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Content Cartesian Prism Cartesian Prism Action Space House, Home, Habitat Ground Control

The Cartesian Prism is a construct that assumes the optical properties of the prism, those of refraction, simultaneity and transparency, and reestablishes them within an entirely Cartesian framework – that is to say that all elements, lines surfaces and spaces are constructed as an orthogonal right-angle system.

Cartesian Prism Developed Active 20% volume of cube

Action Space A space designed for Mucia Prada. Exploring spatial sequence. Considering poetic demension of human action.

House, Home, Habitat

Analysis of House NA

Plan & Section

Ground Control Engaging the compositional relationship between figure + field. House consists of gallery, living room, kitchen&dining, studio, bathroom, bedroom.

volumn analysis

Space shift in vertical way.

Spaces exist small gap.

Color shows transition space.

ARC107- Yiqun Feng  
ARC107- Yiqun Feng