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Content Project 1: iiidol

Project 3:A spoon

Project 2: Unvalued ginger

Project 4: Regenerate

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Visual design for simulation exhibition

Project 5: Time for Pills Graphic design

Project 1: iiidol Experimental design

The program "Produce 101" from South Korea set off a new enthusiasm in East Asia. Especially since 2018, the special idol culture imitating South Korea began to grow abnormally in China. It seems that every ordinary person can become a star of great attention after transformation, but the fact is that the rapid cultivation of talent shows makes the whole entertainment circle disordered. So I made a similar idol project called "iiidol", through experiments to express my negative attitude to these behaviours.



The phenomenal TV program, Produce 101 Produce 101 is a talent show launched by Mnet in South Korea. The first season of girl group debut selection in 2016 aroused heated discussion in South Korea. The year of 2017 has witnessed the start of boy group debut selection, which has set off a new idea of idol selection in Asia. In the third season in 2018, the international Japanese group, AKB48, performed together, and in the fourth season in 2019, the debut selection show aimed to train a global boy group with a five-year contract, hoping to top the Billboard.

In my opinion, idolization represents labelling. When we define an idol, we will label and evaluate him in all aspects. Most of the idols in East Asia are living in a certain character set. Every move is exposed to the spotlight and must be carried out in line with their labels. The trend of nationwide idolization does not bring the diversity of idolization but pushes idols to assimilate. Therefore, for discussion goal, I came up with the following keywords, that is, Asia, idol, and label.

BACKGROUND Idol culture is quite special in Asian pop culture, especially that of three East Asian countries, including China, Japan and South Korea. In recent years, with the introduction and development of Produce 101, a series of phenomenal TV programs in South Korea, various regions in Asia have begun to imitate or produce similar reality shows. These shows, with different ultimate goals though, have intensified the upsurge of national idolization. The year of 2019 witnessed that the special phenomenon of idolization in China has been spreading and radiating in various fields, influencing professions such as actors, singers and so on. Although the unique idolization phenomenon has brought new ideas to market operation, its characteristic of extreme also brought different problems in various fields.


At the same time, the copyright and form of the show have been absorbed and localized by China, Japan and Thailand. The standards of idol Through some surveys online and interview with star-chasers around me, I have made a concept definition about the idols in China, Japan, South Korea and Thailand. Although different countries have different dWefinitions of idols, the most important and critical criterion is appearance after all. South Korea




Definition of idols

Professional proficiency

Personal charm

Business attraction


The most critical criterion

Stage performance

Accompanying experience

Product endorsement


In the process of investigation, compared with other similar programs,I think the idol selection process design of the program (produce 101) is very novel. Especially at the beginning of the program, there are some differences in rating and member color, which I will refer to later in my design.

At the same time of understanding the idol culture in detail, I saw many excellent visual presentations and many idols related graphic products.

CONCEPT Interactive Design

Project Logo Design

Considering the profound impact of talent shows, I designed a mini-game and invited friends around me to participate in this small-scale simulated idol-group selection.

Iiidol has a meaning of “everyone is an idol”, with repetitions of the letter “i” for three times. In this case, I intend to express the current idol mode that idols are constantly appearing with similar and repetitive characteristics.

Font Design Based on the slender image of traditional idols in public’s eyes, I produced a font with the ratio of upper structure to lower structure of 1:2 and used two-line design to highlight the repetition in the theme.

Colour Selection Blue and pink represent boys and girls respectively in traditional idol shows. However, I made a slight numerical adjustment to make the two colours complement each other. C M Y K 0 80 45 0

C M Y K 0 80 45 0

Interactive process

Personal information form

SKETCH Label Design I mainly divided labels into five major categories and referred to my previous adjustment results. As a result, three of them I focused on were all about appearance, that is, face, body, and feeling given my appearance. The other two labels were personality and mind.

Plan A X Purely linear expression

Plan C O Hand drawn illustration expression Plan B X Repetition of small icons expression

In the early stage of label design, I had chosen the vector graph, a design with purely linear expression and repetition of small icons, but the effect was not very ideal. Later, I tried the hand-painted style, drawing labels with bright pink, yellow and blue as the main colours.

Application display

Complete resume Fill the resume

Personal introduction


First, we label the participan who introduce themselves. Then the person labelled can choose to keep or tear off the label.

EXPERIMENT Video I videotaped the whole process of this project and simulated the whole process from the draft to the debut with some people.

The participant then tear the labels off the clothes and put them on the personal form.


We rated each participant like idol programs did on the show.


And we also discuss who of all the participants is suitable for being the idol

Selection result

After the discussion, we confirm the members of the idol group.

Group visiual Design

GOODBOY A boy idol solo Ablum:<Oh!Goodboy>

Result announcement

Finally, we informed the participants of the results and filmed their confused and confused expressions.

Prettty Three gril's unit Ablum:<Pretty pretty>

In logo design, I chose some simple words to form the name of group, in order to achieve ironic effect. Some album covers were also added to make the whole group look decent.

Video linkďź&#x161;

PURPOSE Finally, I smashed the material used in the process of making this project, hoping to express my attitude towards nowadays Chinese “idols” through this experimental design. In my eyes, stage life is quite brilliant, but it’s not for ordinary people. Besides, the abnormal concept of nationwide idols distorts life and work of normal people. Although every person is blessed with shining points and characteristics, not everyone is suitable for being transformed into idol or becoming so-called “idol” just for fame and wealth. I hope to reflect and resist the idol manufacturing mode of fast consumption.

Project 2: Unvalued ginger Illustration & Animation

Many humble people around us live by their own rules in silence. Once these people's lives do not conform to the behaviour of the public, these behaviours will be magnified, entertained and even stigmatized. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Ginger in Dishes box", a Sina Weibo account which introduces ginger of different shapes in all kinds of dishes in daily life, reminds me of the existence of these people. Once they are found, they will be photographed and published on the Internet. So I used ginger as the code name and real-life as the background to compile the stories of four people living under their white lies.



Recently, “ 菜 里 的 姜 box (in English, Ginger in Dishes)”, a Sina Weibo account which introduces ginger of different shapes in all kinds of dishes in daily life, has attracted many viewers. Ginger, as an essential seasoning in Chinese cuisine, has been transformed into various forms by cook, and sometimes can be mistaken and eaten as other food. Therefore, many people record “ginger in dishes” by photographing as contribution to that Weibo account, and some scenes, which are quite humorous and interesting, can arouse public resonance.

VIEWPOINT In spite of the changed recipe and condiments, ginger, like a chameleon hidden in the forest of delicacies, is still indispensable. In the shape of potato, bamboo shoots or meat, it is silently playing its advantageous role in cooking. A lot of people, however, do not buy it and even hate the pungent feeling while having a big meal, which reminds me of many people who live under masks in society. These people live under white lies for some reasons, and protect themselves subjectively, different from the objectivity of ginger.


I referred to many illustrations, among which this series of works impressed me deeply. The style, with simple characters, clear lines and bright colour blocks, highlights facial expressions and limbs, offering basic design thoughts for my later creation.

Ginger in various forms

Animation works: Words

Left picture from left to right 1. Ginger in shape of chicken leg 2. Ginger in shape of the onion 3. Ginger in shape of the potato piece 4. Ginger in shape of the beef grain

This animation, only made of changes of text, tells about ordinary changes of a day in the city. In addition to simple changes in colour and text spacing, this work, without any special effects, can express clearly the intentions and ideas of work.

CONCEPT Overall Style Although ginger is a food with very complex details, I want to make a picture book to show the uncommon story of ginger in the form of a simple colour block and lines.

Colour Selection Initially, I chose khaki and brown colours of ginger for colour matching, but they failed to have strong expressive force. Therefore, I chose two kinds of blue which showed emotional depression as the main visual colour, with white, dark grey and yellow as supplementary colours.

Font design Besides, I designed some unique fonts for this story. The main circular elements were inspired by the drawings in the transparent background of these characters, and some of these designs, deliberately flawed, were used to express the imperfection of these people in the story.

Character Building After referring to some illustrations, I finally decided the character image on the right to be the basis for all characters in the story. As you can see, the basic proportion of characters is 1:7, and a character consists of a round head and trunk. I mainly focused on the language of face and hand in the description.


STORY BOARD The main characters in the story are the most common young people. During this period, most of the people, at the age characterized by more fluctuating emotions but the unwillingness to give timely feedback, are hovering between the adolescent stage and adult stage.

Campus Pyramid Scheme Caring college students are also constantly forced to accept unwanted items because of their kindness.

A Strange Party A person reluctant to be engaged in the social activities is invited to a strange party, and after the enthusiasm fades out, he still feels sad for his loneliness.

Job Interview An intelligent young woman who was born deaf, though confident and well prepared for interviews, is also discriminated against because of disability.

Community at Night The single woman who returns home late at night can only gain a sense of security from phone calls from friends.



Project 3: A spoon App design

Spoon, the most common tool in life. When I use the inappropriate spoon to do something, it seems that I can still succeed, but the efficiency is not satisfactory. Each kind of spoon corresponds to a special scene to use, just as everyone has a speciality. So I made a

small game with a spoon try to complete everything in one time.


Dumb way to die

When designing the game, I thought of an Australian adaptation of the life-related promotional video. The purpose is paying attention to the safety of life is to convey a simple and easy animation method in a relatively simple way.

INSPIRATION While I ate ice cream mooncakes for the first time, I didn't have the right tools at hand, so I found a larger spoon as the tool. Because of its construction, it was not very convenient to use, but it helped me finishing my dessert. I think there are so many spoons designed for different usage scenarios, but their functions seem similar. There is a saying in the old Chinese saying that "there is a specialization to each profession". Although many people do things that do not necessarily meet the conditions of the requirements, professional quality can make many things more effective. While eating dessert, I used the spoon to do two moves: tap the chocolate shell of the mooncake and dug out the ice cream filling inside. This made me want to collect these possibilities to demonstrate the design of the spoons that I have thought before, in addition to the commonality, for the particularity of a particular occasion. During the thinking process, I thought of doing a similar game that can let the same spoon complete multiple tasks.

RESEARCH I look for the use of spoons in life scenes. I see many spoons of different sizes, shapes and materials. At the same time, the size of spoons determines their different purposes.

Untitled Goose Game

A recent game that is very popular on the web, simulating a goose to do a collection of items to collect color and life scene elements.



According to the experience of daily life and some research, I designed some small games that can be operated with spoons. In order to fit the theme and reflect the characteristics of the spoon used in different scenes, I finally chose to let the spoon dig, hold and stir.

At the same time, the action of knocking eggs is designed as an egg. And I saw many interesting spoons, I also thought about setting up a collection library to exchange spoons according to game points.

GAME FLOW There are 3 levels in the game section, which use the following actions:

Each of the three levels has three difficulty levels: easy, normal, hard. And the difference is decremented from 30s/20s/10s per game time.

Oh! CATCH IT Pick up


Use a spoon to pick up the sauce (jam, chocolate sauce, honey, viscous liquid) In the limited time, catch the dripping jam. According to the difficulty, the number of jam jars is 1, 2, and 3 bottles. This level embodies the advantages of a full-shape spoon, which is relatively difficult to catch more jams with a shaped spoon.


Let‘s EAT IT Dig


Use the spoon to finish the cake within a limited time. Divided according to the difficulty of the cake, small, medium, large. This level can reflect the larger the spoon, the faster the action can be made, highlighting the advantages of the bigger spoon.



Within the time limit, dissolve the solid in the drink. According to the difficulty, the sugar in the milk is stirred, the juice concentrated tablet (effervescent tablet) in the water is stirred, and the sugar in the coffee is stirred. This level highlights the advantages of a small spoon, the smaller the spoon, the faster it can move. If the spoon is too large, it won't even finish the game.


Boot animation - click to enter the game - start the game - one stroke spoon - continue / redraw - first -round game level - game rating â&#x20AC;&#x201C; second-round game level - game rating - third round level - score - (trigger egg) - total Rating - Back - Boot to Favorites - Click Redeem - View Spoon Story - Return to Homepage - At the Start Game - Paint Spoon Guide to Use Collection Template - One stroke of a painting


Draw a spoon Considering the various shapes and functions of the spoon, in the first round of the game, I prepared the most common spoon shape for the player, which was drawn as a dotted line. During the game after the re-boot, I will remind the player that they will create more "spoons" to complete the game, regardless of the spoon form.



Each complete game will randomly match different levels of the three levels of difficulty to form a game pattern of 27 combinations. Each round of small games (each level) will be scored at the end (out of 3 points), with 50% of the complete degree being 1 point, 50%-80% 2 points, 80% or more 3 points, 50% or less not scored. Before the last three rounds of settlement, if the score is 0 or 9 points, the egg is triggered.

Egg scoring mechanism: thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a 80% chance of triggering the chicken at the end when scored 0 points, directly unlocking a spoon. 20% chance of triggering the stinky egg at the end, no points. In the case of 9 points, thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a 20% chance of triggering the chicken ending and also gets an extra 1 point. 80% chance of triggering the stinky egg ending and deducts 1 point.

Collection system Activated after the first round of guided games, there are some fun shape spoons and a little story about the spoon. After the collection system is turned on, the spoon model of the game pre-order can also select the spoon model that has been unlocked as a drawing aid.


Project 4: Regenerate

Visual design for simulation exhibition

Through the observation of mould in life, I saw something that we thought was dead but they were given a new life in another way. So I take regeneration as my theme, by observing and transforming the process of mildew to make some graphics and fonts.And use these elements to make the visual design for the simulated regenerate exhibition. I hope to present the wonderful process of mouldy life to death.



Mould is likely to grow on many foods in daily life (especially fruits and vegetables) after they are placed for a certain period of time, because these parasitical fungi or bacteria in the host bring some changes to the host. Although vegetables and fruits (food) cannot be eaten after moulding, the mildew process (the process of natural growth of mould) is, in a sense, a regeneration process.

In the field of botany or agriculture, the mildew process, called the post-harvest disease, is the result of crops being parasitized by pathogens after harvest. As the source of infection, the susceptible population and the routes of transmission constitute the three elements of infectious diseases, the plant diseases also have three affecting factors, that is, pathogen, host and suitable environment, which are called the “plant disease triangle”.


Works of Tammy Kanat

The hand-woven wall art and tapestry inspired me for the patterns in this project design.

post-harvest disease CITRUS BLUE MOLD & GREEN MOLD


Pathogenic bacteria: Penicillium italicum, Penicillium digitatum.

Pathogenic bacteria: Botrytis cinerea.

banana anthracnose

apple blue mold

Pathogenic bacteria: Colletotrichum musae.

Pathogenic bacteria: Penicillium expansum.

(This is a table about post-harvest diseases)

“Mould” refers to filamentous fungi, while “the hair” refers to aerial hyphae generated after filamentous fungi enter into the surrounding air. Most pathogens resulting in post-harvest diseases are fungi, and only a few kinds of bacteria, such as Erwinia carotovora, can cause the soft rot of vegetables. The crops at any stage, ranging from harvest, storage, transportation to sale, may be exposed to pathogenic bacteria.Besides, warm temperature and relatively high humidity provide suitable environmental factors for the growth of fungi.

Works of Daniela Forti

Inspired by jellyfish, the artist utilized gravity to let melting glass fall naturally and then completed this sculpture work. In my opinion, these works of art are equal to other forms of regeneration, which aroused thinking to generation and regeneration when I explored works by artists.

Works of Sayaka Ganz

Sharing the same theme of regeneration, the amazing animal sculptures showed unique texture effects with the appliance of recycled plastics, stainless steel, aluminium and other materials. The artist aimed to integrate animals in nature into urban life, triggering the audiences’ thinking about the consumption era and sustainable development.

After seeing the process video of mould change under the microscope on the Internet, I decided to shoot the experiment myself in a corner of the room during the plum rain season. Although there is no professional video, it is more clear and intuitive.





Completelymildewed peaches after cutting.

Observation results


The fruits will be infected with the post-harvest diseases in one week in a normal humid environment, and in about 3 to 4 days in hot weather. Some fruits with thin epidermis and no protective film are likely to be mildewed first. The white hyphae first come out and turn green or even black in the air after the oxidation. If the fruit itself is protected by fruit wax, it will produce tiny spots under the epidermis which will then gradually spread.


Plan B O Patterns made with color lumps. After recording the moulding process of peaches, I attempted a line drawing. Since it was hard to target the mildew and normal areas of peaches, I tried to distinguish these parts by using colour pens and then started to do line drawing and finally obtained the results above.

Plan A X Patterns obtained by line drawing.

At last, the drawing of colour lumps was adopted to design the moulding process of each kind of food, which can deliver a more intuitionistic visual effect and be used in the design of posters and handbooks later.

EXPERIMENT Experimental Record Card Based on the observation of mildew in six kinds of food. The organic model and the inorganic model were combined to design a series of patterns. For example, the pattern of peach was designed with a combination of the basic round shape and the five-pointed star shape and was decorated with dots, lines and planes. With a unified style, the design was presented in the form of experimental record cards. In the colour selection, five colours were used for each experimental record card, and light yellow was chosen as the uniform visual colour.

Besides, a set of font in line with the style was designed.

Colour selection In terms of colour selection, the conceptual colour, the colour of liquid accumulation, and three mould colours with a sense of depth (namely the colours of the mould in the initial stage and after oxidization stage) were selected. Conceptual colour

Colour of liquid accumulation

Mould colours

PROJECT DISPLAY Poster and Manual on Exhibition In the course of observation, I also made eight graphics of procedures for the mould-ing process of each object and designed the corresponding Chinese logo according to the English font style. These graphics were combined with English letters and Chinese logos to form a strip poster. Once you cut and fold it, a concertina foldout can leap into your eyes. The back part was designed with typesetting of the introduction of the exhibition, and the ticket for the exhibition was embedded inside. To fit in with the exhibition theme, the reading sequence of the foldout was designed into a rectangular ambulatory plane, which symbolizes the cycle of birth and death and endless life in Chinese culture.

Project 5: Time for Pills Graphic design

Taking medicine has never sounded pleasant. At the same time, people may forget to take medicine because of the dullness of taking medicine and the bitterness of medicine. So I want to make this a little bit more fun. Maybe you can change your mood of taking medicine with a simple and portable schedule and some stickers available everywhere.



Everyone in life has confronted a variety of illnesses since we were little. Whether in the hospital or the drugstore, we will choose or be forced to take some corresponding medicine to alleviate symptoms. For me, I often forget to take medicine during treatment. Besides, long medication is relatively unpleasant and boring.Therefore, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve tried to find a way to help me record and remind me to take medicine, and to transform this negative emotion.

Based on the survey data, I first extracted the keywords of the topic as pills/time.

A4 Collage Book

This is a design for the studio gift, in which the main idea of college is whether it can attract attention. Therefore, I referred to it, trying to solve the problem of expression form in my work.

Atypical Packaging Works of Traditional Chinese Medicine

This is an innovative package design for traditional Chinese pharmaceuticals. I found it very interesting and saved it, therefore. The active combination of orange and blue inspired me to a certain degree.

RESEARCH Classification of Medicine Properties Medicine for Oral Administration Tablet ointment capsule patch pill

These are some interesting medicine packages with certain instructions.

In the meantime, I also made investigations on the properties of medicine. Through the investigations, I found that most of the medicine-taking reminders are carefully designed on the packaging of medicines, which does not apply to most medicines, especially those with disposable packaging. The medicines for common household use are divided into oral tablets, capsules and external ointment and patches.

Medicine for External Application drops particles suppository oral liquid injection

As for basic product design, some design items such as cards, stickers, posters and pack-ageing bags are required.



Taking into account previous information, I finally decided to make a collage bag of medicine.It includes a card that can record and help remind people of taking medicine, aiming to be used and identified quickly and clearly.And a number of stickers were required, mainly for drawing simple drugs.

I drew the vectorgraph of common household medicines, hoping to show these medicines in a general and abstract way. Tablets&capsules Drug bottle Gas spray


Liquid drops

Ointment for exterior application


Medication Record Card Design Before


Finally, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hoped that people who need to take medicine could kill the tedious time during treatment in a relaxed and pleasant way which is to use these materials to create collage.

Colour Selection The bright orange was chosen as the overall color, with simple gray and white as the supplementary colors. This is the first version of the medicine record card. Considering that the basic medication cycle is one week, I chose a simple sticking mode. The sticking mode, though clear and simple, still had many problems. Later, I improved the record card to fit in more medication scenarios.

The new record card retains the original mode, and adds a date-recording area and a time-recording area for the time in the morning, at noon and at night, and medication reminder, namely whether drinking or eating is necessary before taking medicine.

PROJECT DISPLAY Finally, I integrated and rearranged all the design elements into a complete college bag (including a record card, a record sticker, four medicine stickers, two supplementary cards, and instruction for use).

Medication Record Card

PROJECT DISPLAY After printing, I also packed some fragmentary stickers.

Practical application. Use the manual to record the medication process and make some collages. And I tried to make a poster.

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