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N°1 “GABINO BARREDA” Teacher: María Elena Delgado

Student: Cruz Cruz Giselle Alejandra

Group: 509

2013 – 2014 2

CONTENT Introduction................................................. 4-5 Learning Reflection...................................... 6 UNIT 1: Profile.............................................7-8 UNIT 2: My favorite restaurant ….................9-10 UNIT 3: Romeo & Juliet…………………...…....11-12 UNIT 4: Email..............................................13-15 UNIT 5: Volunteers……................................16-17 UNIT 6: Science & Technology…………………18-19 UNIT 6.1: Science & Technology………………20-21 UNIT 7: Time & Money…………………...………22-23 UNIT 7.1: Money & Time………………………...24-25 UNIT 8: Home & Away…………………………….26-28 UNIT 8.1: Home & Away...……………………….29-31 Conclusions………………………………………….32


INTRDUCTION This a collection of compositions that created during this school year 2013 - 2014. I have studied and learned with my teacher Ma. Elena Delgado, and the evidence is this work. So, I have written eleven compositions of different topics. In the first composition, I described a friend who is very special and intelligent to me.

In the second composition, I described to my favorite restaurant, located in the beautiful port of Acapulco. In the third composition, I talked about my favorite book, the dramatic work of ROMEO & JULIET, a beautiful love story. In the fourth composition, I wrote an email to a coworker, with a possible plan of activities for a day that would have a major conference.


The fifth composition I wrote an email to replica an ad for potential volunteers to help in a sporting event. In the sixth composition I wrote about disadvantages and advantages of cell phone. The seventh composition is about the abortion with their advantages and disadvantages. The composition number eight, I wrote about: How spend your time? In the composition ninth, I wrote about: The love of money is the root of all evil. The composition tenth is about the tourist attractions of Hidalgo. And finally the composition eleventh is about my city: Mexico and their tourist attractions.


LEARNING REFLECTION I have learned how to describe a friend and I have also described my country and what we eat. Writing helps me practice English he to learn the vocabulary grammar and how to communicate in writing. I learned a lot with these eleven compositions because they were of different subjects addition to enjoy them even though I was a bit complicate. The practice makes perfect and I think that in this way we learn faster. I hope you enjoy of this work.


UNIT 1: PROFILE Name: Luisa Zarate Aldava Job title/ Subject: Student Work/ Studies: High School Interests/ Free time: Luisa is a high school student who was born and raised in Mexico City. Being one of the best students in her classroom, winning a Tae Kwon Do competition and being considered as a good daughter are the most important topics in her life. Also, she works hard in school to reach her goal: “becoming a psychologist�.

In her free time, she likes to go to the cinema, listen to music and read oriental literature.


She is my friend of the secondary school. C:

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UNIT 2: MY FOVORITE RESTAURANT “The Flower� The flower is a very good restaurant because: They serve a variety of dishes. The menu includes typical food of the region and you can choose how to make your dish. They use fresh and healthy ingredients for their food. The price is fair, not very expensive and the food is so tasty. The flower is a restaurant in Acapulco. That is my favorite restaurant.


The Flower

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UNIT 3: MY FAVORITE BOOK Romeo & Juliet The book tells the story of two lovers; they meet in a party of masks. The mains characters are Romeo and Juliet. They fall in love and have to fight for their love because their families are rivals. The novel is set in Verona City, Italy. Romeo and Juliet marry hiding from their parents but Juliet’s father forces her to marry Paris (another handsome young man who Juliet does not love). Juliet devices a plan to be happy with Romeo but‌ This passionate love story is fantastic because it shows us what you can do for love.



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UNIT 4: EMAIL Hello…¡¡ Dear Yazmin. I am writing to tell you that I hope to get to airport at ten o’clock a.m. I plan to take a taxi to the hotel, leave my things and take a shower. I have some questions: . - Where do I take taxis? .- Could you give me information about my hotel? I would like you to accompany me to go get some breakfast and it then go to the conference. Do you like my idea? I hope that our conference will end soon and you can take me to meet your beautiful country, United States of America. Many greetings and best wishes for you. 13

I hope to get your answer.

Hi...¡¡ Dear Giselle. Thanks for writing. I hope to get you at the airport but if I can’t go, the taxis are just outside and the price is 20 dollars. The reservation of your hotel is ready, go to Best Western McCarran Inn. Itis near of the airport. The reservation is under your name. 14

While you register in the hotel, I’ll finish my plans. I’ll take you to breakfast to my favorite restaurant. After, we will go to the conference. Nothing would give me more pleasure than to show you my country. This is my phone number 5-5-2-7-7-5-9-1-7-0 to contact me. See you next week.

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UNIT 5: Volunteers Dear George Ellis. I'm getting in touch about your advertisement for volunteers at the sporting event. I'm very interested in participating in this sporting event as a volunteer. I love all sports especially football. I have excellent English skills, my native language is Spanish and I know some of French and Italian. I'd like to help and I enjoy meeting people. I'm nineteen years old, I'm a student and I have holidays in July so I want to spend my time on something good. I have some experience because I've worked as a tour guide and some summer courses for children. I would be grateful if you could send me more information about of this sporting event. 16

Yours, Giselle Cruz

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UNIT 6 Science & Technology Cell phones have become in recent years one of the most used technologies by millions of people around the world. They have become an essential part of daily activities. Communication is the best advantage of a mobile phone. Another advantage is being able to communicate by voice, text and image regardless of the distance. Also it can be used to give warnings or alarms for emergency situations. Disadvantages include dangerous driving, while talking and being a slave to the wireless communication device. Some negative effects by the excessive use of mobile phone are: male infertility, the effect of microwave 18

radiation on the brain and irregular sleep in preadolescents and adolescents. Finally I can say that cell phones have great advantages and disadvantages. It is a tool that helps us and makes our live easy but we must know how to use it.

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UNIT 6.1: Science & Technology. The Abortion First, abortion is the act of interrupting or prematurely terminating pregnancy. Abortion is a topic debated between whether it is good or bad. An advantage is that, abortion reduces unwanted children, malformed babies, unwed mothers, teenage mothers and abandoned children. Some disadvantages are for example the fact that a girl could have incomplete abortions, infections, bleeding, toxic, intoxications by substances used to include abortion, infertility, psychological traumas. Some women may have feelings or guilt, sadness, and sense of loss, rejection of sex after an abortion and even death of the mother.


Finally, I think that abortion is not bad or good, it depends on the situation and circumstances.

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UNIT 7: Time & Money I think that now we’ve more time because the technology makes our lives easier, communication, transportation and many other things have improved. We save time thanks to technological advances. The problem of having so much free time, is that people waste this time in front of the television, video games and automobile traffic increases each day in the city. My opinion is that we should spend our time on productive things like reading, practicing a sport and other things.


Spending time with the family is the most beautiful thing that can exist.

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UNIT 7.1: Time & Money The love of money is the root of all evil. I agree with this statement because money is not everything in life. Some people waste money and others spend money on things that do not last all life, others save money confusing money with happiness. Money is not everything, because we can be happy without it, well really I think that money in our lives is good to meet our needs, but loving it as such it just could damage our lives and confuse what is happiness with pleasure.


I think it’s good to have money, to know how to spend and save it, but we must never love it.

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UNIT 8 “Home & Away” (HIDALGO) Dear Karen: I know you will travel to Hidalgo the upcoming holidays and I want to give you some tips to make your stay enjoyable. The past holidays I went to Hidalgo and it is a very beautiful place, a large town. This city has several tourist attractions; you can find historical museums, fun places to bathe and elsewhere.

I think you should visit THE GEYSER because it’s a pretty lively and relaxing.


Opposite the church is THE TORREĂ“N, a place to meet people.

In the north of this city you can find very beautiful rivers. There are very few stores so you have to carry everything you need, good food shops, so do not worry. 27

The traditions and customs in this city are very nice. For my part is all, I hope you enjoy your stay in this beautiful place. Kisses :* Giselle.

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UNIT 8 “HOME & AWAY” My City Hello Aranzazú…¡¡ How are you? I hope you’re well. I’m too happy because you will come to visit this beautiful city. Let me tell you that Mexico City is a very small town, but quite lively. There are a lot of tourist places you can visit during your stay. The Zocalo is a historical place and it is located in the city center.


There are lots of shops of all kinds, like food, clothing and others. You must visit SIX FLAGS; it is a big amusement park.

In Chapultepec, you can visit the Chapultepec fair, THE ZOO (one of my favorite places because I love animals). You must visit CU, the favorite place of the UNAM students, created in XX century.


That’s all I can say. Kisses Giselle.

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CONCLUSIONS This work concludes my school year. I learned everything from grammar and vocabulary to use new technologies. I hope this work has been to his liking.



My compositions  

Is a collection of works.

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