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Week 8 Case Study Drawing (Screen shot just used for details explain, and the 1:1 original hand detailed drawing is provided in the journal as well.)

These parts filled with hatched straight lines stand for the material of plywood, and the outside is covered with the parapet The cross line is the cut section of timber.

As for the structure, it use the steel column which was showed in thick line with hatched, and one of it is part of universal steel. The other one is the L shape which is with the unequal leg angles.

This drawing is suggested the use of fibred sheet cement, which is generally used as the outside material. On the back of this, there has the little black dashed line on the surface of the plasterboard, which is the waterproofing to prevent the humidity in the building when moisture vapor into dew as the change of temperature inside and outside.

This drawing is suggest the use of insulation blanket fix in the wood construction, which can be used for thermal insulation and can also used for soundinsulating construction. The bottom picture has showed what it looks like in the real construction, that is what I find in the week 7 site visit.

The circle in left hand picture shows the details of joint sealant with the backing rod. The joint sealant can be the way to prevent the water and air from the joint inside the structure, and it must be durable, resilient and both cohesive and adhesive strength (Ching, 2008,p.7.50).

This part of drawing suggests the other types of insulation---rigid insulation under the roof decking. Ridge foam insulation is a preformed, nonstructural insulation board of foamed plastic or cellular glass, which having closed-cell structures are moisture-resistant and it also may be used in the contact with the earth (Ching, 2008,p.7.41).

•As for the whole structure is generally used the human-made materials like steel plasterboard, there is no doubt to said that it is not really sustainable and good for environment. During the process of material production, it has more embodied water and carbon emission than wood or timber, and not recyclable.

Inside the two circle, they are the roof flashing which is made by sheet metal to prevent the passage of water into structure, and the water from outside will be directly leading to the box gutter under then flow away.

Inside the circle, it is the Z-purlin which is structure used for holding the roof sheet and ceiling sheet above. This shows the box gutter with the metal sheet inside. This part is significant for the drainage for the whole roof system.

Reference: Ching, F 2008, Building Construction Illustrated, n.p.: Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley & Sons, c2008

Week 8  
Week 8