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Thessaloniki International Student Model United Nations 2014

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In this issue: •Interview with Dr Perraki •Editorial •The Ex-way •Getting International •Funny Pics

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Sunday, 27th of April -13th Year- #4

Interview with Dr Perraki Dr Perraki is an indispensadle part of ThessISMUN. She managed to make it real but it’s up to ones coming to make it stronger. Everyone knows her as the heart and soul of the comference. We managed to ask her a couple of questions and she kindly answered: What do you think about ThessISMUN 2014? This year’s ThessIS has been an indisputable success. The Committees worked smoothly and the Board was excellent. I am looking forward to seeing all the Resolutions released at the Closing Plenary Session of the General Assembly with the presence of Thessaloniki’s Mayor, Yannis Boutaris. What do you think of the new Committees added to ThessISMUN 2014 as well as the already existed ones? The International Court of Justice was just Excellent! The Board is of the higher standards. Most of them participated in Moot Court Competitions and everything run according to plan. The Assembly of the European Regions was also an undeniable success. Furthermore, I am particularly fond of the North Atlantic Council’s debates. The Crisis that occurred at the Security Council were demanding and mindful. The Crisis Committee hasdone a wonderful work. (Cont. Page 2)

ThessISMUN Daily News

Sunday, 27th of April -13th Year- #4

ThessISMUN 2014 Daily News

The official newspaper of ThessISMUN 2014

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Dear ThessISMUNers,

Chers ThessISMUNers,

This is our last issue! I hope that you liked all the previous ones and that you will adore our final issue as much as I do. I prepared it especially for you and I have carefully selected the pictures all by one. Of course, I owe a great Thank you to Dr. Perraki who trusted me, to Stefanos Katsoulis who has been in charge of everything and, last but not least to all my beloved journalists. Anastasia, Zeta, Eleftheria, Markella, Theano, Evelyna, Chris, Panagiotis, Alexandra and Ada, I really love you. Without you I couldn’t have made it.

C'est notre dernier numéro! J'espère que vous avez aimé tous les précédents et que vous allez adorer les plus ce dérnier! Je l‘ ai préparé spécialement pour vous et j‘ ai sélectionné les photos avec attention. Bien sûr, je dois remercier M. Perraki qui m‘ a fait confiance, Stefanos Katsoulis qui a été en charge de tout et tous mes bienaimés journalistes; Anastasia, Zeta, Eleftheria, Markella, Théano, Evelyna, Chris, Panagiotis, Alexandra et Ada, je vous aime vraiment. Sans vous, je n'aurais pas pu faire ce journal.

Regards, Yiota

Cordialement, Yiota

Interview with Dr Perraki II Can you give us a hint of next year’s Committees? Next year we will simulate UNESCO, the AER will be our new French speaking Committee and we will introduce a new one regarding the rights of people with disabilities. Last but not least, we will present the International Law Commission on the topic of the progressive development of International law and its codification.

Sunday, 27th of April -13th Year- #4

University of Macedonia

Interview with Dr Perraki III Could you comment on the flower game? We managed to offer 1150 flowers and raise more than 600 Euros that go straight to charity. Any final words for this interview: I would like to thank the members of the Secretariat and the Board that make ThessISMUN 2014 possible. All the delegates that keep coming and of course our sponsors for their financial support. The Ex-Way This year we had the chance to meet some Ex-members of the Secretariat that, even not participating in ThessISMUN 2014 in an active way, they keep a special place in our hearts. ThessIS Daily posed four different questions and it remains to you to read all the answers given! The questions: 1. Which are your views on ThessISMUN 2014? 2. Is there a moment that you would never forget throughout your MUN career? 3. Any prediction for next year’s ThessISMUN?

Nikos Manaras Secretary General 2005

Vasilios Siaperas President of the GA 2005


1. 2. 3.



A great MUN, congratulations. ThessISMUN2005 as SG, where I met my wife, TEIMUN 2009 as SG. I’m sure that ThessIS is getting better and better!

Great work, well done! TEIMUN 2007 as SG. ThessIS will surprise us for one more time!

Sunday, 27th of April -13th Year- #4

ThessISMUN 2014 Daily News

Getting International This year 16 European Universities take part in ThessISMUN 2014. We met some of those international delegates and we asked them a couple of questions about the conference. Take a look at their stories and their selfies!

Name: Niklas M체ller-Hipper Country: Germany Age: 21 University: University of Eichst채tt-Ingolstadt Delegation: Ecosoc, Togo What do you think about ThessISMUN 2014? I believe ThessISMUN is a great opportunity to meet new people and to practice your English. Would you come to a future ThessISMUN? After a while maybe. I would like to participate in other MUNs too.

Name: Alessandra Sumic Country: Serbia Age: 21 University: University of Novi Sad Delegation: AER, Norway What do you think about ThessISMUN 2014? I'm a first timer in MUNs and I'm very impressed by ThessISMUN. I find the debates very productive and useful. It's a great experience! Would you come to a future ThessISMUN? Sure! From now on, I'm planning to attend as many MUNs as I can. I'm looking forward for next year's ThessISMUN.

Name: Idil Birben Country: Turkey Age: 21 University: Yeditepe University Delegation: Czech Republic What do you think about ThessISMUN 2014? It is my second time in ThessISMUN and I believe every year it gets better and better. The committees, the social events and the people are great. In one word, it's just awesome! Would you come to a future ThessISMUN? Of course! I will come next year and the year after that! Name: Umut Kucuk Country: Turkey Age: 20 University: Yeditepe University Delegation: The Netherlands What do you think about ThessISMUN 2014? It's just lovely! Furthermore, I adore Greek girls. They all look like Aphrodite to me! Would you come to a future ThessISMUN? Yes! Of course I would. I have to admit I'm not a professional MUNer but I like it.

3. Feed all the hungry Delegates at the Welcome Dinner!

1. Press Conference before the Opening Ceremony

2. Folklore Greek Dances at the Welcome Dinner

6. Selfies are in order; Ms Perraki and Ex members of the Secretariat

4. Their Excellencies the Honorable Members of the Secretariat

5. Guess who?

7. Dr. Goussios, the Head-Editor and the Vice-Chair of Ecofin together with delegates

Be aware of the “gavel”!

The AER fruitful Debate Editor, Take care, while eating!

Hector and… his journalist!

The lift… is our new meeting place! Les fleurs du Committé Français!

Motion to adjourn the meeting…

Make your notes public #theaussieway

“Successful Flower Game” Lift… meeting point even for the Board!

Captured Casper on camera!

Talk to the Hand!

Linear A or B?

First thing in the morning!

Our Disney Princess…

Oh, mon Dieu!

It’s Party Time

ThessISMUN Daily News Issue4  
ThessISMUN Daily News Issue4  

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