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Marcus Foo Resident Instructor / Choreographer “I tell of hearts and souls and dances... Butterflies and second chances; Desperate ones and dreams bound, Seeking life from barren ground, Who suffer on in earthly fate The bitter pain of agony hate, Might but they stop and here forgive

Would break the bonds to breathe and live And find that God in goodness brings A chance for change, the hope of wings To rest in Him, and self to die And so become a butterfly”


have all worked hard dedicating much time to put together a show we can be proud of. I commend them on their efforts and their tenacity to work together to bring the club to higher ground. Tonight they share with you their hopes, aspirations, their highs and lows, through movement and choreography. Let us take this moment and celebrate new beginnings and the endless possibilities each day brings.

t is with great pride and pleasure as I present to you NTU’s fifth consecutive annual performance, ‘the chrysalis’. I believe the title of this show holds significance for the contemporary dance members at NTU. It is a period in their lives where they are at a cross road. Some are to embark on a new journey whether it being a new school term, internship, graduation or professional work life. No matter the circumstance it will be a new chapter for some. For others it might translate on more profound levels for it could mean spiritual growth or perhaps another chance to redeem oneself and overcome adversity. Over the last few months the dancers, choreographers to our photographer and visual designers

- Karen Kingsbury, Oceans Apart

I thank you for being here with us. Have an enjoyable evening. Welcome to The Chrysalis.

Ang Qing Yu Chairperson eturning to our home RAuditorium ground at Nanyang for this concert,

The Chrysalis is somehow no different from previous instalments, yet also nothing like what we have done before. This year’s production arguably features the most varied repertoire the club has ever staged, and we have made some bold choices ranging from the use of props to the costumes we wear. But some things never change for us; the months of tireless preparation, uniting dancers old and new as one family, and ultimately, dancing our hearts out onstage. To the

choreographers who took on the challenge of creating works of art, to the members who dedicated time and energy to this production, to the alumni who came back despite their hectic schedules, to the stage crew and photographers/ designers/helpers working tirelessly behind the scenes, I salute you all for making tonight possible. A big thank you also goes out to Marcus for taking on the massive role of head honcho. And to our audience, Contemp{minated} invites each of you to join us as we celebrate our past and embark on a new journey.


the chrysalis A

chrysalis refers to the pupa of a butterfly, which anticipates both change and growth, synonymous to where Contemp{minated}, NTU Contemporary Dance is at now. Our fifth annual production “The Chrysalis� marks a period of embracing the new while retaining the uniqueness and identity Contemp{minated} has grown to developed. With inspired faith and hopeful aspirations, Contemp{minated} presents to you the beginning of a new chapter.

vortex sweet little girls dear d. transfuse locus pocus imperfectly.perfect grrrl spot the difference ;



A vortex is a spinning, often turbulent, flow of air or fluid. Here it is used as a metaphor to capture an array of emotions circling towards the birth of a new beginning. The choreographic theme of ‘Vortex’ aims to fuel anticipation, setting an athletic mood that displays dynamism, strength and speed executed with intensity and precision; an incessant energy circling, always seemingly progressing but somehow never complete, never at a finish line.

Choreographed by: Marcus Foo Dancers: Ang Qing Yu, Anthea Seah, Cai Yiming, Chang Kuan Wai, Choo Yanning, Chua Chiok Woon, Chua Tong Ni, Eileen Tay, Goh Shun Min, Jacqueline Yap, Keryn Ng, Khairi Johann, Lee Samuel, Lei Hoi, Melissa Ng, Neo Yan Zong, Nicholas Tam, Nicole Yong, Sherlyn Teo, Tan Huiyi, Tan Li Mei, Tay Bao Hui, Wendy Lim, Wong Sze Ling

sweet little girls (giggles)

What are little girls made of? What are little girls made of? Sugar and spice And everything nice, That’s what little girls are made of.

(And then the little girls grew up and the world gave them fangs.)

Choreographed by: Lee Samuel Dancers: Fann Chin, Marika Ingle, Mindy Lee, Tan Huiyi

dear d. Dear D.

Tell me you love me. Tell me so I may breathe. Tell me so I may rejoice. Tell me so one day, when we’re ready, we may love again. And if that is not true, if you no longer love me, and if you believe you will never love me again, please tell me. Tell me so I will be so broken and down that the only way out, is up. Tell me, even if I still refused to let go, I would have nothing left to hold on to. Tell me. So I can be free. -CK

Choreographed by: Khairi Johann, Ng Chun Leen Dancers: Ang Qing Yu, Goh Shun Min, Melissa Ng, Ng Chun Leen, Nicole Yong

transfuse Comes a time when all is lost And you’d give it up at any cost All is dark and there’s no light, light Burst your bubble, lose the fight

Choreographed by: Lisa Yang Dancers: Carina Chung, Chang Kuan Wai, Fann Chin, Robin Neo, Tan Huiyi, Tay Bao Hui, Wendy Lim, Wong Sze Ling

locus pocus The pivotal moment when externalities connect with the intrinsic and alters what it means to be you

Choreographed by: Anthea Seah Dancers: Cai Yiming, Charmaine Wu, Chong Wen Jie, Chua Chiok Woon, Lei Hoi, Lin Jiateng

imperfectly.perfect “You are imperfect. Permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful.� - Amy Bloom We are constantly on a journey of learning to love ourselves for who we are, and accepting that our imperfections are what make us unique and special. We are warriors, we are fighters, and we are overcomers. We are unique individuals and nothing should stop us from being happy with who we are, just as we are.


Choreographed by: Marika Ingle Dancers: Cheryl Chua, Chong Jialing, Eileen Tay, Mindy Lee, Sherlyn Teo

Choreographed by: Charmaine Wu Dancers: Anthea Seah, Chua Chiok Woon, Chua Tong Ni, Chong Jialing, Goh Shun Min, Fann Chin, Jasmine Tay, Lei Hoi, Keryn Ng, Melissa Ng

spot the difference A game to a wishful thought. A game to question... “ ? anC pots own ew omcriagpn lysiroues ni ealr ilef own ? “

Choreographed by: Keryn Ng Gek Theng, in collaboration with the dancers Dancers: Ang Qing Yu, Carina Chung, Neo Yan Zong, Tay Bao Hui, Wendy Lim, Wong Sze Ling

; I stood at the end of the aisle; looking back at the faces that had looked back at me; a few tears catch the glistening of light in the sea of emotions; and fresh flowers graced the occasion like the many present; my eyes settle on the man at the end of the aisle and once again; he took my breath away; he stands tall and proud; I love him; but at the back of my head; he laid still; and I still love him; as always; he and he are waiting; “The semicolon is used when a sentence could have ended, but it wasn’t.” - The Semicolon Movement

Choreographed by: Jacqueline Yap Dancers: Alex Lim, Edmund Quek, Jacqueline Yap


Choreographed by: Marcus Foo, Anthea Seah, Charmaine Wu, Keryn Ng, Khairi Johann, Jacqueline Yap, Lee Samuel, Lisa Yang, Marika Ingle Dancers: Alex Lim, Amilia Cowell, Ang Qing Yu, Anthea Seah, Cai Yiming, Carina Chung, Chang Kuan Wai, Charmaine Wu, Chong Jialing, Chong Wen Jie, Choo Yanning, Chua Chiok Woon, Chua Tong Ni, Elieen Tay, Edumnd Quek, Fann Chin, Goh Shun Min, Irene Ng, Jacqueline Yap, Keryn Ng, Khairi Johann, Lin Jiateng, Lei Hoi, Marika Ingle, Melissa Ng, Mindy Lee, Neo Yan Zong, Robin Neo, Sherlyn Teo, Tan Huiyi, Tan Li Mei, Tay Bao Hui, Wendy Lim, Wong Sze Ling

Our Official Youth Partner, People’s Association Youth Movement As a leading youth organisation, the People’s Association Youth Movement (PAYM) has been reaching out to youths in Singapore from the ages of 12 to 35 since 1971. The PAYM offers a wide spectrum of meaningful programmes and initiatives for you to pursue your passions and be connected to the community. Join us at or to reach out to your communities and meet like-minded youths today! Out of 296 interest groups under PAYM’s umbrella, we will also like to take this opportunity to feature two of our outstanding interest groups!

HOPSTACLES- Hip Hop Dance Interest Group Hopstacles is an active dance crew composed by youths from different walks of life but with the same passion in dancing. Hopstacles is currently a growing crew of 30 members, with eight members as the performing crew. Our dance genre spreads across a variety of Hip Hop, popping, Street Jazz and Lyrical Hip Hop. Despite being a relatively young group, we were given the opportunity to perform in the People’s Association (PA) Dinner, marking our first debut in public and had received endearment feedbacks. Hopstacles also performed at various events like President’s Challenge 2012 – Love on Wheels with Youths, National Day Celebration 2012 @ Singapore Flyers and New Year’s Eve Countdown Party 2013 @ Singapore Flyers. To find out more about Hopstacles, please visit us at or drop us an email at!



CACOPHONY.SG- Music and Dance Interest Group Cacophony.SG is a Music and Dance Interest Group under The Frontier CC YEC. We comprise of youths who have a passion for the performing arts, be it in singing, playing instruments, composing, emceeing or dancing, and giving back to the society through these means. Founded in October 2009, Cacophony. SG has performed at various regional and national events such as New Year’s Eve Countdown Party 2013 @ Singapore Flyers, NUS Arts Festival 2012, PAYM 40th Anniversary Dinner @ Suntec City Convention Hall and President’s Challenge 2011, to name a few. We do a variety of songs, from English, Mandarin, Malay, Japanese to Korean. Our members come from diverse ethnicity and ages, ranging from KTV goers, aspiring young singers to veteran performers. Our founder, Tan Ying Peng, is also a vocal tutor who provides vocal training to our talents. If you love music, want to enhance your craft and give back your time and talent to the community, We welcome you to visit us at or drop us an email at com!

About Contemp{minated} Founded in 2001, NTU Contemporary dance club was first established as a community for modern ballet dancers within the university to develop their passions for dance. Since her inauguration, the club has grown and diversified with dancers of various backgrounds seeking the liberation of dance expression. Rebranded as Contemp{minated} in 2011, the club sought a new direction to propel her dancers and provoke her audiences through her contemporary dance works, with an artistic dare to convey themes considered ineffable or pensive. Under the current guidance of Marcus Foo, Contemp{minated} continues to strive towards molding her dancers and inspiring her audiences.


A Tinted World - Tainted World 2011

Make Love Not War 2010 Modern Antiquities 2009

Minutes to Midnight 2012

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ASEAN Youth Cultural Forum 2012

Black Box Boot Camp 2012/2013

The Royal Dance Off 2011/2012


Joint Dance Concert Annually



acknowledgements Contemp{minated}, NTU Contemporary Dance expresses our gratitude to the following parties: NTU Student Affairs Office, NTU Alumni Affairs Office & NTU Cultural Activities Club Resident Choreographer: Marcus Foo Lighting Designer: Gabriel Chan Stage Manager: Goh Shining Asst. Stage Manger: Gordon Lai Publicity Photographer: Leslie Wong Concept Artist: Marika Ingle Graphic Designer: Cai Yiming Trailer Videographer: Anthea Seah Video Animator: Nicholas Tam Photo Credits: JK Light Capture / Shaw Jia Hong / Suasti Lye / Eugene Soh / Hearted Moments Photography / Amiame Safri / TRDO Special thanks to the following parties for their props: • LASALLE College of the Arts • Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s New Revolving Age (NRA) Dance • NTU Office of Development & Facilities Management

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