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The fir Dante were th produc of a co laboration be tween two ex ceptio al artists: Giovan ni Marder [1] steig aer, printboo and typefac designer of re markable skill an taste, and Charles [2 Malin one of the gre punchF INDING A H IDDEN G EM

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†‡ †‡ The first were the Dante product of a colwere the prodlaboration beuct of a collabo◊◊ two tween two exration between exceptional ceptional artists artists: GiovanGiovanni [1], a ni Mardersteig printer, book and typeface design¤ er of remarkable an and taste, [2] ¤skill and Charles MaCharles Malin , [2] lin , one of the one of the great great punch-cutpunch-cutters of ters of the 20th the 20th century. century. ‰ ‰ “ There are millions of gems hidden in the world.”



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“Look at this one, it has 6 styles and in different sizes.�

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“Take a closer look.”

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the produc boration between two e onal artists: Giovanni rsteig[1], a printer, book ce designer of remarkabl ste, and Charles Malin[2], great punch-cutters of t

tional artists: Giovanni rdersteig[1], a printer, book eface designer of remarkabl d taste, and Charles Malin[2] the great punch-cutters of t h century. “ Here is something about it: � It was created by Giovanni Mardersteig[1], a printer, book and typeface designer of remarkable skill and taste, and Charles Malin[2], one of the great punchcutters of the 20th century. [1] Mardersteig was born in 1892. While still a young man he developed a keen interest in the typefaces and printing of Giambattista Bodoni. The punches and matrices for Bodoni’s original types had been preserved, and Mardersteig obtained permission to use them. [2] Charles Malin cut replacements for some of these original punches; later he cut punches for nearly all the new typefaces Mardersteig designed.

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“ The gem is:


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• “ To know more about Dante

or find more hidden gems@”

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Finding A Hidden Gem Dante  
Finding A Hidden Gem Dante  

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