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My name is Wang Fangyi. You can call me Emily. I am an international student from Shandong China. Used to study at Shangdong University of Arts. My major is graphic design. This is my third year study in QCA in Griffith atGold Coast campus. I used to use adobe Photoshop InDesign and illustrator to design my work. In the past semesters, I have designed some magazines, annual reports, type broachers website and some logos.What is more, I also did some VI and CI system for companies. My hobbies are watch films, drawing and play the flute. I want to try my best to do the creative with the group members. And I really enjoy study course in QCA.



As a designer, I think the brand design is the first impression for the costumers to know about the company. I choose a café named Sukuraya. It is a popular Japanese café in Sunnybank Brisbane. It has been open since 2003; we started off in a little corner in market square entre, trying out the market with the new business. Many youth like to hang out with their friends there. What I will do is change and improves the company visual, products packaging design and make a website for the company to make it more famous among the costumes. • • •

Marketing: popular in Asian youth but not many local and foreigners go there. Format: Japanese vintage Budget: $1000

Pictures (products web photographs diagrams) body copy It has no website but Facebook (so I will design a website for it) • Description and Format: the topic is sakura. Main colors are red orange and black. • The spirit of Sakuraya easy fast clean •

Formatting: Double paged brochure

Target Audience: • Occupation: students, young people and salaries • Gender ratio: equal • Age: no limited especially18-30 • Nationality: not only Asian but also local • Psychological demographic: easy clean fast • Lifestyle: easy and freestyle

Message objective: Some times make some sale and discount. What is more, make some advertisements not only on TV but also on the newspaper and magazines also very important. Put some product samples (cake) on plate that costumers could try before they buy then they will know what they want next time. VISUAL • LOGO (make a new logo add more pink flowers and show the name meaning there) • BUSINESS CARD AND VIP CARD (easy for people to call and know the company) • MENU (add list with pictures to show more information for people) • PACKAGING (make new packages looks a system with the logo and poster) • WEB (make a professional website for company put the company information-location history and menu on it) INDOOR • BAR • CUP AND PLATE



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Every once in a while the government passes out an order banning shop keepers from providing plastic bags to customers for carrying their purchases, with little lasting popular with both retailers as well as consumers because they are cheap, strong, light weight, functional, as well as a hygienic means of carrying food as well as other goods. Even though they are one of the modern conveniences that we seem to be unable to do without, they are responsible for causing pollution, killing wildlife, and using up the pre cious resources of the earth. About a hundred billion plas -

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tic bags are used every year in the U.S. alone. And then, when one considers the huge economies and populations of India, China, Europe, and other parts of the world, the numbers can be staggering. bated by the developed countries shipping o their plastic waste to developing many harmful eects of plastic bags. So we come out a new idea that use the wool to make a bag. If you can not kint it, you can check on our facebook and video. FACEBOOK: kintbaginstead plastic/


Do not use the plastic bags from now on. It is the right time to change our daily life.

It is our duty to produce our home.



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