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Yan Benedict Dessy KadriyaniYLIAC Bulletin | January 2012 | 3 Lingga Binangkit

Editor’s Foreword

Working and a Cup of Tea Few notebooks, thousands miles, and Rubric, we have Ciputra, awarded as one project : that is what The Forum the 27th richest man in Indonesia is all about! by Forbes, who reveals his secret of enterpreneurial way on how to “produce the gold from rubbish�. But, We are back in our second edition the youth also shows the strength of using two impressive words: Global being global by having a career in and Change. There are many reasons international company like what Ikrar encouraging these theme preference tells in Member of The Month. in our current issue, like the key success factors of going global or the big impact of the change we have YLIAC has been established and been made recently. Welcoming the recognized throughout Indonesia, brand new year of 2012 brings back and it is proved by the invitation on optimism that we can do something the event of Grand Launching FFI at Yogyakarta written on Event Series. to make a better society. Many agendas have been arranged and published in Upcoming Events The main rubric for The Forum also. This issue will includes some December Issue is our ongoing year-end gossips and of course, YLIAC project, that is Johar Baru project, resolutions for 2012! which has been developed to the extent of producing many commercial products. Each department (either Finally, spread out the joy of Christmas marketing, finance, and any others) and New Year for unleashing Indonesia! are trying their best to market the Welcome, 2012! handmade jewelry. On Role Model

Dwi Andi Rohmatika Project Director The Forum - 2nd Edition YLIAC Bulletin | January 2012 | 5

Upcoming Events Essay Writing Competition As a part to realize our nation aspiration, the Executive Board of Veterinary Faculty of Brawijaya University will organize Essay Contest themed “Actualize Animal Welfare in Indonesia”. This essay contest aims to gather solutions for animal welfare problems in Indonesia. Raise awareness from young generation by deliver spirit of animal protection through innovative writing. By this essay, we can express that we still care with other creature around us, namely animal. Below are the options of sub theme: •

My way of animal welfare in Indonesia

Solution of animal welfare problems in Indonesia

Between human welfare and animal welfare in Indonesia

Deadline is January 20, 2012. Further information:

ASEANpreneurs Idea Canvas Competition The 4th ASEANpreneurs Idea Canvas has begun. The theme of this year is “Social Innovation”. The range is wide, spanning poverty to electricity. AIC aims to inspire the youth of today and prepare the leaders of tomorrow. AIC encourages sensitivity to the social environment that stretches one’s innovative capacity. As global citizens, we share responsibility for the wellbeing of the society. AIC looks for a blend of creativity and feasibility. Embrace the challenge. Be a part of AIC. Get rewards up to 1500SGD, seek mentorship and pitch idea in front of select reputed venture capitalists, plus an all expenses paid opportunity to attend Aseanpreneurs Youth Leaders Exchange (AYLE) in February 2012. But if you aren’t win, grab chance to join in AYLE by apply it at Further information at fb page Aseanpreneurs Indonesia

YLIAC Bulletin | January 2012 | 6

yliac announcement

Wanted: Team



Anyone interested in joining marketing team and have a better idea about our brand’s name, please DO contact me, Stephanie, at fanie.

Sponsors Needed! Have a network to somebody or company who has a potensial to become our sponsor? please DO contact Ibel at ibel_isabella@yahoo. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Article Submission Don’t surpress your writing talent, let the world know that you have amazing ideas to share. We’re receiving articles, message, reviews etc for our next issues. Contact youngleadersforindonesia@gmail. com to find out more!

General Enquiries Please send any enquiries to youngleadersforindonesia@gmail. com

YLIAC YLIACBulletin Bulletin| |January January2012 2012| |77

Social Business Project Update

YLIAC Johar Baru

written by Stephanie Octavia Marketing Head of YLIAC Johar Baru Project

Hi Guys, first of all, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May He bless all of our plans in the upcoming year, 2012. May this year become LEGENDARY! :D Let’s get the business started. So you must be curious on how far our project have gone these 2 months, right? Read on to get the latest update on the progress YLIAC Bulletin | January 2012 | 8

Project Overview

November 13, we invited Mrs. Ida, Community development is about who has been experienced with building peoples and its surroundings, training and community development but most importantly, a constant for poor urban areas. effort to establish communication with people. Johar Baru -RW 06, an urban enclave located at the heart of Jakarta perishes in the typical poor urban pocket of the capital. Here, in RW 06, The YLI Alumni Project team for Community Development in Johar Baru is delighted to reach out our hands and mold a change for the people, especially the mothers.

Progress During the project planning, we figured that dealing with people comes best (and challenging) when we always on the run to adjust for changes. Since we are still at the stage of the project set-up, the initial plan to set-up a tofu nugget-soya milk small household enterprises should be altered into something – that we have overseenas more suitable with the needs and the condition of the people. Having considered the interests, needs, prospect of the Mothers, we came up with the idea of trying out handycrafts training for the Mothers. Beads-based handycraft was chosen because the Mothers have the existing interest to learn more about it and have developed a small group to develop the skills. We came to facilitate them with training, for product quality development. On

Mrs.Ida teaching the Mothers

The training itself comprised of the basic skills of arranging the beads into a ready-to-wear items such as bracelets, necklaces, keychain. We saw a huge excitement comes from the Mothers during the training and... VOILA! They did it quite well (according to Mrs. Ida), and she also told us that they had enough basic skills to make this business come true. From the first training, each of the The Mothers got a kind of investments, such as 2 kinds of pliers and some of raw materials (beads and strings). YLIAC Bulletin | January 2012 | 9

YLIAC Bulletin | January 2012 | 10

Product Development Well, back to topic. After the first training, we sent additional raw materials for them so they can make more handycrafts in order to train themselves. According to Mrs. Ida who already saw the products and know how the Mothers made it, she said that they still don’t know how to make things gently so the coating on the beads are damaged. Second, basically the raw materials we bought are the one that Mrs. Ida provided for us and she admitted that the quality is not the best. From our assessment, the Mothers of Johar Baru still need to improve the quality and the look of the products, therefore a constant learning process is recommended. Seeing these conditions, we managed to redo some of the products they’ve made so we can get the raw materials again and process it to better products in the future. This action is taken because we want to set a high standard for the product in order to make us easily accepted in the market and successful in the future. Last but not least, we are thinking of selling this products with a brand. This brand will come to market with “accessories for working chic” as its main positioning and “helping others in Johar Baru by buying this products” as its secondary positioning. We will make these two as our positioning in the market. Moreover, we are thinking of naming it as Bella Donna. It is Italian, means beautiful women. Do you guys have any better idea regarding our brand’s name? ☺ FYI, since we want to make accessories, we will exclude key chain from our list of products.

The products they have made includes: Necklace, keychains, earrings and bracelet

YLIAC YLIACBulletin Bulletin||January January2012 2012|| 11

Our Roles We will be just their investor and fasilitator in the beginning. After they gain profit from this business, they will pay us back every month (profit sharing). It will be done this way, IF and only if we don’t get any sponsor for this project. But if we get one, basically they will pay for all of our financial needs or else, we will inform you later on. And in order to reach this goal, we need to transfer our knowledge so that they can be independent in the near future.

Next Plan & Target To achieve the main target which are making good quality and standardized products, each of our divisions come up with their main target as well: • PRODUCTION: Standardized the products, giving and sharing knowledge about technical stuffs in making jewellery made of beads and also about fashion trends (color, shape, designs), and making production plan (collaborating with Marketing Team) • MARKETING: Done with market research in immediate period regarding target consumer’s taste and behavior in buying accessories, making a GREAT marketing team (still needs 1 or 2 more personels, anyone? ☺), establishing a marketing plan for a year (STP, 4P, and market YLIAC Bulletin | January 2012| 12

penetration strategy), and demand and sales target management (collaborating with Production Team). • FINANCE: Earning sponsorship proposal (for our funding) and of course finding the right partner for this social project!

What Could You Help Us With IF: • Anyone of you are interested in joining marketing team and have a better idea about our brand’s name, please DO contact me, Stephanie, at • And if one of you have a network to somebody or company who has a potensial to become our sponsor, please DO contact Ibel at Last but not least, I just want to say that this team is only a representative and we are nothing without all of your inputs, comments, and of course your support! ☺

Let’s unleash Indonesia through this community development project! Any feedback is very much appreciated. Please send us your input to

YLIAC Bulletin | January 2012 | 13

Five Things You Should

Stop Doing in 2012 by Dessy Kadriyani

Without realizing, sometimes we do things that seems to be ‘productive’ when they are actually not. I’m not talking about things like proscrastinating or idling, but more subtle things that can harm your productivity. These are the things that I want us all to stop doing in 2012. 1. Responding emails like trained 2. Mindless Traditions monkeys Recently my friend told me “This is Every productivity expert in the world my last weekend to get holiday cards will tell you to check email at periodic out and I haven’t mailed a single one. intervals — say, every 90 minutes — It is causing stress!” rather than clicking “refresh” like a In the moment, not fulfilling an robot. “obligation” (like sending holiday Of course, almost no one listens, because studies have shown email’s “variable interval reinforcement schedule” is basically a slot machine for your brain.

cards) can make you feel guilty. But if you’re in search of professional advancement, is a holiday card (buried among the deluge) going to make a difference?

But spending a month away — and only checking email weekly — showed me how little really requires immediate response. In fact, nothing. A 90 minute wait won’t kill anyone, and will allow you to accomplish something substantive during your workday.

If you want to connect, do something unusual — get in touch at a different time of year, or give your contacts a personal call, or even better, meet up face-to-face. You have to ask if your business traditions are generating the results you want.

YLIAC Bulletin | January 2012| 14

You don’t have to always follow traditions if you think it’s useless.

3. Reading Too Much 4. Work That’s Not Worth idea. She wanted me to Things It be a part of a professional event I don’t want to miss We all know that work, development out any important the one that we rather she was organizing news hence try to keep be not doing, the one in her city, featuring speakers up with almost every that does not bring us several articles in several major anywhere, the one that and consultants. She newspaper websites. does not really benefit recommended biweekly check-in calls for the It becomes more like a us. duty where it’s supposed So why some of us are next eight months, leading up to the event. to be leisure reading. still doing this work? “Can you actually get But after trying to be Perhaps out of uneasy the participants? Why ‘out of the news’ for a to friends? Or the guilty don’t you test the few days, I was able feelings of doing just demand first?”. As Eric to reflect on which nothing? People can Ries points out in his publications actually have all the reasons. new book The Lean refreshed me — and However, the ‘work’ is Startup , developing the which felt like a duty. not that different from best code or building I believe cutting readings wasting your time. You the best product in the that do not interest me might as well try relaxing world is meaningless if will not disadvantage yourself. your customers don’t me in the long run end up wanting it. because in the era of Instead, test early and 5. Making Things More social media, you will often to ensure you’re Complicated Than They eventually get to know not wasting your time. Should Be the important things What ideas should you A while back, a friend anyway. test before you’ve gone approached me with an too far? Being always busy does not mean that you are productive. Learn the difference and get yourself more free time by being more productive. YLIAC Bulletin | January 2012 | 15


The Real Estate Maestro

by Valentina He is the pioneer of modern property business in Indonesia and also the founder and first president of an organization called REI (Real Estate Indonesia). He is also the first Indonesian elected to be the World President of FlaBCI (international real estate business organization). Ciputra handle most of the property business subsectors which currently he leads five big business units, Jaya, Metropolitan, Pondok Indah, Bumi Serpong Damai, and Ciputra Development. His projects are not only in Indonesia, but also other countries. Those projects of commercial properties are the first class projects and the best in its sector. “Entrepreneur is the one who able to produce gold from rubbish” is the famous principle of Ciputra (Ciputra way). Ciputra with Ir. Antonius Tanan wrote “Manusia Unggul yang Disertai tuhan”, a book about Ciputra success story and how he also develops his community. In this 75 years old, Ciputra prefer to develop the community from the education sector. He established a school and Universitas Ciputra where entrepreneurship is the most important value. With this school, YLIAC Bulletin | January 2012| 16

Ciputra aim to produce as much quality entrepreneur as possible to bring the brighter future for Indonesia. Ciputra (Tjie Tjin Hoan) spent his childhood and teenage at Parigi, Sulawesi. He has faced a hard life since he was a kid because of his family’s financial condition. As the youngest member of the family, Ciputra need to help his mother to earn money for living. This situation was worse when his father, Tjie Siem Poe, was caught by the un-known troop of armies considered as spy for Japan and Netherland. His father was sentenced to death, and Ciputra was only 14 years old at that time. Ciputra admit that he was lazy to go to school and always refuse to learn except Bahasa Indonesia. As the result, at 12 years old, he is still on the second grade of elementary

school. However, death of his father has been the turning point in Ciputra’s life. He began to be diligent to study and always become the stars in his class. After his graduation from SMA Frater Don Bosco at Manado, Ciputra left to Java to continue his education in Institut Teknologi Bandung. Before his graduation, on the fourth year, he and his two friends started his own business, consultancy services for building architecture, with a garage as their office. After he gained his bachelor degree of engineering, he and his friends decided to move to Jakarta because they saw a lot of opportunities for them to develop their business. He then developed PT Pembangunan Jaya which now becomes Ciputra Group. His life experience during childhood has been his biggest inspiration and motivation of his success. His life’s values were built strong, and create positive characters in Ciputra.

“From rubbish to gold is a process.” It needs someone’s ability to create opportunity, innovation and calculate the risk. This process will work when creativity and market acceptance meets resulting in multiplication of resources (money, information and connection). Innovation means that our business always need value added or creating value chain for customer satisfaction. Eight essential business innovations for entrepreneur to have are design, production, marketing, financial, HRD and organization, connectivity and mobility, strategic alliance, and environment and social responsibility. Another five essential competencies entrepreneur should have at finger tips are: 1. Business creation, how to create new and distinctive business 2. Business operation, how to operate or realized the new idea 3. Business growth, how to develop and enhance the business 4. Business revitalization, how to revitalize the well-developed business 5. Business closing, how to make the business independent of investor, and other dependencies.

Valent Valentina YLIAC Bulletin | January 2012 | 17

Member of The Month

Ikrar Pradana Another YLI Alumni has made a very great achievement by being global and working in an multinational corporation. He is Ikrar Pradana, a Field Engineer for Drilling and Measurements at Schlumberger. Since this September, he was assigned as an International Mobile in Western Siberia, Russian Federation. The Forum Team finally could contact him –who is living very far away right now– to share some of his experiences in working abroad, and he was very glad to reveal his secrets! Hi, Ikrar. Thank you for gladly sharing you experiences with us. So first of all, can you tell us more about your role as a Field Engineer at Schlumberger?

What is you opinion on working abroad? Is it exciting and challenging? It is, very much so. Every day is a challenge for me – not only the job, but also daily life. English can only do so much, especially in Russia. It is so interesting for me to see different gestures and customs in different places, there is no day without anything new to find out about.

My job is to give best quality of directional drilling surveys and formation evaluation data on the rig. My company, Schlumberger, is a company that provides various oil field services to oil and gas industry clients. Being away from home used to be hard but technology makes everything YLIAC Bulletin | January 2012| 18


Russian to be able to perform on my job.

So tell us more, how do you get But my competitive self wouldn’t interested in working abroad? let me give up over those solvable Haha (laughing). Interesting question. Actually it is not so much about working for a multinational company. It is more because of this particular company that I was attracted to – Schlumberger. Since my exposure to the company 2 years ago, I learned that here anyone can rise to any position, anywhere in the world based on merit and performance. It is backed up with a robust management system, which I can learn a lot from to increase my knowledge for future applications.

difficulties. Also my motivation to prove that I can do better than these international people just keep me to go on and work hard. The rest would be adapting to the local food, people, and having an extremely close relationship with Skype. For Siberia in particular, of course it is the weather. The coldest I’ve had here was -270C. Now I am doing fine with the warm clothing that I have, but I’m excited to face the real winter in February when it could go down until -500C!

Those two are my fundamental reasons on why I chose to continue my journey after university in Schlumberger.

That’s super extreme. We hope that you’re fine with the little difference in the weather over there. Anyway, coming back a What are some of the biggest little bit, do you mind telling us challenges that you face now? on how did you apply for the Working in a field environment position? closely with rig crews, drillers, even clients who do not speak English is a real challenge.

My first exposure to Schlumberger was 2 years ago when I had an internship with the company.

Not only that I had to gain knowledge about petroleum and things related to my job faster “Working with clients who do not than the other new-hires (since speak English is a real challenge” my educational background is not related to my job), I also have to master basic professional level of YLIAC Bulletin | January 2012 | 19

Then all I know is that the recruiter called me one night and asked me if I was still interested in joining the company the following year. She did contacted me a couple of times throughout my last 2 years of university, congratulated me for what I accomplished along the way. Little that I know she was planning me for a job outside of the country. Maybe she doesn’t like me and put me as far away from her as possible (laughing). So, has working abroad always been your dream? Not really. My dream is quite simple actually: to be an inspiration to a lot of people. I have always been inspired by other people and I know how much an inspiration can do.

think YLI has helped you to achieve your dream? YLI has provided a lot that I should be thankful for. But for me, it is the network and the amazing people that I can’t forget. I am always excited to listen to people’s stories and their plans about the future. Learning a lot from other people inspired me in shaping who I am and what I want in life. Meeting great friends with remarkable credibility and having successful leaders sharing their experiences at YLI, I couldn’t ask for more. Thank you very much Ikrar for sharing you experiences with us. Last but not least, do you have suggestions for YLIACers who want to work abroad? For the application process, I think the company will always be interested to know; what do you want to achieve in the future, and how the company can help you to make it happen.

I was not the best student throughout my childhood, I even did not try very hard at school until high school. But an inspiration led me to a turning point at one moment and made me Also stick on what you know and realized my potential and what I who you are – be honest. Everyone is could actually do. different and don’t be afraid to show I owe too many people for making your personality. Stay distinctive, me who I am right now, it is my because at the end of the day it is responsibility to share and give back. the memorable ones that end up on Simply put, what I want in the top of the list. future is to live a good life, give to Lastly expand your limits by learning people and surroundings, and be an foreign languages if you have the inspiration for many others. time. Since this time on, anything and anywhere is possible! Don’t limit yourself on an imaginary boundary. We are sure you will, Krar! So do you YLIAC Bulletin | January 2012| 20

YLIAC Bulletin | January 2012 | 21

Title Event series

Forum for Indonesia by Galih Karnadhi and Dwi Andi Rohmatika

YLIAC was very honored to be invited in a talk show “Indonesia Needs Action” as one of the event in Grand Launching “Forum for Indonesia” (FFI) held in Benteng Vredeburg, Yogyakarta, on November 12th, 2011. “Forum for Indonesia” (FFI) itself is a national youth organization in Yogyakarta which has a dream to unite all Indonesian youth to give real contribution in the transformation towards a big and honorable nation. Forum for Indonesia wants to produce two things: ideas and social changes. Ideas could be created from research and development activities, seminar, and talk show. While social changes will be obtained from the society development program. FFI nowadays has 11 Chapter as the Local Representatives in several cities around Indonesia, those are Padang, Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, and Makassar. The aim of the talk show was how to increase optimism and motivation of Indonesian youth to contribute YLIAC Bulletin | January 2012 | 22

in a positive and impactful way in human development. They invited three speakers expertise in their own field who represent Indonesian youth energy which smart, dynamic, and visionary. The first speaker was Iwan Setyawan, the author of “9 Summers, 10 Autumn”. He was the Director of Internal Client Management at Nielsen Consumer Research, New York. His experience to struggle in life could attract the audiences to have a fighting spirit to success. He told that he spent his childhood in Batu, Malang in a very modest family. From that point, he started to tell his way to achieve the title of Director in a big multinational company whose office is in New York. He showed the audiences that reaching a dream needs the spirit of fighting and hard work.

“Nothing is impossible unless we fight to achieve it”

The second speaker gives a speech about life vision and goals to be successful. He is Togi Pangaribuan, lecturer at Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia, an alumni of Harvard Law School (LLM 2011). He is one of the founding father of FFI and stands as a Senior Advisor. As one of the chosen student who could have an education in Harvard Law School, one of the best law faculty in the world, he gave some tips from his experience on how to be successful. He stated clearly that a person should arrange a real vision or life goals and tried to achieve that. One interesting thing from his experience is that he rejected all offerings from international and domestic well known Law Firm because he wanted to contribute academically in Law and have a role in the government. Finally, he was one of a very successful lecturer at Faculty of Law of University of Indonesia as well as an important person who has a role in governmental area.

The last speaker was Mohammad Fikri, an alumni of Faculty of Social and Political Science of UGM. He is very active nowadays as United Nation Volunteer and becomes National Coordinator International Year of Volunteer 10. His activity as a volunteer in an international organization like United Nations has been a good background of the topic he lead in discussion which was Indonesian Youth role in international world. He believed that Indonesian Youth should be capable of raising their voice in international world instead of speaking up only in their own country. The most important point was the willingness to gain any information and acquire any knowledge, broaden their point of view, and active in organization. Finally, the talk show was closed by the launching of FFI in symbolical way. The Grand Launching was closed with a speech from its Co-founder, Ghufron Mustaqim. YLIAC Bulletin | January 2012 | 23

Gossip Corner True or Hoax? Title

by Reswita Dery

Regional Leader (Bandung)

Several people know gossip as an idle talk or rumour told by someone, especially about the personal or private affairs of others. In this page we won’t talk about personal affairs but we will use “gossip knowledges” to explore more how deep you know about others member in YLIAC. Try out our little quiz below :) 1. True or hoax; Aldina spent her last semester in Japan to establish new girl band ?

3.True or hoax; Julisa Pratiwi (read : Princess Sasa) was of Chinese and Indonesia descent?

YLIAC Bulletin | January 2012 | 24

2. True or Hoax; To get his “Sekel” body, Tulus spent 12 hours a day in a gym with a personal traineer from Abu Dhabi?

4. True or Hoax, Muhamad Iman Usman founded and developed an online shop for Harry Potter marchandise when he was 14 years old?

“The best way to know about people is to know an interesting thing about them”

ANSWERS: 1. H ; Absolutely, with no doubt, that is hoax issue. Aldina went to Tohoku University, Japan, as student exchange no to establish a new girl band :) so proud of u girl. 2. H : Be honest, I’m not sure is the issue hoax or not hahaha just kidding :p that’s trully hoax. Tulus went to Abu Dhabi as engineer in Schlumberger. Good job dude 3. T : Believe it or not. Her mom was singkawang descent. Maybe she has some Chinese ancestors, but she looks “trully Indonesia” anyway hahaha :) 4. T: With no doubt guys. Yup, Iman maybe one of Indonesian youth that we should have to learn from. In that age, when other child wasting most of their time and their concentration to watch Tsubasa Movie. This guy developed an online shop for Harry Potter. No comment, i feel so left behind hahaha. Bravo for u Iman So, this is the end of our long journey to find out which one is true or hoax. Hope you enjoy it! Submit an interesting fact about YLIAC member to YLIAC Bulletin | January 2012 | 25

What’s your New Year Resolution? 2011 coming to an end, 2012 is just around the corner. New Year is a time to reflect on the changes we want or need to make, so let’s see some of the New Year resolution our friends have submitted.

Finishing my thesis and graduate. Then, I will backpacking to some beautiful place in Indonesia. After finishing my backpacking, I will doing my best as a language editor in a new online media in my town. Wish me luck! Wan Ulfa Nur Zuhra, W2 May this new year bring many opportunities to our way, to explore every joy of life. May our resolutions for the days ahead stay firm, turning all our dreams into reality and all our efforts into great achievements. Happy New Year to all YLIAC :D When the mid-night bell rings tonight. Let it signify new and better things for us. Cheers Reswita Dery, W2

YLIAC Bulletin | January 2012 | 26

I wish in march 2012, I can graduate soon aamiinn :) Rindha Deviana Sari, W3 1. Dapet pacar.. *ya Tuhan, pengen banget! 2. Finished my challenger program in BP in quality manner 3. YLI Gathering and Networking makin seru and gokil yoow!! 4. Traveling arooound the world! Valentina, W3 Graduation and a career. Dayu Dara Permata, W3 I wish i can finish my eco-fashion project and grab many investors to support it =D Fuyuki, W3

The theme being for my resolutions is GET INSPIRED BY OTHERS SO THAT YOU CAN INSPIRE THEM BACK! :) 1. Graduated ---> Medical Rotation 2. Have a journal on the rotation which will happen to be in several rural areas in Aceh once affected by conflict and/or Tsunami ---> A BOOK at the end to share the experiences and values obtained to all over the world! 3. Get onto an exchange program on the Medical Rotation to any of the European countries ---> another journal, another book, another story to share to the world! 4. Win an international prize on fictitious writing competitions, make Indonesia PROUD out of it! 5. Have one of my writings published in one of the following renown national papers; Kompas, Republika, etc 6. Have a novel written, SOLO! 7. Get a driving license (seriously, it’s so annoying to have a car but not knowing of how to drive it PLUS no license to go around without scared of having a nightmare called “”TILANG””) 8. Get to know how to play an accoustic guitar and perform lively with it somewhere somehow :D 9. Many more I need to contemplate; the list is still going on! :D Nuril Annisa, W2 1) Being the next Merry Riana in Indonesia!!! 2) Being the most well-known media planner in Indonesia, managing Unilever’s media investment under Mindshare media agency 3) Keeping my passion in fire in insurance, investment, media and fashion 4) Travelling to Netherlands!!! Ariga Wibisana, W3

1. Survive NUS and graduate safely 2. Get a job/grad school admission 3. Healthy lifestyle (no more Mac’s, more veggie, gym!!) 4. Awesome graduation trip to some exotic places in Latin America! Go to London Olympics if money permits. 5. Save money or get a part time job for no.4 6. No 9Gag Dessy Kadriyani, W3

I do hope YLIAC Bulletin could be read by all YLI Alumni, YLI participants “wanna-be”, YLI speakers, YLI committee, and all people who wanna make a change for a better future of the nation! :D Dwi Andi Rohmatika, W2

YLIAC Bulletin | January 2012 | 27

- Successfully compeleted ECL Exam here in Hungary and willing to promote Indonesian culture in many ways - Bachelor of International Relations in UGM with cumlaude predicate - Going abroad in Qatar or United Arab Emirates to get Master Degree with full-scholarship - Affording my Mom’s cost to make Umrah Raden Rico Dwi Nugrahatama, W2

Passed CCNA My book published Be one of the best Lintasarta Indosat Employee Nirwan Adhiatma, W3

I hope 2012 will be a fabulous year for me! more achievements, more experiences, more developments, more opportunities! and the most I wish the very best luck in facing the important, become much closer to national examination for my students God.. :) in Blebak, a remote village in East Mohammad Iqbal, W3 Borneo. I wish my programs to run well, to have the sutainability, and to be impactful one. I wish my family stay healthy, I don’t want to lose any of my family or loved again. Next year after my international Rini Mayasari, W2 volunteer program finish, I plan to continue my volunteering in some mental and physical challenged places 1. Create a YLI Alumni Community that in my town, continue for establishing every member is proud to be and that jazz music community, do some travel Indonesia is proud to have through around my province, pursue for my success of professional development next degree, cook for my family and in networking and impactful social enjoy the beach. 2012 is a happy and entrepreneurship project. passionate year! :D 2. Find a boyfriend (aminn!) and be Fairuziana, W3 closer to the people that I love (family and friends) 3. Win CFA Global Research Investment Challenge! 4. Graduate with Summa Cum Laude 5. Get the job that I’m passionate Turun sepuluh kilo! Keliling dunia! about! Adi Putra, W2 Windy Natriavi, W3

YLIAC Bulletin | January 2012 | 28

Bisa mulai ngerjain skripsi Magang Melihat dan mendampingi anak didik di RUMBEL UI bisa ujian nasional DIET!! kecilkan ukuran pinggang BIsa jadi pendamping wisuda dan hidupnya dia :””) ngerasain SALJU!!” Lailatul Mauliyah Zubaidah, W3

Get a scholarship for master degree in europe :) Aldina Suwanto, W2 to write books and to finish my doctoral thesis proposal :) Melody Violine, W1

The 2012 is a turning point year in my life history, so I wish: 1. holding a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (S.IP), 2. getting master degree scholarship in Southeast Asia Studies, 3. publishing articles in international journals and newspapers; 4. improving piety, 5. recognized as the young Southeast Asia analyst in Indonesia and Asia, 6. developing non-profit movement in, 7. publishing a book, 8. getting the best graduate award in the 2012 Paramadina University graduation, 9. having an intensive course in Batik production, and 10. pioneering small business. I wish you luck, let’s develop ourselves to unleash nation :) Agung Setiyo Wibowo, W3

Best of luck to all YLIAC members. We sincerely hope wish that you have a great year ahead. Happy New Year 2012! “Cheers to a New Year and another chance for us to get it right” Oprah Winfrey

YLIAC Bulletin | January 2012 | 29

Movie Review

Imagine: Smash His Camera (2010) BBC Scotland (Documentary Movie) Director: Leon Gast Duration: 1 hour 3 minutes of public figures that everyone does not know.

“My idea of a good picture is one that’s in focus of a famous person doing something unfamous. That’s why my favorite photographer is Ron Gallela” – Andy Warhol What do you think of paparazzi? The fans consider them as a hero. On the contrary,all public figures avoid them since they will reveal everything out from the very personal things of those public figures since they are the people who might be “out of reach”. Paparazzi does want to capture the different sides YLIAC Bulletin | January 2012 | 31

This movie tells about Ron Gallela, the ever first paparazzi who always do everything to get the intersting pictures of any public figures. He was even sued by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis for stalking her and her children too aggressively. Not only sued, Ron even get punched by Marlon Brando for taking his pictures that he did not want to. Ron gives several rules to succeed: Sneak in, Dress Right, Don’t Check Coat, Kitchen = Entrance, Forge Credentials. But even for paparazzi, there are ethical conducts to obey, for example when the actress say “No, I don’t want to” then the paparazzi will go away, but after getting several stock of photos beforehand. This movie tells the story in an interesting way, not like a very serious documentary movie. Sometimes this movie will make you laugh, or even whisper “Oh, My... he’s crazy”. Nice to watch in early 2012!

Dwi Andi Rohmatika

Book Review

Indonesia Mengajar: Kisah Para Pengajar Muda di Pelosok Negeri

(Indonesia Mengajar: The Unfold Stories of Young Teachers All Over Indonesia) Author: Young Teachers Publisher: Bentang Pustaka, Yogyakarta Price: Rp54.000,00

“A thousand old men could dream, one young man could change everything.” One sentence from Soekarno, the former president of Indonesia, makes Anies Baswedan, the founder of Indonesia Mengajar to ask the youth of Indonesia in contributing to the education in Indonesia. Indonesia Mengajar as the organization which migrates university graduates as elementary school teachers to rural area all over the countries shares their stories in a book. It consists of the best experiences in varying short stories. These stories are arranged in four big chapters, which are “Students of The Young Teachers”, “Growing Optimism”, “Learning to be Humble”, and “Sincerety is Spreading Out”. There are many messages conveyed in these stories, two of those many are the reality of life and moral message of rural children. A book consists of 60 stories could hypnotize

all its readers to be the Young Teachers also everywhere, including our society, to spread out the sincerity through writing and actions. Bimo Sujatmiko & Dwi Andi Rohmatika YLIAC Bulletin | January 2012 | 32


2011 Young Leaders For Indonesia Alumni Community

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Merry Christmas and

Happy New Year 2012

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