the app it provides ease of use for those who don’t have time to search individual airlines. Once you have found a good fare and time, book directly through the airline selected. Rating: 4.5 stars Car Rentals Have further needs once landed for road travel? This is the app for you! This app is fast and efficient in making a car rental booking. It provides low cost solutions for car rentals at every major airport in North America and is simple to use with one screen to enter in your dates and location. You can use this system at the last minute, as well to save on fares rather then paying the high rental rate found at the counter. Rating: 4.5 stars

Travelling at the holidays can make or break your time off with the family, so having technology to ease your travels is the solution to today’s ever changing challenges. The iPhone and iPad technology is leading the way for businesses and personal use to be more efficient in all areas. If you are not yet using a smart phone, iPhone or Blackberry and find your personal life or business life being overwhelming, grab a phone and start downloading apps for a new, more efficient future! DPI Media Inc. is a marketing agency based in Kelowna, using modern technology with services including identity branding, graphic design, mobile and iPhone App development, web design, social media, SEO programs, and wo7568_OkanaganAir_Ad:Layout 1 12/2/10 advertising.

The phone you want. The essentials you need.

SAVE 25% on mobile phone accessories when you bring this ad into any one of these locations! Orchard Park Westbank SC Mission Park SC 910-2271 110, 2330 11/12, 3151 Harvey Ave Hwy 97 Lakeshore Rd. Kelowna Westbank Kelowna (250)-860-6865 (250)-768-6681 (250)-860-5531

Offer ends March 31, 2011. See store for full details. Prices accurate at press time. May be subject to change. Some products may be available in limited quantity. The Source does not accept liability for pictorial or typographical errors. Taxes not included. ™Trade-mark of The Source (Bell) Electronics Inc. Ad must be presented at time of purchase. Savings are discounted off regular-priced items and cannot be combined with any other offer or discounts. Coupon has no cash value. No photocopies accepted. One coupon per person purchase.

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Personal Alarm The Mugger Stopper Plus is a great personal protection unit for you or a loved one while travelling. Helps fend off muggers with its 9 volt battery operated alarm or calls attention to a fall or injury. Unit also emits an attention-evoking strobe light which also can be used as a flashlight. Compact, shock resistant and lightweight enough to carry around in your pocket or clip to your belt. Also fits easily in your fanny pack or purse. Can Safe Keep that roll of emergency cash safely hidden. Wide assortment of safes from airplanesafe deodorant and shaving cans, to automotive lubricants and travel mugs. All feature a hollowed out interior with a separate container inside that is sealable for protection. Products available at Spy vs Spy – The Spy Store, Kelowna.

Something to keep in mind while travelling…. When travelling for enjoyment….. • The medical travel insurance that you purchase is an eligible medical expense and can be deducted on your income tax return on Schedule 1 When travelling for business……..meals are only 50% deductible As an employee….. • If you receive a travelling allowance, it is tax free • If you believe that the allowance is too small you can include the allowance into your income and then deduct the actual expenses that you incurred for business travel. Your employer must fill out and sign form T2200 As a commissioned salesperson…… • You are entitled to deduct all of your expenses up to the level of your commissioned income. You may also employ an assistant, but your employer must indicate that you require an assistant when filling out the T2200 • You may be entitled to the HST credit on travel expenses Provided by Banka & Company Inc., Kelowna, BC.

When travelling with your dog: Check with your airline for any restrictions on your dog. Not every airline can, or will accommodate travel for your dog. It is important to find out which airlines will and what policies are in place for that airline. Smaller dogs usually will remain with you during your flight. The carrier for your dog is important. Airlines adhere to strict codes concerning the size and type of carrier for your dog. Any larger dogs will be riding in the cargo section of the plane and handled by airline personnel. You are responsible for the crate that your dog will travel in. It must be made of hard plastic or metal and have at least three well ventilated sides and a water dish attached to the inside. Try to always book a straight through flight. This will not only keep the stress level down on your pet but will also lessen the chance of the loss of your pet. It is best to avoid peak travel times. Make sure that your dogs crate is properly labeled and identification is attached not only to the outside but the inside as well. Attach feeding instructions and any medication requirements to the crate also in case your pet is lost. Be sure to have all vaccinations updated. Have a certified copy of all your dogs’ shots available for airline staff to check. Do not feed your dog for six hours prior to your flight. Your dog may have water until flight time. Be sure your dog is given plenty of fresh water once you have arrived at your destination. 20 | YLW CONNECTION

WORLD ROUTES DEVELOPMENT 2010 – speed dating for airports and airlines | B Y J E NE L L E H Y N E S , Airport Communications Coordinator


or the first time in 16 years the World Routes Development Forum was held in North America. Not only was the forum that brought together 3,000 delegates representing 700 airports and 250 airlines held in North America, but it was held in YLW’s backyard of Vancouver BC.   The World Route Development Forum is the world renowned annual airline and airport networking event. It facilitates and encourages the role of airports in the development of air services through organizing global and region specific airline/airport networking forums. Since 1996, the ‘Routes’ concept has united airlines, airports and suppliers to work together to sustain and develop air services. It is a powerful concept, unique both in aviation and as a catalyst for regional economic development. Now heading into its 17th year, the World Route Development Forum (World Routes) is the annual gathering of the air service development industry on a global level. The 16th Annual World Routes was held September 19-21. YLW, in partnership with Tourism Kelowna set up a booth to showcase Kelowna and the Okanagan in the BC Village area of the Canada Place Convention Centre. This was an opportunity to showcase Kelowna and the region to the world travel and tourism industry. BC was well represented with Kelowna alongside

Kamloops, Prince George, Victoria, Abbotsford, Richmond and of course Vancouver. Almost 140 booths arrived the week of the event from all over the world and were set up in the exhibit hall to showcase the airline, airport or region they represented. One that garnered lots of attention was the booth from London Gatwick Airport which actually had a man anchored to the top of the booth – representing a high flyer. Beijing Airport had over 100 pieces of individual glass that were shipped over and carefully hung around their booth. Another booth from the UK had massage chairs for those weary from the long days of meetings who could sit down and get a 10 minute back massage. Many other booths brought staff out in traditional dress and offered a sample of local food and beverage. Networking amongst the booths and regional promotion was the prime objective. A key focus of the three-day forum however was the meetings between airlines and airports. All of the airline network planners are in one place and it allows an airport to set up meetings and pitch a potential route. Meetings which are booked in advance are 20 minutes long and are very much like speed dating for any of you who may have taken part in such activity. The announcement is made, you go to your designated table – shake hands, hand over information packages and then very quickly spend the

remaining minutes selling your airport and catchment area to a prospective airline. With the announcement that the time has ended music fills the meeting area loudly so there is no option but to end the discussion. These are very much preliminary meetings and a fast snapshot introduction to potential air service destinations. While the development of new routes and highlighting new products and services are at the top of the agenda, it’s also an opportunity to showcase BC and solicit new investment. One of the major announcements made at the forum that will benefit air travel development was Premier Campbell’s announcement that the government will support legislation to eliminate the provincial jet fuel tax on international flights. This announcement was important for international airlines wanting to serve Canada and benefit those who already do such as Horizon Air at YLW. Another key topic of discussion was the importance to establish a more fluid and open aviation regulations in Canada - often referred to as “open skies” policy which can have a transformative effect on regional economic development. International air access is fundamental to global economic success. World Routes 2010 - a unique way to develop new air services, protect existing ones and shape the very future of international aviation route development - and YLW was there. WINTER 2011 | 21



in the

Thompson Okanagan


he Thompson Okanagan area is truly a four seasons playground. With cooler temperatures and snow comes a multitude of activities to enjoy. SOUTH OKANAGAN Head on up to Apex Mountain Resort from January 13th to 16th, 2011 for the 11th Annual Apex Shootout Hockey Tournament. Come watch the games at the full size outdoor rink. Men’s and women’s divisions play begins Thursday night and Friday morning. Great fun for hockey fans, and there’s always the rest of the mountain to enjoy. In February, Apex is hosting the BC Alpine GMC Cup, Men’s and Women’s Super G and Downhill Races. The races are from February 1st to 8th. If you love speed, you’ll love this event. Also in February is the Canada Post NorAm Freestyle Frenzy. Come on up from February 26th to March 2nd and check out the action. Organizers say this is going to be one wild competition. Be there to find out who’s going to blast through this World Cup Mogul course and take top spot. For more Apex events go to 22 | YLW.KELOWNA.CA

CENTRAL OKANAGAN If you enjoy XC (cross country) skiing, Telemark at Crystal Mountain in West Kelowna has two great events this year. The first is the Western Canadian XC Ski Championships that will bring 300 plus racers to Telemark in early February from the 4th to the 6th. On March 4th and 5th the BC Special Olympic XC Ski Championships will see 80 plus athletes at this venue. For more information go to The middle of March is a very busy time up at Crystal Mountain as they host the 2011 Tim Horton’s Family Fun Day on Sunday, March 13th. Highlights include: a human dog sled race, snowshoe race, caterpillar race, and the cardboard and duct tape race. The Grand finale is a slush pit crossing, not for those who want to stay dry! Make sure you bring a change of clothing if you want to participate in this event! Sign up deadline is March 14th. For more information go to Nine local Rotary clubs from West Kelowna to Lake Country will host the opening ceremonies on January 27th for International Children’s Winter Games in Kelowna at Prospera Place from 7 – 9 pm. The public is welcome to attend, at no charge. There is also a meet the athletes’ night at Stuart Park on the evening of the 29th. The Games run from January 26th to the 31st and will bring together athletes and coaches from cities around the world. Sports include; alpine skiing, snowboarding, Nordic skiing, figure skating, curling, and for the first time in International Children’s Winter Games history, hockey and speed skating. The event, for those ages 12 to 15, puts emphasis on sporting ideals, respect, and understanding different cultures and ways of thinking. For more information go to Up at Big White Ski Resort from March 25th to 27th is the 14th Annual Neil Edgeworth Memorial Banked Slalom. In 2010 Big White hosted a record number of riders and advises that you phone or email to get a spot in the 2011 event. For those who just like to watch, they are holding a huge 14th Annual celebration party at the Loose Moose Cafe at the Happy Valley Day Lodge on Saturday night after the dinner

banquet. E-mail snowboard@bigwhite. com and get your name on the list of participants. Helmets are mandatory for all competitions. For more information go to

technique on the second day. The event also hosts a banquet on Saturday night. For more information go to NORTH OKANAGAN

THOMPSON REGION Winter starts out right in 2011 with the Winter Okanagan Wine Festival. Sun Peaks Resort and the Okanagan Wine Festivals Society offer those who love wine and winter recreation the most novel of wine festivals from January 15th to 23rd. Ski or snowboard in the mornings and spend your afternoons and evenings attending the wine events. Take in the wine seminars in an executive kitchen or progressive wine tasting featuring the great wines of the Okanagan region. One word describes this event and that is “indulgence”. There’s plenty of wine, food and recreation to go around. For more information go to and click on events and activities and choose winter wine festival.

Down in the valley, Vernon celebrates with the 51st Vernon Winter Carnival from February 4th to 13th. The 4th is the 19th Annual Balloon Glow with a parade on Saturday the 5th. This year’s theme is “Cooking with Carnival!” They have many returning events such as the Chili Cook-Off, Jopo Swim, and Diva in Pink. There are also new events with the Blue Heron Jam Night, Classic Rock Cafe and the Blues Brother Too Show Band Revue. This year they host “Toonie and a Tin” presented by Tim Horton’s. This community skate wraps up Carnival on Feb 13th from 10:45 3:45. Families are welcome to come and skate with the Vernon Vipers, Queen and Princess of Silver Star, the Carnival Jopo (jester) and there’s even a movie on the big screen to watch while they skate. Admission is $2 per person or

$5 per family and a can of food for the food bank. For more information go to From March 3rd to 11th, Sparkling Hill Resort and Sovereign Lake Nordic Club host the 2011 Sparkling Hill Masters World Cup of Cross Country at Sovereign Lake, Vernon. This event is the world championships of cross country for skiers 30 years of age and above. The event attracts 1,100 to 1,400 racers from over 20 countries. The Sparking Hill Masters World Cup is a World Masters Association (WMA) and FIS sanctioned race. The Masters World Cup is unique in that the only qualification required is that you be over the age of 30 and have the desire to participate. Registration requires membership in a national Masters Ski Association. Racers range from recreational participants to those who are going for the gold. All races are mass start by age category with 20 start lanes. Daily classic and/or freestyle ski races range from 5 to 45 km in length. For more information go to

Around Here, Everyday Starts Out Sunny

The Kamloops Curling Club will host the 2011 BC Senior Men’s and Women’s Curling Championships from February 20th to 26th. The Championships will showcase the top eight senior men’s and top eight senior women’s curling teams. Each event will follow an eight team round-robin, followed by a three-team playoff.

Days Inn - Kelowna has exactly what you are looking for :  Free Daybreak Café breakfast  Free high-speed Internet access

The Kamloops Curling Club has eight sheets of ice and has hosted many provincial and national events including the 1986 Canadian Mixed, 1996 Men’s Brier, 1998 World Men’s & Women’s, 2003-2008 Strauss Canada Cup of Curling and the 2007 Scotties BC Women’s Curling Championship presented by Best Western. For more information go to

 Seasonal outdoor heated pool  Clean, comfortable rooms all at great rates.

2649 Hwy. 97 North Kelowna, BC V1X 4J6

Overlander Ski Club is hosting the BC XC Ski Championships in Kamloops February 19th and 20th. About 300 skiers from all ages participate in this annual event. There are two races, free technique on the 19th and a classic

250.868.3297 1.800.337.7177 Closest hotel to Kelowna Int’l Airport [ ylw ] 233_KelownaAirport_MagAd.indd 1

9/24/08 2:02:45 PM

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Sales Training.

The Sandler Selling System. ®

Sales is a hard business, but that shouldn’t keep you awake at night. Sandler Training utilizes continual reinforcement through ongoing training and individual coaching sessions not only to help you learn but also to ensure your success. With over 200 training centers worldwide to provide support, you won’t fail…because we won’t let you. S Sandler Training Finding Power In Reinforcement (with design) and Sandler Selling System are registered service marks of Sandler Systems, Inc. © 2008 Sandler Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Banka & Company Inc.


range from major corporations and industries to entrepreneurs and individuals.

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Official Shuttle service for Kelowna and West Kelowna

| BY ROBERT FIN E, Manager of Economic Development Central Okanagan Regional District


$12.00 pp*

(*downtown - double occupancy)

West Kelowna

$19.00 pp*

(*West Kelowna - double occupancy)

Other services: • Ski Shuttles • Charter Service • Golf Shuttles • Wine Tours • Weddings • Events & more...

1-888-434-8687 E-mail:


s the delicate world economy recovers, a number of governments are looking at Airline Passenger Taxes to generate lost revenue, but are being warned of the potential economic impacts. Those of you flying out of Kelowna today paid your $12 passenger fee. While no one is happy paying a tax, you should feel better that Kelowna Airport continues to have one of the lowest AIF (Airport Improvement Fee) rates among Canadian airports. This pales in comparison to what is being paid by passengers elsewhere, with new tax revenue being eyed in the sky.

The German government has followed suit, adding taxes between $12 and $70 per passenger. Ryanair, a no frills operator, responded by cancelling nine routes from Frankfurt-Hahn airport in Germany. National passenger taxes can cost more than they rise as evidenced by an analysis done in Holland. Last year the Dutch government abandoned its Passenger Duty, which raised about $450 million in revenue per year, but thanks to the increased cost of traveling to Holland, the wider cost to the economy was estimated at more than $1.8 billion.

A series of new taxes at the national level is starting to have impacts in the UK and Germany. The UK’s Manchester Airport lost out on a direct route to Kuala Lumpur because of the impact of Air Passenger Duty. Brian Conway, head of Government and Industry affairs at Manchester Airport reported that Air Asia X had spent months considering launching the route to Manchester but chose Paris Orly airport after the UK government’s decision to add new passenger taxes. The UK’s Air Passenger Duty to some destinations rose by 50 percent in November, the second significant increase within two years. The UK Passenger Duty for flights from North America to the UK will now cost about $100 per passenger.

Some governments have responded to the impacts, much like the Dutch government. Here in British Columbia, plans were announced last fall to drop a jet fuel tax for use on international flights. The two cent a litre tax starting April 1, 2012 will save the airline industry an estimated $20 million in the first year and keep costs for international travellers down. Passenger travel is a huge part of the global economy (estimated as high as 4 percent in total GDP) and as a result, is just as vulnerable. While airline passengers should bear costs for the ability to travel by air, governments have to be careful not to shoot down the golden goose. WINTER 2011 | 25

When the snow flies...

Get a grip On Snow and Ice at the Flip of a Switch.

Scraping the way for others to follow! ™

Anti Icing Spray Rig. Self contained units, ready to go …No installation required… Built locally.

Available at WAYPOINT, your dedicated truck equipment dealer in the Okanagan

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mprovements have been implemented at YLW to enhance safety and minimize delays or disruptions during reduced visibility conditions. As part of a recent Transport Canada initiative to improve airport safety, YLW was required to develop and implement several operational and physical improvements by the winter of 2010. “The improvements effectively enhance passenger safety at YLW during reduced visibility weather conditions”, says Henry Castorf, Airport Development Manager. The first component was the development of a Transport Canadaapproved Reduced Visibility Operations Plan (RVOP). The plan essentially outlines operational procedures and safety protocols that must be adhered to in the event that visibility drops below a half mile. The primary purpose of the RVOP is to mitigate the risk of runway incursions of vehicles and/or planes during poor visibility conditions. The second component was the implementation of several physical improvements. Enhanced paint markings to the taxiways combined with new flashing guard lights at the entranceways to the runway were added to provide additional visual cues to pilots and/or vehicle operators as they proceed

onto the runway. Additionally, a second regulator to the runway lighting system was installed to allow for every second runway light to be connected to a separate regulator. In the unlikely event that one of the circuits fails, at least half of the runway lights would remain operational allowing planes to still arrive and depart. The RVOP and improvements help ensure that flights continue to operate at YLW with minimal delay or disruption under reduced visibility conditions. In the event that visibility falls below a quarter mile, all flights would be delayed until visibility improves to a quarter mile or greater. “Due to the airport’s geographical location and the mountainous terrain, operating

“The improvements effectively enhance passenger safety at YLW during reduced visibility weather conditions” below a quarter mile visibility is not feasible with the current technology”, says James Hall, Airport Operations Manager. YLW continues to take a proactive approach to safety and ensure it’s business as usual for passengers and airlines whatever the weather conditions. For more info, visit

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YLW NEWS Elvis is in the Building… To officially kick off new day-time scheduled service to Las Vegas, the 103 WestJet guests booked on the first flight were entertained by an Elvis impersonator and received a slice of cake while waiting in the U.S. departures room prior to takeoff. With 95 flights a week at YLW, WestJet brings guests from Las Vegas, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Los Cabos, Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Toronto and Ottawa on non-stop or same plane service. As one of its first start-up locations, WestJet has been serving YLW since 1996. See full Las Vegas story on page 15. Airport Ambassador Gayle Beltran, YLW WestJet Station Manager Bryce Gibbs and Elvis (Darrell Roebuck) cut into the Las Vegas cake for passengers on the first day-time flight out of Kelowna to Las Vegas.

Accessibility for all


Onlookers at YLW were surprised and delighted early November to see this Canadian Forces C117 Globemaster conduct flybys as a part of familiarization training. This type of training is common practice for military aircraft when they are in the area or come across unfamiliar airports. This strategic, heavy-lift aircraft can move up to 77,500 kilograms of equipment and supplies, including tanks, armoured vehicles or enough food to feed a small city, moving all this to pretty much any runway in the world. The C-177 is currently supporting the Joint Task Force on Operation Athena in Afghanistan.

Sorting made simpler The new liquids and gels kiosk is now in place on your way to security – it’s a handy sorting table with proper disposal area for liquids, aerosol cans, and gels that are over the 100ml limit, as well as nonpermitted items such as knives. Forgot to properly prepare your 100ml liquids, aerosols or gels? There are one-litre clear, plastic bags available at the kiosk.

The airport recently hosted the City of Kelowna Accessibility Advisory Committee and took them for a tour around the terminal. With upcoming expansions and improvements being made as a part of the Drive to 1.6 million passenger program, this was a great opportunity to hear community members’ feedback on the various requirements to provide proper access to the airport and its facilities. The City recognizes that communities thrive when all citizens are able to participate in all aspects of community life. When barriers exist that prevent citizens from realizing their potential in the community, everyone suffers. An accessible community works to support

Not your average aircraft

the independence, comfort, selfesteem and security of all its members, especially those with disabilities.

Don’t lick the art Visitors to the airport may suddenly feel the urge to grab a snack when viewing the latest exhibition at the Kelowna Art Gallery’s satellite gallery space. Kelowna-based realist painter, John Hall, has installed two large works on the screening area art wall, both depicting tantalizing images of edibles. The larger than life paintings, feature delectable doughnuts and colourful licorice allsort candies. The exhibition John Hall: Sweetness and Light will be on view from November 8, 2010 – May 9, 2011. “The Kelowna Art Gallery is very pleased not only with the beautiful space we can use for these temporary installations, but also at the extended reach it gives us in promoting the work of local artists,” says Liz Wylie, Curator at the Kelowna Art Gallery. “Approximately one million people pass by our airport satellite gallery in a six-month period at Kelowna’s busy international airport.”

Season’s Greetings from YLW Every December, companies start sending and receiving holiday greeting cards. Some send out e-cards, some mail paper cards– and some companies have dropped the tradition completely by making a donation to a charity of choice. Kelowna airport staff has found a unique way to combine sending out the holiday greeting in the mail and the warmth of donating to a good cause. The Cutter’s Edge program is a service learning program at Rutland Senior Secondary School where students learn life and vocational skills in a business environment. In November, the students come to the airport for a tour and meet with us as their client. We inform them of the number of holiday cards we would like to purchase and the styles we wish them to design. Since 2001, the program has expanded greatly and now produces more than 1,000 cards a year. Money raised from the sales of cards and other products not only goes back into the Cutter’s Edge Program, but students get paid for the piece work they complete during their class time. Any remaining money goes to various other great community causes. If you are interested in learning more about the Cutter’s Edge program, please visit their website at • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Where has your YLW Connection travelled? Annemiek Neumann shows off fall 2010 edition of YLW Connection in front of the Peace Palace in The Hague, The Netherlands, home to a number of international judicial institutions and one of the most photographed landmarks of The Hague.  8 months old Juliana Hanson from Sherwood Park, AB studies the magazine from cover to cover.

New look and new feel – By the time this issue is on the shelves the new look and feel to the airport’s official website will be activated. Get the latest information on arrivals and departures, vehicle parking, shuttles and taxis. For those who speak French, Spanish or German they can now choose their language preference – other languages may be introduced over time if there is significant demand. Visit for the latest in airport news and information.

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Las Vegas – for business or leisure…. now with daytime flights.

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 

     


 

    


 

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