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Thessaloniki International Student Model United Nations 2014

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Friday, 25th of April -13th Year- #2

Offer a Flower and Help a Child!

Tonight’s Social Event: Friday is the official party day of ThessISMUN. This year the club “Black is Alive” is booked especially for us. Let’s have fun! For more information: social-events/

The weather: Friday Rain max temp: 19° min temp: 14°

This year for the third time ThessISMUN is launching the flower offering initiative. All money are given to charity and especially to organizations that deal with children in need. Dr. Perraki herself introduced this effort and all members of the board supported it. Even the members of the Crisis Committee forgot for a while their difficult task and took the chance to offer some flowers to the lovely staff-members. Delegates also got really enthusiastic about it and started “spreading the flowers” all around the Halls of the University of Macedonia! Last year over 1000 Euros managed to be raised, but this year we should try harder. Let’s make a difference! Children need our help and Support!


ThessISMUN Daily News

Friday, 25th of April -13th Year- #2

The official newspaper of ThessISMUN 2014

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ThessISMUN 2014 Daily News The ExEx-Way

This year we had the chance to meet some Ex-members of the Secretariat that, even not participating in ThessISMUN 2014 in an active way, they keep a special place in our hearts. ThessIS Daily posed four different questions and it remains to you to read all the answers given! The questions: 1. Which are your views on ThessISMUN 2014? 2. Is there a moment that you would never forget throughout your MUN career? 3. Any prediction for next year’s ThessISMUN?

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Editorial Dear all our Beloved Delegates, This is the second issue of ThessISMUN Daily. I hope that you liked the first one and that you would appreciate the second even more. In today’s issue you will read about the flower offering initiative and you will have the chance to meet former members of the Board as well as the conference’s international delegates, as this year 16 Universities from abroad participate in ThessISMUN!!! Don’t forget that our paper is only available online and that you should also follow as on twitter: @ThessISMUN Regards, Yiota

Nikos Mertzanidis, Secretary General 2006 1.



Young people come together, working with enthusiasm and commitment, nothing can go wrong! I will never forget my feeling when I was walking out of the UoM building after the end of my first MUN in 2003. It was in 2003 when I decided to stay away from any crystal ball gazing!

Manos Kalaitzis Deputy Secretary General 2013 1. 2. 3.

Stunning, Spectacular, Extraordinary, Unprecedented. 2nd Committee 2012. The future remains unknown.


University of Macedonia

Friday, 25th of April -13th Year- #2

The ExEx-Way II

Committee News

Vasilis Paligiannis Secretary General 2011 1. Αmazing people, hot people, debates, debates, huge success. success. 2. The moment I delivered my opening speech as the SG back in 2011. 2011. 3. That's classified information but I am sure it’ it’s gonna be awesome! awesome!

Security Council: Today in Security Council several issues arose and a crisis in Mali broke out. To begin with, the first session started with the agenda of procedural matters. Among others, terrorism in Western Africa and illegal SALW trade were voted to be discussed. Delegates’ views about the topics were expressed and in many cases, extension of debate time was asked and voted by the majority of the Security Council members. It could also be pointed out that the agenda of procedural matters was developed in the framework of human rights, the maintenance of International Peace and Security and many other aspects too numerous to mention. Out of the blue while discussing measures against piracy the crisis committee invade the chamber and informed the Security Council about an upcoming crisis in Mali. Undoubtedly, it was considered to be an alarming situation and a table debate on the topic area was suggested. China’s veto about the debate provoked the disappointment of South Korea and other state members. All the countries stated that were deeply concerned about Mali. Moreover, the committee crisis came to the chamber another three times in order to give further and updated information about the situation of Mali. There is no doubt that the turbulence in Mali made the state members anxious. Hence, some raised their voice, they could not always agree with one another and all this does not comply to International Law, as the delegate of Australia stated. People die, Mali does not have the power to protect its population and Security Council has to work united. (by Anastasia Papapetrou) 1st Committee of the GA: The works of the 1st Committee of the GA began in a rather enthusiastic way, although the Russian delegation was a bit aggressive towards the delegate of the US.

Giorgos Goniadis Secretary General 2012 1. Pity that I am not an active part of it. 2. Being the Holy See at COE 2013. 3. The future remains unknown but if you know who is dealing with it you can somehow predict it.

In the first session, the topic area A regarding security and cooperation in the Mediterranean was discussed. The delegates focused on Syria. In the second session there were two motions; the first was on the Israeli aggression towards Palestine while the second one was on Iran's nuclear program. In the third session, after presenting the working papers, several motions were raised. Finally, in the fourth session, security in the Mediterranean was extensively debated. (by Zeta Kelidou)


Friday, 25th of April -13th Year- #2

ThessISMUN 2014 Daily News

Committee News II 2nd Committee of the GA: The first day of the Second Committee of the General Assembly was an active and satisfactory one. From the very beginning, countries like China, USA, Russia and Fiji stated their presence clearly with the rest of delegates following in an active way. The main topic of the debate was climate change with almost every country supporting clearly environmental friendly policies. Contradictions between countries such as the US, China and Russia, were solved. Moreover, a certain amount of hints were presented regarding the working paper quality. Climate refugees monopolised the debate. With great power, comes greater responsibility , stated the Russian Federation. We hope that the next debates will proove to be even more active and vigorous. (by Eleytheria Sideri)

3rd Committee of the GA: In today’s sessions of the 3rd Committee of the General Assembly the subject that monopolized the debate was the refugees coming from Syria. The representatives of each country stated their opinions on how this situation could be tackled . All the delegates agreed unanimously that the sessions should reflect the need to come to an effective resolution. Italy pointed out that “we are here not to resolve but to help”. There were many conflicts among the delegates about the measures that have to be taken, the base of the long-term programmes that have to be followed and the fruitful collaboration that has to be unfolded. Particularly, Syria stated that they are welcoming any financial and humanitarian support. China also offered financial support willingly under the term that Syria is absolutely committed to solve this crisis. The representatives, finally, agreed on offering health and economic support, while taking into consideration the rising number of refugees. The conclusion of today’s sessions was that, since the problem of refugees cannot be completely resolved, the committee should try to counter its consequences. (by Markella Chazaki)


University of Macedonia

Friday, 25th of April -13th Year- #2

Committee News III ECOSOC: First thing in the morning; the agenda setting on topic A. The delegates of the Economic and Social Committee discussed the management of water reserves and ways to avoid water disputes in the Middle East and Africa. Greece soon stated that the problem seems to be more intense in Africa. Russia pointed out the case of the Nile River, while the delegation of Panama is wondering about the possibility of cooperation between the Palestinians and the Israelis. As the topic demanded it, proposals and solutions soon became the core of the discussion. As far as India is concerned, the sanitation of the water itself is considered a must. New legal framework for states in need was proposed by Portugal. After lunch time, during the roll call vote, El Salvador stated “public” and the procedures for the working paper begun with consequent unmoderated caucuses. The procedure started with two different by not contradictory working papers that soon got merged. The discussion about the merged working paper has begun and the results are yet to come! (by Theano Panigyri)

Le Committé ded Droits de l’ Enfant: Le premier jour a commencé et les délégués semblent très intéressés aux sujets de la protection des enfants. Ils ont discuté l’exploitation sexuelle des enfants au Royaume-Uni. Il y a eu beaucoup d’opinions et les délégués ont accompli la réalisatiuon d’ un bon débat. Au cour des sessions, il y a eu aussi plusieurs propositions pour les mesures qu’ il faut prendre. Italie a proposé des motions législatives et la Slovaquie, de son tour, la pénalisation de la pornographie. Le sujet de la vente des organes des enfants a aussi été débaté par les délégués qui ont stressé qu’ il y a aussi des raisons médicaux que des raisons économiques. Arabie Saoudique a déclaré la nécessité de prendre des mésures et Brésil a stressé la pauvreté. En general, les délégués ont reconnu le rôle important de l’église en ce qui concerne des droits des enfants. Pour conclure, les experts continuent de préparer leur avant-projet et ils sont prêts de protéger les enfants! (par Christos Zapantis)


Friday, 25th of April -13th Year- #2 Council of Europe: Today we had a lot of interesting speeches in the Council of Europe. All the delegates spoke about the promotion of education and the child rights regarding education. The delegates also focused on children with disabilities. The United Kingdom focused on its welfare state, Denmark called all other countries to adopt the Danish educational system, the Netherlands spoke about state-founded programs to help children and France presented itself as ‘the holy land of human rights’. The states’s of the Council of Europe also spoke about cooperation with the delegation of the Czech Republic proposing collaboration between NGOs and Governments. The president of the Committee emphasized availability, acceptability, accessibility and adaptability in education. Throughout the sessions, all delegates expressed their positions; Lichtenstein focused on children with mental disabilities while Iceland proposed the creation of an interactive school. The unmoderated caucus was on children with disabilities. (by Panagiotis Ntolkos) North Atlantic Council: An open debate regarding the first issue “Enlargement Process” was held yesterday. Everybody focused on “decisions always taken wisely”, as Denmark noted. Lithuania said that “new members must feel protected”, statement adopted also by some other countries. The delegates could somehow not stop talking about the crisis issue between Ukraine and Russia. During this, Poland said, referring to Russia, “Krimea river”, in order to make a joke with Justin Timberlake’s song “Cry me a river”. After the first unmoderated caucus the delegates started debating about the membership of Balkan countries, like Montenegro, BosniaHerzegovina and FYROM as well as Georgia. The main topic was the unfulfilled criteria of Montenegro, but the NAC announced at the end, that it “strongly supports and encourages the ongoing effort” of the country to become a member. A similar announcement was made for Bosnia- Herzegovina and Georgia. FYROM is to become a member in the future when its name issue is cleared. Generally they came to the conclusion that “the Open Door policy will proceed but without threatening any third country”. (by Alexandra Amanatidou)

ThessISMUN 2014 Daily News

Assembly of European Regions: The first day of the AER sessions began actively. The topics which were discussed were about the current economic crisis and its impacts on a regional level. The debates focused on extremism and counter measures in each region. The democratic deficit issue and initiatives to tackle youth unemployment were also put on the table. The ideas of offering further help to start up businesses, better education and youth programs were emphasized. The delegates insisting also bon the contribution of immigrants in society. Moreover, they argued on how to improve regional democracy by paying special attention to political corruption. (by Ada Pellumbaj) The International Court of Justice: The International Court of Justice is a very promising newbie Council in ThessISMUN 2014. With a first look at the Case of the Republic of Pandora v. State of Euphoria on the differences between them concerning the use of force and certain criminal proceedings in Pandora and Euphoria, you get excited with the vivid imagination of the Case's author, Dr Sarigiannidis. Although it is an interesting read, in Court the debates were tough and very mindful. But let's start from the beginning. The sessions begun with the Judge's Oath. The Vice-President, Alexander Wenzel, recited the Oath and the Judges repeated after him, while raising their right hand. Then, the Judges carried on the opening speeches expressing their views on the Case. After that, they took each claim separately on deliberation. The first one was about the justification of the development of nuclear capabilities in the State of Euphoria. The next claim was about the Pandora's embargo against Euphoria. Last but not least, the Court debated on the cyber attack against the respondent. (by Evelyna Simeonidou)


University of Macedonia

Friday, 25th of April -13th Year- #2

Getting International This year 16 European Universities take part in ThessISMUN 2014. We met some of those international delegates and we asked them a couple of questions about the conference. Take a look at their stories and their selfies!

Name: Niklas M체ller-Hipper Country: Germany Age: 21 University: University of Eichst채tt-Ingolstadt Delegation: Ecosoc, Togo What do you think about ThessISMUN 2014? I believe ThessISMUN is a great opportunity to meet new people and to practice your English. Would you come to a future ThessISMUN? After a while maybe. I would like to participate in other MUNs too. Name: Alessandra Sumic Country: Serbia Age: 21 University: University of Novi Sad Delegation: AER, Norway What do you think about ThessISMUN 2014? I'm a first timer in MUNs and I'm very impressed by ThessISMUN. I find the debates very productive and useful. It's a great experience! Would you come to a future ThessISMUN? Sure! From now on, I'm planning to attend as many MUNs as I can. I'm looking forward for next year's ThessISMUN.

Name: Idil Birben Country: Turkey Age: 21 University: Yeditepe University Delegation: Czech Republic What do you think about ThessISMUN 2014? It is my second time in ThessISMUN and I believe every year it gets better and better. The committees, the social events and the people are great. In one word, it's just awesome! Would you come to a future ThessISMUN? Of course! I will come next year and the year after that! Name: Umut Kucuk Country: Turkey Age: 20 University: Yeditepe University Delegation: The Netherlands What do you think about ThessISMUN 2014? It's just lovely! Furthermore, I adore Greek girls. They all look like Aphrodite to me! Would you come to a future ThessISMUN? Yes! Of course I would. I have to admit I'm not a professional MUNer but I like it.


Friday, 25th of April -13th Year- #2

ThessISMUN 2014 Daily News

Be aware of the “gavel”!

The AER fruitful Debate Editor, Take care, while eating!

Hector and… his journalist!

Motion to adjourn the meeting…

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Les fleurs du Committé Français!


ThessISMUN Daily News Issue 2  

The official newspaper of Thessaloniki International Student Model United Nations #2

ThessISMUN Daily News Issue 2  

The official newspaper of Thessaloniki International Student Model United Nations #2