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spring 2010

hand felted pebble shaped guest soap set (set of 3) Each soap has been hand sculpted into pebble shapes using high-quality organic olive oil soap. Then, these soaps were hand felted using natural shades of merino wool - gray set (olive, light gray, and dark gray), brown set (chocolate brown, heathered brown, and caramel).

Felted merino wool pebble lavender sachet Hand felted merino wool pebble filled with lavender buds and buckwheat hulls. SoŌ to touch with soothing fragrance of lavender. A set of one large lavender filled pebble sachet and two small felted pebbles. Also available in gray, olive, turquoise, sky blue, sea foam blue, lilac, chartreuse green, navy blue, mauve pink, dark merlot, cranberry, and other custom colors. Each lavender scented pebble is around 3” x 2.5”.

Hand felted merino wool pebble set A set of 9 small pebbles and one large felted rock

Felted pebbles in river rock gray and olive (set of 6)

Hand felted merino wool pebbles Set of 6 small pebbles in various shades

Felted merino wool lavender sachet acorn A set of six giant sized felted acorns filled with highly aromaƟc Camphor lavender buds. First, I felt a very thin sheet of sea foam blue merino wool. Then using this felted fabric, I cut out small pieces and make a small lavender-filled sachet. This is then glued to a huge acorn cap. Place these aromaƟc and aestheƟcally pleasing lavender acorns in a bowl next to your bed, or inside your drawer (lavender keeps away sweater-eaƟng moths). A set of six, approximately 1.5” - 1.75” each. Colors shown: seafoam blue, white, dove, ruby red, pine green -Also avialble in non-lavender filled smaller wool acorns

Hand felted bead necklace Felted wool translaƟon of a stranded pearl necklace. Individually hand felted using soŌ merino wool, these gradually changing sizes of wool beads are stranded on a beige waxed coƩon cord, with small knots in between each bead. Light in weight, textural, and vibrant in color. 20” in length, beads are 1” - 1.5” diameter. Colors shown - turquoise, white, cranberry, biƩersweet, lemongrass, olive. More colors available

(this page) Felted bead necklace in merlot with white accent stripes (next page) Felted necklace in slate gray and olive

Felted pebble necklace Five hand felted merino wool pebbles on three strands of leather cord. The necklace is finished with a small white felted ball and a leather loop. Only at two ounces, the necklace is about 21� long.

(this page) Hand felted rings (next page) Felted pebble hair pins

Hand felted pebble earrings colors shown: olive, turquoise, river rock gray

Felted pebble brooches - various combinaĆ&#x;ons

Hand felted bubble brooch (this page) Spring field bubble brooch on silver plated kilt pin (next page) Turquoise bubble brooch

Felted Pebble Magnets - set of four in shades of gray hand felted using merino wool, 1.5� - 2�

Hand felted pebble coasters in slate gray, olive, oatmeal, turquoise

Hand felted pebble brooches

Hand felted wool pebble stacked necklace Hand felted using soĹŒly spun merino wool and upcycled felted sweater (for firmness and shape). Strung on black suede cord with loose ends for adjustable lengths. 30â€?

hand felted nesƟng bowls l 5” x 1.75” m 4.25” x 1.5” s 3.5” x 1.25”

Hand felted nesĆ&#x;ng bowls Felted version of the color glazed porcelain bowls. Vibrant colors on the inside and calm white on the outside. This light weight bowls is also available in other colors.

Spring coƩon scarves CoƩon scarf made with two print fabrics and a small strip of linen. Lightweight ladies’ version of the gentlemen’s coat scarf. VersaƟle piece to wear with blazers, cardigans, or as an accent piece for other accessories. More colors and paƩerns available. 4” x 50”, double sided

Delica 2010 Spring-Summer  

Hand felted decor and accessories

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