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Exclusive Snap Recipes, Tips, & Oil Must-Haves!

Welcome to GingerSnaps! We are a team within Young Living who fully embrace the YL lifestyle, living in health, happiness, and abundance. We choose the name GingerSnaps because ginger is such a beautiful plant: uplifting, relieves discomfort, and it promotes the ability to digest what is happening. How good is that? REV RUN (Joseph Simmons from Run DMC) so wonderfully reminded us that *Snap* means good, right on, surprise, or joy. Most of us experience these feelings with Young Living products! A wonderful new, daily joyful experience is what we love to share. Fiery and fresh, ginger oil is said to be empowering, warming; it bolsters courage, confidence and motivation to lead. So cheers GingerSnaps! Let’s continue to make our world a better place through Young Living! SNAP!

YL Member Benefits *Enjoy 24% off retail pricing on all YL products. *Be eligible for Essential Rewards, YL monthly shipment program where you earn points toward free product, enjoy exclusive promos, loyalty gifts and reduced shipping, *Gain the opportunity to participate in YL’s compensation plan with generous payouts coming your way just for sharing YL products. *Get recognized for your sharing triumphs by meeting goals that lead to all-expense paid retreats around the world. *Feel the love from the Snaps community. Tap into our wealth of resources created just for you, and learn from our decades long experiences of using essential oils.


Why YoungLiving? YL has 20+ years of essential oil research and experience under the original founder. YL owns their own farms across the world, growing plants in their optimal environments and providing consistent quality oils. YL has the largest selection of essential oil singles and blends on the market. YL farms exceed organic standards: pest control is managed with essential oils; weed control is done by hand. Each distillation occurs in stainless steel with only first distilltions used, and all oils are rigorously tested in-house and by a third party. This company is an open book. Any member can visit the farms and participate in harvest or distillation. YL sets the global standard for essential oil quality. YL’s Seed to Seal process ensures that the entire process of the oil is quality controlled, from the soil the plant was grown in to the day the bottle was filled and shipped. No foul language or discord is permitted around the plants or on the farms. Harmony is essential for the integrity of the plant. The community, education, tools, and support you get from thousands of Snaps on your journey to ideal health & happiness. None of the material in this booklet replaces advice from a medical professional. The statements throughout this booklet have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to Diagnose, Treat, Cure or Prevent a Disease.


1. Pick a Kit, Be a Member! This is Where the Journey Begins. Premium Everyday OIls Kit with Dewdrop Looking to support your everyday health needs with non-toxic solutions? This is the kit for you! Versatile and long-lasting, this package of some of our most popular oils will have you saying: Where have you been all my life?


Premium Starter Kit Thieves Want to focus on supporting your immune system and having your home sparkling clean and chemical-free? This is the kit for you! There is little in this world that thieves cleaner cannot do. And the scent is divine!


Premium Starter Kit NingXia Red Looking for a healthy energy boost without stimulants, sugar, or noxious fillers? YL’s wolfberry, essential oil infused juice is the top anti-oxidant drink on the market. Whether you like it shaken, stirred, or on the rocks, NingXia Red is an everyday must!


Premium Kits Stash of Goodies All premium starter kits come with a get-to-know-YL packet of samples and info. Here’s the breakdown: 10 Love It, Share It Sample Oil Bottles 10 Love It, Share It cards 10 Sample Oil Sleeves (6 drops in each)

Product Guide


AromaGlide Roller Fitment 2 NingXia Red 2 oz. Packs Essential Oil Magazine 5ml Stress Away Oil Member Resources

EveryDay Oils Kit 10 Oils, your Choice of Diffuser, AND the Kit Stash! Weight Manager Clear Thoughts Freshener

Happy Joints Muscle Love

Chill Pill

HappyMouth Hates Germs

Soothe Irritations Calm Inflammation

Energizing Cooling Loves Muscles

Happy Gut No More Chalky Pills Love Your Skin Uplift Mood Brighten Teeth

Healthy Skin Odor Buster

Soothe Skin Calming Love Sinuses

Breathe Easy Relaxing

Choose A Diffuser


NingXia Red Kit

NingXia Red

(pronounced: Neeng-Zhaa) is made from whole fruit wolfberry puree to provide a whole body nutrient infusion high in anti-oxidants to help reduce oxidative stress. Wolfberries offer a whopping 13% protein, the highest of any fruit and contain every essential amino acid. Blended with blueberry, cherry, aronia, pomegranate, plum and grape juices, this natural energizing drink is sweetened with zero calorie stevia to maintain a low glycemic index. The oils of tangerine, orange, yuzu, and lemon are added for their yumminess and powerful source of d-limonene. Kosher and Halal approved. Drinking 2 oz. daily is ideal, ...but you’ll want more.

ENERGIZE FORTIFY REPLENISH What Will NingXia Do For You? Support whole-body health & wellness. Provide energy support. Help maintain normal eye health. Support normal cellular function. Help prevent oxidative stress. Support weight release efforts. Hydrate and help occasional constipation

Premium Starter Kit NingXia Red $170 2 Bottles NingXia Red (25.35 oz each) 30 NingXia Red Singles (2 oz. each) 14 tubes NingXia Nitro (.68 oz each) Plus all the goodies in the Kit Stash!


Thieves Kit


we love thee,

let us count the ways


There are nearly chemicals used in household products in the US. Of those just 200 have been tested and only 5 banned.1 Since the 70’s, chemical use has spiked more than 2000%, profiting companies billions, while rates of nefarious diseases have increased by double digit percentages.2 In 2014 Johnson & Johnson finally removed two known carcinogens from their baby shampoo; one was formaldehyde.3 Who cares if a company thinks the carcinogens in its product are inconsequential, the question is:

Why are there carcinogens in most US household products?

The majority of household cleaners on the market are some of the worst products to be heavy laden with toxic contaminants.

Chemicals haven’t won. You don’t have to choose the lesser evil. You can choose LIFE & HEALTH. Thieves, completely natural, plant-based cleaners from renewable plant and mineral sources, is a wonderful start to changing your world!

Thieves EO is a blend of lemon, rosemary, eucalyptus, cinnamon bark, and clove. While this warming aroma reminds us of the holidays, it’s a powerful boost to the immune system as well as a cleaner. We love drops of the oil in our tea, and the cleaner has replaced all “cleaners” for us. Use it to: Clean Windows & Mirrors Degrease Nasty Areas Mop, Shampoo Carpets, Remove Stains Wash Laundry or Clean Dishes Freshen Air Quality in the home Tackle Mildew and Mold Clean Kitchen, Bathroom, Everywhere Wash pets & at least 1000 other things!

Premium Starter Kit THIEVES $160

15ml Thieves Essential Oil Thieves Mouthwash 8 oz Thieves AromaBright Toothpaste 4 oz 2 Thieves Cleaner 14.4 oz ea 2 Thieves Foaming Hand Soap 8 oz ea 2 Thieves Spray 1 oz. ea 2 Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier 1oz. ea Plus all the Kit Stash!


2. Get On Essential Rewards

The Sooner You Start,


Better Everything Will Be. Feeling a little leery...this sounds like: one-of-thosethings that keeps coming in the mail....

I wish I would have started sooner! I missed so many points :-( Too often we’ve heard this: Don’t let it be your line. Take action to get

ER started at the same time you purchase your kit

ER is our customizable monthly auto-ship program.Get what you

Get on ER by contacting the person who enrolled you, want, when you want or by exploring the it. Change your date and ER tab in the Signin area of your YL product every month if account. you desire.

for the BEST way to Earn points towards ensure a dramatic change in your life. future purchases.

Save on shipping. Try it at least 3 months, and let us Access kits that are ER only, special priced. help you incorporate these products Earn loyalty gifts into your daily rou- months 3,6,9, & annutine to live beauti- ally. fully, healthily and abundantly. Minimum 50PV per month.


Points Earned: 10%PV months 1-3 20%PV months 4-24 25%PV months 25+

Start now! If you joined with the oils starter kit, get the NingXia or Thieves kit on ER.

3. Know How



Knowledge Empowers.

Virtual Office =

Happy Destination

When you log into your account on YL’s website, you are in your own Virtual Office. Here you can Quick order, setup and adjust Essential Rewards, check your order status, find out who the leaders are in your organization, learn about the company and products, and see the names of those you may have referred to YL. Whether you’re a product user only or someone building a business with YL, the virtual office is a happy, daily destination. Go to and look to the upper right corner for Sign-In. Click it. Use your member number and password to log in. (if you don’t remember, contact the person who enrolled you for help)

Once logged in, you will be at the Dashboard. Look to the middle of the screen for the tab, Getting Started. Click and follow. Explore the tabs to the left and get to know the happy spot ;-)


4. Learn How


Use This Stuff!

Live Simply, Live Lavishly...Live



No matter your lifestyle, YL products can make everything, and we mean everything ;-), so much better. We have Young Living in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, family room, purses, backpacks, garage, garden shed, emergency’re getting the picture.

Will You Be




Heavy Oil User?

AROMATICALLY TOPICALLY Rub 2-3 drops of EO to Use 2 drops of EO on your hands; inhale. desired area. Go old school: add 3-5 Layer oils (it’s ok to drops to a bowl of hot use more than one at water. Use towel over a time). head & bowl. Dilute hot oils like Add 5-7 drops to a dif- thieves and cinnamon fuser & turn your home with an organic carrier into a spa. (fatty) oil like V-6.

INTERNALLY Add 1-2 drops to water, NingXia, yogurt... Fill empty capsules with EO to swallow. Expand your cooking skills adding a drop of EO or less to begin, and gradually working more in to taste.

How Much NingXia Can You Drink? Two ounces a day is a life-changer for most folks. It’s safe to drink as much as you want (drink the bottle?...the effect will be cleansing). Add a NingXia Nitro to your 2 oz NRed, or drink on its own to focus the mind and git ‘er dun. Great morning wake up or 1:00pm boost. Spike NRed with citrus oils, peppermint, cinnamon bark, (tangerine is one of our faves!) with your taste buds.

Thieves, Where Have You Been All My Life? Thieves products have labeled ratio/dilution instructions. To use the cleaner, take a capful or two, and add it to an emptey 32oz. spray bottle. Fill with water, and clean everythign with it!


5. Get Savvy About Products You’ll Want



Collect All 500+



With 85+ singles and 100+ blends, there are so many possibilities.Learn a new oil everyday 5ml bottles = 100ish drops 15ml bottles= 300ish drops We use first distillations. No allergens come through distillation. Generally folks who are sensitive to scents are able to use our oils and don’t react as they do with synthetics. FAVES: Believe, Abundance, Highest Potential

Beautify, cleanse, and have your home smelling like a spa with nearly 20 different Thieves products! It’s liberating to get rid of all the cleaning bottles and only have one go-to! Of course you’re going to diffuse and oil yourself and the house... don’t forget the wee ones and furry children. We have more than a dozen products formulated for wee ones, and a handful for the furries. Oils are safe for ALL! AT HOME FAVES: Thieves Kit, Animal Scents Ointment Our supplements, protein powders, energy drinks, and weight management products are enhanced with essential oils delivering greater nourishment to the cells that need it most. From cooking flours to gender specific support supplements, our 65+ products will dazzle and have your body saying: Thank You!


FAVES: Essentialzymes-4, Life-9’s, Cleansing Trio, Vanilla Spice Protein, & Mineral Essence.

It takes more than dousing with an oil; whole body care will make you SHINE & RADIATE. With our skincare, haircare, and oralcare lines you never have to worry about adding hormone disrupters or nefarious chems to the body. Our plant based, oil-infused products work on sensitive and weathered skin alike. FAVES: Boswellia Cream, Claraderm, ART, AromaBright, Copiaba Vanilla Shampoo.



6. Know Thyself & Be Specific Do You Know How Good Your Body Is Designed

I love these products, but where do I start?



Be the Driver of Your Health, Life, and Happiness. Start using YL products (using, not purchasing and storing in a closet...they don’t work that way).

Provided with the right tools, the body has an amazing ability to heal itself and operate optimally. Become empowered:

Begin to Listen to Your Body. Is there something you love to eat, but every time you eat it, you feel bad? Maybe that’s not the food for you. Always awaken at a certain time of night and don’t know why? Maybe something is going on with your body clock (circadian rhythms). Ever gone low-carb, sugar free, and felt acute brain clarity after a couple weeks? Maybe those foods are dulling your senses? There are so many contemporary variables with our food sources, work patterns, environmental contaminants, and stress that more than ever we must make wise choices daily to live well. If you seek to support a particular body system using our products, begin with the system closest to the exit. Why? If you try to support the endocrine system but the excretory system isn’t working, where will the waste of the endocrine system go?

WHERE DO I PUT THE OILS? Put them on the desired area. If you don’t know where to

put it, our favorite spots are the bottom of the feet, up the back of the neck just into the hairline, or on the wrists. Use common sense--if you have digestive discomfort, apply over the abdomen. The feet and the hands contain nerve endings and blood vessels that will carry the oils all over the body. It takes 20 seconds for an oil to hit your bloodstream when applied to the skin (SKIN, it’s your largest organ. Everything put on it, goes in it). We recommend the resource books at Life Science Publishers. And you can get those discounted on our website. Ask us for the password.


Whole Body System Supports CARDIOVASCULAR (heart & blood vessels) Oils: Lavender, Cypress, Helichrysum, Ylang Ylang, Marjoram, AromaLife. DIGESTIVE (stomach, intestines, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, & spleen) Oils: Peppermint, DiGize, AromaEase, JuvaCleanse, Juvaflex, GLF, Ocotea. Supplements: Essentialzymes-4, Alkalime, Detoxzymes, Rehemogen, Cleansing Trio. ENDOCRINE (hypothalamus, parathyroid, pituitary, pineal gland, thyroid, thymus, ovaries, uterus, pancreas, adrenals, & testes) Oils: Dragon Time, EndoFlex, Gathering. Supplements: Mineral Essence, Super Cal, Progessence Plus (women) Prostate Health (men), Shutran, Thyromin, Super B, PowerGize. IMMUNE/LYMPHATIC (tonsils, lymph glands, ducts, vessels, nodes, thymus & spleen) Oils: Thieves, Raindrop oils, ImmuPower, Lemongrass, Stress Away. Supplements: Inner Defense, Sulfurzymes, Longevity. Oil Infused: NingXia Red. (NRed, Longevity & Stress Away together) INTEGUMENTARY (skin) Oils: Frank, Lavender, Sandalwood, Geranium, Patchouli, Rose, 3 Wise Men, Myrrh, Purification, Copaiba. Skincare: ART skin care system, Boswellia wrinkle cream, Rose ointment, Animal scents ointment, Claraderm, Lavender bath gel. MUSCULOSKELETAL (muscles, bones, cartilage, & joints) Oils: Basil, Peppermint, Copaiba, Lemongrass, Panaway, Deep Relief. Relieve It, OrthoSport massage oil, Relaxation massage oil. Oil Infused: Cool Azul, NingXia Red. Supplements: AgilEase, Sulfurzymes, Mineral Essence. NERVOUS (brain, spinal chord, nerves, eyes & ears) Oils: Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Frank, Myrrh, Brain Power, Clarity, Helichrysum, Feelings Kit, Reconnect Kit. Supplements: Mineral Essence, MindWise. Oil Infused: NingXia Red. RESPIRATORY (lungs, nose, trachea, & bronchi) Oils: Frankincense, Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint, Copaiba, Thieves, RC, Raven, Breathe Again, Purification. URINARY (kidneys, ureter, bladder, & urethra) Oils: Juniper, Purification, Thieves. Supplements: K&B.

No Worries. We’re Here to Help & Support You :-) 12

7. Acquire Everything You Want Believe


Expect It. Take Action.

This is an Investment in You & Your Family.


could you possibly need every month from YL?

Ummm, seriously? Everything! Think about all the cleaners, soaps, toothpaste, shampoos, lotions, face washes creams, energy drinks, protein shakes, flour, etc. you buy from the grocer, drugstore, mall, and health food shop. Buy these products through ER and you’ll begin to earn product free with points, and you’ll be healthier.


average household

has a dozen cleaners-now you only need


Order Thieves Cleaner on ER every 3 months.

Do you see so many great products that you want to try and know you need, right now!? That’s normal. We’re here to help you do that in the easiest way on your pocket book. Essential Rewards is your ticket. Every time you have a monthly shipment you earn points. The more consecutive months you’re on ER, the greater percentage of points you earn.

Points & Sharing Give You FREE Product. What will you order? If you started with an oil kit, here’s an easy plan, give these other products a try: Month 1. NingXia Kit, Month 2 Thieves Kit Month 3 ART Skin Kit. See detailed plans for all year long with favorites from Snaps’ users in our exclusive, Next Step booklet. If you share YL with two freinds per month and they sign up with a kit, your $100 ER is covered.

This Might Make You Happier Than That Mouflon. 13

8. Know Why We’re Tip-Top There’s


Best, Then There’s All




Healthy & Fit

Personal Care

YL pioneered the use of EOs in supplements in the US, enabling the nutrients to penetrate where needed. Trust us. We don’t use synthetic anything-did you know many vitamins are made with synthetics which can cause harm?4 In 2015, many vitamin brands were pulled from shelves of popular US stores because they were mainly rice paste, containing no herbs or vitamins.5 Quality matters...You get what you pay for.

It’d be great if we weren’t continuously exposed to toxins and our food was grown in nutrient rich soil, but that isn’t the case. So we must supplement wisely, and be aware of where our grains and proteins are sourced. YL’s whey protein is r-BGH free, so it won’t mess with your hormones like most whey. Our Einkorn grain has only 14 chromosomes that your body can actually digest; while modern grain has at least 42.6

Do you know there’s enough fluoride in a tube of toothpaste to kill a young child?7 Yet, most of us keep cleaning our mouths with this poison. Most skincare products contain petrochemicals and synthetics that poison multiple systems in the body. Before breakfast, you can be poisoned umpteen times by modern products. With YL, you don’t have to wonder. Purity is not a slogan for them, it’s a promise.

SNAPS Daily Routine

Morning: Frank & Valor up neck. 8oz water, 1-2d Lemon. FaceWash: OrangeBlossom. Shake: Vanilla Protein. Master Formula Packet. Brush: AromaBright. Mid-Morning: NRed, 2oz Favored oils rubbed on. Lunch: E-4’s, 2d DiGize. Stress Away & Peppermint on shoulders. Mid-Afternoon: NRed & 2 MultiGreens. Evening: E-4’s & DiGize. Night: Mineral Essence Super Cal, Life 9, & Sleep Essence. Warm water w/frank & orange Wash&Moisturize: ART skincare.


9. Don’t Keep A Joy That’s Shared

it to

is a

How easily do you tell someone your thoughts about a recent movie or recommend a restaurant? Sharing YL is just as easy, and they will thank you by sending a check. As long as you have an active account, for each person you refer as a YL member with a premium starter kit, you will receive

$50+ per referral. To have an active YL account, purcahse at least 50PV in the same month you refer a member. And how will YL know to thank you specifically? Easy peasy. Just give your YL member number to anyone you refer to use as their enroller & sponsor. Or make it super easy and follow the simple steps on p.17. We set up all the info for you, even inserting your member number so your friend is linked with you and Snaps!


Joy Made Double.

There are no obligations with YL: no business required...but when you love something and get paid for sharing it, Why not? Interested in what kind of business YL has to offer? Talk with the person who enrolled you, or if they’re not into it, look in your Virtual Office under My Account to find the leaders further above you. Reach out to us. Snaps have resource guides, sharing strategies, and proven methods to take those who want it all the way to the top. It’s a push that’s well worth the effort, and we’re here to support, coach, & cheer you along. Empower yourself financially in a company with a 20+ year track record of excellence who now outpaces Avon and MaryKay, Did we mention that we travel and have lots of FUN? Yes, yes we do. We have perks you’ll love ;-)


Get a FREE Snap website by filling in the short form at Text or email your website to your BF’s.

Call the BF’s, and go through the Everyday Oils, Thieves, or NingXia Red slides on your site. Simply share with them how you use the products.

Have them click Order on your site to get set up with a starter kit. (your member number will automatically be asigned with their order so they get the perks of being with you and with Snaps!)

Once they become a member, add them to our private GingerSnaps group on FB, and welcome them on our monthly welcome note! 16

10. Have Fun! Pursue





When asked: What do you want out of life? So many people respond that they want to be HAPPY. ...How easy it to be happy when you’re sick?...What most folks don’t realize that when they say, “I want to be happy” is that they’re also saying: I want to be healthy. When you are healthy, you can can do the things you want to do. You’ll find fewer obstacles in life, or find that you jump, duck, or wisely navigate around them. Happiness begins to grow and overflow, reaching those around you. Colors become more vibrant, beauty is everywhere, you crave pure, clean water, and you even find yourself humming happy tunes. You begin to LIVE and have FUN. Your perspective broadens and there is a magentic pull towards balancing all areas of your life. Our Snaps group has leaders who LIVE this and whose passion it is to support those who seek this life. We’re here for you with coaching and advice... ready to change your life? We’re about Living Happy, Living Fully, Finding the balance in life among fitness, finance, family, field, faith, friends and FUN. And guess what, we have oils for all of this ;-) This booklet is your start. Join us. with Love, Snaps Leadership


Mixin’ It Up


A Simple Hello Could Lead

to a

Everyday Oils Million Different Things

Many folks enjoy mixing their own oily blends and DIY products. Here are a few recipes to get you started. Always use organic carrier oils and store in glass jars. d = drop. FCO= fractionated coconut oil.

Runny Nose Wreck 15 d lavender 10 d lemon 10 d peppermint 10 d copaiba Add to a 10 ml bottle and fill with V-6 or FCO. Apply over sinuses, behind ears, and on chest.

Get Your Happy On 15 d Frank 7 d lemon 5 d thieves 5 d Peppermint Add to a 10 ml bottle and fill the rest with V-6 or FCO. Apply on heart, over wrists, and up back of neck

Joint Luv Rub 30 d Panaway 30 d Copaiba 20 d peppermint 10 d lemon Whip 1 cup of coconut oil until fluffy. Stir in oils. Apply on joints or desired areas. Can also be refrigerated and used as a cold cream rub.

Lose Your Worries Soak 7 d lavender 7 d stress away 7 d copaiba Add oils to 2 cups of himalayan salts and mix well. Store in glass jar. Apply a small handful to each bath.

Hot Mess Chill 10 d Frank 10 d lemon 10 d Lavender 7 d R.C. 7 d Stress Away Add to a 10 ml bottle and fill with V-6 or FCO. Apply over lungs, wrists, behind ears, and to biceps.

Happy Tush Cream 10 d Lavender 10 d Copaiba 1 tsp zinc oxide (opt.) Whip 1/2 cup of coconut oil until fluffy. Stir in oils. For thicker, creamier mix add 1 to 2 tsp of powdered zinc oxide. Apply at each diaper change.

How many things can a drop or two of lemon change?

olive oil, plain yogurt, cup of warm water, einkorn pancake mix, cream cheese dip, tuna salad, vanilla pure protein shake, salad dressing, and on and on! How many ways will you use lemon oil?


What About My Everyday Needs? Breakout (arghhhh). Frank, Purification and/or thieves soap directly on problem. Orange Blossom facial wash.

Went to the forest and now I’m itchy: peppermint and lavender. Using a base of lavender lotion helps.

Energy-All-Gone: 2 multigreens with 2 oz NRed. Add a Nitro. Diffuse peppermint. Rub Light the Fire on bottom of feet.

Need to Breathe: RC or Breathe Again chest & back. Raven on feet. Multiple times. Switch back & forth every other day.

Ouch, Discomfort: Panaway, Peppermint, Copaiba in that order. Idaho Balsam Fir, Frank & Copaiba.

Stressful Day: Stress Away & Valor over heart & up neck. Tranquil on wrists & solar plexus. Joy over heart.

Food not settling well: DiGize on stomach and dropped in mouth. Lemon oil in water. Alkalime at night.

Need to Focus: Peppermint in water or diffused. Cedarwood & Clarity up the back of the neck and on temples. Nitro.

Weather Change Drips: Frank & Lemon on chest. Diffuse peppermint. Lavender, Lemon, Breathe Again over sinuses.

Restful Sleep Please: Lavender, RutaVaLa from 5ml on bottom of feet. One Sleep Essence.

Prayer & Meditation Sacred Frank, Sacred Mountain, White Angelica, Highest Potential, Hong Kuai. Up the spine and neck.

Peaceful Sleep: Peace&Calming I or II, Lavender, Dream Catcher on bottom of feet. Tranquil up back of neck.


Absolute Necessities So what are the products that we first found ourselves ordering after the starter kit? Here are some must haves that we want you to know about!

Animal Scents Ointment


Boswellia Wrinkle Cream

Don’t let the animal part turn you off. YL doesn’t put anything in their animal products that you wouldn’t put on a human. Great value and best for dry patches of skin. Winter love. Makes for the best sandal feet.

Not like lemon at all. We love it in our NRed to maintain healthy cholesterol levels. We love it in the Joint Luv Rub. Great cleanser.

This isn’t just for wrinkles folks! And a little goes a long way. Most amazing cream we’ve found for clearing up anything gone funky on the skin. We love it after soaking in the sun too!

Deep Relief or Cool Azul



Can’t you feel the good ness from their names? Our muscles love these products. Cool azul is aloe vera gel based, while deep relief is an oil blend. Combine for an iced peppermint pattie experience.

Get it when it’s in stock! We use it all day, everyday as there is never a life event that does not need valor. Wrists, bottom of feet, over heart, up neck. Morning and night.

If you think clearly all day long and stay focused, you don’t need this oil; we, however, needed a little help. Great value. We love it mixed with Frank & Peppermint ,or Frank & Lavender.

Rutavala 5ml

Christmas Spirit

There is a rollon of ruta, but we prefer the strength of the 5ml. Bottom of big toes and feet every night for rockin’ awesome sleep. Pair with Sleep Essence for best rest ever!!

You need it all year round! Great to diffuse. Light up your drinking water, or spike your tea. Love it over thymus for added umphh!

Progessence Plus (her) Shutran (him)


Life-changers. Put the jungle back in the cat! Optimal hormone support that will spice up your life. For her, combine with YlangYlang, HongKuai, IBSpruce. For him, combine with Light the Fire and Highest Potential. ;-)




You don’t have to be an expert to use our products. Because they are concentrated, more is not necessarily better; a drop or two goes a long way! If you have a medical condition, always check with your health-care professional when starting any type of health program. Avoid putting oils in eyes or ears. If an oil gets in the eye, flush with V-6 or an organic fatty oil (hint this will take any sting from a hot oil anywhere or anytime). Note that water will intensify the effect of an oil. If you’re drinking oils in water or tea, always use glass. Oils will breakdown plastic and immediately eat through styrofoam. Citrus oils are photosensitive, so don’t apply these on areas that will see the sun within 24hrs. Terms you’ll hear re application of oils: NEAT: YL follows the French method which does not dilute most essential oils with a carrier oil but applies them directly to the skin. Hot oils like cinnamon bark, clove, oregano, lemongrass, and thyme may be diluted. DILUTED: Oils can be diluted in a carrier oil, which is a fatty oil like V-6 or coconut. Always use an organic cold pressed oil. Dilution works well when applying over a large area like an arm or leg. Always dilute for babies and small children with a ratio of at least 5 to 1 (carrier to essential oil) and apply to their feet.


1. Phillips, M. L. (2006). Obstructing Authority: Does the EPA Have the Power to Ensure Commercial Chemicals Are Safe? Environmental Health Perspectives, 114(12), A706–A709. 2.Merchant, E.F. (2015, April 14). Sean Penn’s documentary says household cleaners are making you sick. The Washingtonian. Retrieved from film/sean-penn-documentary-human-experiment.php 3.Thomas, K. (2014, Jan. 17). The ‘No More Tears’ shampoo, now with no formaldehyde. The New York Times. Retrieved from 4.Kaplan, S. (2015, Feb. 3). GNC, Target, Wal-mart, Walgreens accused of selling adulterated herbals. The Washington Post. Retrieved wp/2015/02/03/gnc-target-wal-mart-walgreens-accused-of-selling-fake-herbals/ 5.Thiel, R. J. (2000, Dec.). Natural vitamins may be superior to synthetic ones. Medical Hypothesis, 55 (6), 461-69. doi:10.1054/mehy.2000.1090 6.Whitford, GM. (1987,). Fluoride in dental products: safety considerations. Journal of Dental Research 66 (55), 1056-60. PMID: 3301934 7.Einkorn Genetics. Retrieved from


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10 Easy Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle  

Get the most from your Young Living membership. Live healthy, happy, and abundant. Become a Snap!

10 Easy Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle  

Get the most from your Young Living membership. Live healthy, happy, and abundant. Become a Snap!