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2007 CLUB MARGOT begins an idea of Geurt Bijnen and Yiyi de la Mota

The first lessons in De Oude Harmoniezal

In the manner of a vaudeville, cafe-concert, cabaret, couplet, a dreamlike space : The Dance The poetic configuration that beguiles visitors within our dance circle

Summertime at the shore in to the Maastrichtsche Watersport Club Tango-classes and practices occurred

Giorgio Rubino incorporates his great collection of tangos as dj El Cocodrilo A place opens its door to the tango: Cafe Forum

2008 CLUB MARGOT, altogether to Astrid Hendriks, Akkie Brack-Sewalt, Esther van Deurssen

dancenigth with concerts, bread and olives, the place : AINSI in association with María José Ortíz

A morphogenetic energy that reconciles the stormy passions A ritual of dreams that turns each dancer into the main protagonist

A new group of tangueros begins De teachers : Lex Wedemeijer and Yiyi

Giorgio Rubino organizes a cours of tango milonguero with Luc Swartenbroekx and Yiyi The place : L’An Vert Liége

The dance that was born in the Rio de la Plata is the Tango Buenos Aires has lead me to dance in salons and clubs of the neighborhood This is what I want to convey The secret of it’s mystery : the meeting, the union, the toegethernes ... the surrender Yiyi

Dedicated to Astrid Hendriks, Akkie Brak, Esther van Deurssen, Geurt Bijnen, Giorgio Rubino, Lex Wedemeijer, Luc Zwartenbroekx, Ralph Franssen, Perla, María José ortíz Ruud Beerens, Ton Soons, Robert Put, Johan von Pickartz, Carla cox, Frans Hermans, and all the lovers of the art


Historia de una petite escuela de tango en un petite dorp, Maastricht.


Historia de una petite escuela de tango en un petite dorp, Maastricht.