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İstem Yıldıran

Hello! I’m 24-year old Junior UX/UI Designer, recently graduated from Istanbul Technical University. I’m ambitious about my job, still looking for learning something new everyday. I like both designing interfaces and design thinking process. Photography, travelling, reading and painting are main things that I never want to stop doing. +90 534 3109584 34353, Beşiktaş/İstanbul istemyildiran

REFERENCE Volkan Çetin UI Designer PebG Tech +90 536 9314386



Experience Designer | September 2018 - .. Boni Global Istanbul, Turkey


Product Design Intern | 2018 Summer HUM Oil&Fat Technologies Izmir, Turkey Design Intern | 2018 Summer Boni Global Istanbul, Turkey Product Design Intern | 2016 Summer KS Kolbenschmidt Neckarsulm, Germany

Adobe Illustrator Adobe After Effects Adobe Xd Sketch Figma

Product Design Ideation Sketching Autodesk Fusion 360 Keyshot

Languages EDUCATION Industrial Product Design | 2013-2019 Istanbul Technical University Istanbul, Turkey High School | 2009-2013 Izmir Camlaralti College Izmir, Turkey

Turkish English German Spanish

Native Advanced Intermediate Beginner


Product Design


Graphic Design

Kids Robofest

UX/UI Design

Skate Up! NM Antalya Airport Kiosk NYC - DOT LoudSteps

2018, November

assistive guide for all

mobas is an accessible assistive guide designed for visually impaired and elderly people. It will support individuals by assisting their daily routes and navigating at an emergency situation or for an emergency drill.

Research Humankind face to different types of disasters which have inevitable results which affects vulnerable groups mostly. According to researchers, in order to improve resilience in a community, elderly people and disabled groups should be a part of the risk management plan. ODPM states that, identifying members of the community who may need special assistance during emergency is a crucial step for preparedness.

Çağrı Artan Blind

Engin Yılmaz Blind

Güzin Çobanoğlu 81-year old

‘There is a lack of emergency preparedness training especially for disabled people. Most of the visually impaired individuals don’t even know how to act during an emergency situation. An alternative product carried in hand wouldn’t be proper for us because of the losing possibility.’

‘The biggest issue about navigation technologies is their inaccessibility for us. Voiced informations are an option to make them accessible. Assistive devices create an innovation for us. Since most of the smart phones support accessibility such as Voice Over, a big amount of impaired people has an ability to integrate with technology easily.’

Güzin Çobanoğlu is 81 years old, living in Manisa and both of her children live in different cities. Since she is old and lives alone, her daughter wonders about her. Despite her visits, continuous informing is still a lack for them. They are looking for different solutions for wellbeing. Day by day, Çobanoğlu started having vision and hearing loss as well.

Product Interface Haptic Interface

Visual Interface 22:00 Press


Saving Waypoint Mode

Navigation Mode

Emergency Drill Mode


Emergency Warning

activates automatically and red light starts blinking




Voice Recording activates by pushing mic button

Turn Right in 100m

Turn Left in 100m

Turn Back

Destination is reached

Main View

Clock Display activates by touching the screen

Gap analysis between mode changes

Braille sign on SOS button

Vibration alert

Voiced Information mobas becomes an assistive guide for the people with vision and hearing loss. It automatically speaks to the user and creates personalized data for them. The function can be used by pressing mic button and asking ‘Where am I?’

Activated Device activates by pushing ‘Find mobas’ button

low battery

full battery

Go straight!

Usage Scenario when you come to a waypoint to save By changing the rope lenght wearing options can be used

when you ask your current location

you can record the venue and mobas acts as a Saving Waypoint guide to make you Mode visualize it

when you want to go to a venue When you ask ‘Go to bakery!’ mobas creates a route by collecting most used ways and navigates you to the venue.

mobas guides you when you ask ‘Where am I?’, it uses the records taken by you and navigates you according to your personal map ‘You are 100m away from your home and 50m away from the bakery!’

As a n emergency drill mode, mobas assists you to the assembly area by using your routes. So that, mental map on this route can be developed.

‘Walk 20m straight, then turn right at the park point..’ Navigation Mode

mobas can be used both by wearing on neck and wrist

‘Walk 20m straight, then turn left at the park point, your destination has been reached’

when you ask the time

when the battery is low

By collecting the location data, you can visualize your position according to the places you already know

mobas gives a voiced alert when the battery is low, and a red light occurs. It is the time to change the battery with the backup.

At an emergency situation ‘It is 10pm..’

mobas can also be put on the charging unit as an option for a temporary time period you can take the battery off by pulling it horizontally

When you touch the screen it visualize and tells you the clock

Most importantly, mobas is an emergency device which guides people to the assembly area

Emergency Drill Mode

if you lost your mobas You can push the m button on the charging unit. So that, mobas gives a voiced and visual alert with a vibration.

The device sends vibrations

Both the charging unit and device begins a voiced and visual alert

When SOS button is pushed and the navigation begins and you can reach the point safely. ‘Walk 20m straight, then turn left at the park point, your destination has been reached’

if you want to use your charging unit as a light source An informative message is sent to your contacts

you can take the full battery from the charging unit

and push the new one inside mobas You can slide the button on the charge unit to turn the light on

‘Your contact is currently in the event of an emergency. His current location is Abbasaga Parki located in Besiktas.’

Kids Robofest

A festival concept and identity Concept Generation COLOR


Champagne & Limousines









Signage System

Skate Up! A skater app UI

Skater Up! is an app for skaters and for young ones who want to learn skating. Sign Up page is designed in terms of a context as a design challenge.








A fashion app UI PRIMARY COLOR




NM is an app for fashion lovers. Sign Up page is designed in terms of a context as a design challenge.

Antalya Airport Kiosk Kiosk interface design for passengers travelling through Antalya Airport

Research Antalya is a city in the Mediterranean coast and known as tourism capital of the county. The city hosts several tourists every year, so does Antalya Airport. Our target group mostly consist of tourists coming from both Turkey and abroad to visit the city and spend their summer holidays.

Passenger Experience

Guideline Antalya Airport Design Guideline PRIMARY COLOR




An assistive solution for blind and visually impaired

As a project of NYC, Department of Transportation an assistive solution for blind and visually impaired is designed to assist them cross the street safely. The app will let individuals get informed about the status of trafďŹ c lights and also provide further information according to their preference.

User Flow When the light status turns green

When a visually impaired person gets close to a speciďŹ c light, status of the trafďŹ c light will be shown on the home screen. If the status is red, individual may send a request to get informed when the status is changed or even more further information about directional description.


Navigation for blind and visually impaired

LoudSteps is an assistive technology for blind and visually impaired people living in urban spaces. Advancements in the technology have brought the opportunity to assist people during their daily living. By using the beneďŹ ts of smart phones, LoudSteps guides blind or visually impaired people to their destinations, provides a descriptional navigation and lets them explore their surroundings. With a revised version, people can also save their own places and share current location with their connections.

Problem Definition

Persona Engin Yılmaz BU GETEM Director Engin is a blind man working as a director at GETEM. He is a successed user of assistive technologies, stating that Android and iOS devices are well developed in terms of accessibility with TalkBack and Voice Over. He defines himself as an independent person and always prefers exploring his surrounding alone. He mostly find indoor platforms more complex to create a mental map.

Exploring new places can be hard for everyone. For blind and visually impaired community, it’s a big problem to discover units inside complex buildings. Today, because of the inaccessibility of venues people with impairment are forced to be guided.

Sevda Bozbey Yılmaz Turkish Technic Employee Sevda is a blind woman working at Turkish Airlines. She, as a person directly connects with impaired passengers, faces many cases happens during travelling process. She believes that everybody has the right to live in equality. The barier here is us, humankind. As Sevda mentions, finding her way as a daily routine is not a hard issue for her. She finds her points to move according to environmental voices.

Challenges Inaccessible Venues

Lack of Independence Travelling

Additional Cost of Tactile Pavements

Tevfik Eralp Lawyer As a visually impaired My. Eralp, claims that he is not aware of ‘accessibility’ since he started having a vision loss. Starting from that time, even he still has the ability to see, he mentions that everyone has the same possibility in terms of vision impairment. But still, he adds that impairment is not barier, it’s a difference.

Information Architecture Navigation

Step by Step Navigation Destination has been reached

Destination Selected Compass Related Navigation

Home Page

Directional Discovery

List of Places

Current Location

POI Management


UI Design

Clockwised direction information is regularly used by blind people

Path is previewed for the people with vision impairment to clarify the route simply

Blind people creates their personal mental map as they discover an area or a district. Those mental maps consist of specific points which remind them a defined smell, voice.. To not to create a barier to their mental maps, but to support them by digitalizing

One of the biggest challenge about blind navigation is finding the right direction Unless user is at the right direction, additive steps about the route are meaningless To provide an alternative solution for user, an extra-ordinary page swipes up and guides them to have the right direction first

Dark Mode



TYPEFACE Nunito Sans







thank you.

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Design Portfolio | Istem Yildiran  

Consist of Graphic, Product and UX/UI Design Works

Design Portfolio | Istem Yildiran  

Consist of Graphic, Product and UX/UI Design Works