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Architecture Design Stiduo: Air Journal


Case For Innovation

Previous Project During year 1 and year 2 studies in university, I had done several design studio which required us to design a facility in a choosen site such as royal melbourne garden and Herring Island. The pictures shown below are the work on Herring Island.

My name is Yaokai Wang, coming from a island at southeast of China, which is called Xiamen(Amoy). I had heard about the Digital design of architecture and have few interests in it , after I found this computer progress is about to help to create a design or solving the problem which come up during the design program, i choose to trust it as one of my design tool with hand drawing skills on the other hand. Personally, I was not very familiar with using the digital tools when I was designing, however I was pushed to use some of them for example: photoshop, google sketchup, Autocad and so on, and I am perticular like model making additionally I had earn the 4th ranking in a National Model Ship Model Making compitition at 2009 in China. At this moment, studio air has turned my interesting in using Rhino due to its ability in making curve surface which I was thinking to achieve something in this area.

Here is the two architects who i appreciated and influenced my thought of architecture, the ways of designing and the design theory part. Leoh Ming Pei, the Chineses American architect, mu first notice of his project when i was a under 10-year-old boy was the Bank of China Tower(HongKong) and the Louvre Pyramid(Paris). As being a kid i was surprized that a building could help to create a incredible beautiful urban view and influence the people living at the town, but also changing the value of the site after a well designed and built buidling standing there. On the other hand, as i was dreaming about to be a archaeologist however i quit because i was afraid of it, when i saw the glass pyramid in front of the Louvre meseum i was shocking that two different test of the culture in the world had been conbimed perfectly by him, more over, he use steel fram and glass to form the structure with the light shining on it during the

Le Corbusier, his earlier project “Villa Savoye” gave me the idea about living place and “house as a living machine”, and more over, his design priciple of the “five point” suggest me to be a architect with personal training and principle, so that you carry on with your career and redevelop through your life and it would get more mature, like a design system in your own brain. In this particular building, it demonstrate the movement of the floor, from ground to the air, which provide a good view of the owners, as today building the ecological architecture is a popular main theme in architecture aaspect and “villa savoye” had desplayed a early modern living space as the architect - Le Corbusier create the “free plan” so that the space can be variable according to the different use of the room. Addition sum up of my thinking, i prefer the organic building with focusing on “space management” and “ organic system” like all the recycle facilities puting into the one buidling to achieve the target of saving enegy rather than design a very complecated structure of the building just with high tecnique but does not mean anything with “function”, maybe this is not justified enough or maybe i did not explain well but the aiming is “less is more” with another great german architect!

The Bjarke Injels Group (BIG) won an international competition with their design for Kazakhstan’s National Library, a flowing twist of metal and glass. The finished building will be shaped like a Möbius strip. Fom the section and elevation of the library, it can be detected as its the outcome of the computer design process by undertaken the changing of its original geometric shape.

The role of computation in architecture design process As known as the limitation of human’s brain does not work as much efficient as computer does, computer program were introduced to help the designers to solve the multiple achieve problems due to their superb analytical engine characteristics. So, the roles of computation in architecture design process could be concluded as the “problem analysis & solve”. The range of computation located from “Drafting” to “Modeling” systems. In this way, architects can initially make a simple model and see if it is a target that can be achieve, if not, they can easily change the data in the program instead of redo the whole project beacuse it is in the computer system.

Digital technologies are changing architectural practices in ways that few were able to anticipate just a decade ago. In the conceptual realm, computational, digital architectures of topological n non-euclidean geometric space, kinetic and dynamic systems, and genetic algorithms, are supplanting technological architectures.

Zaha Hadid designed a flowing Building in Beijing. From the rendering image of the building it can also simplified as this is designed by the computer program which untaken by lifting the surface in defferent level and slightly change their dimension and then loft the surface. By using the computer, architect save a large amount of time making models and they can change the design as soon as possible due to the superspeed analytical engine,

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