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TABLE OF CONTENTS A Rainbow……. Haiku Hope in Paradise……. Free Verse Poem A Snowman named Billy……. Free Verse Poem Freedom……. Acrostic Poem I Have A Dream……. Found Poem

Statement of Intent—A Rainbow In this poem, I tried to describe how you shouldn't give up on your rights, even if the situation makes it seem like an impossible task. The literary devices that I used were imagery and diction to portray my image. I used these throughout the entire poem to deliver my message. I think that my message is important because it tells people that it takes everybody hard work and experience, whether they are good or bad, in order to achieve their goals.

In this poem, I showed how the end of something could lead to a new beginning. The literary devices that I used in this poem was imagery, and diction, as well as repetition. I used diction and imagery throughout the entire poem, and I used repetition in some areas of the poem like “I ran, ran for my life�, in lines 15 and 19. I think that my message is important because it tells the audience that the end of something doesn’t always end up to be something negative, and that it could mean positivity and hope. The poem is effective at delivering my message because it shows how a hopeless man finds his hope again in heaven.

Hope in Paradise It's a dark and stormy night. My brothers have left They were tied down by chains As they were dragged away Screaming in pain By heartless merchants.

I am still running But I cannot keep up no more. My foot is sore, My legs are sore, My lungs are burning in pain, But most of all My heart is aching.

But there was nothing I could do. I had to watch in sorrow, As my brothers were being beaten. I look around. I had to watch in sorrow, It pains me to look at this blank As my brothers called my name. landscape There is no light But I never turned back; All hope is drained out of my pitied Not once. soul. I had to run. I close my eyes And fall into a deep, deep sleep. I ran, ran for my life Hoping that my fate wouldn't end I see light again up to be As I walk beside God in paradise, That of my young brothers Leaving behind the misery, the pain, and the heartbreaks. I ran, ran for my life And the lost hope returns. Hoping that I could be free Like a young bird with wings

Statement of Intent —A Snowman Named Billy

I wrote a free verse poem to explain my thoughts about how some people take everything for granted, and they are living in a world full of opportunities, but somewhere, there is somebody else, who is living the direct opposite life that you are living, and so you should be thankful for what you have. The literary devices that I used in this poem are imagery, and diction, and I used it throughout the entire poem.

A Snowman Named Billy Pat, pat And a new life begins For the snowman named Billy He can see the world With his new round button eyes. But what he sees ahead is not a happy sight He sees misery, and pain, and greed Locked up into one world. But above all that misery is a flock of birds Soaring above him Above the blue skies Into the freedom that some may never know.

In this poem, I kind of defined the term “freedom� by writing an acrostic poem. It is hard to find literary devices that were used because it is a very short poem. This poem is supposed to show what freedom is, and how available it is to everybody.

FREEDOM Freedom has been dreamed of for many years. Running in the open fields, Even until the sun sets, and the moon comes; Even after then, and the sun comes back up. Dreams however, don’t always come true. Over the past dreams of freedom have been dreamt, but Most remained dreams, not becoming reality.

Statement of Intent—I Have A Dream For my 5th poem, I rote a found poem based on Martin Luther King Jr.’s Speech “I Have A Dream”. I took some of the phrases and put it into a line to make it look like a poem. It describes how people shouldn’t be discriminated by their race, but, they should be judged by their personalities instead. The literary devices that I used in this poem was diction. Diction puts impact on the words, and therefore, helps you understand the poem better.

I Have A Dream I have a dream today That this harsh land Sweltering with the heat of injustice, Sweltering with the heat of oppression, Will transform into an oasis of freedom and justice. I have a dream that one day Every valley shall be exalted, Every hill and mountain Shall be made low And that my children will not be discriminated By the color of their skin, And will be judged By the content of their character. All men are created equal, So let freedom ring, Let us dream and hope for a new beginning!

English Poetry Portfolio  

This is the portfolio that I made for my English class during our unit on "freedom and poetry."

English Poetry Portfolio  

This is the portfolio that I made for my English class during our unit on "freedom and poetry."