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El Fundador de USANA, Dr. Myron Wentz recibe el premio Albert Einstein El Dr. Myron Wentz, fundador de USANA fue honrado el 25 de Junio con el premio Albert Einstein por logro sobresaliente en las ciencias de la vida. El premio Albert Einstein, otorgado por Global Capital Associates, reconoce a líderes cuya visión y compromiso han contribuído al desarrollo crítico de tecnología para salvar y mejorar vidas en beneficio de la humanidad. El Dr. Wentz recibió el premio en reconocimiento de sus contribuciones a la ciencia nutricional, así como sus diversos esfuerzos humanitarios. “Con humildad me honra recibir un premio que lleva el nombre de Albert Einstein,” dijo el Dr. Wentz. "Como un extraordinario científico y dedicado humanista, el sirve como una inspiración para el trabajo de mi vida, ayudando a la gente a vivir vidas más saludables a través de la ciencia nutricional.” La familia USANA desea felicitar al Dr. Wentz por este bien merecido honor.


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18th International Networking and Gala Awards Mission to Israel and Jordan — June 24-June 28, 2007 By-invitation-only four-day international business gathering. Under the auspices of Doheny Global Capital, Global Capital Associates and Start Up Jerusalem.

Mission: The goals of this exclusive international business development opportunity are: z


To promote strategic partnerships and joint ventures in: { Homeland Security { Gas and Oil { Bio-Tech { Financial Services To recognize international statesmen, business leaders and philanthropists for their outstanding accomplishments in making the world a better place.

Join these world leaders on this once in a lifetime international networking trip to Israel: z z z z z z z

Chairman of The Ashcroft Group LLC and former US Attorney General John Ashcroft Former Presidential Envoy to Iraq Ambassador L. Paul Bremer, III U.S. FDA Commissioner Andrew von Eschenbach Former Assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Protection in the Department of Homeland Security Robert Liscouski Former U.S. Interior Secretary Gale Norton Governor of Texas Rick Perry Former U.S. Treasury Secretary John Snow

Who will attend: An elite cadre of 50 executives in homeland security, gas and oil, biotech, finance and technology.

Cost: $18,500 per person - includes all meals, transfers, touring, hotel accommodations, and VIP customs and transfer upon arrival and for departure; airfare not included.

Mission Highlights: During this unforgettable mission, you will touch history and encounter the future. This once-in-a-lifetime experience -- not to be missed -- will include: z

z z

z z

Exclusive meetings with Israel’s Prime Minister Ehud Olmert; former Prime Minister and current Likud Head Binyamin Netanyahu; former Prime Minister and Nobel Laureate Shimon Peres; and, Internal Security Minister and former head of the Shin Bet Avi Dichter, among others.* Royal audience with Jordan’s King Abdullah in his Amman palace.* Awesome tours of Israel and Jordan, featuring: { A soaring helicopter trip to Masada; { An exquisite tour of Petra, one of the wonders of the world; { A breathtaking sunset cruise on the Red Sea; and { A compelling evening program set in the stunning natural beauty of the Negev Desert. Exciting parallel excursions for family members to exotic and meaningful locations. An Awards Ceremony against the backdrop of the Southern Temple Wall excavations in Jerusalem where Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has been invited to present and personally congratulate the outstanding statesmen and industry pace-setters with the King David Award, the Albert Einstein Award, and the Theodor Herzl Award.



Global Capital Associates

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18th International Networking and Gala Awards Mission to Israel and Jordan — June 24-June 28, 2007 King David Award King David was a complex figure, a seminal Biblical hero whose actions and words continue to touch us today. He was a shepherd, a warrior, a poet whose Psalms are filled with the yearning for peace, and a brilliant leader with a strategic approach to statecraft. In the award that bears his name, we capture the concept that a single, dedicated person can change the world. Ambassador L. Paul Bremer, III Former Presidential Envoy to Iraq

Dr. Andrew von Eschenbach Commissioner of the U.S. Food & Drug Administration

Friend of Zion Award The Friend of Zion Award is our opportunity to say thank you to leaders who have played key roles in promoting the close alliance between America and the Jewish state. Gale Norton Former U.S. Secretary of the Interior

Governor Rick Perry Governor of Texas

Albert Einstein Award “Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom.” - Albert Einstein The Albert Einstein Award for Outstanding Achievement salutes path-breaking leaders whose vision and commitment have contributed to the critical advancement of vital life-saving and life-enhancing technology to the benefit of mankind. James Kimsey Chairman, Kimsey Foundation and Chairman Emeritus, AOL

Henry Nordhoff CEO and President, Gen-Probe

Dr. Una Ryan Chief Executive Officer, AVANT Immunotherapeutics, Inc.

Dr. Myron Wentz Founder and Chairman, Usana


Global Capital Associates

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Theodor Herzl Award "If you will it, it is no dream," a paraphrase of the Jewish Sages who said, "Nothing can stand in the way of what you want – where there's a will there's a way." This was the byword of Theodor Herzl who did everything he could to achieve his goal of a Jewish state, lobbying and negotiating with every great power in Europe, meeting the great Jewish philanthropists of his day, and perhaps most difficult of all, organizing the Jews for four Zionist Congresses — all by the time of his death at 44. His visionary qualities serve as the foundation for the awards bearing his name, we present to individuals remarkable for their strength of will and commitment to realizing their dreams. Michael Gooch Chairman and CEO, GFI Group

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El premio Albert Einstein, otorgado por Global Capital Associates, reconoce a líderes cuya visión y compromiso han contribuído al desarrollo...