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Hi, I'm Yin Xu. Architecture learning is the complex perceptual and rational synthesis. It lies in both sensitive logical thinking and strong capability in refining all kinds of measurement inside the architectures and aesthetic feelings and understandings towards figurative shapes and pattern construction.

resume Design is about that middleground between the concrete world and the world of our experience. There is a point at which architecture is not limited to design by function, but delivers itself as the way we humans understand a sense of logic and define it by innate perceptions.

This book is a series of architecture projects which I used to do at the school of architecture. It shows my transferable skills, and meanwile records my personal development.


cubic village

factory - library

city public library

research center

cubic village

This project is to build a village to meet the modern lifestyle which include the fundamental function for the location residentials. The village includes residential units and public buildings. The design is divided into two steps. Firstly, design single residential units and public buildings. Secondly, try to combine them together into a village to fit the site's different height. So I design a big steps to gather all the compenents together.

Dwelling House No.1

Dwelling House No.2

Dwelling House No.3



incision for gray space

going up

incision for gray space

going down

two 8 × 8 mix

Residential units

incision for gray space

central activity center



8 × 8 cafe

incision for terrace

stairs & lift

15 × 15 box

incision for terrace

stairs & lift

administration center

Public buildings

flip the box

Group A activity view privacy

Materials of buildings

Materials used in contruction of the new villa

Group B privacy

Group C view privacy


age are mostly local.

steel pipe


stone block

hot spring water

plate glass


I intend to build a village with a variety of activities and functions which can easily meet the requirments of people in a new time for both resort and residential needs. Beacuse of the different elevations, it provides a great views for the residentials in the village.



Phase 1 Main road

Keep the truss & pillar

Original building

Interspace Phase 2


Phase 3 Major volume

Build the new volume

Contruct the circulation

Circulation Phase 4

original structure

new-built structure

ventilation chimneies

This project require to reconstruct an old factory into a brand new library. The idea is to make a connection between the two old factories. In case to save the budget, I remain the structures of the old factories, and add new facades to meet the require of sustainability. While keeping the original structure of the building, I add another set of structure systen as the real support system of the new library. The original structure is not loading bearing. The ventilation chimneies is at the center of the buildings.

center space

accessorial space

public space

I divide the original building into several parts. The first is the core function of the library, including reading room, circulation table and stack room. The second is the accessorial space such as cafe and office. The third is public space such as the hall, atrium and outdoor garden. The traffic system mainly consists of natural lighting corridor in the buildings and the crossbinding which could connect each. The stairs are used to make sure the circulation system is fluent and convenient.

main corridors

cross binding

stairs & ramps





public library

This project is a public library located in a new district of a city, in order to satified the development of the city. The building is consist of archies, library and exhibition. The idea is to seperate the building into different boxes, and make them connect with each other.

Function The extended belt-type block could get more sunlight

Empty the central part of the building to increase ventilation

Courtyard space

Archives low light require, put it on the west top part of the building


hight l on the buildin

Reading space

light require, put it east top part of the ng

Book store close to the hall and exhibtion due to the large amout of people

Office three different pars of the building require individual office space

Exhibition c r o s s l a y e r, g a l l e r y a n d o u td o o r s p a c e a s exhibition space

Tea space close to reading space to provide rest space for people

Characteristic component This component is used on the west wall of the reading room. The light is diffuse reflected before coming indoor space.

Try to make the new library become a public community space for people to rest, read and work. Try to find a balance between the divided blocks.

research center

This project is located on Pigeon Key, a small island on South Florida. The island is used to as a sea rescue and research station. The main concern about design a building in this site is about facing sea level rise when storm comes. The concept is to make the building itself become a indepent system in this isolate island.


water tower

ve r t i c a l ax i s wind turbine

soilless cultivation

scale line




Waffle slab

wire-tray steel reinforcement

ventilation pipes


outdoor hot air

concrete topping

isolation layer


indoor air

This diagram shows the sun chart data located in Pigeon Key. T h e re d p o i n t s m e a n t h e w a r m / h o t temperature above 80 F. (Shade needed) The yellow points mean the comfort temperature above 68 F. (Shade helps) T h e b l u e p o i nt s m e a n t h e co o l /co l d temperature below 68 F. (Sun needed) The idea is let solar panels aborb sunlight in a maximum efficiency way. So we divide the data into many equal boxes and extrude them base on the color. After that we find the divide curve we want that could be used in the shape

divide curve

of the solar panels.

divide curve north



south east south east/south

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