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Yin Yuan --- Short Film Treatment Jason was a police officer, and Ben was a robber. With a mask, Ben took Cathy, Jason’s girlfriend hostage. By the time Jason got to the crime scene, he found that Ben seized his girlfriend and was swollen with indignation. Cathy felt scared and nervous, and she shouted to Jason for help. Jason tried to negotiate with Ben. Ben shouted that if the police put their guns down and let him go, he would release the hostage. Jason slowly put down his gun. Suddenly another police officer who stood behind Jason fired a shot at Ben. Ben thought Jason was the one shot him. Ben felt frightened and abruptly shot back… Jason was shot in the head. He was falling in a pool of blood. Ben had escaped. When he took off his mask he found a necklace twisted in his gloves… Ben had a congenital heart disease. After the robbery without caught, he was having another heart attack. He went to the doctor and needed a heart operation. After the heart operation, he always came out something from his mind. He thought about a girl all the time who he didn’t know before. One day when he was driving, he felt dizzy and a thought flashed about the girl again. He drove slowly and stopped when he saw a flower shop. He found that the host of the flower ship was the girl he was in love with. She was always on his mind. Ben went close to the flower shop and stood outside of the window. Suddenly, he felt his heart hurts was in pain again. The girl saw him, carried him sat in the shop and brought the hot water for him. Ben tried to ask the girl that did she know him before, but the girl said she didn’t know him and never see him before. Ben looked around in the flower shop and saw some photos which were the girl with his boyfriend, who was --- Jason. The girl was Cathy, who was the one he took hostage before. Ben suddenly remembered something. He went back and tried to find the necklace. The shape of the necklace was a heart, and there were 2 small photos in the necklace, who were Jason and Cathy… After shot by Ben, Jason turned into a vegetable. Before he died after 2 years, Cathy signed the document which said Jason willing to donate his heart. Ben went to the hospital and asked the doctor. He was doubt that whether the one who donate the heart for him was Jason. After checking the records, he found out that the heart he had was Jason’s. He felt sadness and guilt because he killed Cathy’s boyfriend. He wanted to tell Cathy about the truth but he found it difficult to bring the matter up. Ben left the necklace with a piece of letter in front of the flower shop and never came back…

1 EXT.



Ben took Cathy hostage, and he was surrounded by groups of police who carried the guns. By the time Jason got to the crime scene, he tried to negotiate with Ben. Cathy was shouted to Jason for help. CATHY (See Jason is coming and yelling) Jason!!! I’m here!! Help me!! JASON (Collect his faculties and shouted to Ben) You are completely surrounded. Put down your weapon and free the hostage! BEN (Shouted) Let them lay down the guns, set me free. I’ll release her! If you want to shot me, let’s perish together! JASON (Slowly put down the gun and shouted) Ok! Don’t shot, I’ll put the gun down. At this time, suddenly, another police officer who stands behind Jason shot a fire to Ben. But it’s hasn’t shot on Ben, its shot right on the iron-gate behind him and make a screeching noise. Because of the police officer is standing right behind Jason, Be thought Jason is shooting him.

BEN You are dead meat! Ben feels frightened. He shot a fire to Jason and began a sweep shot. Jason is shot in the head and is falling in a pool of blood. Jason was surrounded by the police and it’s get into a panic. To take advantage of the panic, Ben let Cathy go, get into his accomplice’s car and escaped. Ben sit in the car, sigh with a relief. He takes off his mask and finds a necklace twist in his gloves. He put it into his pocket. CATHY (Yelling and run over to Jason) Jason, Jason, look at me, don’t close your eyes. Jason, are you ok? Can you hear me?





Jason was send into the hospital but the bullet was in his head, the doctors try their best to salvage him, but the best result is a vegetable. After 2 years, Cathy finally let Jason get the euthanasia and also signed a document which said Jason willing to donate his heart. CATHY (Crying) Jason, I’ll let you go. Wait for me in the paradise.

3 INT.



Ben and his underlings are chatting, suddenly, he feels the heart hurts was in pain again. His underlings would send him to the hospital. BOB (BEN’S UNDERLING) BEN, are you ok? BEN (Seal his heart) I’m ok, just the heart disease. BOB Let me drive you to the hospital, you should check your body.




The doctor is talking about the heart operation with Ben. BEN Are there any other therapies to cure the disease? Do I really need do the operation? I’m aware about the risks… DOCTOR There is no other ways for your disease, and the medicines only can control the hurts for a very short time. As long as you stop taking the medicine, you will have an attack of illness again. The medicines are having strong side effects. In my opinion, you’d better take the operation. BEN (Sigh)

Ok, please schedule the operation time for me. DOCTOR Take some rest these days, well preparing for the operation. When the operation time comes out, we will contact you.

5 EXT.



After the operation, a girl’s image always comes on Ben’s mind. The girl’s appearance is familiar but he just cannot remember it. Every time when the girl comes into his mind, he feels a headache. He drives along the street, and see a flower shop. A girl is in the shop, Ben walks close to the shop, stand in front of the window and suddenly the heart hurts again. CATHY (See Ben, goes out of the flower shop and carries him) Sir, are you ok? Are you feeling uncomfortable? Have a rest inside. Cathy brings a glass of hot water to Ben and sits near him. BEN (Sitting in the flower shop) I’m sorry, can I ask you a question? Did I know you before? Your face is always on my mind. CATHY I’m sorry, I cannot remember you. I think I never see you before. Are you mistaken the identity?

BEN No, I think I saw you before, your face is so familiar for me… Ben looks around the flower shop and see some photos put on the table. BEN Who’s this guy? Your boyfriend? CATHY (Sigh) Yes, he was a police officer. He was sacrificed in a robbery when he was catching the robber. Ben suddenly remembers something. The guy’s face is also familiar for him. He tries to hide his emotions in front of Cathy, but he just cannot stop asking. BEN When did the robbery happen? CATHY 2 years ago. BEN Did you see in the robbery? CATHY Unfortunately, I was the hostage. He tried to save me but the robber shoots a fire in his head. BEN That’s sad. I’m sorry…

Ben suddenly realized that probably the girl was the one he took hostage and her boyfriend was the one he shoots in the robbery 2 years ago‌

Reflection At first I thought this assignment would very hard for me because I couldn’t came out a good idea for the story. Most of the stories I heard before was stereotyped romantic story or the soap operas. Because I don’t want to write this kind of story again, so I spend most of time on thinking about the story’s topic. When I came out the idea of the story, I feel like I find the breakthrough point. I can create the scenes one by one in my mind. I began to relate the scenes together as an attractive story. During the process of writing the dialogues, the problems came out. Firstly, i found that I cannot better express my emotions for the roles. I think if I add more details on mental activities for the roles, the story should be more attractive. I try to add some emotions during the dialogues between the roles and which let it seem better than before. The activities and mental activities made the conversation more vividly and I think it would attract the readers. Secondly, I can think about all the emotions and activities in Chinese but I don’t know how to translate them best into English. I think I still need improve my English a lot so that I can express all i want to say better. I think I learned a lot from this assignment. It let me first get to know how to write a story and the details between the roles and scenes. Although there are problems during the process of thinking and creating, but I still appreciate the chance to know something useful.

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Unit One Project  

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