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Yorba Linda Public Library

Strategic Plan 2010-2014 Yorba Linda, California • November 2009

Yorba Linda Public Library


n the spring of 2009, the City of Yorba Linda authorized the Yorba Linda Library Commission to undertake a strategic planning process. Key to the strategic planning process was the Library Commission-appointed Library Community Planning Committee (Committee).

This citizen-based Committee was intentionally representative of a broad cross-section of Yorba Linda residents.

The purpose of the Committee was to set service roles for the Library based on its analysis of community needs. The Committee included Library Director, Melinda Steep, as ex officio member. Library consultant Ruth Metz facilitated Committee meetings and assisted the Committee and the Library Management Team in the collection of input and data and in its analysis.

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| Yorba Linda Public Library Strategic Plan |

Strategic Plan 2010-2014

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Introduction Library Commission Library Community Planning Committee Community Vision and Needs Library Service Roles Library Mission Statement Goals, Measures, and Activities Under Consideration Organizational Initiatives and Measures Library Values Implementation of the Strategic Plan Acknowledgements Exhibits Exhibit A

Yorba Linda Community Snapshot

Exhibit B

Yorba Linda Library Snapshot

Exhibit C

Analysis of Service Responses by Library Staff and the Library Commission (A report from Library Director, Melinda Steep, June 20, 2009)

| Yorba Linda Public Library Strategic Plan |


Yorba Linda Public Library

library commission Marilyn Allen-Adams Cheri Hansen, Chair Lori Katz Randie Noell Gene Scearce

library community planning committee Paul Armstrong Julie Astle Barbara Brown Vince Campion Toni Cordero-Tomol Sylvia Derby Mary Fry Corinne Griffiths Kenji Hata Marina Hubl Ramanda Lazaris Daniel Pietenpol Nancy Rikel Gabriella Rollins Gene Searce Dr. Marsha Sprang Mary Weddle Julie Zeoli Ex officio, Melinda Steep (Library Director)


| Yorba Linda Public Library Strategic Plan |

Strategic Plan 2010-2014

| Yorba Linda Public Library Strategic Plan |


Yorba Linda Public Library

community vision and needs The Committee envisions a future Yorba Linda where young people are safe in the home, healthy, happy, educated, and curious. They have a variety of interactive activities available to them so as to provide healthy social experiences. Families have places in the community to engage in activities that support family values. Volunteers are active and engage their time and talents in the community. The “baby boomer” generation of adults uses their skills, talents, and resources to enrich the community. Seniors have aesthetically pleasing places to live and gather; they are mentally active, involved, and engaged in this community. Artists, musicians, and performers enjoy the patronage of the community in a thriving local arts and cultural industry. Equestrians are appreciated and respected in a community that values its equestrian roots and way of life.


| Yorba Linda Public Library Strategic Plan |

East-side residents have convenient access to the services in Yorba Linda’s west side. West-side residents enjoy an open-space, lowdensity life style with selected amenities, such as restaurants and small businesses. Business owners are known, and their establishments are patronized by the community. “Mom & Pop” local independent businesses enjoy the patronage of the community. Newcomers have “welcome” services to make them feel part of the community. To achieve this vision, the community needs a way to effectively inform residents of existing services. It also needs a strong relationship and partnerships between city leadership, community organizations, businesses, school and parent organizations, and other entities. The Committee believes the Library has an important role to play in achieving this vision.

Strategic Plan 2010-2014

library service roles

library mission statement

Accordingly, the Committee selected overarching service roles the library should emphasize in the next several years. The Library Management Team and staff assessed the Library’s readiness to undertake the service roles chosen by the Committee. On the basis of this analysis and input from the Library Commission and the Friends of the Library, the Committee selected the following service roles for the Library over the next five years:

The Yorba Linda Public Library enriches the community by providing an inviting, technologically innovative physical and virtual place that stimulates the imagination and encourages and develops both a love of reading and the life-long pursuit of learning.

Visit a Comfortable Place: Physical and Virtual Spaces

Emphasize Services to Youth (Create Young Readers, Succeed in School)

Stimulate Imagination: Reading, Listening, and Viewing for Pleasure

Connect to the Online World: Public Internet Access

Satisfy Curiosity: Life Long Learning

These service roles are the framework for the Library’s goals which are clarified later in this document.

| Yorba Linda Public Library Strategic Plan |


Yorba Linda Public Library

goals, measures, and activities under consideration The following interdependent goals underpin the service roles the Library will emphasize in the next five years. The goals are listed in order relative to the effort and resources that will be required to achieve them. The activities listed are examples under consideration by the Library Management Team and staff at this time.


| Yorba Linda Public Library Strategic Plan |

GOAL 1: Visitors to the Library will enjoy a comfortable, functional, and inviting facility equipped with innovative technology. MEASURES A. The number of visitors to the Library will increase by at least 15% over the term of the Strategic Plan. B. By 2014, 90% of respondents to a library survey will be satisfied or very satisfied with the short-term to long-term improvements in the comfort and functionality of the facility and the technological innovation of the Library. ACTIVITIES UNDER CONSIDERATION: 1. Redesign and upgrade the Library’s website. 2. Explore the possibilities of either a relocated Library building, a branch in the east-end or an expansion of the current Library to address the Library’s space challenges and lack of adequate parking. 3. If none of the above options is possible, reconfigure the Library’s current space to better accommodate traffic patterns, improve and increase the teen area, and optimize the functionality of the Adult Reference Desk, Circulation Desk, lobby and computer areas. 4. Place a marquee (in the style of the one at the Nixon Library) at Imperial and Olinda to announce Library programs. 5. Allow drinks to be consumed in the Library and identify the means to provide drinks as a Library fundraiser. 6. Increase technology to improve methods of reference delivery. 7. Paint the exterior and interior of the building. 8. Add more electrical outlets and computer cabling. 9. Upgrade furnishings. 10. Improve signage and way-finding.

Strategic Plan 2010-2014

GOAL 2: Library visitors will be able to connect to the online world, and Library users will be able to access online resources from anywhere at any time through a variety of technologies.

GOAL 3: Residents of all ages will find the resources, services, and programs to stimulate imagination, satisfy curiosity and enable the pursuit of life-long learning.

MEASURES A. The volume of Yorba Linda website use will increase on average by 5% per year. B. The number of computer users at the Library will increase by 5% per year. C. The number of Yorba Linda residents who utilize the Library’s online resources will increase by at least 15% over the term of the Strategic Plan. D. By 2011, 90% of respondents to a survey will be satisfied or very satisfied with the library’s online presence.

MEASURES A. Active library cardholders, as a percentage of the total population of the City, will increase by 15% over the term of the Strategic Plan. B. The number of resident library cardholders will increase by 5% per year. C. East-end users of the Library, as a percentage of the total population of the City, will increase by 10% over the term of the Strategic Plan. D. Program attendance will increase by 5% per year. E. Circulation will increase by 5% per year. F. By 2011, 90% of respondents to a Library survey will agree that the Library has provided the resources, services, and programs to stimulate imagination, satisfy curiosity, and/or enable the pursuit of life-long learning.

ACTIVITIES UNDER CONSIDERATION: 1. Acquire a new Integrated Library System with improved search and access (i.e. from cell phones, etc.) capabilities. 2. Add more social networking services such as patron reviews and recommendations of Library materials. 3. Increase bandwidth to improve connectivity. 4. Upgrade servers and public workstations. 5. Improve electronic reader’s advisory services to provide personal reading suggestions. 6. Provide laptops to circulate in-house to accommodate more computer users. 7. Explore ways to communicate with teens through their technology. 8. Continue to upgrade wireless access and add wireless printing services. 9. Evaluate/update business databases. 10. Explore online registration for programs (i.e. summer reading programs, story time, etc.). 11. Promote more use of the Library’s online databases.

ACTIVITIES UNDER CONSIDERATION: 1. Offer a “One Book/One City” program. 2. Revamp adult programming to capture what baby boomers want (i.e. “how to” programs) and expand on the programs that are working really well now. 3. Develop an electronic community events calendar and explore creating a community database. 4. Schedule a well-known author to appear at the Library once a year. 5. Implement inter-generational programming. 6. Create contests for all ages to feature local talent (i.e. art, photography, decorating, etc.). 7. Offer a “Living Library” in which volunteers with specific areas of expertise are “checked out” for one-on-one conversations with customers. 8. Provide more pro-active reader’s advisory and find ways to feature the quality materials that are quickly accessible for customers.

| Yorba Linda Public Library Strategic Plan |


Yorba Linda Public Library

GOAL 4: Youth of all ages will enjoy Library resources, services and programs that will enable them to become better readers. MEASURES A. The number of children and teens who use the Library will increase by 15% over the term of the Strategic Plan. B. Teen program participation will increase by 15% over the term of the Strategic Plan. C. Ninety percent of survey respondents will agree or strongly agree that library resources, services, and programs have enabled them or the youth for whom they are responsible to become readers or better readers over the term of the Strategic Plan. ACTIVITIES UNDER CONSIDERATION: 1. Evaluate current children and teen programs and make changes as needed. 2. Add a reading incentive program for children in winter (a simplified version of the summer reading program). 3. Increase participation in Battle of the Books. 4. Create more recommended reading lists by age/grade and interest; provide them both in print and electronically. Also, place librarians’ recommended reading titles online by genre. 5. Purchase additional copies of recommended titles. 6. Maintain current level of programming.


| Yorba Linda Public Library Strategic Plan |

GOAL 5: School-age youth will have access to a variety of resources to succeed in school.

MEASURES A. The number of participants in programs and use of services by school-age youth will increase by 15% over the term of the Strategic Plan. B. The number of east-end school-age residents who participate in programs will increase by 10% over the term of the Strategic Plan. C. The number of teens who use the Library’s homework and online resources will increase by 5% per year. D. Ninety percent of school-age youth who use the Library will agree or strongly agree that the Library has helped them succeed in school over the term of the Strategic Plan. ACTIVITIES UNDER CONSIDERATION: 1. Increase school outreach efforts (offer to provide Library presentations at the meetings of District principals and teachers/librarians at Yorba Linda schools). 2. Include Library information in school registration packets. 3. Maintain an up-to-date collection of materials for school reports. 4. Maintain an up-to-date list of Accelerated Reader books and order multiple copies. 5. Increase the awareness and use of the Library’s webpage for teachers. 6. Increase the number of school websites that have links to the Library’s site. 7. Continue to provide adequate space for students to study. 8. Increase librarian visits to all Yorba Linda schools especially those on the east-end.

Strategic Plan 2010-2014

organizational initiatives and measures The Library Management Team identified several organizational areas that need special attention to meet the goals of this Plan. The Library Management Team will allocate or reallocate resources to address the following organizational initiatives: 1.

The Yorba Linda Public Library will develop short-term and long-term strategies for providing an adequately sized and appointed facility that is comfortable, functional, inviting, and equipped with innovative technology. A. By January 2011, the Library Commission and the Library Director will develop an RFP for a future library building program. B. By January 2011, the Library Commission and the Library Director will develop a plan and budget for short-term essential maintenance of the existing Library such as the roof, way-finding, essential furniture replacement. C. By March 2012, the Library Commission and the Library Director will launch a fund-raising effort to establish and grow a library building and technology fund for a future library.

2. The Library will foster greater awareness of its programs, services, and development plans to all residents and in particular to east-side residents. A. By June 2010, staff will develop and launch an improved and innovative library web portal. B. By January 2011, the Library Director and public relations staff will develop and implement a public relations plan. 3. The Library will actively engage and sustain volunteer participation in its development and operation. A. By September 2011, the Library Commission in cooperation with the Friends of the Library will develop a succession plan for Friends of the Library and in particular for the FOL bookstore, the Book Corner. B. By June 2012, the Library Director with the assistance of the Library Commission and selected volunteers will launch a volunteer program targeting the “boomer� generation. Continued on page 12

Library, circa 1917 (left) Library, circa 1960 (right)

| Yorba Linda Public Library Strategic Plan |


Yorba Linda Public Library

organizational initiatives and measures, cont. 4. The Library will strengthen its partnership with the educational community in the interests of helping school-aged youth succeed in school. A. By February 2010, document the current formal and informal relationships with the educational community for the benefit of school-aged youth. B. By March 2010, identify and evaluate a variety of strategies for efficiently and effectively working with the educational community to ensure school-aged youth success. C. By April 2010, decide on the optimum method or methods and develop an implementation plan for efficiently and effectively working with the educational community to ensure youth success in school. D. By September 2010, implement the plan to strengthen the Library’s partnership with the educational community for the purpose of helping school-aged youth succeed in school.

Library, circa 1970


| Yorba Linda Public Library Strategic Plan |

library values The Yorba Linda Public Library is the key to the past and the gateway to the future. The Library strives to enrich and improve the community and meet its changing needs by providing a welcoming atmosphere where individuals and families can pursue their interests and work toward their goals. To achieve this, the Library operates according to these values: • • • •

• • •

Provides excellent customer service Develops knowledgeable, dedicated staff Offers valuable up-to-date information resources in a variety of formats Maintains popular collections of books, movies, music and games in a variety of formats Provides access to current technology Presents quality educational, cultural, and recreational programs Plays an active role in the community

implementation of the strategic plan This Strategic Plan is a flexible blueprint for Yorba Linda’s City and Library leadership. It is also a point of reference for the Friends of the Library and any future fund-raising or advocacy group or Library Foundation. Library management can direct the use of Library resources to the stated priorities and goals. Likewise, the Friends of the Library and other advocacy groups can also orient their fundraising and resource allocation accordingly. Throughout the five-year period, Library leaders will monitor the measures, activities, and community and Library user feedback to adjust these to meet changing needs and conditions.

Strategic Plan 2010-2014

acknowledgements exhibits The Library Commission especially acknowledges the enthusiastic, able, and dedicated participation of the individuals who served on the Community Planning Committee. The Library Commission sincerely appreciates their participation. Further, the Library Commission acknowledges with appreciation ex officio member Melinda Steep for her assistance to the Committee. The Library Commission gratefully acknowledges the Library management team for its purposeful and focused development of goals consistent with the community vision and service priorities. Likewise, the Library Commission thanks the library staff for its participation in the planning process at crucial points along the way.

The planning process resulted in several documents that helped the Community Planning Committee. All agendas and supporting documents are on file in the Library Director’s office. Three in particular are included in this strategic plan for easy reference. They are: •

Snapshot of the Yorba Linda Community

Snapshot of the Yorba Linda Public Library

Summary of the Analysis of Service Responses conducted by the library staff and the Library Commission

Library, circa 1992

| Yorba Linda Public Library Strategic Plan |


Yorba Linda Public Library

EXHIBIT A: YORBA LINDA COMMUNITY SNAPSHOT Geographic Facts • Incorporated in 1967 • 19 square miles • Orange County • Zip codes: 92885, 92886, 92887 • Nearest o City with pop. 200,000+: Anaheim, CA (7.7 miles) pop. 328,014 o City with pop. 1,000,000+: Los Angeles, CA 42.6 miles pop. 3,694,820 Population 2008/09 estimated population: 2006 estimated population: Population 2000 Percent change April 1, 2000 to July 1, 2006:

68,3121 65,3142 58,918 10.8%



Source for the following estimates are from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2005-2007 American Community Survey unless otherwise noted. Age Group Persons under 5 years old 18 years and over 65 years and over Median resident age

Estimate 3,256 47,804 6,765 40.1

Percent 5.0 73.6 10.4 36.4

U.S. Percent 6.9 75.3 12.5

Racial Group White Black or African American American Indian and Alaska Native Asian Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander Some other race Two or more races Hispanic or Latino (of any race)

Estimate 50,924 1,400 459 7,717 90 2,691 1,684 8,995

Percent 78.4 2.2 0.7 11.9 0.1 4.1 2.6 13.8

U.S. 74.1 12.4 0.8 4.3 0.1 6.2 2.1 14.7

1 2


State Controller’s office for the Public Library Fund (PLF) U.S. Census Bureau, 2005-2007 American Community Survey

| Yorba Linda Public Library Strategic Plan |

Strategic Plan 2010-2014

EXHIBIT A: YORBA LINDA COMMUNITY SNAPSHOT Social Characteristics Average household size Average family size Percentage of family households Percentage of family households, CA Living in the same house in 1995 and 2000 Foreign born persons Language other than English spoken in the home, percent, age 5+, 2000 Population 25 years and older high school graduate or higher Bachelor’s degree or higher Disability status, population 5 years and older

Estimate 3.09 3.42

Economic Characteristics In labor force (population 16 years and older) Mean travel time to work in minutes Median household income (in 2007 inflation adjusted dollars) Median family income (in 2007 inflation adjusted dollars) Per capita income (in 2007 inflation adjusted dollars) Families below poverty level Individuals below poverty level

Estimate 35,010 30.1 113,488



U.S. 2.6 3.19

83.6 68.9 60.6 16.2 19.1

50.2 12.5 19.5

95.6 45.7 8.0

27.0 15.1


26.2 39.5



Percent 69.5

U.S. 64.7 25.1 50,007




26,178 1.4 2.2

9.8 13.3

Estimated median household income in 2007: $109,681 ($89,593 in 2000) Yorba Linda: $109,681 California: $59,948 Housing • Known for being a residential community of single-family homes on large lots • 21,544 housing units • Median value: 837,300 (U.S. is 181,800) • Occupied housing units: 97.7% (U.S. is 88.4%) • Owner occupied housing: 83.9% (U.S. is 67.3%) Estimated median house or condo value in 2007: $837,300 ($340,600 in 2000) Yorba Linda: $837,300 California: $532,300 Top Industries3 1. 2. 3. 4.

Professional, Scientific, and Technical Wholesale Trade Healthcare and social assistance Retail Trade


, U. S. Census Bureau, 2002 Economic Census

| Yorba Linda Public Library Strategic Plan |


Yorba Linda Public Library

EXHIBIT A: YORBA LINDA COMMUNITY SNAPSHOT Schools • Placentia-Yorba Linda School District serves about 45 square miles of suburban northeast Orange County. • Eight elementary schools located in Yorba Linda • Three middle schools • New high school (opened September 2009) • Student enrollment: 26,598 • The adult education school is located in Yorba Linda. • Home schooling • Adult School • Private Schools in Yorba Linda o Calvary Chapel o Calvary Christian o Friends Christian School Lakeview Avenue o Friends Christian School Rose Drive o Heritage Oak Private Elementary School o St. Francis of Assisi School •

Public • • • •


Preschools in Yorba Linda o California Preschool and kindergarten o Calvary Chapel o Calvary Christian o Discovery Depot Child Care Center o First Steps Child Development Center o Friends Christian School Preschool o Heritage Oak Preschool o Hillsborough o Ivy Crest Montessori Private School o Kinder Care Learning Center o Linda Vista Preschool o Little Friends Preschool o Messiah Lutheran Pre-school o Montessori Academy of Yorba Linda o Pine Tree Montessori o Saint Francis of Assisi o Tutor Time o Village Preschool o Yorba Linda Methodist Preschool o Yorba Linda Preschool and Kindergarten Meeting Spaces Yorba Linda Public Library Yorba Linda City Hall Yorba Linda Community Center Travis Ranch Activity Center

| Yorba Linda Public Library Strategic Plan |

Strategic Plan 2010-2014

EXHIBIT A: YORBA LINDA COMMUNITY SNAPSHOT Recreational and cultural amenities and events • 26 recreational parks (148 acres of sports fields and parkland) • 100 miles of pedestrian, equestrian and cycling trails • Travis Ranch Activity Center (includes a 7,350 sq. ft. gymnasium) • Thomas Lasorda Jr. Field House (includes a 22,500 sq. ft. gymnasium) • Phillip S. Paxton Equestrian Center • Black Gold golf course • Yorba Linda Community Center • Little league baseball, girls softball, Pop Warner football, soccer and junior basketball • 4th of July Spectacular at Veterans Park • Concerts in the Park • Old Fashioned Holiday Celebration • Celebration of the Arts Points • • •

of interest Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Birthplace Black Gold Golf Course Susanna Bixby Bryant Ranch Museum and Botanical Gardens

Sources of information in Yorba Linda (other than public library)4 • 28 licensed TV stations • 66 licensed radio stations • 13 reported broadband providers • 2 matching cable communities • 27 newspapers within 100 mile radius • Top Broadcast owners: Clear Channel Communication, Inc.; CBS Corporation; the Walt Disney Company; Univision Communications, Inc.; Lbi Radio License Corporation. • Internet • School libraries at most educational institutions kindergarten and above Transportation • Orange County Transportation Authority: transportation throughout the county for persons with disabilities. • TRAILS: Taking Retired Adults Into Local Services. A service of the City of Yorba Linda to residents who reside in the city but need transportation to services therein and within a mile perimeter of the city. Volunteer Organizations • City of Yorba Linda Volunteer Program o Senior Citizen Volunteer Program o Youth Programming Volunteers o Family Programming Volunteers o Community Special Events Volunteers o Library Volunteers • Yorba Linda Historical Society • Friends of the Yorba Linda Public Library 4

Source: Center for Public Integrity,

| Yorba Linda Public Library Strategic Plan |


Yorba Linda Public Library


Registration (2007) 40,957 registered voters 9,007 Democratic 24,428 Republican 732 Independent 135 Green 204 Libertarian 38 Natural Law 206 Miscellaneous 6,207 Declined to state

Community Organizations5 In addition to many faith-based organizations, Yorba Linda offers the following: American Legion Post #679 American Association of University Women of Placentia-Yorba Linda AYSO, Region 1398 Boy Scouts Pack 580 Boy Scouts Troup 824 Boys and Girls Clubs of Placentia/Yorba Linda East Lake Village Community Association Friends of the Yorba Linda Public Library Genealogical Society of North Orange County Girl Scout Council of Orange County Job’s Daughters of Yorba Linda JUSA Kiwanis Anaheim Hills/Yorba Linda Knights of Columbus Little League East Little League West Little League Yorba Hills Main Street Merchants Association Masonic Lodge of Yorba Linda National Charity League, Yorba Linda Chapter Mom’s Club of Yorba Linda East Mom’s Club of Yorba Linda West NJB Basketball Order of Demolay, Yorba Linda Chapter Placentia/Yorba Linda Girls Softball League Placentia/Yorba Linda Meals on Wheels



Source: Yorba Linda Public Library website

| Yorba Linda Public Library Strategic Plan |

Pop Warner Football Richard Nixon Museum and Birthplace Foundation Seniors Club Soroptimist International Placentia/Yorba Linda Southern California Philharmonic Sunrise Rotary Club of Yorba Linda Tennis Club – Yorba Linda Troy Comm. Swim Club of Yorba Linda Vocal Magic Welcome Wagon Club of North Orange County YLB Basketball Yorba Linda Arts Alliance Yorba Linda Chamber of Commerce (374 member businesses) Yorba Linda Cloverleaf Yorba Linda Country Riders Yorba Linda Historical Society Yorba Linda Kountry Kultivators Yorba Linda/Placentia Family YMCA Yorba Linda/Placentia Toastmasters Yorba Linda Recreation Youth Soccer Yorba Linda Senior Center Yorba Linda Service League Yorba Linda Senior Citizens Club Yorba Linda Women’s Club Yorba Linda Women’s Tennis Club

Strategic Plan 2010-2014

EXHIBIT B: YORBA LINDA LIBRARY SNAPSHOT (Source: 2009 State Library Report, FY2007/08) Library Users, Hours, Circulation, Reference Library Users Total Registered #of Residents % of Residents

2007/08 37,529 68,312 55%

Library Hours Open Per Week Evenings Weekend

2007/08 64 4 Evenings Saturday 8 hrs

Circulation, Visitors, Reference Circulation Circ per capita Walk-In Visitors Annual Visits per capita Reference Transactions Reference Transactions per capita

2007/08 731,264 10.70 296,098 4.33 77,259 1.13

Children’s Services Population, age 0-14 Borrowers, age 0-14 Materials Items per capita Material Expenditures Circulation Circulation per capita

2007/08 16,326 8,097 55,385 3.39 $86,100 345,827 21.18 Programs

Audience Programs for Children Attendance at Children’s Programs Program for Teens Attendance at Teen Programs Programs for Adults Attendance at Adult Programs Total Programs Total Attendance

2007/08 555 32,487 86 2,568 78 1,177 719 36,232

| Yorba Linda Public Library Strategic Plan |


Yorba Linda Public Library

EXHIBIT B: YORBA LINDA LIBRARY SNAPSHOT (Source: 2009 State Library Report, FY2007/08) Library Collection Library Materials Adult Books Adult Periodicals Adult Media Children’s Books Children’s Media Children’s Periodicals Total

2007/08 80,232 4,041 10,733 49,715 5,299 371 150,391 Technology

Services Provided Public Computer Workstations Computer Users Visits to Library Website Wireless Access Online Database Subscriptions Online Database Searches Computers per thousand residents

2007/08 29 74,279 168,086 Yes 32 36,150 .42

Other Services • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Internet searching workshops 24/7 online reference service (“Ask A Librarian”) Library websites o o o Small business resources Reader’s advisory Book clubs Special guest speaker programs and performances throughout the year Story times for children of all ages throughout each month “Teen Tuesdays” Live homework help online Teacher support services Community outreach services Library is the City liaison to the Historical Society Library annex service (located at the Museum) Volunteer opportunities Resources Total Operating Budget Expenditure per capita FTE Staff Facility Size


| Yorba Linda Public Library Strategic Plan |

2007/08 $3,810,516 $54.59 32.0 28,350 SF

Strategic Plan 2010-2014

EXHIBIT C: Analysis of Service Responses by Library Staff and Library Commission (A Report from Library Director, Melinda Steep – June 20, 2009) Staff met on May 11, and May 12, 2009 followed by a Library Commission meeting on June 4, 2009 to analyze the library’s readiness for the Planning Committee’s preliminary choice of service responses. After a thoughtful review and analysis of the work done by the Community Planning Committee and the library staff, the Library Commission recommends the following service priorities: Primary • Visit a Comfortable Place: Physical and Virtual Spaces • Services to Youth (Create Young Readers, Succeed in School) • Stimulate Imagination: Reading, Listening, and Viewing for Pleasure Secondary • Connect to the Online World: Public Internet Access • Satisfy Curiosity: Life Long Learning The Commission bases its recommendation on three points: 1.

The library is well-positioned to fulfill these service responses, given its strengths and opportunities.

2. The Library Commission acknowledges the importance to the Planning Committee of “bridging the divide” in the community. However, upon reflection, the Library Commission questions that the library’s contribution in this way would have the desired effect. The library is not wellpositioned to fulfill this service response without diverting resources away from those it is wellpositioned to address. Current library usage suggests that the library contributes to bridging the gap through the recommended primary and secondary service responses. For example, the library is currently providing many well-attended activities that encourage community connection. Statistics show that residents from both the east and west sides of Yorba Linda utilize all of the library’s services with west side residents using the Library only about 7% more than east side residents overall. Since the Library is already an agent for community building, the Library can enhance existing services that fit within the above primary service priorities. In other words, the library should play to its strengths. Instead of adding this as a primary or secondary service response, the Library Commission suggests that the library develop one or more goals under the umbrella of the recommended service responses with the intention of focusing activities to enhance the library’s bridging effect. An example is a “community reads” event that engages the whole community in reading the same book, with related programming support. 3. The library is not well-positioned to address in a significant way the two remaining preliminary service responses (Be an Informed Citizen: Local, National, and World Affairs and Understand How to Find, Evaluate, and Use Information: Information Fluency). However, the library indirectly support the intention of these service responses by providing a timely collection and by providing one-on-one question answering in the library and by telephone as well as computer-side help in locating the appropriate information at the moment of need.

| Yorba Linda Public Library Strategic Plan |


Yorba Linda Public Library

EXHIBIT C: Service Response: Visit A Comfortable Place: Physical and Virtual Residents will have safe and welcoming physical places to meet and interact with others or to sit quietly and read and will have open and accessible virtual spaces that support networking. Strengths and Opportunities • Library is intimate, clean, and welcoming and open 64 hours per week. It has been fully maximized to accommodate all library functions in an undersized space. • It includes people-friendly amenities such as window seats, fireplace, quiet seating areas, rose garden, fountain, display cases, cell phone lounge, wireless internet access, puzzles and games for kids, activity boards for upcoming events. • The library has an award-winning website that has the potential to help bridge the geographic community divide. • Library is a draw to the downtown area (980 visitors per day) and one of a few venues for community social interaction and gatherings. The community room is not only a library programming asset but one of a few venues for large group community meetings. • The library’s broad-based community appeal (Friends of the Library, citizens, Commission, volunteers; the art community) could rally support for a building project. • The Annex provides a pick up and drop off location convenient to east Yorba Linda residents.


| Yorba Linda Public Library Strategic Plan |

Challenges and Risks • Library Sq footage per capita is 2/3rds of standard; use of space has been maximized. • The Library is not centrally located in the city making its onsite collections, services, and programs less accessible to east side residents. • The website as a portal to library collections and services needs to be improved to keep pace with technological trends, particularly those used by the younger generation (social networking, TM, IM, Twittering, etc.). • The existing facility and grounds, though attractive and well-used, has many insufficiencies related to the limitations of space that deter attendance: parking & seating to meet current demand, adequate space for collections, programming, storage, library functions, staff work; the community room is often overbooked; Teen Room is a former closet and is inadequate for our emphasis on teen services; Adult services area is dark and due to competing uses, noisy; signage is ineffective; many shelves either too high or too low; no public phones. Lack of space for materials, merchandising, browsing and multiple copies of popular materials. • The existing facility has other limitations related to its design and age: structural limits constrict functionality; space that cannot be well utilized (pillars); congested traffic areas; service desk locations are confusing; elevator is 40 years old, functions as a freight elevator, is locked to the public; facility is not “green”; not enough electrical outlets to support technology uses; furniture is old, smelly, and shabby. • Comfy bookstores, internet cafes, and Google may be competition for the library in its current condition. • Is there sufficient community support for an improved or new facility, given the economic downturn, anti-tax sentiment (assuming new or expanded library may require tax increase), and non-library user population?

Strategic Plan 2010-2014

EXHIBIT C: Service Response: Create Young Readers: Early Literacy Children from birth to age five will have programs and services designed to ensure that they will enter school ready to learn to read, write, and listen. Strengths and Opportunities • The library has an early literacy program and strong children’s program, including collections, designated space and specialized staff. • The library is well-known among parents, teachers, and caregivers and well regarded for its services to children; it enjoys the patronage of many children, parents, and caregivers. • Potential for many community partners including parenting groups, pre-schools, teenage mother programs, school district, City Parks & Recreation, hospitals, doctors, realtors. • The current economic downturn is increasing reliance on the library. • Community adults are aware of early literacy benefits and practices; they don’t have to be convinced.

Challenges and Risks • The library is not centrally located to all residents making it difficult for working parents across the city to take advantage of on-site services and programs. • The physical limitations of the building limit the library’s ability to stage more programming, e.g. for early literacy. • Facility limitations discourage participation: limited parking, collection, programming space and amenities (e.g. stroller parking, changing tables, maximum occupancy often reached), and age-appropriate computer work stations with software for preschoolers. • Further expanding the early literacy program may mean taking resources away from other services.

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Yorba Linda Public Library

EXHIBIT C: Service Response : Succeed in School: Homework Help Students will have the resources they need to succeed in school. Strengths and Opportunities • Library has an above average collection of resources, both non-fiction and reference, online databases and services such as, A/R lists, lists by genre, award book pamphlets; variety of media formats. • Library enjoys a good relationship with local teachers; provides outreach to schools and teachers, class visits, teacher page on website/homework links, monthly teacher promotional; library buys books based on homework assignments for students. • Wireless internet access/public computers provide in-library and remote access to students. • The community has good public school libraries to partner with; potential for further partnership with the school district. • There is potential for greater outreach to home school community and private schools.


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Challenges and Risks • Insufficient seating and group study space; other facility weaknesses such as lighting, electrical outlets, space limitations inhibit services. • Some parents, teachers, and students are unaware of services. • More homework oriented software would be needed. • Communication and coordination with school district needs improvement; competition for school district time and attention; competition for students’ time. • Expanding services would require reallocating existing staff and discontinuing other services or increasing FTE. • Transportation to the library is difficult for many students.

Strategic Plan 2010-2014

EXHIBIT C: Service Response: Stimulate Imagination: Reading, Viewing, and Listening for Pleasure Residents who want materials to enhance their leisure time will find what they want when and where they want them and will have the help they need to make choices from among the options. Strengths and Opportunities • The library currently makes this one of its primary service responses and allocates a significant amount of its budget to its support. • In addition to its significant multimedia general collection, the library has up-to-date, clean, fresh looking collections, a Language collection, game collections, readily available new books, a strong collection of popular topics and titles, fast turn-around time from purchase to shelf. • Programs which are for all ages and on all topics include online reading groups, book discussion groups, and Summer reading programs • Services include staff available to assist patrons with reading choices, online reading recommendations, merchandising displays, computer access, wireless internet access, promotional incentives • The library has many programming partners (e.g. YL Arts Alliance, OC Imagination Celebration) and many more potential community partners. • Yorba Linda’s educated and interested community would be responsive to community-wide programs that could help bridge the geographic divide

Challenges and Risks • Although this is currently one of the library’s service priorities, the community population has outgrown the available space. To emphasize this service response would mean: making the online catalog more browser-friendly and technologically contemporary; providing inviting and comfortable seating areas; providing listening stations.

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Yorba Linda Public Library

EXHIBIT C: Service Response: Connect to the Online World: Public Internet Access Residents will have high-speed access to the digital world with no unnecessary restrictions or fees to ensure that everyone can take advantage of the ever-growing resources and services available through the Internet. Strengths and Opportunities • The library provides online 24/7 access; its website is a virtual portal to information and online services for all residents, including an extensive online database collection. • The library offers free internet access and wireless technology, Internet workshops, and 1:1 assistance with computers. • The library’s technology equipment is generally up-to-date. A new ILS procurement is under way to improve customer service. IT staffing is sufficient to sustain current service levels. • Library IT is in-house allowing freedom and flexibility to customize for library customer and staff needs. • Partnerships could be forged and technology volunteers could be recruited to teach common applications and assist patrons. Technology options could make it possible to bridge the geographic divide in YL (esp. via cell telephone services).


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Challenges and Risks • Facility deficiencies (outlets, lighting) limit expanding the technology capacity of the library: Furniture is non-functional for laptop use; Insufficient ergonomic equipment; Limited space for additional computers; Computer lab is make-shift and insufficient for public use (was intended as copy room); Public time on computers is shorter than some people want. • Library would need to develop a more user friendly, intuitive website. Library doesn’t host its own web-server; limits what the library can do and changes can be thrust upon it. • Technology is inherently challenging and dynamic thus commanding resources on an on-going basis. IT staffing capacity is insufficient for expanding services at this point; maintenance “window” is constrained because of 24/7 operation.

Strategic Plan 2010-2014

EXHIBIT C: Service Response: Satisfy Curiosity: Lifelong Learning Residents will have the resources they need to explore topics of personal interest and continue to learn throughout their lives. Strengths and Opportunities • Healthy materials budget and program budget (so far) and Friend’s financial support. • The library has up-to-date material selection, a variety of programs and classes for all ages; staff is knowledgeable and familiar with materials and their use; international languages. • Library has significant demand for nonfiction materials and invites and acts on customer suggestions and purchase recommendations • Partner potential with local organizations and educational institutions for programs and events including at off-site locations

Challenges and Risks • Limited space for materials and programs, staff and equipment (e.g. to offer more computer instruction for groups) • Keeping up with current trends/times/issues takes time and time = cost • Parking and other facility limitations deter visits to the library

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Yorba Linda Public Library 2010-2014 Strategic Plan  

The Yorba Linda Public Library's 2010-2014 Strategic Plan

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