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WELCOME Welcome to the first issue of Solo Magazine-the magazine that is all about life as a student and how you can make the most of everything university life has to offer. Solo Magazine wants each and every student to take example of this beautiful leopard, as leopards are a the perfect symbol of something that is individualistic yet very caring and highly social. Therefore I hope that whilst you all remain to be your own person, you should never forget to go out meet people and have the best years of your life. Best wishes from the Solo team.

Diana our very own fashionista catering for our fashion needs Yingliang is the one and only travel guru of Solo magazine

Lewshun-Witer of Mystery, Horoscopes and Chinese zodiacs, ask him about the future!

Aby likes games and films so much she writes about it

James the man for the hard questions on everything to do with education or jobs

Lakhy is our lady of finance and money matters, its all about the money with her

27 - Entertainment

C on t en t s De ce m be r 2011 Is sue 1 5 - Is Higher Educ atio n Right For Yo u ? An article about addressing your concerns about going to university.

11 - Winter Fashion Guide ď ’Tis the season to shop! A guide to Winter fashion trends with a selection of high street choices.

17 - Es ca pe Fro m Bo r ing L ife Read about an exciting cycling experience in the Cotswolds

23 - Money Money Money A guide to university finance and budgeting

Latest computer games and film reviews

35 - Chinese Zodiac Understand your inner energy.

If youre reading this magazine, t that youre interested in, or have a about, progressing your e university. However, li situation, youre p of doubt a with excitement a



then it is probably safe to say at least thought at some length education through going to ike many people in this probably as full as you are and enthusiasm.



Worries about university Though a lot of people who have graduated from university say things about their time at university like “university was the best time of my life”, it's a definite truth that almost everyone feels somewhat worried before university for a number of reasons: the complete change of environment, the cost of going to university, and the intellectual challenge posed, amongst other things. There's no doubt that all of these are, of course, legitimate worries. But it is worth knowing that almost every first year is in the same situation – moving into a completely new environment with new people; and – with regards to financial worries – financial support from the government is available for people going into higher education: information about this can be found on the University and Higher Education section of the website:

Benefits – will university benefit you in the long run? Obviously, one good reason to go to university is to take advantage of the many benefits provided by going into higher education – but it is worth looking at whether these benefits are relevant and applicable to what you actually want to do with your life in the future.

This web address contains a wealth of information regarding what financial help is available and how you can apply for it, alongside a number of articles with helpful information about other aspects of student life and about the choices involved in moving into higher education. The most obvious of the beneficial elements of a university education revolve around career opportunities that are open for university graduates. As well as providing the skills necessary for a number of specific career paths – examples including medicine, journalism, education, and law – a university degree course also provides and strengthens a variety of more general skills that are highly valued by almost any employer – such as the ability to manage your time and meet deadlines, independent thinking and research skills, and problem-solving skills.


So whether or not youre sure of what you want to do in the future, a university education can provide you with a number of skills that can help you both on your way to accomplishing your ambitions, and on your way to realising what those ambitions may be.

The university experience Though higher education is undoubtedly beneficial to future career prospects, that is by no means the only reason that you should consider the pursuit of a university education. When people make claims like “my years at university were the best years of my life”, or “university is such a great experience”, they are talking about the unique cultural and social experience that university provides. With people coming from all around the country, and also from all around the world, to universities, it is near impossible not to graduate without having met a wide range of different and interesting people. As well as meeting new and interesting people, university also provides the opportunity to indulge in a huge variety of new cultural experiences. Student union societies cater for a massive range of tastes, with many societies covering diverse interests like film, dance, Tae Kwon Do, creative writing, music, mountaineering, and politics, amongst many others.


Alternatives to university Of course, university isn't for everyone; and if the idea of going to university doesn't appeal to you or you don't feel that it is really relevant to what you want to do in the future, then you shouldn't feel like you should still have to go. There are a huge number of alternatives to going to university. To begin with, probably the most well-known of these alternatives is the apprenticeship – this would be of great benefit if you're interested in going into a particular trade, as you learn the skills of the specific job alongside experienced professionals while also getting practical working experience and earning a modest wage. Employers in your chosen field will find your newly learnt specific skills valuable, and additionally appreciate how – as an apprentice – you will be balancing your practical work experience with studying for work-based qualifications. One of the other popular alternatives to going to university – which is ideal for anyone who is still somewhat undecided – is the gap year. Far from being just a waste of time, the gap year can be a valuable life experience. Through travelling, you can immerse yourself in new cultures and broaden you horizon; and there are a number of volunteering programmes that allow you to volunteer and help the less fortunate, which – as well as being a beneficial life experience – also looks great on a CV. As well as these two popular alternatives, there are also a plethora of other decisions you could make for your future, from entering directly into the world of work to pursuing higher education more flexibly and from home via the Open University. If you're interested in looking into any of these in further detail, the website provides a number of advisory articles about these many alternatives.


Conclusion Hopefully, this article will have answered any questions you may have had about university or university life in general; or at least proved useful in helping you to make a decision as to which of the many paths you would like to take in order to progress in your future life. If you are still a bit unsure, then it is worth remembering that there are a number of other places from which you can get assistance and answers – various online resources are helpful, as well as people who have had to make such decisions in their own lives.


Available to all students from 12th December to 12th January 2012. Code:427gbkstu10

Winter fashion guide. By Ankunda Diana.

The fashion cycle continues and now its time to figure out what to buy for the coming months. Whether you have an initial plan on what you need or how much you are going to spend on new season wares; this guide will help you sort that winter shop student style, we guarantee. The Coat. After the heavy aviation themes from last year, the fashion gods that be, have allowed us to move onto a much more clean aesthetic this season. In your local high street you will find a much more fitted trend in coats that you can recycle through the years. Well taken care of course. The Bag. The It bag has come and gone but no less a requirement is the right bag. The right bag can save you from the what was she/he thinking list to where did you get that bag conversation. The breakdown; the proenza schouler PS1 bag in all its “reincarnations” is suitable for cool boys and girls alike, phew! Give the old timer (basic black bag) a reprieve, and go for that bag you cant keep your eyes off in the store, even if its too trendy. Its a new semester youre a new person! Shoes.

Lovely lovely shoes…. All shapes, colours and sizes. This is not a politically correct seminar but they do have all kinds this season. Here is what will work: the ankle boot hasnt seen its hay day yet and might surprise you how handy it is, you can pick out the ones you already have in your closet or pick up a new pair in a gorgeous colour; they could be just the item to cheer you up on a cold winter morning. Who wouldnt wake up to wear new red ankle boots even if you had to attend an early lecture? Knee length boots cant also be denied when paired with jeans or a skirt at the right length. Accessories. All the cliches about making or breaking an outfit are true. You are your own personal canvas to dress as you please. A French girl, gypsy, tribal, hipster, military, and woman on top or bottom the possibilities for creativity are endless. Coco Chanel said when accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on. Rules are made to be broken but youve been warned. Ocassionwear. The little black dress will more than do, guaranteed its spruced up, see acessories. Metallics worn as separates look minimalist & classy. As for hats, a stylish russian snow hat will make heads turn. 12


Zara £150

French Connection £200



H&M for Versace £50

New look £33



New look £25

New look £22.99

TopShop £50

Guess £100

asos £100

Edit or ’s f

Proenza Schouler £849

Mango £42.99

H&M for Versace £500

asos £60


Erickson Beamon for Debenhams£16

asos £50 14


Escape from Boring Life My cycling experience in the Cotswolds Pics &Words by Yingliang Zhang

This Picture can be seen in :



knew I needed to go travelling for a couple

of days during the Easter holiday. I couldnt stand to live such a monotonous life, doing endless tasks for such a long time. I was looking forward to breathing fresh air and going to a totally new place. I'd bought a mountain bike and left it downstairs for months without using it. I had dreamt of cycling in Britain on holiday. However, on the day before our departure, my friend told me that he -couldnt go with me. I felt so sad, since we had planned to go together. I have never had any experience of cycling in the U.K, can I make it? I'm not sure. But I want to escape this boring life, which is a good reason for me to go, even alone. I didnt plan well before departure. The only book I referred to was “Cycling Britain” published by Lonely Planet. The route I chose was from Oxford to Stratford-upon-Avon, which is called “Cotswolds” in the book. I was attracted by the description of the Cotswolds in the book I only took some clothes, my passport, guide book and credit card. I packed them into a bag suitable for cycling. I still remember the morning I left campus and cycled alone to the railway station, nervous but excited. The first day I ar-


“The Cotswold is England at its most persistently quaint and subtly well-to-do. Little changed for hundreds of years, the wool merchants of the area amassed great wealth in the Middle Ages and today the rolling hills are awash with exquisite almshouses, implausibly quaint cottages, ancient inns and grand stately homes” Cited from “Cycling Britain”

Oxford is a little city but has such a long history. I enjoyed travelling around this ancient city by bike. It took me three days to cycle from Oxford to Stratford, one day longer than I'd planned. There were a lot of hills on the way, so I couldnt cycle for 80km a day as I had done in China. It's reasonable to cycle around 40 km a day, then you can take some breaks during the trip. I don't like to cycle alone at night. So I planned to arrive at Stratford on my second day. But when I found it out I would arrive late, I chose to give up my plan and stay in Stowstead.

I also tried to prepare food well before leaving, because it might be difficult to buy when you need it. The situation will be worse when you feel hungry, lack of energy and not being able to get any food. Also, I like to eat surrounded by a pleasant scenery. Obviously, if you have lots of food in your cycling bag, you will have many opportunities to enjoy your food! First day trip was from Oxford to Cirencester. It took me almost 10 hours to cycle that 74 km. In the afternoon, I felt cold and the wind blew with a light rain. What's worse, the name of the villages were not the same as on the “Lonely Planet” guide. I had to always ask people for directions. The next day, I bought a map of the Cotswolds from a local book shop, which helped me a lot in the following trip. The map clearly showed the name, attractions and the location of the youth hostel. I stayed in Stow on my second day of travelling. In the hostel of Stow, I met a 75 year old man, who was also on a cycling trip. He said he liked cycling when he was young and had cycled throughout Europe. He looked younger than his age. Whats more, he has a passion in life. The route of the third day was from Stow to Stratford-upon-Avon. I enjoyed the final day of the cycling trip a lot,because the weather was so good that you could

just wear a T-shirt and the scenery on the way was so beautiful. In addition, I started to miss my family, I really hope they can come to visit me and stay for a couple of weeks, because my parents are the only ones who I can completely believe in and rely on in this world. I found that British people are very friendly and helpful. They always lend me a hand whenever I needed it: An old man picked up my lost glove and give it back to me, innumerable strangers showed me the right way to go…

Top left: The Village of Burton on the Hill Top middle: Country road of Warwick Top right: The map of Cotswold Left: Avon River


Oxford: The famous university town was established in the 12th Century. The First three colleges are Balliol, Merton and University. Others have been established at a rate of three a century. I like the exquisite architecture and the town's riverside view. Minster Lovell Hall: An impressive 15th-century manor house in Oxfordshire, which now stands in ruins. Although it has been destroyed, it still retains considerable beauty and majesty in its ruined frame.

Villages of Eynsham & Witney: This ancient hill country with its toffee-coloured limestone villages and sheep dotting the verdant landscape is chocolate-box Britannia, an understated vision of England many city-dwellers never see. Cycling amongst the houses, river and brick bridges made me feel like Iď “m in the picture. I felt peaceful and relaxed when I cycled there.

Stratford-upon-Avon: I stayed in Stratford-upon-

Avon for two days, visiting a lot of places there. Stratford-upon-Avon is the birthplace of William Shakespeare and the house where Shakespeare lived has been well preserved for centuries. The family of Shakespeare was not rich and his father was a gloves maker. His father had a glove making shop which was facing the high street. I think it offered Shakespeare a good opportunity to mix with different types of people in his childhood and had a positive impact in his play writing. he life of Shakespeare is admirable. He married Anne Hathaway when he was 18.

They had their daughter, Susanna and twin, Hamnet and Judith . What's more, writing made Shakespeare rich, certainly better off than most playwrights of his day and bought a share in the theatre his company used and a country house in his home-town, which became famous because of him. Shakespeare is buried at Holy Trinity Church, which is located close to the side of the Avon River. The 13th century church has colourful glass windows and a gloomy interior. Then I went to the house which belonged to Shakespeareď “s son- in-law, who was a doctor. The house is big and has a beautiful garden.


Useful Links Guide Book “Cycling Britian”, published by Lonely Planet, 2009

BBC Weather Guide Book

Train Ticket

Hostel Oxford YHA Hostel Stratford upon Avon YHA Youth Hostel Stow on the Wold Hostel

The man who I met Stow hostel was 70 years old. He travelled Erurope and Russia by bike. He said he very renjoy the life on the way





Your all to know guide about Univeristy finance.

Star ting University? Excited? Ner vous?

Wo r r i e d a b o u t money?


f you’re starting university, there may be a million things to tick off on your to do list. However, before anything; FINANCE should be at the top. With University fee’s soaring up next year, it is plausible to say that going to University is going to be very costly. It is important to understand how to manage your money, and how to spend wisely.

There are 3 types of funding which are available through student finance :

1. Tuition Free Loan


* Help pay for your tuition fees

* Paid straight to your University (so you don’t have to play the middle man)

Student Finance is a suppor t

* Students who applied to University before

ser vice aimed especially at

2012, will be charged £3,375

University students. This suppor t ser vice is government funded, and only after you graduate and earn £15,000 or more; students who star t in September 2012 won’t have to pay back until they earn £21,000. 23

* Students, who wish to study in 2012/2013, will be charged a lot greater, depending on the institution.

2. The Maintenance Grant * The Maintenance Grant does NOT need to be paid back. Mainly for students who have a household income less then £50,020 * A maximum of £2,906 is available if your household income is LESS then £25,000.

3. Tuition fee loan and Maintenance Loan * Does not have to be paid back until you earn ÂŁ15,000 or more.

1) Budget Sheet

Prepare a budget sheet, and write down how much you spend and where you spend it. This will give you an eye * For students starting in 2012/2013, will not have to opener of how much you spend weekly.

pay until you earn ÂŁ21,000.

2) Set Amount Allow yourself to spend a certain amount weekly. Let this be the same every week. With your budget see how much you have spent, whether you have gone past your amount or spent less.

BUDGeTING Here are a few tips to help you MANAGE your money.

It is important to MANAGE your money. Many students after the END of semester begin to feel the STRAIN in their wallet.

3) Learn How to Cook Ordering in adds up. By cooking not only can you have food, but you can try new recipes, becoming your own master chef. Ordering in adds up. By cooking not only can you have food, but you can try new recipes, becoming your own master chef. Ordering in adds up. By cooking not only can you have food, but you can try new recipes, becoming your own master chef.

4) Student Discounts There are so many offers for students. Discounts are everywhere; you'd be silly not to take advantage of them. If you love shopping NUS is definitely the one to grab, giving you 10% off high street stores. Railcard is another great bargain, which saves you money when traveling on trains. There are also great website which offer discounts such as,

5) Debt Many students fall into debt. Careful planning is important however; if you ever find yourself needing that extra cash, student overdrafts are not a bad idea. Try and get an overdraft which is interest free, compare banks, research, and see which banks offer the best overdraft suited to you.


Bank Accounts

Scholarships & Bursaries

If you’re starting University, the idea of controlling your own money may be scary. Having the right bank account which offers you the flexibility with little cost is vital. Here are a few things you should think about: 1. Does the bank account come with an overdraft? 2. If so, is it overdraft interest free and how long will it stay interest-free? 3. How long can the account be open for? 4. Are there any special requirements in order to get the bank account? 5. Are there any freebies that come with the account? 6. Will the bank charge for any other requirements?

Here are some useful websites to give you a guiding hand:

25 ver%20accounts

With the rise in tuition fees, going to University may not appear the best option finically. However, the government has allowed more opportunity for scholarships and bursaries. Many are never heard of, and a lot of research is required, however they are financially beneficial.

What is a Scholarship? Many hear of scholarships, but may not understand what it is, and how to obtain one. A scholarship is a financial reward given to students who have done academically well.

What is a Bursary? A bursary is also a financial reward which is given by either an academic institution or a company.

Both are normally given with a student grant or loan. Many students don’t bother looking into scholarships or bursaries as they are quite rare, however it does not mean it is not attainable. Many local authorities also offer small bursaries, which can be found by researching and getting in contact with your local council. There are also websites which can offer help such as ‘Scholarship Search’, which helps students receive the most funds possible to them.

Financially Stressed? HSBC Student and Graduate Accounts 2% AER Variable Credit Interest on the first £1,000 in your Student Bank Account Up to £3,000 interest-free overdraft Guaranteed £500 interest-free overdraft at account opening No overdraft Arrangement Fees 25% off Lonely Planet travel guides








I recently found the time to finally watch the live-action movie version of GANTZ (starring Kazunari Ninomiya & Kenichi Matsuyama and directed by Shinsuke Sato) a week ago. After watching the film, I have to say that it’s a good movie, but there was more potential for it to be as amazing as the manga (ongoing Japanese comic written by Hiroya Oku, which has been featured in the Weekly Young magazine from the year 2000 onwards). GANTZ is a science-fiction action manga series that focuses on a “game” where people who died are mysteriously summoned by a black orb called Gantz and forces them to go on missions killing aliens. It is also a very violent series. It chronicles two young men, Kei Kurono and Masaru Kato, and their adventures killing aliens. The movie follows the same concept as the source material, but with multiple alterations. The violence was toned down, some characters were scrapped, and the main characters were in college or working (in the manga, they were still in high school).

Overall, the movie did the manga some justice. The 1st part which is this movie covered Volumes 1-8 of GANTZ. However, what was missing was most of the character development & edginess that made the manga the addictive series it is. Joichiro Nishi’s character was not really nihilistic as it was in the manga. He still acts like a prick in the film, but he doesn’t talk about how humans are so pathetic. Kei Kishimoto (Yes, she was the naked girl in the film) wasn’t subjected to abuse in the Gantz room as she was in the manga. The only super-serious character development was the scene between Kurono & Kato when they were happy to see each other, after the Tanaka Alien battle. It looked like they were about to make out. The action was done pretty well and the aliens looked super nice. Apparently, the budget was $40 million for the two-part movie. The Gantz suits looked amazing and well-detailed. The weapons were very realistic. Another thing to point out was the theme of the movie. They made it more of a positive, feel-good attitude (everyone has to make the most of life), whereas the manga has more of a pessimistic, survival-of-the-fittest feeling. I have mixed thoughts about this, but overall, it’s understandable that the theme has to be more cheerful because you don’t want to turn off movie viewers not familiar with GANTZ and you don’t want to give them a ending suggesting that humans are nothing but selfish beasts. As I said earlier, I did enjoy the film despite its shortcomings and I’m highly anticipating the 2nd part this April. It appears that the 2nd part will cover the development of the Tae Kojima/Kei Kurono relationship, the Tae Kojima mission, Seiichi Kikuchi (a character who investigates the Gantz incidents), the Vampires (my favourite characters in the series), and possibly a variation of the Osaka storyline. Basically, Volumes 14-25 of the manga. The Vampires look pretty cool from the trailers. While the moral aspects get stunted and character development is a bit on the lacking side the films pace, effects and remaining character development combine to make a very entertaining film that should please non-GantZ fans as well existing fans that are willing to look at the feature as an alternate take on the franchise.

Words by Abian Abdi


Intouchables (French)

Haunters AKA Psychic (Korean)

'Intouchables' is a witty comedy directed and written by the well know French directors Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano,and is based on the unexpected friendship that arises between two people who have nothing in common and who have very different ways of understanding life.. The unlikely encounter is a wonderful subject for exploring contrasts, and 'Intouchable' achieves this with Driss (Omar Sy), a tall, sturdy young black delinquent from the tough suburbs, recently released from prison, who wears hoodies and a leather jacket and who happens to be a fan of Earth Wind and Fire, and Philippe (François Cluzet), a millionaire who is left paralysed after an accident, who lives in a private mansion in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, and loves chamber music and Fabergé eggs.

‘Haunters’ directed by Min Suk Kim and staring Dong Won Kang and Soo Goo, is a visually satisfying film that shows all the right things in the right way and with an unexpected yet amazing soundtrack that supports and helps carry the scenes, whilst giving the awesomeness of the fights a boost. ‘Haunters’ begins by showing us how the "Bad Guy", called Cho In (it means super-human, since we never learn his name), grew up to be the jerk that he is. He has the ability to control other's minds. A violent father and an unstable mother and childhood have caused him to resent people and wish for solitude. A wish which is enough to make him steaming mad when he realizes there's someone he can't control. Said someone being a poor and simple-minded "Good Guy", called Im Kyu Nam, who has just found his dream job at a pawn shop. Complete with a nice boss who happens to have a very pretty Korean-American daughter. When Cho In decides to rob the pawn shop in order to make money for survival, things go crazy and very fast. Kyu Nam, immune to Cho In's powers, confronts him, his two friends Boba and Ali who create all the right kind of comedy are get into the crossfire and the pawn shop boss is killed in the process. Thus starts the big chase and confrontation between the two, which escalates as the movie progresses. When it comes down to it, ‘Haunters’ is a good action thriller film. It's an epic fight in a very nonepic setting between two very simple individuals who happen to have very unique powers. It's dark, it's cool, it's intense and it keeps you at the edge of your seat. However, it's not a story-heavy movie. You won't get many explanations or even debates on what's good, bad, wrong, right, what powers do to people and what people should do with them. So, unless you get why Cho In needs to be stopped and why Kyu Nam wants to stop him, unless you get drawn into the whole thing and go with the flow, you might not like much about this movie. It's one of those types of films that are all about the fight, not about the reasons behind it.

To everyone’s surprise, Philippe, feeling exasperated by the pity his disability inspires in others, hires Driss as his home carer. Two people from two different social classes, who are not seemingly destined to cross paths, will thus discover each other and enrich each other’s lives, not without some often hilarious outbursts.

The help (American) The Help' directed by Tate Taylor is a genuine movie that will take you on such an emotional roller-coaster that you might think that it's even better than the book by Kathryn Stockett. Set in 1960s Jackson, Mississippi., in the midst of the civil rights movement, 'The Help' is story of Aibileen and Minny, two African-American women who have worked as maids in white households their entire lives, and Skeeter, a white woman whose moral compass starts spinning after her friends strike up an initiative to build outdoor bathrooms for the help. Just out of college and dying to pursue a career in journalism, Skeeter pitches an idea to a publishing house in New York for a book told from the perspective of Southern black women who spend their lives raising white babies only to have those babies grow up and become their new employers, and, in some cases, their tormentors. After getting the go-ahead, Skeeter convinces Aibileen and Minny to meet with her in secret to document their stories in the hopes of getting their voices heard, despite the considerable dangers to their safety and livelihoods. Watching this movie with my friends, most of who are from African descent was a little emotional a lot of the time, we laughed, cried and where outraged all in the span of a couple minutes and that lasted all throughout the duration of the movie. It was a little hard for us to grasp that this was something that people of colour had to endure only a couple of decades ago and it drove all the pains of the maids straight home as me and my friends felt that we could somehow relate. Overall it was the most heart-warming and thoroughly enjoyable movie that I have seen in a long time and I would suggest it to everyone to go and see this movie as it is well worth your time.




s ld ck me u u a o G yo sh che out


The latest edition to the Elder Scrolls universe is expected to elevate the series to new heights. Skyrim is shedding its poorly aged earlier versions. Players enter the role of the dragonborn, an individual prophesied to take on the Sons of Skyrim, an army not unlike the Vikings of old. If you’re wondering where Skyrim happens to be, it lies somwehere to the north of Cyrodiil in The Elder Scrolls 4:Oblivion. The Legend of Zelda:Skyward Sword boasts some of the most realistic sword combat of any game to date. And thanks to the WII Mtion plus technology, this game comes more to life than it has ever been able to before.

Devil May Cry -DMC

Deus Ex:HR is a prequel that is set in the year 2027 which places it before the events of Deus Ex 1. One day, the path of Jensen’s life is unexpectedly changed by the appearance of of a team of Black- Ops commando’s, who break into the headquarters of the company where he works, using a security plan that Jensen himself seems to have drawn and a mass fight ensues. From that moment onwards Jensen gets entangled into a conspiracy that’s going to make him struggle for his life.

Assassin’s Creed Revaltions follows master assassin Ezio Auditore as he walks in the footstepts of his legendary mentor Altaire, on a journey to recover five ancient seals that hold the keys to the future of the assissins brotherhood.





Lo WhyHoroscope Course in London University has a world-class reputation for academic excellence in Astrology. Professors are international experts in horoscope field. London University has a long history in the study of Horoscope.






Chinese Zodiac History

Chinese Five Elements

Legends and mysterious stories are a essential part of Chinese culture and the Chinese Zodiac plays an important role in the history. There are 12 animals appears on the Chinese Zodiacď Ž which are rat, buffalo (ox), tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. These unusual combination of animals make Chinese Zodiac become a mythology.

Much of Chinese philosophy is built around the belief in the five elements which are metal, water, wood, fire and Earthď Žand their abilities to interact with and create relationships between natural phenomena. The five elements have been part of Chinese culture almost from the beginning.

Chinese Zodiac Animals These 12 animals were included on the Chinese Zodiac have many different meanings. Chinese can calculate which animal they belong to and then further understand themselves more in personality, strength, weakness and even which year they will have a good promotion for career.


Chinese Zodiac Feng Shui What are the relations between Chinese Feng Shui and the Chinese Zodiac? Actually, Feng Shui and the Chinese Zodiac are both needs the 5 elements as the basic analyzing method to understand oneď “s destiny. These 5 elements have been a driving force in Chinese culture for thousands of years.

Taichi master class with iinner peace training. Spicy Red chinese restaurant 125, London Road Newcastle-Under-Lyme. post code: ST5 5 DF

Laozi as the most representative philosopher in China believed that every creature in the world is influenced by the five elements. Why students feel pressure sometime is because the power of the element he carries at that moment is against the power of the element the environment carries. For example, the power of the house you move in is water while you are fire, there would not be a good option to live in this house since you may not work effectively. What is more interesting, through using these power, what the future will be and what will happen soon will be discovered. It is a good question to ask how should know what element I carry and what other objects and people carry. This needs fully knowledge of understanding these elements. there is long journey to go ,but if you are really interested about these amazing abilities, it wont be that far. As Laozi said:” the secret is from nature, be natural, and the it is in front of you.”


“Have you ever try to understand

yoursef better by looking for professional personality’s analyzer? Now, you are an expert by have this horoscope schedule. Read through this and it will provide you a better understanding of what courses you will be great at.” Aries (March-April 19) The best course for Aries is sport, anything in sports field would be easy handled by them. Aries like to put energy into movement studies, physical studies and so on. Dont you believe that they can learn from playing. Taurus (April 20-May20) Taurus is very suitable for chemistry and anything needs logical thinking and analyze. Why? Because doing chemistry experiment is like enjoying a wonderful meal. Gemini (May 21-June 21) Gemini as the most talkative sign will find so much fun when learning a language course such as Japanese, French and Spanish. There are many famous diplomatist officers are born in this sign. So take this advantage. Leo ( July 23-August 22) Leo likes power and always wants to conquer the world, which we can find this in the movie” King Lion”. Such as Law, management courses would be good options for them. Virgo (August 23- September 22) Virgo will be mad if the find the course would let them into a unclean hands or clothes. So never force Virgo to study chemistry if they dont want to since these experiments are so annoying. Libra (September 23-October 23) 35

Libra shows a great balance of personality. Hence, music is one of the best courses Libra can be good at.

Scorpio October 24-November 21 Scorpio does not have a quick reaction to some new theories or any new things, but they are expert to analyze and handle. So mathematics or anything else relates to calculating are piece of cake for Scorpio. Sagittarius (November 22-December 21) Sagittarius would like to do something full of freedom, there are many artists born in this sign. Painting, artful courses are the entire best course for them. Capricorn (December 22-January 19) Capricorn is a sign which do not like something keep changing all the time. They prefer to learn things which have unchanged rules and principles. So, history, archeology are the best fields they want to explore. Aquarius (January 20-February 18) This is sign which is interested in anything mysterious. Cannot be better of Being a detective like Sherlock Holmes. Pisces (February 19-March 20) Media, communication and culture, news are exact right choices for Pisces. The editor of this article is a Pisces.

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