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spring festival By Yining Zhang



Monster named Xi likes to eat people, especially on Chinese New Year’s Eve. Old lady Amy, her husband and children were eaten by the monster. Old lady Bella, comes to help Amy to fight with the monster. Cindy and Dina are Amy’s neighbors.Cindy and Dina are talking to one another in village. CINDY Tomorrow is Chinese New Year’s Eve! DINA Oh, my god! It’s Chinese New Year’s Eve again. We must run away today or we will be eaten by the terrible monster. CINDY Yes, I remember it comes to the village every year. And eat all the people. DINA That’s terrible!Old lady Amy’s husband and children were eaten by the monster last year. CINDY Oh, that poor lady who lost her family. She must be very sad. We must tell her to run away with us. DINA Yes, don’t let the tragedy happen again. Cindy and Dina Run to the old lady Amy’s home. CINDY Yes, take your baggage and go with us. Hurry up, we have no time to waste. AMY No, I want to stay here. CINDY Why? AMY I want to fight with the monster!It killed my family. I need to take revenge on it. (CONTINUED)



CINDY No, No, No, it’s not safe. DINA You won’t win by yourself! And you will be eaten, too. You must go with us! AMY I’m too old, and I don’t want to keep living without my family. I must kill it before I die. CINDY You are a crazy woman. Just suit yourself. Cindy and Dina run away. 2 INT. AMY’S HOME - NOON


Old lady Amy is cooking dumplings. Old lady Bella is knocking at the door. BELLA Anyone home? Amy open the door. surprise. AMY What are you doing here? You must run away with the other neighbors or you will be eaten by the monster. BELLA I’m too hungry to run. Can you please give me something to eat? AMY All right! Bella is eating dumplings. BELLA Why don’t you run away like everyone else? AMY I want to kill the monster because it ate my husband and children.




BELLA But it is too difficult. dangerous for you!


AMY I don’t care. BELLA Do you have any method to deal with it? AMY Um, I don’t know. BELLA In order to thank you for giving me this food, I can teach you how to kill the monster. AMY Really? How? BELLA Well, I know the monster is afraid of the color red and loud noise. So we can stick some red papers on the door and make loud noise to frighten it away. AMY So what are we waiting for? Let’s do it now. BELLA You are right! It’s getting darker and darker outside. 3 EXT. OUTSIDE AMY’S HOME - EVENING MONSTER Ha!Ha!Ha! After one year of sleeping, I’m very hungry now. It’s time for me to eat a lot of people. Ha! Ha! Ha! It’s too bad that everybody runs away. Oh, there is a light in that house, there must be people in it. Knocking on the door.




MONSTER Anybody home? I won’t hurt you, just open the door. When it sees the red paper on the door. MONSTER Oh, my god, it’s the color red, I’m afraid of it. Stay away from me. Amy and Bella Open the door, and they are wearing red clothes. AMY You bad monster. Now it’s your turn to feel afraid. They beat drums and strike gongs. MONSTER Oh, my god~ I can’t take it anymore. Please forgive me. AMY You ate all my family. How can I forgive you? MONSTER I’m sorry. I will do anything you say if you only let me go. BELLA I think the monster feels very sorry now. MONSTER Yes, I ‘m so sorry. AMY Well, if you go away and never come back, I will forgive you. BELLA Yes, and never eat people anymore. MONSTER OK, I promise you I will never eat people and never come here again. They stop beating drums and striking gongs. The monster runs away and never comes back anymore.


4 INT. AMY HOME - MORNING Amy, Bella, Cindy and Dina are talking in Amy’s home. CINDY How did you do it? AMY Bella told me the monster is afraid of the color red and loud noises. DINA Wow! How do you know this?


BELLA Actually, I’m a fairy. I’m here to help you fight the monster. DINA Oh, thank you. You really did us a big favor BELLA You’re welcome. Now you don’t have to be afraid of this monster anymore. Everyone is happy and clapping their hands.


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