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2010 Yizhe Jiang

[FENG SHUI GAME] This game is design to educate people some basic rules of Fengshui. The game mainly based on the interior parts Fengshui, but aslo inculed some traditional Chinese culture.

[FENG SHUI GAME] Yizhe Jiang

Introduction Nowadays, Fengshui was explained as interior design proposes with science way. More and more people start to believe that Fengshui is not superstition, it is conclusion of living experience from ancient Chinese. Fengshui game is design for the people who interesting the interior design of personal living space, and who want to have higher quality of life. My game is design to educate people some basic rules of Fengshui. The game mainly based on the interior parts Fengshui, but also included some traditional Chinese culture.


[FENG SHUI GAME] Yizhe Jiang

Motivation: I want to use a board/card game to introduce Fengshui, one of elite parts of Chinese culture, to the people around the world. I hope that will give people higher quality of life. The next step of my Fengshui game will be free design home space online, and the system will grade player's room and give advices for the room. I think that designing the future looking of players' personal space will be a good way to kill time.


[FENG SHUI GAME] Yizhe Jiang

Rules of play: This game is mainly a card game and be played within a big broad of a house, included the information of interior, location, placement and nature environment. All furniture of the house can be moved to answer the question. 1 Each player picks one cards one term. There are three kinds of cards, S(special) cards, Q(question) cards and Action cards. 2 When players pick all cards, the game ends. The player gained highest points win the game. For S cards, Players can keep it in hand, and use it once. Player who picked S card couldn't show the card, until he/she uses it. For Q cards, Players need to answer questions which are printed on question cards. On the back of cards, it has answers. When the player correct answers the question, they get points. If player can explain the question clear in Fengshui way, they may get extra


[FENG SHUI GAME] Yizhe Jiang

points. For Action cards, players need to add some furniture/items in to the board. If players place the item in a correct place they will get points. The points are depended on the difficulty of the questions and how many parts have correct answered. If players can explain further, they may get extra points from the same question/ action.

The Design Process:

Rough idea


[FENG SHUI GAME] Yizhe Jiang

Cards/Questions Set up


[FENG SHUI GAME] Yizhe Jiang

Rough Visual style


[FENG SHUI GAME] Yizhe Jiang

Final Assets


[FENG SHUI GAME] Yizhe Jiang

Final Layout

Board Design


[FENG SHUI GAME] Yizhe Jiang

Further idea:

1 The game may have four level of interior design in different rooms of a entire house. The first level is beginning, only include living room. The final level is including the whole environment of the house. 2 More action, more special events card, and more question. Most questions will be choices or multiple choices. Rules will change to: Every action card has one basic element (from five Chinese basic elements) for it. When one player gets 5 action cards, he/she can end game. Players’ final score is the points he/she get multiply a ratio depending on the composing of player’s action card. Like if the player has 5 different basic elements for each action, his score will be his points multiply 10. If the player has 2 different basic elements for all action cards he get, his score will be his points multiply 3.


Fengshui game  

My first step to design a Fengshui game.