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Š2012 by Yi Zhou All right reserved Rhode Island School of Design Yi Zhou Portfolio 401-743-6774




+ Providence Internatioanl Center & Hostel + W Incubator + National OZ Museum + Exhibiton Design + QIngshanhu Financial Center + Boston Mirco-mobility Core + Artists Workshop Design + Bookstore Design + House Design + Women Shelter Furniture Design + Wood Making - Ting + Hand Drawing & Watercolor


W Incubator

Woonsocket, RI,USA | 2011.fall

Front View Knotting is a method to secure or fasten material by tying or interweaving1. During knotting, strands go though a certain path to form a bond. Before the invention of writing, ancient people in China, India and Peru used knots for record keeping. Even today, some cultures still use knots to commemorate events.2 The adaptive reuse of buildings is like a knot in time, the mark of a moment between a building’s past and future. This thesis proposes to knot different threads together: the oldest industrial building in Providence, the needs of the international student and the development of old Providence. The number of international students has gradually increased in recent years. These people who move to an unfamiliar socio-cultural setting reqtuire a person to adapt to a multitude of parameters reaching from the comprehension of language, conventions, and customs to the perception of social patterns and cues, resulting in the modification and often transformation of personal traits. My program is an international center and hostel, which is place where all of these elements are tied together, like a knot, supporting international students to adjust to new environments and continue their new life. The knot is not only metaphorical, but finds expression throughout the architecture of the international center and hostel. The staircase in the building is the knot connecting different levels and different areas, creating flexible and linkable space. There will be many connected public to gather and communication. This project will be a new infrastructure in Providence, enriching Providence’s culture scene and vitality. 1 2


Site College surrounded

Hotels surrounded

Rhode Island school of Design Brown University Johnson and Wales University

Transportation surrounded

Store surrounded


Diagrams Human’s Life

old place past life

Moving adapting

new place new life

Building’s Life past time old use

time adapting

new age new use

Design Concept

Knotting / connection. path. time

There are 3 buildings linked together on this site

The middle building links the other two Stairs are the Knotting place linked dofferent space in interior space. make this space as the main entance,lobby and main circulation of the three


Back View


Class Room

Multi-fuction Room

Cafe Lobby

Hostel rooms Restaurant

Sharing Space

Living units

1st Floor Plan 2nd Floor Plan

Hostel rooms

Living units

Hostel rooms Living units

Sharing Space

3rd Floor Plan

4th Floor Plan


Back View

Section 10

Living unit

Living unit design

Corridor 11

W Incubator

Woonsocket, RI,USA | 2011.fall

Outside View This is adaptive reuse design for an old building on 4 South Main Street, Woonsocket. In my design, this building will become a textile & fashion design incubator. Why in Woonsocket?

What is Textile & fashion incubator?

It will offer • Exhibition space for textile designer • Gift shop • Workshop (machine) • Material library • Design studio • Communication space for business • Communication space for public

• • •


Woonsocket was a prime location for textile mills in the past. Here still has large amount of textile mills. It locates near New york State and Massachusetts which is the center for fashion design. The rent in Woonsocket is lower than that in Providence, which means it could have larger space. Rhode Island School of Design and Brown University will offer some tech & design supports.


Existed outside

Existed inside


Design Concept Inspiration from the basic character of textile

Characters of Textile -Joint Point

Characters of Textile-Weaving lines

Characters of Textile - Hollow Space between Lines


Outside View

Taking advantage of the slope outside, in the new design, there is a roof garden outside of the ground floor.

Walking Route in this building


to space

Roof & Space

The original interior space is dark and a lot of windows are blocked. Making hollow in both the roof and the 2nd Floor helps the sunshine to go though the whole building.

View From Roof

Light Analysis in this Building


to space

Share Space

Meeting room Print room Bookshelf & sofa

2nd Floor Top floor offers individual design space, though each room havs different shape & size, they are large enough as a design work space for small samples. And the join space showed in this photo is a discussing space.

Roof Garden Office Textile Studio


Meeting Room

Basement Floor Plan


Shop & Exhibition Area

Communication Space

Ground Floor Plan

The basement in this building is a workshop, it will set large numbers of big machine which could be shared both textile and fashion design. Also, it will have some discussing space. The ground is a gallery and retailer help designers to show their works and sell them to public. The mezzanine is connection place in the whole space so I set it as a cafĂŠ, which is open to both publics and stuffs.


1st Floor

Print Room Studio Cafe

Studio Studio Meeting Room

Mezzanine Plan

Bookshelf & Sofa

2nd Floor Plan


National OZ Museum Maine,USA | 2012.spring

This is a museum design for the famous American children’s novel, the Wonderful Wizard of OZ written by Frank. Baum. The clients have the largest amounts of collections of the OZ story and He is planning to build a museum to show part of his private collections. The site is located in the forest in Maine, USA. Due to the weather in Maine the museum will be closed in winter and only the cinema will be open in some days. My design concept is from the main idea of the original story ”there is no place like home”. In the story, the girl named Dorothy did a dream in her room and had a wonderful tour in the OZ and at last she realized that home is the best place in the world and she does her best to find the way back


home.The design is based on the original story and the 1939 Wizard of OZ film. Visitors will experience the whole story by going though different exhibition rooms and also enjoy the nice view in Maine. According to the story the interior exhibition tour will begin and end in Dorothy’s room.

The Photo up shows the entrance of the museum,which is considered as the hometown of the Dorothy, Kansas.



Plan 9










1 Lobby 2 Locker 3 Restroom 4 Cinema 5 Dorothy’s Room 6 Exhibition Room 7 Reading Room

8 Poster Room 9 Temporary Exhibition Room 10 Cafe 11 Restroom 12Dorothy’s Room 13 Storage Room



Exterior Elevation


The cinema next to the lobby will play a short introduction video to the visitors. Aslo it will play the OZ movie in centain time a day.It could contains more than 30 people.

This room is the real start of the museum.In this room visitors will experience the tornado the wind and the sound which Dorthy did in the story.

This is the room link the Kansas area and the OZ.After the 1 min tornado experience,the sunlight will come up and the the door to the OZ will open and welcome to the colorful OZ land. 20

In my design the frst show room is decorated as the Monchiky land as it is in the story.The whole space is blue color and the showcases looks like mushvroom which is the similar house shape in Monchiky land.Following the yellow brick road,at each round corner of the road, visitors will meet different characters and the objects about them such as posters and toys, also dresses in the film.

This part indicates the Poppy field in the story which all of them falling sleep .So here there is a red sofa that vistors could take a rest. 21

This room is located in the center of the house as the Emerald City in OZ ,which the whole space is green.There is a huge book shelf shows all different vertions of the OZ books. and also the visitor could sit down and read some digital books in the middle of the room.


This is the poster room.People could take a rest and see the old posters of the story.

The cafe ,Vistors could sit down and enjoy the beauty scene of the forest of Maine by the big Window.

This is the end of the musuem tour. It is a similar Dorth’s bedroom as the one near the cinema, but it looks more bright and hinted at the end of the story ,Dorth is waking up in her bedroom.


Exhibtion Design Providence,RI,USA | 2012.spring

To investigate issues and ideas that concern museums as they develop increasingly sophisticated stratagems for engagement with thecommunities they serve. In some cases these communities may bevery local, and in others, the primary audience consists of urbane international visitors whose travel itinerary will always include visits to the world’s greatest museums. In such cases, orthodox text-based captions of objects on display often do not properly communicate essential aspects, and as the expectations of museum visitors increase exponentially relative to their everyday engagement with the digital world, designers, museum educators and curators are becoming ever more resourceful as they compose and choreograph narrative environments. This design is based on the topic “Gravity“.I I designed the showcases inspired from the floating mountains of Pandora Planet. The whole space is dark and simple, only lighting point in the space are the showing objects, so visitors can forcus on them.


Topic of the exhibition - Gravity •

Gravity on your body

Defying Gravity

Gravity on the body

Effects of Gravity

Hanging onto gravity

Zero Gravity

Hanging on the gravity

Design Concepts •

What is Gravity?

What is the Gravity of Earth?

How to feel the existing of Gravity?

How can we feel the Gravity visually ?

Plan & Section


Qingshanhu Financial Centre

Hangzhou, Zhejiang,China| 2011.spring

This building was Qingshanhu Hotel. Now it will be designed as a financial center which include bank training, small hotel with restaurant and leisure center for bank staffs. The building locates near the Qingshan Lake and around it there are a lot of small mountains. So in my design I am focus on how to combine the nature beauty with artificial interior. Trees with the sunlight play a nature character in my space. The green color of the trees,the white walls, the sunshine and the shadows show a pure and human-nature harmony space. 26

Entrance The entrance space arranges in a simple way, the trees in the center of the space, give us a pure and fresh feeling. The birdcage lights make the space more vigor. It seems like you can hear the singing of birds. And we will wonder if we were in the forest.

Site N

Qingshan Lake, Hangzhou,China

Design Concept intro the nature in to the interior space

the building is surounded by trees

move the trees into the interior, feeling the nature in interior space. 27

Bank Training Space In this space trees go through the 2 floors. Glass and still structure took the place of the original roof so that sun light can come though to the 2nd floor. In 2nd floor this part is a bank training space which mimic a real bank office center. And in the 3rd floor there are some big meeting rooms. the sunlight and the hollow space enforce the communicaion between two floors.


Spa Room This room is used for spa which normally light is not bright. Continue the main concept of the whole design, I make an wood net looks like a tree fot it .Then it become darkerand much sensitive.

Corridor in room area This space mimics the night onthe pathway in the forest. Each room has its door light guiding the guest to find their room.



1st Floor Plan

Bank Training Restaurant Hotel working Area Transport Area


Bedroom type1

2nd Floor Plan

Bank Training Restaurant Hotel working Area Transport Area Hotel Bedroom

Bedroom type2

3rd Floor Plan

Hotel meetingroom & Relax Zone Hotel working Area Transport Area Hotel Bedroom

4th Floor Plan

Hotel working Area Transport Area Hotel Bedroom


Cambridge Micro-mobility Core

40 Thorndike Street. Cambridge MA. US | 2012.fall

the street level - hubway center People can pick up a bike to ride around the city.Also they can ride up to higher level of the building by a huge ramp surround the inside of the building.

The building is a 22-story high-rise with 3-story basement, which was used to be a jail. From the lower level to upper level there are courts and Jail units. This building has gross square footage of about 95900 square feet and close proximity to public transportation. And because of the old special use there are many stairs and elevators in the building. Now a day our life in cities cannot live without of the micro-mobility. Cambridge is a creative city in high-tech based on MIT and Harvard. The city car invited by MIT car lab is trying to solve the traffic problem in city and make the city life more flexible.About this building, it will be a Micro-mobility


Hybrid building. In this building there will have the new micro-mobility lab and exhibition, micro-mobility parking, dwelling with micro-mobility, micro-mobility transportation and micro-mobility business company and also micro-mobility playground. Citizens can come to this building and experience the new micro-mobility life.

Exsiting pulic mirco-transportation system in Boston





duck tour

Program Concept

Student + Researchers+ Designers

Public + City What kind of design will be here?

cooperate with

apply to

Boston Provides different mirco-mobility equipment Boston designs mirco-mobility life mirco-mobility is in our city life Here is the core of mircro mobility,design/exhibit/experence and live with mirco-mobilities.

to produce


New mirco-mobilities


Program Diagram

BUSINESS ON MICRO-MOBILITY office meeting room kitchren car lab car testing room car aid design restroom print room labrary

STUDY ON MICRO-MOBILITY reception desk restroom exhibition room garden

PLAY WITH MICRO-MOBILITY skating playground garden

LIVE WITH MICRO-MOBILITY livingroom restroom kitchen dining room car parking laundry reception desk residence office mail room studyroom Walk-in Closet

MICRO-MOBILITY PARKING MICRO-MOBILITY TRANSPORTATION bike segway car beauty store bike repair store zip-car reception desk bike-rent reception desk


car parking zip-car parking

MICRO-MOBILITY PARKING hybrid-car charge parking parking

Section 35

Artists’ Workshop

Hangzhou, ZheJang,China | 2008.fall

Surrounding photos Continuing former design style, the pure of the white color is still the high point of my design. This is an artist community, including the workshop, living area, exhibit area of the artist and sales area of the artwork. The design locates near the River Lane Street, Hangzhou. White color make these buildings existing unique and harmonious. Cubical complex, windows of different sizes, light and shadow in these rooms, buildings describe a simple beauty.


Roof Plan

3rd Floor Plan

1st Floor Plan

2nd Floor Plan

Residence 1

Residence 2


Interior Space This shows the studioresidence type. The first and sencond floor are two working studio for two artists(designers) and the top floor is the living area. And both people share the roof area.



Book Store Design Any location | 2010.spring

What is it?


This is a three-dimensional design of 10M*10M*10M and I set the spatial function of it as Bookstore Reading Space. There is no territorial restriction on this design, so it could be applied in the center of a dense forest or the busy streets. Recently, people’s time spent on reading becomes less and less at a vast scale, but my design could get down to reading in a pure space with is far from uproariousness. In this design, the bookshelf is the only component, which exerts its functions of strength bearing; decoration and the collection of books, making the people inside enjoy the happiness brought the surrounding of books. In the center of the space, there is a little lawn for people to sit in and enjoy their reading.




Design Concept

+ Stairs


Space & Form




+ Stairs



Design Process

step 1

not long enough

step 2

the initial design is planned in the hope that people cold sit in the lawn surrounded by the white bookshelf as well as books,receive the baptiam of the sunshine and have a tastw of the joy of reading.

large part of the space will be wasted.

step 3 the sunshine comes through the Panthenon makes it a sacred place .I want to use the same design to create a palace of book.Also,this design use the whole space more effience.

If do this ,the below area will not have the sunshine.

Additionally,The exterior wall will be glass bricks.The glottering and translucent wall would make the bookshelf inside appear indistinclt and the functions of the design could be known from its appearance.With the light penetrating through the translucent wall,the space would take up an additional softness.



Floor Plan



1.Lobby 2.Cafe 4.Restroom 5.Reading area






House Design

Hangzhou, ZheJang,China | 2008.fall

This design locates at the side of the hill in the suburbs of Hangzhou. Inside the field is there a flowing brook surrounded with dense thicket of trees. On the north building leans against the hill, the building is a villa with traditional inside courtyard. This is my first design which in the script of my own dream house. The white wall and green trees contrast finely with each other. Interior design makes the color natural wood and white as its main hue, refresh and natural. The space layout of the house is divided into public area and private area with its functions. Atrium uses large area glass to make inside plenty of sunshine. As living in modern metropolis, we need a peaceful home to close to nature. That is the main idea of this design.


Design Process

no sunshine

sunshine surround inside house

This is the traditional Chiese house type.The yard in this type is always full of the sunshine and people in a big family are sitting in the yard and talking and working together.That is the reason I do this U shape for this design to share the sunshine in every part of the house

Private semi-Public Public

Floor Plan











A Living Room B Dining Room C Kitchen D Guest Room E Entrance


F Restroom G Tea Room H Study I Bedroom J Bedroom


At the same time,the yard helps to divide the public(living room),semipublic(study),and private space(bedroom) in the house.

Section 1

Section 2

Section 3

Section 4

Section 5


Living Room




Women’s Shelter Furniture Design Woonsocket, RI,USA | 2011.fall

This is a team work I did in Risd.This is a design for a women’s shelter in RI,which provide a temprory home for single mothers and their children.Our goal is to create a piece that lightens up the atmosphere of the space. We tried to create something happy and fun for the single mum that can loosen her stress from the day. The piece we create contains built in game board, which allow the children to play in the room while the mother can be supervising her children while still can do what she needs to do in the room. To create air flows in the room, yet still be able to keep privacy while the door is open. The screen will also helps to block some of the odor from the kitchen and the bathroom. 45

Visual Bedroom 1

From the “Visual“&”C irculation”anlysis,each bedroom has privateness problem when the room door are open.


Circulation Bathroom

Bedroom 1


Bedroom 2

Kitchen & Diningroom

Bedroom 2

Kitchen & Diningroom

Bedroom 3


Bedroom 3


Bedroom 4


Bedroom 4


Installed Photo

view from inside the room

view from outside the room

closed view

open view

open view 47


a wood work without glue and nail | 2009.fall

彳亍亭記 行遊靈山流水間似游走于山水畫卷之上,隨處乃天然混成之佳作。雲繞山間,氤氳視 野,青山秀麗,瀑布千尺。山勢回環,道路彎轉,吾亭坐落於青山間飛瀑旁,形呈三 角,輕盈巧致。于山間,不突兀,不張揚,其真諦在乎淡泊寧靜,上善在心。春日遲 遲,卉木萋萋,山間小亭別有禪韻。亭取名曰“彳亍”。“彳亍”字形間,如吾亭之 易形。亭者,停也。“彳亍”者亦停亦走,逗留之意也。坐亭間,樹影婆娑,泉水之 氣繚繞,聞花香鳥語,聽水聲潺潺,觀石之奇異,閱文心情,煞是怯意。山環水繞, 水抱山流,回望此亭,亦如盈盈星,嵌山腰,平添幾分隱逸滋味。想文人雅客,遊玩 山間,踩踏聽步至此亭,飲酒作詩,說文對聯,文韻頓生。歐陽醉翁,東坡放鶴,而 尋春不得偶然所得之止止亭,不以華麗勝,不以名引人,卻引得無盡回味。醉翁之意 不在酒,在乎山水之間也。山水之樂,遊玩之樂,感人生之樂哉!

Floor Plan 48





Roof Plan 49

HAND DRAWING Hangzhou, ZheJang,China | 2008.fall




Hangzhou, ZheJang,China | 2009.spring



Yi Zhou | 401.743.6774



Yi Zhou portfolio  

interior architecture Mdes from Rhode Island School of Design

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