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A. ILINA GROUP Greece: Eth. Makariou 2A & Poseidonos Ave., GR 174 55 Athens Russia : Spiridonievski per. 8, 123104 - Moscow Russia Tel: +30 210.9803223-5 - +7 4956953675 & +7 9168 539 706, Fax: +30 210 9803226 e-mail: - web site:,

A. ILINA GROUP “A. ILINA GR OUP” is based in Alimos, on the souther n seashor e of Athens. The fir m has also New pr emises in Russia based in Mochow. Our par tner s & employs a solid team of pr ofessionals offer s its clienteles a full accur ate, r eliable, and discr eet ser vices. We successfully r epr esent Russian Clients all acr oss the wor ld giving and indispensable r esour ce whatever their needs. “A. ILINA GR OUP” fr om its foundation till today, has a str ictly upwar d evolutional pr ocess, by per manently upgr ading its ser vices, having as fundamental aim, the amelior ation of the quality and var iety of ser vices, cover ing successfully even the highest demands of VIP clients. Our pr imar y goal is to deliver a wide r ange of new, high quality ser vices, offer ing integr ated solutions, even to the most demanding clients, but always at a reasonable price. “A. ILINA GR OUP” ser vices ar e “custom- made” and add luxur y value to cor por ate as well as to per sonal lifestyle. For those who indulge in quality as a way of life, “A. ILINA GROUP ” is tr ying with a per fectionism and pr ofessionalism to satisfy differ ent customer needs, r egar ding luxur y Car s and Limousines, Yachts, pr ivate J ets, Helicopter s, Cr uises, Villas and Event Or ganizations. We will make sur e you will get into the hottest clubs, you will dine at the finest r estaur ants and you will stay in the most state-of – the ar t floating par adises, hotels and villas, whichever your destination. We str ive to pr ovide an exhilar ating exper ience on your special moments, whether family vacation, r omantic honey-moon or cor por ate cr uises. Let “A. ILINA GR OUP” to become your own concier ge and or ganize your per fect vacations with unfor gettable moments and comfor t… Leave your once in lifetime experience on us…


Currently operating as a concierge in following sectors: Yacht Char ter Yacht Sales Yacht Management Centr al Agency Yachts Fleet Cor por ate Yacht Char ter s Events Full r ange of ser vices to cor por ate Clients

itiner ar ies

A. ILINA GROUP Yacht Charter “A. ILINA GR OUP” paves the way for elite pr ogr ess of luxur y yacht char ter, meeting and per fecting the standar ds and demands for all cliental of luxur y char ter ing. “A. ILINA GR OUP” is the finest luxur y yacht char ter company in Gr eece and Mediter r anean. With pr emises and clientele both in Gr eece and Russia, she or ganizes imaginable vacations in whole Mediter r anean. We deliver unsur passed cor por ate yacht char ter s, pr ivate yacht char ter s, par ty vessels or speed boats for those who ar e passionate for extr eme and full of adventur e moments.

A wide r ange of fully equipped yachts with the highest technology standar ds and unique fur nishing and design of inter ior and exter ior is r eady to seduce you. We ar e committed mor e than ever to ensur ing that as far as the luxur y yachting goes, we ar e the yacht char ter ing company of choice. We r epr esent clients all acr oss the wor ld giving an indispensable r esour ce whatever their yachting needs. Classic, contempor ar y, fast, sedate, for mal or fr iendly, our well or ganized and well infor med team will find the best itiner ar y for your par ticular char ter ing r equir ements.

A. ILINA GROUP Yacht Sales “A. ILINA GR OUP� is also engaged in Yacht Br oker age globally for new and second hands boats. We offer a wide r ange of Mega, motor and sailing yachts with legal suppor t based on the most favor able ter ms and in accor dance with inter national pr actice and the law gover ning such tr ansactions. Buying: Sear ching the r ight yacht for our clients is a complicated task. We ar e heavily involved in pr ice negotiations, contr act fillings, final sur vey, sea tr ial and all the pr epar ation of the r elevant documentation involved in the pur chase, offer ing our clients the oppor tunity to enjoy hassle-fr ee owner ship. Our br oker age team has all the exper tise and qualification to advise the potential futur e owner s the best yacht types, sizes, mater ials, designs and attr active oppor tunities, accor ding to their needs. Our pr emium aim is to offer our clients the best quality at a r easonable cost. Selling: Achieving a timely sale, r equir es a combination of knowledge, exper tise in sales section, impor tant connections, well-infor med database of ser ious potential buyer s and ability to negotiate for the best ter ms for both sides. Our highly motivated seller s, our mar keting tools and wor ldwide networ k of br oker age companies ar e our most impor tant assets that help us to achieve the best possible pr ices and a speedy sale with ser ious clients. We can find and contact all those who ar e actively seeking for a yacht whose specifications match the ones you ar e

A. ILINA GROUP Yacht Management “A. ILINA GR OUP” Management ser vices ensur e that your yacht will be maintained and car ed to the highest possible standar ds, so as to r emain in per fect condition and maintain its single value. Owner s will be able to enjoy their time on boar d feeling safe in the knowledge that ever y single aspect will be handled in an ideal in an ideal way with the minimum cost. “A. ILINA GR OUP” offer a full spectr um of ser vices & management ser vices such as: • Yacht Oper ation, • Yacht Technical Ser vices, • Cr ew Suppor t, OPERATION: Our staff pr ovides assistance and ideal solutions for ever y single aspect of a yacht, fr om spar e par ts and fuel bunker ing to ber thing, agency ser vices, yacht insur ance and food supplies, with guar antee deliver y time and place. Our assistance star ts fr om our pr oposal and major ideas and ends with the final deliver y of goods and ser vices of pr emium quality, achieving significant discounts, knowing the supplier s, their quality and pr ices and their deliver y ability wor ldwide.

TECHNICAL: The technical complexity of the yachts and the r egulations needed to be followed for their safe oper ation ar e also vital matt er s that our team handles successfully. “A. ILINA GROUP ” coor dinates and super vises r outine maintenance, r epair s and dr y dockings. P r e-pur chase yacht inspection is also a matter of high impor tance that our technical depar tment team deals with. Our technical depar tment’s goal is to achieve unique quality at a r easonable cost pr oposing also the most time effective solution. CREW MANAGEMENT: Our cr ew depar tment under takes the difficult and complex business of sear ching the most skilled and capable cr ew in or der to pr ovide the highest industr y standar ds of ser vice and competence. Each candidate is scr eened in detail and under goes and inter view with our tr usty and knowledgeable staff in or der to select the r elevant qualifications, per sonality, exper ience and skill set.

A. ILINA GROUP Central Agency Yachts for Charter MV RM ELEGANT RM Elegant, at the spectacular size of 72.48m, is rank ed amongst the most elite charter yachts, in a dynamic, futuristic and unmistak able profile.

• •

High Season : Eur o 455.000/weekly + VAT (if applicable) + Expenses (MYBA TERMS) Low Season: Eur o 420.000/weekly + VAT (if applicable) + Expenses (MYBA TERMS)

MY BLUE BELLE All her public areas are open, light and offer an abundance of space not typically found in a vessel of this size.

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High Season (J uly – August): Eur o 115.000/weekly + VAT + Expenses (MYBA TERMS) Low Season (all the other per iod): Eur o 100.000/weekly + VAT + Expenses (MYBA TERMS)

MY CORVUS She is recently refitted and look ing better than ever a magnificent blend of the light grey lines and white hull cuts a strik ing vision on the water. T he interior refit include new carpets installation throughout, new fabrics in all cabins, artwork and other decoration throughout. Corvus now presented in immaculate condition.

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High Season (J uly – August): Eur o 91.000/weekly + VAT + Expenses (MYBA TERMS) Low Season (all the other per iod): Eur o 77.000/weekly + VAT + Expenses (MYBA TERMS)


MV RM ELEGANT RM Elegant, at the spectacular size of 72.48m, is rank ed amongst the most elite charter yachts, in a dynamic, futuristic and unmistak able profile. The yacht is tr uly popular in the yachting industr y, because of the unique concept in design, the excellent cr uising behavior , the fantastic lay out and the abundant space pr oving to be the fir st choice in char ter ing by tycoons, r oyal families, VIP s and celebr ities. Some mythical par ties wer e hosted on boar d… With a capacity for over 100 guests while at anchor , and over 150 guests when ber thed, she is undoubtedly and exceptional venue! The RM Elegant is the per fect setting for a special occasion and thus with good r eason she has become known as ‘The P ar ty Boat’. Few char ter s occur without a par ty on boar d be this a bir thday or some other special event. Many famous singer s and bands ar e now r egular enter tainer s. Fr om MIP IM to the Gr and P r ix our attention to detail will ensur e that any of your cor por ate events will be the talk of the show whether this is a one night event or a continuous str eam of lunches, dinner s and cocktails. Launching a film or pr oduct, r aising money for char ity the exclusivity of the RM Elegant lends the pr estige often r equir ed. Upon a special license issuance, the yacht may host over 30 guests for a coastal cr uising. Accommodation is offer ed for 30 guests in 15 Suites with en suite facilities, 13 of these Suites conver ted to Kings or Twins. Some mor e highlights of the yacht: A lar ge lift is connecting all decks offer ing convenience to guests who may not easily use stair s… C-Band is a fast inter net at no obstacle, offer ing a gr eat facility to each businessman on boar d dur ing vacation... The yacht is always air y and fr esh, offer ing gr eat facilities and guests will love the amenities, cr ew and The cuisine… RM Elegant is a phenomenal yacht with an extensive r ange of enter tainment capabilities and water toys, in commands of a highly qualified Master and cr ew (31 member s). Capable of cr uising in the Mediter r anean and wor ldwide destinations in gr ace, safety and excellent per for mance, is classed as a "P assenger Vessel", complying with SOLAS


MY BLUE BELLE BLUE BELLE is an exceptional vessel. The or iginal owner super vised her constr uction and paid par ticular attention to ever y detail dur ing her 3 year build per iod. Fr equent visits to the shipyar d dur ing the constr uction ensur ed that all the owner 's wishes wer e car r ied out to their exact r equir ements. The technical installation and engine r oom fit -out ar e of ver y high standar d. BLUE BELLEs excellent tur n of speed, her moder n and attr active exter ior styling complete with cur ved stair ways, combined with a pr actical and spacious layout makes BLUE BELLE a must see vessel! All her public ar eas ar e open, light and offer an abundance of space not typically found in a vessel of this size. Of par ticular note should be the ver y impr essive size and layout of the sundeck together with its 50% of shaded ar ea and the unclutter ed and open main and upper aft decks. Finally, the ster n door opens to for m a beach/swim platfor m which is an outstanding featur e. She cr uises all over East Med & Adr iatic Sea with location por t mainly in Gr eece.


MY CORVUS Elegance & Comfor t is what makes COR VUS a distinguished yacht! She is r ecently r efitted and looking better than ever a magnificent blend of the light gr ey lines and white hull cuts a str iking vision on the water . The inter ior r efit include new car pets installation thr oughout, new fabr ics in all cabins, ar twor k and other decor ation thr oughout. Cor vus now pr esented in immaculate condition. Her exter ior design and constr uction offer the ultimate pr ivacy to the guests who ar e looking for a mor e pr ivate and inspir ed cor por ate enter tainment venue. On the other hand, is the ideal char ter yacht for a family in sear ch of a stylish and safe holiday at sea. Ther e ar e sever al lounges offer ing you the chance to enjoy the pleasant sea br eeze with any cocktail, bever age, delicious delights or snack of your choice. The Br idge Deck has a lovely outdoor seating on the aft section and the Sun Deck has another pr ivate sunning ar ea with a beautiful spa/J acuzzi. Guests will enjoy the beautiful exter ior ar eas of the yacht wher e they can r elax or enjoy soaking at the r aised J acuzzi. She offer s a full ser vice bar and a lavish dining ar ea for gather ings, meals and enter tainment ser ved by seven skilled & exper ienced cr ew member s. Her cr ew is car efully gr oomed to pr ovide five-star ser vice and pumping your clients, ensur ing an all-r ound satisfying and successful char ter ! Her spacious saloon, has a cher r y wood inter ior , enor mous sofas and gr aceful cur ves. Her moder n design offer s tr anquillity and exclusivity. Combining a moder n elegant inter ior with a unique style cr eate a utopian atmospher e. Her Master Suite has a king size bed, en suite facilities and she is located for war d on the upper deck. Four additional Guest Stater ooms, ar e located at the lower deck, each has extr avagant double bed and en suite facilities. All cabins ar e equipped with satellite plasma TV, music system and have seating and wor k ar eas for the busy executives who want to be in constant communication with their business. Luxur y bathr ooms ar e finished with gr anite and mar ble designs each one offer ing a unique style. Cor vus is cer tainly on of the most spacious char ter yachts available and offer s all the comfor t, luxur y and technology expected for a yacht of her calibr e.

A. ILINA GROUP Corporate Yacht Charters Event “A. ILINA GR OUP” specializes in developing cor por ate events of all types on a br oad r ange of yachts Wor ldwide. Nothing can be mor e impr essive than an event held on luxur y yacht, with attentive cr ew and complete event facilities. Meetings have the desirable results, clients feel unique, and the staff really feel rewarded on a yacht! Our exper t staff or ganizes countless cor por ate events. . We have a lot of boats that have the featur es, layout and cr ew r equir ed to make an event successful. Accor ding to your needs we can offer you the suitable boat, cr ew and venue to help you achieve these goals. We can offer the following Event Categories: Static Charters (wher e the yacht is docked thr oughout a show, such as MIP IM in Cannes), Events (such as the Monaco Gr and P r ix and Amer ica's Cup), and Corporate meetings & R eward Events. Team Building This will be one of the most memor able days for your team and be sur e that this event will cr eate long ter m r esults for your company. Except of wor ldwide Yachting Events – Boat Shows and Confer ences we can ar r ange Sailing Regattas & Spor ting Events Such as Gr and P r ix Races and Super Bowl.

A. ILINA GROUP Full Range of Services to Corporate Clients: “A. ILINA GR OUP” Char ter Team wor ks in cooper ation with selected exper ts to pr ovide our customer s a unique exper ience and oppor tunity to make the J our ney unfor gettable.

Suggested Services • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Ber th Reser vations P r ovisioning Laundr y Fuel Deliver y Technical Ser vices and spar e par ts Day wor ker s Leisur e spor ts ar r angements Gastr onomic Cr uise Land Excur sions P r ofessional Guide P r ivate escor t Secur ity Guar ds P er sonal Executive Secr etar y Medical assistance Cour ier Ser vice Fishing/Diving Flower ar r angements Beauty & Health car e Weddings /Anniver sar ies

A. ILINA GROUP Itineraries: “A. ILINA GR OUP” offer s ser vices which cover s a wide r ange of skills and disciplines. If you plan dr eamful vacations in the Whole Mediter r anean, Car ibbean Islands, Cosmopolitan Dubai Water s, or Red Sea color ful water s, let us do the r est. Our Team of Yachting P r ofessionals is her e to assist you at ever y step of your cr uise selecting the tailor made itiner ar y for your par ticular char ter ing r equir ements. Discover ing the Myth that’s hidden behind the histor ic glor y of ever y Gr eek island. Cosmopolitan life, ar chaeological sites and pictur esque sur r oundings in wonder ful Gr eece, full of gr een Cr oatia, Tur key, Cr ystal clear water s of Italy & Sicily, famous Amalfi Coast, unique Fr ench Rivier a, Idyllic Car ibbean Islands, Red Sea Color ful sea dept. etc. may come tr ue just by contacting “A. ILINA GR OUP”! Enjoy your voyage of your dreams…

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