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It’s fascinating how many kinds of food and tasted we can find around the world, this makes attractive and tempting culture for foreignness. When we think about food, we hop to see pleasing dishes with good taste, if that is so, we try to eat it, but what happened if we see a dish that looks really ugly or strange? Immediately we doubt if its taste is delicious for its appearance. Would you try to eat it? Well, the gastronomy around the world is variable, we can find different dishes. In Japan, an island closed to China and Rusia, rounded by two oceans, have strange customs, their diet is based on sea food, vegetable and strangely insects, right insects!, its dishes you can’t imagine, sometimes we ask ourselves, is it possible? Or, how they can eat it? Definitely yes! They can. Their culture and customs allow them to have an open mind about their gastronomy.

There are some cases about crazy and strange dishes that you will find in Japan:

SHIROU Dish made up transparent and small fish fried in oil with some eggs, when people eat it, the little fishes still move into the mouth.

ZAZA MUSHI Insect larvae that living on the shore of rivers, people take it in life and fried in hot oil with soya, its sounds crazy because is so noisy to eat, the Japanese people like to eat go to the fact has a lot protein and can replace meat.

BASASHI Something really strange and weird desserts, horseflesh ice, probably is the ugliest dessert because you can see big pieces of raw horseflesh sticking out from the top.

Given this examples, we should open our minds about the different kinds of food in the world, their culture and their environment, although some customs are unpleasant and strange, is good give us the opportunity to know and experience, this will allow to make our lives even more enriching.

Have you ever eaten cat? There are many countries that probably you don’t know or maybe you do not have enough information about their cultures. Some towns have weird preferences about their food that could change the life style. In most cultures, eating cat meat is considered a taboo because is not a regular menu item in any countries. However, cat cooking techniques are demonstrated by Afro-Peruvians in South America.

La Quebrada is a town in Peru that holds a huge celebration honoring Santa Efigenia. The main menu for that celebration includes eat cats, because that special day it is as “gastronomic festival of the cat” The history o the special food are started when the first group of slaves arrived to Peru, and they survived by eating cat meat. Every September Peruvians descended from African slaves remembering those days with a figure of Santa Efigenia.

Today, there are many Protestants against that festival, because they are worried about the meat prepared from domestic cats for human consumption. Currently the Protestants don’t like that Sta. Efigenia’s day could be attractive for turism.

In conclusion, many Peruvians want to protect the rights of cats but for the local people that is a part of their celebrations because they don’t see cats only as pets and because they are use to cook featured dishes like spicy cat, stew and grilled cat. In other words, the history is being remembered by natives that love eating cat.

STRANGE DISHES FROM ASIAN SOUTHEAST Many people think that day by day, eastern people are becoming more like us. However, in Asian cultures, there are still some old and strange customs as the food. This article is going to be a trip across Southeast Asian countries, to show some dishes that people eat, and additional aspects about their culture. Beginning with Cambodia, one of the most traditional dishes is the Fried Spider; this is a delicacy for Cambodian people. It is a dish that they really enjoy and appreciate. Fried Spiders are cooked with garlic and spices, and placed on a wooden plate.

This dish is very expensive because of the danger posed by these arachnids. Another strange dish is the Balut that is found in Philippines, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. This is a duck egg with a fetus inside. This dish is considered as an aphrodisiac by Asian people; in fact the Ballot is always found in famous restaurants with very high prices.

The next dish is probably the most disgusting for western people, and it comes from Indonesia, Monkey Fingers. These are introduced in boiling oil and eaten before the main course, like French fries. Then, going to the north we find Thailand. In this country it is very common to eat rats wrapped in banana leaves; even people give it dish as a gift!, and this is very appreciate by their friends. This food is also found in Vietnam, China and Laos. The Civet is a mammal that lives in the Asian jungle, and its feces, aromatize the most expensive coffee beans, also known as Kopi Luwak, these are the rarest dish in this article, and are toasted after being been eaten and excreted by the Civet. For this reason, farmers allow them to enter n their crops.

As it can be seen, going sightseeing in Southeast Asian countries could be interesting, but also strange and in some cases disgusting. The tourist can find some customs that are out of the line. Nevertheless, there can be some of our customs that are considered as rarities by Asian people.

CHINA´S STRANGE FOOD BY CARLOS ANDRES GUZMAN The republic of China is located in the east of Asia. It is the world´s most populous country, with a population of over 1,35 billion, its capital is Pekin but the China´s most populated city is Shanghai. The China´s territory is divides in 22 provinces, 5 autonomous regions, 4 municipalities, and 2 special administrative regions. China is the world´s second economy and third largest area. China has many tourist places, such as The Great wall, the Forbidden city, The Qui Shi Huang mausoleum, The Guillin Mountains, The Mogco Caves, among other places. When the travelers are visiting this country, they can eat traditional food like meat for example: beef, pork or sheep, also can eat fruits, condiments such as leeks, ginger garlic in chicken, pork and pasta sesame too. China is a nice country in which you can found other dishes that are not considered delicious by people from other countries.

The Chinese people have a special drink which they believe has special powers, but how to prepare this drink? Just add some baby mice that have not yet opened their eyes to a bottle of nice wine, let this marinate for a few days and that´s it. Many Chinese people think that this drink called “Baby Mice Wine” is as good as the traditional medicine. Other China´s strange food is the Dog, but the middle Chinese’s generally not consumed dog meat, because it is more expensive than the other kinds of meat and therefore are more accessible for wealthy Chines. But in this country many people have an increasingly westernized opinion and this is that the dogs and cats are pets. Peixian in northem Jiangsu is known for the production of a dog stew flavored with turtle, this dish is said to have been invited by Fan Ceng and it was the favorite food of Luis Bang, founder of the Han Dynasty. In China 300.000 dogs are killed each year and its meat is destined for export to Korea among other countries in Asia.

The “duck fetus” is other kind of China´s strange food. It consists of duck eggs, which have been incubated until the fetus has feathers and beak and then they are boiled alive. In countries like China, Malaysia and Thailand snake blood is used as an aphrodisiac and a natural Viagra for men. There are discussions about what is the most effective snake. Most prefer cobras or any type of poisonous snake, in many restaurants and bars of China mixed different types of snake. In Asia´s countries, the people can find a lot of kinds of strange food like this, but for people born in these countries this kind of food are normal, because it represents their culture and customs, and is possible that the south American food is strange for them. Everything is a matter of taste.

UNUSUAL UK The United Kingdom has always been synonym of tradition and antiquity for to many countries around the world, but currently people are fascinated with the globalization and many ancient tradition have been fluencies by other cultures and all this it is reflect on their dishes, this is how the British have their own collection of unusual foods that other national find disturbing although sometimes It’s just in the name. The United Kingdom is a place of tradition over the years to surprise us with unusual dishes but also with unusual and amazing places, is to remember that UK witnessed important historical events, giving the opportunity to save and live part of the history, so keeping an open mind and get ready to surprise.

Let me show you some things so unusual that I’m sure you didn’t know about UK.

SPOTTED DICK This is one of Britain’s best known and most humorous foods if you get the joke. For those who don’t already know “Dick” is British slang for a man’s reproductive organ and a spotted reproductive organ is never good. In reality this is simply a suet pudding into which raisins and other dried fruits are mixed before cooking. Naturally, these are the spots. Where the 'Dick' part of the name came from is still a mystery although some claim it is a derivation of the word “dough” meaning dog or the German word “dicht” meaning thick.Actually ... this is a delicious pudding that is usually served with custard.

HAGGIS This is an unusual Scottish meal that is definitely an acquired taste. When you find out what goes into it you can only conclude that it was all they had left to use because somebody had taken everything else worth eating. It's therefore not surprising that it's appearance in popular culture is during the 1500's when the average person Scotland was experiencing severe hardships caused by their own leaders as well as their English overlords. Haggis is made from the heart, liver and lungs of a sheep which is minced and mixed with oatmeal, animal fat or suet, and onions. It is flavoured with salt and pepper before being stuffed into a cleaned sheep's stomach and then boiled for a few hours.

Unusual places Old railway station, Petworth, West Sussex England: Ever wished you could go back to the golden age of traveling by rail? Of course we can do it nowadays, but it is certainly not as quaint as the olden days. You have the option of staying in the old station or boarding the train for your night there. The station was formerly Petworth Railway Station, which was built in 1892 but is currently a bed and breakfast accommodation. Passengers could use the station from 10 October 1859 until 5 September 1955, but was closed to freight in May of 1966.

The Lighthouse, Llandudno, Conwy Wales:

The Lighthouse was built in 1862 and was used until 1985 where the optic was removed. Upon entering The Lighthouse you walk into the Keeper’s Hall, which has a 6m (19ft) pitch pine paneling. But the purpose was not to create an extravagant lighthouse; it was to keep privacy from between the keepers and their families. Certain rooms are designated for meals to allow you to take in the stunning scenery, which include a vertical drop of 100m (360ft); this is where you enjoy a traditional Welsh breakfast! The Lighthouse is situated in Great Orme Country Park, which ensures a peaceful environment while you enjoy your stay.


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