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JURONG BIRD PARK the corporate identity guidelines

Table of Contents Section 1: Basic Elements Logo Contruction / Relation Logo Clear Space Logo Minimum Size Logo Variants Prohibited Logo Usage Corporate COlor Palette Corporate Typefaces Section 2 : Visual Language Graphics Illustrations Photgraphy Section 3 : Applications Stationery Set Twitter / Facebook Avatar Packaging bag and box Brochure Signages Campaign Bus Advertisement Campaign Bus Stop Poster Softcopy CD

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This new Juong Bird Park Logo has been created based on three principles that we want to reflect the Jurong Bird Park as, namely the sense of freedom, paradise, as well as the world of living colors. Forget about work or school as 5000 of them fly and roam freely around you. Experience the true sense of freedom and prepare your heart to fly with them. Enter Jurong Bird Park, world’s largest bird paradise, and step into their world of living colors!


Logo Construction and Relation For the construction of this logo, there is a space between the feathers and the text. To determine the correct spacing, let X be the height of a uppercase alphabet, where the distance from the baseline (determined by the base of the feathers) to the base of the text will then be X height. Likewise the distance from the feather to the text is X height from the top of the uppercase J in Jurong Bird Park.



x x


Clear Space Everyone needs some personal space, so does our logo. Using the height of X, defined by the height of the text in the logo, create a frame of X height that will thus form the clear space



x x


Minimum Size The minimum size of the logo is set at 2cm (20mm) width. No further reducing of its size is allowed so as to retain the readibility of the text in the logo.




Logo Variants Included here are the full color logo, black and white logo, black and white reversed logo, single color logo as well as the single color revered logo. For the single color logo, JBP pink is used.


Black and White

Single Color

Black and White Reversed

Single Color Reversed

Full Color Logo


Logo Variants Part 2 When to be placed on a light background, the logo can be used as it is. If it is a busy light background, use the logo with a white frame background like on a dark background.


Light Background

Dark Background


Prohibited Logo Usage From Left to Right, Top to Bottom No adding of any shadows or hightlights to the logo, the logo must always be clean No changing of the logo opacity or using logo as a layer other than a normal one (i.e. multiply, overlay, etc.) No changing of any colors of the logo, these colors have been chosen for a reason to best reflect Jurong Bird Park No using only parts of the logo as a logo, the logo when used as a logo must always be used as a whole No placing of the logo on a color that is already present in the logo, namely JBP purple, JBP pink, JBP blue, JBP green and JBP dark purple No placing the logo on a busy background, if required to do so, use a white frame background (refer to clear space) No rotation or any transformation of logo No changing of position within the logo such as the placement of the feathers and the text No resizing any parts of the logo individually, or any transformation, logo must be used as it is


Adding shadow

Change of opacity

Change of colors

Partial Logo

Same color background

Busy background


Change of position

Change of proportion


Color Palette The colors of the Jurong Bird Park logo has been specifically chosen so as to best reflect us. Thus, meet our family of colors! The Primary Color Palette consist of the four main colors in the logo, while The Secondary Color Palette consist of the fifth color used in the logo, as well as white and black


Primary Color Palette JBP Purple

CMYK : 59/89/1/0 RGB : 128/64/151 HEX : #804097

JBP Pink

CMYK : 0/98/30/0 RGB : 237/27/111 HEX : #ED1B6F

JBP Blue

CMYK : 91/61/0/0 RGB : 14/173/108 HEX : #0E67B2

JBP Green

CMYK : 50/0/99/0 RGB : 147/197/65 HEX : #8CC541

Secondary Color Palette JBP Dark Purple

CMYK : 85/94/23/10 RGB : 74/51/115 HEX : #A43373

JBP White

CMYK : 0/0/0/0 RGB : 255/255/255 HEX : #FFFFFF

JBP Black

CMYK : 75/68/67/89 RGB : 2/2/2 HEX : #020202 23

Primary Typeface The primary typeface that is specifically picked is Century Gothic, which consist of both the regular and bold types. If Century Gothic is unavailable, use Futura Medium under the Secondary Typeface.


Primary Typeface Century Gothic Regular

Century Gothic Regular

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz (.,:;?!$&@*) 0123456789

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz (.,:;?!$&@*) 0123456789



Secondary Typeface Futura ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz (.,:;?!$&@*) 0123456789





Graphics Type of Graphics The main graphics will be the feathers of the logo, where they can either be used together as it is or as individual feathers. Colors of Graphics The colors of the graphics used will be the same five colors of the logo (refer to color palette) No other colors should be used. Treatment of Graphics As mentioned before, the feathers can be used either together as it is or as individuals. As a whole, they may be cropped, as can be seen on the example on teh right where the graphics ahve been cropped into a square (for twitter), landscape rectangle (business card and guidebook cover etc.), and a portrait rectangle (letterheads, posters, etc.). An example of usage as individual feathers can be seen in the signage application. Rules of Graphics Unless in cases where the space is very limited (envelop application, campaign bus ad), when cropping, the tip of the leftmost JBP purple colored feather should be within the cropped area. There should also be a triangular white space left under the rightmost JBP green colored feather. These are to ensure that even within the cropped spaces, there is still some breathing space. 28


Illustrations Type of Illustrations The style of the illustrations used should be a realistic one, as can be seen in the map example. This is so as to ensure that the illustrations of the birds can be easily recognised for practicality issues. Colors of Illustrations The colors of the illustrations should be as close as possible to what they are in reality. Treatment of Illustrations The illustrations can either be used with a background or cropped out as a individual bird according to the situation. Rules of Graphics Unless really neccessary, try not to mix the illustrations together with photography on a same image.


Parrot Paradise African Waterfall Aviary

Swan Lake

Pelican Cove Dinosaur Descendants

Birds of Prey

Bird Discovery Centre

Jungle Jewels Southeast Asian Birds

Lory Loft

Mandarin Duck

Songbird Terrace (Lunch With Parrots)

Flamingo Lake Birdz of Play Coming Soon!

Pools Amphitheatre (Birds n Buddies Show) Riverine

Hornbills & Toucans

Macaw Island

Window on Paradise Birds of Paradise

Flamingo Pool

Heliconia Walk

Royal Ramble Crowned Pigeons


Penguin Coast

Hawk Walk (Kings of the Skies Show)

World of Darkness

Shore Birds

Scarlet Ibis Spoonbills


Photography Type of Photography Photography of the birds and their environment should be used whenever possible when images of them are required. If not possible, illustrations can be used. Colors of Photography Likewise for photography, the colors of the photography should be as close as possible to what they are in reality. Color adjustments should only be done ot better bring our the vibrancy of the photo. Treatment of Illustrations As mentioned earlier, minimum treatment of the photographs should be done unless it is to bring out the colors better or for cropping and adjustments. Rules of Graphics As mentioned before, unless really neccessary, the photography should not be mixed together with illustration on a same image.





Letterhead For the stationery set, the logo is aligned on the top left. (refer to business card and envelop as well). This is so as the shape of this logo, a landscape reactangle, suits being on the top left more. The typeface to be use for text should be Century Gothic regular font size 10. Use Futura only when Century Gothic is unavailable. Also on the back of this letterhead is the portrait cropping of the graphic visual language.


To: Chiu Yi Jie Blk 550 Hougang St 51 #12-168 Singapore 530550

Dear Yi Jie, Feather Friends VIP Card Holder Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aenean euismod dolor eu erat porttitor imperdiet. Vestibulum eget massa leo, id tincidunt mi. Sed mi sem, adipiscing at ullamcorper facilisis, volutpat ac enim. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Quisque venenatis nunc sed nunc congue sodales. Nullam sollicitudin metus ante, id interdum nisi. Phasellus tempus pharetra purus, non rhoncus mauris faucibus sit amet. Praesent interdum consequat risus, vitae pulvinar urna malesuada sollicitudin. Phasellus justo massa, iaculis id dignissim fermentum, iaculis vitae tortor. Aenean aliquam dignissim ullamcorper. Integer fringilla massa eget augue venenatis dignissim. Sed eu mauris facilisis enim rhoncus feugiat. Integer vitae nisi est. Aliquam vitae ipsum id ligula lacinia facilisis id nec est. Ut molestie eleifend diam, quis imperdiet ipsum tempor at. Suspendisse vel nisl eget odio iaculis convallis. In vitae dui in leo gravida bibendum. Nunc eros erat, facilisis in congue id, consequat ac risus. Nunc sit amet arcu eu urna vestibulum pharetra. Mauris eleifend venenatis blandit. Donec sit amet mauris libero, non varius nibh. Nullam at dui id lacus lacinia cursus in id tortor. Nam at neque leo. Aenean nec libero et sem placerat egestas. Vivamus elementum interdum libero quis pulvinar. Cras laoreet, nunc non posuere faucibus, purus dui consequat lorem, vel fringilla tellus ligula at nisi. Pellentesque facilisis arcu in augue iaculis placerat. In rhoncus nisl et justo eleifend aliquet. Nulla eu mi sem. Nulla vitae felis dui. Suspendisse lectus nibh, viverra at mollis eu, fringilla ac sapien. Mauris cursus arcu ut justo viverra adipiscing. Mauris ullamcorper, lectus faucibus auctor hendrerit, diam elit porta velit, ac porta dui eros nec nunc.


Your Sincerely,

2 Jurong Hill Singapore 628925 T (65) 6265 0022 F (65) 6261 1869 E



Business Card As mentioned previously, for the stationery set, the logo is aligned on the top left. (refer to letterhead and envelop as well). The typeface over here is Century Gothic as well. Bold for the name, and regular for the rest. The back of the business card is the landscape cropping of the graphic visual language.


Chiu Yi Jie

Freelance Designer 2 Jurong Hill Singapore 628925 T (65) 6265 0022 F (65) 6261 1869 E W


Envelop As mentioned previously, for the stationery set, the logo is aligned on the top left. (refer to letterhead and business card as well). The typeface over here is Century Gothic, regular as well. With all of the information on the bottom aligned left. For the envelop, there are two designs, one with a window, and one without.


2 Jurong Hill Singapore 628925

2 Jurong Hill Singapore 628925

T (65) 6265 0022

F (65) 6261 1869


T (65) 6265 0022

F (65) 6261 1869





Twitter / Facebook Avatar Over here is an example of a square cropped graphic visual language. White text has been used above it, again with Century Gothic as the typeface, regular for the word Jurong all in uppercase and bold for Bird Park also all in uppercase.



Packaging Bags For the packaging bag design, the portrait cropping of the graphic visual language is used on one side while on the other side, a small full color logo is used. There are two different kinds of bags used in this design. The bag on the left is a paper bag, while the one on the right is a canvas tote bag.



Packaging Box for specific retail item This is a packaging box for the Jurong Bird Park collectable bird figurines. A white based box is used to relate better to the other applications with a white background. The back of the box is the usage of the portrait cropping of the graphic visual language.



Brochure When opened, this is a A3 size brochure, meant to be folded half twice, which will eventually become an A5 size brochure when folded. This is the map side of the brochure, where illustration visual language is used. On the map, JBP green colored boxes also frames information regarding the birds’ feeding times as well as other shows and activities. All of which are in Century Gothic, regular for body, bold for title. A small logo is also placed on the top left as can be seen.


Shows 1000 & 1600 Kings of the Skies Show Hawk Walk 1100 & 1500 Birds n Buddies Show Pools Amphitheatre 1300 Lunch With Parrots Songbird Terrace

Parrot Paradise

Bird Feeding Programmes African Waterfall Aviary

0900 Birds of Paradise Feeding Windows on Paradise - Birds of Paradise

Swan Lake

1030 Bee Eater & Starling Feeding African Waterfall Aviary

Pelican Cove Dinosaur Descendants

1030 Penguin Feeding Penguin Coast 1145 Hornbill Chit-Chat Hornbills and Toucans

Birds of Prey

1200noon Thurnderstorm Experience Southeast Asian Birds 1300 Shorebirds and Scarlet Ibis Feeding Shore Birds and Scarlet Ibis

Southeast Asian Birds

Lory Loft

1530 Penguin Feeding Penguin Coast

Songbird Terrace (Lunch With Parrots)

Flamingo Lake Birdz of Play Coming Soon!


Hornbills & Toucans

Flamingo Pool

Heliconia Walk

Royal Ramble Crowned Pigeons


Macaw Island

Window on Paradise Birds of Paradise

1400 Pelican Chit-Chat Pelican Cove 1430 Bee Eater & Starling Feeding African Waterfall Aviary

Mandarin Duck

Pools Amphitheatre (Birds n Buddies Show)

1330 Flamingo Encounter Flamingo Pool 1340 Ostrich Feeding Dinosaur Descendants

Bird Discovery Centre

Jungle Jewels

Penguin Coast

Hawk Walk (Kings of the Skies Show)

World of Darkness

Shore Birds

Scarlet Ibis Spoonbills


Brochure This is the other side of the brochure. For easy viewing, all the images on this example on the right have been placed upright. For printing, the top half should be flipped horizontally. Visual language wise, photography is used. And the typeface here is again Century Gothic, regular for body and bold for titles. Also the titles here are colored JBP pink so as to better bring out the vibrancy by contrasting with most of the greenish photographs.


Wildlife Reserves Singapore Conservation Fund The 3 Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) Parks - Jurong Bird Park, Night Safari and Singapore Zoo - have been playing an active role in spearheading numerous conservation activities over the years. To further our commitment, the Wildlife Reserves Singapore Conversation Fund (WRSCF) was registered in 2009 as a charity and an institution of public character with the primary purpose of conserving endangered native wildlife. For each admission ticket sold, WRS parks will contribute 20 cents to WRSCF specifically for the purpose of education and preserving out local biodiversity. To make a contribution, please visit for more information.

ENTER THE WORLD OF LIVING COLORS, Wildlife Reserves Singapore Group 2 Jurong Hill Singapore 628925 Tel: (65) 6265 0022 Fax: (65) 6261 1869

Lory Loft

JURONG BIRD PARK. Star Attractions

Walk through this 9-storeys high enclosure that offers a 360 elevated view of lush greenery and have our friendly, colorful lories eat right out of your hands!

Penguin Coast Go on an expedition into the world of penguins on board an explorer ship. Discover a panoramic view of these tuxedo cuties swimming underwater. Home to nearly 100 penguins, across 6 species, the exhibit also inclused an outdoor enclosure for the endangered African penguins.

African Waterfall Aviary Experience Africa right here in Singapore! Admire the 30-metre high waterfall in the world’s largest walk-in aviary with over 1,000 free-flying native African birds. Get up close to these beautiful birds as they flock to you to feed on their favourite foods.

World of Darkness Go from bright daylight to almost total darkness at Asia’s first nocturnal bird house. See what sort of mischief night birds such as the Malay fish owl and night heron get up to when night falls.

Bird Discovery Centre Be treated to an array of fun bird facts and artifacts at this learning hub! See a replica of the extinct 2.6-metre tall elephant bird and check out our egg collection across 50 species. Find out if an ostrich egg will crack if you stand on it and other amazing avian discoveries!


Signage For the signages, this is by far the only individually used feather visual language can be seen in. As using an entire feather would cause difficulty in constructing the signages due to the small sharp ends, cropped feathers are used instead. The colors over here are the primary color palette colors namely JBP purple and JBP pink. JBP green is avoided to avoid having the signage look too much like a tree. And lastly the combination of JBP purple and JBP pink is chosen because JBP purple with JBP blue is dark and dull, JBP pink with JBP blue contrasts each other in a bad way, thus this combination of JBP purple and JBP pink is chosen, as they complement each other and stands out from the greenery behind. Typeface here is Century Gothic as well, bold for all to ensure visibility from afar.



Campaign Bus Advertisement The Slogan of Jurong Bird Park is to ‘Enter the World of Living Colors by entering Jurong Bird Park‘. As can be seen as well on this campaign bus advertisement, the cropped graphic visual language is used. However, as the height space is limited, the rules of having the tip of the JBP purple colored feather included in the cropping is not possible.



Campaign Bus Stop Poster As can be seen on the bus advertisement, the Slogan of Jurong Bird Park to ‘Enter the World of Living Colors by entering Jurong Bird Park‘ is applied here in the poster design as well. This poster design also makes use of the portrait cropping of the graphic visual language.



Soft Copy A PDF soft copy of this guidebook is included as well in the CD on the page opposite. Also included in the CD, is a vector image of the full logo.


Jurong Bird Park Corporate Guideline  

This is a Jurong Bird Park Corporate Guideline book I did for Corporate Identity class.